This week on Wake Up Legendary David Sharpe interviewed Maggie Berghoff. Maggie is the founder and CEO of Celproceo, a health consulting company rooted in functional medicine and trusted by celebrities, professional athletes, and CEOs.  Maggie is also the co-founder and CEO of a business and marketing company she launched and runs with her husband. 

If you are someone who wants to turn the skills you already have into a profit, this interview is for you.

Maggie was originally a nurse practitioner but after experiencing health problems and becoming a mother she realized the thing she wanted most was to be able to leave her 9-5 and never look back. She wanted a new lifestyle and to start her own health consulting business. 

Believing In Yourself Is The Most Important Factor

Maggie shared with Dave that the most important part of building her business was believing in herself. If you don’t believe that you can build your business it is hard for other people to believe in your business as well. 

When Maggie would post on social media her clients would message her to tell her how helpful she was and that is what made her realize that what she was doing was really helping people in their daily lives. She saw her clients getting results and that’s what gave her the confidence to keep going in her online business.

One great way to keep your confidence up is to practice words of affirmation with yourself. This will help you to stay motivated even if you face a challenging week or month. Reminding yourself that you aren’t going to be any less successful than anyone else in your niche and that you are on the right path in your business is important because it’s easy to get caught up in the number of views or likes on your posts.

Another way to stay motivated and believe in yourself is to set daily goals that you know you can reach. By completing those goals each day you are proving your progress to yourself and achieving growth within your business. 

Don’t Wait To Start

Another important thing Maggie shared with Dave about her business is that if someone is contemplating starting their online business, don’t hesitate, just start. Even if you’re scared or worried you have to take it day by day and trust the process. Even if you feel like your  business idea won’t work or isn’t a good idea, someone out there is going to find your content relatable. 

When you start your business you develop skills that are transferable from niche to niche. This means that you can essentially create an online business using one or more of the four core business models of digital products, coaching, courses, and affiliate marketing for any niche that you choose and become an expert on. 

Marketing Is An Essential Skill

Maggie shared that it’s important to recognize marketing as an essential skill. Marketing is a skill that you can keep building and never stop learning because there are always new things to learn and new ways to adjust your content to better suit your audience and algorithm. 

Marketing is a skill that can be carried over from niche to niche and brings consumers and products together. Marketing is the promotion of buying or selling a product. This is an essential skill because you have to know how to market your products in order to grow a successful business. Sharing valuable information with your customers and showing them how your product can benefit them is what will help your business to succeed.

Driving Traffic To Your Content

When starting your online business your focus should be on driving traffic to your content. When Maggie creates Instagram and TikTok content for her business she usually does shorter content pieces that have a strong hook to get the viewer or reader’s attention, a quick middle section, and a strong call to action. 

One of the biggest mistakes Maggie sees people make is not having a strong call to action. Without a strong call to action at the end of your content it is less likely that someone will make a purchase or sign up for your product. A call to action encourages your viewer or reader to take action and without a clear one your potential customer may struggle to see why they should purchase your product or service.

Building rapport and getting to know your customers is another way to drive traffic to your content. People are more likely to purchase from someone that they trust. Being yourself and being honest are the best ways to gain your potential customer’s trust and reassure them that your main goal is to help them with a problem that they have.

Getting Comfortable Going Live

Going live on TikTok or Instagram is a great way to drive traffic to your content and also build your talking skills. Going live may be a bit uncomfortable for you at first but it’s a great way to learn how to step out of your comfort zone. 

A great way to get comfortable going live is to just hit the button and start talking as though you’re talking to a friend. You don’t have to put pressure on yourself to be perfect. Your viewers are not focused on how you look or what you’re doing, they want to know more about your business and the content you create.

Maggie shared that it’s not just about opportunity, but also about responsibility. It is your responsibility to get your business and products in the media and to be seen and heard by potential customers. Your product can’t be purchased if others don’t know it exists. You have to talk about what you do on your live streams because then people will get to know you better, trust you, and want to purchase your product. If you’re not putting your content out there in the media and going live you won’t get as much positive feedback and will lead to discouragement. 

Map Out Your Values

One huge thing that helped Maggie was mapping out her values. Focus on what you need to do right now to get where you want to be. That might mean leaving your 9-5 job or having a specific flow of income that you’d like to see each month. Find your core values and write them down.

It’s important to map your values out and what your message is to your audience because you want to have a goal to work towards. Entrepreneurship is not just about building a business but also about self growth. Build your business around your life and what you want your future to look like. This will mean that you will have to learn how to start fresh, get out of your comfort zone, and be a student willing to learn about how to grow your business and also yourself again.

Find Maggie on TikTok and Instagram at @maggie_berghoff to learn more about her parenting coaching business and more tips on how you can grow business using skills you already have.

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