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In 2017, Pure Romance had over 23,000 active consultants across the US and beyond selling a variety of intimacy products. According to President and CEO Chris Cicchinelli, all you need to know to strike gold with the Pure Romance MLM is how to tell a story.

The reality is that making money with any MLM requires more than just story-telling. In the end, making enough money to pad your bank account isn't going to be as easy as it sounds.

So, how much can you feasibly make selling Pure Romance products? How does this company operate and what are some of the methods you can use to boost your income?

As always, we at Legendary Marketer are seeking the best and most valuable information for anyone looking to start a successful online business. Read on to learn everything you need to know in this Pure Romance MLM review.

What Is Pure Romance?

Pure Romance is an MLM that was founded in 1993 in Ohio. The objective of Pure Romance is to provide adult sex education to consumers and give them the tools to enhance their relationships and boost intimacy in their day-to-day lives. Pure Romance does sell things like beauty products, but their claim to fame is an ever-expanding line of adult intimacy toys and devices.

Briefly, let's look at why Pure Romance does qualify as an MLM and not a pyramid scheme. While affiliated sellers are encouraged to build up a downstream to increase their income, there are actual products for sale. That means that sellers don't have to worry about bringing on new sellers in order to make money–if they know how to sell products at a steady, rapid rate.

In the end, you're always better off mastering both the art of selling MLM products and the art of building your downstream. Let's take a look at how much you stand to make if you're able to do both.

How Much Are Most People Making Selling for the Pure Romance MLM?

So, this is where things get a little bit unpleasant. Pure Romance provides an annual income disclosure in order to maintain transparency. Given how many people still sign up to sell for Pure Romance without the skillset to build an online business, you have to wonder how many people actually look at this income disclosure.

For starters, 49.2% of last year's sellers wound up falling under the “inactive” category. This is probably because Pure Romance requires all sellers (which they refer to as consultants) to purchase at least $200 worth of products every two months in order to remain active. This is what we sometimes call the “pay to play” method, and it's not ideal for anyone who isn't experienced with MLMs.

The second-largest group selling for Pure Romance are consultants, which is the lowest level of sellers in the Pure Romance ranks. Consultants make up 42.1% of Pure Romance's massive team, and they're making an average of $204 per year. Whether or not that's adjusted to reflect the $1,200 consultants would have to pay each year to remain active, we're not sure.

Why Is It Difficult to Make Big Bucks Selling for Pure Romance?

Why is it that the vast majority of Pure Romance consultants have either dropped out of the game or make a measly $204 a year? There are a lot of factors at play that are operating against any affiliated seller and making that “get rich quick” dream, well, a dream.

Market saturation is one of the biggest obstacles for any MLM, especially one that has been around for several decades. You may start hosting Pure Romance parties only to discover that your friends have already heard of them, already purchased their products, or already tried selling those products, themselves. In other words, it may be difficult to track down interested parties, especially if you're only calling on your inner circle.

We mentioned earlier that you can make money without building a downstream, but it's worth noting that building a downstream has some serious benefits. Not only do you stand to make money off of the sales your downstream is responsible for, but your commission rates will go up.

Pure Romance offers a 40% commission rate for consultants, but that rate rises to about 50% for advanced and senior consultants. Rising in rank requires you to build a downstream. Without anyone selling under you, you'll have to work twice as hard for a fraction of the payout.

What Skills Do You Need to Succeed at Selling for Pure Romance?

One thing we hear again and again is that affiliated marketers are hoping to turn their MLM ties into a relatively passive income. This is possible down the line, but it's going to take some serious work upfront.

Chris Cicchinelli wasn't entirely wrong in saying that to sell Pure Romance products, you'll need to know how to tell a story. After all, marketing is the process of telling (and selling) a story and telling it so well that it connects with a wide audience.

However, what you also need to know is how and where to tell that story. You need to know how to use your online presence to build a relationship with millions of people across the country (and the world). Once you master that art, you can start building your downstream and selling products through your affiliate links with minimal effort.

Learn How to Market Like a Pro

We hope that this Pure Romance MLM review has given you some insight into the hurtles affiliate marketers often face when they join ranks with any MLM. Now, we're here to tell you what to do about it.

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