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Legendary Marketer client Hillary Lubinski has had no easy life, but she hasn’t let that hold her back from inspiring others and earning income at the same time. We recently interviewed her on our morning show, Wake Up Legendary, to learn about her affiliate marketing journey.

After having her daughter, Hillary began looking into earning income from home, and started out dropshipping at first. Hillary wanted to be able to have a work at home job because she knew that once she had her daughter there was no way she was going back to work, so she decided she was going to do whatever it took to make that happen, even if it meant facing some of her most difficult weaknesses. 

After dropshipping, Hillary moved onto running her own ad agency for other companies. She wanted a job where she didn’t have to interact with others as much, due to struggling with anxiety. She found that going out and finding clients and getting on phone calls involved a lot of what she was trying to avoid. Hillary started looking for other ideas and ended up spending a lot of money on marketing courses that she felt like were a waste of her time. From there, she found what she had been looking for- affiliate marketing. 

Hillary started doing affiliate marketing on Tik Tok. She stayed consistent with it and worked hard. She wanted to not only gain followers, but to connect and resonate with those followers as well. She had originally felt uneasy about sharing her struggles with her audience, but felt inspired by my (David Sharpe) story and wanted to share her story with her followers as well in hopes to inspire them. She made Tik Tok like her diary and shared her struggles with depression anxiety with her followers through Tik Tok.

Hillary uses her story to get comfortable with people and relate to them. Lots of people struggle with mental health these days and she wants them to know that they aren’t alone, even if they feel like it. “Once you get followers and likes you feel better about people supporting you, and it feels good,” Hillary said. 


Hillary uses shock and awe by talking about things that the average person isn’t comfortable talking about themselves, but still wants to hear other people talking about. People love to be like a fly on the wall and listen to other people’s experiences without having to go through it themselves. She uses vulnerability marketing to capture her audience’s attention. Vulnerability is not about what you have or what you’ve achieved, it’s about showing the losses and the struggles. 


If someone is always talking about their wins in marketing other people won’t be as intrigued, which is why it’s so important to show struggles and losses too. When you share the losses it brings people back down to reality and makes people root for you again. The losses are something people can identify with and relate to, and people want something to relate to. 


Using The Perfect Combination of Wins and Losses To Inspire Your Audience


When sharing your wins with your audience it’s important to not sound arrogant. Sharing only wins will likely make you sound that way. However, it’s important to not share just losses either, or you might come off as a loser. The perfect combination of wins and losses is what is going to leave your viewers feeling inspired- win, win, win, loss. 


Quit Pressuring Yourself To Be Perfect. You Are Your Worst Critic


When Hillary filmed her first marketing video, she was so nervous that she was shaking. Eventually she decided to bite the bullet and film, and now she’s much more comfortable being on camera. “It makes it a lot easier too, you stop putting pressure on yourself to be perfect,” Hillary said. 


In 2018 when she started video marketing and affiliate marketing, video marketing was trending. Hillary wanted to start making videos but it took her a while due to her anxiety. She was scared of what people were going to think, she was nervous about the process, and she just wasn’t confident in herself. She felt like no matter what she did, nothing was making that anxiety go away.


The more you continue to do it, the better you’re going to get at it. Practice makes perfect in affiliate marketing, just like anything else. “As time went on it definitely got better,” Hillary said. Taking the first step of facing your fears and filming that video will leave you feeling great when you’re finished filming and will leave you feeling proud of yourself, HIllary says. 


Hillary faces her fears not only for herself and her audience, but for her daughter as well. She wants to be a good influence on her and show her that it’s okay to face your fears, and that once you’ve conquered them, it leaves you feeling so much more confident and powerful. She continues to inspire others with her story and talk about things, like mental health, that aren’t talked about in mainstream media as much. She wants to break the stigma and show her audience that everyone struggles sometimes, but it’s okay to face your fears because you are your worst critic. 


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