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Is Stream Energy a Scam?

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Award-winning customer experiences with zero fees and zero uncertainties make up the company – Stream Energy. Stream Energy is not a scam. In truth, Stream Energy is one of the best energy providers in the country.

Please don't take our word for it though, let's discuss common questions and concerns. Together we can find out why Stream Energy is all it says it is.

What Is Stream Energy?

Stream Energy self-describes itself as an energy that's fast and reliable. It's the energy you can count on. The company was started by Jillian Richardson in 2012.

Stream Energy is headquartered in Georgia. This is where and Stream Energy provides its green and stream energy through a company that's been around for 20 years. It's been ten years since the company started as a subsidiary of Southern Company Gas (SCE&G) who also owns Duke Energy.

Ambit Group, LLC and Vistra

Ambit Interests purchased Stream Energy in 2017. Ambit focuses on energy solutions they call the Ambit Group, LLC. Vistra, an electricity giant, bought Ambit Group, LLC in 2019.

The scam accusation dates back to when Stream Energy was a direct selling company. Direct-selling energy or any service or product is not a scam. It actually takes a lot of energy and character to take your career in your hands and start direct selling.

Stream Energy Scam

Stream Energy is one of the biggest direct selling energy companies. One of the biggest energy selling companies in the global energy market. Stream Energy has been able to start and continue it's nonprofit, “Energy for Good.”

In 2013, “Energy for Good” qualified to sell renewable energy to consumers. Stream Energy is now part of the national wireless, protective, and home service markets. Selling energy directly to consumers provides a way for you to adapt and adjust methods to meet people's needs.

Stream Energy Reviews

Stream Energy is renewable energy that comes to you at affordable prices. That's unlike traditional methods of energy distribution. They are not only the best in Georgia; they are among the best in the country.

Stream Energy is a leader in renewable energy. They are a leader in renewable energy that passes on their energy efficiency savings back to consumers. Stream Energy goes one step further and doesn't charge consumers for extra solar panels or wind turbines required to be on your roof.

They make it possible for anyone to go green and help the earth. This saves consumers money while helping the earth stay green. But that's not the best thing Stream Energy brings to consumers.

A Few of The Best Things Stream Energy Provides Consumers

The reputation of Stream Energy stands alone in being better than almost any other energy provider. One of their major advantages is their customer service. They have customer service people who are caring, kind, and want to help customers.

The customer service professionals at Stream Energy will go out of their way to help solve your situation. You can reach Stream Energy customer service support is available 24/7 by phone or text. You can go to Stream Energy online to view your current energy usage, payments, credits, and more.

Stream Energy has a business model that sells products to consumers for money. They offer energy to homes and energy providers. They also offer subscription services to consumers for a wholesale price but see the products at retail price.

MLM Companies

MLM companies work under a different set of beneficial rules that don't box in what a person can earn or achieve. A multilevel marketing company (MLM) isn't only a business structure. MLM companies do business in ways that open up a lot of future possibilities.

Many MLM companies offer opportunities to sell a variety of different products under one umbrella. For instance, Stream Energy sells electricity contracts, in-home energy monitoring systems, and renewable energy contracts. What's more is affiliate or internet marketers are sometimes looking for training, clarity, or more information.

Most of the sellers have selling experience in a variety of different jobs. But they seek to find a mentor or community that unites and where people help each other to become a success.

Best MLM Companies

The best MLM Companies have excellent reputations and give back to their community while supporting the people who work for them. There's no doubt that the best MLM companies, like Stream Energy, believe in their community. They often serve and support various causes and community needs.

An example of this is when Stream Energy donated $25,000 through its Stream Cares philanthropy program to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. Stream Energy also uses social media to get critical and important information to customers in need. This happens whenever there is a weather-related emergency.

The best MLM companies are ones that get information out to you about their product or service during unexpected or community-related events. That way, customers can make the best decisions for themselves and their families. The next step that anyone makes when seeking to get or grow their job is always one of the most important ones.

Your Next Step

Stream Energy makes it as enriching as possible by offering a compensation plan that involves direct sales of energy products and services. This compensation structure means you make money even when you aren't recruiting new members into your downline. Some MLM companies like Stream Energy even have bonuses that pay 5% of direct sales and 2% indirect sales in your upline.

Once you're a Senior Executive, you earn 5% on 2% and 1%. That amounts to 10%. Now you know that Stream Energy is not a scam and that direct sales are good for the company and for everyone who works for them. If you want to tap into the power of clean and green natural gas, there's a company that can help you get there.

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