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Shaklee Review: Are These Supplements Healthy Business?

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The future of the global wellness supplements market is expected to have tremendous growth between 2020 and 2027. Data Bridge Market Research predicts it to grow by 6.45% in this period.

One of those businesses expected to profit and grow is Shaklee Corporation, which deals in a collection of products for a wide range of issues.

The company claims that its products surpass U.S. standards with over 100 patents and patents pending. They also have over 100 published scientific papers supporting their research.

Shaklee products are available through their website, but their main business model is that of an MLM, multi-level marketing.

Distributors sign up to receive everything they need to sell and launch an online storefront. They are then said to stack up earnings and build a healthier community.

But is this a business worth your attention, and how effective are their products? Keep reading to find out.

What Is Shaklee?

Shaklee is a nutritional company that creates nutrition supplements, weight-management products, and more. They sell their products using an MLM marketing method.

Dr. Shaklee founded the company in 1956 with a focus on distributing food supplements.

According to their website, a study by UC Berkeley researchers found their products to lower cholesterol ratios and triglycerides, as well as lower long-term biological stress. They also claim to be the first company to be certified Climate Neutral.

A significant amount of research has been done to eliminate different contaminants and ensure pure and potent ingredients are used in their products.

Shaklee Products

Shaklee began with a focus on nutritional supplements. Now, their online shop has categories for nutrition, healthy weight, beauty, sports, and green home products. They also offer monthly nutritional supplement packages personalized to your specific needs.

Shaklee Vitamins and Nutrition Supplements

Among their various nutritional supplements, you can also find nutrition regiment sets and protein shakes. For example, their greens options include the Organic Greens Booster, FlavoMax, and an Alfalfa Complex.

The Organic Greens Booster is a powder supplement that promises raw, organic, nutrient-rich green vegetables with every scoop. Their FlavoMax capsules use antioxidants to protect your body from cellular damage. And the Alfalfa Complex provides a variety of vitamins, minerals, and chlorophyll.

Despite their promises, multivitamins and the like have a mixed reputation among researchers.

In one study of 450,000 people, researchers found that multivitamins did not reduce the risk for heart disease or cancer. A separate study found it also did nothing to prevent mental decline.

Weight-Management Products

Shaklee's weight-management products include a mix of protein shakes, teas, supplements, and meal bars.

The Shaklee 180 Turnaround Kit promises to provide everything you need to reach and maintain a healthy weight. It has everything you need for four weeks, as well as online support tools.

This program alone is said to have helped customers lose over 2 million pounds, according to sales and expected weight loss.

Beauty Products

YOUTH is the name given to all of Shaklee's beauty products, which include makeup, face lotions, and hair treatments. Their 4-step anti-aging regimen package uses a variety of Youth complexes to help renew your skin.

Shaklee promises safety and purity in all of its ingredients. As such, they've banned over 2,500 ingredients in the production of their skincare products.

Household Products

Shaklee's product line also includes basic household products made with safe, sustainable ingredients. You can find liquid detergent, water filtration devices, and more.

Selling Strategy

As a distributor, you're promised daily payments and no inventory management. You'll also have access to digital tools and training, and a support network.

Their compensation plan rewards you based on how well you're doing. You can earn daily bonuses, and your monthly payment is determined by your customer product purchases and team activity. A loyalty bonus of up to $1,500 a month can also be added on top of what you normally earn.

Although MLM companies are often seen as pyramid schemes, there are some that have proven themselves a worthy investment. Avon, for example,

Some MLM companies have proved successful in the past. Avon, for example, has an established history going back over a hundred years. With a low startup fee and a well-recognized name, you can't go wrong with buying into their company if you want to try your hand at distribution.

Meanwhile, Herbalife is very much the opposite.

Many of their supplements are more expensive than the generic supplements you can find in your local pharmacy. As a result of those prices, most people who distribute for them don't make their money back.

Shaklee benefits from its clinical approach to ensuring the quality of its ingredients and products. They promote a healthier lifestyle, and their packages make it easy for new customers to try them out and for distributors to sell.

Some of their best-selling products include the Prove It Challenge and Vitalizer Gold. The Prove It Challenge package includes shakes, a vitalizer, and a 7-day cleanse all for $159 for your first purchase. Vitalizer Gold, meanwhile, is a 30-day supply of dietary supplements that retails for $103.

Whether or not you'll make a big profit depends on how well you network in your community and make use of Shaklee's existing online support network.

Becoming a Healthy Marketer

Buying into an MLM company is always a risk. Recruiters will sell you on the concept because there's an incentive for them to do so. And even if Shaklee products normally sell well, you may find yourself at a disadvantage for a number of reasons. For example, you may not be as good a marketer as you thought you'd be.

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