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The Weekly Legend March 17th-23rd

The Weekly Legend

Your source to stay connected, educated, and inspired.

March 17th – 23rd, 2023

Your Weekly Legend for March 17th-23rd

I got a bone to pick with you…

Regularly, we’re asked for Wake Up Legendary episodes that have someone in a unique niche or someone that is newer or it took more time for their business to take off. 

And when those requests come in I scratch my head and think to myself – where did I screw up? 

Because…first of all everyday there is someone new that shares they’re in month 9, month 14, month, and how they started from zero followers, and didn’t have overnight success. 

That is the norm and we showcase it almost daily. 

Then we’ve had guests in parenting, dating, pet niche, mindset and manifesting, those promoting their own digital products, those doing their own events, and most recently 2 really cool and different niches…AVIATION and COOKING. 

But here’s where my blood boils…

They were 2 of the lowest watched episodes.  



In our Blueprints group, we have tons of students in the women’s health niche, travel, fitness, and pets to name some of the bigger ones. (I know because I took a poll and see the questions asked in the group and on our daily live support calls) 

So my next assumption is, many of you think you can only get value from an interview that is talking about the specific niche you want to go into. 

And that’s where you’re missing the mark. 

I don't want you to box yourself in…

I don’t want you to just rinse and repeat what someone else is doing. (Trust me, there’s a lot of of that out there right now with other products) 

It looks easy to just buy something and turn around and sell it. 

And you can’t do that here so suddenly what you’re learning here feels “hard.” 

The truth is nothing is easy. 

Learning digital marketing skills, really learning them is knowing how to apply them to ANY niche, to ANY audience, for ANY product. 

And we absolutely believe YOU can learn them. 

When you listen to others' stories, their journey, their struggles and their wins, you can see how they connected the dots of marketing strategy to their niche and audience of choice. 

We are here to teach you the skills. 

We are here to teach you the strategies.

We are here to empower you with knowledge. 

We are here to cheer you on, as you find your passion and take the marketing skills you learn and apply them in the real world. 

(which you already know) 

We want you to think…BIGGER for yourself.

But one of the best ways to bring it all together and see it applied…

Watch Wake Up Legendary for FREE daily training and real world examples.

Listen to what the guest shares, take notes, and apply their advice to your own niche and what you're learning. 

Use Wake Up Legendary as a guide to spark creativity, spark your own ideas for your own business, and then take action. 

Basically…don’t watch an episode or follow someone because of the NICHE they're in. 

Look deeper beyond the surface details. 

You'll get way more value out of each interview with that change in mindset. 

I also want to make sure I get you what you've asked for…since I clearly missed the mark as well. 

So here it is…

Wanna watch two awesome episodes that are jam packed with advice for those starting out? (AND happen to be in two unique niches) 

Here ya go:

AVIATION NICHE (This guest was in a different niche for 10 months until finally making the switch to aviation, where is love and excitement lives) 

COOKING NICHE (No she’s not a professionally trained cook, but she shares her LOVE of cooking and creating with her audience, and has her own book!) 

I don’t share the above because of the niche, but because they're both JAMMED full of advice, struggles, wins, and share what it looks like when you go all in to building your own business…virtually. 


As always…

Stay Legendary,

Mark Your Calendars

Monday, March 18th

Wake Up Legendary at 10 am EST

Michelle Garabito is a real estate company owner who wanted to have more freedom in her life while also helping other people. Tune in live to hear how she gained a fast following online through her authentic content creation!

Tuesday, March 19th

Wake Up Legendary at 10 am EST

Nikki Willey is a full time gym manager who  wanted to be able to spend more time traveling with her family and homeschooling her children. Tune in live to hear how she is using her perseverance to build a digital marketing business.

Wednesday, March 20th

Wake Up Legendary at 10am EST

Sarah Thompson is a former physical therapist who wanted to help people and bring more income to her family but spend less time in the office. Tune in live to hear how she built her online business through going live on social media and creating genuine connection with her audience.

Thursday, February 23rd

Wake Up Legendary at 10am EST

Janelle Cheatham is a full time digital marketer and former nail art designer who wanted to spend more time with her family and end generational poverty. Tune in live to hear how she is building a thriving online business through her email subscribers list.

Friday, February 24th

Wake Up Legendary at 10am EST

Travis Huff is a full time Sales Tech Vice President who wanted more time to himself in his life without being tied to a corporate 40 year plan. Tune in to hear how he is on his way to accomplishing just that and how he grew his TikTok following to 20k in just 14 days!

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Legendary Marketer named to the 2023 Inc. 5000 list


For the 2nd year in a row, Legendary Marketer Appears on the Inc. 5000,  Ranking No. 30 in Fastest Growing Education Companies In America 


Inc. has released their 2023 Inc 5000 list of fastest growing companies in America. This year, it revealed that Legendary Marketer moved up over 1000 spots from last year in the overall ranks and up over 30 spots in the education niche, demonstrating continued growth, trust, and value within their customer base.

The list represents a one-of-a-kind look at the most successful companies within the economy’s most dynamic segment—its independent businesses. Facebook, Chobani, Under Armour, Microsoft, Patagonia, and many other well-known names gained their first national exposure as honorees on the Inc. 5000. Legendary Marketer, in its 7th year of business continues to deliver education simply and with integrity. 

“We've built more than just a company; we've created a team, a community – one bound together by the shared vision of transforming lives, unlocking potential, and revealing that building legacies is indeed possible.” – David Sharpe, CEO of Legendary Marketer

With the continued accolades that Legendary Marketer receives in creating quality, alternative education of transferable skills in the online space, a deeper story of our founder and CEO, David Sharpe not only continues to prove determination, grit, and consistency are crucial to entrepreneurial success but that culture and community are key to longevity.

David Sharpe has built a company that is 100% remote, with employees and contractors from all around the globe. Now with over 200 employees and contractors, Legendary Marketer continues to prove that focusing on hiring qualified talent over physical location as a requirement is the secret weapon to building a team culture that is unmatched. It’s a company that is built on integrity and provides real solutions and strategies for the company's students.

Since March 2020, Legendary Marketer has interviewed a successful student from their program nearly every single weekday, with over 800 success stories and a waiting list of countless new legends waiting to tell their story. 

Legendary Marketer truly is the leadership and entrepreneurship factory it claims to be. 

Thousands of normal, everyday folks, around the globe have turned their mess into a message, their struggles into their strengths, and are learning new skills to answer the call of the need for digital skills.

They're the real legends of Legendary Marketer. 

Most of the traditional education systems train people how to become employees on the old, clunky, outdated hamster wheel. But at Legendary Marketer, students are learning real, valuable, transferable skills that will benefit them for years, even decades. And Legendary Marketer is poised to continue their growth as the E-learning age continues to expand.

Legendary Marketer and David Sharpe have proven to be the pioneer in high-quality, alternative education of digital marketing skills and will continue to dominate the space for years to come.

To experience Legendary Marketer for yourself, we recommend enrolling in their flagship 15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge: https://onlinebusinessbuilderchallenge.com

Complete results of the Inc. 5000, including company profiles and an interactive database that can be sorted by industry, region, and other criteria, can be found at www.inc.com/inc5000.

The Weekly Legend June 25th-July 1st

The Weekly Legend

Your source to stay connected, educated, and inspired.

June 25th – July 1st, 2023

Your Weekly Legend for June 25th- July 1st

I saw a comment recently…  

“I  wish they had more “real” people on as guests on Wake Up Legendary.”

To be honest…

It kinda threw me off.

Do they think we have advanced AI conversations with bots?

Maybe they think we have hired actors? 

I have watched WUL put out over 750 episodes (752 to be exact) of interviews with real students who are now digital marketers.

Maybe because no one, I mean no one can pull a new student Monday-Friday for years to even hold these types of conversations.  

But beyond that, we had a guest that I think will finally fit the “real” category. 

She shared that her house is usually a mess. 

She shared that showering daily isn’t required to show up online. 

She even shared that there was a scorpion above her head on the ceiling during the interview. 

I mean, that’s pretty dang real! 

Multiple times she describes herself as just a normal person, with normal issues, and not trying to be some pinterest mom that she just isn’t. 

She also shared…

How she battled with self confidence.

How she created content from the beginning when she was not feeling like an expert. 

How she stays consistent in a daily schedule of a busy family. 

Oh and when I say share….I mean she spilled all the tea. 

She gave a ton of gold bars that will immediately help you understand what this journey looks like, that you can indeed show up authentically to your audience with confidence. 

This is an interview every single person in our community needs to watch. 

Please head over and watch Meagan’s interview with Dave. WATCH IT NOW

She’s as real as it gets. 

(And a pretty darn cool person!)

Then set your calendar alerts and don’t miss a single episode of Wake Up Legendary. We go live on Facebook Monday-Friday at 10am EST.

Every day, we have a guest that is “real.” 

I promise no AI bots or hired actors!

These interviews provide absolutely massive value, community, support, knowledge, and inspiration. 

Wishing you a legendary week ahead!

As always…

Stay Legendary!
– JoAnn

P.S. – If you’re a Blueprints member, Meagan is our guest coach on Monday’s hot seat! Get registered ASAP in your back office under Register for live training, and select Hot Seat and Fast Feedback for Monday, June 26th at 2pm EST. See you there! 

Now scroll down and check out all that's happening this week at Legendary Marketer.

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Monday, June 26th

Wake Up Legendary at 10 am EST

Cassie Schoonover is a 20 year old licensed cosmetologist who is ready to leave her full time job and move completely online! Hear how she went from 0 to 85K followers in just 1 week after starting her digital marketing business!

Blueprints LIVE Hot Seat Guest Coach

Attention Blueprints Members! As you know we provide 2 hours of live coaching Monday-Friday for all Blueprints members. On Monday, June 26th, Meagan Hall is joining us as the guest coach! Be sure to get registered for Monday's Hot Seat live coaching call now!

Marketer's Club at 3 pm EST

This week at Marketer's Club, Drew will talk about how to build a funnel that eliminates indecision and guides your audience to take action. 

Tuesday, June 27th

Wake Up Legendary at 10 am EST

Stay at home Mom Kirstin Baisch was tired of living off of one income and wanted to bring in extra income while still being at home with her daughter. Learn how she’s building a successful digital marketing business through her determination and transparency with her audience!

Wednesday, June 28th

Wake Up Legendary at 10am EST

Former Phlebotomist Janice Seneres wants to have the freedom to travel and live life on her terms. Learn how she’s building her brand through her authenticity and trust with her audience.

Thursday, June 29th

Wake Up Legendary at 10am EST

 Leah Kearny is a full time campsite manager who is looking to take back her freedom of time. Tune in to hear how she is doing just that while simultaneously building a booming online business.

Friday, June 30th

Wake Up Legendary at 10am EST

Jocelynblase Reyla is building her online business through determination and consistency. Tune in live as she reveals her secrets to creating Facebook reels!

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The Weekly Legend – February 12-18

The Weekly Legend

Your source to stay connected, educated, and inspired.

February 12th-18th, 2023

The Weekly Round-Up is Gone…Introducing The Weekly LEGEND!

Gone are the days of simply catching up on what's happened in the past week. We want to make sure you're always ahead of the game and prepared for what's coming next. 

That's why we're introducing The Weekly LEGEND, your guide to all things marketing. A legend to refer back to throughout the week as you continue on this journey of learning and growing. Plus, I will add a TTT – TIP TO TRY this week in your marketing! 


Fix This ONE Thing In Your Content

Before we dive into what's ahead, let's talk about one of the most crucial elements of video content – hooks. Unfortunately, it's often the most overlooked aspect, but it's what sets the tone and direction for the rest of the video. You only have 3 seconds to stop the “zombie scroll” and draw your viewer in.

A hook is a compelling element that encourages the viewer to keep watching. Whether it's a visual, audio, or narrative element, it must be well-crafted in order to be effective. A hook that speaks directly to your target audience, is relevant to the topic of the video, and attention-grabbing is what will set your video apart from the rest and result in more views, followers, and conversions.

Here are a few tips to help you craft amazing hooks:

  1. Know your target audience and what they're looking for in a video.
  2. Make sure the hook is relevant to the topic of the video.
  3. Grab their attention with a hook that's attention-grabbing, not boring or unrelated to the rest of the video.

Video marketing has become an integral part of modern marketing strategy, with businesses of all sizes using videos to engage and persuade their target audience. However, simply producing a video and hoping it will go viral is no longer enough. In order to truly find short form content success, your hook is key. Take some time this week and review your content and specifically look at your hooks. It could make a massive different in your reach and business growth. 

As promised, here's your TTT (Tip To Try) for the week:

This week, try something different with your videos – instead of HOOK, Value, Call To Action like most video layouts… 

This week try this content layout instead:  HOOK, Call To Action, and END with Value. You might just be able to capture a few more seconds of watch time and boost your reach. Many are finding success with this and it's worth TESTING with your audience. 

So now, scroll down and see what's in store for this week at Legendary Marketer. You'll find details about each episode of Wake Up legendary, guest coaching sessions and more. Plus we've provided easy buttons to RSVP for each event. 

The Weekly LEGEND is here to make sure you never miss a beat in your marketing journey.


Mark Your Calendars

Monday, February 13th

Wake Up Legendary at 10 am EST

Burnt out retail worker finds new customers online. After working in stores for 10 years, Jennifer Correnti was DONE with the 9-5 that depleted her. On this episode of Wake Up Legendary, tune in and learn the 2 types of content that’s helped her build an audience of 79K followers in less than 4 months.

Marketer's Club at 3 pm EST

This week at Marketer's Club, Drew will talk about creating a value ladder with your offers, having complimentary offers for 2nd/3rd helping, selling subscription and membership offers to create recurring commissions, and the psychology around promoting high ticket vs low ticket. As a reminder: ANYONE can become a Marketer's Club member. 

Tuesday, February 14th

Wake Up Legendary at 10 am EST

Using Instagram To Build A BOOMING Personal Brand! Ukrainian-Born Digital Marketer, Anna Vigule started her first online business in 2021 and has been expanding ever since. Tune in LIVE to this episode of Wake Up Legendary to learn her top 3 tips for folks just getting started!

Wednesday, February 15th

Wake Up Legendary at 10am EST

Zero-25K Followers: 3 Simple Lessons to Digital Marketing Success. Serial entrepreneur + manifestation coach, Genicca Whitney has tried just about every side-hustle over the past 18 years. Tune in LIVE to this episode of Wake Up Legendary and learn how she grew her business from zero-25K followers, plus her 3 simple lessons to success!

Thursday, February 16th

Wake Up Legendary at 10am EST

19-year-old bodybuilder with 40K followers proves discipline is more important than Age. It’s easy to dismiss early success as beginner’s luck, but Hope Conger hasn’t let her age hold her back. As a competitive bodybuilder and digital marketer, she’s proof that discipline and hard work at ANY age will get results. Tune in to this episode of Wake Up Legendary and learn tips to pump up your content from this dynamic powerhouse!

Blueprints LIVE Hot Seat Guest Coach

Attention Blueprints Members! As you know we provide 2 hours of live coaching Monday-Friday for all Blueprints members. On Thursday, Feb 16th, Amy Hiers, the Queen of going LIVE is taking over the Hot Seat & Fast Feedback hour (2pm EST). Be sure to login to your back office, click on Register For Live Training and then get registered for Thursday's Hot Seat Coaching Call. 

Friday, February 17th

Wake Up Legendary at 10am EST

Check in with this Australian entrepreneur LIVE to learn how he’s grown his TikTok accounts to well over a half-million followers! Back for his 3rd time on the Wake Up Legendary show, Kristian Momiroski has learned a lot since getting started with digital marketing in 2021 and will share the ONE THING that’s led to his success.

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Wishing For Quick Access To Last Week's Replays?

Check Out One Of Our Favorite Episodes From Last Week

Joshua Smith is back! This 33-year-old “retired” dad and husband is a Wake Up Legendary fan favorite. Don’t miss this episode as he reflects on his progress since starting his first online business in 2021. Tune in to catch his HOT TikTok tips that anyone can implement today!

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Legendary Marketer named to the Inc. 5000 list

We are excited to announce Legendary Marketer has been named to the Inc. 5000 list for 2022.

The Inc. 5000 list, is the most prestigious ranking of the fastest-growing private companies in America. The list represents a one-of-a-kind look at the most successful companies within the economy’s most dynamic segment—its independent businesses. Facebook, Chobani, Under Armour, Microsoft, Patagonia, and many other well-known names gained their first national exposure as honorees on the Inc. 5000. 

The companies on the 2022 Inc. 5000 have not only been successful but have also demonstrated resilience amid worldwide financial woes and the ongoing impact of Covid-19. 

With Legendary Marketer’s ranking at 63rd in the education category, we are proving that alternative, quality, online education is how the world wants to consume knowledge that garners usable, transferable skills. 

“The accomplishment of building one of the fastest-growing companies in the U.S., in light of recent economic roadblocks, cannot be overstated,” says Scott Omelianuk, editor-in-chief of Inc. “Inc. is thrilled to honor the companies that have established themselves through innovation, hard work, and rising to the challenges of today.” 

With the continued accolades that Legendary Marketer receives in creating quality, alternative education of transferable skills in the online space, a deeper story of our founder and CEO, David Sharpe continues to prove determination, grit, and resilience are crucial to entrepreneurial success. 

David Sharpe was a 9th-grade dropout who’s led a few different companies to multi-million dollars in revenue, and now with his latest venture, Legendary Marketer, he’s added an Inc. 5000 award to his repertoire.

When Dave was 24 years old, he found himself homeless, strung out, withdrawing from heroin and other opiate painkillers, and desperately needed help.

One day, he made his way to his Dad’s house, and as he stood at the door, weak, frail, almost unable to raise his arm to knock on the door, his dad answered.

Dave humbly asked, “Help me save my life.”

His Dad opened the door, let Dave sleep on his couch, brought him along on construction jobs, and gave him a safe place to try and piece his life back together. 

The hours working construction were long. 

After sweating endlessly in the hot Florida sun on job sites, Dave was again feeling stuck like there was no end in sight. He was driven to continue to grow more, push harder, and be something bigger than a construction worker.

He found himself surfing the web on his old clunky, painfully slow computer, and made the first (and most important) search that many people today find themselves making…

How do I make money online?

Dave may be a 9th-grade dropout, but he was smart enough to know that he wanted to own his own business. 

Like all aspiring business owners, he wanted to build a business with an endless supply of customers.

BUT, he wanted to achieve this dream by working from home. 

This was NOT a concept accepted 14 years ago. 

Working from home was almost unheard of, let alone building an entire business that is remote-based.

Dave went for it anyways. 

He had nothing to lose.

He kept searching for ways to make this dream a reality. 

One day, he had a million-dollar discovery while standing in a hardware store. 

“I looked over and I saw a man confused and I asked him if I could help out. He said his toilet was leaking and because of my construction experience, I was able to point him toward the little $5 wax ring that he needed to put under his toilet to create a waterproof seal. That confused man was instantly happy, so happy. In fact, he tipped me $100 Just to say thanks and that was the first money I'd earned from what I know versus what I did.” 

And that’s when Dave discovered the pathway to making his dream a reality.

Since then, he’s been packaging knowledge and selling it online.

He’s then taken all he learned, tested, and those proven strategies and results and is now teaching others to do the same.

Dave felt a calling to help as many people stop living a life of survival, but one that is meaningful, memorable, and filled with achievement and pride. 

And that’s when Legendary Marketer was born. 

Over the next five years, the company saw steady, sometimes surprising growth year after year. 

Then In 2021 alone, Legendary Marketer tripled its revenue and was named one of Inc. Magazine’s 5000 fastest-growing privately held companies in America (the 63rd fastest-growing education company).

David Sharpe has built a company that is 100% remote, with employees and contractors from all around the globe. It’s a company that is built on integrity and provides real solutions and strategies for the company's students.

Creating a 100% remote workplace also allows him to fill positions with the best talent, and not solely based on geographic location. From his highly skilled and sought-after team of advisors, top-notch customer support, and executive team, David Sharpe has created a work culture that is second to none. 

And the deliverable is nothing short of astounding. Clients of Legendary Marketer receive the highest level of education and support in the industry.

And speaking of those students:

Since March 2020, Legendary Marketer has interviewed a successful student from the program, on its LIVE podcast – Wake Up Legendary – nearly every single weekday, with over 500 success stories and a waiting list of countless new legends waiting to tell their story. Hundreds of normal, everyday folks who've turned their mess into a message, their struggles into their strengths. 

They're the real legends of Legendary Marketer. 

Now, in 2022, Legendary Marketer has broken even more company sales records and continues to deliver online marketing education simply and with integrity. 

Most of the traditional education systems train people how to become employees on the old, clunky, outdated hamster wheel. But at Legendary Marketer, students are learning real, valuable, transferable skills that will benefit them for years, even decades. And Legendary Marketer is poised to continue its growth as the E-learning age continues to expand.

Legendary Marketer and David Sharpe have proven to be the best-in-class source for high-quality, alternative education and will continue to dominate the space for years to come.

To experience Legendary Marketer for yourself, we recommend enrolling in their flagship 15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge: https://onlinebusinessbuilderchallenge.com

For Affiliate Marketers – 4 Accountability Secrets That Get Massive Results


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Dave: What’s up my friends, this is Dave Sharpe Welcome to Wake Up Legendary. I feel like the guy who announces the boxing matches when he's like let's get ready to rumble. I actually can do it better, like if I'm if I'm in my full mode like I can really get it going, not like him but damn close. So I hope you guys are doing well this morning, I am doing well and I'm doing fantastic. We've got a great guest, just an average new taking radical accountability to completely change his life. I love it. I'm excited to hear about it. I hope you guys will help me welcome Grant Temple. What's going on my brother?

Grant: Hey, what's going on Dave? 

Dave: I'm excellent, man so where are you calling in from? 

Grant: I'm from Wilmington, Delaware, Yeah, most of the time a couple minutes right outside of Philly no one has any idea where this is. Yeah I mean I have heard of Wilmington before so, so great. So tell us how you got started online I mean what, what, what led you to this, this weird and interesting space we call the Internet in us weird. Um, so I work at a car dealership, I'm a service advisor there so in the service department I'm the guy who gets you the bad news when your car breaks down. But you know how much it's going to cost, worked all the way through the you know the pandemic dealership went down the kind of bare bones staff I was, you know, one of the ones that was kept there I was fortunate, but I was putting in a lot of hours, you know 50, 60 hours a week they're kind of trying to run the place. So, about July, I guess. After a long ass week at the car dealership, I went home and did the famous YouTube search on my back porch, how to make money online, went down the rabbit hole.

Dave: The gateway drug. 

Grant: Exactly, man you know that the million things pop up on there and I'm sure most people have the same exact story dropshipping. That's what it is. That's what was filtered into my YouTube search there started watching some videos on it was like hey, you know, this is an opportunity. I sit at home at night and you know, like workout and everything but when I get home from work and work it out sitting there on my, my computer anyway said hey, why not try something new and it started trying to do drop shipping… un successfully. Honestly, unsuccessfully, but I found it fascinating being able to kind of build a store online and learn Facebook ads and you know I really enjoyed trying to learn Facebook ads for some reason and the marketing aspect of it, so kind of started with that. 

Dave: Yeah, no, that's, that's really, that's really interesting drop shipping is quite the phenomenon, it's so many people have tried it, it looks really appealing because it's like, I can just hit a few buttons I can just do a couple of mechanical things in the money's just gonna pour in. But you know it's it's, you know you got to make a lot of sales, you got to make a lot of sales, to hit the profit margins that you're looking for because the margins can be so small. And then also shipping things I mean there's just a lot of logistical stuff and yeah it's there's a lot of challenges. I mean, I think if one wants to be successful with it they could, it's there's just a lot of moving parts, more than, than the average thing so you found affiliate marketing? And you're loving that. Why do you let and you've had success with affiliate marketing, without getting into numbers you've had some pretty decent success since the beginning and tracking some of the looking at some of the commission's that you've earned, you told us about, in the, in your form here for the for the show, and it's very different from your initial three sales that you've made in your entire dropshipping career. So, what actually, what has been what has been, what have you liked about doing affiliate marketing, and in specific, the selling information I mean, talk to us just a little bit about why you favored this model why it's been a breath of fresh air for you. Grant: Um, so, as far as, you know, I guess dropshipping goes you're not really using yourself to sell so much it's running ads for the product. So it was doing a little bit of, you know, trying to run Facebook ads for for businesses it's some point there and I've had moderate success with that but when I found Philly, marketing, I kind of look at what I do at, you know my regular job and what is is basically, you know, selling services and helping people get their car up and running correctly, and I figured a lot of those skills are transferable now. You know, one thing I tried to do with you know customers I have that, you know I'm trying to translate the to being able to do it or a computer or TikTok, is, you know, let them know hey you know I'm here to take care of you, I have these resources at my disposal and I can help you have a viable car and that can serve its purpose for you. And I think that's, you know, something I'm pretty good at and I thought okay, well, you know, affiliate marketing, there's really good products out there and if I can let people know hey I'm here to help you, and you know kind of advise you on how you can start making money online. You know, affiliate marketing seems like a place for that now. It is a little bit different trying to sell that directly face to face with someone, and it's not even selling exactly it's when you look at it as trying to, you know, hey, I'm taking care of you. I want to help you and put you in a good place, that the sales just come with that and that's true in my regular job and that's true here. Just trying to transfer, you know, being able to do it in person when I can look at my diversity looking into a camera and trying to reach, you know, each individual with 1000s of people saying it.

Dave: Yeah, well you've, you've taken up TikTok, and you've, you've gotten some good traction there, you've gotten the authority 6,000 followers on TikTok. Is that where you learn about TikTok, did you go through one of our training and kind of jump on where you were listening to the wakeup shows how you find and decide to execute marketing on TikTok?

Grant: I mean I've been on tick tock, not, not me personally posting, you know, been on there for a little bit of time I found that found it kind of funny that the platform's interesting. The short form, videos, you know entertained me. And then I guess just because the algorithms are good at what they do, I started seeing videos about making money online. I'm sure at some point I liked something or I did something that put those into my feed. I came across a couple people that you know were promoting affiliate marketing and capturing board but not with see the views and like oh my god that's you know that's crazy, it's how much traction you can get on it and you know I assume just by even some of the content quality some of these people were new, you know, and not that's not a knock on anything that's just saying, Hey, you don't need to be studio at home you to produce art, and a lot of use and traction. Then of course you know I went through the 15 Day Challenge and, you know, did some of the other courses here and realized how serious an opportunity, you know, TikTok was. 

Dave: Yeah, it's pretty pretty crazy. So, um, when we say when we say, you know, just an average dude taking radical accountability to change his life let's talk about that, what do you, what is, what is radical accountability look like in your life?

Grant: Um, it was funny, so I actually, this questionnaire, I'm pretty sure I filled out about a month ago you, you have one show where you didn't have anyone on the night before you had that show and you were talking about taking accountability for yourself I filled out that that questionnaire and said that and the next day you came to just hammered the point home, But I realized a long time ago, I mean I've I'm 29 now, when I was younger I made some mistakes I really did. You know I put myself in a bad position and at times I wanted to blame it on circumstances or other people or, you know, anything that would, you know, kind of mitigate the responsibility that you know I could put on myself but I mean you can you can put that facade on for other people and they they might believe the bullshit that you tell them, but inside, you know, I knew I'm where I'm at because of all the choices that I've made, and if I'm not happy with that, there's only one person that can change it, you know, No matter how much your mom, your dad, your girlfriend, your best friend wants something for you. They can't even help you if you're not willing to help yourself. And ultimately I found that if, if I want to make something of myself and do better in life and be where I want to be, you have to start making good choices and hold yourself accountable in those choices you know if something goes wrong with it, it's your fault if something goes wrong with it, it's your fault if something comes out of left field. It may not be your fault but you're the only one that can gauge the, you know, response to the outcome of it. So, I mean really just got to say, Hey, I'm, I'm in control of my life and every decision I've made is put me here, and all the decisions I'm making right now will put me where I'm at the future and you can make good choices or bad choices, most of the time, you know the difference. 

Dave: Yeah, man. Bro, you had you had a, I would say the what I I believe you, based on what you just said, I, you know, sometimes, sometimes when people talk about taking responsibility, I immediately based on how they talk and how they, how they explain taking responsibility and so forth, I immediately know how deep that accountability that they have with themselves goes, one, one particular thing that stands out with your vocabulary is just the way that you actually personalize yourself in situations saying, I, you know a lot of times, one of the ways that we distance ourselves from our own lives. If you know to distance ourselves from our choices as we describe our choices in ourselves, as you like, you will go and make choices you know I'm talking about me but I'm saying you. Right, and I, when I got clean from drugs from heroin back in 2008 I did. I never used I mean my statements, so I never really kind of talked about myself in the first person I always talked about myself in a second person. Right, yeah, because it was like this way for me to just, it's a, it's a very common thing you'll, you see it happening all the time we do it all the time and it doesn't particularly mean you don't take responsibility for your life, it just, it's really important, if I'm in a situation to where I need to really face my choices, and if I really want to change. One of the best ways that I can do it is to just personalize, how I talk about myself and just say this is my, that's my choice, you know. And so, that's the one thing that stood out to me. The other thing is, it is just the, the way in which you're talking about taking responsibility for your own actions and your own choices. I mean, this is such a quality that is mandatory for an entrepreneur, it's not an optional thing, it's kind of mandatory and I would say that probably 99% of people couldn't learn the skills and be successful. There's like 1% or less of people that are just maybe just like maybe something's wrong, maybe there's a learning disability or, you know, like something serious, you know what I mean like some thing that maybe a mental illness, something like that that literally is staying in the way. But the other, but the reason why most people don't succeed is not because they can't learn the skills. It's because they aren't willing to take responsibility for outcomes. And isn't that an interesting thing? It's not the mechanics, it's not the mechanics Grant, it's the dynamics, it's the inability to take personal responsibility. We're actually creating our own problems by doing what comes up for you as I'm now, reflecting back.

Grant: Yeah. I mean, again, it's just the you know it's about consistency and making, you know, good choices, kind of a, Hey, today I know I can make a good choice by doing this I can, I can say hey, I'm responsible for the progress I make today so I mean there's times where I don't feel like, you know, waking up it, you know 4:30, 5 o'clock in the morning to record my videos before I go to work, but I know that the outcome of doing that is ultimately what I want to see and if I don't do it that day, then I can't be disappointed at the results that don't, don't come because of that, you know I work long hours I work seven to five, every single day of 50 hours a week sometimes 60 hours a week and for, you know, I still have a relationship and I gotta mow the lawn and take care of the house, um, you know, I have responsibilities but at the same time. I'm a real person, obviously I mean, I know some people 

Dave: So am I. I mean I don't mow the lawn, damn it. I live in Florida not Delaware but I do dishes and I, you know, I mean, no I totally get it. I have two small kids, I got to, you know help take care of I mean, no I totally get all the other things that come along with, with, with, with life and being a real person. But I want to ask you this, and I want you to finish your point, I know I interrupted, but I also want to know, before I forget the question how do you balance not shaming, blaming and guilting yourself, right, and being too critical and hard on yourself with holding yourself accountable? I feel like that's a fine line that we have a hard time finding.

Grant: Yeah and I'll say, I mean that is a struggle sometimes it helps in some aspects where, you know, I've really stopped caring what, what other people think and I think that's important if you're gonna be doing this and putting yourself out there but a part of, you know, doing that is no will no one's going to be more critical of myself than than me. You know I hold myself to a high standard because I'm holding myself accountable for where I'm at, but once you really start holding yourself accountable, you become more confident in the decisions you make. And then once you have that confidence in the decisions you know you're doing the right things for you and you're on the right path. It's easier to one forget what other people think about it and to go, Hey, I'm, I'm doing my best and I know that and even though you know this might be a struggle or that might be a struggle or I do this well, at least, I'm confident in the decisions I make and yeah I may be a little hard on myself but you know I'm not gonna I'm not going to tear myself down when I know in my heart that I'm giving the best effort, so I mean it kind of makes it easier for me to look at myself and really not care what when other people think about it either because I know that's a big hole back for people that want to start doing this and so you know what's, what's everyone going to think about this, and you hold yourself accountable, and you know you're making good decisions. It's easy to put a comment to the side that someone goes out. You're out. You're a scam and people that guide this guy see me for 15 seconds he doesn't, he doesn't know anything about the decisions are not going to affect me.

Dave: Yeah, right. So, how, how do you, when we talk about accountability, and, and you also talked about, like your, your, getting up at 4:30 or whatever, like to me that just makes me like that just, That just that just that sentence alone makes me like crap, I might almost run the opposite way like I was like on day one, and I heard somebody say that, and I was like shit like do I gotta wake up at 4:30 in the morning to be successful at this. But anyways, how, like, so I just want to tell you guys I don't wake up at 4:30 in the morning and I actually wake up, I'm going to be completely transparent. In, dude, I can roll out of bed, dude. I will be alive within five minutes away from special talent. I do that all the time do I do that all the time do you do, I was minute late today to getting on here with you. Now I am kicking off another training, but I do that all the time. I roll up dude, a minute before we go live every day on this wakeup show, literally a minute before we go live if that and then I'm just like, Alright, ready to go. And people are like, you know, kind of like, sometimes they're a little shocked, usually mats there to kind of prep them but I just want to kind of tell everybody that, that, you know, I'm clarifying for you but if you're new and you're thinking do I get to wake up at 4:30 I'm never woke up at 4:30 my entire life. I don't think unless we're traveling or something. But what I do want to ask you is, in the area of radical accountability, how do you balance, a job, and also your business? Like give us a, a structure or some are some tips or some advice on how you do scraped boundaries with your time. 

Grant: It's difficult, honestly, and I think that's kind of why you mean you don't need to wake up at 4:30 in the morning but if that's the time of the day where you do have time that could be used, particularly on distracted time, then, then that's what you got to do I mean I have to you know leave work at 6:45 So if I wake up at 4:30 smack my face a couple times drink of coffee and I'm ready to make a couple videos by 4:45 or five o'clock. 

Dave: I've got a lot of respect for you well, you know what I mean, like, that's, I love that. I mean, I'm not saying like, I, I like what you're preaching right now, the whole do whatever it takes, man. You know what I mean, and like, so anyways continue about kind of what the day looks like for you and where you fit these pieces in. 

Grant: Yeah, so I mean what I tried to do is film a couple videos in the morning and not even really edit at all at once so I can just put it out there in the morning, I got about an hour lunch break and work sometimes. You know I’ve always got customers there. So, but I try to take my lunch break, I'll sit in my car. I'll add it up a couple videos, you know get done works though like the to go to the gym, make sure I'm staying in shape, you know, come home, do the kind of the dinner nighttime cleanup routine and then, you know I still try to spend time with my girlfriend but you know if there's an hour or two at night that I get where I can, you know, work on posts that kind of started on Pinterest. Just trying to build some of the smaller ends of the business as well and it's really, I wish I could be more structured but, you know, I just don't know when I can. Dave: I got an office house that I work out of and primary residence, I got a gym in both of those places, and I can't get my fat ass out there to eat, you know, it's just, it's crazy man, like, like I am, there's one thing that I that I am just militant about, and it's, it's like doing my job every day, you know what I mean it's like doing my work, like, like there's nothing I can be doing better in terms of, I shouldn't say that, but like I crush it as the, the, the CEO of this company in, in doing the things that I need to do. Also as a dad, but like sometimes the self care pieces get put to the side like the gym the working out bro like like that honestly is where I will cut corners on man so to hear that you're doing, you're at this place in your life right now to where you're checking all these boxes man, like it's really impressive dude, and I know how hard that is to keep up with all that shit and in like even do the workout thing and everything like that man I mean you're in go mode right now. 

Grant: Yeah, and I mean, I would honestly say now, such as the person who likes fitness preaching but there's something, there's direct parallels in keeping in shape and online business or business in general I mean you don't you don't work out twice a week and get to go bench press 250 pounds or deadlift 350 pounds I mean you got to put in the work every single day, and before you know it you're, you're doing the things that you couldn't do four or five months ago but that's from consistency and making it a part of your life, and a part of your routine, and I've just tried to take those, those same principles and apply it to my online business where you know it's I don't feel like working out every day I mean sometimes it's a pain in the ass day at work and I don't feel like, but there's very few times I go there, and then once I'm there don't want to put the work in, we're unhappy that I went there. So I mean really just trying to, you know, consistency, it's small steps and you stack small wins and over the long run that, that turns into something I just tried to translate that right to my online business as well as I put the work in daily, and see what the outcome is 60 days now 90 days from now. And once you see those results you can go ahead and maybe I can do this for the long haul. Let's see what it looks like six months from now but focus on the day by day putting the work in and see what comes to fruition at the other end. 

Dave: Yeah, Jamar Jones just commented on accountability so important hold yourself accountable every day. Here's what I know about me is that, for me, accountability is everything. So, before Corona hit right, I for 10 years, Dude, worked out with a trainer, and, and I know how to work out like I can go out there and work out I know the routines man I know the basics, the fundamentals of how to work out and build muscle and I know how to eat healthy, I can count calories if I want like I know everything about, like, I got a head full of knowledge and a belly full of fat right which is everyone's story right it's like nobody's dumb right yeah we get the information. But for me, the part about accountability that's so important is that every area that's, that's thriving at any time in my life is because I have accountability there. So, the reason why this last year I've fallen off the fitness train is because my accountability is gone. So, I can always come up and what I'll do is I'll work, it's like, Nah, I'll work like I got a lot of stuff to do. So I'm going to work instead of going to work out because I don't have somebody waiting there for me. Right, but I do have people waiting for me in this business right people are waiting on this or that or what I've got stuff on my to do list. So, I think, I think and I think most I mean, obviously you're saying you, you work out on your own, but I do, but we're also talking about accountability, and how important it is. And so I think there's kind of two forms of accountability. The first form is the promises or commitments that we make to ourselves. And then the second form of accountability is who are we putting in place like actual other human beings to hold us accountable to show up because they're like they're waiting on us. Right, what comes up for you as I say this, do you agree with that and, and how do you where do you where do you feel like you're being pulled more right now are you being pulled more to self accountability? Are you being pulled more to other people waiting on you even maybe your audience on TikTok now on your list being accountable to them to create content and stuff? 

Grant: Yeah, well, I guess I think you know it is even draws back to personal accountability more accountability, more than anything where, if you know how can I be accountable to someone else if I can't even be myself so the foundation is all just, hey, on you to make this happen, do what you have to do. And then, hey someone else needs and I need to be accountable for someone else's will. I've got a good foundation for that I can, I can add one person into the mixer to 36,000 on TikTok, which is crazy to even think about but yeah I mean, I think it all starts with, with personal and making sure that that you know that you're held accountable and once that confidence to hold yourself accountable to other people. It'd be really difficult to hold yourself accountable to other people if you're not, you know, doing the right things to hold yourself accountable, you know yourself. 

Dave: Yeah. And I feel that the first thing that, like in order to even get the, like if we talk about fitness or whatever like, like, the first thing I need to do is to hold myself accountable to actually earn the money so I can afford the trainer right so there has to be an element of me following through and actually doing what I say I'm going to do achieving some goals so I can then have money to afford a trainer if that's what I'm doing, but I, I really believe that the foundation of success is self esteem and I the reason why I say that is because I think that so many people coming into this industry, or who have already been in this industry for a long time, have, have, have beat up their self esteem so much because they've started things and then not follow through with them. And if you do that enough times, you begin to lose trust in yourself, and begin to feel badly about yourself and you've had one of those with the Drop Shipping thing, and, you know, I don't know how you would explain that but, but it's, it's, it's irrelevant, we don't need to go there, I want to stay with the idea that self esteem and being accountable to your health, meaning that if I say I'm going to learn affiliate marketing and succeed with affiliate marketing, I'm going to buy this train I'm going to go through this train. I'm going to implement this and I'm going to do this for a year. Minimum without starting something else new, regardless of how it goes, because I know that I need to give myself time to succeed, those type of commitment when you follow through with that to be accountable to sell first man that builds some insane self esteem dude, absolutely sane self esteem, and that is what then leads to success and I think you're seeing that right now because you're going like you're doing that because you're waking up at 4:30 You're following through with your commitment, and now you're 36,000 deep on tick tock you're earning commissions, you're seeing the fruits of your labor. Does this description feel like it fits the building of your self esteem and your business?

Grant: Yeah, exactly. I mean it really does like I said, I mean, I've done some poor choices in the past and you know I've started affiliate marketing recently and I've seen the success but you know it's easy to kind of look at that and almost forget the, you know, the four or five years of trying to make good decisions or better decisions, I'm not saying you know I was making a decision bad but really holding myself accountable for this time and it's you know it's it's a journey it's, you know, I went from a job just working at a small repair shop working on cars and kind of managing that with my cousin and then I want to do something a little bit bigger hey I want to go to a car dealership and try to, you know, scale it a little bit, and, you know, making sure that in the process, I'm making good decisions to put me in a position where that is possible, and then it's you know hey maybe I want something different, and I'll, I'll keep working hard on this. So, I mean it's it's a long journey to get there but then when finally I got to here I've made every decision I've made about me, right here, and, you know, the sum of all those decisions I've made is that since I'm content with that and that content isn't, I don't want any more but I can look at it and go hey I'm confident in the decisions I'm making it's pointing me in the direction that I want to go, keep making these types of decisions and, of course still I'd love on some of them, but when that happens, go hey, that was my fault, that wasn't anyone else's fault, you made that decision, it didn't work out, learn from it, don't do it again and try to make a better one next time, and, you know, make more better good decisions and bad decisions and you can end up in a much better place. 

Dave: Yeah, yeah, I love this conversation, because it is, it is the truth, it's, it's real, it's, it's like, I just think there's too much bullshit about motivation, in, in, in making building a business and living life out to be like it's some easy thing, it's not, it is hard. One of the things that we tell our, this was started by my wife, she's a fantastic mom, and she says to our four year old, you can do hard things, you can do hard things, you know and and I feel like it's just, instilling in her early on, that she can do hard things because, because life is hard, building a business is hard. Relationships are hard. Fitness is hard. All these things are hard, they're actually hard, nothing is easy. Nothing is easy. I mean, even, Even the smallest things I mean you can do something in during your day that go in and get in a new drivers like it's just hard it's just you gotta go and you sit and wait, fucking life is hard. And it's like, Man, when we accept that and stop trying to expect everything to be easy or get disappointed or even humans have this, this real, real, rooted tendency to want everybody to think that everything's perfect all the time in their lives. I mean it's kind of like, hey, you know, how you doing, oh great, you know, life's like falling apart, but

it's like, Hey, I'm great, I'm fantastic, you know, new boyfriend, new girlfriend, new. It's like we want everybody to believe that everything's perfect and okay and that we're doing great. And I think there's a lot of power in just acknowledging that things are difficult and acknowledging that things are hard to do because it validates our experience, this is hard for me to do. So when I actually can say, Wow, this is hard for me to do, and I'm, and I can do it, and I can do it, I can do this hard thing, I can follow through with this, I am, and there's a payoff and the payoff may be that I get rich, but the payoff is also that I'm going to build self esteem, and I know that confidence in that self esteem that I build is going to is going to be like worth 100 times more than anything else, towards my finances and stuff because man when you start executing confidently and stop living in here, and you're just let by your gut and your heart, and you're just like, you know, executing, Tony Robbins says if you're in your head, you're dead. Right. He says if you're in your head, you're dead. It's just kind of a true thing because we live in our heads so much guilting ourselves and trying to pretend like things are hard and all this, and we're just like you know what this shit is hard, and I can do it. And I'm gonna do it, and I'm going to build some muscle along the way, that's going to, that's going to, you know, it's going to be there to get me through new situations, and take me to the next level. That's an empowering inspiring message I can get behind. Not the whole, let me post on Instagram like everything's good selfie time smile like the kids, like you got two kids, it's like come on, act like you’re, you're out or something and they're crying like act like you're happy to get this picture right, it's like man what a way to live. But when I'm just like, man, the shits hard but I can do it and I got a supportive community around me. Man, that that's, that's a different approach, right. 

Grant: Yeah, and I think you know one thing to note on the flip side of that, I mean, fucking up is hard, not doing well in flight is hard, you know what I mean I've been broke I've been down and out, and that was hard. I mean, honestly, it was harder than what I'm doing right now, so I could sit there and go, you know wallow in self pity and go hey this is this is hard and this isn't fair, but that doesn't help me and then no one can help me if that's my mindset in the first place I mean no one can drive by the collar and do take you to where you want to be, even if they wanted to, and most people don't want to. You're not I mean most people are self serving and that and that's okay. I mean, you have to be self serving as well and you can do that by going hey, there's no one, no one that will do this for me, I have to do it. And then once you're in that place, you can try to help other people but I mean even you trying to help other people can potentially be in vain if they're not of the same mindset that hey I'm ready to help myself or hey I'm willing to be drugged to the finish line and I can be coachable and learn and and put in the work in the meantime. 

Dave: Yeah. Really great stuff. So what's your if somebody was sitting on a checkout page right now wondering if Legendary’s the real deal can Legendary help them based on your experience, what would you, what what is your experience bet?

Grant: I mean it's been great. Honestly, I mean, the community around the training. I mean really, really good stuff and I've spent a lot of time, a lot of the courses, you know I've done other things I've been down the YouTube rabbit hole for months and this is by far the best quality, it really inspires change in yourself. It really does. And there's a good you know if you're going to be an affiliate for it, there's good the product to stand behind and that's important when you're trying to, to get people to buy something, you want say hey I can stand behind this and I can feel confident telling you that this is a good way to go and Legendary provides that it provides community just excellence, all the way around then want to applaud you for that.

Dave: Thanks, man. Well, I mean, it's been a big, it's been a big asset to have, you know, people like yourself, be willing to come back on and share value and experience so it's it's certainly a team effort and it's been, there's, there's over 50 people behind the scenes who are working their ass off every day to make a good experience for people here our clients and students and affiliates and everything else so it's really grown well beyond my, my impact on it. And that's something that I think all the people here at legendary are proud of, you know, and that's all the difference in the world and, and I would also say to everybody who's listening, you know create something that you're proud of, you know, creates create keep working in your business until you're damn proud of it. You know until you really can look at your audience and your clients in the eye and say, I'm proud of what I have here, and I know it delivers value. And if you don't want it, that's fine, but I'm not looking for people. I'll keep looking. The door is open, I'll keep the door open. You know, because you, the one person who's got something bad to say because they're judging off of a 15 second video doesn't doesn't waver. It doesn't it doesn't move my confidence in what I've got and what I've built, and that goes back to the, you know, the overnight success, right, 10 years in the making of an overnight success, and all that sticking with it in, has built that self esteem that accountability, all the things we're talking about has has, is, is the exact secret sauce of what makes Legendary great and all of the people who are succeeding right at any level, to what makes them business great what's what makes them great at what they do and that's why I think these conversations are so valuable because we get to hear the kind of behind the scenes of oh what's Grant doing? Oh shit I didn't know he was getting up at 4:30, I didn't know he was that honest about willing to take responsibility with his path. I didn't know he thought like that, this makes a lot of sense. Why the attraction that he is so, dude. Good for you and congrats to you, and I hope you'll keep us posted on your success, and any final words that you want to leave all of the listeners in the, we got tons of new TikTok fans I'm sure in people that are going to be following you and learning from you but any final words you want to leave them with?

Grant: Yeah, I mean again just, you know what you can do, hold yourself accountable to that, really learn or analyze it and just do things. Stop overthinking it, you know, just start and start making good decisions, and those things will compound quickly. If you do so, just just get started, whatever it is you want to do, make good decisions with it, and hold yourself accountable. 

Dave: Alright, my brother, wise words from the man from Wilmington. Your time brother, and I'll talk to you really soon. 

Grant: Okay. All right, thanks, Dave, I appreciate it man, see you buddy. 

Dave: All right, my friends, there you have it. Grant temple. You can find Grant Temple on TikTok, and you can go from there, right into his world. As a marketer, I'm sure he's got a couple of paths for you to take. Guys, it's been, it's been a great, it's been a great week. It's been a great year for online marketers, it's been a great year for online marketers, those, those of you who are taking advantage of this timing and of these platforms like TikTok and, in, in the opportunity of everybody coming online because of things that have happened over the past year, you're reaping the rewards of that. And if you're sitting on the sidelines and you're kind of getting ready to get ready. I just really encourage you to take the advice that Grant gave today and get in the game, you know, get off the bench. It's okay, it's okay to have been on the bench, it's okay to continue to take some breaks on the bench, and in the stands, but also get in the game, get on the field, get on the field, man. Because there's, there's a lot of opportunities in that field right now, and it's unlike any opportunity that we've seen before in the past. And so I hope that these week's cover stations on the wakeup legendary show have moved you to want to do that. And if not, then keep tuning in, and we're going to keep trying to convince you of this opportunity that's in front of you. So when you're ready, right, to stand up in CS, it will be there to support you every step of the way. Okay, so with that being said, we'll see you back here for Wake Up Legendary 10am Eastern time next week, starting on Monday. Have a great weekend, be legendary. Peace.

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How To Use Your Personal Story As A Selling Point (and Motivation) As An Affiliate Marketer


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Matt: What's happening everybody. Good morning. Happy Thursday, April 15. Hope your April is going well so far. We are live, and we're gonna have an awesome guest, I'm very excited. I have so many questions. So we're gonna get into it here in just a second if you're newer. Welcome in my name is Matt, I'm the CMO here at legendary and handle all sorts of random stuff training and marketing and just yeah all kinds of stuff. So if you don't know me. Welcome to the pumped that you're here. And, yeah, there's a lot of people in the comments. Oh, Eliza, Margarita is in the house Rod, Pat, Preston, Callie. Good to see Yvonne Teece, King I see you, what's going on. Brad, Lindora Awesome. We've got an awesome guest, and it's Thursday, and let's just get into it. So Shannon. Welcome in. All right, the audio sounds great. The video is crystal clear, we're rockin, you've got, like, I think, either a lake slash river behind you.

Shannon: It's a river.

Matt: Sweet.

Shannon: Allegheny River in Pennsylvania.

Matt: Right on. Okay, very cool. Well, yeah, I was looking through so we sent out this questionnaire before we brought somebody on. I was looking through short of your answers and stuff, there's so much there. So I'm mostly just curious, like, can you just bring us into your world right? You had a pretty intense moment about 10 years ago, but bring us even before that, what were you doing for work. What was life like when you hit that moment 10 years ago and then, you know, suddenly life kind of shifts and changes and then you find something online kind of just, yeah, who is Shannon?

Shannon: Well, I was the, you know, doing the Superwoman Superman thing with three young kids, teaching full time kindergarten. And I also taught fifth grade for a while and I also did instructional coaching where I worked with teachers on engagement and things like that so I was also a fitness instructor and our why. I taught boot camp that was 40 pounds over 10 years ago to how I juggle it all, you know, my kids are all what activities you know, we haul kids everywhere to where they needed to go every day and all that stuff. And then I was in a car accident and broke my back and had a lot of other injuries that kind of crept up along the way. So I kept teaching though, I, I worked my back in 2011. My car rolled down a hill, about eight times, and I was there for a few hours knocked out and nobody could find me, and actually walked home I don't remember. I was about a half a mile from my house I walked home. So, yeah, there's a lot of deer in Pennsylvania and that's there were deer on the road and I, I must have panicked and everyone said just hit the deer. So, but after I went back to work a month after that happened because school is starting and as a kindergarten teacher. I didn't want to upset, new students with having them get attached to a teacher for the first couple of months while I was recuperating and then have that person leave and upset them and there's their schedule and their consistency so I went back to work, a month after, so I had a big brace on that looked like a turtle suit, and the kids would knock on it when they made the best of it, you know, my parents helped with my kids, they kind of took over, they came over every day and so I could rest when I got home so, but I eventually got to where I needed surgeries. I had a neck surgery. I had discs replaced in there and they're good, you can see where they go through the front for that. Oh, yeah. And then I had final surgery. About five years ago, and

you're off for that went back to work, about three years after that and then I finally, I can't do it anymore and early retirement. So, okay. And so, and I just got a spinal cord stimulator surgically implanted five weeks ago.

Matt: Okay, so how does that work what's, what's that?

Shannon: When you have multiple injuries like that from a spinal cord injury and all the surgeries that I've had. It creates a lot of nerve damage in there and then you have nerve pain all the time like neuropathy and your legs. It gets pretty bad so the spinal cord stimulator kind of erases all that it sends a signal to the brain that the pain receptors and kind of helps block some of that. So I have, like I'm restarting my life, you know, I've kind of been just and the past month, and now I'm ready to exam. 

Matt: I love it. That's really cool. It's sort of like, man. Modern science is cool. Yes. There's not a lot. Yeah, wow. Okay, so we're on like full restart mode, we're on full rising from ashes mode as you would call it right. Cool. So, um, so that's five weeks ago. Wow, you started your journey with Legendary last year, right?

Yes, and I started posting on TikTok in November, but I did everything very serious, baby steps because I was having issues with my health and with pain and things like that so I was a little bit of a slow starter. I'm rewatching the blueprints right now the updated version. And, of doing the decade in a day that I've already done it. But I want to rush up with fresh eyes.

Matt: Yep. Got it. It's awesome. I love it. So, take us, I want to sort of bridge the gap between, you know, I thought what was interesting about, you know your history was like you were a hustler, like, are you are I shouldn't say we're but like really like going right like you were like, going hard. And then that happens, he sort of has to step back and now. Yeah, now it's sort of like, you're back again, you know, like we're back again, we're ready to rock again right. So, for that. Yeah, like, like, I want to bring out what I'm trying to do is bridge the gap between like you had this whole break. You had this car accident you had this whole break. And now, like the online space, it's a different hustle, it's a different game it's sort of different but how did you find it I mean, like, Were you searching around for it. Did it happen to just pop on your timeline or like how did you. Yeah. Were you looking around?

Shannon: Yes I will. I was on TikTok as a stalker without a profile for a long time. Just watching videos, didn’t touch any buttons like oh yeah, I actually it was in July, I was like I gotta do something. i There's only so many Netflix shows, and like puzzles and, like, like I wasn't my brain was not ready to retire. So I started investigating and that's when I started looking at everything on TikTok. And that’s where I found it. I didn't purchase until like the very very end of September. So I researched for a long time, because that's what I do, I, I enjoy doing that anyway so in there and I looked at absolutely every aspect and every opportunity, and I do have some familiarity with business. My family owns a distributor for machining tools. And so I do have some experience with that so I just investigated the best I could and this was it. I found that was going to be as comparable to a master's level course, that, yes, that professional, the value, the strategies, the skills they're learned. And I'm just one of those people I love to learn. I love to I'm always reading I'm constantly reading books on marketing I'm constantly learning about new things so now I just can't wait to really dig in and implement that.

Matt: Cool. That's awesome. It's interesting how Yeah, always learning, always growing, always building skills like seems like there's this sort of undercurrent of like you're, you're always sort of acquiring and pulling in new skills but also like, you can't really, there's, there's, like, I see sometimes the habit of of pulling in new skills, I always used to talk about this as like as like, almost like information constipation like like people just, you know, soak in all of this information Information Information and builds up and builds up and builds up and it's like, then it's, there's no actual, like, implementation, and it seems like you've sort of built a great skill of not just being a lifetime learner but also being a lifetime doer.

Shannon: Yeah. And I think too, with my experience with teaching and things like that. I think that's an asset, as far as, not that that's a necessary thing, but just that I am patient, impatient as far as that goes, and willing to put in the time to people and because I know a lot of you are, you know, there's, they're skeptical. So I always say, Hey listen, let's give me a call. Let's talk it over. And, and they'll tell me straight up what's going on in their life and all, and they'll say they're not quite ready yet, and I'll say well that's okay. Let's just keep talking, keep in touch and let me know when you are ready, and I have quite a few relationships built up right now that I really can see that when those people are ready to take the next step, they're going to be really glad that they did. Cool.

Matt: What do you think that I'm curious about, do you think that um, that, that sort of skill, that teaching skill, the has that helped in content creation, like on TikTok and stuff?

Shannon: To be honest, I, I'm still like nervous about making videos so I like it, to get over it but

I like that. I like that admission. Sometimes people, sometimes the people who are watching are like, Oh, man. Everybody who comes on this wakeup shows got all together and they're perfect and you know they don't sweat it at all. But it's like, no, I do more kinds of fun videos or like just basic informational videos I don't get on and teach because that'll be like a next step that I enter into with the YouTube I did just start a Facebook group. And I just took a little mini course on how to create engagement within the group, and a camaraderie between members and a sense of community where people can come and bounce ideas around and it's informal and kind of a fun thing. 

Matt: Awesome. Cool, very cool. I love it. I mean, it is a little crazy to me that you're still nervous to make tic tock videos. You bet I like I was just I was just scrolling through you've been, you've been making them now for like six months or so. And there's a ton of videos, there's so many videos that you have in terms of like having an end you've got what now like 8,000 ish followers. Yeah. Yeah, that's awesome. So I think one question is always, that we get in the comments that happens all the time. How do you keep coming up with ideas?

Shannon: I don't know.

Matt: You don't have a magic formula?

Shannon: That's not true, I do have one. There's a couple books that I do. I have a Kindle and I take advantage of the Prime membership, you can download a lot of books free. Yeah, I'm constantly reading books on things like branding, marketing, you know, social media marketing, the different platforms that you can that you can get your word out there. So I read those on my Kindle and then I highlight what I like and then I go back and make notes.

Matt: And that's super smart.

Shannon: So, but a lot of my content is just goofy stuff, and fun because I'm just connecting with people because I feel like I'm just flooding people with too much information. So that's the part I'm still overcoming my fear of what people think of me, so yeah. So once I get over that, I will, and more comfortable, my own skin.

Matt: I noticed what was really interesting about what you were going to say, was you were going to project something like your fears and insecurities or or whatever on to all of your watchers, but none of them have told you that right like none of them have said oh you're overwhelming me with too many videos it's like, Who would ever say that. No, but it always happens in our own minds right?

