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I've worked with hundreds of thousands of sales professionals in my career. I train them every day.

One thing they always want help with is what to do when a prospect tells them they don't have the money.

Sometimes as salespeople, we don't have the confidence to go in there and ask the tough questions. I like to call it “care-frontation” – confronting them in a caring manner.

I'm going to show you exactly how I trained one of my sales professionals how to handle situations like this.

I want to share a training call I had with one of our Business Plan Advisors where I shared my best tips for how to handle the dreaded “I don't have money” objection.

Here's a secret: Most people don't know what they have. Finding the money is the easy part.

Now, I don't believe buyers are liars – I just believe they can't see their own blind spots.

That's where you come in – to point out their blind spots and help them see that they CAN do it.

Help them by getting a bigger picture of their financial status. How much credit do they have? What are the balances on their cards? Do they rent or own their home? Any cash savings?

You've got to put in the work. Analyze what is going on with your prospect's finances and help them figure out where they can find equity.

It will take practice, but trust me – once you master this, you'll be able to close more sales than you ever thought possible.