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Dan Khan is a Legendary client who dropped out of college just last year, and has now dove head first into an online marketing career. Dan lives in Singapore, where he had to serve two years training in the military service as a requirement from where he comes from. Once he was done and started in college, he realized he wanted to do something that felt more right for him.

Dan first started dropshipping and created a store. He ran Facebook ads and felt like he was just throwing his money away. When he felt like dropshipping wasn’t for him he started his own local ecommerce business. He started selling t-shirts from a supplier and had an abundance of shirts to sell. He didn’t make much money from selling shirts, but the first few dollars he made felt like a million to him. 

Once he began feeling more and more like he was throwing his money down the drain he decided to go back to researching business opportunities and came across affiliate marketing. He liked the sound of affiliate marketing because there was no product creation, shipping, or dealing with customer support required so Dan started getting into that. Dan looked around at his big pile of tshirts that hadn’t sold and said to himself “thank God I don’t have to do this anymore.”

In August of 2019 he began learning from Youtube and purchased a few of the ‘done-for-you’’ systems. When Dan buys something he tries to get as much use out of it as he can. He put in the work and bought traffic for his website but nothing was coming out of it. After borrowing money from his mom to spend on more traffic and getting the same results, he moved to Fiverr so that he could make some money doing freelance work so he didn’t have to ask his mom again. 

Dan continued looking for more ways to bring in money and finally got to a point where he realized that he wanted to do it properly. He wanted to learn sales and marketing. He had never tried learning sales and marketing before even though he was trying to do business that required sales and marketing skills. 

Creating Your Own Audience and Traffic And Building A Channel

Dan started learning how to create his own audience and create his own traffic. Dan uses his journey of affiliate marketing as his story to inspire his audience. A lot of people can relate to his affiliate marketing story and go through purchasing things they don’t need, and essentially throwing their money away at first.

Dan started building a Youtube channel and incorporating elements of knowledge he had learned into his marketing message. The biggest lesson Dan learned was that he is not an employee of the company. “People buy from you, and that’s exactly what affiliate marketing is,” Dan said. Don’t think of yourself as an employee of the company that you are promoting. All you are doing is selling products to other people from the company you are promoting, and that’s essentially what affiliate marketing is all about.

Building an Audience and Developing Trust With Them

When you build an audience and build trust with that audience, they are much more likely to listen to you and purchase the products you are recommending to them. When it comes to affiliate marketing a lot of it is based on trust with your audience. If they trust you, are listening to you, and understand your message, they are more likely to buy a product rather than if they didn’t know who you were at all. A lot of the time people will think they need to spam their product promotions onto people and that there’s some secret to getting people to buy something. The only secret is making sure that your audience trusts you so that they will want to buy something from you.

Learning Skills and Techniques and Becoming Motivated

By the end of 2019 Dan was learning proper affiliate marketing strategies and techniques and started seeing results. Affiliate marketing became something that Dan looked forward to doing every day. In Dan’s experience, he has found himself more motivated for affiliate marketing than he was when he was in college. He feels like there’s a difference between showing up for college and showing up for business.

 In college Dan felt like he was lazy. He spent a lot of time playing video games with his friends. School wasn’t very motivating for him and he couldn’t understand why he was learning the things he was learning in school when there were other things that he wanted to do with his life. 

The constant battle of not having motivation was making him lazy. Affiliate marketing is something Dan loves to do, and he doesn’t mind getting out of bed every day to do this and teaching people strategies and tips that he has learned along the way as well. He enjoys his online marketing and doesn't mind spending hours of his day on it.

Dan promotes Legendary Marketer and feels like it’s something that every online marketing newbie should be going through. Dan feels like the Legendary courses teach and give the most value. Marketing online is a clear path to delivering value, something Dan loves to do through his Youtube channel. “Stop looking for the easy way. Just make sure that even if it’s hard, it’s going to be worth it,” Dan said. Once you get those results you’ve been searching for you will be thankful that you invested your time into it because it will be worth it. 

Dan says to take a leap of faith every day and focus on your business. “Nothing that’s worth it is easy.” Dan said. A lot of people try really hard to avoid doing any work. They will watch videos and sign up for things and take the time and energy to sit through the video and once they are done watching there’s nothing there because they don’t put the effort into actually doing the work. Dan says to always remember where you came from and keep it real with people. Never get away from the story of your struggles. Legendary is about pulling the best out of each other. 

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