Shannon: It's natural, and about taking this course has completely changed my mindset and completely changed. You know how I feel about my capabilities and what I can accomplish. Yeah, for me to recognize when my brain is going in that direction where I'm saying, oh I'm. I wonder what they think and I wonder if they'll like my video or if they're sick of seeing me on here or whatever and I caught myself, you know, you recognize when your brain is starting to do that, you become aware of it, you catch yourself and then you stop yourself and you rethink it because nobody is sitting around thinking about me going, Wow, look at her, you know, videos, blah blah blah. Nobody's doing that. So it's just getting over that, that, that fear of what people think of you. Basically, yeah. It's like a daily, daily reminder.

Matt: Yeah, I just, I, that for me that was always the big thing is I was always just like what's everybody gonna think I mean, what's that oh it's and eventually there was this contest in 2012 where it was like, I don't know what it was, and there's always just like this certain threshold. So in my case, in, like 2012 So this is like nine years ago, I have this huge fear of going on video and this contest comes up. And I think there was like, I don't know there was some sort of cash bonus. Then there was some sort of, then there was some sort of like when an iPad or when a Kindle or something like it wasn't even that big, like it wasn't like when a car or something, but it was just enough for me at that time like I had always known I need to like just break through that fear of getting on camera or getting on video, whatever. And, and, and for whatever reason, that was it. That was the moment and I started creating videos because it was a contest basically a combination of how many videos and then how many likes and shares you can get on your videos, and I like the amount of anxiety, and the amount of stress and just, like, and all of the things that I thought people were going to say about me or criticize and literally zero, I got zero, nothing, no one said anything like any of the voices in my head, you know, are telling me they were gonna say, Oh, they're gonna think you're a loser oh they're gonna think you're, and it's just like people were either like okay this is, they just didn't say anything, there's like probably just like, Oh, that's weird or whatever, like, okay, delete, you know, or they're just like, oh, cool, this is interesting what's going on, like, I'll check out that video right like it was just, I don't know all that, under the undercurrent it's sort of like the iceberg right there's this tip of this iceberg but the truth is all of the underneath stuff, and it's just fascinating how that I don't know how that plays out but. So in your content though, so you've got like, do you do like three to five videos a day or like how what's your what's your status on like how many videos you're creating a day,

around there?

Shannon: This depends on what's going on. I did like a bunch at once, because, yeah, that's how to do it, you know.

Matt: We did a, yeah we did a webinar training on TikTok one day with a can't remember her name but, yeah, and it was like she had created like 24 videos and like eight of them were one shirt, eight were another shirt, and a or another shirt, and it was funny.

Shannon: Yeah, this is my uniform.

Matt: Yeah, this is my, this is my work uniform. Alright, so are you. What's, what's the future, what's the future look like for Shannon, so you're, you're killing this, you've got a lot of stuff like just in life I feel like, like you've got a busy, kind of like you're retired or tired, like, as a, you know, like, you've got too much ambition and too much sort of like it seems you like you come across to me. Maybe I'm wrong but like somebody who has an itch kind of just like, yeah, kind of moving shaking like what's going on like to be in the marketplace like to be where stuff is happening. So what's, what's like the future I mean what kind of, I mean obviously you're going to, you're going to keep, I don't know what the right word is to keep going with affiliate marketing. What else are you looking to expand into other niches are you looking to take some of the skills and apply them elsewhere you just sticking with affiliate marketing what's, what's the plan or what do you what are you thinking?

Shannon: Right now I'm just sticking with affiliate marketing, and I am planning on doing some more resources and things like that within my group. My hope is that I can build the group and focus there because I can give more time, more value, more information within. So, that's going to be my next focus is getting people into the group where they feel comfortable, people that are to make that next step, they need more information they need, they need. They need someone to offer them stability or someone to offer them real solutions. So that's going to be my main goal, I did write a short ebook.

Matt: Oh, let's go.

Sannon: I did that before my surgery that I just did a little bit at a time and it's not like a guide, it's like, 12 pages that made people what I would like to do more things like that. I love, I love to write. I like to create, I'd like to get into more like learning graphics and things like that. But right now, I feel like with my feeling better physically that I'll, it's almost like I can start fresh doing more, doing all this, you know, All the other things I'd like to. I also post on other platforms, but not as frequently as I do on TikTok so I can give more attention, as well.

Matt: Especially if you'd like writing I mean, recently at our mastermind, this guy David Dill unpacked sort of his strategy for Twitter, which is a little less common but he's been able to grow a huge audience on Twitter. Yeah, there's just all, I mean, literally, all kinds of stuff. So that's really cool, and I was gonna say, just back to that, how you let that answer off was with talking about the group and stuff, and I can just tell you like, I think that that's super underrated building and expanding and just giving a ton of value inside of a group is super super underrated because, like many have many massive, and I mean like massive affiliates, if you dig deep enough, there's a, there's a group somewhere. There's a group, there's a clan, there's not just an email list, yeah that's big, but there's a group where they're actively giving value on a platform where people are congregated right and usually that's Facebook right but sometimes it's in an Instagram DM, and they'll bring people in there sometimes on, like, the younger crew is on Discord, like there's tons of younger kids on Discord, like so. If you dig and dig and dig and you look around and you kind of, you know, do a little investigating. At the bottom, usually there's this group and maybe it's new. But, I mean if it's a couple 100 people, those couple 100 People love being in that group, or if it's a couple 1,000 or 10,000 or 100,000. Those people really love that community. So, you know I if I had anything to give, or any advice it would be to really like you're onto something with that and latch on to that because there's also so many different cool things you can do in a Facebook group you can offer courses you can you can set up, you know, for instance, like, hey in our group we're going to be doing a three day boot camp over the weekend right and I'm going to get on live in our group for an hour a day we're going to talk through whatever. And, you know, I just think a lot of times when people think about creating digital courses and they can think about creating a whole you know like a 15 day challenge or like a 30 day fitness bootcamp or whatever. It feels daunting. Right. And so what I, you know, inside of a group, you can, for, for two weeks you can advertise and and hit really hard on on like, we're going to have a weekend mastermind, right, from 10am, and it's, it's going to be from 1pm to 5pm on a Saturday afternoon. It's going to be really relaxed, nothing too crazy, but I'm gonna teach on blah blah blah, whatever, and you prepare some slides you take q&a You can even do a two hour masterclass or mini webinar right, and you can even sell on it if you wanted to but you wouldn't have to, you could just teach and answer questions. And that alone. Even if people don't attend, they just when they're scrolling Facebook on Saturday, and they look and they see Shannon's on her masterclass she's sitting, she's got, you know, a few slides prep she's there. She's teaching. There's a thing that happens in somebody's brain where they're like, You know what, she is everywhere. I mean she's teaching over here she's doing this like there's something to this person, and it started it just builds that authority even further, and when they're always seeing you on, on video or writing ebook whatever they start to make a connection here that like this isn't just some random. You know a person out in outer space who's trying to scam me or something. Because when they see you once and then poof you're gone, it's like yeah I see I knew, but I knew she was a fraud. I knew she was just this, you know, fly by night, whatever. But when they see you over and over and they're in your group and they're on your TikTok, and they're all over then it's, it's a different ballgame, like, not to creep you out but they become enamored they become like it's, it's almost like this mystical kind of thing. So, anyway, just for whatever that's worth. I think you're really really onto something with the group. And I think you do a great job at leading communities based on what you said and just based on your personality, like you're a fun personality. And, yeah, I'm really pumped that you're in our community. What, so we've got a couple, we've got, you know 100 And some on here live and then we've also got, you know, a couple 1000 That'll watch this later. For people who are, let's say, experimenting with this online thing for people who are just starting out, and just trying to kind of test the waters. Do you have any like parting words or final words that you could impart to them?

Shannon: I would say, obviously, do your research, and once you realize, you know what, what program you want to do, find the one that's the best and, in my opinion this is the best. The 15 day challenge is for me a way to test the waters, this is. Who is this you're not, it's not like you're signing up for a year of college, you can see it's something for you it's not for you then that doesn't if it is then continue on in whatever path you want to do, there's many options. Yeah. So yeah, that's the best advice.

Matt: Yeah, it's really true, it is really funny that you say it that way because it's like, test the waters right like, like sometimes people make this big, like, huge thing or this becomes this big overwhelming thing just about like, just solely about like buying our $7 product and I'm like, I mean how much risk can you really have like it's $7 you have a 30 day refund policy like it's pretty low risk I mean, I'll go spend more, you know, at a Starbucks drive thru with that. Then you contrast that with college or it's like, quote unquote testing the waters is like, you know, a $15,000 semester or a year. It's like, What a joke right? Oh I tested the waters and oh yeah, now I've got 15 grand in student loans.

Shannon: I tested the waters and I paid all my loans off when I was 40. And now my third child is going to college. We've got the other two when they are grown they have jobs they have houses. And the third one is gonna be the expensive one. She chose an expensive school so I'm like, so she keeps doing scholarships and things like that so yeah. I told her I'm like why don't you do this with? She said oh but I want to be with friends. Whatever. Do what you need to do. This years and years ago though, because I always felt like that's a little and I knew I couldn't go to work because if I paid out would be too expensive, so I stayed home with my kids quite a bit off and on here. And I was bored. I'm sorry I love my children, but like, I would have been, but I didn't know anything I thought oh well I went to school for this so I have to do this. And so I have to, You know I either have to go teach somewhere or, you know, like, go work with us, you know, wherever I didn't understand options. And I just want to spread the word and let everybody know that there are options and it's not as scary as you think it is because

that will stink. Having a step by step process with instructors who are knowledgeable and experts, walk you through literally clicking on this, now you're going to click hearing. Where else are you going to get instruction like that? I mean just that in and of itself, sold me, I'm like I'm, I can do this. I get confused later when I'm trying to do something else, I can go back and watch that video and it's a resource. Yep. I mean, where else are you going to get it like that and then the health, the support. I watched the marketers club every Monday at three.

Matt: Cool.

Shannon: I learned so much in there still there's, there's so much value so much that it's just, and it's exciting, it's not like oh I gotta do this today, I want to do it.

Matt: It's really cool. I love it. Yeah, it is, it is really true. And sometimes I get a little jaded because I'm just, I'm in it all the time, and I forget like what it is what it was like for me when I was first getting started, without a community without resources without, you know what I mean and I think it's a really undervalued piece of art and. Is it because I'm in other groups too like I look around at like other companies groups and other, you know affiliates groups and whatever. And it is really hard to find actual real value like actual and that's such a bad word to use, but, like, it is something that's legit like tangible, sink your teeth in and, and actually, like learn a skill, it's, it's just crazy. Most of us just kind of everybody sat in a circle telling each other how great they are or everybody kind of just, you know, like, oh, cool, we're all in this group together and, yeah, we're all awesome. You know, and it's like, okay, great, but like, what are we doing, you know? So I think that's really true. Cool, well, I'm personally very excited that you're in our group. And every single time that we get on one of these, you know, one of these lives, it certainly solidifies my belief, like in our community and push people like you who are like, like, just, there's, there's a combination of the personality of like a hustler of somebody with empathy of somebody who's been through struggles like it, like the well rounded people in our community like you is, is so powerful, and it's such an impactful experience for people. It just further solidified my belief, I'm just having myself a little little moment here of just that like this is a really cool place to be. So I'm really thankful that you're here.

Shannon: I'm thankful as well and I do appreciate you having me on here. It's exciting and, Yeah, I'm just happy to be a part of it. 

Matt: Cool, we'd love to have you on again. So, if we have a spot open down in 90 days or a couple months from now, we'd love to have you back on and, and see how things are progressing, I'm super curious, like in our group if you could like keep us updated on just like your health and how you're feeling and just because that journey is really like. I'm really interested in it, our community's really interested in it, and it's always just cool and inspiring to see somebody who's been through something really hard to like that the road to recovery is a long journey but, please, please share your journey with us.

Shannon: Okay,

Matt: I would like that.

Shannon: Well I can do that. Okay. All right, well

Matt: Thanks for coming on. Have a good rest of your day today Thursday. And, yeah, keep us posted in our group.

Shannon: I will do that. Thank you again.

Matt: Alright, see ya. Alright guys, they get to have a good rest of your Thursday. We'll be back here again tomorrow Friday at 10am Eastern. Let's get out of here, make it a good day.

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3 Tips To Overcome Fear In Your Affiliate Marketing Business


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Matt: Good morning. Happy April 14 It's Wednesday. And yeah, here we are. My name is Matt if you don't need me, I'm the CMO here at Legendary, I host every Wednesday of Wake Up Legendary. And we've got some people in the house. What's up King, Mark, Helen, Jim, what's up rod, Aloha from Hawaii, I'm guessing, Callie, what's happening Colton, Maria, Laurie, what's going on? All right, what's up, what's up. Yo, Lee Jason how's it going Laurie, Cheryl, Roy. Okay, awesome. Welcome everybody happy you're here hey if my audio sounds good. Can you hit like a thumbs up or, or hit the little heart or something, let me know that my audio is working okay one time I hopped on one of these, and my thing was on mute, and I was just sitting here talking, people like commenting. Hey, I can't hear you. So anyway, just let me know that you can hear me okay that we're doing all right, we got an awesome guest today, I'm very excited. We've got lots of things to talk about. I have no idea where it's gonna go or how it's gonna go, but I'm excited about that. And yeah, let's bring in Barb, what's happening?

Barb: Hey, what's up, good morning

Matt: Hey for everybody in the comments if you can give Barb like a little round of applause, a virtual round of applause in the comments, that'd be great. And welcome, thanks for coming on.

Barb: My pleasure, thanks for having me.

Matt: Yeah, definitely. Alright so you're in Cali, and so it's early for us I mean, I was up late doing like house stuff last night, and these are always early but not too bad, but it's pretty early. Are you like, Are you a morning person?

Barb: I am late, I went to bed at like 10 And that was like super late for me 30 rolls around and I'm like brushing my teeth,

Matt: I am absolutely early sleeping, if I can somehow get into, like if I can, if I can make it to bed between like nine and 9:30 it is going to be a great night's sleep, and I'm going to feel incredible. The next morning. Yeah. 

Barb: I was just talking to someone the other day about this that I used to be one of those people that would stay at like three o'clock in the morning, but yeah. And then I was like, I'm just not a morning person. And so I read this book called the Miracle Morning highly recommend 10 out of 10. And it just talked about becoming a morning person basically like just forcing yourself to get up and do certain things and look at me now I'm a morning person, whatever that is.

Matt: Yeah, so many I've heard so much about this book, I know many people whose lives have changed. You really liked it. This by Hal Elrod, and then a bunch of other people. Right?

Barb: Yeah, and then he has like a whole series of Miracle Morning for network marketers for realtors, like that. And then he also has a follow up book to help so highly recommend the miracle equation. And, yeah, that's really good.

Matt: Nice. Absolutely. Suspend your disbelief about whatever pre held beliefs you have about success or. Okay, well we've got a part one and part two kind of thing.

Barb: Yes.

Matt: All right, cool. Right on. Well, hey, it's no free ads but it's recommended by Barb so hey guys if you want to go grab it, go grab it. If you're stuck waking up at 4am, and, or going to bed at 4am and waking up at 1pm and not knowing what day it is, or what time it is. I'm sure that will probably help but you're also, um, you know not to get like, too. Well, we can just go to whatever, but you're also, it's like, I don't know does, you've got a whole journey to recovery as well. Right, and that's something in our community, we talk a lot about, obviously, because a lot of Dave's journey around recovery has been, you know, in part, helped by this industry, which gave him sort of not a lifeline, but kind of a lifeline right I mean, and it's done it for all of us in certain respects, but specifically with, like, I don't have the struggle with recovery. I don't really have an addictive personality. I haven't really been addicted right, it's just, it's not my story but tell us a little bit about you and just like, I don't know, bring us into your world. I mean, how did you find Legendary? I mean, take us back into your journey of finding something online, and give us all the, all the good details.

Barb: Oh that's such a long response, I'll try to keep it to like the Reader's Digest condensed version. Sure. So, probably in like December ish. I don't know I always kind of I don't know if anyone can relate to this, but I've always kind of had this feeling that the nine to five wasn't meant for me, like, and not, not even specifically, a job, but just that I was meant for doing more with my life. And, and so I around maybe December of this past year I started looking on YouTube, which is my favorite platform to just sit there and zone out for hours. I started looking at different ways to make money online, because I realized that having the time freedom would that's the key for me, you know, to give me that time to do other things with my life or find some deeper meaning. And I happen to find that YouTube and recovery is also part of this story. And I just, yeah, I really resonated with what he was talking about like, he was a he worked in a casino and had, you know, been a heroin addict and his story just resonated in a lot of ways. And so I started kind of following along with him. And a lot of his content is like now that I have some context of what content should look like, or does look like or whatever for a number of people. Yeah, it's very much like there's a lot of side hustle videos like make $100 a day on Google Maps, which snagged me, and that's what got me. Oh, is the $1,000 Commission's like because number one recommendation, and that's what, like clicking the link in his Youtube description is what got me in, but it was that trust that I had kind of developed with him virtually. I related to him so much and he was just kind of speaking it felt like to me. And so that's what kind of led me from random side hustles that I was like, oh I could do that but then I would actually have to do this, this and this, too happening to click on his link and signing up for the 15 Day Challenge and. And I had. I'm not gonna lie I clicked on his link, and I was like, legendary marketer What's this of course, and being the, I don't want to say skeptical because I don't think I am. I think I have like a balance of just rational and emotional. But I did some research, I read reviews and sorry if you can hear my cat can hear the background.

Matt: It's all good.

Barb: But read a lot of reviews, watch video reviews on YouTube. And I think that I can balance. People who want to give you a really positive view of something so you'll click their link, and somebody who's going to give a really negative view, because they had a bad experience. Anyway, by the time I had actually signed up for the 15 day challenge I had already kind of made up my mind that I wanted to go all in on this. And so when it came time for me to decide if I want to buy the blueprints or not, which would be, I don't know they're the advanced training to learn affiliate marketing but also three other high income like business models online. Yeah, but I was just like, Absolutely, and the stars had kind of aligned for me like my sister was paying me back some money that she owed me and it just was kind of serendipity. And so, yeah, I just dove in.

Matt: It's awesome. That's really really cool. So, um, yeah so you jump into our challenge, you jump into our Blueprints Have you tried something like that before. It's just a totally new experiment.

Matt: Yeah, that's cool. 

Barb: What, what the, again going back to Thomas like the YouTuber who introduced me to Legendary is, I was like this is a normal guy. I know he understands what it feels like to get through a struggle, because I think one thing that recovery gives us is literally if it doesn't kill you, you're by virtue of just still being alive, you're going to be stronger as a result. And so, there was just I was basically like, if he can do it I can do it, meaning if you make it. If you can go down this path and what my initial kind of plan was, okay, I'm gonna start on YouTube at this grand plan to kind of go the same route that he went, Because that's all I really knew at that point I didn't know about tick tock or anything like that. But here we are.

Matt: Yeah, here we are. So you tell us about sort of your experience diving in with the blueprints, what was that like was it. How did you find it or not, how did you find it, I mean, did you enjoy it, like what stood out to you is valuable or what have you really taken from it because everybody takes something different. And, like some people really quickly gravitate towards coaching and consulting, other people quickly gravitate towards affiliate marketing. Other people take off and run with the decade of the day, other people just go straight into the affiliate blueprints and just really start running. Like what kind of how did you digest that training and how did it go?

Barb: Gosh, I actually just started going through the new blueprints which are just great. But I just started going through and really trying to absorb as much information as possible. And I'm like in my nine to five life I'm a teacher. And so it's not just about sitting back passively being like hey, teach me, like the more engaged in the more I'm connecting it to something that I already know so that I get all that information and be like oh yeah, it's related to this or. But yes, I started going through the blueprints and devouring them, and I started with the affiliate marketing blueprint, my business plan advisor, William. Shout out to him he's awesome. He got me set up to watch actually one of the replays of decade and the day before I went to a live and I was just like ready, like I actually watched it on double speed, and then I went back and watched it again, just so I could like get through it quickly take notes and then for whatever reason, that's just how I learned. That's, yeah. But then I went and I implemented the woodworking done for you campaign on Facebook ads. Okay, and me I mean I wasn't, it wasn't my dream to go into a woodworking niche. Just like, you know, in the blue, it talks about getting practice doing this random niche, and then, you know, earn while you learn like that is so real. And take that skill, and then now you can transfer it to the niche that is like your heart's desire and that's 100% what I did and 100% What I tell people to do.

Matt: That's really cool. That's awesome. you're. Yeah, I don't know that's just, we're seeing it, yeah. And yes, you're right, it is chef's kiss, it's, it's, yeah, it's that is the. So in just for people who aren't really aware we have our, our business blueprints, which is a more advanced course, if you haven't learned about it yet. It'll be coming. And we have a really special deal for you if you're going through the challenge. You don't, by the way, you don't need to purchase the blueprints or anything. It's not a requirement or anything like that but it's a more advanced training. And basically, you know, when we update that so we don't just we'll just build a course and then it sits there forever, and you know it's eight years outdated and whatever. We try to keep that pretty updated, keep a lot of case studies so we recently just launched an update and with everybody who's purchased the blueprints in the past. They don't have to purchase again. So everybody just gets that upgrade for free, it just shows up in the back office, and, and, yeah, he saying that was chef's cases like, oh, no, that's exactly the right description is it's so powerful, so anyway.

Barb: One thing I will add is forget the frame. Yeah. Because I think my, like, I and so many of us come into a new situation thinking. We know everything or have some skepticism or having a preconceived notion about what to do or what's best or. I think all speak from being getting in the way when I'm not keeping it in check. So something else that I've learned from recovery that is so relevant to, I think, in, in my case at least being a successful online business owner is take suggestions from other people who have more time than you like in recovery, it's like, find a sponsor you listen to the old timers the people who've been, had some sobriety for 20 years and even if the stuff that they're telling you to do, doesn't make sense to you. That's okay, you're new, it's not going to make sense to you. It's, if Dave Sharpe told me to sprinkle fairy dust on your computer and that's gonna make your ads run better out, then like okay, like some stuff you just have to not understand but just do what you're told when you're brand new. Yeah, I think having that openness to suggestion and coachability was. I attribute a lot of my success. I mean, obviously I've only been doing this for a few months but just kind of mindset, so I wanted to.

Matt: Yeah,that's, that's huge. That's a big kick that like, that's a huge difference between eat, I eat like I am not that way. And I would have fast tracked, like, it took me a long time to really like do anything online that made any money. You know having something like tick tock helps for sure but also just in general, like I always took something and said, like, oh but they probably missed this and they probably miss this and so I'm gonna do it my own way and just, you know, and it was just like, I didn't need to do that, like, you know I just. So, anyway, that's a big piece so that's, yeah that's really cool. That's awesome. And it helps a lot because it removes so much of the confusion that removes so much of the overwhelm it's like, Hey, let me just try to soak that in it takes a lot of takes I think it takes a lot of like emotional awareness emotional intelligence, like, you've got to, you've got to know yourself really well you've got to know your learning style really well. He said earlier, for a lot of reasons I learned better this way. You know, like you kind of know how you learn how your brain works, how your personality works and then if you know that it makes it so much easier to process information and to learn and to adapt and to, you know, all that stuff. 

Barb: Yeah, absolutely and I think also, at least in my case, I think this is probably true for most people but I'm practicing my I statements, speaking of recovery, but I think it's that kind of faith in the process also instills a lot of belief in the system and then your results will come if you just keep doing the next right thing that you're being told to do in the process. 

Matt: Yeah, exactly what it, what's your journey on TikTok been like? Was it hard to get started on TikTok? You've got a couple different ones, you've got like more what you haven't more one that's more like personally branded then you have another one that's sort of just a manifestation niche one. What's that been like has it been weird to become a content creator, how does that sound, how does that?

Barb: Yeah, it's funny. I went to it, it was my niece's 17th birthday party the other day and so I walked in and my sister yelled. Look, it's like she's TikTok famous and I think she has a skewed view of what TikTok famous is but I don't know. When I say it started on TikTok February 8 And I always tell people this, whenever they're talking about fear of being on camera or the fear of starting, of course, everyone's afraid. I was afraid I was afraid of looking stupid I was actually like trying to do my hair and like have good lighting and I didn't even use a trending sound like I didn't know what I was doing. Yeah, but you're never going to have it perfect before you start. There's never a perfect time to start, there's a right time and the right time is right now, you know, right. And so I was just like me, and I know from experience like just life experience that it's never going to feel comfortable. You just have to start and it's, I don't know if this will show up or if it's backwards but feel the fear and do it anyway.

Matt: Yeah, like Wait hold that up again.

Barb: This is another great book for everyone. Feel the fear and do it anyway.

Feel the fear and do it anyway. It's, it's okay to feel afraid, don't let that stop you just do it, afraid. So that's what I did was just kind of I don’t wanna say garbage but it wasn't great, and I was just talking and. But what I found was, one, just putting it out there and getting started gave me it was like a rush of just competence and self efficacy and you know feeling good about the fact that I had overcome my fear and taken action. Yeah, and letting that momentum kind of carry and since February 8 I posted at least three TikTok videos a day sometimes like six or seven and if I'm feeling full of content for the day. 

Matt: That's insane. Yeah, but a lot of videos.

Barb: Yeah, but no one is born, being like, Oh, here's how to do TikTok, like, no, everybody sucks at first or everybody feels uncomfortable or, you know what I mean but I think the key thing is take that and, like, take your content and make it better, like, iterate, see what other people are doing always kind of be a student and don't just again sit back passively, like okay well I'm making TikToks But where's my paycheck you know what I mean. 

Matt: Yes, totally. 100%. Alright so how did you get the idea. I mean, I know how you got the idea but I mean, Three to six videos a day I mean three videos a day for two straight years, that's no joke, for sure. There's a lot of people getting started on TikTok, a couple videos in there like geez I can't do this. So, how, how did you. I'm just curious, like, what's the, what's the backstory, what's the motivation, what's the drive like how did you push through all of that initial like geez is this work like I'm doing my hair like all that all those nerves kill a lot of people stick up channels, how, Like, do you have patterns of being resilient, are you, you know, like just what's inside of you?

Barb: Yeah, I mean, I think just tough life experiences. For example, that I know this, like I don't, I don't like being in the spotlight, I don't like attention. I would much rather be like the person playing second fiddle or like the assistant manager and you know, and that's just very much, who I am and in high school and in college when I played basketball. I was the best player, and so I was kind of forced into the spotlight and I hated it, like I literally feel gross but I would feel so nervous before games I would throw up before like probably half of all my games and. But I, it's like, I mean, there's stuff like that there's stuff like, you know, going to rehab. What was it four years ago and just battling with addiction. I mean, edit, I think that that's probably the biggest thing where it's like, honestly, that if you can get through that you can do affiliate marketing you can do anything like that was not easy. This is like, cool, like this is so much more simple and just, I have so much more to draw from now. But yeah, I think just having difficult life experiences and knowing kind of has transferable skills from that. Navigate a new experience where I know I'm going to be afraid, I know I'm gonna feel uncomfortable. I know that. And I made a TikTok video about this that being an online entrepreneur for me at least, is a lot like an accelerated version of therapy, because you have to deal with all your self doubt all the critical voices in your head and right, you have to push you either have to push through it, or you're gonna find excuses and quit. And for me, quitting was never on the table. Like when I make a decision. It's like, it has to be final and I take all other options away.

Matt: Wow, I've never heard somebody say transferable skills in the realm of like, like life struggles or difficult situations or emotional struggles or difficulties, that's really cool. I like how you put that, because we always talk about transferable skills with like Google ads, you know, it's like, yeah, that is a transferable skill but, you know, it really is I like for the, for the time, you know, like, my marriage, almost fell apart multiple times and the amount of time that I spent in therapy. And while I was trying to build my business was just an intense time of, you're exactly right, so much time feeling like, just so internally in a struggle. And so now, not that I don't sweat the small stuff, but some of the small stuff is just like, you know, like me showing up every day, three times a day on Tik Tok. Like, I could figure this out, you know. So, No, that's, that's really cool. It's, it's really cool it's really powerful for everybody who's here just the her TikTok is on the screen you can follow. You're also doing just more like behind the scenes, one on one would really know it was you sort of manifestation channel. How's that going?

Barb: It's going pretty well and it kind of started off as an experiment. 

Matt: Just to, by the way can we share that with people or is that cool there. Okay.

Barb: The TikTok candle is manifestation candy.

Matt: Cool, that's a really cool name, just came to me, flash of inspiration. Nice. But yeah, I just kind of, I had heard, I can't remember who, talking about, you know react loading videos from pexels.com, and I talked about it on a wakeup legendary once, and then on a business blueprints webinar to walk through it.

Barb: Maybe it was that, yeah, yeah, I just kind of, I don't want to minimize the importance of making money with affiliate marketing in anyone's life, but it's more like an experiment, or kind of like a game, to see if I could create content that was valuable enough like develop a following, and then turn that into traffic to an affiliate link and, you know, see if I need from it. Then, I mean, it worked. Cool. And I, yeah I've been telling my sister like, Dude, I need to help you get this set up so you can have the stream of income and right.

Matt: And especially with like the whole like, so basically so everybody knows like kind of how she's doing that she's taking, there's this website called pexels.com It's pexels.com  where you can get free stock video and stock photos that are commercially usable, you can use them anywhere. And you don't even have to have attributions on them or anything. They obviously encourage people to whatever, like, donate or whatever but no, and then and then taking those putting sounds to them and putting words on the screen. It's funny because I've done that in lots of different niches, pet niche, manifestation niches. In fact one manifestation, I had a channel. I only posted one video too, I just wanted to prove the concept, the video had 20,000 views and I have 1000 followers in like a few days with just one video. It was just like, there's certain videos that take off and there's certain like trends and things, you know, but, um, no, I, I just think that that's also really equally powerful, because there's just a lot of people out there who are like, I'm just nervous like face and my name and all this stuff and it's like, look, there's lots of affiliates throughout the world who are faceless, nameless, you'll never know them, they don't want to be known. They like to just kind of live in their little thing in their house and they're doing their thing and that's cool, and it's just super powerful because it gives, what it does, here's why I think it's powerful. I think it's powerful because it removes all the excuses, because really, like everything else, it's all just excuses right but the whole like I don't want my lease on there I don't want my name on there, that's kind of a legit one like, especially in some cases if somebody's got a nine to five or they've got like non competes or like moonlight clauses or all kinds of stuff right so there's, there's a lot that goes into that some people are public figures or some people are real estate brokers or investors and stuff and they're like I you know I don't want to mix up my brands and so there's some legit like concerns right. Not everybody wants this to be their entire personal brand with their name and everything so I'm so having that outlet and okay now it's like well shoot. Now, there are different ways where you don't need to show your face, you don't need to be the hero, you can actually promote products using video content that has no face, no name, no personality. It's really cool, and I'm seeing more and more people do it in our community, and it's one of those things where it's just, it's not anything crazy or special that we've done here at legendary we've just highlighted a few people who have already done it, and people in our community do a great job of looking around on TikTok and on the internet and seeing how is that person doing that. Oh Wonder how they got those videos, oh Pexels.com Oh, okay. All right, I'm gonna try this. Oh, look at that, I made $100. That's cool. All right, let's, let's try to do that again, you know, so I think that's, that's a big benefit of our community, because if you aren't in our community, you probably don't hear that random conversation about Pexels manifestation channel and you like be just being in the know and hearing, wake up calls or hearing Thursday webinars or whatever, it just you start sparking ideas, and I think that that's really powerful too, right, you know, you can only sit on YouTube for 10 hours a day, but, you know, there's, there's a lot of fluff in between all this stuff so well cool, man. You're such a cool person. I feel like there's there's I've seen at least a couple people be like, Man, Barb is totally my, my spirit animal. But you just have, he genuinely has a great energy about you I can tell I can obviously tell why people on your TikTok channel love tuning in, like, and I'm going to as well. For, for people who are here, and maybe they're stuck and can't create videos, or they're stuck and worried about what people are going to say about them. Or maybe they're just brand new and just hanging out here for the first time, what do you have anything that's on your mind or anything that you want to say to the community to encourage them to keep going or anything, anything comes to mind.

Barb: Yeah, I think a couple things one if you're like, if you're new and like haven't even started creating content let's say on TikTok, it really could be applicable to anywhere, just know. I mean, truly, you are not the only person that feels like an imposter that feels like a fraud that you're stupid that you're incompetent that you have if you have voices in your head that are saying, you know, echoing the stuff that you were told as a kid or by a teacher or a parent or whoever, that are saying you can't do this, be like, Thanks for your input. I'm cool off that though, and realize that they're just voices like just thoughts, and you don't have to believe everything you think. So, there's no hack, there's no workaround, there's no trick to not being nervous about making content, just make one. Even if you save it to your drafts, at least you've made one, and then post it later, but right now, I don't know how many people are watching but right now I'm just talking to you, Matt. And so I'm not even cognizant of the fact that there are other people, there could be a million people watching or there could be, it could just be us, you know what I mean, literally when you're making a tic toc video you're holding your phone up and you're just talking to yourself. And then just hit post and like be done with it. And like, I think what you will find is, what you're worried about is the judgment and the ridicule and whatever that goes away, you won't always feel that way, it won't always be hard to make TikToks. In fact, I think what you'll find is that TikTok is actually, you will find your people, like as long as you're. This is something they say on RuPaul drag race which is my favorite show, but they always have like the final for drag queens at the end, and then they ask them what's something you would go back in time and tell your younger self and they always say the same things every season. And that's, people are gonna ridicule you because you're different, they're going to, you know, call you names or, you know, exclude you, but what you're, you need to keep pursuing that you need to keep being weird and being yourself because the people that are going to love you are going to love you because of that and not in spite of it. Just be your authentic self and your people on TikTok are gonna find you like, I'm going to buy from her, or I'm gonna buy from him because they trust you and they relate and they resonate with them.

Matt: That is really good advice, so wise. Also, yes. Also, I was gonna say, I have been meaning to get into that for so long and I'm really glad you brought it up because we're all on a TV show and quarantine it different, but no, I, I need to get into that, because I that's all that I've heard is amazing. Yeah, it's your favorite huh, that's awesome. 

Barb: I don't watch TV, because I get into TV but that's the one show I will sit there and like, honestly, I took the day off from work today, just in honor of bits. Cool. And I'm fully going to binge RuPaul's Drag Race because of recent seasons.

Matt: Yeah, I love it. Cool. I love that you're having, having a whole day. That's awesome. I very much love that. All right, awesome. You brought was really good and really powerful, and I can tell from the energy in the comments that people are feeling it so thank you so much.

I love the community so much like the number of friends I've made through legendary or through tick tock. I've met people in other countries that we like to text on WhatsApp. Shout out you know who you are. Yeah, the community is just, it's like Kelly Olson said, one of the unexpected benefits that kind of outweighs the money stuff.

Matt: And I agree, yes, yes, that it's such a theme, people probably three, four times a week, we'll come on here and that's like one of the main things that our guests says is like got friends like legit like cool people like that I actually enjoy like working and kind of doing similar stuff and yeah, it's awesome. Awesome, well thank you so much, you know, later on, keep rockin, I mean, you've got so much going on, you're killing it, and anything we can do to help, but also, you know, if you're open to it. We might reach out, we've just got a lot of guests that we're inviting to this. But, you know, we used to say like hey can we have you back on in a couple months, we still do but if we've got a lot of like potential guests that we're trying to bring on too so we're now like in a spot where we don't have as many spots as we had before but if we ever get a spot, we'll put you on the list, we'll get the, we'll get you back on here in three or four months.

Barb: Otherwise you know where to find me.

Matt: We do. Right. Here. Oh, my cameras mirrored the trivia thing. Alright cool. Have a good binge watch day and enjoy it.

Barb: Thank you, I will see you. All right.

Matt: Wow, that was awesome. I very much enjoyed that that was, that was incredible. If you all could leave Barb a little bit of love in the comments, that'd be great. And just let her know what was impactful from today and give her a follow on Tiktok two. We'll be back here. Same time, same place tomorrow everybody, so be here 10am Eastern Dave will be back tomorrow so make sure that you're here. If you're not signed up to our text message reminders. Because Lord knows you're going to leave this thing and disappear and you're going to forget the Legendary Marketer ever existed. Well hopefully that won't happen but. Excuse me, you can text WUL the letters w 813-296-8553, you'll get a little text message reminder, it is very non invasive, we do not market to you, we do not try to sell things to you, we don't do any of that, it's literally just every Monday through Friday at 10am Eastern, you're going to get a little tiny text message, and it just says, We're going live. Here's what we're talking about here's our guest for the day. Tap below to join. Alright, so get it if you're looking at the screen, you're trying to get it right the number down 813-296-8553 text WUL make sure it doesn't autocorrect or screw up anything. And we'll see you guys tomorrow. Same time, same place.

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How To Use Multiple Business Models To Build Your Online Business

Using Multiple Business Models To Build Your Affiliate Marketing Business

How To Use Multiple Marketing Strategies To Build Your Online Business 

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Dave: Legendary family this is Dave Sharpe Welcome to Wake Up Legendary excited to have a good mate from Down Under. On the show. That was, that was the dad joke of the, of the hour, sorry I had to get one in. If you guys are. If you guys are ready to rock I am too. Okay, um, let's jump into this let's get this done as you guys can see 19 year old Australian uses multiple business models to build his online business with that being said let's welcome to the show, Ryan, give me your last name Ryan This is Eric saying,

Ryan: I get this a lot, Ryan Lee Vacarro.

Dave: Okay, I'm just, you know, I'm just such an old construction worker, you know, can I just call you, can we, let's just go with Ryan. Ryan, bless his brother, welcome to the show.

Ryan: Thank you. Thank you for having me.

Dave: Are you currently calling from Australia?

Ryan: I am, yeah so it's like midnight for me right now.

Dave: Oh my gosh, you look you look awake, though,

that's good. Yeah,

Ryan: I'm a night owl so it works out.

Dave: So, we're gonna be talking about your journey through kind of Amazon and drop shipping, and then eventually yeah affiliate marketing. Tell us, take us back and, you know, kind of take us through that journey, kind of the milestones in a nutshell, and what eventually led you to Legendary.

Ryan: Yeah, so, pretty much, I didn't focus or I didn't give a go, anything when it comes to online business at all until about May of last year. Before then, I was just, you know, living the expected lifestyle working full time, You know, and then COVID hit. Lost it.. And I was basically just left confused because before that I was, I was thinking about online business for a really really long time but never really gave it a go. Yeah. And so then I figured, okay, I got no job, I'm not really doing anything and might as well try it.

Dave: You ever seen that movie Friday? It's an American movie? 

I haven't, no. He's like you ain't got no job, you ain't got shit to do. And basically he was implying he was implying that they're gonna get high that night.

Ryan: Well I didn’t do that.

Dave: Good for you.

Ryan: Yeah, but I just, yeah, I figured I better not just sit on my ass do nothing but just, I've been thinking about a while, I might as well give it a go. That's why I got introduced to ecommerce tried it for months on end failed for months on end lost quite a bit of money, but eventually I was able to make it work I did join a course that helped me out a little bit then a bunch of research, research, research that's been going well for the past five, six months, and then I was able to automate it a little bit so I decided to expand. And then I found affiliate marketing. I'm like okay, I'm gonna give this a go because I know it's possible with free traffic. And then just through a quick Google search I found a 15 Day Challenge and then that's pretty much how I got started.

Dave: Wow. Really, yeah, yeah. You're a result of good old SEO Marketing?

Ryan: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I didn't find your course through an affiliate, like I just searched it up and then you were there. 

Dave: Okay, so we're ranking for some stuff that's pretty gangster. Oh yeah baby

oh yeah okay so I mean what is the difference to you besides, you know, between like drop shipping and Amazon and now affiliate marketing?

Ryan: Well, Amazon actually never, never gave it a go because I wanted to. Just through research found that it might be a little bit more difficult for me in Australia to do that, compared to starting my own thing. So I started out with Shopify, pretty much doing what everyone else is doing fulfilling from Aliexpress getting agents doing all that stuff, and I think the main difference here is that with affiliate marketing, I had what at the same time I can build my personal brand, which isn't really something I was doing with dropshipping I'm trying to build a store, all this other extra stuff. And I think, looking back in hindsight I think affiliate marketing would have been the easier choice for me to go with as a beginner, because I didn't have to set up all these sort of logistics and all that there's really not too much that I have to do to start this. Yeah, I think that would be the main difference that I wish I knew last year but

Dave: So you say personal brand, explain what personal brand is, for those that are new and also why you think that building apart what do you think the advantages are, and why do you think it's important to build a personal brand.

Ryan: Sure. So, when it comes to your personal brand and to just sum it up briefly and pretty much means putting your name out there throughout social media so you're known, and basically building up a loyal following and a loyal community of people that know your name, and, and trust your content. And I think that, that alone, having a community that trusts you, is very, very valuable. And you can leverage them in so many, so many ways, including promoting products as an affiliate or even through drop shipping having a store and you could promote it through. Promote your store through your audience, I think it's one of the most powerful assets you could have. And, yeah, that's the main difference that I found between doing this and drop shipping because it's not something I was doing before, but now, having done it. I can see how powerful it is and it's something that I want to continue.

Dave: Well, I don't really have to explain much with words because for all of you who are here watching the show and within this community. I've sort of built a personal brand within this company, right, so yeah. So, you know, it's kind of it's kind of right in front you know sometimes the AHA lightbulb moments are sort of staring us right in the face and sometimes we just, we just missed them. So the power of building a personal brand in the in the affiliate marketing slash selling information industry is that, you know, eventually, as you move from not only doing affiliate marketing but if you want to sell your own courses and coaching and do events or virtual events that it's, it's a lot easier because you've already established, like people trust you and then if you're going to be the one who's going to be delivering the information or at least in some way marketing or selling the information. Then, then it, then it's a lot easier, Right, yeah, in it here at Legendary I've done two I've sold information two ways. I've both, both marketing and sold, and then been the one who's delivered the training but also been the one who's brokered the training out essentially to other people. So that's another thing for you guys to kind of think about is that the skills, the skills don't always the skills open up lots of opportunity because if you have the marketing skills if eventually you want it to partner with somebody who might whom their strength might be delivering the information or doing the training, then, then you bring your skill sets they bring their skill sets, and it can be a beautiful match made in heaven. You were kind of smiling a little bit at what's coming up for you?

Ryan: Oh, just, you know, just listening to what you say, agreeing with you. Pretty much,

Dave: Yeah I mean personal brands it's it's I didn't really expect to think about I didn't expect to talk about that with you but I think that it's such an under Estep it's such an under. It's it's it's not talked about enough, and I don't think we even talk about it enough because when people come in and they're new, we kind of present affiliate marketing like, and we even not just even with affiliate marketing we say hey look you can have your own personal brand, and you can be the spokesperson, or you can actually go out there and find like royalty free images, or, you know what I mean and kind of build a pen name around even a face that, that of a person that you've bought their royalty free image off of like a stock photo or whatever. And, or you can even create content on a channel like TikTok that never shows your face and it is more like a success for entrepreneurs, yeah, yeah, I mean like yeah, Instagram and stuff. But what I hear you saying is is that the opportunity to build that personal brand, and then and then combine it, marry it with affiliate marketing so you can focus 100% on building your personal brand and you already had products and sales funnels and marketing that was ready to go that you could just send traffic to was sort of a match made in heaven for you in your goals here in the future is that what I'm hearing, though?

Ryan: Absolutely yeah that's 100% Right, and I was fully aware that I could have gone and used royalty free images, text and built some sort of pen name. I've seen people do it, but the reason I chose to really put my name and my face out there is I think that that is that little extra that viewers will get with it feels a lot more personal when it's coming from, you know me, a person. And, yeah, I just, I'd much rather have that sort of personal connection with my viewers with my community, so that I can build, at least in my opinion, a lot more valuable trust that I can also combine with my ecommerce ventures affiliate marketing, all this other stuff and I'm going to.

Dave: So, trip pivoting here a little bit. Yeah, do you in your, in your questionnaire. What are you getting results from and you were kind of like my results come from consistency I always preach to my followers and students, that failure is a prerequisite to success. What do you do?

Failure is a prerequisite to success. Yeah, that is something I preach, very, very hard, and it's basically just through my experience because when I was doing a calm. I didn't just get results like that straightaway. My money is made. Now through econ, and now affiliate marketing as well but it wasn't always like that. The first six months, maybe even longer than that of me doing a calm was horrible. I was losing money consistently, the days that I did make money, maybe a week later it would lose I'd lose it again it was super super inconsistent. And I think that people, when they think of side hustles like a gun. They expect that they expect the best, they expect to be able to try it for a week, a month, and then just, you know they make it happen and make some money and then live off it like that. I never really went into it with that sort of mindset. I went, knowing that, look, if realistically I'm starting a business, and this takes investment this takes dedication. This takes failure. And I think knowing that going in, you will be a lot more prepared for the challenges that you'll inevitably face, so that you can. Whatever you do face and you can take a step back, you can overcome it, you just keep going. And as you get better and better, you just get better every day and then eventually you make it work because yeah that's that's basically what I mean by that because these sorts of things you know they're not get rich quick sort of stuff like people claim it is it's actually, it takes hard work, and that's something that I want people to be aware of if this is something they're thinking of getting into.

Dave: Are you 19?

Ryan: I'm 19, yes.

Dave: Really impressive. 

Ryan: Thank you.

Dave: Did you decide to go to as you guys call it there in Australia uni, or are you not going to any, any, any college slash uni?

Ryan: I did go to uni, like directly after high school for media production, because it's something that I was interested in and it's something that I found fun, but it wasn't something I wanted to do as a career. I only did a very very short degree and got my diploma. And I was lucky enough to find a full time job in the field but as you know, COVID lost it. And then this is when I started this thing which I kind of like, I like running my own show.

Dave: Yeah, I think it's very wise, that you at 19 and this early on, have this have discovered and realized that failure is a is a, as you call it a prerequisite for success, and that the way in which you, you, you look at that and you can either of course look at it like there's something wrong with you and you're destined for failure and look at it a glass half empty. Right, yeah, you can take the learning lessons from it and kind of like hot stove, don't touch that again type thing, why many people man, as a young person who is not too far away from your childhood I mean certainly a lot closer than somebody who's 40 5060, blog posts, than me. Why do you think so many people are? Why do you think so many people interpret their failures as like differently than you do. Why do you think that they don't, why do you think that they, they, allow their failures to become sort of perpetual. 

Ryan: You know, you're this sort of perpetual kind of reoccurring recurring cycle to where you try something and then you're, you know, you, you, you just continue that same cycle and then all of a sudden, everything becomes this sort of pessimistic and then they become pessimistic over the, over their life, what, why do you think so many people interpret failure differently than you do.

Dave: Right. So, in general, obviously you can come down to a lot of factors, it could just come down to the way they were brought up in the lessons they were taught, while young these sort of things can influence the way a person thinks when they're mature. But when it comes to things like online business or E commerce I think that there's a heavy skew towards the way it's presented through social media by people who are currently doing it. I can't tell you how many tech talks or YouTube videos, or any sort of content I've seen preaching about doing these things, and not going over the actual challenges that are, that come with it. They make it look really really easier than just for example with a calm, find a product, build a store, run ads, make sales, it doesn't work that way. Nothing is that simple. I know because I've tried it. And I think because it's presented to be that easy. When people try it, and they encounter their first mini problem, they get scared, and they just drop off. I think that's, and that happens to a lot of people, because, for example, there are people who aren't into business, maybe that they just wanted to do it on the side, and then the problems they encountered okay it's not worth it, then they drop off. There's a lot of people like that and I think that's why the overall idea of EECOM affiliate marketing the, the whole concept of it is thought to be a scam, or something that's not worth it is not a legitimate business. And I think that's the main reason why people expect too much and then drop off when they don't get it just simply because of the way it's presented. You know, and that's something I tried to change, at least with my personal brand, when I talk about it. I tried to mention like okay this is going to happen this is going to happen

because talking about that stuff creates more trust with your followers. Do you think that that that, that increases sales or do you think that presenting the full story hurt sales?

Ryan: No 100% I think it builds more trust I think. Let's say if I were running a coaching program. I think the idea of being transparent and honest. Maybe it will give you less leads but it will give you more high quality leads, which means less refunds, and I think that's more important. I could go on TikTok and say okay yeah it's this easy, maybe a lot of people by the face the first challenge they give up, or I could be like okay, this is what's possible. This is what's required to reach that result. And I think the fact that I'm just being that transparent about it creates a lot more trust, and we'll bring in clock leads that are actually dedicated to the process of learning. And I think that's a lot more important. So, yeah, in short answer, yes I think it's a lot better to be honest and transparent with your content.

Dave: And just to be clear if in case you just logged on, to be honest and clear about the challenges about the difficulty of balance, the fact that nothing's that simple, about the fact that you can and should expect challenges, and not, not be shocked and surprised

Ryan:  100% Yeah

Dave: Right. And part of that is our responsibility and I think this is another piece that I'm interested to get your take on. If we want to be entrepreneurs, there is an element of us taking ridiculous responsibility, because the boys are with us. Okay, so if I'm going to buy something and this is something that I hear sometimes well, the marketer or the salesperson, got me excited. Right. Well, okay. And are you, would you consider yourself insane, unable to make decisions for yourself do you consider yourself infantile not able to, you know, ultimately have the last say about things in your life. Right, because we have to make a decision: do we want to be helpless, do we want to be victims, or do we want to be, you know, do we want to be powerless or do we want to be powerful.

Ryan: Exactly, exactly.

Dave: We have that choice, right, and there's a difference like I'm from 12 step recovery, overcoming drug addiction and the first step is. Admit that you're powerless over your addiction and that your life has become unmanageable. It's not power, You're not powerless until you put it in your system. As long as it's optimized over it. Yes, so the same thing applies in life I got to make a decision whether I want to be powerless whether I want to be the victim, or whether I want to be powerful and I want to be the victor of my life, and I write, that it's a simple it's as simple as that. Now it's a complicated decision because it's like, oh, do I really want to be totally responsible, it's there's some comfort in being the victim. There's some comfort in it not being my fault. You know I can kind of take mental comfort in that that man if there were only good honest people out here in the world and I keep getting screwed over that right and it's like yeah, yes, that's a comfortable story that you've told yourself, and a lot of people tell themselves that and it helps them not take responsibility, because taking responsibility is hard, it's look myself in the mirror and say, Ah you baby boy. It's you. It's you who needs to level up so how do you do it, you know, how do you deal with that, how do you think about that was there a time where you were raised, to take responsibility? What did you have to make that transition now into entrepreneurship and be more diligent about it?

Ryan: I don't think I was raised in any sort of way that would be considered special or unique. I think I was raised in a fairly normal situation, and I wasn't, I didn't always look at business the way that I do now, when I started econ. I kind of was a, I kind of did have a victim mindset like okay, I'm going to make this work and if it doesn't work, you know I got tricked or something. And that's something that I learned to outgrow through reading, because when I fail, multiple, multiple times, reading was something that I did in my spare time and that's something that helped me so to understand. Okay, look, I started a business yes, this might have been inspired by some video of a guru or something. But ultimately I made the decision to stop, and now it's my responsibility to keep at it and finish what I started and all mistakes I make along the way. It's not because I wasn't told or whatever it's just because I didn't put in the effort to prepare myself for what I got into and that's entirely my fault. And that's the same mindset I went into with affiliate marketing and I think that's why I was able to do what's well soon. Had I thought that it was just going to be bom bom bom, like people say it will be. I probably wouldn't have tried it for longer than a week. But since I did have that mindset already from my ventures in ecom, I was able to make like an I, I was fully prepared for all the challenges I faced and what I did, like, okay, instead of crying about it, or getting stuck. I just immediately went into problem solving mode, problem solving mode, problem solving mode, and then just got it done. And yeah, that's, I think that's one of the most important mindset that you can have because it makes you more tenacious and makes you more hard working and you just, if it makes you just solve problems quicker, which is why you can, if you're prepared for anything. 

Dave: Yeah, so, so, I heard a word there that stood out like a sore thumb. It was a beautiful word, and it was, it was a, I think it was a major key to us being successful. Okay. And it's that word outgrow by outgrow, I had to outgrow some of what, what can you speak more about that

Word? I mean as a 19 year old guy, there's, there's a lot of people who are much older. On this show, that, that, that also. And speaking as a 37 year old man myself there, I'm still outgrowing things. And my hope is that at 50, 60, 70 I'm also still outgrowing things, how, how much do you think that that word applies to entrepreneurship, from both a perspective of me just growing up as a person, me emotionally growing up like emotionally growing myself up. Also make outgrowing things that may have been relevant or useful at the beginning of my business that work, that aren't going to be useful now as I move from one figure to two fakers to figure four fingers to talk about that idea of out growing things.

Ryan: Yeah, I think, throughout your journey with whatever you decide to do, I think outgrowing or growing is an essential part, because when you, you know, when you start you're brand new, and the mindset you have, it's not. Let's be honest, it's not the mindset that you want forever. When I started, like okay I'm gonna make money quick, and all this other unrealistic stuff and that's something that looking back now, I just looked at myself when I started. Okay, you're kind of an idiot. And I think it's important to learn every single day, throughout your, your journey, I think, in doses one book I read where your goal should be, should be to get 1% better every single day because that 1% will compound, and then your sort of your productivity and your basically your outlook on on your business and life itself also will just do this and just keep going up and up and up. And that's something that I try to do every day and I do that through. When I do my work any sort of issue I come across, I analyze okay how can this be avoided. Next time I read in my spare time I do all these little things to make sure that I'm improving every day, which is exactly what, What you want, you don't want to. But you don't want to look back on yesterday, and say that you could have done better, because if you could have been you should have. So that's sort of the mindset I have towards business and all that and I think, yeah, outgrowing your, your previous self every single day is exactly what you want.

Dave: Well, that's good, that's a very well put. It's amazing that this is a transformation that's happened for you hold on about a year to where you close close to a year now, I think,

I mean I would say that what you're saying here, I believe, because of your, of your journey over the past year going from being somebody who would if whatever you were doing didn't work out, you were, you had the mentality of, first of all I got tricked or scammed or whatever it's somebody out there out to get me dark gurus and all this stuff and now. Yeah, like you've, you just you've gone from consumer to creator, man.

Ryan: Yeah, yeah, I just, I, I don't know the way I sort of think about things now, it's just, even though it's hard but it's really hard the process of all this I run into challenges every single day. Headaches constantly. But the way I think about it is that I'm going through all this struggle, might as well get something out of it. So, that simple sentence you just okay just get over it, keep going because it pays off. It has to pay off and make it pay off. And also this just adding this all the comments, I'm getting on the stream I appreciate all of them, they're saying really really nice things so I just wanted to address that. So thank you, that's making me real smile real big. 

Dave: Yeah, great man. Well, you know, they Yeah, awesome. I'm glad you're glad you're getting value back from this, from, from the audience because I can tell you they're getting an incredible amount of value from you today. And I think you're gonna have fans and followers and people in your network who are going to be looking forward to continuing to learn from you.

Ryan: That'll be nice.

Dave: What you've mentioned reading a couple of times, what are some of, how do you approach reading, where does it fit into your daily routine, and what are some of the books that you've read that have helped?

Ryan: Okay, um, I like to fit in reading, it's kind of a little bit inconsistent. But basically, my schedule is wake up Jim eight and then just do my work and my reading goes in. Whenever I have a writer's block, or if I feel a little bit overwhelmed with the type of work that I'm doing. And I just think that I need a break. That's when I go pick up a book and read and that book could be anything from a mindset book to a marketing book to a business theme book. That's sort of where I fit in reading, also a little bit before I sleep as well that's where I like to fit it in. And on weekends where I take breaks I like to read on weekends too. 

Dave: So you're saying that when you're, you run into a wall writer's block idea block are you just feeling tired, or before bed, you're saying that you don't pick up your phone and scroll through social media?

Ryan: I've got to be honest. Yes, I do do that because I think everybody does, it's like, belonging to you now.

Dave: Yeah. Are you, uh, what, what, I guess. You see where I'm going with that, I think. So how do you balance, how do you balance, reading, and getting away from screens while also being, you know, doing what we all do, which is, which is, which is kind of surf the internet and scroll down, areas. How do you balance those two pieces?

Ryan: Right so I'm not going to pretend like I never scroll on the internet and all that, all that I think I accidentally do it all the time, but it's just the matter of making it a habit over a period of a month or set a new rate it's a mental challenge you really have to force yourself to put your phone down because it's very hard, especially if you've already made it a habit to scroll on your phone. So it's really just one day you just make a decision about okay, this point forward, I'm going to make a change and you have to stay dedicated to that. For as long as possible, pretty much. And then from that day forward, whenever I do go to read, I just, I put my phone. My phone down anywhere in the house and then I go read outside in the backyard. Nice. Yeah, same thing when I'm working, I sometimes when I work, I like to put my phone in a different room, so that when I do hit a wall or a writer's block the closest thing to me is a book and not my phone. Little things like that, that help make it more convenient for you to pick up a book instead of your phone can help. Yeah, especially after you've made the decision to make that commitment. So, those little things I think really helps me make it a habit. And even now, sometimes I still pick up my phone like it's a thing but is. Those are the little things that helped me do it. 

Dave: And that's totally normal, I just, I think it's valuable, some of the tips and things that you just gave in terms of the separation and the boundary around different rooms and stuff. So were there any books that you've read that have been particularly impactful to your mindset or about entrepreneurship?

Ryan: Yeah so I think the first mindset book that I read was The, I think was called The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale, very incredible book it helped me, like, sort of, basically changed my entire outlook on my business and life as a whole, it's quite. It is quite religious, but still brings up very good points on how you should think, brings up. Little, little hacks that you can do to train your brain to always be inspired or motivated, and you just get to work. So I think that was one book that transformed my mindset. And then there was another one called the magic of thinking big, that was another one that I really enjoyed. And then I had four more as well, mostly the type of books I read now are business related like the one I'm reading right now is called Cashvertising. It's all about direct response marketing, how to get a prospect to just read your content, take action straight away and I'm only a little bit through the book, but it's, it's great so far.

Dave: Yeah, I've read that I've read a lot of the old school direct response marketing.

