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Less than 1% of individual representatives have profited from MLM business opportunities.

Have you ever been a victim of one of these recruitment schemes?

You are not alone if you answered yes and are overwhelmed with the negative memories of endless phone calls, fake products, and no return on the investment opportunity. You may also be interested in exploring an MLM opportunity like Exove to start making money. But we are here to provide an honest account of the business.

Keep reading below for our review of Exove and other opportunities to make money online.

What is Exove Investment

Exove Investment is marketed as an investment company where investors make a profit from mining bitcoin. The investors are individual company representatives, typical in multi-level marketing businesses, and you have the opportunity to invest in Exove as an IR.

But we urge caution when it comes to crypto-based MLM companies, such as this one.

Many have found red flags in Exove in its short history. First, there are no details on the founder or founding team. This impacts the organization's reputation and reliability as it appears no one wants to be directly connected.

Second, the company appears inconsistent in its origin story. It says they have been around since 2011 though a simple domain search shows a start date at the end of 2020.

Exove appears to be operating under many inconsistencies and red flags. This is especially concerning as individual representatives are vested financially in the company.

Your money deserves to be protected just as you deserve to make money securely.

Exove and Crypto MLM Companies

Multi-level marketing organizations have taken much heat over the last few years because of their similarities and connections to pyramid schemes.

The Federal Trade Commission describes pyramid schemes based on how representatives make money. Pyramid schemes base income on recruitment as opposed to sales of a product. Reps make money on how many people they recruit to the company, which is a significant warning sign of a scam.

MLM companies, however, present legitimate opportunities when the main form of profit for a representative comes from selling products – i.e. when there is an actual sale. A multi-level marketer distributes products through a network of salespeople, building their functional teams to sell products.

You can use that simple understanding to evaluate any crypto trading MLM that comes your way:

  • Is there a stand-alone product to sell?
  • Would you buy the product if there was no financial incentive?
  • Is there a product to sell?
  • Do representatives only push recruitment?

These questions in mind will help you assess Exove and whether it's worth your time. If you find the investment opportunity more focused on recruitment over product, you should see the red flags.

If you aim to be your own boss, make money, and have flexibility, marketing is a powerful tool to help you achieve those goals. MLMs may be your introduction into the world of solopreneurs, but there is more for you to explore.

Investment Opportunity or Bust

Exove appears not to be an investment opportunity worth your time and money. However, you should always feel encouraged to do your research with any opportunity that comes your way.

Most likely, you found Exove because you are seeking a wealthier and more fulfilling lifestyle. You want to be a successful entrepreneur and own your time and resources.

Online marketing is a direct path towards that vision.

MLM companies are only one method of making money outside of the standard 9-5 office job. There are so many business models available for you to explore and earn an income.

You may be a fit for a multi-level marketing opportunity as some have found success and gone on to do other big business initiatives. But set yourself up for success, whether an MLM or a different structure, by learning digital marketing.

Consumers are on their phones and laptops throughout all hours of the day. You can meet them where they are and take advantage of the internet's instantaneous power through online marketing.

Funding Your Future

Today's culture is digital: people shop, talk, and earn through various online outlets. Your entrepreneurial journey should also be online to connect with millions of customers, avid users, and investors.

Digital users come in contact around 8,000 ads per day. That over-saturation means you need to be knowledgeable and savvy with your online marketing skills to make an impression.

There are so many opportunities for you to make money online, and success comes from how well you market your products or services.

It is now effortless to start a Shopify store, sell freelance services, or market for another's company. Take advantage of these opportunities by investing in your online marketing education.

The freedom to be your own boss is the reason so many seek out MLMs and conned into things like crypto MLM scams. Master your marketing skills and look into other business models to find opportunities that fit.

Learn the Skills to Become the Boss

Exove advertised themselves as a crypto investment opportunity that promised at least 2% back to its representatives. But the many red flags should make you rethink this as a legitimate business.

Crypto MLM companies and bad reputations should not keep you back from making money online. You can carry out your dreams of being your own boss by developing online marketing skills and looking into countless other opportunities. Focus on your marketing education and start with our free training course to become a successful marketer.

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