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Have you wanted to make money selling products you love on your own schedule? Do you like supplements and wellness? 4Life may be the best MLM company for you.

But like all MLMs, it has its share of expensive products and a low earning potential. Before you sign up for the company, consider if it's worth your time.

Keep reading to learn more about 4Life.

What Is 4Life?

4Life is a multi-level marketing company that sells expensive nutritional supplements and other health and beauty products. The company started in the 1990s, and anyone can join and sell the products.

While it's not a pyramid scheme, it does share many similarities with pyramid schemes and other MLMs. However, it may be a good company if you want to sell supplements and make your own schedule.

How to Join

To join 4Life, you will need to buy an enrollment kit for $25. You can buy the kit online or call 4Life to order yours, and you can also upgrade to more advanced starter kits.

If someone refers you to 4Life, you can use their enroller ID when you signup. Otherwise, the company can assign you someone, and that person will be your direct upline. You'll also need someone to be your sponsor, and that can be the same person as who enrolls you.

After you join, you will need to sell at least $120 of product to stay active. If you don't make that many sales, you can buy the products to stay active, but you will still need to pay for them.

Can You Make Money?

You can make money with 4Life in the same ways as with other MLMs. First, you can sell the products and make commissions when people buy something. You can also recruit people to sell under you and make money on their sales. 4Life claims they can pay you as soon as the next day after you make a sale.

If you recruit people, you can make up to 64% of the volume that can result in commissions. Then, you don't have to worry about making as many sales to make money.

How Much You Can Make

While you can make money in different ways, you probably won't make a ton of money with 4Life. In 2019, over 96.7% of distributors earned an average of $6,576 or less all year. About 86.7% earned an average of $900 or less in 2019.

According to 4Life, about 16% of distributors didn't make any money at all during that period. However, those numbers don't include potential business expenses, like buying products to stay active. Odds are, you won't make any money or at least not any profit.

Pros of 4Life

When considering which MLM company to join, you should consider the pros. 4Life does have a couple of advantages that may make it worth trying if you want to earn money this way.

Here are the pros to consider before joining 4Life.

Company History

Because 4Life has been around since the late 1990s, they are ahead of some other MLMs in terms of history and legitimacy. While the company won't necessarily make you rich, you can know that it most likely won't shut down soon.

If you want a slow and steady way to make money, that can be a good thing. Then, you don't have to put in a ton of work only to lose everything when the company closes. It may not be super popular, but it does cover a need, so it's a relatively stable business.

Good Ratings

Whether you want to participate in affiliate marketing, MLMs, or to sell your own products, ratings are essential. Fortunately, many customers have left good ratings and reviews for 4Life products.

If you want to convince people to buy, you can share other customer reviews. Seeing how the products have helped others may convince your customers to buy something. Then, you can earn more commissions.

Cons of 4Life

Unfortunately, there aren't many advantages of selling 4Life MLM products. You may be able to make some money, and it does have a good history, but that's where the good things end.

Consider a few cons before you join 4Life.

Expensive to Buy and Sell

At first, joining 4Life can seem cheap, with a fee of only $25. However, you will need to sell a lot to stay active each month. If you can't sell enough, you may decide to buy the products yourself to maintain your status.

But the high price of the products may turn off potential customers. You can find many similar products for a fraction of the price, and some are from brands that people know and love.

Even if you can find customers, you might need to work harder to convince them that 4Life products are better. And that can be difficult, especially if you decide to sell online where people can't test things out ahead of time.

Low Income Potential

Another con that you will find with many MLM companies is the low income potential. Some 4Life distributors can make hundreds of thousands each month and millions a year.

However, those numbers only occur for less than 1% of all sellers. The odds of that happening are slim, and it will take a lot of time and effort to get there.

And while you may get sales, your sales may not be enough to offset your expenses. You might also not make much per hour if you have to work a lot for those sales.

Emphasis on Recruiting

The 4Life MLM company also has the same recruiting structure as similar businesses. While you don't have to recruit other sellers to sell products, recruiting is your best chance at making decent money.

However, recruiting people can dilute your client base by adding competition. Then, you may struggle even more to make sales and earn money, while something like affiliate marketing won't have that problem.

Is 4Life the MLM Company for You?

When deciding which MLM company to join, you may come across 4Life. The company sells supplements and other wellness products, and some sellers make a lot of money.

However, that's not the case for most people. 4Life may not be a pyramid scheme, but it can be almost impossible to earn any money from it.

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