Ryan: I think that's an essential skill, yeah.

Dave: Oh, for sure. I have a I have a comprehension problem. I've always had it. So when I'm, when I'm, when I'm reading, sometimes I have to read something like two or three times to kind of really, that's it. So, one thing that helps me is, is grabbing the audiobook and then going on walks, because if, if I'm easily distracted. If I'm easily distracted, if I'm reading and there's any distractions around me, then I can start thinking about that and then I put I'm still reading. And then I realized I haven't comprehended what I just read, you know. And that's been something that's plagued me, add to the tilt, right, like so, it's been something that's been a problem for me my entire life. So yeah, I try to, for me personally, I try to combine exercise with reading, listening to books, and if I'm feeling really strong, I'll even put a weighted vest on. And I'll go on a walk, and I've got this little trip this little path that I take, it's about two and a half miles. It usually takes me about an hour to walk, and it's one of my favorite things to do, it's like a simple thing. Now sometimes I'll also and I wonder your perspective on this. Sometimes I also just like to walk in quiet, and I like to spend time just thinking and clearing my head and I think that nowadays there's so much noise. And there's so many different ideas, And we always think that we're missing something or need to hear us, and then what happens is we just before you know it, we've got everybody else's ideas and everybody else's opinions and everybody else's words in our head and we get disconnected from our own authentic identity and our own creativity, what's coming up for you as I say that and how do you stay connected to your true self in this game?

Ryan: I relate to that 100% Then there are moments where, even today, actually, I'm doing my, my thing I'm working on my business. And then, my mind just because like I have a complete. Suddenly I just get disconnected from everything I'm doing, and get overwhelmed either by the amount of stuff that I need to do, or like you said other people's opinions. Did I make the right decision doing this and this and this. It's a lot, man. And when I, when I do that, like I said, I like to read when I hit a point like that or there are times where I just like to go sit somewhere and just do nothing, either on the floor somewhere in my bed, whatever, and just 510 minutes just tried my best to clear my mind. Yeah, that is something that I actually write about in the book I mentioned earlier, but I think it's necessary man because your brain is just constantly working all the time throughout the day. Because you work very, very long hours, it's very easy to get exhausted and overwhelmed with all your thoughts so yeah man I relate to that 100% And what I've been doing to address it is just taking those, those short breaks throughout the day. I like to do it by default in the morning as well. Before I go to sleep. Yeah, yeah, I think fitting in those little, I guess you could call them meditation breaks where you just breathe slow, drink some water and clear your mind. I think those are very very necessary if you're going to pursue something like a column or affiliate marketing.

Dave: Yeah, yeah, this is a lot right man, it's, I think it's I think it's mandatory and, like, I love, love to smoke cigars, like, oh my god, I just if I could smoke a cigar, like if it was healthy for me to smoke through cigars a day I would, you know what I mean yeah I got to, like, like, even three cigars, breakfast, lunch and dinner like I just love a good cigar. But it's but it's, it's less about the cigar, it's more about the relaxation. Yeah, definitely. For me, it's just in so I personally don't enjoy smoking, you know, Morning or night, or excuse me morning or daytime, I prefer it at night, and it's a way that I decompress, but I don't do that every night so usually when I take my walks like I just described is at night, and, and sometimes I take them during the day to like yesterday I took one. I walked from my work house that I work out of over to my primary house that I live in, and that was a nice little walk, you know, and I should do that more often. My wife is home with our son and I just kind of walked, walked over there, it wasn't. It's not that far. But, but, for me, you know, meditation doesn't come easy for me like sitting in just, you know it's just it's not an easy thing for me to do, man. Practice, I'm not super practiced at it, and I'd like to sit here and say I'm this meditation guru, but the truth is that I'm not like I, it's, it's hard it's it's a practice skill it's not out enough, you know what I mean. But the muscle that I do work out a lot, is the going on, walking in my head, and, and it just, you know what I found, Ryan, is that the challenge for me is not finding more information in getting new ideas. I have enough ideas, man,

I got it. 

Ryan: Yeah, I'm sure

Dave: I got enough ideas and most of us do. It's that we need to clear out the noise in order to connect back with our authentic self, our own creative ideas. We need to tap into our own personality, and we need to come up with original stuff original ideas, you know, I mean there's definitely a basic template of stuff we can talk about in content. And there's a basic template of ways to structure a sales letter and all these things are already pre determined they're, they're kind of templates, it's not once you kind of understand what the template is. Now the question is is what am I going to put in the template? And if you just are constantly putting everybody else's ingredients inside of your template. Yeah, really baking your own cake man, you're never connecting to your own self so you just sound like everybody else. And then it's also, you get into this comparison because you're like well I don't like the way I sound, and it's because you tried to be him or her over there and of course they do them better than you can do them right. So, it's kind of like, it's like this impossible thing we try to achieve by sounding like other people when we could never be that better than a. We can only be us. And, and so that's just, like, in my, in my most recent year life in business. That's been the thing that I've done more than ever, like at the beginning of my career I read a lot of books and I did a lot of kind of, you know I was a learning addict and it was always a new thing and all this. And now I've got just a couple of places that I seek information, and, and the rest of the time is really spent trying to connect back to my authentic self and my own ideas and my own creativity, and I just, that's a part of the growing phase.

Ryan: 100%

Dave: I don't think that that I don't think that that's got to be true for everybody. I just, that's my, that's kind of been what my journeys look like.

Ryan: Yeah for sure man. Honestly, that happens to me all the time and that's actually a very common cause of things like writer's block or hitting a wall just the, the overwhelming thoughts of comparing myself to other people. For example, in the, in the world of econ. I have. I know people who do ecommerce as well and sometimes they say, well this product with this marketing strategy. It works really really well or maybe another person says the same thing about a different product, different strategy and then just hearing that. And then when I do my own thing in the back of my head. Maybe I should try to leverage that and make it work for me. Or in the case of affiliate marketing, I see, let's say with tick tock I see content that absolutely blew up, and I'm like okay maybe I should recreate that myself and see if I can make it work for myself and then all these things they add up, and it just leaves me stuck. And then I've got a little collection of quotes that I sort of live by and then one of them is actually extremely relevant to this, this conversation, the quote was, I forgot who it was by but it was comparing yourself to who you were yesterday. Not to who someone else is today. And then when I just say that in my head I'm like okay, relax, that's something I say when I do my little break things, but when I say that it helps me remember, okay. I'm my own person. I don't need to live up to anybody else's expectation or, or, I don't need to replicate anybody else's results because reality is I can't. And I, that's not something I should want to do in the first place. I should be able to actually want to be original, create my own content and build a build success for myself. That came from me, if that makes sense. 

Dave: No, yeah, I mean, all but I'm not saying, and I, and my perspective is not that there's not, you can't be successful being a generic knockoff. Because that is that is a business model that is very successful, you know what I mean.

Ryan: Oh yeah yeah for sure, like, like you can be a knockoff of somebody else, but I think Bill I think affiliate marketing and doing information marketing the way that we teach here at legendary allows you to kind of do both, like exactly is the best of both worlds. You can use things that already worked, you know, you can use things and, like for example if like, you're building a TikTok. That's a traffic source that you're building, then it's like okay I'm going to limit my research today to 10 minutes. If I want to recreate a video that somebody else did, and I want to do it in my own words, then that's fine but I'm only going to spend 10 minutes, researching and I'm not going to spend endless hours looking at other people's content. Until, until I get until I get to the point where I just feel like I, there's no way I could ever measure up I'm going to have a clear boundary. And then I'm going to create that piece of content and then I'm going to be done looking at other people's stuff. Now I'm going to pivot into creating something of my own, because I got to work that muscle. If I work that muscle. If I don't work to be authentic and create my own identity, find my own voice in my business. Then I'm going to like not knowing what I'm doing, you know what I mean I'm going to always feel lost because I have no sense of direction I have no sense of who I am. And I think this is a big common issue with people in life to like, like they're always like, giving advice, I listened to Lewis Howes, the other day. Okay, and he just a quick little quick little quote that he had was, he said, I would never ask anybody for advice. He said instead what I would do was I would ask somebody, I'm so, or I would say to somebody, I'm so inspired by your success. Um, so would you tell me your success story and talk about some of the challenges you've had to overcome. And he said that, by, by, by, by asking questions like that. It allows him to never ask for advice, like Yeah, but he gets all the answers because people love to talk about their success and I and the reason why I say that is because I think that so many people just in general in life are so addicted to everybody else doing the thinking for them. And it's just it's a self esteem thing, right, it's a self esteem thing that's why I say that the bedrock of success is self esteem, because at a certain point, like in my life, I had to I had to grow myself up, and I had to be willing to take responsibility for outcomes and say okay, I'm going to really think about situation and think, What if I could ask nobody else for an answer. Nobody else for their opinions, what would I do. Right. And then I do it, and then I learn from that and then it becomes fun because now all of a sudden I learned to trust myself. Hmm. I learned myself, which is something that I never did before I never trusted me. Which is why every time I parted with my money, I was like, Oh God, I hope they come through, because I don't trust me I didn't trust that I was what I was gonna do with the information or with the opportunity it was, well I hope they give me the right support or don't trick me or whatever, and unfortunately I was just tricking myself because I didn't, I didn't trust myself. What's coming up for you?

Ryan: I'm actually happy you brought up the fact that you can do it. Let's say you can do both. You can learn from other people and then you could, you know, run your own show, create your original content I think that was a very good to bring up because that's exactly what I do when I first started my affiliate marketing, I obviously I'm a beginner, I don't really know too much about the process I model my content based on what's working. And then, over time, as I build a, you know, the initial following off of that, then I get more experience and I learn more and then I start to rely on myself and my own creativity to produce my content because I think that is key, because if you're. Let's say your entire business model relies on it functions around doing what's already working for other people, that means you are reliant on other people, basically to run your business for you. Let's say if they're gone, or if they tank or they stopped creating content, you're lost, because like you said you don't trust yourself you don't trust your originality you don't trust your own creativity. Now you can't do anything. So I think, very good advice. Yeah, it's important to do both. If you need to. At the start, definitely learn from other people, figure out what's working and model yourself after that, but don't neglect your own creativity, either because that is how you're going to grow and get your name out there, not just replicate somebody else.

Dave: Yeah. And also, like, one way to, like, when I whenever I whenever I or I do something, it's almost like I can violate myself. Obviously, other people can violate me right. I mean humans violate other humans all the time, but like the way that I behave, I kind of traumatize myself and violate myself which is why I don't trust myself. Right. And here's an example like people will get started on with an internet business they'll buy a training program, and then they won't really go through it or they won't really do anything with it, and then some, they'll get back on social media, because they're addicted to like the idea that there's some secret sauce, and so they then buy another training program, and then spend more money. And then all of a sudden they don't go really go through that or implement that so then they get back on social media back on the internet scrolling by another training program before you know it, they've got four gurus six training programs, none of which they've really gone through, none of which they reflect it. And then they say well I didn't get the support I got tricked or scam but really what's happening is they violated their own boundaries, and they don't trust. Right, themselves, and, and this can happen in every area of our lives like we violate our own boundaries and our own values and then what happens is, again, it's easier to look at somebody else and blame somebody else. But really what I've done is I've violated myself, and now I don't trust myself. So I'm mad. So what I need to do and I'm scared, right, because I'm living inside the body of somebody that I don't trust. I don't trust my own decision making process. And so, now what I need to do in order to regain my trust is just like how you rebuild a relationship with somebody that's been cheated, that that's, that's, you know, been unfaithful? It is possible. Right, yeah, it takes a lot of work, I gotta really lean into that relationship I got to really show that that I care that I'm here, that you know, I gotta, I gotta let that person know that they're safe, I'm not going to do this again like, I'm here for the long haul. I'm so sorry. And so this what I need to do in my business now if that's been my, my pattern is I need to. Here's the solution, it's really simple. If I buy a training program. What I need to do is commit to going through it and then implementing that shit, that's the yes solution.

Ryan: Oh my god, yes.

Dave: It's not it's not I'm not about to drop a stone tablet on everybody's head in part, the sky is and show you God as little baby Jesus or whatever like it's not a big burning bush moment it's just the way that I regained my own trust is I just do what I say I'm going to do.

Yeah, If I say, oh I'm gonna buy this training I'm gonna go through it, and then I don't go through it, then I've just broken my own trust God got us if we sit gotta be real careful about the commitments that we make to ourselves.

Ryan: Definitely, definitely, like mad that that simple, thinking of thinking that there's a secret sauce or just some magic formula, that'll make things work. That is what gets people in the shit of buying multiple multiple causes and then none of it works because they don't implement anything and then they just blame the people who, who sold them the course, that, that simple mindset is something that you just want to erase completely because there's no such thing as a magic formula, or a secret sauce you can't just, you can't just start your business, do a couple things and it's just gonna work. That's never been the way it works it'll never it never will be the way things work. So, I think, more instead of when you buy into a training. Instead of focusing on the processes that they teach, let's say, for example in ecom, if the costs etc Okay this is how you set up Facebook ads. Instead of putting all your energy into that. I put all my energy into how Facebook Ads work, what the metrics mean, the different aspects of marketing whether it be your offer angle, ad creative, ad copy all this other stuff. Focus on the fundamentals because once you understand the fundamentals, and what they mean. That's when you can go and follow the rest of the course 100% and then test for yourself but then once you test. Now that you are fully aware of the fundamentals, you understand how they are, how they relate to the results that you've gotten and now you can change based on your data. So, if you don't know if you don't know what gets, for example, if you don't know what gets customers to click on an ad, and then your ad performs shit. You don't know how to improve. And then because I know how to improve you you suddenly think, okay, I must have been taught the wrong formula, which isn't true. You just made a mistake. Everybody does that. So make sure you understand the fundamentals so that when you do make a mistake, you know exactly what caused it and then you can refer back to it, make the change, test again and again and again and again. Eventually you'll make it work. If you keep identifying issues in your funnel or in your process or in your website if you keep identifying them, making the change and then trying it again. Eventually you're going to find that perfect match and it will work for you. It's just not a magic formula that you can do the first trial because you're never going to get it right the first try. It's always trial and error that's the way it's been with ecom, affiliate marketing, anything in life, ever anything. 

Dave: Yeah, well in what you do, the process that you just laid out there so eloquently and simply is the formula to learning to trust yourself so when you go into something, you know that no matter what you do you can be successful. And honestly, here's a dirty little secret I'm going to just drop on everybody's head. The business model is really important. but the truth of the matter is, is when you develop this mindset and you develop this follow through and you develop this trust within yourself, you actually can be successful with any model that you try online. You actually, because you now have the follow through, and you now have the ability to, you know, to recoup to regroup and get back up once you get knocked down, and that you will follow through. But, you know, until you really learn to trust yourself and you stop, you know, violating your own commitments that you make to yourself. It's, it's, it's, it doesn't really matter what you do, even affiliate marketing, which I think is the easiest, simplest business model that that exists out there because there's your love for all the reasons that we always talk about. Yeah, I mean that it's the easiest model doesn't mean that it's easy, it means that, that if you start if you buy one of our programs and you go through it. Well, you go through a couple of videos and then you don't do anything. Then, you're, you're, you're kind of re-traumatizing yourself, you're violating your own trust, and you're, it's almost like it's almost like doing more harm to yourself and then not even trying at all. You don't I mean, which sucks to say that, you know what I mean Yeah, but it's the fucking truth, and can I get is, can I just tell the fucking truth today, and not just be with all this bullshit about, you know, look because, look, the fact is that some that many people are just not, they're just, they're just not going to even though they'll even listen to this, what we're talking about today and, and they'll be like, You know what, and I don't know what it is, whether it's laziness, whether it's just whether it's just lack of self esteem, whether it's whether it's just how we were raised or whatever, but some people are either incapable or unwilling, you know, and so I think also, like, there's this love, there's this, there's the self honesty that we have to say which is what are my limits, man. Like what are my limits, like if I know my if I know I get overwhelmed, easy, like if I know I get anxious and overwhelmed too easily. I need to set more realistic expectations doesn't mean I still can't build a business, but, but I'm gonna, I'm gonna do it an hour a day, and that's it, and I'm gonna, I'm gonna give myself longer to succeed. But yeah, no, you get overwhelmed easy and you can only do an hour a day, don't try this, don't, don't get mad when you ain't a millionaire in a week. Right, exactly right. Yeah, you're gonna work your butt off every day, like if you're going to do 18 hours a day, and you're going to, you're going to grind and you're going to follow through and you're determined not to violate your own trust and your commitment to follow through, then you can have a bigger expectation, you can be like okay, I want to get to 10,000 A month after 90 days or six months or whatever. Yeah, but yeah, we got to match the expectation that we have with the output of the realistic energy. 

Ryan: Yeah, there's all these people that they, they put in less and expect more. I don't know where they got that sort of expectation but it's just not the way it works, and I'm glad you brought up that you preach that affiliate marketing is the easiest sort of business to get into, but that doesn't mean it's easy. If you start affiliate marketing by putting on work, you're still gonna get nowhere.

Dave: Zero still equals zero.

Ryan: Exactly right. Yeah and I think someone, someone in the comments. His name is Brad. He said something and it just stood out to me, he said, winners aren't the ones that get knocked down the least, it's the people that get back up the most. That is 100% true and I think that is something that you need to do when you're starting something like this because, um, Yeah man, you need to be able to develop and build a trust within yourself and your ability to overcome problems you need to be able to rely on that instead of rely on a proven formula, because there's no such thing. Like, it may have worked for other people. Yes, but it's not just the formula that works for them, it's also their mindset and their work ethic that's what that's what they leveraged in order to make the formula work, there wasn't a formula, it was them. And that's something you need to build up yourself, and then you find a formula that works for you. That's how it works, man, you can't just expect to just put in the easy work and then and then make hundreds of millions of dollars, it just doesn't work that way man. So I'm glad this is like the topic of our talk because it's something that I preach really hard.

Dave: Yeah, well, yeah, Share this with your, your audience. And, and I think everybody in your audience, for sure, and then we're gonna blast this out because there's been just some really powerful mindset, strategies and approaches here that have been summed up in this last hour, and that like, it's like, this is like a one on one class but, unfortunately, like most people are not ready to hear all this like on day one so it's kind of better that if you guys have been around for a little while and you're probably more open to this now, because when you first buy and you're like first getting started, like, you know, it's kind of like, it's kind of like, it's kind of like, why they don't give like masters level or PhD level stuff on day one of university.

Ryan: yeah, exactly right. Yeah.

Dave: You gotta you got to it's almost, good for you to kind of get up and get in and have ignorance on fire for a little while, and kind of be a run into a couple of brick walls and make some mistakes and then be like okay cool, like, yeah, you're requisite you prerequisite Exactly, yeah, exactly. Dude, I gotta jet, this has been incredibly good. Totally. I'm totally excited to have you back on for part two in the future if you'd be willing okay? 

Ryan: I am yeah I'd for sure be willing for that man, sweet. 

Dave: People have been blowing up the comments, and I appreciate that. Let's see. No, it's great. I mean, people are impressed by you and I'm excited to see where things go for you in the future and, and, you know it's an exciting journey man when you implement the stuff that we talked about today. So, dude, thanks so much. You should be well rested tonight. Yeah, and I'll talk to you soon.

Ryan: Thank you so much.

Dave: All right, my friends. Wow, that was, that was just there was tons of that just bombs nuggets gold bars in there. So, yeah, go and give Ryan a follow his, his TikTok handle is there, this is a guy who you certainly would benefit to have in your network I mean as I, as I say, with everybody who's on the show. Have a great day. Have a great day guys, as you know that, and I say a lot as well. This is on Apple and Spotify, so if you want to re-listen to this episode you can we'll try to have it uploaded by the end of the day, and guys have a fantastic excellent Legendary day. Peace.

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Dave: Well, what up guys? This is Dave Sharpe welcome to Wake Up Legendary.

You got to be a little bit crazy to do this man. You really do. Look, we just had some, some technical challenges with our guests. It was like his, computer was doing, like, you know backflips but then he got on his phone and it was perfect. I kick the show off. I'm muted. I'd launch into a big welcome and I’m totally muted.

Hey, you know what, Monday Monday, la, la, la, la, la.

I'll also spare you the the ear torture of me singing any longer. With that being said let's go ahead and bring in our guests and get this bad boy kicked off. James Liddell, welcome to the show my brother.

James: Hey, what's up, what's up?

Dave: You see what Brother only up from here. Technology is great as we can only go up from here it can only get better, you know, better.

Dave: Yeah, man, you are in, in, I like you're an ex oilfield worker who is sort of now embracing on him if I understand correctly, I'm really excited to delve into this and hear this in your own words, who's not only embraced who's like, embracing unemployment is, is that correct, give us a little bit of your backstory and if I'm right. Tell me what that means.

James: Yeah, so basically for me I spent eight. Eight years working in the oil field. It was a cool career it was a cool thing to do, however, the better I got at what I did, the less and less time I was spending at home. So, slowly we began to build a plan to get out of that lifestyle, and I could spend more time with my wife and kind of get to know each other after dragging her all around Canada for eight years. And just as we started initiating our plan of moving into our motorhome and traveling around, Rona came like an unwelcome house guest and decided to camp out on everybody's couch for way too long. The company I was working for kind of helped me with my plan because they did a bunch of layoffs so they gave me a bit of a cash handshake and see ya later.

Dave: So, are you now, kind of, When we ask you a couple of questions in writing before you, you know, when we invited you onto the show. You said, let me find it. Yeah, so I was interested in it. I was interested, or I thought it was kind of an interesting perspective. I am now all in on being unemployable. That was the line. I'm all in on being unemployable. What does that mean to you? 

James: To me, that means I am all in on putting my own, my own stuff together and I don't gotta go back to what everybody considers a regular job ever again. I'm unemployable. I no longer want to live that lifestyle. I no longer want to serve the other people to help them build their lives and just be a slave to the job.

Dave: So do you think that's a mindset thing James?

James: Yeah, I think, I think you need to be like my product, you got to be out of your head and you got to be convinced almost, to know that this is where you need to be and that this isn't working for you, and you have to convince yourself that you want to be that way and you don't want to be in the daily grind anymore. Yeah, being unemployable to me means. It means that I'm psychologically unemployable.

Dave:  I'll give you an example. Before Legendary. I was involved in a couple of different affiliates. Mainly it was this, this was a water filtration company it was a it was a product that I was promoting, and you may even have heard of it before, but it's got a multi level structure, and basically, we had blown this up, our team, our group of marketers had blown this hole. We were really doing good. And we went to their like convention. And they were like, they put up on a screen like this is how not to do it, you know, because we were doing internet marketing and we, and they wanted us to do, you know, home and hotel meetings and show the plan and stuff like that. And I was like, God, I was like, here I go again. This is a great example of my being psychologically unemployable because I've hit a ceiling in this company, you know what I mean, like, I've hit a ceiling in this company and I wasn't even an employee of the company. I mean it was just an example of me getting into a space where they were trying to put sort of, you know, they were, they were looking and it didn't have anything to do with compliance stuff, it wasn't about compliance, it was just about them being threatened by my success, right? Being threatened by my success and I think that's a big, I think that's a big challenge in, that's a big thing that comes up in just jobs in in in corporate America or corporate Canada in, in, it's really common, and it's one of the reasons why people have a hard time climbing the ladder and succeeding as employees is because people aren't once you start to succeed and do well people end up getting threatened by your success, right. So, you know, and then they try to sabotage your success so they don't give you the promotion or whatever, that's, that's been my experience right you're laughing, did you have, have you experienced something like that too?

James: That was the final nail in the coffin. My whole field job was conversation about a big promotion. Things were implied. Yeah, when it came down to it, somebody else was moved into the position and I was like, Yeah, that's it.

Dave: Yeah, yeah. So I mean, the thing that, that, and I want to talk about kind of what you've learned here in Legendary and going through the blueprints and about your story and stuff here in a second but I, I really hammer with everybody here that you are building your business in your brand. If you are an affiliate of a company, you are not an employee, or I don't even encourage you to think of yourself as a contractor for that company that's simply a company that you're partnering with, and you're referring customers to their products, you're building your brand though, you're building your business. And what's most important is that your customers have a relationship with you, that when you send them an email when they see another video from you on TikTok YouTube or a post on Facebook or whatever, that they recognize you sure, if, if you're an affiliate of a product you hope that they also resonate with whoever the company is or the or the, you know, the guru or the spokesperson for that company, but it's also really important for you to have a relationship and to be building your brand in your business and that I think is something that also I took from your intake form was that going through our blueprints and so forth, you've kind of learned how to communicate your story and better build a relationship with your audience by like telling your story, tell us a little bit about what that kind of learning experience has been and some of the light bulbs that have gone off for you.

James: So, I'll step back a few years. We originally started our plan by getting into this program to do an online agency. Do the digital agency and work from home and freedom this freedom that and it taught us a lot but it didn't teach us everything. And we're not, we weren't exactly Hey, go give me your money type salesy people either, so it was a struggle. And we never went 110% over the two years we tried it, and then I knew we weren't in the right place because I still kept looking for something else I still kept looking for that one thing to make me go, Ah, this is where I need to be. And I downloaded this ebook and just put it away in a file in one day and my wife was going through some things and she's like, where'd this come from? And lo and behold, it was an affiliate of Legendary who put together this ebook talking about affiliate marketing and long story short, we went through and took 15 Day Challenge and took the blueprints and when it came time to purchase the blueprints, it was like, I don't know, I just don't know. But then, kind of rewatch the first couple of days and really listened to you and you really resonated with me in the way you told your story in the way that you just put yourself out there like hey this is who I am and it's okay for you to know who I am. As we went further and further through the blueprints, I was like this, this guy is the real deal like this is, this is relatable to me because the age of 14 I took my first sip and I was drunk for seven years, so I mean the whole challenge was very informational and very informing but for me it was the relatability between myself and you that really, really struck.

Dave: So how have you now turned that around and made that your own? You know, and how do you continue to plan to expand on that because if that is what resonated with you and that's what build the relationship between you and I, even though you and I have never met up until now, which is the power of both the internet but also combining it with these strategies, how do you now plan are already or plan to kind of deploy this these marketing strategies because really that's what they are I mean, they are marketing strategies it's allowing you to see and understand who I am. And, build rapport and build relationships and build trust. Right. So how are you now turning around and deploying those same principles in your business.

James: So now I've started to make myself more relatable. Basically by being honest and truthful and just telling people, you know I make quick little tick tock videos and be like truth bomb this and truth bomb that and I took part of my story and I wrote a book, and I published it, and that was a huge step for me in my own sort of healing process, I guess. And now I'm just I just realized that my story is so much more than marketing my story is something that people need to hear to help them in their journey whether it be a marketing journey or whether it just be a life journey.

Dave: Yeah, I can, I can see that it looks like you've also gone in to create your own digital product is that right?

James: Yeah, that was one of the big takeaways from the business blueprints was diversifying and creating your own info product or digital product, and I just put some stuff together and started trying to put it out there and help kind of understand that there's, there's other ways.

Dave: Yeah, life they're stuck in. Yeah, I'm looking at your, I'm looking at your sales page now and it's, it's, it's fairly well, it's fairly well put together. It's a, you've got a little sales video up here. It's a mindset, product, you're charging $7 for it, you're giving away some good bonuses so yeah I'm at a good irresistible offer here for this and this, this is a great way to diversify your front end offer. So, you know you have something that is branded to you on the front end. Looks like you've built the entire page here you've got an order bump and so forth so you're also getting in now to moving like from, you know you're doing affiliate marketing, but you're also selling information via your own digital product, how does that feel? And what does that have been like for you?

James: It's been a project of, of love, of labor, a lot of stress, for me personally I'm not wanting to put myself out there like that. So there's a lot of vulnerability in this project as I was putting it together. But my wife just kept whispering in my ear like you got to do this, you got to do this. So it's been, it's been a journey for sure it's been healing, it's been a therapeutic healing process for me personally

Dave: interesting because and why is that because you're talking about the effects of the poor mindset. Has it been, as you say a therapeutic healing process, because that is also something that you've struggled with, and now, go talk to, I'm just I'm guessing why do you say that it's been a therapeutic healing process because most people think well who know what why does that matter, you know, you said, you know, We're just trying to make a buck here build a business, there's obviously a lot of things that are popping up in my head when you say that I'm interested, first of all why you say it's been a therapeutic healing process and also why is that important for you in building a business.

James: I am my own worst critic, as I'm sure most of us are. But I also struggle with for years getting out of my own head, feelings of self doubt, always thinking I'm being judged, always, always looking inward and always judging my own self and my own abilities, and yeah I just could never get out of my own head. Once I started. Once I started diving in and really looking inward and putting all this together for me at first it was kind of a pet project just put some stuff together and see how it feels and see how it looks and as I kept working on it, like I said my wife just kept looking over and she was in my ears like you need to do this you need to finish this and so that's kind of why it was a therapeutic thing for me. And that's important because it helps. It helps you deliver a genuine true product that's genuinely going to help people. Because if you're just looking to make the buck. They're gonna see a mile away, but if it's heartfelt and you're out to serve, and your purpose is to genuinely help people, they're going to find you and they're going to come your way.

Dave: Yeah. I couldn't agree more. I think that if you can combine being genuine and authentic with an irresistible offer, and of course good marketing, you know, you can rule the world, guys, you can literally rule, the internet world is and and and. The reason why I believe personally is so many people struggle with affiliate marketing but also then creating their own courses and coaching services and stuff, is because is because, you know, the, the, they say the journey from the head to the heart is the, is the longest journey a man will ever take, right, it's, it's actually connecting this right here, to this right here, but I also think for an entrepreneur, it's connecting this this to the wallet. Right, it's connecting the, the, the intellectual stimulation like it's got to be engaging. It's got to be interesting. It can't just be a charity. Right, it's not just, nobody's gonna buy that, I've had a couple of experiences to where I, you know, ran these kind of charitable promotions to where if somebody bought something I was going to give something to charity and there just weren't enough in it for them, right, in the, in the campaign flop, so it has to be intellectually stimulating meaning that they're going to get a, a tangible kind of outcome, like, it can help them it can help them make more money, it can help them get back their marriage or have a bad marriage or parent their kids better, you know, climb mountains better whatever. And then it's got to be genuine, right, it's got to be genuine, and it's, it does better when it's birthed out of a personal story or some sort of a story, some sort of someone story. That's why I call it the spokesperson. If it can be your story I've always used my story because it's been easier that way I can. Nobody can tell my story like I can tell my story badly, and quite frankly if I was going to go over into another niche James at this point, like if I was going to go into relationship net which I've, I've considered that a couple of times I'm passionate about, like marriage and kind of relationships because I've really almost shit the bed three or four times with my marriage, all my own fault and I've learned that, right, and now I'm, I'm, you know, Our marriage is better than it's ever been before because of, not because we just hoped it would be because of specific work and actions that we've taken, but I would use my own personal story, right i mean that's just because, because I could be so genuine telling that, and because when you say it's therapeutic, you're probably one of the first people that I've ever heard actually say that and besides me because telling my, like, like using my story in my marketing. I started doing this James back when I was, like, pretty early in my sobriety. And I would actually tell people that I was sober and I was, you know, in recovery, and by putting it out there, it actually gave me more accountability to stay sober, because now I've declared this to like people, you know what I mean like, like the public like I've posted it on social media and stuff like that. And it also helped me to lower that sort of fear of rejection and fear of people thinking that I was a, you know, some sort of, of your bad person or or finding my skeletons in the closet, because I just went ahead and said here's all my skeletons now no longer you, nobody can use them against me, and I'm going to turn this mess into a message. And so I took what was at one time, of fear that I had, I'm afraid you'll find out that I was an alcoholic, I'm afraid you'll find out that I was a junkie. I'm afraid you'll find out that I was homeless and I just put that out there and said, This is where I came from, and, and this is what I'm doing about it, and this is how long I've been on this path. And, you know, and I use it as an inspirational sort of way to connect with people because everybody loves a hero's story. And each one of us has a hero within our story, we just, I think so often fail to see that what's coming up for you as I say some of these things about my own, you know my own relating to what you just said?

James: I agree. I still remember the first day, I put it up to the world on social media that I was an alcoholic, it was. It was a rough day for me and I was having a bad day and I'm like, I gotta, I gotta make me accountable. So I wrote this long post on Facebook and then the phone started ringing in and text started coming. I'm like, I'm fine. Guys, I just, I needed everybody to know that this is who I truly am. Yeah, I've been carrying this with me for years and it's time to unleash it so to speak and it's nice, it's the next step in my journey. Yeah, and and I'm not looking for your sympathy, I'm just looking for you to understand that this is who I am. Yeah.

Dave: Yeah, Dude, I mean, that's that's cool and for those of you who are listening wondering once again are we, you know, I get this all the time, over the past many years people interpreting what we're saying here is like go air your dirty laundry out and use your audience as your therapist. That's not what we're saying. We're saying, we're saying simply that, when you, the more authentic you can be within your marketing, the more that you can reveal, not just your wins, you know James everybody's the question everybody always has and says, Well, how can I talk about anything if I'm not already, ultra successful doing that thing. And my response has become so because people are even less concerned about all your success, and everything that you've accomplished almost makes you come across as an arrogant ass. They're actually more relatable when you share the occasional win but you also share your losses and learning lessons, so they can see that you're relatable and, and, and you can be relatable. You know who you are, show me who you are, show me that you're showing me that this is not just a big Instagram or TikTok facade BS story that you're always trying to make yourself look good because people now more than ever. They're more, I mean people have always been pessimistic, but they're, they're pessimistic they're skeptical, and, and, and you just, you don't look real when all you try to do is share your successes and always try to look good on in your marketing is just a dumb, it's just a dumb butt in here, let me be very clear. You guys are not we are not as, as kind of, you know internet marketers and solopreneurs and stuff, you know, influencers, whatever you want to call us. We are not Nike. We are not Apple. Okay, it's a different style of marketing, we're selling information, and we're doing it, consumer like direct to consumer. Right, it's not, it's not really B to B, it's B to C, but it's actually more seated seeing its creator to the consumer. Right. So it's this whole different. It's this never been done before thing man, it's the internet is brand new and it's made it to where you literally basically come across as consumer to consumer, even though you know you're more in a creator role. So that's why I like to call it see to see the right creator to consumer. And and, and the more relatable, the more genuine, the more you can sort of kind of just let people into your life and make them feel like they're, they know you, they genuinely legitimately, know you, they know who you are. And that's been my, that's been the biggest thing that's blown me away over the past many years is that, like, like somebody comes on a wakeup show or somebody I meet somebody at an event. I've never met them, a day in my life. Not a single word, and they know everything about me, they feel like we're best friends. Right and that's the power of this is that you get you get people sort of into your world by chumming the waters and bringing them to the boat with this good edutainment content, and then you get them watching your videos and reading your emails, and it's think about, back when maybe you had a pen pal at some time in life how close you fell. It's like the ability to build a relationship nowadays through them reading your letters and email, reading basically your letters on social media, and watching your videos. Dude, it is so powerful, and I just think that some of us just don't know what we have in our hands, and it sounds like you're beginning to really kind of get some of that feedback and see some of the results from doing this. And it really is, is kind of, it sounds like it's blowing you away. And not only are you getting, You know, some therapeutic value from it but it's also moving the actual needle in your business.

James: Yeah, it's, it's crazy. The, the strength and power, like you said, the internet is just insane and you don't truly understand it until you start putting yourself out there and you're on the instance and you're on the TIC TOCs and you're on the old Facebook and you're breaking out the old YouTube and making videos and all of a sudden there's people commenting there's people like him as people messaging and it's like, wow, like, just people are here to hear what I got to say and they want to know more and I don't know.

Dave: Yeah, man. I know it's crazy, it's, it's definitely crazy, you don't really kind of understand it until it starts happening. And then, you no longer become dependent upon coaches and mentors like, you know, we all think we need support and coaches and mentors and that's cool we do that's cool to have that. But the most powerful thing is when you become accountable to your actual audience and your customers like that when that relationship code or not the relationship that you have with other people helping you with the relationship you have with you helping other people, that's when the game changes, that's my experience of when the game changes when somebody moves from struggle to success is when they become when they win the most important relationship in their business is not other people helping them, it's them helping other people. When you make that transition, that's when it's game over. Unfortunately, most people never make that transition because, you know, it's, it's, it's sort of like that employee mindset we're too reliant on other people's opinions in on other people coming over and fixing the, the, like somebody coming over and fixing it for us, like, usually at a job if something goes wrong. Most people are just like well, okay, you know, let's we'll stand back until the boss or the company fixes this, don't met don't matter to me like I'm getting paid or else if I ain't getting paid, I'm going home there's kind of that attitude you know what I mean, it's kind of like somebody else is responsible for it but, you know, in, in, as a business owner, you know we are responsible for it. And when we, when we fully understand that and, and that's the most important relationship, helping other people in us, instead of others people always helping us. That's when that's when that, that, that big shift happens. So, that's my, that's my experience anyways with working with tons of people, and, and seeing the same exact thing happen every time. It's not like it looks different with everybody, it's the same exact shift, always with every person, and the exact shift is when the most important thing goes from needing somebody to help you to you focus in on helping other people. And when that shift happens again, it just, when it happens with an individual doesn't matter where they came from, what their previous experience was, it's a game over. And there's no stopping them from there. 

James: That's right, it's like this unknown magical formula, you just got to figure out on your own and just. Everybody's always looking for the magic easy button or the, the easy way, but until you're ready to serve as a purpose instead of chase the dollar it's, I get a chocolate I still, even to this day, Facebook Messenger, these people will pop up and be like, Hey, how's it going and what are you doing and this is where I work and you should check it out it's like dude. Yeah, we just met. Where's, where's the steak dinner and the beer like try to go for that. Take me out to dinner.

Dave: Right back to the apartment. Yeah. No, I know it's that it's that hard to serve right it's like, are you willing to get up and do this, if you don't make money today, if you don't make money tomorrow if you don't make money this month, right, are you that invested in it, you know? And it's hard to get into that mindset when you actually are living paycheck to paycheck or whatever so nobody's saying that it's easy, right, it's nobody's saying it was easy guys everybody would be doing it as if it was easy, everybody would be doing it. It's hard to get into a servant mindset and a servant heart. When you need money, but that's where part of that leap of faith comes in, that's where that's where, you know, all of this, many of you guys have had all this spiritual training and this religious training I mean I know everybody on here is not religious and spiritual, but you know it's, I see people who are so prayerful and so faithful in their Facebook post in their means in there. Claire this and faith this, and then it's like you get into a business and the faith just goes away. No more faith. No more faith. Just now I need to see an outcome. I need to see a result, I need a guarantee. Right. Well, I'm sorry that's contradictory to how you've been, what you've been talking about in another area, and it's easy to talk about fit and I'm not bashing guys I'm a spiritual man. I'm just saying that I had to learn how to step out and take a leap of faith, and know that you know what, if I get into a servant's mindset. If I go and say instead of making it all about me. And if I go and start worrying about every day, how can I serve people. How can I help people, how can I be there to make other people better off when they left them when they met me, like James is talking about, that transformation that shift that he went through. Man, that's when, that's when my business changed and now today I feel like I'm still going through that because, you know, it's, it's, it's not. I'm not here because you know I need, I need to make sure the bills are paid. And I don't say that to be an arrogant ass I never tried to be I really tried to be conscious of being arrogant. You know, because I have been arrogant in the past and honestly it was because I was insecure inside. That's why I was being arrogant. It wasn't because I was like really actually confident the more self esteem I've built the more humble I've become. But I come here every day because I really think that, but I really think that I have finally embraced that servant's mindset, it's been, you know what I mean, like, it's been a long journey I always think that there's levels James, You know what I mean like once we think we got something then all of a sudden it's like something will pop up to make us realize Damn I may not have that as much as I think. Yeah, yeah and that's that's where I'm at and I do feel like, like, that really is, that really is kind of the key to is just always, like, being willing to grow to that next level and being humble and stuff like that but, but you're, you're, you're gaining a lot of wisdom and a lot of awareness, early in your journey and that's that's really helpful. Man, I'm really happy for you that you're, you've got that perspective because that'll give you good longevity versus being that, that one hit wonder that we see so often in, in entrepreneurship, you know?

James: Yeah, for sure, it's, it's a journey like I know this is just the beginning and I know I'm going to get to this plateau and I'm going to make how this is cool and it's going to be like, Oh, no. We got to come up here now, because there's still more to go. Yeah, but you gotta keep pushing you gotta keep going and it's, it's constant growth and it's constant learning. And it's constant, it's just constantly evolving. And you got to keep you gotta keep that mindset, you gotta keep that in your heart that you're here to serve a purpose other than yourself. 

Dave: Yeah. Yeah, it's quite a contradiction, it's quite an oxymoron right, it's like, you know, it's it's a well, it's hard to wrap your head around, when you're thinking about, well, I'm the one who needs, I need to pay my bills, I need to do this. I need, where's MY when's MY break. Where's, where's MY breakthrough. I listen to these shows every day. I see all these people, all these people talk with my break comment, me, me, my mind. And I'm not saying that self preservation is not always going to be everybody's number one priority. And I'm not saying you're wrong to think like that. I'm just saying that there's a, you know, it's, it's like, it's kind of like, speaking of spirituality, I think it's the Buddhist tradition that talks about detaching from outcomes, detaching from things, right, we have so many expectations in so much addiction to outcomes, that if we can detach a little bit from those outcomes then be less addicted to a certain result happening, if I take an action being addicted, this has got to happen if this doesn't happen, it means I'm a failure I should quit. Or should you change direction to whatever, like that's an addiction to an outcome man, and there's such power in detaching that this is going to be my final question and we'll bring it in for a landing. Maybe I'll have one more after this but I wanted to ask you Do you feel like you have detached a bit from outcomes? And been able to be more present in the moment in your business to do what you need to do today, instead of being so addicted to an outcome or about what's going to happen a month or a couple of months down the road?

James: Oh yeah, I mean, I'm not gonna lie, my first couple of commissions came just from having conversations like this with people I knew, and I was like sweet, this is awesome. This is going to be an easy sell. And those first couple months I was like, come on what's going on, why am I, why am I not getting in why these first two came so easy, why, why, why? And I just stopped one day, and I don't remember what it was. It was something you said on one of these shows and I was like, that's why. Right there, that's it. So I had to make the shift and look inward and be like, Why am I here? Am I here just to make a buck or am I here for another higher reason? And it was at that moment I started changing my thinking I started changing my approach, and then slowly, things began to turn around and I began to see results. So, yeah, I've learned to detach from the addiction of the outcome. And I've learned to look, look, more focused on their reason and the purpose, and how can I help that next person that sees this video or that next person that sees this Facebook post or that next interaction I have. How can I help them above and beyond what I'm doing?

Dave: Yeah, that's great, man. That's great. That's really, really fantastic. What has your experience been like here within Legendary in our community you touched on a little bit before, but wanted to circle back just on that in terms of the brand new person who's sitting here listening wondering if we're the real deal.

James: Oh, man, I gotta tell you, this, this environment and this community is amazing. The best thing we ever did was jumping on a 15 day challenge, and getting involved with legendary. And the blueprints, just made it that much better, anybody that's watching and thinking about getting the blueprints if you can get. It's totally worth it. It's just been there's been so much learning and growth, just from our experience with Legendary alone, like learning about diversifying generating multiple streams of income and digital products and marketing is so much more than just marketing. It's been, it's been an amazing journey and I'm glad that we jumped on, and became part of the Legendary community.

Dave: Well, I can tell you that there's a lot of people just, just from looking at the comments but just everybody who's going to hear this, even after is thankful that you are a part of the community too right?, I mean because this is the real kind of conversations and talk, you say you were listening to the show. Now, you're on it. And this has been, this has been incredibly like real and authentic and also very insightful in terms of some of those missing pieces not always about the number, not always about the follower count. You know that those things will come, you become the person then you get the money. You don't get the money and then become the person, if you get the money and don't become the person you lose the money really quick, you know. That's right. You know, you see people go up and then they come down and it's like, well, they didn't do that inside work, that those, those dynamics, it's all, they keep it all about the mechanics right but those dynamics those things we've been talking about the last 44 minutes are where it's are aware that longevity. And that, I think, ultimately, it might be a little slower start, but where really you can have the big, long term breakthroughs that we all want we all, and I'm telling you, It's better to have a good solid, strong income for many many years to come because you've mastered the mechanics and the dynamics, then one big shot to the moon with a real hard fall, because you only focused on the mechanics, it's just, it's a, it's a much better journey it's much more fun, it's much more stress free as well. And I'll give the final word to you my brother.

James: I just, it's like Robert Kiyosaki says in his book Rich Dad Poor Dad right. You cannot build a skyscraper on a poor foundation. You need to build a strong, solid foundation to build your empire on top of. And that's how I look at it and that's how we're making our journey we're building that strong foundation so years down the road as our empire grows, It's going to stay evergreen and congruent and just grow and grow and grow. 

Dave: Yeah, and I just go and give my best to your wife. she sounds incredible, and she sounds amazing.

James: An amazing woman for putting up in my shenanigans all these years.

And also, like, amazing support system that you have there with her, and it sounds like you've just got a best friend in your corner and good for you about that man that's really how we look at each other's best friends.

Dave: Yeah, I hope I can relate so James, look. Be well thanks so much dude, and I hope you'll come back. When we reach out and sort of keep us posted, for sure. 

James: Be well man, thanks. Alright guys I'm sweepingly sure glad we got all of our tech challenges worked out at the beginning I don't know if you guys noticed but James was on his phone and he was actually on his computer when we got kicked off, and it just wasn't working, but you know we stayed the course, and thank God we did because that was a great conversation, another great show. As he said, get into the blueprints if you can, if you're brand new, first finish the challenge. If you want some swag, like these hats, we've always got people asking us about that. You can get them at Be Legendary dot shop, and then also remember that we post these replays on YouTube and also on Apple and Spotify so if you want to walk or exercise and listen to us, then you can do that as well. We love love love, and think it's such a smart thing in terms of building a structure and a routine for you to join us each and every morning live like you've done today, and make it part of your daily routine, and hopefully make it a goal to one day join us and share your experience because we certainly would love to have you guys, I want to put James's TikTok handle back up, go give him a follow connect with him as a guy that is a good dude, and you want to have he and his wife in your corner. All right, with that being said, we'll see you guys back here tomorrow, Wake Up Legendary, Get the hell out of here. Peace.

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Full Time AV Engineer Turns His Previous Skills Into Affiliate Marketing Strategies

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Dave: Hey what's going on guys this is Dave Sharpe, and welcome to Wake Up, Legendary my friends, we have got yet another exciting show great guest this morning, somebody who, you know, I'm excited to, to hear from and learn from. If you guys are jumping on right now, drop us a comment. Say Hello Good morning, let us know there's life out there. Give us some energy. And if you happen to be catching the replay. Then drop a comment down below as well, you know, share this with somebody, you'll post it in your Facebook groups if you've got Facebook or share the message spread this around. This is always every single day five days a week valuable information that can help everybody that can serve everybody with zero BS, zero ulterior motives. Zero agendas, except just to deliver value, and if you guys, you know, if people want to be a part of our community that are not great, right, maybe you could share a link with him if you're an affiliate, if not, then just, you're just spreading value, help people learn how to maximize the internet in 202.1 So with that being said let's bring on our guest this morning Joey what's going on my man?

Joey: Hey, how's it going, Dave?

Dave: Good Brother Good how are you? Where are you calling in from?

Joey: calling in from Capelle Texas which is basically Dallas, it's a small town in Dallas.

Dave: Yeah, awesome. So you do a little AV. Okay, so that's, that's, for those of you who don't know what AV is, it's very simply audio, video, I didn't know that either until I started doing events and so forth. So if you have a desire in the future, folks to do events which is one of the core four business models of how to sell information. You may learn more about AV but tell us what brought you into the whole internet marketing thing. And what eventually led you to Legendary?

Joey: You know, I kind of have my backstory. I've been in the audio video field for 27 years and you know I've done a lot of different types of work in this field. I have a really good friend. Back in Idaho that I grew up with and he, he's an entrepreneur, and he's told me before he's like hey you know would you think about this, you know, would you rather have 10 sources of income or streams of income, you know have like $1,000 Or would you rather have one job that pays you, $10,000 a month and you know at the time I was like oh yeah you know I didn't, you know, I hadn't opened my mind, you know, to what that really meant. And then, you know, during the COVID thing common story with a lot of people. I ended up losing my job and losing that one source of income impacted everything, you know, our family life, our, you know, the ability to pay bills and, you know, and live. And so you know at that time, made me think of that and I was just like wow you know I've got to find a way. I've got to, I've got to do something I've got to take action. And my first thing I turned to was YouTube like a lot of people. And, yeah, exactly, you know, it sounds like a great idea. But, you know, you just don't you don't get everything you need out of that and, and I found that out you know I started like a mattress website and I was gonna do these, you know, I applied for all these affiliate programs and, you know. Anyways, that didn't end up working out and I tried a little bit of trading and I realized you know this isn't gonna bring me, you know really what I'm looking for at this point you know maybe later down the road. And I got introduced to TikTok, for my kids. And so, you know, I just wanted to see like what are these, you know, what are they doing here. What's this TikTok thing about and so I got on there and then I started seeing Brian Brewer and Mr. Jones and, you know, AJ Rants and I was like wow this is that affiliate marketing, you know, this is what I was trying to do. And you know they were promoting legendary and and I just, I was like, you know, this is a sign I'm gonna maybe this is what I need to really get this off the ground, you know.

Dave: Yeah. So what do you think that you did wrong? Besides, not having a good solid training community to be a part of. I would think this one fit because you mentioned you were trying marketing from YouTube. Yet, what, what, what, what do you think, what would you do differently if you were to approach the mattress affiliate? Would you, do you believe that that niche is a valid niche now that you know what you know? Or do you believe that it's not a it's not a niche that has potential?

Joey: Well you know I'm going to revisit that actually now with the experience that I've got you know from Legendary and and all the things that I've learned, you know, over the past, you know, several months. And now I do believe I could make it successful, and I'm going to. So, I think that, you know, just not knowing like the details of how a sales funnel works you know I was trying to do this with just a website and, and, you know, now I've learned how amazing a sales funnel can be and how you can actually, you know, lead your, your, you know, a client to what they're really looking for so I think that's gonna be instrumental and and definitely helped me be successful with that in the future. And you know the Commission's are high ticket commissions necessarily but you know they can be to two to $400, you know and everybody needs to sleep right.

Dave: Yeah. Yeah so I think that I think that a lot of times we just gravitate towards the make money online niche automatically because maybe that's how we're introduced to training, right, so we're introduced to good solid training because there's marketers that are out there that are marketing, a training program to teach you how to make money online or, or build your affiliate business better. And then we turn around and we say, Okay, I'm just going to do what they're doing. Right. And, and that's that can be good to get us off the ground, and that ultimately can be something that some of us end up staying in this quote unquote make money online niche forever, but I think a lot of times we also lack creativity or lack that risk taking factor of going out there and I think because of that, we miss opportunities to go out there and really challenge ourselves to look at something that's coming up for me as I'm going to respond to one of our private clients who enrolled in our blueprints and coaching, this morning, and she was looking into the hiking niche, in the outdoors niche. And you know a lot of a lot of the companies that she had looked into were saying well you need to have a bigger brand, you need to be more of an influencer etc. And, you know, that doesn't particularly mean that that's not a valid niche, that just means that some of the programs that you're looking for looking for you to have a little bit of a bigger audience, which, if you really want to niche in and work in that niche is probably a good challenge. Anyways, to go out there and build an audience and see if people are actually interested in that information. Right. So I think that sometimes, Here's my point, we put the cart before the horse. In order to validate the niche. It's not always, we're not always going to make $1 On day one, sometimes we can go out there and for example start a tick tock channel and see if people are actually interested in the information, interested in maybe a free giveaway here or there to where you're not trying to sell them anything, but they're clearly interested in that topic, what what comes up for you as, as I'm going through that approach?

Joey: You know, that definitely makes sense and you know I think that, you know that kind of boils down to like education as well you know like if she's new or you know if somebody is new to something and you know they have a niche like I have a niche kind of in the audio video side, and I'm actually preparing things, you know, on you know that I can promote for myself, there you know and help people. And, you know, help people, you know to get interested in podcasting whatever and you know I've learned these skills by getting this education you know and it all started with Legendary.

Dave: Well, once we have the skills and sort of understand the mechanics of how to….hold on. I'm turning down the AC at the wrong at the wrong place. So, my nanny is probably wondering why it's 69 degrees in the house right now. Okay. Hello. This is getting warm here and I'm trying to turn the AC down but technology sometimes is overwhelming for me. So yeah, so. On the flip side of that, Joey. I had another private client yesterday that was, was getting momentum in the make money online space, and then was considering two things number one, creating another channel for on TikTok, but another channel to, instead of just being direct to camera start doing more kind of B roll style and royalty free video without her face as much so kind of trying to take a non kind of personal approach to creating video, but she was also considering going to match, and my feedback to her was, well, try different angles to bring people to the same front door, don't go building another front door when you've already got momentum and people coming to that front door and I think a lot of times, we have a bit of momentum going in our business. And we think that the way to, to get to the next level is to build another front door, and building that next front door is about timing. I'm not saying that's not a good idea, but it's not a good idea at the beginning, when you, when what you need to be doing is creating more channels or more tests, whether it's another, you know another tick tock account whether it's Facebook, whether it's paid ads to get more people to that one front door, that's already working just may not be going as fast as you want it. The key is to get more people to that front door. Do you struggle at all with the distraction monster of wanting to switch gears and having trouble having a hard time with too many options and too many ideas?

Joey: You know I really did in the beginning and, you know, some advice that Jamar gave me was to, you know, try to just focus on one thing and be dedicated to one thing. And, you know, that's kind of what I've done with my TikTok, for example, since you bring that up, I've, I've concentrated on that for you know just solely you know for the past few months until I've grown it you know I think I've got about a little over 30,000 followers now and, and, you know, now I'm starting to kind of see a progression where I need to direct, you know, I need to get more information and there's only, only so much you can do on a 15 second or 60 second video so, so I'm seeing, you know I've got a lot of people asking questions and, and wanting to learn about this and know more and so you know I'm starting to direct people to my YouTube channel, you know, to give them more information. And to my Facebook group so that I can communicate with them and help them, you know. So yeah, definitely, you know, you have to, you have to concentrate on one thing, until you master it, you have to build a foundation. And if you don't do that then you're gonna be all over the place.

Dave: Yeah, for sure. Yeah, I think that one, I mean, I don't think I know that our challenge, as entrepreneurs who understand the idea of multiple streams of everything, right. And that's appealing to us, it's it's it's enticing it's seductive to say, Okay, well more is better, but it's all about timing and in, as I said I want to reiterate that front door analogy, because you know you guys spend time we all spend time building our front door and what is our front door, it's basically our lead capture page right it's that page that we bring people to to where it's like, do you want to continue? If you do, give me your email. And then, you know there's more information on the other side. That's the front door. So we need to bring more people to that front door, versus going and building another front door, and I'd say for a lot of you guys who have had you know a channel blow up and then it kind of drizzles off or you watch what worked at the beginning is not working anymore, or you had a couple of videos take off and go viral and now you're kind of stuck is, get creative. Get do something different, right, it's about throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks and trying new angles, go, you know going live, you know, running a couple of paid ads, I mean it's just, you know, looking at other people and seeing what they're doing but not getting stuck in what they're doing actually asking yourself, How can I be more creative and how can I be more original. So, how have you been able to be more original within while learning from other people not get caught up in comparisonitis and not  losing your own authentic voice and your own identity as a marketer?

Joey: Well, definitely on TikTok. Yeah, there's a lot of copy, you know I mean everybody's kind of, you see a lot of people doing a lot of the same things, and then you see some people that are, you know, they'll take something and really what you need to do is put your own twist on it or make it about you you know your story, you know, so, I mean some things you know in a 15 second video, you know, a lot, a lot of what you're trying to do is just get across, you know, a small point like, hey, you know, there's this really great way to make money online, it's a low cost business model to start, you know, you have to educate yourself and. And then, you know, bam, the video is over. And you know you need to try, try to kind of follow some trends, and, and, you know, use the hashtags and, you know, For instance, I struggled for a good two or three months until I got the 15 second free leads. And honestly, watching that I was just like wow, you know, I should have I should have done that, you know, I should have educated myself before I started, I just kind of jumped in, you know, and that's another thing I learned, you know, there are resources out there and for anybody who's just beginning. I recommend, you know, investing in yourself, you know, and especially if you're gonna if you want to be successful on tick tock. Don't just try everything you know like, actually, you know, spend, spend the, the dollar for that program. I mean it's totally worth it.

Dave: Yeah, oh yeah, for sure. I mean, and I just I just updated our, our business blueprint, and there's an entire section on, on YouTube. So, you know, look, every once in a while, people will come in and they'll say, you know, is anybody, is anybody able to be successful without, you know, buying the blueprints and all this kind of stuff and it's like, well, I mean, there's people who are successful all over the world who've been doing affiliate marketing who've never even heard of Legendary. So it's not about buying blueprints not buying blueprints not about I'm going to buy a training program and all of a sudden, a burning bush is going to appear and stone tablets are going to drop from the sky and I'm just going to know the secrets, it's like this, this game is an ongoing never ending learning process and it's just like, I think the question, everybody has to ask themselves is, do I do I want to be a freebie seeker, do I want to be somebody who is always looking for the free. It's kind of like, it's kind of like chasing the first hit right it's like being a drug addict man. Sorry for the the analogy but it's like being a drug addict man like the first time you get high is like incredible, like you know smoking pot for example it's like you're like laughing your ass off, it's just you know, I remember my first time I was a young kid and it was just so fun, and it was never that fun ever again. And I kind of feel like learning about internet marketing is the same when you first see it, it's kind of like, oh my gosh, right, maybe you see a video on tick tock or YouTube, but then you end up chasing that same kind of hi from video to video to video, and you never really get it until you actually say look, I'm going to treat this business like a business not just like a hobby, not just like an addiction, you know, to where I'm looking to always try to get something for nothing. I'm going to go in and I'm going to get serious about my education and go through some, some, some good stuff. And, and then I'm going to use that stuff I see people in our community all the time who they'll ask a question, I'll even go look them up in the back office to see what they own, and it's like, they're not going through what they bought. So what, what sort of advice, Joey, could you give people around, sticking in following through, if they buy a training program with the training in seeing through instead of just being sort of like a marketing crack addict? Again, I can say that as my history and drug addiction. Hopefully that's not triggering anybody but, but, but how can we avoid that bro how, how do we sit, how do we get somebody who's new to just breathe in just stay the course in let go of that need for that instant gratification, and also apply go through what they buy and then and then apply it and be patient. I haven't figured that out yet, what is your insight on that in terms of, of you I haven't figured out how can, what is the magical thing I can say to get somebody to lean into that in, instead of just looking for a shortcut all the time?

