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What would it be like to sell products you love and work from home? With Belcorp, you can work from wherever and sell products from multiple brands.

However, Belcorp is an MLM, so it has a lot of limitations and risks. Not only that, but the company also doesn't share a lot of financial information with the public.

Read on to learn if you should join Belcorp or if you should find something else.

What Is Belcorp?

Belcorp is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that sells cosmetics and has been in business since the late 1960s. The company owns three cosmetic brands, including Cyzone, L'Bel, and Esika.

You can join the company and sell products from all three brands online or in person, so that could increase your chances of making a sale. However, it has many of the same features and costs as other MLMs.

Cost to Join

If you want to join Belcorp, you need to pay $59.99 for a starter kit. While this is much less than other MLMs, it can be a lot of money for some people. It's also much more than the cost to start something like affiliate marketing, which is free.

You will also need to buy products to keep in your inventory, and you need to maintain a personal volume to stay active in the company. If you don't sell the products you buy, you can use them yourself. Or you will lose the money on them.

How to Earn

Once you join Belcorp, you can earn money in a few ways. First, you can sell products from any of the three child brands. You can sell everything or focus on one brand.

You'll earn commissions when you sell through your own online store or through the catalog. With your online store, customers can order products, and Belcorp will ship items to customers directly.

As with any other MLM, you can also make money by recruiting other sellers. Then, you can earn commissions from your sales and those of your team.

Can You Make Money?

When you sell through your online store, you can earn between 20% and 40% on the sale. Selling products through the catalog results in the same potential commissions. However, you have to sell at least S/ .219, though the website doesn't clarify what that means.

If you sell a lot of products, you may be able to make a decent amount. But it can be hard to make a living wage in the United States, especially since the company is in South America.

Belcorp also doesn't publish an income disclosure. While some people may make enough money, odds are most don't. Most people in MLMs don't make any money.

Belcorp MLM Pros

If you want to sell Belcorp products, you can join the MLM and make some money. You don't have to recruit people, but it can help increase your earning potential.

But before you pass on the company, consider a couple of benefits.

Access to Multiple Brands

Most MLMs only let their distributors sell one brand. However, Belcorp owns three cosmetic lines, so you have more options when it comes to selling.

Of course, this can make learning about the products and deciding what to sell more overwhelming. However, it can also give you more options and more earning potential. And you can sell the products online and not have to touch the products or ship them, making it a flexible online business.

Environmentally Conscious

If you're passionate about beauty products and the environment, you may enjoy using and selling Belcorp products. The company doesn't test its products on animals.

And the company's distribution center in Colombia has ISO 14001, which is the Environmental Management Certification. The company also works on other sustainability efforts. If you want to support those efforts, you can simply buy the products without needing to sell anything.

Belcorp MLM Cons

Unfortunately, Belcorp is still an MLM, and it has many of the standard features of these companies. You should consider some of the negative aspects before you sign up to sell the products.

Here are a few cons of the Belcorp MLM opportunity.

Not Much Information

The company doesn't share an easily accessible income disclosure or a compensation plan. If you want to predict how much you can make, you will have a tough time.

Not having those details will make it even more difficult to decide if it's worth your time. However, you can use the information for MLMs in general, and you can learn that most people don't make much in an MLM.

And since Belcorp is in South America, it doesn't have to comply with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) or US laws. At least with other US-based MLMs, you can learn something about their structure.

A Lot of Competition

While Belcorp doesn't specify the number of distributors, its website does state the company helps over six million women each year. Even if just half of those sell products, that's three million competitors.

You also have to compete with other cosmetics companies, including those with the MLM structure and traditional brands. If you can't tell potential customers why they should buy from you, you may struggle to make any sales.

Having some competition is natural, and it means you have a good business idea. But too much of it can minimize your ability to make a good living.

Focus on Recruiting

You shouldn't have to recruit people to sell products just so that you can increase your income. Other income options, like affiliate marketing, don't require you to bring in new sellers.

If you don't recruit, you may not be able to make much money. On the other hand, recruiting a lot of people can further dilute your customer base. Then, you may not be able to make as much from retail sales.

Should You Join Belcorp?

Belcorp may not be as well-known as other MLMs, but it's not much better either. The company makes it hard to find any concrete numbers on earning potential and compensation options.

If you want to make decent money online, it's probably not worth your time. Assuming it's like the average MLM, you won't make any money, and you may lose money.

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