Joey: Yeah, you know, the, the world the way it is today people want a shortcut. You know, that's everybody just turns to the internet, you know, like, it's like I did with, you know, trying to start this whole thing with YouTube and you know it just it didn't work, you know, and, and, I mean, as you know, shortcuts, you know, you have to put the work in and you have to be patient. And you know, if you take a look at any business like most businesses like this business model is a little bit different you know there are some people there are some exceptions where, where they just explode and that's the way it is in life. I mean, but you have to, you can't compare yourself, you have to be patient. And, you know, I've been in the valley of despair, you know, and that's, that's one of the things that you know Brian Brewer has, you know, talked about and, and, you know, I've been there and, and that's one of the things you know I always tell people, like if I've got somebody new, and you know they're, they're just like, oh you know I'm stuck or I'm you know I made this one thing and I'm you know I'm just not seeing any results or whatever then I'm, you know I always just try to encourage them you know to stick with it you know just be consistent. Just put in the time and just keep educating yourself and applying that. And the results are gonna come, and I think that just patience is something that's not easy to teach. You know what I mean it's it's something that you either are you either open your mind to that and you get your mindset right to where you're going to, you know, apply these things and be patient, and, and, or you doing you know, and some people just end up, you know, they just end up being quitters.

Dave: Yeah, so well it's not our fault and it's not your fault if that's if that's been a pattern in your life. You know, I think that, I think that for most of us, we have been preconditioned to, you know, to. We've just been not told the whole truth about business and about kind of what this takes and that's one of the reasons why I try to do this every day, and to have these kind of real conversations because it just really brings out the reality of what this takes, and I've said this before, I think I said it last week that being poor is hard, man. Yeah, I mean, being rich is also hard, and you just got to choose your hard. I don't know, because they're both hard men, they're both hard. I mean being unsuccessful in this business is really hard, and being successful is hard too. Being unsuccessful means that you have unrealistic expectations constantly looking for something for nothing. It's constant disappointment. It's a constant letdown. It's constant frustration, only because I will take responsibility for my own success, you know, it's kind of like when I was trying to get clean from drugs, somebody said, all of your problems are just because of your inability to take personal responsibility. There's actually a line in this particular piece of literature, I'm thinking of that says through our own through our inability to take personal responsibility, we were actually creating our own problems, and I didn't know that. I didn't know that in the beginning that I was creating my own problems because I was unwilling to take responsibility and I always wanted to put it on somebody else. And I see that a lot. I don't comment on every post in Facebook groups and stuff like that, because it just be too much and I don't want to dominate I want to leave room for the community to thrive and grow, but I see people in, in, in, it's just the, the, the, the unwilling or not knowing how to take personal responsibility is it seems it seems like, Being that victim like there's a payoff in that, you know there's an emotional payoff, it's not my fault. You know it's not my fault, this, these people are not the trainings not thorough are not for man, they're really mean or whatever like there's an emotional payoff in that that people get or else they wouldn't, they wouldn't adopt that identity, but that's a really hard life, Joey. Yeah. You know what I mean, definitely to hard life, man. And, but it's also hard to take, like, ridiculous loads of responsibility, because, you know, that means that, ultimately, The buck stops with me, and everything is my fault. But I also, you know, get to reap all the rewards of my hard work. So, tell me the difference. I mean you've been a professional in AV. You're now, I feel like you're built like a pro like you've got a mature approach to this. What do you think the difference is, is it an age thing, do you think it is that you've that you've just that you've mature, I mean, for me I'm just, I get more mature. I'm not saying you're an old fart, I’m saying that I'm saying that, that is it is it, how, how do we take, how can we take more responsibility. I mean, what would be your advice for, for, for encouraging people to take more responsibility. And the fact that it's empowering to take responsibility for the results that you get in for the actions you need to take? Is anything coming up for you that might be valuable to share your experience with that?

Joey: You know, as an engineer, you know, and working. I've worked with, you know like we work with architects and we work with different disciplines and, and, you know, in that profession I've been forced to take responsibility, you know what I mean like, if I make a mistake. If I miss calculate something then that's on me, you know, and I, I own up to it, you know, and I'm like oh you know I'm. We are all human, you know, so, so you do, but I think that, you know, for me, I've, you know, some of it has been just material and over the years of, of doing all these projects and working with all these different people and, And learning to communicate properly I mean communication is really important.

Dave: What do you mean by that? Give me a specific example of what you're thinking about when you mean communication because I'm right there with you. I'm just interested to hear your perspective on that.

Joey: Well you know I mean everything is about communication, like, like when you're, you know, when I talk to somebody and they're, and they've got a concern about something or you know if I'm, if I'm talking to an end user or a client, you know, they've got they have what they're wanting kind of in mind, but as a professional I'm, it's, it's also up to me to kind of help lead them. And, you know, if I'm not communicating clearly or if they don't communicate clearly with me you know if I can't draw that out of them, and get the details that I need to provide them with what they, you know what they want, then, then you know, I think that that, I mean that's kind of, I mean it's definitely key, and it's key to everything. 

Dave: It's totally, absolutely. The key to our success online, right, because if I'm not getting the engagement, if people are not listening, if I haven't caught people's attention, if people are not watching my videos, if they're not opting in to my landing page, if they're not buying based on my recommendations. It's because I didn't, I didn't communicate clearly, or I didn't communicate persuasively I didn't convince them I didn't catch capture their attention, right, maybe I wasn't clear, and that I think is one of the big problems that I used to have was just being clear with what I was saying, I tend to be a little tangential, meaning that I am on tangents, and I can be that can sort of dilute the point that I'm trying to make. I've tried to, I tried to work on that. I also just noticed in my writing. So about three years ago I was just unclear. I was having a lot of people that were asking questions and I thought I was a great copywriter. I had made a lot of money writing, but I realized that man there's a lot of people asking me questions there. This seems, what's the problem is it them? Are they not understanding? They're not dumb people Yeah Wait, hold on a second let me go back and read what I just wrote, wow, if I read that and I received that message, I would also be confused. I would also have questions, right. So I learned the importance of clarifying my written communication. So, yeah, nuggets are being dropped right now I think well that's a huge, huge deal.

Joey: And you bring that up and like copywriting is one of the things I sat in on one of your live copywriting exercises, just a few weeks ago and, you know, just being able to do that and you know I noticed in mine, because of my engineering background and having to create documents, and communicate with other disciplines. I have a lot of those. I do a lot of the same types of things that you do, but I never knew that it was copywriting, you know, that's something, and I'm still like trying to hone my copywriting skills now that I've, you know, learned some of this, you know, through the affiliate marketing and you know I've seen you and your examples and, you know, some other people as well and, and it's something I'm definitely trying to hone and it's super, super important just because it's all about communication.

Dave: Think about this, guys, that when I'm creating a sales page or an offer, right. What I'm looking at on that page, say for example, like you mentioned the 15 second free leads or say the 15 Day Challenge, or anything that's that's that's being that where there is something to where something's being sold something's being offered. I am combing over that page with absolute obsessive precision to try to make sure that there's nowhere, not a single word, not a single sentence that can be construed as unclear that can be a place to where somebody can get confused. And if that's the most important part right as an offer creator when you, when you I'm not going to say if you guys because I think anybody who's serious eventually will will begin to, you know maybe sell a course or a coaching program or at least write your own sales page for something, but you. So that's the most important place to be clear because that's what a buying decision is being made and if you got them all the way to the sales page your all our waste that opportunity, or screw it up by being unclear, but now let's take that and reverse engineer that all the way back to everything we do, whether it be an email, whether it be a Facebook post, whether it be a TikTok headline, you know, whether it be a simple text that we send out every day for the show. The question is, is there's, is there anything in what I'm saying or writing that can be confused. Here's why this is important because a confused person does nothing. They need to wait, they need to stop until they're clear until I saw a post yesterday in a Facebook group, a guy said, while I was watching a training but this particular part was unclear so I've stopped everything to me, which to me I'm thinking, bro. Why need to fix that, because part of entrepreneurship is not static, it's about, like, like to test something, try something, try to figure it out for God's sakes. But back to my point. A confused person does nothing. So, in my ad, or in my video, or in my email, if there's any point anywhere that somebody can get confused. I'm not going to get the result that I'm looking for. Yeah, because they're going to do nothing. And they tell us that every day on, I mean it's all you gotta do is just pay attention to like Facebook groups in the market community, people are like, I'm at a standstill. I'm, I've stopped I've stopped, everything is like, you know, they're clues. Anyways, what's coming up for you. That's kind of my rant on clear communication. Does that resonate?

Joey: Yeah, it totally does and you know and that actually that leads me, you know, back to mindset because if you're going to, you know, if you're, if you're really looking to grow if you're really looking to, you know if you have that why. Then you have to have the right mindset, you know, being an entrepreneur or being, you know, having, you know, having an online business or multiple businesses or multiple streams, you know, it takes time to build and you have to have the right mindset, or, or you'll fail. It's just as simple as that. If you don't, if you don't have this right, then. You know, chances are it's not going to work and you need to go back and read some books, and, and, you know, if you don't understand something, you know, watch it again. And if you don't understand it, then watch it again, you know, and you have to have that determination and you have to be consistent, you know, that's the thing.

Dave: Yeah, no, you're spot on, I mean you picking up that from that little rant that I just had was, was spot on. I mean, I, I have this firm belief in its science base but it's also through to the experience of my own and many other people that we can't think yourself into a new way of acting, we have to act ourselves into a new way of thinking, you know, so it's I can't just sit around and go, there's no weeds in my yard, there's no weeds in my yard, there's no weeds in my yard. I can't sit around and go, I got big muscles, I got big muscles, I got big muscles right I gotta go, work them out, same way that I can't sit around and say, I'm so confident, I'm so confident, I'm so confident. I mean, I think mantras and affirmations are good, but they're not going to change your brain. What's going to change your brain, what's going to rewire your brain, rewire your neural pathways are certain actions that you take. And if we, if we take the action. Eventually our mind will follow. If I don't believe if I believe that I suck and nobody wants to listen to me but every single day for the next 90 days, I record five TikTok videos, then there's something that's going to happen within that next 90 days I'm going to get some feedback, make some sales generate some leads something's going to happen that's going to make me then believe that what I say matters, but it's never gonna change by me just sitting around doing nothing and saying what I say matters what I say matters, so if you guys are waiting for that burning bush moment like, oh I just got to be more ready that perfect time. I'm just not ready yet. I just don't know enough yet there's going to be that time to where, right, the sky's gonna part, and God Himself is gonna come right down and says, you're anointed, you're ready to start posting on TikTok, you are now worthy. That's never going to happen. Right, we're never going to just wake up one day, because we did nothing, and have instant confidence or have instant belief in ourselves, we have to do the action, and eventually we will rewire our brain through those actions, and have a different mindset, and that is the biggest breakthrough that I've ever had, our mindset, and it's also the simplest yet hardest to understand and do you know?

Joey: Yeah, definitely you know nobody wants to fail. You know, nobody wants to fail but you have to, you know, you have to start and you know you're gonna have some failures. But you, it's all, you know, do you learn from that and do you grow from that or do you let that hinder you you know.

Dave: Yeah. Shannon says, Joey is very supportive of other marketers on TikTok, he is the real deal.

Joey: Thanks, Shannon. Appreciate that. 

Dave: For those of you who are wondering where Joey is at @affiliateprojc on TikTok, and then I'm sure you can find his other places, whether it be Facebook or YouTube whatever from there. Hey, last question, man, what's been your experience here with Legendary I mean, how has this community, this company made impact on your journey, have we have we have we done you right?

Joey: You know, I just, I'm glad you brought that up and about the community. That's one thing, you know, getting into this, the people that matter, you know, support that I've gotten from other people and you know Shannon brought up that I'm support for, you know, Jamar has been there for me countless times, Brian Brewer, you know, AJ Rams I mean all these people, they, you know, and I mean, the list just goes on and on, you know, the support and, you know everybody here wants to be successful, I believe, and, you know, if you have a question or if you're struggling with something that you know you've tried to figure it out yourself and you just can't figure it out, you know, there's somebody here that can probably give you a hand or you know help get you in the right direction, you know, I mean, just the support of this group is just incredible and that's been one of my favorite parts of this whole journey is just the people I've met, you know, like, I've got a, you know, I've got a just a group of pretty close, affiliates that I consider good friends, you know, through this whole experience and I mean it's just amazing. I love it.

Dave: Well, I can tell you that the majority of the people that I know in terms of quantity are from this industry. I certainly have some, some friends outside of it for sure. Also, some of my most quality relationships are from people that I've met in this business in this industry. And it's not because we are forced to work together every day, it's not because we work in the same company and sit next to each other. It's because of the camaraderie, the fellowship. The, the, the, just that we're, that we're, it's not even that we it's not even like a, like a political or religious type we have the same beliefs, it's a different it's it. Those are all good, those are cool, those connect people, but it's like a freedom based relationship. It's like, we don't have to be here. together. We don't have to be friends. We don't have to be connected, but we want to be. Yeah, and it's regardless of political religion, right, it's regardless of those things. And that's the sort of atmosphere that we like to create here at Legendary is, no matter what you look like where you came from, what, what your background beliefs are all that, as long as you got good values right? That's one of the things that's important to me is that everybody's got at least decent values right that you want to just do right by people, that's kind of the only requirement for membership right? But even that's not a requirement, we feel like we can rub off on people. We feel like I feel like people deserve a second chance, maybe you've had a rough life and you felt that you need to get over on people. I think that if people stick around here long enough, they can see that you can get further ahead by giving value to be more by being helpful. By delivering positivity and believing in people. So, anyways, I'm glad you've, you've made some relationships Joey because, because it's not just, you know people that you're benefiting from them. It's clear, and I know that people are benefiting from knowing you too man.

Joey: That's awesome. It's an awesome feeling and it's, you know, I never really knew that was going to be part of this whole deal, but it's been, you know, that's been one of the things I enjoy the most. I mean, it's just, it's, it's an incredible feeling to help people, it's, it's an incredible feeling to, you know, to know if I need something or if I'm, you know like if I'm struggling with something from trying to test something, you know, I've got people that are willing to help support me, you know what I mean. Yeah, definitely helps.

Dave: Well, Brother, be, be well. Be safe, be legendary I know you will, my man. You should. Yeah, thing and for those of you who want to hat or something there, be Legendary dot shop just write that into it's like not com it's dot shop Be Legendary dot shop, we've got the hats and stuff over there. I'd love to see one on your head. Brother, take a picture and post it in the group.

Joey: How do you get a shirt like the one you're wearing.

Dave: This was one that was made locally, so we could get this up on the site, I know it's bad, I got like, Dude, I swear to God, the reason why I wear it every day is because I have, like 50 of them. I have 50. You know what I mean they're like oh just sitting here and I just grabbed one, I swear to God every day. It's a fresh one. I'm not saying I never put on a one that hasn't been washed, right, but I try to put on fresh ones but my closet is just coated with nothing but black shirts like it's just everyday it's just and then sweat pants bro, like every day. No seriously, man, I mean that's kind of one of my secrets to success dude is uncomfortable as hell. Every day.

Joey: I'm not gonna stand up.

Dave: Yeah. You know, that's one of the beauties is, you know what we don't know we don't know what you're wearing down there, and I like that. I like that. I man, be well. Brother, come back okay?

Joey: I plan on it. I'll be back.

Dave: Have a great weekend!

All right, my friends, you guys have a great weekend, make the most out of Friday today, still got one more day in the week right and for those of you who are the weekend warriors, maybe a little hustle over the weekend, make sure that you get some rest, though, recharge the battery. It's important, be legendary for those of you who are part of our mastermind we got a big, big virtual event coming up tomorrow so I'll be on that grind. Okay. That starts I believe at nine o'clock but you've got maybe it's 10. You've got the information in your email. If you don't, then contact support today. And, and make sure that you get, again you have to be a part of the blueprints and mastermind, or have had a previous mastermind ticket to get access to that that's going to be a lot of fun. Calvin Hills going to be in the house. Who else David Dill talking about Twitter Chris and Susan Beasley, Matt hustles going to be throwing down. I'm doing a session in the morning. I can't remember who else we got. But it's just gonna be a big day with lots of value. We'll see you guys there, and we'll see the rest of you back here on Monday for Wake Up Legendary, Get the hell out of here. Peace.

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Dave: What is going on my friends. It's not just going to be my mom watching the show this morning, hopefully we have some other guests here on my friends, this is Dave Sharpe, welcome to Wake Up Legendary as you guys can see from the topic. We have a full time data engineer. Okay, here's. And I'm going to bring them on, and he's going to talk about his journey, he's going to talk about what's working for him, and why he moved from Amazon FBA to affiliate marketing with that being said of his story. I don't want to tell it, I'll let him tell it, welcome to the show. Caleb Wiles what's up brother?

Caleb: Dave, how are you? Good man, good, you come in.

Dave: I’d guess the state but that takes too long. Where are you calling in from?

Caleb: I'm just outside of Nashville, Tennessee. 

Dave: Okay, okay, I was gonna guess maybe throw an Indiana out there or something but that's probably because my uncle from Indiana just visited us so cool I love Nashville I love Tennessee. Is that where you were born and raised?

Caleb: I was until I was about 14 and my family picked up and we moved to Hawaii for about 10 years, but I ended up going back and I'm you know I'm from Tennessee, it's my home so I came back and went to school here and just made a home here.

Dave: Okay. Yeah, so, so you're a full time data engineer that’s just the, I mean that's way over my paygrade man, I don't even can't even fathom what you, what you're doing coding dude figuring high level stuff out. What the hell, you know, attracted you to even start looking for these side hustles? Internet businesses of that, you know, first starting out with Amazon FBA? Kind of give us a little bit of context on your backstory.

Caleb: Well, it's crazy and it started probably back in the late 90s Believe it or not. I've always had that entrepreneurial spirit me, even as a teenager, my dad. It started when my dad wanted me to list some golf clubs on eBay, and that was probably 1998, I think. And, you know, came up in an era where the kids kind of knew more than the parents about technology, and he was like, Hey, I know you know how to take pictures and do stuff online, so can you post this for me. And when I saw you could make money online without having me having to go to my grocery store job. It kind of flipped a switch on me really young. So from then on, I ended up not even going to college right out of high school because my whole thing was, I'm going to build a business, I don't know what it's gonna be, but I'm going to do that. So, when all my friends went off to college, I went to work, started in construction, worked on the cattle farm, things like that to get the best capital. And I ended up at a 21 I opened a produce market in Huntsville, Alabama, and my brother in law was a farmer and he said hey I know you want to start a business, I don't know anything about that, and I didn't either, but he said I think you've got the brains to do it. And so I said let's do it. And that was kind of the town that had an economic downturn back in 2005, 2004. So we were talking for about a year. And I learned a lot, but I ended up closing shop and ended up going to college eventually.

Dave: Nice, nice. That's interesting. A lot of different kinds of more physical right? Brick and mortar musical labor style businesses. So we titled this of course, you know, how you, how or why I'd like to start out with why, you went from Amazon now to affiliate marketing. Talk to us about sort of that transition, what, what, what initially got you into doing an Amazon FBA and why now, are you transitioning away from that into affiliate marketing?

Caleb: Absolutely. You know it really started with, like you said the brick and mortar, I realized I was working, six, seven days a week and I had to physically be there to make money. Now I could eventually have brought on some employees, like most businesses do right but I started looking things online because I knew that was the future. And I found Amazon FBA. I started off in retail arbitrage, so I was going around to Walgreens and Walmart and finding these deals and putting out there and I had a ton of fun doing that. But I quickly realized I had to be on the road. I had to be ahead of me finding these deals every day. And it didn't really make sense to me. You know at that time I was reading. I was reading The Four Hour Workweek, and that's when the switch flipped. I was like man, I wouldn't be working till I die, I mean this is fun, it's cool but. So then I transitioned into a private label. I created my own product. So I kind of made the next step I felt like, yeah. But even then, I realized everything that went into that and everything I would have to be keeping up with. And so I kind of fell into affiliate marketing, and I saw the power of that. And, you know, that's where I am today, actually started in 2017, for the first time I was just kind of piddling around, and I made a few bucks and I said this is so powerful. It's amazing. But I got married and I had a kid and things kind of fell off. And so, I've looked back now and I'm like, I got to get back into that, and it makes so much sense to me, and it's fun and I think I can make something out of that. 

Dave: So, what, what specifically is attractive to you in the business model will affiliate marketing versus something like Amazon, where is it, is it the fact that selling information products has much higher profit margins? Is it the fact that you, you don't, you want to just run the marketing side of the business you don't want to do everything else that would be required if you were Amazon, of course you're doing everything you're doing customer support and in, you know, just kind of the full gamut in the business but, but, but if you were to create your own course or coaching program, you would sort of be doing that as well, right? You would be doing customer service and that's why we recommend people start with affiliate marketing and then go from there. So what is it about, I mean I know what it is for me and I'm happy to share that my perspective here, but you're the one who's made that transition. So what specifically about affiliate marketing the business model is attractive to you versus these other things that you've done before, for example the Amazon stuff?

Caleb: I think, when, when I had my private label business. I kicked off probably a year before COVID hit. And I started to see all the problems that came with my suppliers overseas with the physical product. I ran into those issues. And also, one thing that bothered me a lot just personally was the liability that came along with having a physical product. My brother, my older brother’s an attorney, and we got into this and he was like hey man I want you to be covered, I want you to be heavier on your bases covered in that, that kind of kept me up at night in times even though I felt like I had that in place. I personally don't really want liability. I'd rather someone else worry about that. And I also found that I'm really like you were saying, I love the marketing part of when I was doing it, that was the most fun to me building websites putting out there doing the social media stuff, and I realized that's where I excelled and that's what I enjoyed the most. So affiliate marketing was just that when I understood it. It made the most sense for me. 

Dave: Yeah, that's, that's, that's cool. I want to take it a step further for all of you guys who are new, and who are kind of learning. The, the, the idea of, you know, kind of validating a business model, right. So, this is a section that's actually taken from the new affiliate marketing business blueprint. But, but I'll go over it with you, there's a, there's a section in there called the fishing formula. And it's essentially all about finding, you're building an entire campaign from start to finish. I'll show you kind of what it looks like the fishing formula in a nutshell, it kind of looks like. It kind of looks like this, you can see my screen right, Caleb. Yes, okay. And it starts out over with your species if you've kind of I don't know if you've done any fishing up in, in, in Tennessee have you, maybe a lot. Right. Yeah, so you would understand that so you know when you go out fishing you want to target a species right. It's smart to know what you're going to be targeting before you go out right. Yeah, because that way you can bait, you can go to the right water you can go to the right place you know where they hang out you can you can Chum the Waters if that's possible. Right, I wouldn't go fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. We drop chum down in the water and it starts bringing the fish and gets them fired up down there, and then we throw it down the bay, that's the real food. It's not just kind of stuff that's floating in the water that smells good. And they, in the hammer that right? It's like It's like blood, it's like putting blood in the water that brings sharks to the boat, right? So, and then and then it moves on, I won't go through all these pieces but it's an eight step process that makes it really simple. This is a kind of a 30,000 foot view of what the fishing formula is. But it's a direct response marketing system for affiliates in the affiliate marketing business blueprint training for all of you guys who are wondering you know what, what's in there. Well this is a very small section that explains each one of these, each one of these eight steps exactly what you need to be thinking about, and exactly how to make sure you do each step right so I'm going to fast forward to this one particular part, which is kind of a couple of questions that you can ask yourself when you're thinking about who your target species is or who your target customer is. And there's this Jay Abraham quote or philosophy, that there's only three ways to grow any business and Jay Abraham's kind of a legendary direct response marketer, copywriter business strategist and he says that the only three ways to build a business are to get new customers do higher, you know, purchase or ticket price business for those customers ie sell high ticket products or and do repeat business. So those are the three ways to make money in a business. And so if you don't have all three of those things covered in any business, say for example, the only way for you to grow that business is to just get new customers, you know, which a lot of these e-commerce, businesses, Caleb, where you're selling bowls or you're selling, you know, phone cases or whatever, you know, the number one way to grow that business is to just get new customers, you may be able to do repeat business with him but it's not likely, right, because you don't have brand recognition, right so it's not like they're going to come back unless you got really good email follow up game, in which case, that might be the second way that you can build an Amazon or a physical product e-commerce business. But the thing that makes affiliate marketing specifically selling information products so exciting is that you can not only get new customers, you can do repeat business with those customers by selling them subscriptions or you can sell them memberships to different information clubs or ongoing newsletters or stuff like that but you can also sell high ticket products. So, selling information, or being an affiliate of selling information products covers all three of those bases. And that's why I've always loved information marketing, selling, education, and starting out as an affiliate and then having the option. If I want to scale to selling my own courses coaching or events, or virtual events. Now that COVID has kind of changed the game that I can, I can do that but I still can reap the benefits of making sure I check all three of those boxes, even as an affiliate. So that's sort of my reasoning why I love information marketing in combining that with affiliate marketing. What comes up for you as you sort of see that philosophy? Or maybe you've heard it before from me, me say it in the challenge or whatever.

Caleb: Absolutely and you know, looking back at my physical product I'm like, what, three of those that I have, and it's maybe one, I don't know. You know, it retails for $24 and once I learned what high ticket, you know, an offer like that, that, that changed my mindset completely. And then also the follow up things that you're talking about, repeat customers wasn't really a thing for what I was selling they might have bought three at a time, but I'd probably never seen them again unless they, they told their peasant about it or bought one for them for Christmas, and you know that's a completely different shift in my way of thinking about doing business online when, when I went to the course, the 15 Day Challenge. You know that hit me hard because I was like man I was not doing these things, and that's, that's where it's at, that's where your, your bread and butter is and I completely shifted my, my thought process, absolutely.

Dave: Well, for those of you who are excited about this, you know, it's easy to get excited about something because maybe the marketing is good. It's like, there's all kinds of people who are selling e commerce courses and FBA Amazon courses and all that and and then and then the pitches. Hey, I mean, you know, it's so easy. Anybody can sell a dog bowl or your Facebook ad and that's cool like that may even be possible that you can sell a product on the front end and make some sales. But the question is what next? Where do you go from there? What is their real potential long term for an average person to really make money in that business model, and the answer to that question is, it's very, it's even more unlikely than it is selling information I'm not saying everybody succeeds with selling information and doing affiliate marketing because most people who buy any how to information get no results because they do nothing with it. But the point is that it's, you know, I got to look at, I got to look at is it realistic for me to be like Amazon? And Amazon makes a small percentage off of hundreds of 1000’s of purchases per minute or hour. And for me, that's just not realistic as a solopreneur, I don't have the advertising budget I don't have. It's just I'm not going to get to them. It's going to take a long time and a lot and a lot of savvy, but if I can generate, say, 100, low ticket sales on the front end per month 50 to 100, selling something for five to 10 bucks, and then a percentage of them say four or 5% buy something for a couple of $1,000. Now all of a sudden I've got a $5,000 a month, business, that is replacing the average income for an American, in, in our country right, in the country that you and I live in in for other countries, maybe even much higher, you know, and that was what really set the,, lightbulbs off for me and even made it even simpler to explain to people because it was like, Look, if you can focus on delivering value to customers, if you're going to be an affiliate focus on partnering with products that have value or if you're going to create your own course, or coaching program make sure that you're delivering value, because that way you can charge for it. You can charge for it you can charge a couple of 1000 you can charge 5,000, 10,000 bucks for it, and there's enough profit that you don't need to bring in hundreds of customers per month, You only, you could even eventually if you wanted to build your own course or coaching program have a staple flagship offer for 5000 bucks and do two sales a month. It's a game changer when you think about it like that because it's, it's, it's a, it's like I can wrap my head around that. And also the other thing I don't know if what your thoughts are on this or anything that I've said Kayla but I found that selling high ticket products to people is a, the clientele who's willing to spend money are a lot more enjoyable to work with, and to serve those people than somebody who is like a freebie seeker, the 99.9%, all of the nearly 100% of all the negative comments that you see anywhere in our community are either people who have never purchased our products, or somebody who only spent $7 and they and they I'm telling you, 90 plus percent of our customer support tickets are from those people, and nothing wrong I'm not here to shame you. We try to be as inclusive as possible, but over a decade and in this and hopefully you guys, you know, if the shoe fits wear it because maybe you need to raise your financial thermostat a little bit, and maybe you can do that by listening to this show on a daily basis. But think about that, it's like, do I want to serve the people who are going to be the most unappreciative in the most, you know, kind of, kind of brash and rash with their like entitlement, you know, or do I want to serve people who are willing to part with their money for a good quality valuable training, and they understand that we're both humans and to that mutual respect is a must for us all to succeed, what comes up? You're laughing, you're feeling me I can tell.

Caleb: I want to say preach, preach Dave. Yeah, So here's, here's my thought that comes up from that same with my, take my TikTok account. I watch other people, other affiliate marketers, and I see when I started off, I saw how they were doing things that maybe I mimicked it a little bit, but from the very beginning I had that thought that you were just talking about, I want the high quality people coming to my funnel, and I know my funnel was gonna weed some of those out, hopefully, but I also want to be that stop that people are talking about that are looking to start something for free or for $7 only. And think that they're going to build this empire, because those people are going to make my life harder one in two there's not going to be any kind of long term relationship there, I believe. So when I see a lot of these accounts that are blowing up and that are there that I have all these people and all these negative comments underneath that that's what that's attracting, and that's something that I've tried to stay away from, and what I know comes with that is, I'm not gonna blow up like some of these other people my accounts gonna grow a little bit slower because I'm going to be engaging people that really want to get started and really want to work hard and have the energy and the ability to put work into it, and I start a lot of my videos with saying, you're gonna have a non work and it's really a lot more than that. Every day I tell people this all the time, every time, every night well my family goes to sleep, my wife and kids. I go into my garage, and I work from about 8:30 at night to sometimes 11 At night, every night, five days a week. Are you willing to do something like that to get where you really want to be, because me just saying hey you can make $10,000 a month. If you take this $7 course, that's gonna attract some people, but what, What are those people really willing to do, and a lot of people don't like hearing that. But I like being upfront and I like being real with people and showing them my journey and what kind of work it takes, and I'm not, I haven't reached my pinnacle, but I'm working every night, and I completely agree with what you're saying. You're wanting that the people that I've seen that have put the negative comments in my posts, either like you said, if not, not tried anything, or they're wanting something for free, and that's my experience. Absolutely.

Dave: Yeah, it really is. I mean, it really is it's kind of why, like, for me, negative comments, even within our community. Because, I mean we have 10,000 new people taking our challenge every month we're gonna have, you know, we're gonna have people who are going to, and sometimes I even wonder if it's just competitors. I look at their profile, they look like catfish. Catfish people anyways but you know it, but either way, I mean, that we, we humans exist out there, there are lots of us hundreds of millions of us just in this country alone, and the majority of us are financially, not just financially bankrupt, you know, physically in terms of our, of our bank accounts but we're financially bankrupt mentally and and and you know we have an attitude of entitlement. I know I did at one time in my life I had an attitude of entitlement that, you know, I didn't, I didn't. I just was, I just, I had a lot to learn about what, how to get what I wanted in life, and it wasn't going about the things the way that I was going about them it wasn't going places and, you know, demanding things and being entitled, telling people what was wrong with them and was ill, and you know it's kind of like the guy who knows a little bit about a lot of things right and you always got an opinion about everything from the peanut gallery, never doing anything, never actually taking any risk, but has an opinion about how you should be doing, you're running your business, you know do etc etc etc. So, I think, I think you're right and that's a good transition, how we have the chum, the bait that we throw out there from the chumming step is the content that we're putting out into the marketplace. Is the content that we're putting out, attracting in people who are actually going to buy? You know, I get these people sometimes who send me messages on Instagram and stuff and they're like, you know, I, I just want to know before I spend $7. It's like, yeah, like, like, really it's like come on, like so, in, I don't get a lot of them, right, right, but I would imagine that people who do the freebie marketing the other day we had Collin, from South Africa. And he was talking about, you know, he learned this big lesson about doing all the freebie marketing, like make $5 per minute for free. And while that sort of wet that style of content if you're in the make money online space anyways. Does Chum the waters up, it does get the frenzy going right but do they actually convert into sales and then actually want to spend money to invest in training? So your philosophy is that you want, you're okay taking your time. You want to put out good quality authentic stuff and talk us through your mindset, a little bit about creating content and sort of how you approach that.

Caleb: Absolutely. I think one thing I want to do is give people advice. If you've gone through the challenge and you become an affiliate goes, you go through the compliance, and the thing that you talk about those videos that are out there in the documents that are out there that needs to be the first thing everybody does, and I know that y'all promote that. Because part of that that I read that it stuck with me before I even started creating content was don't be that person that shows us screenshots of numbers, no matter what you're what you're promoting in the reason you talk about, you know you've seen statistics and things that it doesn't really help you. You know you're going to get this chum in the water like you're talking about and all these people are going to get into a frenzy of like, oh wow, I can make this look what he made this week. But is that the person that you're wanting to attract? My growth is a slow uptick, but I'm okay with that because if I had this drastic giant leap, you can also have this drastic giant fall on the island, where these people just flee. That is kind of my philosophy. I know it's attractive and it's implying that it's really not going to get you where you want to be in.

Dave: The game’s changed too in terms of just the marketplace as well the marketplace is more, it's more transparent. It is being regulated more so like with each passing day each passing month each passing year, platform is regulators all all these, the people who, you know, ultimately are sort of like the, the, the Internet police, right, because we've been in compliance departments for platforms, they have a police, like a compliance department like we have a compliance department here as well to make sure that, you know, people are not doing stuff that is going to cause us problems, you know, regulatory issues etc. But the thing to understand is, is that, that it's, you know, over time platforms like Facebook they've gotten bigger and bigger and bigger and they've, they've, they've gotten more heat from Congress in government and in cryptocurrency and politicians, as well as marketers have, you know, really, you know, I mean just pushed it to the limit, you know? I mean even our own, you know our own government candidates in past presidents have honestly screwed it up for a lot of us. Love him or hate him, but they have been pushed to the limit right with fundraising, cryptocurrency. I mean, like that, that that the whole cryptocurrency thing has pushed it to the limit to where they've just pulled way back so you know, It's not, it's not only that, making flashing income claims in doing the flash and trash style marketing is, is, is not a good long term strategy, it might be good short term, but again, the highs are highs, the lows are lows, ready for that drop off. But the problem is that it when, when I say, oh I just made $1,000 today. And then somebody gets started in your selling them say, you know you're in the make money online space and then they don't go do that now all of a sudden your trust. The trust is broken. It's a scam it's that, you know, it's a fake screenshot it's photoshopped. All right. So, instead, the philosophy that I've developed as I've matured over time is under promise, under sell right, like keep it more real, but it makes the disclaimer that most people don't get any results, because they don't take action, or do you want to take action? If you do, you have a chance, if you're going to buy it and not take action, you don't have a chance. So, what happens is when somebody gets a result now. It's a big deal, it's like, holy shit. Yeah, I, you know, I made a commission or I lost a couple of pounds with the help, the weight loss thing or whatever. And I also don't risk, there's always a chance, but I don't risk getting my account shadow banned. Wow, you or my right. Yes, that's another piece of this business that can be super frustrating. And that's why nowadays, copy in videos and headlines, I call it watered down. You have to water things down a little bit not use your most aggressive headline, not use the most aggressive terminology and vocabulary because, because it's, it's heavily more heavily regulated in Facebook, the ads manager, they don't give a shit about you more like I got my account shut down like you're entitled like it's a burden right to have a facebook ads account. It's like you, you, you don't have anyways I could get on a rant, but we're responsible for our own stuff, are staying in business, are keeping our account, stuff like that. So what advice would you give to somebody who's brand new Caleb who's who's, you know, trying to get things off the ground, who is certainly fascinated in enamored with particularly TikTok and how fast it moves, how quick you know some people are growing. And then of course comparison kicks in and then, you know, there's a lot of head games that come along with this. So, what is some of the one or two pieces of advice that you would give somebody who's marketing in any niche that's getting started or wants to start over today?

Caleb: Absolutely. TikTok is a rough place to be because there's so many highs and lows, but it is a great place for free traffic. And one of the things that, you know, just the other day, maybe a couple of weeks ago, somebody was I was doing a live and they said hey you are the most real person I've seen talking about affiliate marketing, and they said that's the reason I follow you, and that's the reason I'm sitting here listening to you right now because you're telling me how it is. So my advice would be, be real. Don't try to put on this facade. Don't, don't make, don't try to chase these other people that are blowing up. Tell your story. And that's what people love, they want to hear something real that they can relate with. And she ended up, she said I'm signing up for the 15 day challenge right now, she said, and you know that was such a cool feeling for me that I saw someone connect that way instead of seeing a screenshot or seeing some major claim that that somebody has put out there but I will say, TikTok is a great place to start, you're going to have ups and downs, I've seen people start after I've started, and their follower count is has blown up. So that's that's tough to see because you do compare yourself, but you need to see yours, you want to see steady growth. I have a OneNote, you know, a note that I use even for work. I use OneNote for work Microsoft OneNote. And what I do is I have, they have little check boxes that you can put on things, so I have my funnel hits, I have my viewer count, I have my blog post count. And I copy and paste that every week, and I have an amount that I'm going to do that week. And then I paste it to the next week, and I see my growth, and that has helped me tremendously. And I'm not comparing myself to all these other people that are blowing up. I'm seeing my numbers go up. Now, my points might go up four times this week and they might go up 40 times. But if you see that steady growth. You need to be looking to a year from now, instead of tomorrow. I know some people, it's hard for them because they might need a paycheck today. And that's a rough thing to deal with, obviously I have a great career and a great job that I have in place right now and I'm blessed to have that. But, just just look for steady growth, otherwise you're gonna get discouraged, you're gonna quit. Yeah, I told myself this time round of doing something online. I'm not quit until I make it. You know, I've seen people on here there's a government of the day that was, you know, my parents' age, and, you know, even got time to do this kind of stuff, and as long as you plug away. You can do it. You've got the tools you've got, Legendary Marketer to help you. And it's there, the internet is the place to be you right now. Just plug away and consistent would be my best advice.

Dave: Yeah, it's great advice. So you've seen some different things and you've seen also. You've seen some different things online, you've seen different things in the corporate world, your brother's an attorney, I mean, you obviously have some smart people in your family, your smart guy yourself, what's been your impression of us of Legendary of our community, and yeah I'm not trying to get a pat on the back here, like I'm legitimately just wondering what your experience has been like with us, and in the community here and so forth.

Caleb: Dave, I will tell you, I've taken throughout all the business models that I've done, I've taken many courses I've paid more money than I paid the legendary marketer for some courses that were half the course, and I will say, that is why I'm an affiliate for legendary marketer is the quality, everything that I have in my life is quality, and I try to keep that up. Whenever I purchase in my life. I can afford it and I can do it. And that's why I'm an affiliate, that's why I wouldn't be promoting legendary I did not believe that in my heart of hearts, and that's one of my criteria for any affiliate, anything that I'm an affiliate for I either have to use it or I have to believe in the product. And, you know, I've seen that legendary in the community, like you're saying. It's amazing. The people that are, that you have staffed yourself. The people that are in the Facebook groups, even people that I've met on Tik Tok, that are also affiliates are legendary. I've made friends just since December, that I don't have in real life, that I'm closer with I feel like just in, you know, the camaraderie that I have with these types of people. I feel like Legendary Marketer attracts those people and that's where I want to be. I want to be part of that so it's been amazing and it's top notch in my opinion.

Dave: You said that you said something right there that I think was, was, I hope I don't want to gloss over, which was, I like quality. I like the best things in life, if I can afford them, I buy them. And I think that that, That really is a big mindset shift, is a real eye opener. It was simply put, but it's really a deep, a deep thought to think about because, really, society, trains us to find the cheapest, the bargain, what's on sale quantity over quality, more and more and more, right, I mean, something quality I mean even in our food, right, it's like, you know, you know, go to a buffet and get just sloppy for $7.99, instead of like a nice quality good healthy meal and pay a little bit more and it's a smaller portion I mean even down to the food we eat, so I, I don't know if you want to say anything more. I'm not particularly asking you to say anything more about that but I just really thought that that was, that was, that's a, that's a really cool thought I mean is that a philosophy that you have across all areas of your life that if you can afford it, you will go for the best you will go for quality.

Caleb: Yes sir. Absolutely, my namesake, my grandfather Roy. Roy Knot was his name, he was, he worked for DuPont and Nashville for 30 something years and retired from there he was a hardware demand didn't make a ton of money, but that was his philosophy, and I, I took that and, you know, he wouldn't buy a car, until it was something I think a Lincoln was what he always wanted and he waited till he had that money, and he bought that Lincoln, and man that thing lasted him until he died I believe. And he was like that with everything, and my wife doesn't really understand it because last year I bought a brand new John Deere mower, and she was like why can't you just get a you know, some Troy Bill at a, you know, the hardware store, and I said, have you seen our neighbor's mower he bought that thing last year and it sounds like it's about that. I'm out here my brand new, John Deere and she's shaking her head because I paid a pretty penny for it. But, that thing's gonna last me, my daughter is going to be more aggressive that thing. And so I carry that on into other parts of my life as I can and I believe in that wholeheartedly.

Dave: Is that a rider?

Caleb: It was, it's the top of the line, just riding a mower. I didn't get the zero turn

writer that you ride along. 

Dave: Yes, yes. Okay. Wow, that's incredible. I grew up, I used to go and visit my aunt and uncle up in New York, and my uncle had a John Deere mower, like that you wrote on, and I thought it was the coolest thing man, I would want the first thing I wanted to do when I got there was Go and sit on that tractor.

Caleb: Yeah. It's pretty nice. We have pretty big yards here in our neighborhood in Tennessee, we got a big chunk of line so I had to have one and, yeah, the best one so yeah.

Dave: Yeah, well that's a great place to go out also and just clear the head right. You can't be bothered, the kids do what nobody can bother you because it's like dad's mowing the lawn. When you know but it's really, it's really a peaceful thing I've. The older I get, I like to kind of, you know, mess around out in the yard and stuff I would have never imagined that I'd be into as a younger band but, you know, we, we, we grow old and we enjoy different things. Well, dude, great to chat, hope you'll come back on that your, your thought process your approach is directly in line with me. It took me longer to get there than you, maybe not, I mean because you've been doing this for a long time, but I've evolved and matured into this sort of mindset of quality and in the long game, and it's paid off, so I just invite all of you guys who are listening to re listen to this follow. Caleb, we've got his, TikTok handle there, connect with them. I mean, you know this is a guy who's, who's going to who's going to lead you in the right direction and give you good feedback, it versus just BS feedback and I think good friends who tell us the truth are hard to come by. So anybody who has you in their corners, a lucky person, I'll let you get back to, I know you've got a busy day, most likely with all the things you're doing, and I appreciate your time, brother.

Caleb: Thank you so much, I appreciate you having me on.

Dave: Alright see you, Caleb. Thank you. Alright guys, that was a good, that was a good conversation. That was a quality conversation. Okay, be legendary my friends, get the hell out of here and go put quality over quantity today. That's my invitation, that's my challenge to you for today. Let's think about that. Right, think about who you want to attract into your life. Think about what you want to spend your money and time on, and that, you know, you can you can pick your, your cue route, do you want to go quantity, you know, do you want to just eat. Do you want to just get the most bang for your buck right I like that analogy just went to that buffet just, just getting just a stomach full of heartburn and put you got your money's worth, or, you know, something healthy something maybe a little bit lighter, more quality, you know, Put more days at the end of my life, right, maybe, maybe, maybe a little bit of delayed gratification because I know I'm investing in my future, versus just just trying to get stuff today. It's an interesting thought to think about for how you want to live your life and build your business with that being said, All right, it's time to go. Have a great day. We'll see you back here tomorrow 10am Eastern Time. Wake Up Legendary. Peace.

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Matt: Good morning. Happy Wednesday. It's Wednesday April 7 My name is Matt. Welcome in. It's 10am Eastern, it's 7am, my time, I'm not on Pacific Time,

I'm on mountain time, but Mountain Time in Arizona is sometimes pacific time so, anyway, 7am, bright and early. We're good to go.  We've got a few people who are on here now in the comments, and, yeah, if you're tuning in, we're gonna unpack a few strategies. One really cool thing I'm excited about is we're gonna talk about how to sort of discover and promote things that you're interested in, we'll talk about TikTok, maybe we'll talk a little bit about Facebook groups who knows where this will go. We never know. So, but I'm going to bring in our guests for the day, his name is Shawn. Shawn, what's happening my brother?

Shawn: Hey, not much. Happy to be here.

Matt: Yeah, awesome. Where are you calling in from?

Shawn: I'm in Austin, Texas. 

Matt: Cool. Hey, how do you like Austin? 

Shawn: I love it. Absolutely.

Matt: How long have you lived there?

Shawn: I have been here for seven years now.

Matt: Cool, right on.

Shawn: I Remember that we moved in, we moved down here, my wife and I moved down here like right after we got married, we went on our honeymoon. And we literally had all our stuff packed up; we just drove down. We live in Dallas and we drove down. Okay, we got back from our honeymoon and then that's pretty much where we moved here on our anniversary. It’s pretty cool. 

Matt: No way. Sweet. That's really cool. So do you guys own a house there?

Shawn: No we don't we rent because I'm actually having five still right now, and I'm pretty manager. So, write down like a super super cool discount on our rent, buy especially in this market right now and asked well anywhere really. 

Matt: Well, dude, I was gonna say the reason I was asking is because, like, you know Joe Rogan moves there, Elon Musk, like starts moving a business there and I was just like that place is just exploding, even it was before that.

Shawn: Oh yeah, it's insane right now, I mean, multiple offers, you're talking about 20 or 30 offers on homes, you know, if the $60,000 over asking price is crazy.

Matt: You just described our recent house purchase. We're in. we're in Phoenix and that was, those are the exact numbers actually.

Shawn: Yeah, yeah, exactly. You know in that normal price range that people will get to do 300 400 Somewhere in there. 

Matt: That's crazy. Yeah.

Shawn: It is crazy. Okay.

Matt: But anyway, yeah. As much as I love talking about that. We're not a real, real estate investment show, we could be I don't know we could chat about it but, anyway, bring us into your world a little bit, Shawn. Tell us a little bit about you. So you have a full time job, which I actually love, I love having guests on that are still are still working in jobs while they're building something on the side because not that I don't love people who don't have a job, I just, I like the feel the grind the hustle because 99.9% of people here in the comments are watching this show right, a couple 1000 usually watch these afterwards. They're, they're in that spot right there, they're still at a full time job they're still building they're still, and it's just like it's a never ending build, I mean it's just keep stacking the bricks. I mean, so, in the midst of the nine to five, which then you've got to find the time then you've got to find not just the time but the energy. So, okay so you're still working, you're building your side thing. When did this all start? When did the whole online journey for you start, how did you discover it?

Shawn: For sure. So that kind of ties back into I originally said about Austin so my wife and I, or my girlfriend at the time, lived in Dallas, and I was a teacher I was teaching music, and I really like teaching it but I didn't like all the bureaucracy and red tape that went along with teaching so I was like, started looking for other jobs I knew I didn't want to do that with the rest of my life. And so I stumbled upon this whole online marketing thing. So I started doing that kind of on the side as a teacher, and then I started seeing the potential in it and then I was like, Well, man, this is back in 2012 I was like man I need to focus more time on this but being a band director at the time we have all the extracurricular activities, you don't have a whole lot of extra time to devote to stuff like that so that was really become an issue trying to build this side hustle.

Matt: So you were a band director?

Shawn: Yeah, yeah, I got a degree and I taught for four years, I was actually a drum instructor. 

Matt: Nice. Cool.

Shawn:  But then, I told you know my, my now wife and I were talking about getting married. I was like well you know we get married, I would like to get married and then do something else and pretty much at that point our worlds will, you know, opened up. We're like we do whatever we want, I'm not tied to this job here. So where do you want to go, it's just like, Alright, well let's live in Austin. Yeah, we married we're down to Austin and I got like, you know, some side jobs while I was working on this online business. And that really all kind of started in 2013. And, You know, I tell this story a lot my story and when I try to preach to people now, because I wasn't I never was in the make money online niche, until recently, and I talk to people about this all the time, you know, the biggest thing that stops people from being successful online is getting up, and that's exactly my worry was I you know I started this side hustle and you know I was working the side jobs. And then I actually did it for two whole years and I'm starting to see some success. Towards the end of two years, I reached that point like I should be seeing success faster. So I got this, the shiny object syndrome, I was like, going after the things that are gonna get me money the fastest, and I was completely like man, I had an email list, I had a website that was ranked for certain terms in Google, and instead of focusing just on that. And, you know, really building that I was like, oh I'm gonna chase this this this this this and then eventually I got burned out and then, you know, I eventually had that conversation with my wife, she's like, you know to do this for two years and it's not like a full time thing yet, like what do you want to do maybe we should think about actual careers and that's when I got into real estate and actually just quit. The online thing altogether and that was the very beginning of 2015. And then I didn't do anything, really, I kind of dabbled here and there when I had time, that I didn't do anything with the online business until really the beginning of 2020, that's when I kind of started picking it back up but I made the mistake of picking it back up in that mindset of like, oh I start making money as fast as possible. And of course, that didn't work out and I just wasted ads and didn't know what I was doing. And then finally, I really stumbled back upon Legendary Marketer because during that, like, I was like an affiliate hoarder and I was just like signing up for every single affiliate program I could find, and one of them happened to be Legendary Marketers so I popped the intro course. And then I signed up, or I tried to sign up for the affiliate program and of course I was denied because they're like, Dude, you don't know what you're doing. They’re just like now you're just searching for money and I was like I will screw you. And so when I came back, I was like, Okay, after I got over like, okay, I really gotta stop chasing. And then I started like mindfully picking what affiliate programs that I wanted to work with. That's when I came back to Legendary Marketer and of course I was approved right away because I was more serious about it and stuff. And that's kind of what I like started being more instead of chasing, I started looking at people and who I was helping who I was serving as an affiliate, really trying to provide the products that gonna make the most impact in their life. And then that's kind of how it evolved into where I'm at today with you know the Facebook group and TikTok, which I'm sure we'll talk about more later. Yeah.

Matt: Well we could talk about that now but, so, but that's just an interesting there's such a theme amongst people who are money chasing, and then they have this moment of this, it's almost like this revelation this aha moment where they realize that this is all about connecting the right person to the right products, and that in itself is actually a skill that's really cool that how you put that I feel like it's more clear to me than maybe it's been before. But there's this skill that comes and also it's a little bit of like an internal. There's an internal shift of like okay, I've got actually got to put the, I've got to put my focus on the right thing here and the right thing isn't about which, it's not the program, it's, it's really about my skills and my ability to sort of connect audiences right there's some techie skills, there maybe there's some keywords or there's some certain content creation formulas. Alright so there's skills there but there's also skills and just knowing how to simply connect people with what they need or what they are looking for or desiring, which is cool. That's awesome. 

Shawn: Yeah, absolutely. 

Matt: And it's, it's a big time theme of people that we see and hear and listen to on the show, because people start finding success. Rap rapidly when they start to make that connection, so cool. That's awesome. So like in all of your marketing and all of your, like, how many followers do you have on TikTok?.

Shawn: Right now, I have two TikToks, the one that I primarily do for Legendary Marketer, as like, 8,000, and that just kind of a side one because, like I said, I just got into the make money online niche. Recently, I'm not quite as passionate about it so I have this other TikTok or I'm more into spirituality, meditation, things like that. Another one kind of as like a side project fun and that one actually has over 17,000 followers right now. 

Matt: What's that one?

Shawn: That one's called manifestation secrets. 

Matt: Cool. Awesome, dude. That's awesome. Yeah, while you're at like 17,000 That's cool. 

Shawn: Yeah, haven't really posted that much on that one, I just kind of do it when I'm inspired and thinking about picking up on more of it. 

Matt: Yeah. 17,000 Yeah, very cool. Yeah, I feel like we ‘ve actually seen quite a few people do sort of these like manifestation style channels and stuff, and they've done really well, and there's a lot of, like, this is your, I'm assuming it's like a Clickbank product or something.

Shawn: No, that's the other thing I talked about. Even on my online stuff, I know everybody talks about Clickbank and ClickBank is great. There's a lot of products and there's easy to get approved for and stuff like that right. Everybody does it. So I like to try to find products that you know, for me it's all about. I don't want to promote products that I don't use, and I don't actually enjoy using. So, I tend to go out and just search for my own product, so that I do on there right now it's just, it's just like its own separate meditation program that I found an affiliate program for.

Matt: Cool good for you man, that's awesome, and I also love that I love, like, people going out and just like, yeah, finding a good program, finding a good product, whatever that's different and unique and like, yeah, that's super cool. Awesome. And I mean, geez, you've only got. Well here I should pull this up real quick. Do you or is it cool if I share the screen with your TikTok?

 Shawn: For Sure. 

Matt: Cool. Yeah it's. So, let's see. There we go. That's a little bigger. There we go. Yeah, I mean there's not really that many like videos that you've done on here so that's cool but you've had a couple like 30,000, 60,000, right 256,000 was the latest. Yeah, this is cool. So this is you, right?

Shawn: Yeah, yeah.

Matt: What a cool video dude.

Shawn: Yeah, it's interesting, there's something I'm discovering the more viral you go on any platform, the more haters, you're gonna have. So there's this video that actually got a lot of haters.

Matt: Yeah, of course you did. But that adds, you're exactly right, there's always going to be, all of that engagement is good engagement, right, all of that, positive, negative, whatever, super cool. So you've got. Yeah, I see some people are like, Oh, that's stupid and, oh, you know, whatever, like, like they'll hate on that right, but you understand. You understand, right, that polarization that makes people think or question or like what I'm commenting on that right that's their first response is like, what the hell I'm commenting on that and now suddenly like 234,000 views later 256,000 views later in your channel in no time. You, I can't even. It's, it's two months, exactly two months and 17,000 followers so and it's not that many videos it's not like you're like, hustling five videos a day. Yeah, there's 7,10, there's like 16 videos.

Shawn: Yeah, I just read those, the last couple of videos they got over 200,000 views. With that the link on there, I got. I can't remember the exact numbers but it was like over 100 clicks, and probably like I think it was like 60 or 70 opt-ins. So yeah, super easy way to build an email list. So that's the thing like when I came back to legendary now I really investigated it got into the affiliate Facebook group, and started seeing what other people were doing and everybody's talking about tick tock, and I was like, no, because like my experience is just like watching people dance and stupid stuff. So I was like okay I'll download it and check it out. And then once I saw what people were doing because it's, it's I think it's even more niche than Facebook is like Facebook, you know, algorithms on a platform will show you what you want to see, but like, TikTok, it's like, like I'm going to spirituality on that one. If I scroll through that account. It's like every single video is super niche and then if you watch the full video the next video is even more into that topic, it's like insane. So I mean, it makes sense why you go viral so quickly on them so once I realized that I was like, oh shit, like I need to start posting, you know just test it out and work it out.

Matt: Yeah. I couldn't agree more, with all that algorithm is crazy like that algorithm is, I mean, like, even just for a little bit we were starting to think about having kids and my freaking it's just babies everywhere. I love, like I went through. I loved watching dogs. Like, I went through a puppy phase, and then it's like every video is like a puppy playing with a toy is like the cutest thing when you're like it's sports phase and it was like, you know, dude's dunking and, you know, making a million threes in a row and just, he was just like, and and it just is so intense, but it's so crazy how locked in that thing is, it's just, it's insane but they you know they work in a couple in the for you like occasionally from something totally random just to see like, oh, maybe, you know, let's throw one of these in, and then you swipe quick so you've never seen anything like that ever again it's yeah, it's no I mean that's really cool. So, I mean I'm sure you've got a big, you're bound to have a really good following, and a huge following on that manifestation channel for sure that's cool. Yeah. Nice. What. So, you also have like this thing story athlete I was just asking you before we got on a little bit about that.

Shawn: Yeah so story athletes are a community that I'm a part of there. A bunch of  entrepreneur's are basically like a big mastermind. They focus on the four main dimensions of life. Mind, body, business and relationships and making sure that you are not just, you know, super focused on only business or body because people tend to do that, they'll focus in on one thing and then every area of rest of their life will kind of be left to the wayside and won't be as important, so really attracted to me. When I found out about it and then the more I got involved in this group. They also had an affiliate program. And so the whole concept of it is, is called Story athlete so story is the sport and athletes as elite performance. So it's primarily the guy that runs it as a marketing guy, and he primarily talks about how to tell your story and document your story and how to use that in your marketing with your business. So I've just taken a lot of what I learned in that group and applied it to my business, not necessarily, he doesn't always go over exact strategies like, you know, click here. Do this, do that, it's just like really pushing the point that you're going to make the most impact by sharing your story, and having something that other people can relate to, to draw them into whatever the product is that you have. So, It all starts, oddly enough, it all starts with their, it's a multi tiered program. It all starts with this program called Grit, and all it is is you workout every single day, and you write, so they give you a prompt to write about. Those are the two things. Once you develop those two habits, consistency in your life in general just explodes. It’s crazy I didn't believe it at first, but it was like, you know, you take care of your body, you take care of your mind, and then it's much easier to do, you know, take care of your relationships. Take care of your business, and stuff like that so it kind of starts from the inside out is why I really like that program.

Matt: Yeah, cool. I feel like that reminds me of. I think it was a quote, I am not sure if it was Richard Branson, but I think it was, and his quote was based around how you know if he was like, let's say you're starting over. You have nothing, what's like the first habit, what's the first thing you would start doing like what, you know, what's the secret behind being, being a billionaire or whatever, and he said working out. And everybody's like, what, like, not a financial tip or whatever? And he was like No, that was a consistent exercise routine, consistent workout sweating every day hard. It sets, whether you do it in the morning or at night or whatever it sets the sort of consistency. And, like I found that to be true. Some basically all of my worst emotional moments have come, like when I'm not working out, like my emotions kind of get out of control I feel, I feel out of control. But when I'm working out, and I'm forced, like, every day, I used to go to the gym at 4pm and we're starting to get back into it now but every day just go back to the gym at 4pm, every day, and play basketball for an hour or two, there's a bunch of guys there. And I had other shit to do. Right, I had other shit to do that I could have done, but you have to make the decision. Okay, like, I need to do other stuff. but right now is like, this is the time, I have to do this. And there's something about making that decision every day like okay. Here we go, like I got to do it and I never regret it. Ever. You walk out of the gym. You're soaked, you can't breathe. And for that two hours it's like my brain just got a reset it's like the old Nintendo I think about like, when I was growing up playing Nintendo, like my old Nintendo machine, there's like a little reset button that popped in and out and you'd hit the reset and everything would just start back up. Blow on the cartridge. Come on jam that thing back in there. But no, I just, I, and and I've also had really good mentors in my life say similar things were the big, big thing about success for them writing was another big one. Specifically journaling journaling writing down emotions writing down goals writing down, and it doesn't even have to be like, specific. It's just, like, literally, just write and process, and write things down and sweat every day, so that's cool. What sort of, like, what do you feel like for you have been some of the perks of putting those into your life and keeping those consistent like what, have there been emotional shifts? Have there been spiritual shifts? Or like what kind of, what have you found?

Shawn: Yeah, for sure. So, you know, without being too broad, honestly, it's, it's changed my life. One of the, one of the prompts that we wrote about recently in the industry athlete group was, I live by a code, and going along with what you said. You know when you, when you have those certain things, like I had this little app on my phone. I forget the name all of a sudden, but it's basically like a list of things. It's almost like a to do list, but they're all in there every single day and I checked them off, Every single day. And if I don't do them. You know, it could be 10 o'clock at night but if I don't have it done, I'm going to do that before, you know I gotta swipe it off before I go to bed. Right, that's like, and making working out, writing a part of that you're, it's like that saying, you know, the 1% journey, like every single day you're getting 1% better. And then by the end of the year you're, you know like, improved. It really does apply to you and if you week, those two things specifically, from my experience working out, and writing every single day. That's going to transcend into things you said like your relationships and your spirituality, so like the fact that I get up and I know I'm gonna workout every day so my body's gonna be feeling good. I know that that's gonna lead me to meditating every day, which I've been doing for almost two years now, every single day, but we're out every day, then apart probably wouldn't meditate every day. Once you start saying, oh, tomorrow then it's easier to say oh, the next thing I'll do that tomorrow. So there's no way that you can meditate every day and not grow as a human, so it's like a muscle. That's the reason I started getting back into and I found spiritual talk to talk and you know that's that's like all my feet are now. It's because I meditated every day and I'm just drawn to those types of things. And so there's that. And then also, my wife and I went through a really tough time. Back in 2019, and if I hadn't spent the time every single day to take care of my body, and write about it and process how I was feeling, how I wanted not only, you know, to have this thing in personal development called scripting, where you, you're basically writing the script of how you want your life to go. I mean, it's a type of journal. So we're doing that a lot for story athlete and so during that tough time with my wife, I would write that I would write things that weren't necessarily true in reality. But I would write that as my script of how I wanted my future to go and it radically changed like we, we went through a phase in our lives. Most people probably would have ended up getting a divorce, and we even talked about it very seriously if I'm being candid. But we, because, you know, I was, I was writing and I was in care of my body and I was trying to do my best to be a support system for her. During that time, we actually ended up writing letters back and forth to each other. That's kind of what kept our marriage together. So, I mean without all these things and having this code that I live by, I don't know where I would be right now, honestly, if I hadn't started doing that a couple of years ago, it would just all compound so quickly. And, you know, it all just fits together so well. 

Matt: Really cool. Yeah, I also have experienced a similar season of life, and it's just brutal. I like, yeah, it seems like there’s this, it creates good structure for you and it creates a good sort of, I don't know system systems right not the right word but just creates a good like a healthy sort of way that fits for you to look at and experience the world and relationships and sort of, it makes sense of things right, it sort of helps a clicks or whatever you want to say I don't know, but you know that's really cool and I like that story about writing letters and stuff that's just a really cool. Yeah, I feel like you know a lot of people that I talked to have had those moments of like, okay, I don't know if we're gonna make it out of this. I don't know that I've really met anybody who hasn't. And we definitely had the similar thing where it's like, I think you put two other humans into this scenario and I don't think it goes well, I don't think they come out of it, you know, so. Yeah, it's interesting. It's very interesting. Well cool, I mean Geez That literally like, you know, helped to save your marriage, you know, obviously you had to act on those things right. So again, like we always, this is just, I don't know it's something we always hit on but it's always like, you know, people look to a program or people look to a system or people look to a person or a guru or something and say, finally, this is the right program. Oh, finally, this is the right guru and there's half truth to it, there's, there's finally I found something that really clicks with me and that really hits and resonates, but then there's also the sort of personal responsibility piece, or it's like, you know, you could also put somebody in your situation with, they had found the same system or they had found the same program or whatever, and didn't carry through or didn't didn't act or actually didn't follow through, right, and that would be a lot of people, right, so there's, there's two sides of that coin, there's programs or teachings or whatever and then there's actually, you know, the hard follow through to act and to change, right, so that's a big piece of that.

Shawn: Oh, that's cool. We're talking about a lot in the make money online niche, like, there's all these programs out there and you meet somebody that's just getting do marketing or affiliate marketing at the beginning, they're like, I'm so overwhelmed like I don't know what to do, there's this and that and this and that and I was like, you know, honestly, Nowadays, for me, for my experience it didn't used to be the case back in 2012 I feel like there was a lot of charlatans out there, but if you find a reputable program nowadays, it's going to work. If you follow through on the system, it'll work. So what I was encouraging people to do is just find the one that works for you. And the way you do that is you actually get programming you actually implement it. And then if you try it for a month or two or three, and then it doesn't work for you or you don't enjoy it, that's, that's the big thing for me I've jumped through several programs, it wasn't, it didn't work, I found success in most programs at least a little bit, but I just didn't enjoy it, you know, so I know that I'll go on to the next program and I always encourage people to do that but you have to implement, they talk about in in marketing how, when you're selling something you're writing a sales page. There's a dopamine effect like when you click the ‘Buy’ button. People feel like their problems are solved. The way the sales letter is written, it's like, oh, now that I bought this, I have whatever it is the result that they were talking about, in sales letter happens for a lot of people so then they, a lot of people don't even open up whatever it is they bought, you know. So, when you, when you and I fell into that trap too I'm not I'm not saying I'm like better than anybody else i That's the reason I quit back in 2015, but you know when you are a little bit more mindful about the programs that you purchase not only looking at the quality of the program, but mindful about okay, do I actually have the time to implement this, what's my strategy for implementing it before you buy the product and not just rely on that psychological dopamine response that you get from clicking that buy button. That's when you start being more successful.

Shawn: Yes, that is a very good point because there are a lot of people who purchase things, and never, ever log it. For once, I know that for most people out there, they're like, what, how is that even Why would anybody do that, people that are watching this show, that are like hungry for more information you know they're, those are all the people that are like why would he do that because I'm the same way, you know, I buy something, I don't. I've done it before where I bought something I didn't open it because I didn't have time that I get a refund on it, because it's like, well, obviously I just don't have time to implement this, I'll give her money back, you know I'm not the kind of person who never opened it never try it, and then just go on with my life you know like, what was the point.

Matt: Yeah, what's the point? Yeah, it's, I've had stuff that I've owned for. Geez. Nine years, 10 years that I still basically was, it was a really old program that I was going through a long time ago. So I have for sale, but it's about leadership. And it's kind of a personal development, leadership style course video course and I downloaded all the videos, I found a way to download them back in the day because I was like, the odds protection is hosted. and the guy who started the course he passed away a few years ago. And, you know, stuff just kind of didn't really continue or whatever, and the program change and that kind of stuff happens all the time so I was like I'm going to download these now I have them downloaded forever on my computer, and, I go back through it so I you know and sometimes people don't have the time at the moment or whatever, then, you know, I think the first time I watched through it I was like on a flight. I had downloaded them, put them on my computer and I was bored on an international flight and didn't have anything else to do, I was like okay I guess I still haven't gone through this and it was like, Whoa, this is incredible, I bought it like six years ago. If you know I also tell people don't have that guilt and don't feel bad or whatever just, you know, like, usually in time it will come. But, you know, get on it. Get going. 

Shawn: If you buy bad products. And I tell people this all the time so they're like man I got scammed, X and X product I'm like no you didn't. That is a story that you can use the next time you buy a product or when you're doing something else because I use that story all the time. The first product I ever bought to make money online was a huge scam. And I was like, all excited, you know, it was only like 100 bucks for me at the time being a teacher that was a lot so I was like, Yeah, we had that feeling, you know, when I click the Buy button and then I started going through it and I was like, I was a teacher, I was like these guys don't know how to teach for shit, like what, what is this, this isn't right. And then the more I look into them, they weren't even a real company and then I tried to get a refund and they wouldn't, you know, they just didn't exist all of a sudden, so I was like, you know, that's a great story I'm going to, I'm going to use that as a story like that was not a bad investment. That's a great story, you know.

Matt: Yes, and also, that's. So have you ever heard Dave say you scammed yourself? So usually, usually when people come in and they say all those scam is his responses usually like Well, typically like in any course that somebody is actually selling, there's usually something legit in there, right, there's usually something that you can learn from there's usually one piece or one big thing, or one big idea that you could actually learn from and takeaway so typically like yes there's those outside scam things that happen where people are like, you know, they disappear and you actually can't get a refund. That's crazy and fraud right but typically, like, you know, there's usually a big idea there's usually something really valuable, and people just aren't willing to actually pull that out and learn, and then implement it right and then it's like a scam. People run around buying all these products and buying all these services and oh my gosh it was a scam all that and got scammed again and then over here it's like, okay, but at some point, like you haven't learned either how to digest information and education, or 2. maybe bigger, you haven't developed the skill set to look at something and say, Oh, this is probably a scam, and at some point it's on you you have to make a responsible decision to be like, I need to become more discerning. I need to actually learn how to look at something on the internet and that's a skill too, and say something looks off here, something looks fishy or I didn't read their terms and conditions or I didn't read the refund policies, or I didn't look up reviews on them or I didn't, you know, whatever, like, at some point you've got to become. And I'm not saying you, I'm just saying people who are watching or whatever at some point people need to become discerning about, you know before I purchase, maybe I should. You see what people are saying about this or you know before I purchase maybe I should do some due diligence and actually make sure this is a legit company right, so there's part, you know, there's certainly there's companies out there who are just BS nonsense, terrible whatever. But it's always, it always, if you reframe it to come back on yourself or come back on myself, let's put in my shoes, then suddenly it's like there's an I'm dealing with this with contractors I actually bought a house whenever the main contractor disappears for 10 days. Okay, so there's a general contractor who's hired a subcontractor general contractor can't get ahold of this subcontractor for 10 days, days, the owner goes on vacation can't get ahold of whatever the general contractor says oh it's, it's their fault, right, they just disappeared. It's all on them and I said, you know that it's just interesting to me that we'll ever have anything right all that that does is help him. It helps him internally sort of absolve himself of any responsibility but in reality, he didn't, he didn't place crystal clear guidelines with that sub in terms of how he expects communication to go hey, I need to know specifically in our contract that you can finish by this day. Otherwise, we're going to remove, let's say $100 Each day that you're behind on this from our invoice, right, so now there's a negative incentive for this guy disappearing for 10 days but as it is now. We're locked into a contract, and this guy's going to get paid one way or the other so if he disappears for 10 days who cares right there's no negative consequences. So all that general contractor does is just he's just like, oh, it's all his fault. It's all his fault. Oh our delays are all his fault and it's like, okay I get it, I get it, the guy legit just kind of disappeared but also you're really bad at communicating, and you did a really poor job of getting him to commit to a date, and following up consistently and suddenly the deadlines here, and he's gone. Well, you didn't do your due diligence, throughout this process leading up to that moment, right. So he's never gonna know that general contractor's never gonna learn from that experience, right, because all he's worried about is, I have some feeling of guilt or I have some feeling that I missed something here and I have to make sure that you don't me, Matt, doesn't blame him for that, right because he can't handle that that would be too much. So he's got to absolve himself to sort of soothe. What's going on, right, as where. And that happens, this is a direct parallel with people who buy things online. Right. Oh, it was a scam because my wife or my spouse or my partner or whatever is gonna, you know, what did you just spend $200 on well it was, it was a terrible product I you know that couldn't be good fun. I don't know. You know, so it was a scam, I got scammed I got, you know this guy sold me this thing he said there's gonna be great but it was really just a scam and I'm trying to get my money back, you know, but in reality, you didn't do your due diligence, you, again, not you. You know people, I've done that before too so I'm talking about myself but didn't do due diligence, you know, didn't take responsibility for the money that I spent, and I am actually talking about myself because I spent, you know, I had over $30,000 in debt from courses I bought for traffic that I bought from all this different, you know, maybe I would say bullshit scams, but it's just not me. I was financially irresponsible, I didn't have the education but I'm not gonna blame it on my lack of financial education, I eventually got it, and they got out of debt, right and built my skills and use that debt as an investment and sort of had to take responsibility for it, and then find my way out right but none of that leading up to that was a scam it was my irresponsibility. It was my lack of taking accountability for my actions, it was all of that stuff. And so eventually, at some point in the online space, you have to say, okay, no matter what I do, no matter what money I spend, I'm responsible for that and I've got to get something out of it, and that's a big shift internally I think for people. Sorry, I'm on a rant here.

Shawn: People who will talk all the time about mindset in that whole story it was an explanation on mindset because people, you know, the most common mindset that I see for people that aren't finding success or like feel down about themselves is that they have this victimhood mentality and that's kind of what you're talking about with this contractor and people that you know find scams like that, instead of, you know, every personal development course I've ever taken, every manifestation course that I've ever taken. One of the first things I talked about is taking 100% responsibility for everything. And that it doesn't matter if somebody else did something to affect you, use those to take responsibility for how you receive that information and how you respond to it. And I think that's just like the last thing in our society. So, it's just something that you have to, you know that's what that's what people say when they talk about mindset, it's just something that you have to develop and like you said, it's a big shift once you start really understanding that.

Matt: You're right, the victim mentality is, is, is really big. Yeah, that's a huge one, and I'm glad to hear that that's a big piece of sort of what you're because that's always it's always a big thing, and it's, it's one of the big, honestly, like, it's, it's one of the number one, it's, it might be the number one, It's one of the top three benefits that I found in my time working with Legendary working with Dave and working in this culture at legendary, it is that we don't just slam it and yell it at people and ram it down people's throats because we're, you know we're the sellers of the product. It's like in our, you know, executive meetings are in our management meetings that we have on Monday, Tuesday, whatever. Like, that's just a real thing, like on our vision calls on our sales calls, all these things, all the training and everything that we're doing internally as a team. It's always our fault, it's always we miss communication, it's always we weren't on the same page. It's always us right it's never like, ooh, the customers the bad guy or ooh it's the, you know, sometimes we get into that, but then it's like, no way. Hold on, like, how, what can we do to fix this problem? Because we have to take responsibility for this. And it's a radically different way of looking at life, but it's also very empowering because you never, the big piece isn't so much that you're not like stepping on people's toes or you're not constantly in victim mode. That's true, But I used to run around, emotionally, erratic, because I always felt like people were trampling me, right, and people were, people were just kind of running roughshod all over me and I felt out of control like a victim and oh my god. But the reality. And this I, this took years, I mean, this took a long time for me to get there. But for me, eventually I learned that what you just said is taking responsibility for everything, everything.

Then I started feeling like, Okay, this is not me. No, this is on me for sure. And then it gives you an onus, a sense of control, a sense of like, okay, I have some power here I have some leverage. I have something I can do to make this right or to make this good or to fix how I feel. And I would say the moments that I feel emotionally out of control, or just, just sort of out of control in general, like in life are down by 100, like 100 times, right like by 99% in a given year. I used to feel out of control like maybe 200 days out of the year and I feel out of control, maybe two days of the year where I feel like I have a day where I'm like, I'll just go to my end. Now it's not even a big deal I just go to my wife and be like hey Today's just a hard day, like I feel out of control, I just, It's a tough one today. And she's like, Okay, I got you, you know, and then it's like, it's okay I'm not spiraling, I don't feel shame over it or I don't feel it's like I'm just a human, and today's one of my days, I'm just, something's off, right, and she's. Thankfully, she's a therapist, so she's able to just sort of extract all of it out of me. And then I'm like, oh my god I'm okay. It's amazing. But anyway, dude. So, we're at like 10:50. If we didn't have a time constraint, I feel like I could sit here and listen to you all day. But give us all, you have the final word, just give us like a little. Just a little, what's, uh, what's something you would say to somebody who's kind of just getting started in this online space. They, they're discovering the E-commerce world, they're not E-commerce in terms of selling physical products but they're discovering money moving on the internet, and they're trying to place themselves in that, you know, big global universal supply chain of stuff and trying to take their piece of the pie. What would you say to them, as they're getting started?

Shawn: That's a big ocean. It's a, it's easy to get lost, and, you know, kind of told you my story and I quit before. So one of the biggest things I had to do mentally coming back into it was really shifted my perspective. And one of my favorite quotes like one of the codes that I live by is. It's from Emily Fletcher and she's a meditation teacher, and she says, “I'm more interested in the happiness of pursuit than the pursuit of happiness.” So once I really develop that mindset of I'm not I'm not chasing anything I'm not, you know I'm not constantly going after something I'm enjoying where I'm at right now I'm enjoying the process of learning how to do this I'm enjoying building one asset at a time, seeing how it works not not attached to any kind of result. Just seeing, does this work? If it does awesome keep doing that, am I enjoying this. Is it something that I enjoy doing something I can see myself doing in 10 years? So I'm asking more of those kinds of questions and enjoying the moment, and not necessarily pursuing happiness, happiness, but just being happy doing what you're doing. That's gonna give you a lot more freedom and a lot more energy and power to continue going even when things do get hard. So, just a little quote there for you. 

Matt: I love it. I actually really like that. That's one of the hardest things in my life, in the last few years is that process piece. Is the pursuit of peace. Finding Happiness in pursuit, like, that is an extremely difficult thing for me, and I think for most people, too, especially in situations that are hard relationally financially.

Shawn: Remind yourself of it constantly. 

Matt: Well, cool man. I am so happy that you jumped on here. I'm glad that we were able to find you and get you on the show, this is really powerful. So thanks for coming on.

Shawn: Yeah, thanks a lot. It was really fun. Have a good one.

Matt: All right guys, I legit could sit out here and just chat forever with them but I was really powerful. Thank you Shawn for coming on and we are going to wrap up for the day, and we've got Thursday and Friday of this week we're still going to be live. Dave will be on Thursday tomorrow. And Dave will be on a Good Friday, to wrap up the week, so we'll be here again 10am Eastern we're here every day, every Monday through Friday at 10am Eastern. Go give Shawn a follow. You can find him at Shawn LeFountain, or actually here,

Or @manifestationsecrets. There we go. And, yeah, go give him a follow on TikTok. Let him know you're watching his videos he's got cool stuff on there he's, he's sort of diversified into different sort of niches, and he would be a really really really good follow up so I also put them in the, in the comments, so you might have to scroll up in the comments just a little bit but we did post them in the comments as well for you to just click on so yeah. Have a great rest of your Wednesday and, As always, Be Legendary.

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Dave: What's going on, my friends, this is your boy Dave Sharpe, hope you guys are well today. We've got an exciting show man. It’s about to pop off, you know it's going down, we got some good energy this morning on another show. I'm excited for you guys to meet our guests so with that being said, I'm just going to go ahead, let's kick this bad boy off, Nathan Bokkers what's going on, my brother?


Nathan: How's it going Dave? Thank you. Thank you for having me on the show, man, this has been my number one goal since I started this so thank you I appreciate it.


Dave: You're welcome, bro. You're welcome. Another box checked off right,

checking boxes, my brother checking boxes. Oh man, I love it I love it.


Nathan: Any of you that do know I just want to say hey, yeah I got no teeth. I'm in the middle of getting dentures. So, if you care less. That's what I love,


Dave: I love it man. So, so. So you've been doing this whole marketing thing with no teeth?


Nathan: I actually got my very first two commissions. The day I got my teeth ripped out. So, yes, I've done this whole journey pretty much with no teeth. And I'm like, holding back, is what it is right.


Dave: Yeah, I mean, like I just think that's another, that's another really… It's just a great kind of testimonial to what’s possible when you get this right. It ain’t these that stops you *points to teeth*, it’s this *points to head*.


Nathan: Buddy it's mindset. And I've learned that I've learned mindset and everything like your story is what brought me and me and you have a lot of the same story right we have the same background. I was an addict too for years. So, I was actually living on the streets of Vancouver in back alleyways, I was that bad of an addict, right 10 years ago so hey if I can come up and be like this and get up and become a successful person online. I never thought it was possible I'm a truck driver. Right, so anybody can do that just shows that there's, you don't need a lot of time to do this.


Dave: Man, I, if I was you I would have so much fun with headlines and marketing stories, man. I mean, like, I've done a headline. The headline would say Toothless truck driver, you know, but makes his first commission, and grows his business from there, you know how like that kind of a feeling man I would play that up and buy that slowly, over and over and over, even when you get teeth man that'll be your most valuable story man.


Nathan: I have that I started this with no teeth, literally. Yeah, no, I'm a truck driver, full time right like I don't have a lot of time to market but I use that to my advantage I took my trucking and I, my first videos of marketing was my truck driving, I was doing videos I meet truck guy and said, Hey, are you making double incomes too? Why aren't you right? I'm doing it, so why can't you? 


Dave: Yeah, I mean, I often….a lot of you guys know that. And this is a this is a big big big big big part of what has helped me to have the success that I've had, and it's a big part of what continues to help me have the success that I have, look I want to I want to take you guys kind of behind the scenes with something here real quick. Let me share my screen. So I've got this, I've got this, I've got this file, or excuse me this Dropbox, this dropbox folder on my in my in my Dropbox account, let's just Dave biz photos and I'm, I'm pretty well organized in terms of my Google Drive in my Dropbox. I try to keep things to where I can find them fairly easily. But one of them, I mean, this is exactly where I store and hold the pretty much the marketing gold that tells my story, the visuals that helped me to tell my story. You know I've got me as a young teenage father here. A got me as a construction worker and by the way, Nate when I, when I started, man. Like, we didn't have like there weren't a lot of photos so even the fact that I got this photo this is the only one of if not the only photos I think I've got a couple of physical hardcopy photos of me doing construction, but this is the only one. So, you know, nowadays, we have these, these phones that can take you take these digital cameras, and, and, I mean, I'm just blessed that I got some snaps from back in the day, like this one right here I use a lot, like this is the early days of me working on the computer, this is the computer that I that I bought on my wife's credit card for $500 and paid it off 50 bucks at a time and got the nicotine patch there. So I say all this just to say that, you know Brother, you've got this, you've got this, obviously a great attitude and I want to hear and learn more about you and your journey, but I want to tell you and I want to particularly remind everybody who's on the show that these times at the beginning, these struggles these moments, make sure to document it, not just because you can use it in your marketing now, but because you're going to be able to use it in your marketing for years to come. What's coming up for you brother?


Nathan: Actually no that totally blows, blows my mind. I'm actually going to, that's a great thing I'm going to start making a portfolio for that and start documenting my journey because I know this ain't this, this, this is just the start. Right, this is just the start right, I'm ready to take off, I'm ready, I'm ready to blow this business out right so this industry is booming and like it has so much potential, like so much potential, like I wasted probably about three weeks of my time researching about affiliate marketing before I jumped on board. 


Dave: Which is nothing, though, which is nothing, you know what I mean like it seems like a lot because you're super hungry right now, but I mean three weeks, the fact that you got started in three weeks, brother. It's, I know that you will be surprised, because three weeks to you feels like a year, but there's people man who three weeks they waste three weeks, you know, over and over and over and over again and before you know it three years has gone by and they're going, I still haven't gotten started. I'm still shopping around or skeptical of whether this is a scam. So continue your story about the three weeks and how you feel like that was wasted time and how much of an opportunity you feel you got your hands right now. 

Well, I should say like, that's true. I personally looked at that it was like, saying it was like some of the top of billiards, I know that three weeks I wasted is now, that's three weeks of income I lost already. I put that I wasted that three weeks but I'm glad I did the research, because if I hadn't I probably wouldn't have joined. But your story is what got me in what literally took me in as your as your your story, because I found recently with my success is building those relationships with your clients, building those relationships with people, is the biggest, biggest asset you have right now, even as you just starting out, starting out as a beginner, I find, building those relationships is the biggest thing that's helped me along the way in the last few weeks that have gone from me going to making those oboe bows to going right, it's those relationships.


Dave: So what do I mean by that? What do you mean by those relationships? Do you mean make you mean reaching out and connecting with potential Bob Simpson people who are in your audience do you mean, talk to me.


Nathan: I actually talk to them not saying hey, go to my link Hey, go check this out hey go grab my ebook. I actually build that relationship with people. Hey, how's your day going, how's your week going? I'm talking to somebody recently right now who's got COVID and I've been talking to him for almost a week but he still wants to get involved, I said buddy buddy. Take care of yourself first before you even want to get in on this right, like I'm here to help you but you got COVID. Take care of yourself first, right, I guarantee you he's gonna trust me right that guy who I'm building a relationship with that guy. I've done it multiple times with multiple people, and I still help them out. I help out people that I help out, if they need help with me, I ask anybody, there's probably plenty of people in the chat that I've helped already. And I don't know, it's, it's one of the greatest feelings because I actually had, six months ago I was a negative person right. I was not a negative person I was just not in the right mindset, didn't know what I'm doing with my life because I driving truck by still wasn't getting ahead in life. Right. Driving trucks, you know, if you know anything, truck drivers make really good money. I make pretty good money but I'm still living paycheck to paycheck. Right. I wasn't, I'm not living above my means I don't have a bunch of toys. It's just the world today that is difficult. Yeah. And you gotta have that extra passive income in order to get ahead nowadays and I've realized that right. Yeah.


Dave: You know it's interesting man. 


Nathan: Sorry I’m all over the place. But I'm ADHD.


Dave: Well, no that's a gift and a curse. Brother, I mean it's a real gift because it makes you creative, you know, and it does the same thing for me, I'm ADD, I guess, ADHD is hyper, I'm a little hyper too I'm a little man. So, what I hear, I want to point something out that I see and you tell me if this fits, is that I'm here and a guy who's been through a lot of challenges I mean living on the streets in back alleys in Vancouver battling in addiction. You know, even now, living with some of the consequences of addiction, I mean I would assume that the tooth loss is from addiction. I actually had Hep C, that was something that I yeah I got because of my addiction I was lucky to go on medication and now I'm, I've got a zero viral load I'm essentially cured of hep C because of some of the medications that they have out now. But that was a consequence of my addiction. But what I realized is that when we're going through these challenges, we actually develop a certain set of survival skills, a certain set of survival mechanisms. And once we get clean get our head on straight and say okay hey I want to start a business or I want to pursue something I want to go back to school or whatever it is, but let's talk about entrepreneurship. What I see is I see people like me and like you and like other folks who are successful, using those survival skills that they used at one time to hustle, to stay alive, to stay safe, whatever it is, right I mean maybe you're in a relationship that was toxic or abusive and you survived it, maybe you raised a bunch of kids and you survived that, maybe you had a rough childhood you survived that we figure out how to take those survival skills, and then use them not just to stay safe or stay alive. But once we let that chaos out, we remove a lot of now we still have some skills, but  nowhere to apply them. And then when we start a business, we take those skills that we developed. And we actually realize that we have an edge, we actually all of you if you've survived through any of those types of challenges I just listed, you actually have an edge, because you, you have these natural instincts to figure things out to hustle to not quit. I, you know, I see that in you. Does that fit?


Nathan: Yeah, actually I have a tattoo that says hustler on my ankle. Right, so I've had that for years for years right like I am. It's definitely been a challenging life I've had, but I'm not letting that I haven't let my past predict my future, right, not letting my past predict my future because literally six months ago, I was on Ei, waiting to go back to work and blah blah blah. Now, I'm actually high starting a successful business online, that I never thought was possible and it's all thanks to this company, like literally it's, I put the effort in, I jumped in, And I took the risk, which is very little, very, very little risk in this, and I went full tilt, do you put the effort you put the work in. Anybody can do this, this industry is booming, and right now is the best time to do it that's the thing, right, right now, because with COVID everything going on in the world right now. All these small businesses, they're just pushing, pushing that traffic online for us. Right? Like, I'm using some people like this pandemic as a bad thing and stuff and I'm looking at it as a positive side. Hey, I don't know. That way right is for marketing in the marketing industry, it's actually blessing right now, yeah, well take advantage of situations like that right?


Dave: I think that what you just said is a is a is not just a golden nugget. I think that it's a thought that it's a golden Boulder, and so I want to just read, I want to read, bring that back up I want to read up on that for a terminology that you and I may be familiar with. So, that's true, Guys, that's true. Forget about the pandemic for a second, just this hope. Right, right, hopefully we're you know we're going to get back to normal and just, it's going to end soon it's going to end eventually. Right, it's already starting to end, I mean I had, you know family over the other day I mean we're moving forward. We're making personal choices that make us feel safe to try. Well, I know, Canada is different but here's the point is that regardless of what the status of the pandemic is in the world. Here's what's the, here's the facts, is that companies have realized that just going online to better move, and that they're going to have to do it, like for example my uncle works for Walmart, and they were already, they've already been worried, in thinking about how they can go online to be able to compete with Amazon, because Amazon stole a whole lot of their market share. So they were already thinking about this, but then what's happened in this last year hits, and it was like the, you know, it was like the last straw, right, the, What do they say the needle that broke the camel's back whatever like it was the nail in the coffin, and in all these companies are pushing traffic online so everybody who's not already online is going to be online, faster now. So like all seven or 8 billion people in the world, only about half are online, right, you know, up until this point, but what you know, broadband in America, like we have plans to put broadband and everybody, it's almost like it's almost becoming a human right to have internet access, right, whereas before it was more of like a luxury and what was your speed and stuff now it's becoming more of a human right to have internet access because you have to because so many things happen online. Government stuff, voter registration, all this different stuff like you can go online to pretty much get the information so it's becoming a human right. So I think you're, in a sense, essentially acting as a visionary for everybody today to really hammer home the fact that guys wake up, because there's a lot of companies that a lot of companies are doing the work for bringing people online.


Nathan: Right. And like I said, even here in Canada we all like, not Alberta itself by like a bunch of the provinces here in Canada, they all just went back into a three week lockdown here on Sunday. Right, we all locked back down on Sunday right so I'm making TikTok videos I'm making TikTok videos hey did you just get locked down. 


Dave: Are you right here, here's something for you so be careful with this these terms because these platforms are cracking down on saying the actual words that, did you notice that I didn't say what anything is called or that because they have algorithms that will that will pick up in translate that you're using the words, and potentially think that your profile is spreading misinformation about, about what's going on so I'm just, I'm just giving everybody a little warning to our group and say, oh my, this guy, shut down or that guy. Well, if you were talking about what's going on right now and using certain terminologies, your accounts are gonna get shut down, and I'm not saying that particularly to you, Nathan, but I'm saying it.


Nathan: I’m not actually using the PR, I'm not using the natural term COVID or pandemic, I'm just saying.


Dave: Well no it's fine, it's fine, it's fine.


Nathan: But yeah, no, it's just like yeah it's it's just, I, what I'm trying to say is, use it to your advantage right.


Dave: Yes, I get it.


Nathan: It's hard to, it's hard for me to explain it because like I'm using it to my advantage right now because I know people are, I know people want to make extra money online right now on this. When I tell people hey like Wake the hell up, like, right.


Dave: Everybody understands what's going on I mean you don't, we got the point, I'm just trying to give the additional tip to everybody to just don't use those words because the algorithms will pick it up, you'll start getting warnings on your videos, you know, little, you know warnings below that, you know this person may be spreading misinformation or something like that about the, about what's going on so here's the thing, okay, dude, check this out Nathan. Before when you were driving trucks and probably on the streets of Vancouver, right, or wherever you were in the back alley or 10 years ago this whole message that we use now still applied like hey, are you looking to have more time and financial freedom? Are you looking to make more money, like are you looking to be your own boss? Like that's been a timeless universal message. It just happens to be even more timely now and applies to even a bigger audience because of what's going on in the world. So, you know, that's the kind of an important thing to know is that people already people already want this dude, people already want, if, particularly if you're in the business opportunities, not everybody is not everybody is, some people are doing health, health stuff, some people are doing dog training people for those things.


Nathan: I'm actually into the green industry myself. 


Dave: So when you say green in knowing your history, you're gonna have to give me some context. Yeah, okay, about the old Mary Jane, the old whacky tobaccy?


Nathan: Mary Jane. She is a huge, huge industry here in Canada, I'm taking it, using it to my advantage right.


Dave: Mary Jane, right, yeah.


Nathan: It's federally legal here across Canada. It's almost a $22 billion industry here in Canada already. 


Dave: So are you are you doing affiliate marketing or you just straight slinging lbs

across, getting into it? 


Nathan: I'm sending stuff to certain buddies through Facebook, through a free Facebook group personal Facebook group that I have had already.


Dave: Sounds like a thing that we shouldn't really go into too much detail about. 


Nathan: That's why I didn't bring it up.


Dave: But you did bring it up, I wouldn't know not to ask but I'm not gonna go any deeper.


Nathan: Yeah, no, it's an industry I've taken full advantage of to put it that way.


Dave: Well I wouldn't put it past you I mean, you seem like the guy who likes to take advantage of certain opportunities at certain times. you'll, you'll have your game plan, you’re the type of guy that will look at any opportunity that comes across your desk, right?


Nathan: I'm very straight up with people though that's the thing like I'm very blunt with people, I don't beat around the bush with anybody, I tell them how it is I, this is hard. This takes work right, it does take work, we get a business up and going, but once you get everything up and going, get the automation going, get everything working. You can breathe. You can actually enjoy doing it right. I'm enjoying this. I really enjoy marketing now like I love it. My wife probably doesn't like me talking about it as much, but hey, like I got a wife and two kids as well right so

Dave: Nice. Well, so are you driving a truck anymore at all dude or have you gone full time?


Nathan: I was hauling frac sand last Friday, I sat on since I sat on site for over five hours last Friday night, I'm just the last three weeks, I've been on road bands right we have road bands up here so we can't drive trucks and all the trucks get parked. So I've been able to work hard on the business instead but ya know, I've been hauling logs dude right up until our mills slowed right down in February so they slowed right down so I had to get into hauling frac sand right like I'm gonna truck I don't have to worry about getting a job because I can get a job anytime you make phone call right. But the thing is, with all the taxes and everything else and every, all the world going on, I'm not getting the hours that I was getting before. Right. I'm not making that five to $6,000 a month that I was making before because of the hours and mills slowed down, everything's affected right now, doesn't matter, because an extra $10,000 A month right now to build a home in Canada, just in lumber alone. Yeah, our mills are packed full of wood.


Dave: I got you in that's, that's smart. You're, you're doing you're kind of killing two birds with one stone or with one stone, you're, you're making the most out of your time when you're sitting around even in the truck. So let's give some of Nathan's best tips like say, let's do a lightning round of I'd love for you to expand a little bit about the building relationships thing that seemed like a huge golden boulder that was kind of first and foremost came up. Talk more about what gives us three of your best tips and sort of a lightning round fashion right now, if somebody who's brand new or somebody who's looking to get started and start driving traffic getting leads making sales, what would you advise them to do?


Nathan: Number one, don't chase the money, it's just gonna run. Simple as that. Number two, building relationships, building relationships is the biggest thing, especially when you're starting out, because you got to build a name for yourself, you got to get people knowing who you are. It took me weeks before people started knowing me and talking to me, so build that relationship with people, they want to hear your story. More affiliates want to hear your story. Doesn't matter if you think it's we if you don't think it's interesting, doesn't matter if you think it's boring. Trust me, there's people out there that want to hear your story. I talked to somebody in Scotland, the other day, and he's like, I can't get the views right I can't. Why can't I get the views and stuff I said dude, you're in Scotland. Show your frickin scenery, talk about your scenery talk about your experiences there, because you might think it's boring there, but people in other places, they want to see that kind of stuff they want to hear that story right pocket about your story because people want to hear it, and they're gonna listen, and when they listen that's building a relationship between you and the potential client. And when that brings that drops people's bridges and people drops people's walls right, and then they, you can build that relationship with them. They will trust you more. Hey, like, honestly like my last week, is my whole last week of success that I've had is all based on relationships, I've spent two three hours just talking with people on TikTok, messenger, just because they want to talk or they want to they want to, hey, they want to. I don't know, they just want to talk with me to talk to somebody right.


Dave: How do you start the relationship? If somebody comments on your video do you reach out and send them a message like how does the beginning of the conversation happen?


Nathan: First of all, like I say hey  DM me, we'll chat right. A lot of times I'm not just sending people straight to my link, because I've learned from a lot of them I've talked to a lot of the higher ups right like Megan Ryan did. Did you Murano he's in Paris, you know, I don't know if you know Chris hasn't been on yet but I can't wait because I've mentored from Chris myself, but Chris did Morocco, Trevor Mundrum He's who I started so he's an amazing guy, I reached out to the higher outs and that got the information and I got Ryan and Megan Hobbs. They really helped me out to write like ask for information, don't be afraid to ask people, we're here, like the group, this family, I call it my Legendary family This is a community we all are here to help each other out right so build those relationships with people because all I do is basically take a conversation and say hey, how's your day going? What's going on in your life right now? and just say hey, how could I help you better yourself? How can I help you? Just start a conversation doesn't have to be about affiliate marketing in general. This started conversation, because I've had conversations does lead to Hey, I see you've been having success with this business I let them come to me sometimes, right, and they say hey, if you're having success with this business I see you on the gram I see you on Pinterest. I see you on TikTok right. What's going on is this really the real deal and I'll explain to them, I wouldn't be wasting my time if I wasn't making profit with this. You think my wife would be letting me do all of this if I wasn't making a profit from it, right? That's, that's one of my biggest sellers right is because my wife if, what if I didn't have my wife's if I didn't have my wife back on this, I would have had to give up on this a long time ago, because I was I went through the valley of despair I was in the valley of despair, and I reached out to one of the higher ups, he helped me out Chris Morano I don't care how to say his name he is an amazing man you will meet someday because he is doing amazing, but he helped me out I was in the valley of despair, and he helped me push myself through that. And literally, that's, that's what that's what changed everything for me to my valley of despair.


Dave: Yeah, so I mean, what I'm hearing you say in terms of, of, first and foremost, just to just answer what was coming up for me was how does the conversation start, you're giving people a call to action to reach out in direct message. So, in your videos instead of always saying, click a link, click a link, click the link, click the link, click like a broken record like everybody else is doing right, you're hitting them with a, with a you're hitting them with a sidewinder when everybody else is throwing left jabs and you're saying, yo, Hop in my DMs, you know, shoot me a message. Let's chop it up,


Nathan: And like, even like I was talking to Megan Hobbs last night and like another thing I'm going to start doing is I'm going to start getting on Zoom calls with people, Hey, you want me to show you, I'll show you how I'm doing this. If you're really that worried about I will literally get on a zoom call with you and show you. I also have a big thing, another big thing. I send a lot of traffic to a private Facebook group. And in that private Facebook group. I have so much info, I have a lot I have to put a lot more on there but I have a lot of information that pushes people do want to get into this, that shows them the success that shows Hey, you can promote this product hey you can promote these kind of products right, I show them. It's not just about the digital world too, you can do whatever you want in this industry right? You get to pick the product, you get to pick the company you want to promote. Right, yeah, if you want to choose Legendary That's wicked, but you're not just limited to one product in this industry and that's what people think that's what people are always thinking, and you change that mindset in them right?


Dave: Yeah, no doubt, no doubt, that's a huge dude because it's even, what I would say if I was gonna say what you just said, I would say, you can do anything you want with these skill sets. Right when you learn the skill sets, dude, you can do anything.


Nathan: That's why I tell them I said, You got to get the fat you got to get the training, and you've got to build the foundation. First, you got to build your foundation first. And you are the foundation I got to build my business, is this training. This is the training that you need to build the same foundation that I did to start building my empire. Right. I was a construction worker too dude I did heavy equipment I did construction, I was a drywall ER for 12 years right so I did it all too right like I was in the construction industry, I did everything. Like, I'm a man of multi multiple tasks right I've done a lot done it all in my life right like I started, I started working at grade nine right, I went back and got my GED when I did two years of prison right so I've had a life right I've had experiences and I'm using that to my advantage right now and using those terms like, I love the word foundation. I use it all the time right, the word foundation because it's exactly what we're doing. The training we get from this is the foundation to our company and to our business. We need that training to build our foundation in order to build up right, and that's what I personally push that like, this is your training, this is your foundation to get to where I wanted to get to get become successful and become successful in this industry you need the proper training you need the right knowledge, yeah you can do it on YouTube but you're gonna waste six months doing it, why? When you can learn it in 15 days. So I honestly like to use it. I never use a word course. I never use the word, I don't even use word 15 day, I use the word program, I use word training, I use the word foundation. Right. Yeah, that's fine, that's what's working for me right that's what's working out for me right so Yeah, And, like we say, whatever works, repeat the process


Dave: You're figuring out that if you're figuring out the idea of novelty. Okay, novelty is, is this idea, right, I mean, let's let's go right here, let's look it up, novelty, right, because I'm a ninth grade dropout. Right, so I gotta I gotta really, I gotta really dumb things down. Okay, so let's see here, novelty, the quality. Alright, check this out. Alright, so the quality, I'm going to share this old screen here for everybody. So, here we go. Okay, let's let's go right over here. The quality of being new is unusual, something that has not been experienced before. So, it is interesting, right. So check this out guys. So why is not, why, why the hell is Dave talking about this right now? Because novelty and marketing is one of the most powerful things that you will ever be enlightened to. The reason why is because if somebody feels like they've seen or heard something before. It's not going to be as it's not going to be as exciting to them. But if you frame things, even if you're selling the same exact product or service or training the reason why, the reason why saturation is a myth. It's a myth, is because I can come into a market that's been predominantly selling a product or a service in one way for decades, and I can come in and I can use a new angle, new terminology, just a new way of selling that product I can I can bundle that product with some additional training that we're offering more valuable, ie, bonuses, right. So, novelty is, is one of the most important and powerful concepts that we'll ever learn in marketing, and it's why going out there on TikTok or wherever you're going, in trying to do what everybody else is doing, is not the best long term solution, is it a good way to get things off the ground and sort of get into action? Sure. right, you don't need to reinvent the wheel in the principles, or as you call it Nathan the foundation is pretty much always the same, but the details, the language, the terms, the angle, the story, right? The bonuses, what you, what you're also offering as an individual as an affiliate of a product for example, the more new, the more interesting, the more different, it can be, the more successful you be and I think you're picking up on that right you're realizing that you're learning that at early stage.


Nathan: I've oh yeah I've realized that real quick and like I was never in sales myself so this is all new to me the online world everything is new to me, but for me just reaching out, getting the knowledge getting the experience and talking to the right people, I've been able to, I guess, put it all together puzzle all the pieces together and actually make things work the way I wanted it to work right. I'm actually being, I'm actually able to sit back and breathe because I'm seeing. I'm seeing all my hard work come into action. And it's actually paying off right so it's a copy and repeat process right I'm like there's like I had an amazing week last week, last weekend and even this week, but he didn't see me. Oh hey, I had an amazing day right you didn't see me Oh, I'm not gonna make TikToks anymore. I'm not going to go live tonight just because I made a couple grand that day right, no I got on, I was on live that made me push more I want to frickin let's get some more right let's do this more I didn't slack because my success that pushed me for more that get drought drove my hunger for more right, so like, it was kind of great because, actually my best night on TikTok live was that night itself because I, I had that energy people who's like, whoa, like this guy like what's going on with him right. I had that energy I wanted to push people right. And it's like, I don't know like there are people in this group. I don't know, I've told a lot of people about this but my, my mindset with the company. From the day I started has totally changed right, like my mindset has totally changed. I am a more positive person. I'm a better person because of this company. I, I'm better, I guess is more tolerant with my kids like you said a more color like I'm spending more time with my wife. I'm actually becoming a better person. I want to help people. I like people coming to me all the time, like my day’s full of helping people online like I'm helping people not stopping getting on Zoom calls I'm doing this. Whatever I can do to help somebody else out and get them going I’m there for them and I tell everybody that straight up like, It's hard as like, I have to juggle my family life, my trucking life, and this business right so it's hard to time, but I pushed myself to the point and said keep telling myself, it's going to be worth it. Just keep going. Right. So it's my attitude a lot, my attitude alone and my mindset has really changed for the better. I'm going into groups, people are saying hey, Nate, I love your positivity, Hey Nate It's great seeing you comment on everything. Hey, Nate, it's good, your positivity, your mindset in the way you were pushing people right. I'm feeding off of that right I'm driving me for more right and that I'm, I'm enjoying it right if I never would have thought 10 years ago Hey there'd be people saying hey Nate keep up your positivity. No I was laying in the frickin back alleyway, right, and now I'm sitting here people asking, asking me for help, and I'm actually helping them get better on with their lives, make a better life for themselves and it's actually best driving me and it's, I don't know if you can say it's my new addiction. 


Dave: Not a bad one. I mean, I yeah I have an addictive personality too so I mean I've learned that I need to find positive addictions because I'm likely going to be addicted to something, you know.


Nathan: I quit smoking cigarettes a year ago myself too. Right.


Dave: Yeah well I know I love tobacco too I love me a cigar here and there. So, I wanted to just point one thing out and then we'll bring this baby in for a landing because I've got an 11 o'clock I got to get ready for this. I wanted to point out something for everybody here that you just said, which is like your positivity in your, in your helping you're commenting, you're contributing instead of just like the work seeing and seeing what you can take, like, nobody's helping me please help me, you know like-


Nathan: No excuses. Yeah there's no excuses.


Dave: Well that's a great term that's a great motto to live by because, I mean, some of us, and we've all been like this at certain times in our life so I'm not here to put anybody down or shame anybody, it's just about bringing people up and raising their self awareness. Some of us when we start we just, we have more excuses and results I mean we just everything's, you know, I remember when I got clean from from drugs, you know, it was everybody else's fault lie was what it wasn't until I learned to take responsibility that I started to get clean and change my life. And the same thing happens in business, it's like we see people all the time, though I got scammed I got the bad I didn't get supported this, that person is the reason why I wasn't successful in the past, and it's like that, that all feelings may be real. I'm not trying to say that you don't feel like that. And I'm not trying to say that none of that stuff happened because I wasn't there. I don't know I believe people when they say what they say. But here's what I tell them that you're not responsible for anything in the past, let's just, you got to totally pass on everything you don't have to have any guilt you don't have to have any shame. You don't even have to just think about it right now, the only thing you have to think about is that you are totally 100% responsible for everything that happens from now on out, 100% responsible, and can we agree on that? Can you accept that as a person, that the past doesn't matter, forget about it. It's over. You're not responsible for it. It's not your fault. But everything in the future you're totally 100% responsible for. And if you can embrace that people, if you guys can embrace that, if you can accept that, if you can say, Okay, that's a fair deal. Right, that's like a fair deal like I can get down with that if you can accept that, then, the sky's the limit. The sky's the limit for each one of you and that is exactly what I see with you my brother so before we wrap up, I'll give you the last word.


Nathan: Yeah. No excuses. Keep pushing people, because you might think that you're not getting anywhere and stuff but I'm telling you, you're right at that point, you're about to take off. I was there, I was ready to give up and I had some I, I went and pushed myself through the valley of despair, just push yourself because you got this. There's really no excuses. Nobody else is going to push you, you gotta do it yourself. So I don't I don't let anybody give me excuses, honestly as the past is the past like you said right so yeah I really do. I really do appreciate everything Dave and you've changed my life and this has definitely been life changing. I

appreciate it. 


Dave: Brother, it's my, my, not only my job I look at it as just an honor and a privilege, and just something that I, that now you'll be doing the same thing you already are. And so it's nice to be a part of your journey, brother.


Nathan: Yeah and I actually, me and another marketer have some amazing news is going to be happening so you're gonna see some amazing stuff start happening here, me and another really mean another affiliate got some things going, buddy, another Canadian boy right so crazy fast start happening. You just watch.


Dave: Alright guys, well, Nathan take care of my brother. Alright dude, yep. We'll, we'll have you back to stay posted on your journey bro give my best to your family man, stay safe. We'll talk soon brother. So, see about it guys. His Nathan's TikTok banner is once again up you can go find him, connect with him, you know, allow him to be a part of your network, be a part of his, obviously, you know, the cool thing about so many people on the show is that, like, it's not about going in, and reaching out, I mean I know Nathan said reaching out to the higher ups but you know the truth is is that we're all here to learn from each other, man. And the cool thing is that even if somebody has been marketing for a couple of weeks or a couple of months, you can learn from them. And likely, they can learn from you, if you transition over into that take responsibility take action you're soon going to have experience that you can share too and then you instead of always being in this in this kind of dynamic with people online to where you're lower than eight and there's some guru. That's hot. That's above you or whatever like you become to be you, you become equals man, you become equals. and that's what that to me, to me that's what legendary is about more than anything, is that we're all equal. We're all equal, man. I mean, I'm no better, no different than anybody else, I'm coming on the show everyday learning from people. This, I'm looking here to be a sponge to soak up knowledge to be able to be refreshed with new ideas and new ways of thinking about things and stuff, you know, so just know that you're so close like Nathan said you're so close that it's just really about taking responsibility, it's just really stepping into your boss mode, It's really stepping into your leadership, your best leader self. I mean you can do that in an instant like everybody can do that you don't have to have, you don't have to have accomplished something to step into that role. And that's the one of the things that I hope we all can take with us today, and be empowered with that thought so I want to thank Nathan once again for getting that conversation started, but you guys can again follow him on TikTok go lift him up, comment on his stuff support him right lift him up, and I know he'll do the same for you, and we'll see you guys back here tomorrow once again 10am Eastern Time for Wake Up Legendary. See ya.

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How To Use EBM To Get Huge Results For Affiliate Marketers

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Dave: Hey what's going on my friends this is Dave Sharpe Welcome to Wake Up Legendary now here in a second, we're going to reveal what that EBM means okay EBM I wonder if there's any guesses that can pop off down in the comments. Before we get started here what is EBM mean, listen, I'm excited about this episode because the person who you're going to hear from is really a great example of what's possible, of what's possible in your life, no matter where you're at, no matter how young you are, how old you are, where you're located in the world, and also what your previous challenges were just like me. This guest today has overcome alcoholism and addiction, and is retired now at the age of 63, pursuing an online digital new career, new journey in retirement, be able to to work from home, right, reduces this, this young at heart, man. This young at heart man has been able to build a following on TikTok of 131,000 followers. He's building up his YouTube channel. As we speak, he's literally very new, very new as of, I believe December 2020 And we're going to reveal today how Colin uses EBM to get huge results online so with that being said, I want to welcome Colin Adi, all the way from South Africa to the show. What's up my brother?

Colin: Oh good, my friend, how are you?

Dave: I'm fantastic man. Fantastic.

Colin: How are the guests?. Hopefully excited.

Dave: Yeah, no, I'm sure they're thrilled. I'm excited. This is going to be a, this is going to be a great session this morning. So tell us, you know, I look at, I look at you. And I say that, you know, I hope I'm like him when I'm your age, you know what I mean, still fired up. Still going after new things, still striving to achieve new goals, you know, so tell us a little bit about what led you to online marketing in the first place.

Colin: Well, I can say that. I mean, my life has been a struggle but I like I said I never give up. Don't give up because once you give up, you lose everything you need to, you need to strive for new things, you can't just sit back, I mean, I know I'm retired. If I was going to sit back on, like they call it you know Africans on the stoop on the porch and smoke a pipe and drink coffee all day you're going to die eventually. And you'll die. You need to keep your mind, you need to keep this thing. Once you keep this active and busy with the things that you have to do. I mean, the physical capabilities but at my age, you haven't got those capabilities as you had when you were 20, 25, 30 definitely are probably handling a jackhammer like you at work on stage. So, I did physical work for more than 40 years. My career was in engineering, and my whole life I was an engineer. So I spent the last seven years in Tanzania and then last year when COVID stuck. We were sick, I was in South Africa, to come back, it was another six months, and I was yet. Coming to click chronic medication and being here for a month but then I blocked us, they told us now the mind is going on to care and maintenance. That happened for nine months. And then after three months of being in cane maintenance the mine started putting us off by. So then I started searching on the internet. How am I going to make money, so I tried, I tried dropshipping. I tried ecommerce and I tried trading. And I must tell you, I lost a lot of money. And then I dabbled in affiliate marketing a couple of years back but I never took it seriously, and I was at a full time job so I didn't take it seriously enough. I was looking at YouTube videos, and I found a guy by the name of Thomas Garrett, he was doing very well. And then I watched his videos about his posts, and then he suggested I get onto Legendary that's how I got into Legendary. So I read your 15 day challenge and have been hooked since then. That's how I got into the game, because, I mean, you can't just stop. But as I said, if people think affiliate marketing is free marketing. It's not, you have to work it every single day, and you're gonna get, you're gonna run into hassles, you're gonna run your plenty hassles or you're gonna run into times when you want to bash your head against the wall and you think to yourself. What the hell is going on? All I say is don't give up. You'll figure it out. And what I am saying about Legendary made a couple of good buddies and only nine anybody else I'm scared to leave somebody out and then they feel insulted buddies in legend in the community. And we help each other from time to time because even I need help sometimes. 

Dave: Well I need help too. It's one of the reasons why it's my sneaky ulterior motive for doing this show every day is that I get to get, you know, inspiration and I get to get, I get to get said, Right. A lot of us, we learn as we're going to talk about here with us EBM. Right? And would you like to go ahead and tell everybody what that stands for and then I want to finish my thought, tell them what EBM stands for.

Colin: EBM is educated based marketing.

Dave: So I don't know if anybody gets that in the comments or not but if you did. Maybe we can scroll back and we'll send them a t- shirt, you know, somebody had that idea of sending out a t- shirt a long time ago and I was like, oh god that is so hard you know I can't even imagine doing that. And then, and then, you know, my wife was like well we could just it's so easy, we just entered him into the website. That's how ignorant I am about selling physical products and stuff out but anyway that's besides the point. So if any of you guys guessed education based marketing in the comment before just said it will send you a t- shirt. Be Legendary on it so you can be Legendary. I forgot what I was going to say, so why don't we go in? I got off on the t-shirt tangent. Why, why don't we go into the, the, this whole idea of education based marketing and why, why that is such a big deal for you. What was the aha moment for you that you discovered, okay this is going to be this, this is this is the way, this is the right strategy this is. Talk to us about education based marketing wintertime you heard about. What does it mean to you?

Colin: After Christmas. I started, I did the 15 day challenge, and after that, you know, I started with TikTok only in January. I think into January and then I started my YouTube account executive. I think it's in the middle of February, beginning of March. And I thought of a word that I must come up with because you can't do anything, whether you, whether you're doing TikTok or whether you're doing YouTube whatever you educate yourself on how to do the TikTok. I mean, I started off with TikTok. At first three TikTok again ashamed to look at them, because I didn't educate myself, then I decided, let me educate myself because I'm not getting any views. I'm getting zero views, nothing is happening on my TikTok. The same happened on my YouTube then about my understanding was that what you just told yourself on tick tock, why are you not teaching yourself how to do YouTube videos, I did the course of Thomas, going back to Thomas's course and reviewed it again and educated. So what I'm saying is, everything you do doesn't matter whether you're doing an autoresponder or a sales funnel. Before you calculate, educate yourself, what do you have to do? Small education steps are cooler. That's why I say educated based marketing so before you start marketing. Educate yourself first, in all aspects, not only just the marketing, because even you know the technical part is also part of when you make a measure for the sales funnel is going to influence your leads, you make a mess of an autoresponder. Or maybe you didn't set it up correctly, it's not going to work properly. If you don't set your TikTok up properly, you're not going to get leads. The same with YouTube, you don't do YouTube videos correctly, You're the same thing can happen so I call it education by educated based marketing. That's the word I come up with. And I even the attorney myself doesn't matter like even today I started the new TikTok channel cuz I'm doing some tests.

Dave: I like that a lot.

Colin: I was saying I was testing all the time, learning because we're not going to 40,000 followers that everything is true sailing. No, I'm not, I'm not happy with that. So I've started another TikTok channel, but not marketing anything. I'm just wanting to do a test. I'm not, I'm not showing my face and my voice either, I'm just doing videos more inspirational videos, sort of thing just taking a video from pixels, loading it up to TikTok, and then putting on text.

Dave: Yeah, I just had this hilarious idea that, you know, I wonder, it would probably go super viral, like an unmotivated content, you know? Like where you're being negative, and, and, like, pessimistic, you know, let me bring in Matt. You know what I'm talking about like, sorry to bring you in just, you know what I'm talking about where you're being sarcastic about everything. Yes, you know, it's like in Chicago, we used to have this restaurant called Ed Debevec where all the waiters and waitresses were just assholes to people like cause we're talking about testing. Collin brought up tests like test everything like everything's tested marketing. It's just so interesting because, like, like if Colin, you wanted to run like a really cool test like I just think it would be funny to have one channel that was super motivational and like another one that was totally non motivational and totally, totally sarcastic and pessimistic and just funny.

Colin: Because on TikTok now if you're saying. You're saying TikTok account with pudding I don't use the word account you can actually have a couple of accounts under one, you're going to use different emails or different phone numbers and you can open up and just switch between them so very easy. Yeah, to actually create these TikTok accounts.

Dave: So, a lot of you guys, a lot of the duets to that channel would be insane. I agree, so you do that, like, like the super motivation, totally pessimistic sarcastic on motivation it would just be hilarious. I wanted to just shout out a couple of comments here real quick and Sarah Lewis said I remember you starting your TikTok journey in January after the mastermind you've had phenomenal success so that's Sarah Lewis, a lot of people, no, no, know who you are. On the show today I wanted to put a call and just dropped a lot of gold. He dropped a lot of gold and I want to just point out a couple of pieces in case anybody missed it. First of all, I think, and I think I know you know this as well, calling it education or educated based marketing, right, it's like, educated based marketing from what I think I heard you said educated based marketing is I need to get educated before I start marketing. And then when I start marketing, education. Marketing is where I go out through educating others. That's the style of marketing that I'm using. This is actually, I've said this, I actually heard this from a guy named Joe Polish that he's got a podcast called I love marketing. He kind of runs masterminds and stuff sells information, news, same business model that we teach here, but, but basically, you know, he started out as a carpet cleaner, and then turned around, and, and he was, who was tired of cleaning carpets and he turned around and created a bunch of, you know, marketing material to help other carpet cleaners grow their business. So what he did was, while still standing in an industry that he knew and loved. He went from cleaning the carpets everyday to now, he learned marketing. He educated himself and then he turned down and created training that then helped other carpet cleaners grow their business. So now all of a sudden, what he does is no longer cleaning the carpets is he? He's selling information from the comfort of his home, from the comfort of his computer to other carpet cleaners. You know, so that in the way he did that is the same way that all of us anybody who's having any success online is using education based marketing. It's it's instead of just pitching or spamming or desperately trying to sell stuff all the time, and saying how do you know go to buy link buy this, you know, it's just been that sort of used car salesman or just salesy person, right, you're just you're educating all the time and then at the end of your video give them your post you say, hey if you're interested in my 10 Steps To Grow Your TikTok Account, or How I Grew My TikTok account to 100,000 in four months. Go click the link in my bio and download my, my ebook right and then they click the link they download the ebook and then surprise on the thank you page it's hey that ebook is on the way to your email, watch this video while you wait. And then right you sort of slowly introduce your pitch in a way that's not salesy and threatening and that's just one example, obviously, right in your TikTok videos or YouTube videos you can say hey if you're interested in more training click my buyer or whatever your call to action is. But it really is the key, calling it and it's, it's, having the mentality of you educating yourself but also educating people through your marketing it's truly a game changer.

Colin: I've changed my strategy, totally, from the beginning when I wasn't picked up from when I hit 200,000 Since then I've changed the strategy completely, because I just feel that when you give, when you do what I call freebie TikTok That's not showing them something they can do online. And they can earn a little bit of bucks and you find people rank for that, and I did a lot of those videos. And I say mistakes when I'm giving advice to guys out there that don't do the freebies. Do one, maybe in two weeks. And that's about it, Because you're gonna look at my latest videos. And I'm hardly doing any freebies. I'm trying to drive more traffic from my TikTok to YouTube. That's mainly what I'm trying to do now as I find my YouTube is going to be more targeted traffic because when it doesn't mean besides you earning 40,000 followers that all of them are buyers. Yeah, most of them are dead followers. So, since I changed, packaging, I gotta change the strategy, it's, it's taken a while now it's been about three weeks and I'm sure that's why I also say in this game you have to be patient, And you can get impatient very quickly, because you need to have patience is something that I don't have that unfortunately I'm learning it the hard way. You have to be patient. And as I said, I'm always testing, I'm always testing, because you can't stop testing, doesn't mean what I think a lot of people think when you get it. Sometimes if you have 3,000 followers, you might be doing better than a guy with 200,000 followers. I don't want to mention those but I know there's a guy that I'm running at. TikTok and is doing very well. I think you know I'm talking about. The exception to the rule is to the maximum. Yeah, they do very well. And, but I know why. And I'm learning from them, watching what they're doing. And if you go look at the videos you'll see, they only do what I call a freebie. The content is solely around giving advice to people and trying to teach people and reel them in giving your system, your fish system, chumming the waters first, they use a lot of videos to Chum the Waters.

Dave: He is referring to the fishing formula which is a new, a new, a new formula laid out in the new affiliate marketing business blueprint. So if you own the blueprints, you got that update for free so get in there, check that out. It's, it's, it's good stuff. So I think a lot of people are really inspired by you, man, I mean I can tell just looking at the comments just like people are like, really, really, really inspired so I just, you know, I want to point that out and just commend you, just for being inspirational. I think you're breaking barriers, man, I think that when, when, if, if I was to pass you on the streets, there was no way I would probably think that you were, you know, doing online marketing, you know, because I think we tend to stereotype people to think, oh somebody older or somebody younger or somebody is this or somebody is that right? But if you would speak just for a second to, I mean, obviously you're, you've overcome alcoholism you've, you've overcome a lot of struggles, and you're breaking barriers right now, having, you know, kind of been out of work, you know covid kind of shook your life up. You're to a point where, you know, you probably don't want to go into a new physical career anyways, who, who would right? You don't want to go back out onto the job site right, but but you're overcoming a lot of odds you're breaking through a lot of barriers, and you're doing it in a way that is really inspiring because if you're so talk to us a little bit about everybody who listens who has all these stories in their head about why not them, I'm too old, I'm too young, I'm too this I'm too that. Speak to how you view yourself doing something new, and how you're able to keep the attitude that you have.

Colin: Well, I think I just got back to back to the I got rid of alcohol, because it actually started the never, never die attitude started. This look, I was at one stage in my life, I'm not very proud of it, but you need to talk about it and people can get the perspective of where it comes from. I wanted to say drinking a liter of wine. When you guys are calling in the US, maybe. Bourbon. Okay. But I know right. Coke, I decided to throw me two fingers of brandy and four fingers of coke. The bottle used to last for four shots in a glass and the bottle was finished. And then I'd have a five liter wine on top of that, that's, that's when that was towards the end, and I was really drinking myself to death. In my life, my late mother conjured up an idea to get me. I don't wanna make a long story, to get me to a church. I thought you were going somewhere, but I was marvelous is any bubble acid hangover, something that's why I say it's a miracle when I walked through those church doors. Something happened. I didn't understand the military, understood it a few days later, but after I came out of that church service. I had no more word craving for alcohol, none whatsoever. So since that was 15 years ago, I've never touched drink. I never went for rehab, nothing. I have never touched alcohol since then. And the funny part about it is that I would have gone back to drinking because that stage, I didn't have a job. My wife was working for seven years. Seven is a very religious number, but for seven years I had no language in English I was doing odd jobs in character, or doing liberal electrical work here and day, but nothing nothing special, and I was got involved in the church and I was doing lots of things but then I got a job in by a previous army guy that I knew, he offered me a job he actually didn't didn't mean content offered me to go work on his diamond mines. Then I went to Tanzania for seven years. Okay, last year in the COVID, but I mean these things are any nurse that seven years repto for somebody in the church also mean by human medical case against me. I walked away from my wife with a fridge, and a bit. That was in the year 2006, that's 15 years ago I had nothing but okay today. I serve as a furniture car, forming a giving back opening to restore the die, never die attitude. It comes from above. And what I'm saying. It's you. Also inside you. God gives you the ability that you need to access and listen and do. You can't just sit in your backside thinking things are gonna follow the Is there not a lack of oversight when you say get off your or you call your place it knows it's the past on the TV issues, always get off your pleasure assurance and do something. And that's why I just, when I'm going through a tough pitch, I tap into God's inspiration, and I find, looking at inspiring quotes on the internet, they are even making a few inspirational, And the final point about the TikToks under that inspiration. The people love them, but I use them to drive into my link. It's a never give up attitude. If you're going to give up in life. That's not what we were put on this earth for, we weren't just put on any give up. You put on here for a purpose. Find out what is your purpose in life, your purpose might be to generate a lot of money. Yes, because not to keep it for yourself. I always say don't keep the money for yourself, help other people, not by dishing out, you know, there's a good mission in life, teach people to fish they can fish for themselves. And that's what you do, you teach us to fish, and then we can fish for ourselves. That means that I'm just gonna have to teach others to fish and fish for themselves. Not just hoards money for yourself, that's not the purpose in life.

Dave: Felix Cruz said he's come up on my for you page once. I joined his live. This man is a true gem to have around with all the wisdom from his journey. So that's Felix Cruz, saying that, like that we love your fantastic advice, love the quote. Love the inspirational videos calling, just lots of, lots of amazing feedback. King loves that you mentioned that in the Bible in your content. So, you know, I think, I think, for me, I'm real conscious of people's different spiritual and religious beliefs so I, I tend to keep my personal my spiritual beliefs, personal, but, but here's what I do know is that spirituality can mean different things to different people and having a spiritual part of who you who you are and when I say a spiritual part I really think that I really think that that where the, the, where I found the majority of my spirituality is in my darkest toughest moments. My Darkest toughest moments, it's not when everything's going great. When I get closer to my higher power. God, you know, my spirituality, It's in those dark moments, and I think that evolving a mental foundation, an emotional foundation, you know, moving and building a spiritual foundation is really really important to being successful in life in business. And so I think that a lot of times. We human beings, you know, people here on this live people in this community, I think, I think we tend to miss those dark moments in those challenges is, and in and get frustrated and wish they would be over, and wish we didn't have to have them, but the truth is, is that as you're saying I'm hearing you anyways. And I can also attest and testify about my life, is that in those dark moments when I have found what I'm really made of, what's inside of me just like you're saying God lives inside you, you get your inspiration from inside. And, so I wonder what you would say. Could you say more about embracing the tough parts of building this business and what you can learn about yourself. If you view those times not as times that are horrible, but as times that can be learning lessons for you in growing moments for you?

Colin: I mean, as you know, it doesn't matter what business you've been redoing the mortar and brick business or whether you're doing this online marketing. There are tough times, there's always tough times. And you can, everything is going smoothly, then all of a sudden you hit a brick wall. Now, that's when you mean, I call it, you've tasted, you taste, and the pain is what you do if you're going to just give up. And you know what, sometimes you give up, and you're like two seconds away from that big breakthrough. Why give up. Just continue and continue and continue. Don't just give up because your mind tells you now no, no you're not making it, because I've seen a lot of guys complaining, they're not getting views, they're not getting this they're not getting that, instead of going to look. Look at what you're doing wrong. Look at yourself first. Don't point fingers at other people and stop looking at others. Look at yourself. And question yourself why is this happening, and then do a taste change and be patient. As humans we look as I said, I'm not a patient person, but I'm a deep learning patient, very quickly in this game of affiliate marketing, you need to be patient, because you might just be 10 seconds or 10 days, or 10 minutes away from the big big breakthrough, because I believe. If you keep at it, and you keep it long enough, you will make it. It's not a sprint like you taught me that lesson right in the beginning is not a sprint. It's a marathon. You don't need to sprint, you're running a management. Each, and each one's medicine could be two months, three months, a year. I know Thomas Garrett, I mentioned his name a lot because a lot of respectfully. It took him a year, one whole year before he made the breakthrough. I mean if you can, if you can last that long, and have that patience, why not me. That's a question I asked myself why not me. To others again. The lucky, two months, and I'm making big bucks 20,000 a month, but don't worry about it. You're not all gonna have the same success, unfortunately that's just how it is. That's life. Yeah. And also, like for example, TikTok right now. If. Imagine if TikTok wasn't here, imagine if TikTok didn't get invented, we'd still all be on YouTube, we'd be on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and, and you see how differently those grow than TikTok. Right. It's like crack, you know, it's like, it's like, it's like unleaded terrible fuel, and you just slower longer bro, right so

I can, I can get you fired up because I can tell you now on YouTube. It's not like TikTok,TikTok, within six weeks, hours, plus, on YouTube, I've been going now for six weeks. I think I've got 84 subscribers and 13 videos. So going on YouTube is much longer to make, your editing takes time. You are making the video. My wife is what I call my producer, and was the camera and stuff. And then you got this. What's his mic and you plug in over here looking like a big TV personality, like I was reading cameras coming in the game and not now. Doesn't bother me when I make mistakes, you plug this thing in and you forget you plug it into the cable into the camera, because the sound has 30 minutes, and then you realize, oh, nothing has been recorded.

Dave: I've been there a thousand times.

Colin: You’ve got to do it over.

Dave: That's life, man.

Colin: That's what it's about.

Dave: How many times did you go down and what, you were in diamond mines or something?

Colin: I went underground two different times. Close to Kimberley in South Africa 700 meters below the ground. I will never do that again.

Dave: How many times do you go down and you're like oh shit I forgot a tool or something? You know, like, I mean, I can tell you that when we were doing construction my dad and I, he still does it. Sometimes I still pop out on a job with him from here that or maybe he's doing some work on, you know my house or whatever and it's like you know fuck forgot that gotta go to Home Depot again or whatever, you know, you just keep working. And then you tear open a wall, and there's a bunch of rotted wood and you're like God. God, got to timeout, stop the job right, it's like, that's life. That's just in the end I mean it's okay to be frustrated because that's a real feeling I'm frustrated in that moment, it's just not okay to stay there.

Colin: Now, I'll tell you a story, what happened to me, this is many years ago when I was working at sessile, which is coal from the lake from coal and like Petro in South Africa, I was working for that, that blonde. And I was on standby the night and I got called at night in Nigeria, say I want to talk to Good morning and you're still Oh, instrumentation, I'll make those too long but I dropped the fuse. Now I had to go a kilometer to the workshop, any fuses in my toolbox. Now I must try getting to Double Cab Bucky and drive back to the virtual bridge of a kilometer and I'm in a hurry and I'm frustrated and angry. In my rush. I don't come up to this block, and then look left or right. Boom, when I hit the fire engine.

Dave: Oh my god. Wow.

Colin: You extract for a fuse. So what I'm saying is, you must learn not to be in a hurry. I think a lot of times I'm still gonna want to be in a hurry but I'm trying to make the point rather than not, don't be in a hurry because you can get yourself into trouble.

Dave: Yeah. Yeah, I agree. And also, they were the other person, it's all about perspective, right. So, the frame that we look at our lives in so with that I've learned to look at doing here even if it's not moving as fast as I want it to move. Is that where am I really going anyways, I mean, where am I in such a hurry to get to, I'm going to get a run going, which is not going to be what I think it's going to be. And then I've got to realize I've missed all those moments that I could have been present and aware of, you know, I have these little moments with my, for example, right now I've got a four month old and a four year old in the house, and my wife. We're exhausted, and we're tired, and there are moments that we get frustrated. But I also realize that right now this is a precious time that I don't want to miss. I don't want to miss it. You know I don't want to miss the moment so even though I'm frustrated sometimes, even though I'm tired, I don't take it out on my kids and I try to, you know, I try to stay present. And I think that there's also to business that even though we're, we may be frustrated at times or things aren't moving as fast as we feel that they should or we're comparing ourselves to others. Every day that we're doing something or learning something new or it's all part of the journey, it's all this is, this is it guys. This is life like what we're doing right now every day like this is the beauty of just the process, the journey, you know, and I think that for a long time I'll speak for myself, like, I missed that I missed those moments for many years like I didn't realize that the destination was the journey that I, that it, that there wasn't a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that once I got there, I was going to see a burning bush, and I was going to dump it, you know, the important thing is, your family never forget your family doesn't matter if you're doing business, your families want to always meet God first, then family then work. That shouldn't be, not the wrong way around. God first, your spirituality first then your family then work, because your family doesn't matter if your business goes flat or something goes wrong with the business, nevermind what is your family and you still have got, you don't, if you do throw that out. You're gonna have to write. You must never forget your family never.

Dave: I mean I almost lost my wife man, I almost lost my family in this whole journey of trying to be successful, and putting my work in my business in front of everything else I almost lost my sobriety and almost lost my family, right, because those of you who are beyond battling addiction or battling mental illness, which, honestly, is probably most of us, right, some sort, to some degree of depression or anxiety, or all of those things right, I mean, this is human condition. So, if you if you have no mental illness, no addiction issues, good for you, you probably got your own set of challenges, but here's my here's my, my truth is is that when I, when I was putting work first, in trying to build my business and try to be successful at all. By any means necessary and stressed out, and all this and you know working so hard and had all these unrealistic expectations. It almost lost my sobriety and almost lost my family. And, and I learned, you know, a lot of this happened before my wife and I got married six years ago we just celebrated our six year marriage anniversary yesterday, but we've been together for about two years and most lost her almost lost my sobriety everything just because I was going, you know  I was just missing the moments I had my pride. I didn't have my priorities in order. The way that you just described.

Colin: I'm going to tell you now something about marriage. I've been married for 31 years. But I'm telling you now you have to work at it every day you have to work at your relationship, like you do your job you have to work. If you don’t work with the relationship, it could go wrong. You, it's not something that just, you think everything's hunky dory everything is smooth sailing. Doesn't look like it. You need to work on your relationship just as much as you work at your job, and I can take my hat off to my wife. If my wife wasn't with me. I think I would have been dead a long time ago. That's why I have a lot of respect for Marxism. I agree. What's going ahead and, In fact family, as I said, is very important. Yeah, I tend to sometimes even at this age, then I like to put up a blank canvas okay because my kids and my grandkids are living for. They all are spread all over South Africa. I don't get to see them that often. But as I say to you like. When a young person enjoys them. They grow up very quickly and then they're gone. 

Dave: Yeah, I have a 21 year old also. So, I wanted to just say also for those of you who are out there who are battling your spouse's, you know, wanting them to support you more and all this. You know what I learned also was that, that my wife, it was a good thing that my wife was the way that she was the way that she is the way that she was my wife's not a hardcore entrepreneur. She's not a hardcore risk taker, and if she was, if she was like me, we probably would have drove our life, way deep down into the ground, because you know I I've made stupid decisions in the past I've made, you know, I haven't made super dumb financial decisions thanks to her, but I would have if it wasn't for her, you know, and so she brings this really, really unique balance to our lives. And instead in the early beginning stages of our relationship, when I was just getting into entrepreneurship, I said, why don’t you support me?, why don't you know all this, I wanted her to be like me. And what I failed to realize was that I was also thinking about how I could support her. You know I was selfish and I was only thinking about myself. I was totally narcissistic and self absorbed. And so one of the, one of the beautiful things, it was almost like a miraculous thing that happened, you talk about miracles was I learned how to ask my wife. How can I make you feel loved and supported, while I am doing my work or ‘Hey honey, I may have to work late tonight’. So I started accepting her for who she was and being grateful for who she was. She's if it wasn't for her, you know, she's the best mother and just just the best is so many things, but I learned to ask her, How can I make you feel loved and supported? And that helped me to become a better leader also because I stopped thinking about myself, and I started to worry about how I can make her feel supported, and in turn, because now all of a sudden I was acknowledging her, she started, you know, feeling more excited to support me. And, and, you know, so a lot of times again back to your comment a second ago, was that instead of looking at everybody else. The most important thing for us is to look at ourselves, if I'm not getting the views that I want, if my spouse is not being supportive, right. I need to look at me. I need to look at what I can do differently, what I can do better. Right, that's a life philosophy man I feel like that's like the most important part of this whole game is realizing that.

Colin: Yeah, I agree, because everything. Everything mustn't just be about you, me and myself, don't be like that, you should actually be humble enough to admit that you need help. Don't just put it in a box. Are you sitting in one corner, I'm doing my thing I'm the man, I'm the man. Take off and you fall flat on your face. I fall flat on my face. She's my other half. That's for sure.

Dave: For sure, for sure. You know what, if I do fall flat on my face. She's going to be the first one that's going to be right. I've crawled my sorry ass back to her several times, and asked for her forgiveness. You know what I mean like after being an arrogant asshole, you know what I mean, like, eventually, you know, like if I was her I would have left me a long time ago like back when I was being a total ass, but you know she's a patient woman like she's, you know, for me, I think, I feel like for entrepreneurs, a lot of things like patients and stuff like, and some hard headed guys like you and I obviously, patience seems to come naturally to some people, but to people like you and I like we really got to work hard at that right we got to work hard. We got to work harder at certain things, you know.

Colin: There's a lot of things, I tell you what patience is my biggest problem, and I'm working hard at it to be patient and not get demotivated that's, that's the biggest thing. Don't get demotivated when you, when you, when you being impatient rather learn. Okay, let me, let me carry on in fact do even more. That's why this morning I was sitting by myself and saying, Listen. Stop this nonsense, start another channel, and do it and see what happens. Yeah, because I've definitely done some tests, and my present channel, and I can tell you what I realized is, like I said, stay away from the freebies, what I call freebies do content based, your content must be great. And also give people inspiration and show them that you can help them. Then they start. In other words, the bait put the bait out. Yeah, that charming fish formula of yours. If you, if you applied properly, they will bite, but you got to get the waters fixed up first.

Dave: It wasn't that a great analogy.

Colin: Really great analogy. You can use, you can use that analogy of your fishing formula to lots of things in life. Yeah, lots of things. I'm not going to elaborate.

Dave: Oh, for sure, for sure, I mean anything and everything, anything that you want to attract to you. You can, you can use that. And it's a marketing formula that applies to really any product or service, but it particularly applies to the education space when we're selling information products, because essentially, you're using the education based marketing formula that you're talking about which is becoming educated, and then, and then in your marketing, educating others so it's, it's brilliant. You are an asset to this community or you're an asset to me, I'm so thrilled to, you know, have had you on today brother, and I'm hoping that we can even get you back sooner than a few months. I think everybody's enjoyed listening to you so much, the wisdom that you bring, the life experiences, the stories that you have. It's pure gold brother, so I really appreciate your time today, and any final words you want to leave everybody with.

Colin: It's been a pleasure Dave and the Legendary community. Thanks for listening, and I appreciate all of you. And just remember the words, don't give up. That's it. Thanks very much.

Dave: All right. We'll talk to you later buddy. Alright guys, go check Colin out you see his TikTok handle right there. He's got a YouTube channel going and growing and I'm sure next time He comes back. Maybe he'll let us see some of the other things he's working on as well. That's a guy who I mean, that's a guy who you absolutely must have in your corner, you must have that guy as a part of your network. If you don't, I go as far as to say, it'd be just totally foolish to not have him inside of your network. 

So, anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this I did. Not from me being here but because of what Colin had to contribute today and just his energy and attitude. So join us back here tomorrow for another episode of Wake Up Legendary. I can't wait to see who we have tomorrow. It's going to be a surprise like it is every day for both you and for me. All right, so I will see you guys tomorrow at 10am Eastern time. For now, it's Monday. Monday, I think I just said, it's Monday, right, first day with the new mouth. Look, Get that hell outta here, Love you guys. 

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Dave: Hey what's going on, my friends, this is Dave Sharpe Welcome to Wake Up Legendary I don't want to wait for any exciting guest this morning. A young lady from Canada 22 Okay. And I know it's not cool to say, you know, ladies ages but she's really an impressive young person, and so I'm excited for you guys to meet her, so I want to welcome to the show. Lauren Scotti what's going on, Lauren?

Lauren: Hey, how's it going.

Dave: Excellent, excellent. So did I get all the facts right? Canada? 

Lauren: Good so far. Yeah, from Montreal, Canada, Montreal, that's a place that I don't believe. Aaron did we go to Toronto. Toronto, so I haven't been to Montreal but we went to Toronto before, you know, 2020 hit. My wife got a tattoo and she wanted to get a tattoo from a specific artist up there in Toronto so often. A Birthday Trip. So, yes, looking forward to coming back and visiting all our legendary Canadian friends sometime in the near future having you guys come down and hang out with us. But thank God for the internet right we can connect businesses online.

Dave: Right, exactly, exactly. It keeps going, even though there's COVID. So you're currently a college student and you're studying some sort of mathematics, I actually can't even pronounce it. I would like to let us know what you're doing outside of and before you started online.

Lauren: Yeah so I study actuarial mathematics so that actually is usually work for insurance companies, and it's a lot like risk analysis mathematic type things. So I really like it because I'm good at math. I like math, except this is not, it only, it only satisfies the math part of my brain but not the whole creative and like outgoing and entrepreneurial part of my brain.

Dave: I can completely understand that my mathematical part of my brain is basically like the freckle on the pimple of gnat’s ass it's, it's so small. Well good for you.  That's, that's great so around Christmas time of 2020 You found it is that the correct timeline?

Lauren: Yeah, exactly, around Christmas time is when I signed up.

Dave: Awesome. How did you find us and what, what was the deciding factor that helped you to pull the trigger?

Lauren: So I found Legendary through TikTok, I followed. I think Austin and Mitch, and Nathan, Earl, so I was following all these guys and then I was like, oh affiliate marketing sounds pretty cool. So I started looking into it, I was like, Oh, I'm gonna have a blog, I want to show my face I'm gonna have a blog, let me research how to do affiliate marketing with a blog. So for like two weeks. So this was like, more beginning of December so for like two weeks I was really just looking up how to do affiliate marketing and let me tell you it wasn't going well at all. It was because I didn't understand anything. I have like my one notes page that has all these notes that make absolutely no sense. So then afterwards, I went back and I was like okay let me take this 15 Day Challenge let me see what it's about. It's probably easier to learn from a course, than by myself. So then yeah I took the challenge and I have not stopped since then, basically, well it's incredible. 

Dave: So we titled The show a lot of stuff, we make sure I don't put your why you should stop looking for the perfect solution. So, what, why, talk to us about that.

Lauren: So, basically, I was in an internship last semester, so from September to December, I was working from home for a company, and I really didn't like it really wasn't going well and I was just searching and searching and searching for other things to do, I was, I was always looking at different things to do, I tried Forex because my partner at the time was like really good at Forex, I didn't understand anything. And I tried really hard to. Then I was looking into dropshipping, and I was looking into wholesaling real estate till I realized that you can't do that in Canada, a bunch of other things, and literally just scrolling on my for you page, I fell on affiliate marketing. so that's kind of what I mean by. Sometimes you don't like it, stop looking for it. Stop, you're like looking for it so I don't know what the word is like avidly I guess, and it's, it's just gonna find you. Law of Attraction.

Dave: So, I love that. I mean, you know, I've tried to be as transparent as I can on the show so everybody can strategy be in the, in one of the reasons why we even do that show how my, just what are the teachable moments from everything that we're doing. And yeah, even the show, like we, I've said this before, but I'll say it again, it's very, very on topic. This show, I wasn't doing it I wasn't hosting it I was doing other things in the company, and we had other people on our team that were hosted every day, and it when the pandemic hit. I was like, Okay, I'm gonna do it right and I think, you know, talked about it with Matt and a few people on the team and I was like okay I'm gonna do it. And it was like, you know, of course I had God that's, that's a commitment, in my mind, you know, am I mentally prepared for that commitment, am I willing to follow through with that commitment like I have to check myself when I, you know, because of course it's public too right I can't really stop, you know, and, and yeah, so I did it and it's ended up being one of the best things we've ever done here at Legendary is just do the show and bring on real people that are using our training just like yourself, and it was a it was like kind of a total accident, you know what I mean? It wasn't one of the things that I sat around and we were like, okay, in 2020, you know, Dave's gonna start hosting the show, and we're gonna TEDx, all this kind of stuff but I mean 2020 was a great year for us I think a lot of it had to do with just people coming online, I know it was a horrible year for so many people and it was for us in terms of not doing the things we normally do. Thankfully, nobody got sick and our family, all that, but our business because of things that were unplanned. Things that were out of our control and things that we did. We had a great year and I think that really speaks to your point, right.

Lauren: Yeah, 100%, just kind of, not necessarily going with the flow, but adapting. I think what it is, just kind of like being able to switch on the spot, which is something that I definitely do have trouble with. I was talking about supply and everything and I'm like, Okay, on this, I can do this and then end up pushing it backwards. I'm not ready but sometimes like you really just have to do it. Yeah, like you're there, just, just do it.

Dave: Yeah, well, the, the perfect solution is definitely something that is a pattern in many of our lives across many different categories of parts of our life. So it's not just business a lot of us come in and think well we're, you know I have this problem in my business. And really it's something that's a pattern in every area of my life usually how I do one thing is how I do everything relating to that one thing. Perfectionism is a big, a big hurdle for a lot of people so being the planner that you are being the analytical person that you are, how have you adjusted that's a cute phrase hey don't wait for the perfect solution, who gets the conversation started. But what shifts have you made and what, what behaviors have made, or are you doing different that's helping you to overcome your perfectionism.

Lauren: Yeah 100% So a few things. Um, I've been doing a lot of kind of like inner work I guess you would say or personal development stuff for the past like a couple months, so that has really helped. I used to kind of be really an overt like overthinker, always overthink or perfect learner kind of always feeling like, or, like the perfect student in the sense, I'm never going to know enough to get started. And I think that switch was, I was, I was getting into affiliate marketing, and I was looking at everything and this can apply really got anything not just necessarily your affiliate marketing business but at one point, you're just like, Okay, there's so much to learn, like it's going to take me forever just to learn everything and then start. So it's just kind of like okay I need to take action. I need to do something, I'm just going to figure it out as I go along, which is definitely not my style but it's working so far. It's definitely working, and, oh sorry go ahead.

Dave: No, I was just saying that fantastic keep keep going, I'm listening.

Lauren: Yeah, so I was talking with somebody, somebody actually reached out to me from Spain, they do affiliate marketing but more in like investing and stuff like that. And we hopped on a call, and he was like, why are you not, why are you not expanding to other platforms? He was like, I followed you on Instagram, why's there nothing on your Instagram yet about affiliate marketing? I was like oh, like I just don't have time like I haven't planned it, he is like, he takes two seconds, like just do it. And I was like, oh it's so true. I feel so dumb right now because I'm like, damn, like, really could have taken two seconds, you know, post on TikTok. Okay, post on Instagram right away. And I think that's what's kind of helping me realize everything that I'm overthinking and planning, literally is taking me 10 times longer than just doing it. It's just kind of realizing that and definitely working on that and time management is a big part of my thing because I kind of get lost in a lot of stuff when I'm overthinking, but it's really just that, realizing that you can just kind of jump into it, really.

Dave: Yeah. Well, it's, it's like throwing, it's like, throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks, I mean, that's, that's, you know, what am I, I don't know, an educator or something I'm a reader and an educator I shouldn't be saying things like that right like I'm not a professor I just sell information on the internet through courses coaching events and do affiliate marketing right. I'm not, you know, as official as a college professor, but I have an expectation right that the things that Dave says shouldn't be. Just throw spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks right. Why I am saying that I am backing and validating what you're saying because there, there is a moment in time to where we must just say fuck it, and just do it and like right and just, and just say okay, I'm, I'm, I'm just gonna, I'm just gonna try it I'm just gonna see what works, I'm just gonna stop getting in my own way. And, and, and, you know, again, I will tell you this because there's, there's, there's stories and evidence to back this up but some of, quite frankly, many of the most successful marketing campaigns that I've ever run, And that many of my successful marketing friends have ever run. We're just total accidents like total shots in the dark like, I don't know if this angle is going to work. You know what I mean. And you could actually say, if you wanted to get really technical, about the, the, the fact that everything in marketing is a test 100% of things, not a single person, not a single person who's successful with any form of affiliate marketing or any marketing online knew 100% that what they were going to do was going to work. Not as wonderful sure we can all other people we can learn we can go through courses we can do all the things that we do, but not a single one of us knew that, exactly what we were going to do exactly how it was going to turn out and isn't that really similar to everything in life.

So, tell me I'm into this game of marketing online, and it's like we want a written contract guarantee that if we take a specific action that we're going to get a specific, specific outcome, how, why do you think that is, and how can we break that mentality?

Lauren: I think why a lot of people think like that is literally just because we're programmed to think like that. Okay, you go to school, you get your degree because you have a degree you're gonna get a job guaranteed, supposed to be guaranteed not very much guaranteed, but that's kind of how we're programmed to kind of always, I guess you do something you expect something in return and I think that's kind of a little bit of a downfall of our society at this time. Just kind of like, I know when I hear my parents saying like I used to play soccer as a kid. Hey, why does everybody get a participation medal in a tournament if you came last? You're getting rewards for, for, like, little things, even though it's just a very like reward based way of learning. So I think that's why a lot of people kind of, me included, I'm trying to break that for sure right now, but you always feel like okay if I do this, what, what reward, am I going to get what outcome, am I going to get it? And I feel that, especially when you're doing it on when you're doing affiliate marketing and stuff like that on TikTok, it's such a test that you don't know what's gonna work I've tried a bunch of things and actually this past week I've always posted stuff where I'm kind of like I'm sitting here and I'm talking more. Not so much in a relatable sense just more like saying like quick facts almost kind of sometimes people say like, I thought this was an ad I rehearsed way too much, but like for my TikTok’s but I posted one I was just my hair was up in a bun. I was in floods and I was just like, hey, like, this is my story, and it was like a 52nd long video and usually people don't watch my videos when I speak too much like the watch time on TikTok is pretty short. And then, a lot of people are watching that video all the way through and I was like, oh, okay, this works. I think I figured it out. It took me two months to get there but just posting stuff where you're more relatable versus kind of like hey like this is affiliate marketing and do this, like, I think that kind of work.

Dave: I think that I think that one, I'm going to break the spell and a lot of marketers would be mad at me for saying this, really in their dirty little secrets, but you know the truth is, is that here's exactly how online marketers work, right, I'm going to just, this is like an SNL skit. So it's like they do some shit. They have no idea if it's gonna work or not, right, then it works, right, and then they act like they meant to do that the whole time. And then they turn around and then they turn around and they say, I've got the secret and if you want to know the secret, you know it's going to be $97 Right. Like, so those of you who think that, you know, there's these master brains who have this whole thing planned out, and quite frankly I think that's like what a lot of business innovation is, it's like if you really learn the story of of great entrepreneurs successful entrepreneurs, they were tinkering around in their garage blowing shit up setting things on fire, you know, screwing stuff up and getting turned down. Right. And then all of a sudden it's caught a break or somebody saw that or this finally worked, and then they're like, Okay, let's scramble together and put together a presentation and act like we've been knowing what we were going to plan. You know what I mean. So, like I think that what I'm trying to do is normalize everybody's feelings of, oh well I'm in the dark and I don't have the secrets and so and so just know what they're doing. If I could only, like, you have to understand human nature, humans are constantly performing, and the one thing that I've got to ask you about is the hip hop dancing and your dancing instructor. That's really cool. But, you know, and so how does, you said you rehearse. How has that performance of being a hip hop dancer dance instructor, And that, knowing that behind the scenes, the practice, practice, practice, and then when you hit the camera, you're performing, you're, you're nailing it and you may redo it or whatever, but it's there, I think there's kind of tying into what I was just saying everybody thinks that we're always nailing it up the first time or we were just born this good video or whatever. Talk to us a little bit about the practice making perfect and how your experience also with dancing, maybe helping a little bit with your marketing.

Lauren: Yes, 100% That's an awesome question because they're kind of, kind of intertwined but kind of not like there's some things that I take from both, but. So when I started, I found maybe my first week I felt maybe six TikTok But I batch film everything because it's full time. So I take one day a week and I just felt like 20 videos. But at the beginning I filmed like six filming those six videos that first day, maybe took me five hours, because I was just redoing them and redoing them and redoing them and I was like oh my gosh, I can't. You don't realize how sometimes you don't talk well, you're on camera and you're like, I need to articulate now. So that was like one thing for me. When I was filming it, I was always like, okay, it needs to be perfect, it needs to be perfect, it needs to be perfect. And then, the closer I got to perfect the more I sounded like a robot and was just at the beginning, super complicated. So then I kind of started take bringing in my mentality when I'm dancing, what, when you're dancing when you're going to compete when you're going to you know do a show you're on a stage or anything. Yeah, you have your months of practice to back you up, you have your years of training to back you up, but you still get that stress before going on stage, that kind of like, okay, we're going on stage or I'm walking out and this like right here like right, kind of in your gut, and you walk on stage and you have to stand there in your, in your post. It's kind of like that. Except, because you don't want to mess up but at the same time, you probably will mess up I've messed up messed up like countless times. I competitions in shows and stuff like that and it's kind of just how you take it. It's okay if you make a mistake, it's kind of funny if you make a mistake, it's fine, like there's nothing wrong with that. So it's kind of like you're gonna make mistakes in your videos you're gonna make mistakes, rehearsing your videos, and sometimes the simplest thing is just to kind of take it back a notch and stop scripting everything, and have some points and just talk, and then edit the good parts of us. So I think that's like a really big thing for me because I feel gasps. I've always been shy, especially in high school. I was pretty shy I didn't like talking and I didn't like presentations in front of the class I was super nervous all the time, but Dan's saying I was just kind of like, I'm ready to go on stage I get a little nervous because I'd second before but when I get on stage that kind of be like, oh, like I'm good like this is my stage.  And now it's kind of taken them like okay I need to apply that but I have to talk now. I need to be talking now. 

Dave: Yeah, yeah. Wow, so I, you're learning to use your voice when that's not been a part of your performance style path so that's really blue for you it's not, and that means you know what's interesting, and this is one of the things I want to point out is that that that practice that, that discipline of practicing of knowing that you're not going to be. You're not going to be good. The first day, week, month maybe even the first year. Like, it's you're going to have to practice and really some of the best practice that I've got is actually being in the game, so check this out. The practice to me used to mean, what I did when, for example, the camera was in the scripting whatever, if I'm talking in the mirror. But now, to me, practice is what I practice, having the camera on. So, I'm recording so much all the time, literally, whether it's this, this is practice to me, right, I'm having I'm come I'm conversing I'm thinking my brains working I'm talking marketing, I'm coming up with angles, I'm getting language from our customers that I can then turn around and use in marketing right because if you're new, then the words that you say and the fears that you had, it helps me to understand my target customer better, right, so it keeps me fresh it keeps me sharp, yeah. What if I'm recording welcome videos for people, or if I'm, you know, Everything. I just redid the entire business blueprint affiliate marketing business blueprint course that was dozens of hours of and. And so my point is that you actually can practice and get better by being live, you don't have to wait. And I think and that's totally normal, it's killing two birds with one stone. And you're never going to get to a point to where it especially if you knew that it's going to be so great, you're going to love it, and you're going to be like okay this is the one you also feel like this is the one you also, I see people I saw this comment the other day was like Well I've been posting on TikTok on 24 hours in my videos and it's just like, wow, it's like, when, when did. When did we, or anyone else say that one day, was enough? Was enough one day isn't enough to get your feet wet, I mean, one day you are still learning your name, it takes me sometimes, a day to warm up I mean I could go to an event and I've used the first half a day just to get my lungs warmed up, I mean, it's not there, there is one day is nothing, it's it's it's the freckle on the pimple of the of a freckle on the pimple of a gnat's ass right on a rhinos ass, who's sitting on an elephant's ass who's sitting on a molehill who's sitting on a mountain, I mean, it's nothing.

Lauren: It's nothing, really.

Dave: Right so, you know, just this expectation I think the other thing I asked you a few minutes ago. What has created this expectation for all of us now. Many of us know that we should just, you know, see results right away and get pointed down on ourselves when we don't right away. Well I think platforms like TikTok have been a double edged sword for us because. Never before have never before have platforms given people the ability to be able to kind of go viral, the way that tic toc has, but at the same time everybody doesn't get that lucky. Right? Part of it is really just luck. Part of it is just in, when I say luck I mean you got to be consistent with what you're doing, and what might take off and like you said you're in sweats hair up, you talking nonsense and it's just like that went viral like dang, you know, you don't really know. So I think that it's about managing our expectations and I talked about this a lot with our team like when we're on the phone with people we're talking to people on the show like managing expectations. It's really important that we don't have unrealistic expectations about how fast this is going to happen. So, with that being said, what do you see now for for your like you're going to college, you're a dance instructor, you're now doing affiliate marketing, tell us what you see and how, you know maybe things have changed, maybe they haven't changed in terms of what your future looks like here over the next year or two.

Lauren: Yeah 100% Um, so there's a few things off, I think that really ties into what I'm like working on myself, because with social media. When you go on your phone when you go on social media, you get instant gratification or like satisfaction, you're going you're going on TIkTok, you can hit refresh, you go on Pinterest, you can hit refresh and there's always new things it's you're always like satisfying your brain, you're always getting that like instant not instant reward but that instant, you know something's something's happening and I think that's I like when you're making your plans for the future. And after a day you're like, Well, my videos didn't work, they didn't blow up. It's kind of because of that because on TikTok you see everybody going viral, because that's all you see, so you're like well why not me? But there's so many other people there too that are just

their videos don't do well. Some of my videos didn't do all at the beginning and I was like, but you have to get used to it. So my plan for the future is. I don't really set exact goals. Because, like I said, I don't want to get my expectations up and I don't want, like I don't want to have that letdown, or whatever I'd rather just be pleasantly surprised. So I have an idea I just don't have like a set goal and a set date because what I think is more important for for me for where I'm at and I think it's actually something that's kind of good and useful for everybody it's everybody can have goals, I feel like every single person in the world, whether they're successful or not successful, they have a goal. Are they working towards it? Are they doing proactive things to get there? I think that's the difference really and habits, I'm trying to instill like a lot of good habits into my routine to kind of get in that mindset of, you know, the entrepreneur mindset that I've been successful and have just been like, good with her I am kind of bringing all of those good habits into my routine to get where I want to be is what is what I'm really, really focusing on right now, so that that can go from any like it's really anything. Some I have a lot more trouble within others but I really see myself, you know, putting the time in, because this summer I don't have an internship or anything, I'm just working part time and I'm going to have a bunch of time for affiliate marketing. So I'm really I really see myself putting in all the time that I have into this. I want to start on YouTube. I want to expand to Instagram or Pinterest so I want to do a whole bunch of things. And that's kind of my goal. My goal is really to set myself up to not get overwhelmed. Is there really a plan out? Not so much to plan out everything but kind of give myself like a manageable schedule to get there. And then, in one year or two years. If affiliate marketing takes off, I'm going to be the happiest person in the world, if this, if everything works for me, I'm going to be so happy because that's really my goal is to kind of do this as my full time, not full time job but my main stream of income. If not, that's okay too. I'm finishing my degree in a year. If I have to work because I want to get into real estate, if I have to work to show that I have a stable income that I can get a mortgage, that's okay too. I kind of just set myself up to be okay with any, any outcome, really. And that's why I think it's really important to focus on my habits and my mindset because like that no matter what I'm going to be like, hey like I put the work in to get here, I'm not disappointed. I'm good. 

Dave: Yeah, I like that. I like that a lot. Yeah I think goals really can. I think goals can really get us get us in, you know, in a ball of a shame spiral right when we set goals that are just unrealistic and we don't have somebody kind of pull us back and rein us back in and say, hey, you know, honestly, That might be a little bit unrealistic, so why not instead of shooting for the stars shoot for the moon. And if you hit the stars great but I think the quote goes but you know she will make a more realistic goal, is what I'm trying to say, make a more realistic goal, and make a goal that helps you to win like you're saying no matter what. That's one of the things that I've done. Your personal development work. I mean, that means different things for everybody, for me it's, it's been like I spent the last couple years really going to a lot of therapy, I mean doing want a childhood work and doing just going, when that inner child really gets, a little guy that needs a lot of love right and needs a lot of attention. And, and that this is different for everybody, I really think that, in a way it's not different. We all could benefit from inner child work in therapy and in trauma work and stuff like that but it was that's been my focus of the last couple years. And boy oh boy, I've set these when I've made those pieces my goals and commitments around those pieces, like I made a commitment that I was going to continue going to therapy, no matter what. Right. We're going to be a part of this group that I'm a part of no matter what, I'm going to continue to do these pieces that are going to make me a better person, no matter what happens with my business. What's happened is, is that my being a father, I've become a better father, I've become a better husband, and my business has taken off to write because I didn't just have this goal of just fine, like finances like I got it, and then you know because I say, say this all the time you don't get the money and then become the person you become the person, and then you get the money. It's so, you know if any of you guys are wondering, what, what sort of goals, or what should I be focused on as a milestone for the next 12 months of my life, I would invite you to think about some of the things that Lauren and I are talking about taking your focus away from external things that, that, that, that, you know, it's kind of like the tip of the iceberg right everybody sees the tip of the iceberg but not the large part that's below the water. And so, financial goals can also sometimes be that tip of the iceberg. It's, I want the house, the car that wants to get out of debt, well that's cool, and that that’s the tip of the iceberg but there's usually a big part of the iceberg down below. I call it the mechanics and the dynamics, it's the dynamic pieces down below that that you know are going to help you to, you know, accomplish whatever your goal is because that's the largest part of the thing that needs to be worked on is kind of the inside stuff that you don't really see that nobody really sees. And I also think that's very true and I think it's good for us to be hearing from you now because you've had quite significant success in just a short period of time four or five months, and it's it's nice to hear what you've been focused on and working on and what your mindset has been sort of behind the scenes because of course, we all see the rehearsed version of the video that gets posted after it's been practiced a couple of times, edited, and then we're like, I'll never be like her. Right. And it's like, well, are you focused on the same things that she's focused on behind the scenes? And are you consistently doing the work putting the content out, editing, right, practicing, doing all these things? And what what I call that is comparing our insides to somebody's outsides, you know, I compare my insides, that nobody sees, to the outsides of you that I see instead of comparing my insides to your insides, right, and that kind of can be applied to a lot of things right. A lot of times we'll see somebody on video. We're so confident, but just as you described freaking freaked out before you go on stage, maybe before you hit the record button so here I am comparing my insides to what I see on the outside on you thinking that you don't have feelings that you're not having anxiety, when you are, but you're just pushing through it.

Lauren: Exactly, it's really just pushing through it, especially when I feel my videos, I'm, I live in my parents house I'm in the room right now. But my mom would come in here because she does her work right outside of my room when I film videos I talk and I mess up my words and I'm screaming, I'm like, Why, why, I can't get it. My mom comes in. She's like, I know. I'll get up and she doesn't say things like film stuff for the dance studio and stuff like that. Cuz she loves the dance that I teach us that I dance, so she has to film videos and she hates it too, she's kind of like I hate being on camera, I can't do this. So she's like, we're gonna be okay, just push through it, you'll get used to it. 

Dave: She sounds really supportive though.

Lauren: Yeah 100% super supportive. My parents are great for that.

Dave: That's great, give a message to your parents for doing a great supportive job with you, and congratulations on all your action taking not just success right? But all the work that you've done behind the scenes that we may not have seen, but now you're sharing with us, that's helped you to create the results that you have and I hope you'll come back and continue to keep us posted, you know, on your journey, and want to one final last word to you if somebody is listening right now and wondering if they should get involved with our community or maybe they were sitting on the checkout page, getting ready to take the challenge or something and they somehow fumbled or stumbled upon this lie when they're listening to you, what would you say to them?

Lauren: I would, that's a really good question that I get is, I would say if you're thinking about it, just do it because if you're anything like me, the regret of not knowing what could have happened, if you did like if you did do it is going to come back and haunt you. Try it out, see if it's for you. Just, that's my, that's my advice, if it's for you great if it's not you'll move on to the next thing and that's good too, but at least you don't regret it.

Dave: Yeah, yeah, have you thought about the community here in terms of some of the other communities, you've been a part of your dance communities, supportive element there. What do you think about our community here and what we've got as far as different marketers and curriculum and kind of all these things working together?

Lauren: I honestly, it's the people in this community have helped me grow so much and kind of shift my mindset but also kind of be able to take action and because I asked a lot of questions I was getting started and I was like oh, like, what's a domain? What do I do? So I'm asking all these types of questions and how to set stuff up and the amount of support and the amount of just like positive energy and positive vibes is really just enough to fuel me and keep me going. And I think that's what's most important, because good vibes attract good things, you know, law of attraction, stuff like that. So really just having this positive, supportive community where people post their, their little like their wins their milestones and there's a lot of people congratulating others and there's a lot of help and there's, it's just really awesome but I am so happy that I stumbled upon this because honestly, it's just, I've always had trouble with being more negative and just falling into this community of affiliate marketers has just been awesome because it's making me focus on the positive it's making me realize hey like there's so many good things happening right now that I need to focus on rather than kind of not tearing myself down which, if I'm sure everybody has been there like when you get insecurity telling you carry yourself down. So it's instead of focusing on those little things you're focusing on all your little wins but I think that's really what this community has helped me with honestly. Great.

Dave: Well, I hope we can continue to do that because what I see is a superstar. What I see is an incredibly talented, smart, honest, and strong person who is going to kick a whole lot of ass, and the future. Great work. All right, and let us know if there's anything we can do to help. Okay.

Lauren: Yeah, of course, thank you so much, really for everything you've done for having me on the live for starting all this for getting me into affiliate marketing, honestly.

Dave: You're welcome, you're welcome. It's my pleasure. And thanks for coming on and sharing your time and giving back the way that you've done today. Okay.

Lauren: Yeah, thank you.

Dave: All right, Lauren, see you later!

All right guys. What an incredible thing. What an incredible interview with so many nuggets, we've got Lauren's tick tock, up on the screen you guys can go check her out, follow her, learn from her, you know, remember, though, the work that she's doing behind the scenes, right. So, if you want to get similar results. Then, just make sure that you, that you remember the full picture, right and not just the end result. That's a huge takeaway for me and hopefully everybody else today, so many takeaways, positive comments and thank you guys so much for showing so much support in the comments, as you know, this can also be somewhat terrifying to come on and do a live interview right live I mean you can always edit stuff out when you film things but this is live so it takes a lot of courage to do this. And any of you who know who, who, who come on this show. I mean I come on 15 seconds before we go live and I'm just kind of like Let's go, you know, and it's just you know, so it's a big deal. You guys are very supportive in the comments. We appreciate that. And we appreciate that you continue to come back and lift up these guests that we have had every day because it's a big deal. And, you know, and I hope to have each one of you guys on the show eventually one day, if that's something that you want so keep up the great work keep striving forward, keep doing the deal, be Legendary. And we'll see you back here tomorrow 10am Eastern Time for Wake Up Legendary, Peace.

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Matt: Hey there, Happy Wednesday. How's it going, Legends? We're just about wrapped up with March so that marks, sort of an end of the quarter. And, yeah, March 31st, It's 7am here where I'm at, I'm in Phoenix, it is 10am Eastern Time, are now three hours different so it's a totally different ballgame hey if you're just tuning in, we got some people coming in, there's gonna be more people pouring in, let us know where you're tuning in from. I always love to hear where people are tuning in for we got people who turn tune in from all over the world. We have people inside of our community from all over the place. You don't have to give your GPS coordinates, you can just say what state you're in or what country you're in, even is fine. But let us know, let us know where you're tuning in from. We got Sarah Catherine John, good to see you guys we see your comments here Yoli, Shelly, James, Lisa, awesome Cali, Margarita whew, awesome Heather, Chad what's going on? Well welcome it everybody, good to see in here, and today we've got an awesome guest. We're just gonna dive right into it if you can leave a little comment and give us a thumbs up to sort of welcome Mark to the digital stage. I'm going to bring in Mark, Mark, how are you?

Mark: Hey, good morning, Matt. Hi everybody, doing great, how are you?

Matt: I'm doing well, I'm doing well, where are you tuning in, or where are you not tuning in from, where are you, logging in from?

Mark: Sunny Tampa, Florida.

Matt: All right, nice see you're right in the area of, of where our neck of the woods. That's right. In Phoenix, a lot of people think I'm working in Florida but yeah, most of our companies are just remote so cool, awesome. How do you like it there? Did you always live there?

Mark: I have not I, I've been slowly migrating south. I was originally from upstate New York, so I started escaping the snow years ago and was stationed in Savannah, Georgia and then after that I slowly migrated down here. My rest of my family moved down here so I figured I joined them after I got out of the service. 

Matt: Cool. All right, all right. You're an Army Ranger, I have a brother in law, I have two brother in laws who are Army Rangers. They went to West Point, and I have three brothers, get, get, get how intimidating. This is a curry brother in laws who all went to West Point. And the one you know his Army Ranger went on to go to MIT. So not intimidating at all. And then, yeah, the other two anyway. Man I heard, you know, like heard stories and, and listen to that is not a fun process.

Mark: The best job I ever had. Yeah. 

Matt: Cool. Awesome. All right, so your your kind of man. Tell us a little bit about you, so we get this questionnaire that you send over, and I just, I feel like you've done a lot of different things in life so like kind of walk us through some of your journey, it helps us sort of get to know you a little bit.

Mark: Sure yeah it has been kind of a long strange trip. When I got out of high school, went to school at Ohio State and for a couple years did not graduate. My father passed away while I was going there so I kind of lost interest in things and I traveled the US for a little over a year. Then I decided to settle down, and I joined the army and went into being an Army Ranger. I got hurt, along the way. So they couldn't fix me and they said thanks for being here. On your way you go. After that I was again disillusioned and, you know, trying to find my way. The construction did a bunch of stuff. Can't and I came down to Florida after that. So, my family's down here, went back to school, picked up where I left off, but down here, finished my degree, met a girl, got married and had to get a real job, you know, when you get married, you can't do you know this stuff I was doing. Right, so that's, that's what started my, my corporate life, and you know I worked. I went into insurance, it was just I have a political science degree but that's kind of useless. Just, I found a job at a mailroom at an insurance company and worked my way up to. It was commercial insurance, then the real estate bubble popped, and I got laid off that job, got on to a bigger insurance company, a global company, figured, okay, good to go work my way up again. And then 15 years later so COVID hit, and, like, a lot of companies that's, that's what happened last year I had a pretty good run. But I got a call last year from my boss early in the morning and when I got on the call my HR was on at the same time and when HR, you know, your time is up, you know, no hard feelings, a lot I mean, a lot of people had it a lot worse than I did. So that's how I came here and, you know, had to scramble, really at that point, because not only. I guess it wouldn't have been hard, necessarily, to get back into what I was doing but it was during a pandemic, so a lot of companies were kind of apprehensive to start hiring. That's what affiliate marketing found Legendary.

Matt: Nice. I love it. So, you have not, I mean you've tried other things to MLM stuff like that, and merge, what tell us a little bit about, so like, what's it seems like there's an there usually is, but it seems like there's some sort of pattern where you're looking for something or kind of playing around with it you know you have this curiosity bug, what's that?

Mark: Yeah, I mean with MLMs, sometimes you find people who do have success with that you know so you figure, Okay, let me do that as some side hustle or some extra money while you're making your regular income that you have to make. And I know friends that do really well but I wasn't. I'm not good at trying to bring people in, you know, especially if it's something that I don't love and that's what a lot of MLM is, it's you find people doing products. What was it, they were doing phone cards and dental plans and things like that. I have no interest but sure if you're making money. I got into a legitimate Ponzi scheme, pyramid scheme. A few years ago, I guess I should have known better, but it was, it was killing it. I was making money and it was like wow, this, this really works. And then you start looking a little bit, you're like, yeah, and then the Fed shut it down, you know, yeah, I wasn't involved in that part of it but I was on the outside and people got taken down and you're like, oh, that's that's what a Ponzi scheme is okay, okay. Um, but yeah, you're kind of always looking, you know, you want to supplement your income and have some free time and not work. When you're in corporate you're working to commute 60 hours plus a week, and you can't say no to the boss you're competing against everybody around you to get the next promotion to get a little raise to get your bonus at the end of the year you know? So your weekends are taken, your evenings are taken, hey I need you to do this, you not and you say, Sure, you got it. And then 15 years later you realize you've missed out on a lot of things. And, man, that's, you're always looking I think for extra money. But, yeah, That's, that's what I'm always doing but always working. 

Matt: Yeah, I found this cool. So, you, you're sort of, you've tried different things you discover Legendary what I'm curious about after a year of experience with like a legit, fake kind of scam, or scheme, whatever. What I mean, you sort of discover Legendary and what's your initial thought?

Mark: Well, I discovered Legendary, I don't know if a lot of people have the same story, you're working, you don't have a lot of time. So you're seeing these things on the internet or you know you see them you're like okay you dabble in it you go to YouTube, you read someone's blog and then you start trying to cobble things together, and it's not, it's not like that. And you, you spend a lot of money doing what this person says on this blog and then you go to YouTube and you get lost doing that. What I found Legendary for me anyway because this is the way I learned best. I said okay $7 It put everything step by step in a logical order, and a peel the curtain back, and it. It completely blew my mind that the things I'd seen all my life. It totally made sense after going through the program, I was like, oh, oh, that's why things work. This is why companies do this, this is why I get emails all the time, right things I'm interested in. I mean, that's the thing you market, you get things back to you in email and you click a link and you go to it, and it's it that really opened my eyes, and then I started doing the process, you know, step by step. And I realize why it's not a scam or whatever you're saying, because you have to put work in, you know. They give you the information in a really concise manner but then you actually have to execute. Whereas MLMs and things they give you, they just, they literally tell you to go find other people and bring them to our cult, and then they can make money. Yeah, they don't tell you anything else they're like this is how you make money you go get other people you bring them, then we pay you. There's no working there, you just have to show other people, but this. You learn so many skills that might have been right in front of a lot of people but you start putting them together with this course. That's what is amazing about this. I wish I had found this so many years ago, because I've been seeing it for so many years, you see it everywhere. You just don't know how it's done, or why it's done. And then once you find out, it opens so many opportunities to just do it and pursue so many other things. 

Matt: That’s cool. Awesome. So what, what, okay so you come in, you start, sort of, what did you get introduced to our challenge. Did you get introduced to like our book or how did you, who even, you know where did you see it? TikTok. I mean I was looking at affiliate marketing or there were other things on YouTube. And when you start doing that on YouTube, you go all over the place because there is no concise picture, and then TikTok, you know I think like a lot of people downloaded that during the pandemic. And it did start coming up on my feet and there were a few legends right now that I just watched what they said and I was like, Okay, let me, let me just take a look at this like everything. Let me just see. And, and that's how it began, and might begin like that for a lot of people. And once you begin that, and you start looking at the course and the information, like I said, it just, for me it was like that aha moment like, Okay, I see, I see what's going on here. That's how it started for me. Made a lot of sense.

Matt: That's really cool. What, so I was just taking a look at your TikTok, and if you have so many videos on TikTok, how, like how you've got almost 2000 followers, and we'll throw up your TikTok here in a second. But how long have you been posting on TikTok, and how often per day do you post videos here?

Mark: Yeah, well that was, well, you know, you learn, you just like with affiliate marketing you learn when you learn from other people, the community is incredible because it teaches you, other things to do, and one of them was, you know, three to five times a day. I only started probably seriously in November with TikTok, And then, when I finished the course, probably more leaning toward that kind of education in December. And it was really hard. I'm sure a lot of people are camera shy out there. I certainly hate seeing myself in front. I have a face for radio, you know, I don't need to be in front of the camera at all. But you get better at it and, you know, Dave's mentioned that you've mentioned, a lot of them, mentioning, you're not good in the beginning, unless you've done this for a living, you're not good at this. And for me I didn't grow up in this kind of an age and era where this is normal to me, so I had to get used to it, and you know I just said, you know, I don't know. It's not really this is kind of a dumb thing to say but it's not my Ranger mentality, it's more like I briefed colonels and generals. I've been in the C suite at corporations talking to people. So, you know, I've made a fool of myself, a bunch of times, so if I'm doing it on TikTok, and let it. The only time I had any apprehension was my niece, my tick up one day and she said, oh my god you're on my TikTok. Oh, Don't follow me. And you never saw me here. Other than that, it became that big a deal and I enjoy it and doing legendary and doing all this has allowed me to go out and view Florida. I've lived here for almost 20 years. And I haven't seen as much of this state as I have since I got laid off, and why not enjoy the scenery with my kids and take videos. Do that, and just enjoy life, so it's not a big deal anymore.

Matt: That's cool. That's really really cool. I like it. Okay so with that, as you said, I didn't say this, a face for radio. What I mean is, it's said we'll say whatever you want. I know it's not easy to to get through that because it's the face for radio is one thing but it's really, it's really the insecurity right so you know people will find all kinds of things to become insecure about but what I mean, was it just every day just kind of wake it up and like, head down here we go, or how, like, Do you have any tips for people who also struggle with that?

Mark: Oh, I've got plenty of tips I don't know if they're worth anything. Of course there were some don't, don't save it in your draft just put it up there are one, TikTok’s a computer, it doesn't know any better, so the more you post. If you think it's horrible or you think it's great. The computer just does what it does, so you just get in that rhythm, you just throw it up there. A lot of people doing this probably have a lot of things to say and 30 to 60 seconds isn't a lot of time. Just say what you want to say, and then you get more comfortable. Narrowing down what you want to say, and you know there's other people who are marketing geniuses, and I love watching their TikTok’s and they're really polished, and that's awesome. I love seeing it. I'm not polished I'm just I'm just the dude doing this and that's where I came to the realization like look, I'm just, this is part of building a business, right, and you just get comfortable being uncomfortable. And then it'll swing back to being comfortable at some point, and it'll it's just, it's just something I do now, and I just make TikTok and I put them up there. And, you know, there hasn't been a viral video or anything like that and I'm okay with that. I love the people that are following me on TikTok as it is. It's an incredible community Legendary and incredible community and people on TikTok that are doing this or other things, because I, you know, you get a lot of followers that like a video but maybe not interested in what you're doing. But you have great conversations with them. It's really thrilling. And it's fun.

Matt: On your content creation, do you feel like people like, like what's been the most , What's been, you know, cuz you've got about 1800 followers. What's, what's been the most valuable use of your time like it when messaging or, like, I don't know just what's been the most valuable use of your time when, in terms of like actually messaging people and talking with people and creating that because he talked about community are you talking about actual messages are you talking about comments or like what do you mean comments?

Mark: In the DMS, you know, when people are asking you questions. One thing you, you sort of realize from this is that you're in a TikTok, if you're doing TikTok, you're in a TikTok bubble. So you think that everybody knows about affiliate marketing or any of anything on there, and it's kind of surprising sometimes you're like, there's a whole world out there that has seen or experienced what you've experienced, but then you get talking to people about my journey, why they're interested what they want to know about, I mean you get connections with oh you live there, I used to live there, or people all across the globe that you want to visit someday, and you get to talk to them. So that's really cool about the community and as far as the messaging. It's, um, you take the questions they're asking you. I'm getting, I'm trying to get better at this, I'm not really great at this. But I see a lot of great content creators doing it. I will talk to somebody for so long in DMS and not realize I should make a video because they're asking a question that probably 100 people have. I should make a little video about their question. So, if that's a tip for somebody, do that, you know, it's great to have conversations but there's probably 100 other people who have that same question, answer it in the form of the video, and help even more people out.

Matt: Yeah, we just had a really great example of that. Somebody just asked the comments, what the heck is a DM, right, so it's like it's the same thing that's, you know happening on TikTok message, Yes, yes, I feel like I have. I say that a lot to people where people will create content using insider language, which is a big mistake. Because you forget you, you live in your own little industry bubble, and you forget that, Like you said, you said it perfectly, there's this whole world out there. That's, like, they don't have any clue what you're talking about. None. Zero. 

Mark: That's right.

Matt: And they, so, so people will create content around, and they'll do this in all sorts of industries. And so people in like an addiction industry they'll use insider language that's just totally different that's doesn't make sense to people, they don't use good analogies or people in affiliate marketing, they'll talk about, like even just using the term affiliate marketing, right people are just like, What? Is that an MLM or like what do you, what is this? But the people I see that become really successful in sort of the Make Money space that do well on video are people who say side hustle, because culturally and that's marketing that's marketing skills one on one, which is, you got to. There's this great quote. I think it was Robert Collier, he's a great copywriter, and he said, You've got to enter the conversation, enter the conversation that's already going on in your prospects mind essentially is what he said. Let me see if I can find this here. Yeah, I'm gonna share my screen here real quick. Here we go. But I'll pull this up and just because I feel like it's valuable and it's always it's always a marketing thing that I come back to over and over and over again. Oh yeah, always enter the conversation already taking place in the customers mind right. So the point there is, it's, it's really it's like the number one marketing lesson that you could ever that you could ever learn, which is, there's already terms there's already phrases that go on inside of your, your ideal customers mind they're thinking about it they're wondering they're asking questions about it, and for you to, in order for you to sort of do good marketing which is to intercept that train of thought, and lead them to a solution. You've got to speak their language. So, like, there's so many different ways in which this is done in the media, but it's just, you know, we can go down this whole rabbit hole but I think that is sufficient to make the point that. And he's, he's, he's one of the oldest Robert Collier is one of the oldest direct response copywriters. I think some people say he's the founder of it but he was, I mean he was early 1900s when he wrote that, but it's, It's less about, you know, the medium so it's less about are you doing it on TikTok, are you doing on YouTube and it's more about the actual strategy itself of marketing directly to your audience.

Mark: That's exactly right because in a sense, none of this is new, it's been around for ages. It's become more prevalent in the Internet and the tools we have now just make it different, as far as how you reach people and think that really that it's, it's, we've been marketed to forever. And I don't mean that in a bad way. It's just the way the world works. And when you start realizing that and what you were saying about conversations earlier to is trying to keep in mind that, especially when you get involved in this and the curtain is pulled back and you realize all the potential for me that's I have to start a YouTube because I can't get it all down on in 60 seconds. But again, so many people don't have the slightest idea that Walmart has an affiliate link, you know, all these. That's just affiliate marketing but that everybody does it. Everybody does it. Some of my examples when I go to buy Dr Squatch soap, and then they upsell you, you're like, Oh yeah, and it goes off in your mind you're like holy cow, I love this stuff so much, it's everywhere. And when you're talking to people on TikTok, you only have a little bit of time. And so you have to kind of keep that in mind. Sometimes they have no idea what the world you're talking about. So every once in a while, come back to that and do the simple thing: affiliate marketing or this is digital marketing digital products or whatever, and then hopefully have that connection and keep the conversation going. Yeah,

Matt: I like it. What, um, so that's, that's where you've been where you are. Where are you going? So YouTube is new. How long ago did you start that?

Mark: Well I mean I have four really horrible videos that are just me rambling because I have so many thoughts in my head. Like I have just so many examples I've seen my entire life that now make complete sense on how this all works and what I want to do with it. So it's just four or five videos of me rambling, but I'm trying to build the YouTube site and then I will, I guess, write scripts down and try to follow it a little bit better, and try to take my, my passion for this a little bit so hopefully I make more sense to people I'm not gonna I don't plan on it being like an education site as far as telling people, yet how to build, you know, a page or anything like that. It's more just getting the thoughts out of my brain as far as how amazing this is for so many industries, and hopefully people will, It will click for them to and they'll start realizing it's all around us, it's everywhere, and you're able to learn this through this program and start doing it. Yeah, do it. That's, that's gonna be my message is learn how to do this and you won't go hungry. Yes, is how you will make money on the internet, doing anything because Legendary Marketer has so many other like offshoots while you're taking the course that you start realizing, oh, I can use this in my job, to talk to my peers, my boss, whoever customers on the phone, copywriting, you need to learn these skills, and if you learn them, you're not going to go hungry, you're going to do really well online. Yeah. Forever always.

Matt: Yeah. We had a guy on Monday, his name is Brett, and he and his fiance, I think, are using it. He took exactly training from our Legendary, they took it, wrote Facebook ads and they're selling a bunch of candles on Facebook ads. Yeah, it's, it's, it's all about learning those transferable skills because in business especially especially in the online space things dry up things change things move things shift and if you've got the skills. That's the key that's the kicker.

Mark: Right, right right.

Matt: You've got YouTube coming up. I like that a lot. And you keep posting on TikTok. Awesome.

Mark: Yeah, and I do triathlons and outdoor stuff so we didn't even get into that. That's okay. I want to load Iron Man too. Yeah, yeah.

Matt: Yeah, my, my brother in law's tried to talk me into doing this 50 mile. Whatever super thing. Yeah. And I was just like, dude, like, I played basketball like an hour or two day, like, I don't. I never in a million years can you pay me to do that so much fun to do it. Yeah, they're big time into it. My old boss at a coffee place I worked for a long time ago. He did 100 miles in the hills of Colorado. And it's just like I'm just like, Cool, I'll show up, I'll watch, I'll, I'll maybe like drink a beer along the side but like I, it's just not my thing. I can't do it. I shouldn't say I can't do it, but I'm also built like a sprinter, right, like I'm a five, six, quick, fast sprinter, but man, from the day I ever started running. I have absolutely hated it. Yeah I know competing but I hate running mad so do I don't like swimming, biking and running and putting them together but, you know, this area completely. Yeah, miles, you know, even you crazy army men just do this random. You guys hate to do it. 

Mark: Yeah, you got it you got to keep your mind on edge, I guess you know you got to. And I don't want I don't want to be slow and sit on a couch because I probably would have to keep finding these things, but that's, again, I have been envisioning because I dropped back to. I've seen Affiliate Marketing For so long because in what I do, I follow blogs and YouTubers, and they have those links on their site right. Oh, I get it now, that's what they do. I mean I buy so much stuff from them just because I like them, it didn't register with me, really exactly putting both things together. Oh, that's how they make money, I get it. So I'm going to eventually do that and there's so many products that I want to get involved in doing that so yeah, it's gonna be a great year, it's just so much fun. So much.

Yeah, I love it. You've got a big vision, there's, there are, there are so many different, I think that like sometimes affiliates, you know, they get sort of just tunnel vision, right, and it is crazy how many different products and different types of industries and networks and things that you can like, you can open up and have multiple multiple multiple streams of income coming in from.

Mark: Exactly, exactly.

Matt: Well, cool. Mark, thanks for coming on. I, we, we sometimes will reach out again later on down the road so keep, keep going and keep us updated on your progress, but you might hear from us in a couple of months and just say hey Mark want to come back on, and, and we'd love to have you back.

Mark: Awesome, I'd love to come back, I love it. Thanks a lot man. Appreciate it.

Matt: Yeah, if you need anything, just reach out, hit us up, we're always here. Awesome,

Mark: Thank you. You bet.

Matt: Alright guys, that's all we got for today. Another. It's just crazy to me. We've been doing these now for about a year solid between Dave most of the time and me filling in Wednesdays or, you know, kind of random days but it's just crazy how many stories and how many different people from different walks of life, it never gets old and so thanks for Mark coming on, you can follow him. Go give him a follow right here, and stay tuned for his YouTube channel as well give him subscribe he'll, he'll I'm sure he'll announce that on this TikTok channel so hey we'll be back. Same time, same place tomorrow 10am Eastern time, it's always the same time it's always the same place, Monday through Friday. If you want to get a text message reminder. You can text the letters WUL to, 813-296-8553, and you can get a text message reminder every time we go live. It's pretty non intrusive, it just says, you know hey here's two sentences about what we're going to do. Tap here, and tune in. We'll be back again tomorrow. Same time, same place, See you guys!

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Dave: What's going on, my friends, this is Dave Sharpe. Welcome to Wake Up Legendary, as usual, well, we're back here at 10am, eastern time like we are every weekday. All right, got another guest as you can see we're going to be talking about how to make your dreams a reality begin to believe in yourself, a bit more than maybe you already do, or I'm interested and excited to hear our guest today, Regan Story. So if you guys would help me by throwing some love in the comments. What's welcome Regan to the show, Regan what's going on?

Regan: Oh, not a lot. How are you?

Dave: I'm great. I'm great. So where are you calling in from?

Regan: I am calling in from Arkansas.

Dave: Okay, okay, Arkansas, that's interesting you know that's one state that I've never been to before.

Regan: Now you're not missing much. You're not missing much, you're not missing much in these parts.

Dave: So are you from Arkansas? Did you relocate there at some point?

Regan: I'm actually from Oklahoma. My better half lives in Arkansas, and my job keeps me on the road. Typically, prior to the pandemic, I ended up relocating to Arkansas. As I was traveling the United States.

Dave: I got you. So tell us what your job is, what is your day job?

Regan: I actually am in asset management for construction so I'm implementing asset management software for a construction company so I go in and put in processes in the place to help companies save money.

Dave: Well that sounds, that sounds fancy complicated, awesome, and I don't know, somewhat boring also but you know that's just my, that's just my opinion you know that's just redundant, okay. So, why is that not, but congratulations for having a career and having a you know a profession, and obviously your college education as well as, right?

Regan: That is correct I am. 

Dave: Okay, so that says a lot about you as a person, you're able to finish things obviously intelligent, what in the hell made you seek out and search and finally land in this weird world of even weirder construction asset management, I would say is sort of weird. Yeah online internet marketing, even more weird. Okay, so right. What has brought you to our world?

Regan: So chance, you know, the beautiful thing of targeted content. And I like to say that I'm social proof of targeted content working. It was looking for a way to become financially free and, frankly, you know, prior to the pandemic. Like I said I was traveling 90% of the time the pandemic kit, it changed everybody's way of thinking. So I said okay how do I find a way to make extra money that I'm not making now that I'm not on the road because I'm not hitting those bonuses and other things. And then I kind of just fell into it and said I'm just going to take the risk. There's nothing to lose here because I have a lot of things with the way my brain worked when I got into affiliate marketing, my, my girlfriend is a veterinarian and So, immediately the pet niche started popping up in my brain and I was thinking, Okay, how do I not go back on the road this pandemic is crazy how do I not go, you know, leave 90% of the time again because now I just was at home for a year and things matter to me at home a lot more than they did. Me going back on the road and in fact this past week I was back on the road for the first time and it was just like eye opening to like I don't, I don't know that I want to be on the road anymore right like I'm lucky enough to have a job that sends me across the United States but right time matters. 

Regan: Probably one of the most interesting parts of the job right, I mean the, or at least maybe at one time it was right traveling and seeing different parts of the country, meeting new people always go in new places, right 100% And I don't know if, for me it's been that I've gotten. 

Dave: I don't know if it's an age thing, or if it's just a combination of other things but I totally get what you mean by really not wanting to travel around anymore, particularly for work. Right. I mean, understatement. I really understand that I mean I want to travel for my own personal desires vacations with my family, but I don't want to be on the grind, catching flights or like needing to be places and I think the pandemic, for a lot of people like yourself, gave us a taste of what it's like to be home, and even though it was because of that was bad, for lack of better terms. We also got a taste of spending more time with our loved ones, working in our underwear, and kind of living life on our own terms and that's something that's hard to turn away from once you've had a little bit of a taste is that what I'm hearing?

Regan: That's exactly what you're hearing for me it as, as popular as 2020 Was I always, I've said this, since the beginning, as awful as 2020 was it taught us to slow down and think and think about what other people needed, and kind of learned empathy, right, and I think learned empathy is a powerful thing. It was the biggest year for personal growth for me because I was traveling the United States, meeting new people every day but because I had to sit at home and focus on what was important.

Dave: Yeah. Interestingly enough, and this is a part of AI, by the way, I think that's a intelligent statement of learned empathy, I think that empathy is a learned skill set, I do think there's part of a, of nature. We have it in us, but I also think it's very nurtured. Thankfully, my wife is very empathetic and has nurtured me, but mostly our kids into being very empathetic. So I'm about to say what I'm going to say here in a second with empathy, I am empathetic to those who had a really tough year, but I also point out to everybody who would like to set their future up differently to prepare this is when people say, prepare for your future. This is an example of that. For the past 10 years. Those Internet businesses worked online persevered through the challenges that many of you are now persevering in. 2020 was actually not a horrible year, it was a great year and is one of some of the best financial growth that some online marketers and some people in the tech space anyways had. It's not just online marketers, it's also people in companies that we saw soar, zoom, for example, all the sudden everybody needed zoom. Right. So I think that there's, there's, there's power also in, in, not many of us are reacting to the pandemic and saying okay this is motivation for me to do something now, but also what about when something happens 2, 35, 10 years down the road, whether it's a financial collapse, whether it's another pandemic. Those of us who continue down this path, and set ourselves up with more work from a home style career are going to be able to persevere through those situations, and sort of, be prepared for them, what comes up for you as I say that? 

Regan: You're spot on. The company I worked for is great. They didn't do a single layoff, the entire pandemic they have 60,000 people it's a global company. Well, good for them. At the end of the day, I appreciate that more than anybody knows and this isn't about me hating my job. So what you're saying resonates very much with me and saying this. I wrote, I applied for a promotion like going through the 15 day challenge, it encouraged me to go for two promotions within my company and I didn't get them, but it was because they wanted me to have a certain type of qualification that I have but it wasn't the steps they wanted me to take it in, and the square peg in the round hole is not me. And I got tired of hearing that I got tired of hearing, this isn't your situation, this isn't. It's not your time, right, and I think for a lot of people. Luckily I had already started this on the side going into that I thought this was just going to catapult with some of my interview skills and being able to talk about how to market my product and how to market our software product, and ultimately it helped in the interview, but I still didn't fit their mold, and it's not that that's a bad thing, I'm still great at my job. It's that I'm prepared now. Should I not get that job or should I want to do something else and when I wrote my yearly employee review the thing I said was, I think that we have to learn to think differently because we can all work from different places, we can all bring a certain amount of value to the table from anywhere in the world, how are we going to start thinking about that the pandemic not teach us to start thinking about that and that's what I wrote to them so what you just said resonates with me and my company. And it's not that, again, it's not that I hate my job, it's that I want to be prepared. Should I lose that, you know what I mean?

Dave: Yeah, I love that. I love that you are. I love that you're, you see your job as well, and I tell people all this all the time, that work within Legendary I say whether this is something that we worked together for 15, 20, 25 years, or whether this is a stepping stone to your next venture, your next Wherever you're growing to, that I'm fine with that. Just know, just know that how you do one thing is how you do everything. So, if you end up. For some reason, Getting salty here and starting to do a crappy job. It's not like it's not likely that you're going to go out and crush it somewhere else my invitation to you is, is to while you're here, develop all the skills, give it everything that you can use this time to grow as much as you can and hopefully we can pay you as much as we can. And I commit to paying you as much as we can afford that way, because you're giving it you're all here because you've got a good attitude because you're not hating your job. You're going, we're all going to benefit the most out of your time here and then whatever you choose to do next. You'll also then take that attitude, into the next thing, and I think that that is, that's a different style than a lot of the chatter and marketing about building an online business because people are like the job sucks, the boss sucks and it's like, likely they don't suck, your perspective sucks. The frame in which you see the world sucks, and you have a grass is greener on the other side attitude, but really the grass is only green wherever you water it so I admire you for that. And I think that that's a fantastic attitude that's going to carry you into whatever is next for you. 

Regan: Thank you.

Dave: So let's talk a little bit about the, the, this how to finally believe in yourselves and make your dream a reality, what, what has, I say, Regan that the foundation of success is self esteem. And that's a weird thing to hear from a marketing dude, it's like, Hey bro, tell me how to launch an ad man, let's talk about ad copy and here I'm over here talking about the foundation of success is self esteem. So, what do you mean specifically, when you say how do you, how to finally believe in yourself. What has been the defining moment or what has been the defining thing that you've done or experienced over the course since December 2020 When you started that has shifted you to believe more in yourself?

Regan: I think it's just having a proven plan and seeing the results of that proven plan, I think it's important that I know many of my followers, many other people like to say, I apologize, I have a puppy in the background if you can hear her. That is my real reason why, but this will get into my belief story but I think at the end of the day, believing in yourself and being able to tell that story is the most believable thing you're going to put on your content. Having an honest voice, having an open mind and saying, you know, I started today. Come along for the journey, and then ask me your questions right. But I started this as like I lead with my, my partner is a veterinarian, and if anybody knows anything about mental health, this is something I'm advocate about. Veterinarians suffer with, with some mental health struggles. They're the number one suicide rate and doctors, and that is my whole reason why. So when I say that my brain initially with the pet niche and started going off and I was like okay I've got a doctor in my house, there's so much value in her brain that I can take and teach back to people and help pets and pets are my real reason pets are better than humans and my personal opinion because they can't talk back and they're just nice, but neither here nor there when it comes to that, but believing in yourself and having the proven plan like the 15 Day Challenge and promoting the 15 day challenge, and being able to take the, the nuts and bolts to affiliate marketing and saying, Okay, I'm going to apply this to the make money online niche right, and I'm gonna see if this works and it works, and so then it was like, Okay, so what's next right so I'm a natural born skeptic I come into these things and I'm like, okay I'm gonna set these goals for myself and if they work what's next? And so next thing I know this success has taken off faster than I can keep up with, but my thing is is I never want to put out something that isn't quality so believing in myself when I put it out is the most important thing, otherwise it wouldn't be seeing that success. So going into this it was, I want to see the results of what legendary can do so I can launch these pet pages and make money online and the pet niche also though so believing in myself through legendary seeing that success is now set us up to do some really creative things together as a couple. So it turned into this passion project. And now, now we're really excited. Yeah, we haven't gotten quite to the pet page but again it's taking those steps of proven success and following, following your plan.

Dave: Yeah. So, and for those of you who are kind of wondering like we teach this in our affiliate marketing business blueprint. But like, I'll share it with everybody here just now briefly because it's just kind of one image, and it's, it really encompasses exactly what our processes are, which is, which is kind of taking, taking a little bit of time, right, so as you can see here on the screen. We actually like to start people out in niches that they're likely not going to be in long term, right, baby, maybe they are. Maybe they are, But even for you, if you're in the online niche. The goal here is for you to eventually launch into your preferred niche with the confidence that you gain from either the done for you campaigns that we give out in the business blueprint or the knowledge that you learned in the 15 Day Challenge. We've had some people, an example that I use often is a gentleman who launched into the health niche, quit smoking with hypnosis was his back end sort of coaching offer, he launched other personal development, or excuse me health related products on the front end, as an affiliate, and then realized that he could, you know, market and sell something that he was already knowledgeable about as a course or a coaching program. But the reason why we do it this way is because we, we, we don't want people to particularly launch into a niche that, like so many people who go to college start in a major and then change it, we'd prefer that people tested the waters, whether that's testing the waters in the make money online niche, whether that's testing the waters and in our decade in a day in our business blueprints we give out other campaigns and woodworking battery reconditioning and dog training and these weird things to try to help people understand that these skills are transferable to any niche, as you're talking. It's so crystal clear how one could create information. You know, webinars, courses, coaching programs, even workshops where you bring your dog, right. It's a high ticket thing that happens over two or three days. Right. Yesterday we had on a martial arts expert, and he was, he was not even, I love the conversation that I had with Brett, he was not even really beginning to implement his martial arts stories and analogies in his marketing but it was so powerful as I sat there and listen to him talk, how powerful that was, and so the fact that you're, you're learning the skill these transferable skills, and you see how they can transfer over to something that not only are your partner knowledgeable about but she’s a doctor I mean she's the top of the food chain right in terms of that world right and to be able to package that information. And, and, and be able to do something together. Now, who knows what that's going to look like when that's going to happen, you're clearly still developing your skills and you're earning as you're learning, which is also cool and quite a bit different than your previous educational experience in college. Is that right? 

Regan: That is correct. I am the anomaly. I'm the person that changed majors 77 times. I'm the person that was on the six year, four year plan. That's just me being erratic so I probably changed my major, I wouldn't believe times, seven times probably over the, it started medical because I think that's everybody start when they go to college is they think they have to be a doctor because that's what college is for, but I'm the one that's going to tell that story. Take it from me, take it from a college graduate, don't go spend 30 grand on a marketing degree because that's what I did. Don't. Don't. I can, tell you that story right. And so the honest story believing in yourself I can believe in those things and I'm saying. That was the most tangible thing for me to say, I could take my knowledge from my brain and start teaching that back to people. And so putting those skills into play and learning those skills of how to give value to an audience and how to identify that audience was my first step in this whole thing and then I realized, oh I can grow this business I can keep this visitor stream 1, 2, 3 If I'm a pro affiliate with legendary right so there's four streams of income right there. And that's just, that's, that's me just saying hey this is why I'm here. Let's let's keep it real, if it's about the money. I got four streams of income here okay let's launch into a pet niche and then have four streams of income there, and then open your brain and that's where I say I'm the anomaly I'm the person that says look I went to college, but they never taught me this.

Dave: You're so cool, you're an interesting person. I like talking to you, so I want to I want to get I want you to come back and and touch on that piece about, about how you, how you communicated your newness and, and instead of allowing your newness to be a reason why you shouldn't have a voice, a reason why nobody should listen to you a reason why you're going to talk yourself out of either taking action or being successful, how and how you've used, I just would like you to give us, if you're kind of coaching yourself, right, like going back and maybe I want to know what are the things that you did say to yourself and how did you frame the situation so it was empowering to you versus disempowering to you like I see so many people in especially over 10 years. I have, so it's like one of the number one things like I'm brand new. I don't deserve to do anything, because I'm new, like, I'm not worthy of that, because I'm so new, so talk to us about that process of feeling worthy being worthy, and then being authentic and getting out there and, you know, and in growing, as someone who is, quote unquote, one of my most hated words, a newbie, right, because it's honestly I don't hate it because it's a bad word, it's just I hate it because of the way people label themselves disempowering way. Talk to us about this question. 

Regan: Yeah, so 100% I, I think it's really important, especially, whether you're just starting the 15 day challenge whether you're just starting your first side hustle, whatever it is that you document your journey whether that means you're writing your questions that you have down, or you're writing your stumbles down or any roadblocks that you run into. And why I say that is because I think it might have been the third or fourth video that I put out ever. I started with a duet so I was like okay I'm not really sure how I want to start but I know I need to get started. And the first video I put up was literally the hook was legendary marketers a scam, I would have said the same thing prior to the pandemic. That was the first video I created, but that was literally a truthful statement for me, I had no idea what Legendary Marketer was right. So, I was able to take somebody on that journey from. This is a scam, I knew nothing about this side hustle to bring him in. I did the pandemic I decided to take the challenge, and then I bring them back into saying, This is what the challenge gave me, and this is what I'm doing to utilize it to try to make a change in my life. So I think it's just really important to own exactly who you are and own your journey because the more you can tell about your journey, you're gonna attract people that look like you you're gonna attract people that are on that same path and people are going to have the same questions, you're not reinventing a will. And that is something you have to keep in the front of your mind and don't reinvent the wheel right and I'm going to refer to Brian Brewer, because I'm in his mastermind also monthly, and that's something we talk about, don't reinvent the wheel. Right, so it's sticking to that proven course.

Dave: Yeah, I do think though, that's easier said than done because I think some people have just pure self esteem issues, I did. I had low self esteem when I started. I mean, I'm not completely out of the low self esteem world, I mean I still struggle with self doubt I am human. I know a lot of times, people may put me on a pedestal, which I don't want, but it can be it can be scary, especially when those when those either tumbleweeds start rolling in on those posts right and it's like, Am I out here all alone like Hello Hello Hello Hello like nobody out there, nobody's listening. Or you start to get a couple of hate comments that can really, that can really derail somebody. So how do you manage your self esteem? As you, if you launch something whether it be just a simple video, or maybe something more complicated a campaign, and it flops or you start to get some, some kind of haterade in the comments how do you deal with that?

Regan: I think you're exactly right. It is harder than what you think you get paranoid about certain things. One, remember to have fun with it right. And by that I mean, use the hate comments as teaching moments, and kind of like a little clap back right like you're wrong, but thank you for assuming that that's kind of just a way to have fun with it, but it's also, for me, it's the constant reflection on remembering why I started, because at the end of the day you can ignore the haters. If you're just as willing to ignore the chatter of positivity and I'm not saying you shouldn't take the positivity with you, but what you have to do is realize that they're all one in the same for as many people as you reach positively, you can easily etern reach a negative person but if you stay your stay your course on why you started, and you remember that at the end of the day, and you have that belief it's going to take you past the point of letting any haters control what your reason is on financial freedom and affiliate marketing working from home, the main reason you started your side hustle. It's not about being popular on social media.

Dave: That's so true, like I was about to say something until you said that, and like I was thinking about social media for me, and I was thinking about like how, how it is so toxic really, if, if you're if you're using it for, talk about mental health. Oh my god. Worst thing for mental health, in my opinion, so matter of fact, my four year old, was, was watching YouTube and YouTube's a really commonly talked about thing in the classroom and like it's YouTube, I mean, you go there, get knowledge and entertainment, all this kind of stuff, but the problem is is that it's all user generated content so it's not really been vetted. It's not, it's not the same as what you're going to get on Netflix. Like Netflix is getting even more conscious about the things that they put on is it racially insensitive. Is it toxic? Is it going to get kids, you know, second guessing body image stuff? Like those things are becoming more prevalent, they're becoming more common. And that's for the best for the best for our youth right because social media is, is this meme it's kind of like that, the meme about the Evergreen boat like I feel I don't know if you guys have seen the Suez Canal that big boat that came in, and all those meme started popping up. It was kind of like it's kind of like social media is like the boat in the little tractor trying to clear the dirt is like, I feel like it's like me as a parent trying to protect my kids you know what I mean like I'm like the tiny little tractor truck, and here's this big boat. We literally had to delete YouTube off of all of our devices and actually talk to my daughter and say, You didn't do anything wrong. Like you didn't do anything wrong. However, you know how we talked about putting healthy stuff in our, in our body, right, like, and she always asked, Is this healthy. I said there's also things that are healthy and unhealthy that we put in our minds, right when we watch them and we listen to them and just everything on YouTubes not healthy, but she already knew that, like she was kind of taking the iPad and like hiding to watch stuff like she was already doing. She knew it wasn't healthy. So here's my point is that social media, to me, is a business, and that's the frame that I've put it in. It's not a place even though there are family that I'm connected with on Facebook, I don't really any longer post personally on social media, and I'm not saying you guys shouldn't. I'm just saying for me, I've had this transformation because I realize the impact that social media can have on me with my mental health getting into arguments, politics, all kinds of crap. Right. And so, what, there's two things that we want to wrap with with these two suggestions, which is number one. Really, really kind of think of yourself. I don't want to tell you guys what to do. I've really focused on thinking myself in, in social media as a creator, not a consumer. I'm a creator, not a consumer, and that really, really helps me to really, when I go on social media, I'm super aware of not staying long if I've got scroliosis right. I just went with that kind of like that thumb gets going, here's the second thing is I remember that everything that somebody says, or nearly everything is a projection of themselves on to me. So it's not even really about me. It's simply about them I just happened to be there and triggered some sort of a thought or feeling in them that was already there, and now they're projecting themselves, their low self esteem, their hate their, their, their hatred of themselves even sometimes when we see some really mean comments. I think to myself, God He must really dislike himself right, that really and I and I have an element of compassion for a person. So that's the other thing is that I've depersonalized feedback to where if somebody leaves a comment, I know now and I actually believe that it's not about me, it's just them projecting themselves onto me. So I hope that your advice, my little tips there have helped you guys who are listening in as you get into this game to de-personalize it a little bit and realize that you are worthy, your message does matter, you can and should begin to speak up and take action on day one you don't have to wait. You don't have to, you don't have to wait till you're good enough. You don't have to wait until you are good enough, you are good enough today right and there's somebody out there that needs to hear you, they're not going to resonate with me, they're not going to resonate with Regan, but they need to hear you. And once you begin to realize the impact that you're having that will become a positive addiction in your life, right, that will then pull you to actually be accountable, not to mentors, but to your audience. That's the biggest accountability partner that you'll ever have. Final word is to you, Regan, anything that's coming up from what we just talked about or any final words for those many many friends many fans many followers in the comments as well you got some, some love going on out here a lot of folks know who you are. But, what would you leave us with?

Regan: Stay the journey and stay the course, you know, remember why you started at the end of the day, I will share this fun fact I didn't have social media. My partner and I deleted it, two to three years ago, and I just opened social media to start a business, and here we are, and I've never felt a healthier relationship with social media. So, remember why you started the course and draw your boundaries and you'll do great things.

Dave: I love that. All right, well I hope that you'll keep us posted, and come back and continue to share your journey. I'm grateful for your time today. I know you're busy, and it's always a blessing to have somebody with the experience, and in the success and the wisdom that you bring to share back with the community so my best to you and your partner will be safe and legendary. And we'll talk to you soon. Okay. 

Regan: Thanks, guys.

Dave: Alright, see ya. All right, my friends, look. Wow. Go follow Regan, like she's on fire man for real, like that's that's good shit. For real. So we've got her tick tock up there. Okay, side hustle shuffle baby, go check her out. All right, lift her up, show her some love and connect with her, bring her into your network and ask to be a part of hers. She's clearly somebody who you want on your team. Alright my friends we'll see you back here tomorrow again for Wake up, you know what, hold on, hold on a second. Hold on a second I got one announcement. I got one announcement. Okay, we just released. Now I say this, that we update our products and if you buy them, you get the updates, versus us doing a couple of little edits of it and then relaunching it and reselling it as it's a brand new thing that you need to buy again. So over the course of the last four months, I've been in the Batcave, updating in creating a brand new affiliate marketing business blueprint. Okay. And we've just made that live today. There was no, no hype no hoopla No, this is coming and it's gonna be so great, it's just, it's there. Today, you just dropped it today, it's live, and the affiliate marketing business blueprint, the last one is also if you own that product that training it's in your archives. So we didn't take anything away, right, we just added to what you've already bought and I'm going to tell you something about this new affiliate marketing business blueprint back there that I've worked on, and it's a combination of literally 10 years of experience, it's fire. I don't want to. I'm obviously biased, I think it's hot. You guys go back there, check it out, go through it, it's gonna take some time it's thick, it's, it's got everything that you need to know from a brand new concept called the Fishing Formula to a history of direct response marketing and selling information online plus examples from countless copywriters from back in the day, their swipe files, there's campaigns for the Facebook funnel the TikTok funnel the YouTube funnel, there's, there's testing tracking compliance second helping campaigns copywriting, everything. And it's brand new, it's updated, and it's for free as a free update for everybody who owns the blueprints. All right. So, again, you've heard me talk about hey, we update our products, you know you get lifetime updates. Well this is that inaction, again. Hey, thank you for saying thank you but you don't have to say thank you because you know what, this is just our way of saying that we value, everybody who's putting the trust in us to invest in our training and choose to call us, mentors, guides, whatever you want to call us friends in the industry. So go back, go through that and enjoy that. It will, and it can change your life. Right. It's that powerful of training. It really is, this is, this is something that we're all really proud of and excited to bring to you guys. So there's nothing that you need to do, except if you own the business blueprints, then just go back, click on affiliate marketing for the affiliate marketing business blueprint, and it's in there, it's just there, it's updated you can begin going through it right now. Alright, so anyways. Hey, Ben Fourtner you demand, thank you guys all Brad Griffin, Chad Strong, Dia Perez, Terry Roll, all you guys everybody, George. Everybody okay John Loya, I'd love to shout you out but I gotta get back to work. And I'm sure you guys do too, so get the hell out of here and we'll see you back here tomorrow at 10am Eastern Time for Wake Up Legendary.

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The Secret To Controlling The Outcome In Your Affiliate Marketing Business


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Dave:   Yo yo yo what's going on this is Dave Sharpe Welcome to wake up legendary. As you know we do these every single day of the week five days a week. Today we're going to be talking to Joe Henderson, and we're going to be talking about as you can see, a simple secret to controlling the outcome of your life in your business, this guy's got a great story, great mission, good dude. I can tell I'm excited to get to know him so with that being said, let's welcome to the digital stage of Wake Up Legendary Joe Henderson what's going on my brother.

Joe:    What's going on man, how are you?

Dave:   Excellent, excellent. So you're coming in from from Pennsylvania right right outside of Philadelphia?

Joe:   Yes sir. 

Dave:   Yeah, nice man, nice I like Philadelphia.

Joe:   Getting ready for the weather to be over, So I'm glad we're starting to break through. 

Dave:   I didn't say I'd like to live there. I just said I liked the city. So, so, dude. Tell us how this is your first online measure is doing, but first and foremost finding Legendary Marketer, starting out with a business model of affiliate marketing, tell us how you stumbled upon it, us, and what sort of piqued your interest to make you pull the trigger and get involved in sell want to spend some time learning this.

Joe:   Absolutely. So, like most people, I was just scrolling with tick tock one night and I came across somebody talking about legendary marketer and I you know I was I was always interested I always wanted to do something like have a side hustle and always work with my hands and any kind of side hustle I had restricted time promoting so I was always looking for different ways to make money or to you know, possibly branch out so I could spend more time with my family. So unfortunately, you know, first I saw that I scrolled past I didn't think anything of it, but you know I can't I saw on a couple more times, and I finally figured look I spent seven or $10 a day, easily at work on lunch or coffee or breakfast like I can take a chance and try to learn this. So, never did anything online before I never, you know, never tried to make money in dropshipping or things like that I looked into those but I just I never had any interest in just too much time, you know for too little of an unexpected gain. So I kept scrolling. I got in, I got into the 15 day challenge and I just loved it. I loved what the mission statement was, I love that, you know all the information I was getting in the first couple of days, I was overloaded with all this information was great, and you know I was, I was hooked. I really wanted to dive in and learn more about this because I saw that it applies so many different things, not only my life but just in general like you know once you understand a little bit about how affiliate marketing, how it breaks down, you see all these companies and opportunities that you just breeze by before you never looked into, so I took the challenge I've loved it. You know I've been growing ever since. 

Dave:   Nice, man. Nice. So you are full time. I don't. Equipment basically IT..

Joe:   I test all the equipment in substations, so like in high voltage substations from 13,000 volts, all the way up to 500,000 volts, I test all that to high voltage equipment breakers transformers things along them lines.

Dave:   We're not talking about 220 Here baby we're talking about when you're talking about. Putting a screwdriver in here and getting a little foggy.

Joe:   We test everything for compliance and make sure everything's stable so do the national electric grid is, it's up to par and safe in our system station. In Texas, a couple of weeks ago, we sent our linemen, you know, we're pretty big, pretty big local guys so guys stayed back and tested and alarm went down helped out. 

Dave:   Nice, man. Nice. So what So what, what is if we were to, first of all I want to I want to touch on this before we get into and I hope you don't I hope you don't mind me but you. I just feel like it's such a powerful thing you've been overcoming your entire life, and you lost both of your parents, by the age of 11. From health from health conditions, one with a heart attack and then cancer, and I was moved by that when I read that about you. And I just, I think so many of us, what's going on in our world feels like the biggest thing, and sometimes we put our, you know, metaphorically speaking anyways put our problems or things that we have to overcome on the table and then we start to hear other people share and then we're like okay I'll take my stuff back. When I hear something like that. I take my stuff back I become sort of grateful for my problems I still have my parents around. I'm grateful, and I feel blessed to have family around that was, that was an obstacle that you had to overcome really early on. And I wonder how that has shaped you in terms of overcoming obstacles, and, and facing unexpected difficulties in life and how you feel like that has either, you know, been a blip, it's, there's never a blessing in losing people but we try to find the silver lining and things right. What, how is that shaped you as a man?

Joe:   Sure, so I don't really talk about, I don't talk about it often but it's you know more just because I grew up with it right and I think that's a really good point that you begin to become so grateful, of not only your circumstances, but also people around you, I grew up in a lot of friends that had both their parents so they knew they couldn't relate on certain things I could see things they didn't see maybe you didn't appreciate, but I began in early age to realize that, you know, life's short so important to people that you really keep around you and your circle is so valuable because you don't have a lot of time here you don't have a lot of time with others so you want to be surrounded by the best people that are going to bring the best out of you and try to help you through those obstacles. So I was very blessed to have an older brother and a younger sister that like we were really tight knit and throughout all that we stayed together and we made sure that like we were okay, that was our court. And you know, as I guess getting older. I always had that support group to lean on, I always had somebody to like talk about my issues or my own problems and I always tried to reach out to the people that I saw going through that maybe later in life and kind of understand to be there for him like, Hey look, it's gonna be okay. Everything's gonna be alright. It's not gonna be a pain that just goes away. It's gonna be something you want to live with and appreciate, but then when obstacles came up in my life, you know I fought back. I was a guard when I was 11 years old. You know, I had no parents. You know I was living bounced around with different family members trying to kind of find my foothold. I hate to say this and I don't mean in a bad way but like three kids on anybody, is a burden, especially when you're, you know you're coming in, halfway through, how their values or how they've been brought up. You know my family, they might have had different rules so I bounced around for a little bit. I 16 I moved to my uncle, and it was the best thing for me, you know we needed that separation, you know, teenagers being together, you know, rambunctious and all we needed that, separation was great. He gave me exactly what I needed, he's like well, so on you, you figure it out, you go to school you graduate you have to work for extra money and you know he laid it out for me like I said it was me going to work 60, 70 hours a week, every week, I had no excuse to be lazy. You know I wasn't the best student but I was always willing to work hard and put myself in a situation to try and succeed. And then as absolute obstacles came up in my life I just thought about, well, you know, what choice I really have, you know like I can't sit here and just whoa or cry or be upset. I gotta, you know, find a way to do it and it's not always easy, and it's definitely not always a straight parents I've made way more mistakes than I'd like to admit. But I've you know and I've seen opportunities come and go by and I didn't take but I also found a way just keep pushing forward trying to get better and kind of you know, the people around me up because they were always trying to lift me up. So I think anybody that is out there just no you know any of this stuff, it's all doable. You just got to get your mindset for the day. You know you can be and do whatever you want to be sure to put yourself in that position and work until it happens really.

Dave:   Yeah, I love that and now you have a family right and you've got big, big, totally right, you got one on the way here pretty soon, I'll make one boy, one in the oven.

Joe:   I found out on Sunday it's a boy so I'm extremely excited first born, and I'm still carrying on the family.

Dave:   You're all, you're all smiles. I have a 4 month old boy at home too. And he's, he's something else. So, talk to talk so you've got now back into doing some marketing on Tik Tok, right, which is kind of an interesting kind of sort of coming full circle. And you guys can look Joe up we'll get his handle up on. Up on the screen here you've, you've built yourself up a nice little following on tick tock. I looked like you had 18,000 followers on there, your, your, what is that like bro from going, I know, I know personally, you know, being in construction and, you know, when I first started marketing. We, you know, I had a Nokia phone like iPhones weren't even really out I remember still recording. I feel like an old guy like I used to walk up two miles uphill in school, but seriously dude we filmed my videos on this little, little camera and then I would transfer it over onto the computer, and stuff like that. My point is, it was awkward. It was different. I was used to working with tools working on job sites traveling out to jobs, construction, etc. So what is this transition but like for you doing something new?

Joe:   Very weird like I had my space back when it came out and I'm pretty sure my wife created my Facebook four years ago, you know, we weren't, we were dating outside but I've always wanted to be Facebook wise. I was never really on social media. I was on there but I never had pictures up or I never posted anything. And I kind of just, you know, it's weird, especially coming from the construction side of it, the guys are looking like I can't believe you're doing this like what you are, you know, what are you doing this is an order like this isn't our thing, we don't do that. So I had a lot of buddies now they're starting to see some like TikTok, or send me TikToks, or like ‘Joe I can't believe you're doing this man’ like it just blows my mind. I just made a decision. I was like you know what, I have something to say, I can help people and this is the medium that I have to deal with and I'm willing to do that. I'm willing to look a little bit like a fool, maybe. I don't think it's anything that anybody picked up point due to songs or whatever but as long as I'm reaching the right people and I'm trying to help people right, I feel like I'm okay with it. I'm okay. A little bit of backlash and a little bit of jokes and come around on the job site but it's all I know at the end of the day, it's helping people and that's enough for me. I can deal with it. So I've been doing this for about, I guess 12 years now so I can deal with trash talk.

Dave:   I love it. Dude, I love it and I love how he I mean, I clearly can tell you don't take yourself too seriously. Right, and I actually heard this quote that I always stuck with me I don't remember who said it where I heard it from, but it was if you take yours, it was probably one of my early like mentors or recovery sponsors or something like I was a kind of a young recovering drug addict, you know, trying to get clean back in 2008, and I had all these kind of dudes that I met in like 12 step recovery and stuff, who were like these old wise men, kind of like in they always had these little quotes and shit that kind of blew my mind I was like whoa, but one of them was, if you take yourself too seriously, nobody else will. Man that's always stuck with me. You know, like, and I started to think about it I was like yeah like all the people that I know that take themselves like way too seriously, like nobody else takes them seriously, and all the people who live life, light, like, don't take themselves too seriously, aren't too stuck up on themselves like people listen and pay attention and really kind of take them seriously. And so I actually, you know, both admire the quality, but also think there's a bit of strategy in life, to not taking yourself seriously. In terms of whether you want to call it reverse psychology or whatever. I just think people pay more attention to people who don't take themselves so seriously. So, what would you say has been one of your secrets main secret whatever to controlling the outcome of your business right you're starting a brand new business and your, your beginning, I mean you caught our attention, so you're doing some things right, you're really new, this is your first venture, what would you say are your secrets to controlling the outcome of your destiny and your success with this. 

Ryan:   A few things I do are like, I try to journal, like every day I just try to write things down. You know I'm so scattered with my time. And I find that it's really hard for me to stay on task and especially if I'm trying to break down because we do too many different things. So, especially with the grown family and you know we're combined 16 hour shifts for extended days, I have to have small goals that I can hit every single day, as long as I'm hitting them goals. That's a huge, you know, that makes me feel like I'm moving my business forward. And in the beginning, you know with TikTok, it was really tough for me because I was trying to find my voice and try to like it, so it was such a new adventure. And I really wasn't consistent. You know when I started the new year I just made a decision I was like I'm gonna be consistent. I'm going to post three to five videos every single day. I know it's a daunting task for a lot of, you know a lot of people, but the truth of the matter is, it gets easier. And I just tried to show up every single day, no matter what, even if it was a 15 minute boggers, even if it was rewatching something challenge or, you know, just going out there and trying to expand my mind one way or the other, whether it was you know, podcasts or audio books. I just tried to show up and be consistent and that for me has been, you know, a fundamental shift. Everything I've been doing it you know in the last month or two, has really started to pay dividends because now I'm starting to see the whole picture. I'm branching out. I'm understanding you know how big this affiliate marketing online space really is. At first it's really easy to get tunnel vision, and you just see one thing and you think that's all you do and you know that's that's all you're focused on. But the truth is is that it branches out into so many different parts of our lives, that, you know, there's so many opportunities out there, and everybody can find our own space, our own voice in the online world, that I, you know I just tried to, I've been working towards finding my own voice finding my message, and just trying to stay consistent every single day to talk to people and just connect you know I think a lot of people get tied up with the idea that you have to be the flashiest person or, I don't believe that I would much rather be the person that you've come to an answer question you feel like you got a solid answer. And that was it. It could end there for me you know we can never talk again but you got what you need it for me, that I'm putting that out in the universe if it's going to come back. I'm going to get that back. 

Dave:   Two big big things I want to tease apart that I think are huge that you just said, first and foremost finding your own voice, and second of all, being focused on connection, and being approachable and relatable versus impressing people, I have this saying about focus on being interested rather than interesting and I think our first thought when we come, start marketing is Me Me Me Me Me. It's all about me. I gotta be interesting, I got to be successful. What about my success, what are people gonna think of me, and it's just all about me me me me me me me me me. And, you know, that is a recipe for zero connection because people are interested in what Me Me Me Me Me themselves, you know, and so your approach of being relatable approachable, focusing on connection being the person that people would feel comfortable asking a question to, I think is huge. The second thing, Finding your message. I think that is so under. It's just, it's, it's, it's a, it's a, it's an overlooked thing, I think we don't talk about the importance of enough, but finding your own voice and your message. Every business has to have a voice and a message in a field. And so it's not really a personal thing, either it kind of is because this business, our personality and who we are is closely connected to the business itself. But if you think about it just a jack Dively, business has a voice has a feeling has a message, oftentimes, that is communicated through maybe a spokesperson, right, if you think about Nike you think about Michael Jordan, LeBron James you think about Tiger Woods or some of these other athletes that represent the brand and you think about their personalities. If you think about Apple, you know, you think about Steve Jobs you think about, you know you, maybe you think about internet marketers or if you think about, you know, if you think about just every company we could talk about. If I asked you what you feel? What comes to mind? What's the message? You would be able to articulate that or at least you would know there is a certain feeling there. So I think that for us to find our voice in our message. What do we stand for, you know, what is our message, You know mine has been, it's been grit, persevering through things, it's been figuring stuff out, it's been turning my mess into a message. It's been coming back from the ashes rising like a phoenix man coming back from, you know what I mean like, drug addiction and homelessness and that's helped fuel my passion, because when people think of me. That's because I talk about that so much I think that's what they mainly think about. So, so if you were to identify what your brand and your message stands for in just a couple of words or sentences, Joe, what would you say that you've discovered that your voice and your message is?

Joe:   Just never give up pretty much. In reality, like, if, if it were, somebody would come to like being see I think they could realize that, you know, my wise pretty strong I always just want to be somebody that I want more time in my family, more time freedom, you know, never give up on what you're trying to pursue, and just always, there's always a way. There's always a, there's always a way and a path to get you where you want to be, you just have to be willing to do the work that's doing activities. How I feel 100% I 100% believe that every single person can find a place, and you know in a digital world. Now, with affiliate marketing with all these online businesses to find their voice and find their message and really reach the people that they want to reach, and once you, once you find that once you start to feel your voice start to understand who you are and what you're about, that you know, for me, family’s like everything right like my family, my time here is so valuable, and watching my daughter grow up is so much more important to me than money or anything. I try to explain this to people a lot and they think that money is so important. And money is a byproduct, but really it is like a you, you help enough people and you do the right things over and over again. You will find your way, money will find its way to you because you're doing what's right, you're actually giving value and actually helping people, and if you know anything more than just you also who you are, who you are, find the right people and connect with those people. Yeah,

Dave:   I love it. So, I got one, one kind of final question, We asked you, What are you currently getting results with or what would you want to talk about and you said Legendary Marketer and what it provides to the online community. So,what, what do you what do you mean by that, I would assume. I have some assumptions but what, what do you mean by legendary marketer and what it provides to the online community?

Ryan:   I think what people fail to realize is that the community that's built around Legendary. Do you have such an opportunity to reach out and one of the, one of the greatest parts about this group and the other Legendary groups is that you can go in there and ask questions, you don't feel you don't feel like you're alone. And one of the biggest things that I've shown like going through trees and, you know, learning, learning those skills I always had a mentor somebody there to kind of help me, and they're not going to answer every question you have, because then we kind of take that away from me right flattening it out on your own, and going out there putting yourself to the test every day. If somebody just gives you a quick answer, you're not going to appreciate it, you're probably not gonna remember, and you're just gonna keep coming back, you're never gonna learn how to fish for yourself. So I think Legendary gives you a great opportunity and a foundation so that people realize it like you're not just teaching ducks, giving somebody a fish and teaching them how to fish you can apply these skills to anything in your life. and you know, any opportunity to online can be based around the challenge and other additional trainings because you have the opportunity to branch out and find what's interesting to you, and that training that community that you know vibe, you get from and the transparency to Dave like you're coming here every day and I don't see any other CEOs coming on and doing Wake Up Legendaries and you're in front of your product you believe in, don't be like you stand behind everything that you put down, and I think for somebody like me, never done anything online before that was a huge, like that drew me in, because I was like alright if this guy's going to put his name space and brand everything to this every single day and show up every day with criticism, and he really believes in what he what he's offered. And that's what I think people need to understand that it's, it's not just Legendary you know Legendary he's like, great company and all but it's a small scale compared to really Buddhism out there, what you can do with this knowledge is training, and it touches on so many things maybe you decide okay you don't want to do affiliate marketing but you want to go out and be a copywriter like that that information is available to you the connection that you need are available to you in this community that's built. And if you you know rely on that community and you give to that community when you understand software, you take the knowledge that you need, It's going to continue to build that community, make us all better online entrepreneurs, and we're going to be able to build each other up and that's big for me, I think, you know, giving back and helping others, regardless of what your monetary outcome whatever kind of money you're gonna make, I think that's huge, and people need to see that and understand that, you know, giving back and being a part of this community is, is a big why why legendary stands out from everybody else.

Dave:   Yeah. And that's, that's exactly what this, what we're doing right now what you're doing right now. And you know when, when the pandemic hit in the beginning of 2020, we had other people from our team, we've been doing this show since the beginning of the company like since day one, but I wasn't always. And when the pandemic hit like we got together and we were like, you know, why don't why don't why don't you do it. And it's like, damn, like that's that's a commitment, you know what I mean, that's a commitment because I got other things I got other things to do. Other, other things on my to do list every day I feel like I, I never caught up right. But, but it was just it was just a fleeting kind of thing that I just, we just tried, and it ended up, ended up being one of the most important decisions that we've made in the company, and, like, I just feel like adding that on because I think one of, I think we think that everything that we do that, to be successful needs to be properly planned, it needs to be like this thing that you think about for a long time and really what I've learned in my career man, is that some of the craziest shit, some of the things that just I do on a whim, dude. And our action and imperfect action and being the most powerful things right so we've continued doing this, I continue doing this Matt does it on when, on Wednesdays. And yeah, so thanks for the kind words but I also want to make it a teachable moment with some transparency that, that it wasn't a perfectly planned thing for me to even be here and be doing this. But what happened was when I started doing it every day. People really, you know, and then I had a couple of guests who were like, I like started thinking it'd be nice to be there. So then we started reaching out to people and asking them if they'd come on and they were like hell yeah you know that, right. So it was all out of like almost, on a whim decision to test some. And then it turned into this huge piece that just grew our community, the element of our community and the value of our community tenfold. So, yeah, there's, I think, I think, imperfect action, be thinking and marketing did everything to, like, I'm going to try something, and, and not having expectations that it's going to work out, right, a certain way, and also being willing to be consistent with it for a long period of time, such as like a year, like, when I say a long period of time, I mean like 12 months, like to try something for 12 months like if you're going to start a YouTube channel, like you can't stop after three months you can't I see people all the time they're like well I, I've been doing. I've posted videos on TikTok for the last week and I'm like, bro, do you know how that's like the freckle on the pimple of a natsap that's not I mean, it's not that I'm invalidating your work but Bro, that's nothing like you got a rich quick mentality you got to be in it for the long term, short term is a year that's like the minimum dude. Like, like, let's just be, let's just be real, let's just not bullshit each other, like, a year is the minimum to give yourself a running chance. The rest is just basically, the rest is, is just you're toying with yourself in your future like so. Anyways, that's a whole nother rabbit hole but thank you for the kind words and I'm so thrilled to have you as a part of this community and somebody who's willing to come and give back in the way that you do and so thrilled for you and your new son as just your whole your whole vibe and your future and where you're going, brother. I see big for you, and I love your heart and your vibe. Brother, keep up the good work.

Joe:   Thank you, man, I appreciate it.

Dave:   All right, Joe we will talk to you later buddy we'll have you back on if you'd be willing to keep us posted.

Joe:   Thank you, appreciate it. See ya dude.

Dave:    All right, my friends, whoomp there it is alright you can you can text. This number. Okay, WUL to this number 813-296-8553 We'll send you a little text message reminder in the morning when we go live. You can also find all these episodes on Spotify, Apple podcast just type in Wake Up legendary. If you want to have shirts and swag whatever you can go to be Legendary dot shop. Once again, follow our man Joe. Okay. Go and lift that brother up, show him some love, connect with them, and let's continue to build each other up. All right, be legendary my friends have a fantastic day. We'll see you back here tomorrow. Bye.

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What's happening everybody welcome in, it's Wednesday, March 24 My name is Matt. I'm hosting guest hosting. I don't know if I'm guest hosting, I just host every Wednesday. Wake up legendary, so welcome in we're pumped to have you here. If you're new and you're just tuning in, like, this is hey, this is my first time. Never done this before. Let us know in the comments so we can say hi, get to know you get to know your face and whatever else, so. So Victor Allen in the house, a call. We've got Jim, drop us comment, let us know you're here, and if you can hear me okay and my audio and video and everything's coming through okay that connections great if you could hit the thumbs up, that'd be great too, just lets me know that you can hear me, and I'm coming through clearly. Again, if you're newer to our community or this is maybe your first time ever coming on and tuning in, you can text the letters WUL to (813)-296-8553. And what will happen is, every time that we go live for wakeup legendary. We'll send you a little text message right here, and yeah that's it. You get a text, and you can just tap, and you're immediately shot into the live, it's, it's pretty simple. So, yeah, we've got an awesome interview today. I'm pretty pumped, this can be an active live. When we were just meeting before the show there was kids running around and I just liked that energy, especially with, you know, it's just me and my wife here in our apartment, or you know whatever here our house here, and it's the mornings are slow and I don't get that impression from that household. So, let's bring in our guests and everybody in the chat if you can welcome Ryan and Sam on Ryan and Sam how's it going. 

Matt:   How are you guys?

Ryan:   Very very well so what you saw earlier with just one of our kids and we have.

Alright so that's a fifth of the madness. Yes. All right, I like it. I like it very cool. So you guys, you guys are from where you're in Tennessee?

Ryan:   We're, we're in the south part of Tennessee.

Matt:   Okay. All right, so, so bring us into your world a little bit in terms of the whole online business right like, tell us a little bit about how you guys got curious about online business there's history in network marketing, just tell us a little bit about what you both do. And you can take us back as far as you want but just give us a little bit of your story.

Ryan:    Alright so me and Sam actually met online. Back in 2013, okay, if you've ever heard of the mobile app game called Game of War. We were, we were on the same team, our hay damage from England, from Tennessee, we were 4052 miles apart. We had a year long friendship, where we had three and four hour conversations over the phone for a solid year. Then whenever I am told her father, brothers and sisters. It was she was flying to America. They told her catfish, and you're not her dad said you are not going. You are not going, Because obviously hear all the horror stories. Yeah, so she flew in March 2015 to Atlanta, Georgia. I drove four hours down there, something happened where it was like, cuz I slept at a gas station,

connecting flight, so I couldn't get on the next flight.

So anyway we met, and just having the year long friendship, really set a solid foundation for our relationship. And so, we actually got married in April 2016 Okay, we both have a history with affiliate marketing, and network marketing, I got started in prepaid legal back in the early 2000s, and I've really never ventured out or had a lot of confidence in the beginning, especially to do like live videos and that kind of stuff, whenever I was in my 20s I just didn't have that confidence level I wasn't ready. So, didn't really have a lot of success, basically until we got in Legendary Marketer 2018. So Sam can tell you a little bit about your affiliate marketing network marketing. In the past online


Sam:   Mine wasn't really affiliate marketing. I hadn't really heard of it, I didn't really know much about what it was until legendary. Mine was more MLM or obviously in the UK, the kind of things that you drop brochures through a door wait for somebody to fill out an order before the form, a lot of walking around in the snow with it, it was just one of those things that I never managed to do anything weird, because at the time I was trying to sell products, not realizing that actually an MLM. You need to build a team. And that really wasn't my kind of thing. Yeah, so, yeah, I did a multitude of those. One of them was American, I think. But yeah, never, never really got anywhere then decided with my mom we was going to work out by garbage selling work where all these like print printing equipment, embroidery equipment, and we didn't do too bad, but then ended up having to sell it because I spoke with my ex and you know how it goes so I kinda, I kind of gave up on it. For the longest time and I guess I just went back to the regular nine to five, just not really thinking much about it, and I like let the idea die if you like. And then when I met Ryan, it kind of all came back to, to the forefront, and we started because we have the same mindset that we want more than working a nine to five. Now, if anybody knows me, they'll probably tell me how, like, that I have a problem with authority. But I just nine to five just didn't sit right with me. Okay, that's, that's the way it was. So, when me and Ryan met it was, it was nice to actually meet somebody that actually wants to do the same as me. And that's cool, whereas people don't turn around him and say yeah, this time next year right and he said, you know the whole that'll make more sense to the people watching from England but, yeah, the people that knew me Are you doing something else what you're doing now?

Matt:   Okay so interesting, so you guys both, I like the meetup story that's very cool and I love. I don't know I just Brad just said make MLM equals make leaders money. No, I mean, so a lot of people got so I got started in MLM, a lot of people, that's kind of the first dabble. It's the first nibble on the sort of figuring out online business or just, you know, creating a business on the internet, that's primarily run through the internet it's pretty common, what I'm, what I'm curious about is, so both of you are. I mean, You got a lot of social media stuff going right like you've got, you've got a lot of it seems like to me, you've got a lot of content creation going got a YouTube you've got TikTok channels. You've got two separate TikTok channels. So, in terms of like so. So right now, Ryan, working a job right.

Ryan:   Yes, I'm 21 years in law enforcement.

Matt:   Okay, and then Sam is not, but stays at home and does affiliate marketing?

Ryan:   Yes. 

Matt:   Okay. Wow. There's so much going on there. I don't know, I, my concept of how somebody like can stay at home have five kids ever run a business, is mind numbing to me, like I can't even I, it's actually unbelievable to me, that is crazy. But I'm looking at your, I mean, here, I'm looking at your Tiktok right now, both of yours, and so was there any reason you decided to do separate channels, just curious?

Ryan:   Well, it's a theory that we want to try it together, because I think it's very powerful to have a three way conversation. So we've actually talked about that kind of stuff before, we've actually done YouTube videos always separate. Okay, and we've always done TikTok always separate. Okay, but I think it would be really really powerful to try it together and see the response from people.

Matt:   Well, I, you know, Whether it would or whether it wouldn't I mean, I feel like everybody's kind of got their own flavor, and, you know, you guys seem to have, one person or a couple that comes to mind is, is these guys Megan and Ryan, who do their stuff together and, but, you know, some videos are similar, some are together. Yeah.

Ryan:   Yeah, we could definitely look at their channel and follow them and see what they kind of do. And I just want to say a real quick hello to everybody who said hi to appreciate you watching the seminar and I see Victor down there as well. He's been a very long friend of ours that we actually met through affiliate marketing so you didn't really, Victor.

Matt:   Yes, that's cool, that's cool. It's amazing how small the world like this world is. It's amazing how small the community is, especially the longer that you get into it you know sometimes. Sometimes Dave will say things like, he'll say, There's this quote from, I think it's Warren Buffett's business partner. He says, or maybe it was Warren Buffett he says it's not about timing in the market. It's about time in the market when it comes to stocks specifically. And, and so then that's his theory right some people are day traders and that's cool, and his theory is like, it's about time in the market length of time in the market and I think it that principle would hold even more true in sort of digital marketing, or the affiliate marketing industry because, you know, the longer you're in it, right, you see it, you see things evolve and you start to see things with clear eyes, and the anxiety and stress and worry and sort of all of those insecurities, you might have sort of start to melt away a little bit because it's just like, I just been here so long. I mean I just, I just don't care anymore right I don't care what people think anymore I don't care what Nancy's gonna say about me anymore, it's just like who gives a crap. And then you start, and then you start finally doing the things that you knew you needed to do all along and just were too scared to do it right. That's why we've got a guarantee in the comment section here we've got tons of people who know, ‘geez, I need to be creating five pieces of content a day or two pieces of content a day’ and they're just not doing it right, they're just not doing it, they know they should be. And so the length, once you expand that out you start meeting people like like Victor, and you start, and suddenly you're having conversations with people who are, you know, crushing it I mean Victor is just, he's killing it right he's killing it on YouTube. And so anyway, I just wanted to say that that, you know that's like, that's something that's really, I don't know what ninja eats, it's underrated I would say, people overrate all these little techie, weird things that you can do with your channel and hashtags and it's like just consistency over a long period of time with some great content, and you can just, you can absolutely dominate. 

Ryan:   Definitely, consistency and persistency we kind of mentioned that a lot between Sam and I.

Sam:   Consistency has been the huge factor for us.

Ryan:   There is times where we don't do anything, you know, for quite a period of time where we should be doing something, but we also want to live a lot. We don't want to, You know, if we want to be here five years from now or 10 years from now, and we're you were talking about the consistency part, I can definitely tell you 100%t without a doubt, YouTube's algorithm is part of that leap. Now, tick tock is obviously new, some go viral, some don’t so that's kind of hard to figure out, but YouTube's algorithm, releasing the same kind of content, same kind of videos. The link shows the growth in the algorithm. Yep.

Matt:   Yep, absolutely true. What, um, what, What do you. Okay, I wanted to just quickly jump back to this curious your thoughts on what was the thought in creating a discord link here? That's the first time I've seen somebody do that.

Ryan:   Okay, that has to do with another business and not with legendary marketer,

Matt:   That doesn't matter, it, we don't care what people are promoting or what people are doing. We're just mostly curious about the marketing strategy of it. Okay, is this this cool

Ryan:   Discord, I'm part older and newbie, DottoTech is going to be expert advisors for the forex market. Okay, so that is our community that has all our different channels.

Matt:   Is there any is there any reason you chose discord over something like a Facebook group or something like that.

Yeah, the structure of it, so we have a profits channel. We have a community chat channel, it's got a voice channels. We have an announcement section that nobody can post in just the administration, and it's just laid out really well.

Matt:   Cool. That's awesome. I mean we always talk and think about, you know, taking our groups or whatever to different places and stuff like that but yeah, cool, I love it, I just like seeing different marketing strategies and do you feel like it. Do you feel like it works better or do you feel like it just, it fits you and how you like to lay things out because you're a gamer too right so Discord is way more, way more common right?

Ryan:   Gaming left. When we had and we had another baby. So we knew that we had two kids piece that we won't anymore.

Matt:   I thought I just witnessed you guys talking about a death there, there was like there was like gaming gaming.

Ryan:   Game Award. She spent like 5000 pounds, like terrible 1000s of dollars, he build fake troops and tag, you know, you know that it was a good to get out of, but it brought us together.

Matt:   It's a hobby, I mean it's like it's not crazy to think somebody would do that, I mean, think about the money people spend on fishing and hunting and all kinds of, you know, buying guns for all kinds of stuff like that, like, yeah, it totally makes sense to me. I used to play games all the time and I know people who do still and kill it and they you know, they're on, well I guess the bigger one than discord would be. What's the streaming twitc? No, I'm blanking.

Sam:   This one, the one similar to discord telegram. Okay. And I don't know. I don't know what you mean. I don’t know what else you mean.

Matt:   The bigger point here was just, this is a very interesting strategy I think for people watching, listening, you know, a lot of people will watch this as a replay, I think it's just, I think it's proof that you can use lots of different strategies with where you're pushing people or where you're building your community, and you should just build it where you feel is best rather than having to replicate or duplicate or you know whatever somebody else's stuff I just think, yeah.

Ryan:   Discord is free so let's say if somebody legendary marketer wanted to use discord to have their business course we haven't done that but I've got a few ideas, you could create different channels so you can bring people in there they can have a public chat with you. Then you can structure a getting started with affiliate marketing channel, so you can structure all this kind of stuff they also have voice chat on there. So as you're talking to them through text. If you want to say hop to a general voice, so I'm going to have a conversation with you hop down there, and it's just like a phone call. So it's pretty powerful and you could actually use this for the legendary marketer.

Matt:   You can use it for anything. Yeah, and I think, I think one big thing is like, with, with discord I've done, I've done a few, like, I'm not a gamer but I've played games, like with friends and while we're chatting over discord I've done that before. And it's, it's super clear like it's more clear, you can hear voices and stuff more clear than a phone call by a longshot, it's crystal clear, yeah. Yeah, that's cool. So over here. Let me switch my screen share over to this tab here. Okay, so then we've got Sam's over here. Boom. Okay, so she's dominating. I mean 26,000. What, what's the routine like on yours Sam, I mean in terms of like how much content how regular, that kind of stuff?

Sam:   And this is actually my third TikTok. The. The first one I think we did together. Did the cringes video possible. I didn't even know what a TikTok was really just like we were talking to Victor and we had, and Gary Vee was saying if you're not on TikTok get on TikTok, this was way back in the beginning 19 Yeah, we created one together and added a rap. Oh my goodness, please don't look for that video it's really good look for that video. It's the very first one is that on this channel there it's not its own channel we do have a channel that's together we don't post. It's only got like 110 Now go. Go watch it let everybody see it right now it's so hilarious.

Matt:    What's the account?

Ryan:   Ryan and Sam think it was everybody's gonna have a good day after they see this. Oh we got, we're here. Oh goodness, scroll down, she'll have a laugh, oh that's the bottom one. Yes.

Matt:   Yeah, I got I got to figure out if I can share screen with with sound here, hang on, hang on. No, no, this, I don't know if this is going to share sound or..

Ryan:   Oh, Dave's gonna put this on the home page of Legendary Marketer. All right, you ready for this.

*video plays* 

Matt:   That, my goodness, thank you so much for letting us see that. No, that was awesome.

That was awesome. I, that was actually good too. I mean, Ryan, you were right, that was actually, like, Pretty impressive and everybody's gonna have a good day, always awesome. Oh my God. See, I love the kind of like, I love the kind of just like, I love that we can just do that, I mean, how comfortable, Sam, you must be in your own skin to just like ‘alright, here we go to screw it, like, let's go’. That's just, I don't know. I envy that seriously.

Sam:   Yeah, yeah, that came after a few videos we've done on YouTube where my son,my son is age, 16 now but he helped me do some skits. I had no idea what it was. And he was like this would be a good idea. Let me help you do this. I was in the mood for doing it and I was just like, well whatever let's just do it very first video, and I was expecting it to get like one, two views, and it went up to 400 views and I was like, they took ages to build up to that on YouTube. And that was the moment we realized, okay, tick tock has something here. Yeah. Yeah, well with that channel kind of died out. We weren't consistent with it, and then I tried another channel by myself. And I did it through the beta. You know so you could get a link where you were watching on YouTube, it said if you want to get a link in your bio, you've got to do beta and all that. So I did that and then the beta session ended and I couldn't find that account, so I had to start a new one, again, which is the one we're looking at now, and I was determined to, to build that so I, in the very beginning, I was, I actually wasn't consistent and very beginning I posted the video and then didn't do anything for two weeks and then got back on it and I think I was doing maybe two or three videos a day for a while. And I went from like 200 followers to 10,000 followers. In a little over three weeks, and then I kind of changed my content, because I was doing a lot of the, you can make money online with this website like go, there's a company. My mom works for in the UK called some say, a real company genuine company where you can actually have a work from home job, and I was posting that kind of thing. What I was finding is people that want to work from home for somebody else, they want to build an online business. And so I was getting a lot of followers for that for not looking for, you know what I'm here to offer. Right. I started with the change in my content, and it slowed down, down, but that, I mean, I prefer. I prefer it now because right now I would rather have a targeted audience that is actually interested in building a business rather than just finding a job that they can do from home.

Matt:   Got it. Okay so now you've evolved, right, from creating content around what you think might go viral, to now it's like, okay, I got it I got something I know I can get this thing rolling. But now I need to dial it into my ideal avatar, my exact person who is going to be a good customer for my product right? Yeah, it's sort of like, it sort of like if I was in haircare or if I was in dog training or if I was in whatever niche if I was selling an info product on like, I don't know, weight loss or something right. So like if I was doing something in the realm of like, yeah, Food though, has a lot to do with diet has a lot to do with what you eat. And so I probably wouldn't create as many videos around fitness. Like, those are those are similar, yeah similar they have to do with, like, like what you were yours had to do with work, generally, or like what you do for work, but then once you dial and really load that into like, this is actually what you're eating and putting inside of your body or in your case, this is actually building a business not just working ethic that is really powerful. Do you ever do you ever go live?

Sam:   That's my kryptonite.

Ryan:   After today's she's gonna it before then, but it goes long distances without doing it. If I

was honest with you, and I guess for the people watching, I shouldn't be. If it wasn't for him, I probably wouldn't be doing this live right now.

Matt:   Yeah, I feel like, yeah, I don't know, you know, I get a little torn sometimes challenging people and just being like, Hey, You don't like going live. Don't go live like the freedom of the internet, and having an internet business. The whole point is that you get to do it to love and what you don't want.

Ryan:   For me, if it's a fear that's holding you back. Push it, push through it, if it's because you're not nervous whatsoever you have no fear, you just don't like it and you can build your business other ways. I think that that's all good and fun. But if it's the fear holding you back from doing it you know it will help your business, push through.

Matt:   Yeah, and, and the best person to know that is, you guys, right, not me. I don't know you. Oh, and we now know each other for about 30 minutes. Like, yeah, and it's just nice, like it's a cool thing that, that you guys have each other, to sort of, like, know that about one another, You obviously know each other like pretty intimately because I, it's really cool that you guys met online through like gaming that kind of stuff because you really, really get to learn a lot about somebody in, like, in a play mode, like in a, in a, because it sort of strips down all of like the intense relationship like dating and, you know, that we're married, whatever it gives sort of this like blank slate, that's really cool so I assume that you guys really really know each other very well. But no I was just gonna, yeah, I think that you're right, and especially things with like going live a lot of times it’s fears or its worries about things that aren't even really definable, like, it's like well what exactly are you scared of? Like, I don't, I'm not sure exactly, it just feels intense, and when you dig down into the bottom of the feeling like sometimes there's nothing there, or sometimes it's real, like I'm actually scared like I'm fearful.

Ryan:   Well, I mean, you know, obviously there's studies out there that some people fear live speaking or speaking in front of the audience, more than they do dying. So, is that statement right there is so powerful because who wants to die, right? So, you know it's a fear or scared up and you know you got the person who is taking 1000 leaps out of. They don't even have a heart flutter anymore, then you get the very first time you do the very first time you do something. You're always going to have more anxiety than the 100th time you do something. Yeah. So you just gotta keep putting yourself out there, push through those initial fears, and then as you go along 5, 10, 15 times, it's going to become natural to you.

Matt:   Right, yeah. Oh yeah,

Sam:   That's true as well because when we first started on YouTube. It took me a long time to do that. And now, I don't care. You just like getting on TikTok recording videos, any of that. I don't care but in the beginning, it was the scariest thing in the world to me putting my face on camera letting people see me. If somebody that I used to work with found me on the internet or a family member before I'd told them found me and like you said earlier, I used to think a lot about what other people thought. And you do get to the point where you really don't care anymore. And then you have the next obstacle, and you have to get through that, and the whole process is a personal learning journey. It's a personal growth journey, and that's probably the biggest thing that I've taken from all of this. Aside from the online business and growing an online business, the growth that I've felt personally has been massive.

Matt:   That's it right there. Yeah, that's really well said, yeah, it's, it's, there's always a next hurdle, there's always a next thing, there's always a new obstacle, and that's a really, that's a very nuanced hard thing to learn because a lot of times, actually I would say like I get I get probably like 10 or so emails a day from people who are like, it's just this one thing, it's just this, it's like, and you'll see it sometimes in our Facebook groups, it's just my facebook ads account got deactivated and that's the thing right if only that was, if only that was enabled and I didn't get disabled then all of my business would be flying at 100 miles an hour right and it's like, well no. There's always going to be that there's always going to be that thing somewhere along the line, and you've got to embrace process as opposed, we talked about this right before we went live but embracing process rather than end results. And once you start to love the feeling of overcoming. If you can fall in love with the feeling of overcoming fears and overcoming obstacles and jumping over hurdles. And just to just to like sort of get that adrenaline rush, just from one thing you just discovered, one thing you just learned. Another little thing, I, When I first started it was with like coding because we had to code all our websites, people complain about using Click Funnels or using like these, drag and drop website builders oh it doesn't work perfect, I was like yeah, tribal and back 10 years ago when you had to code websites and actually learn HTML right, It's all relative, everything's all subjective in this industry but, you know, like every time I would learn how to move something around on a website I was like, Damn, that was cool, like I just figured it out and it's 3:30am and I like my eyes are bleeding and I'm like, but I got this adrenaline rush because I'm on to the next thing right it's just another learning thing. And now 10 years later because of that and I didn't, I didn't set out doing that but like 10 years later. You know, I won't say that falling in love with the process is easy. That's actually really hard, especially when you're really broke, which I was, but finding the pockets of the industry finding either content creation or solutions like, like how to build website funnels and stuff. Finding like a pocket that can sort of start to trigger your what you love, or trigger sort of, you've got to hang around in the industry long enough to find it and fall in love with the process and then over time because you fallen in love with the process you start building skills, and so like Sam has obviously started to build a really good skill around content creation. You don't get 26,000 followers out of luck or out of, that just doesn't happen, you start to really hone in your skill you start to figure out what works and what doesn't. And even you guys were saying earlier, we're still not all that sure what exactly works and what doesn't, right, we're still like still dialing that in, But that's a cool piece, now you're sort of enamored with the process of figuring it out. And then the results are financial, the results are sure to make money because we're, we love figuring this process. It's very cool. Yeah, yeah.

Ryan:   It was very well said. So I think my favorite part about entrepreneurship, that you really don't know about when you first start, is the friendships with other affiliate marketers. Yeah, I think, I think that's the Golden Nugget nugget about. Now you initially start, you would like to make more money, but after you have the passion for it, the money side disappears, and real wealth relationships.

Matt:   Yeah, totally 100%. Yep. And I always Yeah, and we can, we can start to wrap up here, but I always just the thing that I was always tell people is, there's, there's sort of this, like, as you're building a business like one thing that I was taught and I seen, I saw it work out, it worked out in my own life and I see it and others is like when you start out in your day at $0 right and you haven't generated a single penny of revenue. Then there's this whole journey over to six figures, or, you know, let's say $100,000 in commissions right and getting there is a hard journey but then, getting from there to seven is far more difficult and it's usually after six figures that can be done sort of by yourself, but then to consistently keep going to consistently like climb that 10 more times, is actually very difficult you start to worry that you've burned out, you start to worry that your audiences are they fading. Do people still like my content, like people don't think that those sort of battles keep happening but they do, and it's what you said, it's the relational capital, it's the relational. It's the relational bond and capital yeah it's what you have at stake and relationships that can get you there. And it's just, there's not a lot of people who buy into those who invest in that it's sort of like, you reap what you sow and if you invest and put your time and energy and money into those relationships. Excuse me for those relationships. That's where that big payday comes long down the road, like, years and years down the road. so it's cool that, you know, you guys obviously value that you're growing communities, which is really powerful. So that's really cool.

Ryan:   Yeah, I just want to say real quick. I think it was Brad that actually met his wife online. I've been reading all the comments as we've been having the conversations. I think Mitzi said she followed Sam. Another lady said, I learned that from Rich Dad Poor Dad I have read that book. So I just wanted to let everybody know that I have been reading all your comments and we appreciate it.

Matt:   Anything, anything that you, I'll let you both have your final say for it let's see somebody like just trying to figure this whole online thing out and and and they're, you know, maybe they're a little skeptical or they're looking for us or the you know they're just kind of looking around like, oh, people are making money on the internet. That's interesting. Do you guys have any advice or have anything you would say to that person or any closing thoughts?

Sam:   Okay, I'll go. So just from my personal experience you want to have to go through to get to the point, confidence wise to do it. Just get out your comfort zone. Here's me telling you that and I don't like going live, but I'm going to go live here now, right, but get out your comfort zone. Trust the process because if you keep going with it and you stick with it long enough, you will see results you just got to so many people stop short of where it's about to happen. And if you can just push through that little bit longer. I mean I'm sure most of us here have read, thinking grow rich you know stopping Three Feet From Gold. How many people have done that. And if you keep going a little bit longer, Then, you know, it will happen for you. You just got to stick with it stay with the process trust the process. And whenever you come across something that you're not comfortable with or you don't want to do, if you if, if you think it's, for me, I don't know, like you said earlier, I don't know why I don't like it I just know that the emotion that it evokes in me is intense. Yeah so but just do it anyway, because tomorrow I'm still going to be here. Nothing's going to have happen to me, and nothing's going to happen you know it's not, it's not life or death, but it could make a huge impact in your business if you get out of your comfort zone. So my turn. She don't listen to me because I'm her husband. Right. But your initial thoughts. If she would push three that start going live, start being a little bit more consistent with content going live every day because Jacob normally takes them out. What do you think her audience and followers would they like what's your initial take on Sam's law of attraction?

Matt:   Oh, yeah, see, I see where you're going with that and I was just about to go there with that. But yeah, I can tell, I just wanted to say I can tell that Ryan day. She's interesting. I can tell this through 40 minutes and we're through a camera, but I can tell that unconsciously you have a deep level of belief in Sam. I can tell I can see it I can feel it. That's really cool. But I, I would just say this, there's a, there's a few people who have really really committed to going live. One of them in the comments. Her name is King, you can see her in the comments right there, who English is not her first language, and she goes live on TikTok, and she that's, that's when she makes a lot of our sales, and it's been a struggle for to create content to go live that kind of thing. But I will tell you 1,000% That the people who follow you begin to appreciate you in a different light, like a consistent, when you go live consistently. So here's the difference though, in terms of like TikTok and stuff when you go live consistently, then you're always sort of when people open up their phone or they open up the The Tik Tok app, and they see live more than once they see you live two or three times a week or something. I mean you can just go live once a week, but when you see that there's an unconscious level that's just like, oh, this person isn't just out there in outer space like maybe they're fake or whatever, they're just kind of creating these videos that I see this person's like real and they're, they're transparent. Like I can actually see them in real time, that's really powerful. And I do see a lot of people who, who will generate more revenue, a lot more revenue by going live. Because, for instance, people actually ask questions on the live and they'll just be like, Hey, I'm wondering about this or I'm wondering about XYZ, and you can help them in real time and just say well here here's what I would do, here's what I've tried here's, you know, and they're like, dang, that's really cool. And, and then, you know, whatever you're selling I mean if you're selling a dog training course or whatever they might sign it, you know, they might come on your live and be like, Hey, I can't get my dog to stop barking when the freaking FedEx guy comes in rings the doorbell. And they're like, Well, here's to two or three tips, blah blah blah. Oh by the way, I go really into depth on that in my $37 Dog Training Course you buy it, the link is in the bio, and they're like, oh, okay, that makes so much sense to me like Gary Vee. Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook and make the sale right. So, it's one thing where people are like, well I don't know if I don't know if this guy's actually legit. But when, when they come and witness you in real time, there's, there's a whole different interaction that people have with you, it opens up a whole different dimension. Not to mention the final piece to that is, somebody, somebody in our community came on one of these lives and called this, called this the mini webinar strategy. So like back in the day right people used to get on well you guys remember. Yep. And this is the new, this is just the new webinar. This is just the new, the new way for people to get access to you on their, on their schedule right so whenever you're, it's, it's on your schedule because whenever you go live, but I sort of on their terms, they can just tune in and sort of be an observer but see you in real time. I don't want to say it's the final. The final thing I want to say about that is I don't want to say that it's just a short term revenue grab like short term cash grab either, though, you can help develop long term relationships, where people remember you for because you suddenly go from this big pool. Like imagine this big pool of people who are content creators who just make videos that's 99.9% of people. And you step into the point 1% of people who are going live who are interacting, and that, like, That's a long term investment that'll really pay off.

Ryan:   Yeah, so, Matt, I'm gonna add to that I want to first thank you for hosting us and an interview for us. And I want to give the people who are watching here, like, five or six words like really really short. And if you do this, I promise you will be successful. And that's content creation as a law of attraction. Look at the people who are successful, replicate their content in your own words. And by doing that you might say, well, that's plagiarism, or I'm copying somebody else but it's not. The content already out there they got the content from from somewhere else, but yes, the difference is the law of attraction, somebody that might be attracted to the person you got the content from may not be attracted to you and vice versa so they might watch the exact same videos, but they still may still buy from you. So if you don't do the content creation, you're never going to make any sales, and the law of attraction you want to critique yourself. So as you do videos and stuff like that, watch your own videos back, and then compare them to the people who are successful, and continue to improve yourself.

Matt:   Yep, I love it. I love it. I'll leave everyone with that I can't say it better. Thanks for coming on. You guys have a busy life, busy schedule, lots of stuff going so I'll let you go, but thanks for coming on and spending, you know, 15 minutes with us in our community. I know everybody here and you know who's here, live is is very thankful for that. So thank you so much. If you guys stick around I'll pop you off the screen but if you can stick around, I have one more thing to mention when we wrap up is that cool.

Ryan:   Yeah, that's cool.

Matt:   Yep. All right guys, seven 7:48 My time, these are early because I'm on the west coast but 10:48 Eastern. Thanks for coming. Joining us live, again, a couple little mini announcements if you want to get text message reminders every time that we go live, you can hit this, this right here. Oh my gosh my camera mirrored so it's like weird but texted WUL (813)-296-8553. You can also go to be Legendary dot shop we just got a bunch of new merch in, we're not big merchant sellers, but some people ask us ‘Hey Where can we get merch?’ you can go to Be Legendary dot shop, you can pick up a shirt or a mug or whatever you want so we'll be back here tomorrow Dave we'll leave that hosting tomorrow and Friday. For Wake Up Legendary. Peace out, See ya, we'll see you tomorrow at the same time.

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Dave:   What's going on, my friends, this is David Sharpe Welcome to Wake Up Legendary every single weekday. That's five out of the seven days we go live with another student who's had success, and is using, utilizing the training and the systems that we've set up here are being supported by the community. I don't know any other company program that does that, that brings so many real people to have so many real conversations totally unscripted, totally unscripted, no setups, no nothing no BS behind the scenes. So with that being said today, we have Wyatt, okay, Wyatt is in Florida. Okay, he's from Ohio. He's a manager at a bistro and is building his business, sort of on the side, and has had some, some starter success that's given him some excitement and he's got some, some secrets about overcoming fear, they're probably going to be things that are right in front of your nose. Sometimes we realize that secrets aren't really secrets, but they kind of feel like at some times, right when we feel like we don't have, whatever we're looking for to break through. So with that being said let's hear from him, Wyatt Musser what's going on my brother.

Wyatt:   Hey, not much. Happy to be here.

Dave:   Good to see you man. Sorry to flop on your name like that. It's Wyatt Musser right. There you go, man. Love it, love it. So, you are in Florida is that right?

Wyatt:   Yeah, Pensacola, an hour behind you guys.

Dave:   Okay you're up in the panhandle. Okay, okay, and you came from Ohio?

Wyatt:   Yeah, we moved here about two months ago. 

Dave:   Wow. Yeah. Okay. 

Wyatt:   I started Legendary just before we moved right before we moved out.

Dave:   Okay, okay, well welcome to Florida and welcome to legendary my friend. Yeah, yeah. Florida is my, my native land here so I'm a native Floridian one of the only ones in the state, you know, it's a rare thing, I'm a rare species, my friend.

Wyatt:   I'm noticing. Yeah, it’s pretty rare to meet Floridians here.

Dave:   Yeah I mean I think the Panhandle may have more I'm not really sure I haven't spent a whole lot of time up there guys to Panhandle is, you know that little kind of strip up at the top of Florida, which has probably besides Tallahassee and Jacksonville the least population the majority is in Orlando, Tampa, in Miami, Boca Raton stuff like that but there's some beautiful, there's some beautiful land up there some good. So are you by the beach?

Wyatt:   Yeah, it takes me about 25 minutes to get there, there's tons of inlets everywhere salt Yeah, yeah, I can get the salt water in about eight minutes from where I'm at.

Dave:    Do you like to fish?

Wyatt:   I'm not being on fishing. My oldest son is fishing so I'm definitely learning more from him.  Yeah, and in salt water it’s a whole different ball game from where I came from, which is the river.

Dave:   Yeah, right, right, right, yeah it is it's it's to me it's more fun. Salt water, bigger fish, more species, you know, just more you can do out there, you know, the deeper you go and off the Panhandle it drops off really quick so it gets deep really fast, up in the panhandle. So anyways, we'll talk about fishing more later. Let's talk about your journey here so you started, legendary and I guess your affiliate marketing journey. Just a few months ago, is that right, what led you to that how'd you stumble upon all this stuff? 

Wyatt:   TickTock, like most. 

Dave:   That Dad-gum TikTok, I’m telling you man. Occasionally we bring a tweeter in or a YouTuber, you know, or a Facebooker or something but I tell you there's a whole lot of TikTokers so what happened, take us through that the, the, kind of, you know what led you to that sales page?

Wyatt:   I met a guy there that makes 300,000 doing this, And he talked about how he made 300,000 and worked a whole hour and a half, two hours a day, and I was like, what is that? I was already in an MLM at the time. And, and I was like, Man, I gotta see what this is about so click those links and just signed up, and I just, first thing I did, I just started the 15 Day Challenge. I talked to my advisor, got the blueprints and just started, and just made the commitment and big deal. I mean, just, I knew that I needed something and I was like, I gotta make it happen. 

Dave:   Yeah. So do you feel like you're in the mindset to make it happen and do you feel like you have the business model and the strategy to make it happen now versus, whatever you've done in the past?

Wyatt:   Oh yeah, I mean, I haven't even tapped into probably 1% of everything that you guys have, I mean, there's a lot that you guys offer and I've, I've, I keep going back through a decade and a day and working on, you know the things that are in there, and I'm barely tapped into all the things that, that you guys have to offer because there's, like, like you've talked about in all the videos there there's just hundreds of hours it seems of different content to keep promoting and to help your business just flourish. So, definitely, definitely, yeah. 

Dave:   Yeah, so, you know, there's, there's a challenge with, with learning and earning too, right. So, you have to make sure and I just want to offer you this. And I want to offer this to everybody. Is that one of the reasons why our blueprint students we get on the decade in a day which is an all day workshop with Matt and I, you know, we want to get people into action, because there, there's a safe place in going through, you know, education, to where we feel like we're building a business but we're not actually taking any action. You know, we're not, we're not taking action yet. And it doesn't mean that we don't have intention to do so, but it's just a little bit of a forewarning for everybody to make sure that you know we blend our learning with daily practices, and daily actions and income producing activities. And education is certainly an income producing activity because the more you know, the more you have the potential to learn, or excuse me, around but at the same time, we want to make sure that we don't become a lifetime learners, you know. So I'm thrilled that you put your money where your mouth is, I think, for me, in a sense, I have no guilt or don't try to hide the fact that we have higher education that's a larger investment because I know all the things that I've invested, put my money where my mouth is. It made me more serious, not only did I get more advanced information but made me more serious and that's one of our topics, is how to overcome fear and finally commit. Now for me, that's one of the tools that I've used to commit. Right, when I put my money where my mouth is I put my money down I pay for something. I'm instantly more accountable for it, because when it's, when it's, when I don't pay I have a tendency not to really pay attention. So there's obviously other things that I've used to overcome fear, and finally commit. What are some of the things that you've used Wyatt, over the past couple of months to help you overcome fear, and finally commit?

Wyatt:   What have I used to finally commit? So for me it all started with. I was financially, up against a wall. I had a lot of things that were stacking up for me. And I think, kind of as the Father, I feel that I have a job to do, not, you know, you just have that instinct to to bring home the bacon in any way possible. And having, Having this list, and this like personal debt that I had, and all these things, it made me like it lit a fire under me for the fact because my, I mean, to be frank my MLM drove me into the ground. Purchasing product and blah blah blah. So I just, I had to, I had to commit to something that can make more money than my day job because we all know, you're never going to make the sort of income you want from a nine to five. So maybe I'm not sure if that's exactly what you're asking, but being up against the wall is what made me really fully commit and made me take it very seriously.

Dave:   Yeah, well I mean, we asked you what you what you thought would be a good topic a good headline and you were, you had mentioned getting out of fear and heading towards commitment so what, what are the what are some of the pieces that have helped you I guess to get out of fear? Right, to get in, What you're describing is, I can understand where some of that fear is coming from because financial debt is something Wyatt, the majority of the large majority of people in this country have. So it's no secret that you know we always act like it's a secret. We all, nobody wants to talk about it, but everybody has debt. When I say everybody I mean like 99% of people have debt, there's a very small percentage of people who are quote debt free. So, debt is a big piece that I think adds a lot of fear to people's life right? I was just talking to somebody the other day who said I have $25,000 worth of debt, and it's like a, it's like this thing that haunts me right it's like I think about it all the time and it's kind of hard to have the confidence that I need to have with anything with any marketing business entrepreneur, right, to have the confidence to speak because I have this debt, it's I feel like it's like I'm, it's like part of my imposter syndrome. So, I don't know if that's part of the fear that you've had to overcome. It sounds like it. Probably still overcoming it right and then, then you get into marketing right and it's like you've got other things that you have to overcome. So did I hit the nail on the head in terms of that being one of the fears that you had to overcome. And what other fears do you have, are you working on overcoming?

Wyatt:   More commitment that the fear of. I think we all have the fear of failure. I don't, I don't want to become a failure, use this business model and become a failure from it. But honestly I think that that is overcome just by committing more and showing up every day. You know if I've learned anything that you cannot fail. If you're here every day, showing up and trying to make more things that have brought me out of fear.

Dave:   Well was it difficult for you. What I'm sure what I want to understand and identify first is what were your fears. For example, I'm looking at your TikTok, and you've got, you know, 30 something thousand followers on your TikTok, so congratulations on that.

Wyatt:   Thank you. 

Dave:   Did you have fear around creating content, and in marketing. I mean obviously you're using yourself your face as your personal brand was there any fear around that?

Wyatt:   Not particularly because I did that with my MLM somewhat but marketing doing going down a different path was absolutely fearful for me because it was unknown territory, I was kind of learning things on the fly, and using other marketers content to help create my own, and trying to educate myself at the same time. I'm a talker, I don't mind to show my face. Not it's not a big deal to me. Yeah, but it's definitely puts you in fear land when you're trying to start something new, and, and talk about it and promote it at the same time.

Dave:   Yeah. Yeah. It's interesting, I'm looking at some of the comments and some people, it's it's a mixed bag of different things that people have, you know, have sort of have as fears, you know, certainly the debt sort of rang a bell for people, you know, Brad says debt can permeate every and every effect every aspect of your life, and says debt is not cool worst is that the system is broken, in school that graduated from college with $80,000 in debt. King says there's good debts and bad debts, I believe that. So, so what, what, uh, so let's, I'm interested in the transition from a business for you, that you, I don't like the word fail dude because it's just like got a negative connotation but, you know, you, you, you, if we're going to use the word fail let's at least say failed forward, right, in this MLM that you say you were doing before. So, how did you approach this or how are you approaching this with a new, with an open mindset with a positive mindset with a hopeful mindset? And with success principles, floating around hopefully in your inner matrix, right inside of your head when you came off of something that I'm sure you were excited about when you started that, and it didn't particularly turn out the way that you want it, how are you dealing with that now pivoting into a different direction?

Wyatt:   Well, honestly, it takes less time. For one, this takes this takes, you know, as much time as you want but I was working constantly with the other one and, you know, just because you fail one thing doesn't mean that you can't, like, like you said fail forward, maybe I didn't fail. The other thing, it just didn't take off for me. Things gotta take off just right in an MLM. And it just didn't work for me so I was like, you know, this is something I'm good at I can talk to people I can you know I was already doing one on one mentorship for free, you know, I wasn't really getting anything from it so I was already doing zoom meetings with our with our team and, and things like that and it just, none of that ever worked.

Dave:   Right, yeah, a lot I’m laughing because MLM is just, it's a different animal isn't it bro. Yeah,

Wyatt:   I mean, one half of 1% new really well, and no kill it, you know, that's how we got started using that potential. It just doesn't work out that way, you know.

Dave:   I thank God for MLM, I like I really do. I mean, because it's like, it was the thing that got me out of that telemarketing I was, I was doing telemarketing, man and I had a girl named Katrina walk up to me. I mean drug treatment, well, like this is back in 2004, and I had a lady named Katrina walk up to me and say, Man, you know, I've been watching you, you're a sharp guy thinking, glad somebody finally noticed you know, and by the way, that's also my name right, did you keep your business options open. I said, You know what, Katrina. I got a little extra time right now, I do keep what you got, like, of course I got all the time in the world I'm like just getting out of drug treatment. But yeah, like that was my first thing I went over to a presentation. She locked the door, rolled out the whiteboard, and I was like I'm getting rich and this freakin pyramid. I love pyramids, you know, and, and yeah, man, I mean like it taught me a lot of really good business and entrepreneurial skills, and I think that's one of the interesting takeaways for me. That helps me also overcome fear of the future if something in the past didn't work out, is I look at all of the, the silver lining like I look at all of the things that I actually learned and developed in that experience. One was grit and perseverance, right to be able to persevere through something that is so hard. Dude MLM if you're doing it offline the traditional way. I had an old 1990 Bro, I had a 1990 Ford F150 that I had to start with a screwdriver, this thing was the beast, and I had magnets that I would stick to the side of this thing and drive around and hope that somebody would call me. You know, like that's how I was marketing like it was the hardest thing in the world. So for me it taught me, like a lot of perseverance, right, and it, like I really, I think that's one of the things why that's helped me to be successful. Is that when something doesn't quite work out or, or happened to my expectation, I have a tendency to try to see what I did get out of it, instead of what, you know, all the, how it didn't work out the way that I thought, what's coming up for you?

Wyatt:   Well, you know, the one good thing that came from it that actually excelled me into this and at some that you talk about too, is personal development, you know, you talk about Rich Dad Poor Dad. And, you know, I definitely started listening to PD. When I started the MLM TV.That's an MLM, like you even got an abbreviation for personal development, broke down so I started, I started listening to audio books. Four years ago, and I did I did this MLM for three and a half years. And, gosh.

Dave:   In MLM when you get into it. The first thing is like get on that PD, like daily dose, right, morning, noon and night audience all that that like it's just kind of like, yeah, and I feel like the personal development without the right business model, you just kind of chasing your tail that's why for me. You know, when I, when I, when I, when I discovered selling information, as a business. I began turning around, Dude, and this is something for you to think about and consider bro, is that I actually turned around and started selling information. Okay, to network marketers, I want to show you guys something. Can I show it can I take you behind the scenes of one of my most successful product funnels ever just selling information to network marketers would that be cool?

Wyatt:   Sure

Dave:     I'll show you real quick. So, this is obviously a. This is obviously a, a, like, later in life, iteration of what I learned to do by starting out selling affiliate prop training, I was an affiliate for products that sold training to network marketers. Okay, that's how I started in this information marketing game, high ticket mid ticket low ticket all that stuff. Right and then I started, eventually I moved from being an affiliate, this is what I want you guys to understand that this whole core core concept that we teach here isn't just something that we pulled out of our old hiney. We, this is my path, this is Matt Hetzels path. This is the path that all the Guru's that you see, probably people that you've been listened to in MLM like Tony Robbins and Danny Johnson and Eric Worry and all these guys right who talks specifically, anyways to network marketers. What they are doing, they're selling picks and shovels to network marketers, not particularly building the business itself. And when I realized that when I realized, instead of, instead of trying to be an accountant, I could teach and show, accountants, how to get more leads, how to build their business. So it's kind of like this. It's kind of like this gold rush concept. Okay, back, back in the Gold Rush, Wyatt. There was people who dug for gold and a very small percentage of those people actually made money right found gold. And then there was people that along the roads, sold picks and shovels to those people who were going to buy dig for gold. Every single one of them made money because they sold the tools that these, these hungry people needed, and when I realized that dude, the game changed. And then what happened, why it was that I built this email list and I built this following of people from selling information and training to network marketers that later when I got into Network Marketing again. Okay, I got into Network Marketing back in 2016, again, now this was right before we launched Legendary. I got into a network marketing company we were selling physical products, we were selling water filtration devices, okay. And it was it was an MLM Dude, it was it had an, it had a multi level commission structure affiliate structure. Okay. And I absolutely crushed it, right, this was actually one of the, this is, this is a picture that I took, funny picture I'm showing it, not to make an income claim here because, right, that's that's not what I'm trying to do this company shows, sends an individual check dude to for every commission that you earned bro. So, I had like 1000s of chat. I'm serious. It was hilarious. Right. But I want to show you this bro, I want to show you this, so this is a sales page for a product that I that I sold called simple signup system, and, and it this is a basic sales page, hard, good good hard hitting copy. Okay, tells my story, right, my hero script story what it was like, What happened and what it's like now. And then, and then basically talks about the product, talks about this the the, basically it's a five video information product that I sold for $3.95 Right, so there was, there was, there was an introduction, or there was five modules so five videos. And what I taught in that video bro, or in this course was I taught basically people how to use a land, you know how to use a sales funnel, how to use an autoresponder email follow up, how to close people over the phone with a, with a, with a process and a script like simple stuff, right, gave them some bonuses some email templates video scripts, stuff like that. And I offered them a call, when they, when they got the when they bought the course it on the call I would sell a $997 information, or one day workshop right it was $395, right had a little order bump here for $19.95 stuff like this. But, you know, it was just a simple little sales video. And this was again my transition from going from, you know from going from, you know, being an affiliate, to, to then selling my own digital products and you can see effortlessly get signups into your network marketing business everyday without using old outdated recruiting methods you hate, former construction worker reveals the simple sign up system he used to sign up over 3000 people and build a team of 250,000 online, right. So that's kind of, You know, that's it. Is this making sense to you?

Wyatt: Yeah, it is.

Dave:   What's coming up for you what's coming up for you as I'm as I'm going through this and kind of showing you this kind of evolution of me selling information and learning about the picks and shovels and all that.

Wyatt:   You know, I didn't. It's something I've never really thought of in terms of being the person there, and when you said that, you know, you're talking about the people that were in the in the, the PD. About that they're like Tony Robbins, per se, I was, you know, I never thought of that that they're just like the pick and shovel guys, like, it's just something I never thought of. 

Dave:   Right. It's funny, it's just kind of mind blowing, isn't it is you kind of feel like you kind of, you kind of feel like damn like I've been on the wrong side of the business this whole time. Right, like I've been on the wrong side of the business, like, for me, like the truth about MLM is, is that, like, the owners who are kind of, you know, again, I used to hate here in the pyramid analogy when I was doing MLM like it was, but it's kind of true. Right. It's kind of like the people who are at the top of the pyramid make money because the Commission's flow it up to them. Right. It's like, it's it without really any extra effort like products are being sold or whatever but you know they're getting a cut, as, as, as the company for the profit, whatever the margin is but then they're also getting breakage in the compensation plan. Right, we're here as me. In the company here, we don't have commissions that are floating up to us right if affiliates are promoting our shit, it's just, they get all the money we have a profit, everybody knows what it is, there's not breakage all this kind of stuff. It's just we pay our payroll, we pay commissions, we it's just kind of a simple business model, right. And then the other people who are making money other people were selling training. And actually bro if you want a history lesson in MLM like a lot of the, the personal development. The reason why that started to become such a heavy thing in MLM, was because back in the Amway days, the top earners actually created a tapes business that had a separate compensation plan outside of the actual MLM, and they sold that to the distributors. So not only did they make money from the top producers and make money from their downline, but the majority of the money was actually selling, personal development, audios and stuff that they made to their teams. So that's how personal development became such a big deal in MLM. There's a lot to learn from that, I mean, the number one thing that I learned was the people that are selling the information really are the ones who make the money the the educators, right, and if you can sell your information to a specific to a targeted party who's really in need of that solution, then the price, instead it's instantly worth more than in the market determines that price they're willing to pay more because it's more, it's more specific information and solutions to their specific problems, you know what I mean? It's kind of like if you're having a heart attack, a kidney doctor is really no good to you man, but a heart doctor is like. Right? So if you want to make more money it's somebody who can teach you how to make money online, that's like, that's instantly insanely valuable to you, if you have marriage problems, and somebody has a solution and a course or an ebook or something, or a seminar that's specific to that problem and that is instantly of higher value to you. So that's, that's kind of what we're all about here, what, what, that's what we're trying to sort of wake people up to, In this not wake people up but teach people not only the strategy of selling information, but also the difference between selling information and all these other business models, because all these other business models, it's not that they're bad, it's not that you can't, it's not that you can't succeed in them because other people are succeeding in them. It's just that there's a lot of moving parts, and in some cases, the playing field isn't particularly leveled for everybody. Right, so it's more difficult, like in MLM if you get in late, or whatever. You know what I mean. So, anyways.  What is your I mean what would you say about Legendary? Would you recommend legendary to some, some of your other MLM friends. What has your experience here been like?

Wyatt:   You want to know something, I've already had a couple ask me. Yeah, come out to me and be like, What are you doing now, but as soon as I'm sorry what did you ask me?

Dave:   Yeah just what's your experience here been like so far I mean has it has it been positive like would you recommend somebody who's sitting on the sales page of Legendary right now getting ready to take the challenge to do it, man.

Wyatt:    Yeah, you got to commit, you got to commit, I would. It's, there's so much value. You really can't put a price on it, it can be worth so much more like it's shown in the video, you know, when you're stuck on the sales page what things are actually valued that they're probably worth more than that. I feel the Legendary. It's in a league of its own. You know, I signed up on a whim charged new credit card due to my debt, and was like, I'm just gonna make it back, you know, I made that commitment for myself, and, you know, it's definitely something I would say, do it. If you're not sure about it, just do it because you're, you're going to be able to educate yourself constantly, like you said, though, you got to implement your education and not be a full time learner, but an action dealer. But with the amount of content and you guys, update it and add stuff all the time, there's always things to be learning on there for sure. 

Dave:   I got a I got a big update for you coming in the blueprint section it's going to be coming here this, it's, it's wide honestly, I'm not trying to blow smoke up my own ass because, you know, I'm conscious of that, I don't, I don't drink my own Kool Aid i Seriously dude, it's a bad thing when people get drinking their own kool aid but I'm really excited about our new for those of you who don't know what why it's talking about in terms of updating our stuff. You know the affiliate business blueprint is one of the four blueprints that come with our Blueprints bundle, and anytime we have a change to the 15 day challenge or an update, or one of the blueprints, we just offer that for free to anybody who's purchased that product versus doing another big launch and making people buy it again so. So there's a big update coming to the affiliate marketing business blueprint, and I'm excited about it. I think it's just going to be more helpful, and just more resources for everybody but dude. Thank you so much. Congrats on your, on your initial success, and it's only just the beginning. The beautiful thing is Wyatt, these don't have the skills that you're learning this time that you're spending, is it just applicable to turning around and, and, you know, recruiting people, or whatever building. This is not a biz op man this is not an MLM. Right, so regardless of what niche you pick. You can use these skill sets to succeed in that niche selling those products if it's the make money online space, great. If it's the health space, great. If it's the network marketing space, fantastic, and I'm going to share some resources with you brother. To help you if you ever wanted to turn around and sell information and training to network marketers, After the call. Okay, so stick around, stick around, I want to just give you a couple of bonus things that I think will be helpful to you, and hopefully you'll come back and keep us posted my brother. 

Wyatt:   Absolutely. Thanks for having me.

Dave:   All right, thanks buddy. All right, guys. Yes, that is his TikTok 30 something thousand followers on tick tock, go support him, give him a follow could add them to your mastermind your, your network, you know, I was thinking about this the other day when I was looking at some of my friends who were not into PT and not into, not into you know building, you know, bettering themselves. And I just, they hang out a lot and their lives are kind of, I wouldn't call I wouldn't trade with them. And it got me thinking about you're the, the average of the five people you hang around most, right, and so one of the reasons why I think it's so important, and us MLMers we've heard that a million times that that phrase, but it really is true and one of the reasons why I think this show is so powerful is because you don't just get to add five people you can add five people to your network in a week. Right, you can add five people just on the show to your network in a week, to be able to have people to model content to get ideas from to connect with, to see how you can help them. Wait, hold on, Dave. Shouldn't they be helping me? Well, maybe. But if I go into a relationship, thinking about how I can help them, how I can help them. You know I'm probably gonna get more out of it. In return, right, because what I put out comes back. So food for thought. Give Wyatt a follow on Tik Tok connect with him. Guys we'll see you back here tomorrow for another episode of Wake Up Legendary at 10am Eastern time. For those of you who are wondering, you can also do this deal see this, this little number on the screen you can text Wu L to that number on the screen, and you'll get a, you'll get a notification on your phone every day just a little text message we will spam or bombard you just a little reminder hey here's. We're going live with this person at 10am Eastern time in the morning, and if you want some of this swag. Be Legendary dot shop. Okay, it's not a profit center for us we're not trying to push hats and T shirts, honestly, it took us forever to even get the site up because we don't really give a shit that much about that. Right, we're here selling information and education and courses, but if you want some cool swag, you can go over there and pick it up. We'll see you guys back here tomorrow, peace be well, be Legendary. Get the hell out of here.

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How To Gain Back Lost Time With Your Affiliate Marketing Business

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Dave: What is going on my friends, this is Dave Sharpe Welcome to Wake Up Legendary hopefully you guys are doing fantastic. We've got a great show, as usual this morning. Listen, we've got a guest. His name is Matt. He deployed to the military in 2018. And, you know, I can imagine being away from family overseas, you quickly realize the value of both money but also more importantly time. And so now he's using online marketing, digital marketing and specifically affiliate marketing to get back. Not only obviously make money, but to get back time. And that is something I think that is so undervalued in this space, everybody's always talking about money, looking to make money, but the question is, why do you want money? What can money really do for you? Because the truth is is that this is just.. money is just paper, right? It doesn't really, it doesn't do anything in its current form, right, just a bunch of just a bunch of five skis right here, no big deal right doesn't do anything in its in its current form holding in my hands, right, just sits there, dirty, right. It tears, it's, it's actually, it's actually fairly, you know, probably one of the most, one of the most vulnerable things that we put importance on, you know, like a home is strong, you hit it and you could break your hand. Money is, is, it's, it's horrible, it's right, it's you could tear it, but it's what money does for you. It's what money does for you. It's just the currency, it just happens to be this. It could be gold right if we're still, you know trading gold bars or coins or whatever say we were pirates back in the day, you know, slangin booty. That kind of booty folks get your mind out of the gutter, come on, I know it's Monday but for God's sakes. So, this stuff buys time, this stuff buys your actual most valuable resource in the world, and that is time, something that you can't get any more of you can get more money but you can't get more time. So, with that being said let's bring in our guest, we'll talk about it. Matt Moxley from Mississippi what's going on my brother.

Matt:   Hello, what's going on.

Dave:   Not much man. Did I get that right, you are from Mississippi right? Is there I'm from Mississippi, and MI SSI SSI PPI that was the first one of the first words that I ever learned to spell Look at me go. Well first of all, brother, thanks for your service. And, you know, it. Did we lose you there brother you still there?

Matt:    Yeah, I'm here. Okay, I got to just cut out there on your camera.

Dave:    First of all thank you for your service. Okay, I wanted to tell you that straight up. First of all, and anybody else who's that on the, on the in the audience today. So, Matt, tell us, you know, what you deployed, or I guess were gone in 2018 is that right. 

Matt:   Yeah, so I was gone in 2018 served overseas for 15 months overseas. 

Dave: Yeah. Wow. So what was that like man, tell us a little bit about what what that was like, being away from family and just that what that experience was like just in a nutshell, I'm just curious because civilian life is much different, and I just wanted to know, in your experience, what that was like. 

Matt:   So, overseas. You're living in tents. Well, I was living in a tent that was probably in a jacket, I was in a gigantic tent with about 50 other people, privacy, there is practically none of. You're talking to your family, you know, online, do your video if you can manage to get the internet working correctly. And I probably would talk to them once a week. I get to see my newborn boy, and my little girl, my wife and whatnot you know about once a week. Yeah, and yeah, just, just trying to survive, I guess. 

Dave:   Yeah. And by the way guys, we realize his cameras, missing, it's whatever, no big deal, We can still hear His voice. Well, I can still hear you and that's what's important. So either way, we're gonna, we're gonna get there, we're going to get the info from you. So, coming back from being overseas, talk to us a little bit about what motivated you to look online and start looking for a digital marketing business online. 

Matt:   So, I, when I got back home I really, you know, I knew I was gone so long and I wanted to figure out a way to get some time back with my family. And the thing that really turned me on to it was because I had, when I had to go overseas, my newborn boy was literally a month old, and I went overseas, and I lost an entire, you know entire year of his first life. So when I got home I started digging into, you know, how can I be home with you know, my family, and did some Googling and found affiliate marketing. 

Dave:   Nice, nice. Yeah, I can only imagine I have a four month old right now, and those are precious years. I also have a four year old I, have a 21 year old so there's plenty more time for you to enjoy brother, but I can only imagine that that was a motivation for you to never miss out on any of those important, precious years that you can't get back anymore. Right?

Matt:    Right. 

Dave:   It's a big deal. So you came across, affiliate marketing what attracted you to that business model? 

Matt:   Time. So, within my research, you know, with dropshipping you're, you're still putting in a whole lot of work you know and I've done some eBay flipping and stuff like that and you're still putting a ton of work. What I liked about affiliate marketing was pretty much, you're focusing on the marketing aspect of it, and it's, it's the most passive of all of the online businesses that I can, I can find. And that's what I'm after is passive, you know, like I said, time is my most important resource and whatnot. So I spend time with my family.

Dave:   So you went through our 15 Day Challenge made your very first commission within a couple of days after the challenge. What about the challenge was impactful for you. How did it open up your eyes to the opportunity that's, that, that is affiliate marketing, that is sort of being a freelance Digital Marketer working for yourself and being able to kind of, you know, create your own hours, what was the big aha moments for you?

Matt:    Pretty much what you said was I, you know, the things that you learn going through that challenge or at least what I learned was, I can I can literally take this business model, and let it work for myself. All I have to do is set about put in, you know, some work in the beginning, and then just do a few hours of work every day, after I get everything set up, and let it do its thing.

Dave:    So, that you made your first high ticket commission within a couple of few months? And you sort of begin to realize the power of leverage, right, like those three. Those three sort of had those, those profit activators, if you will that, Jay, you know I talked about in the challenge that I learned from Jay Abraham which is there's three ways to grow a business get new customers do repeat business, make high ticket commissions or or charge higher prices, more premium products. So, how did that did that change the game for you to see that you could make from one customer,  an equal amount to what you could make from, you know, dozens of customers, selling lower ticket products? How did that sort of change your mentality?

Matt:   So, pretty much. It was like, it just opened my eyes, once I saw my first high ticket commission come in, it was just like, you know I made that in a single day with one person. And I was at home doing it, where, you know, I've enjoyed being so that just completely blew my mind. And I remember I was outside working on my fencing, and I get a notification on my phone, so I will look and I was like, you know, your first I could take it commission I'm just like, wow, you know. I did that online without going to a nine to five, work in, you know, a week to make that, and I just did it at home. That's fantastic.

Dave: Which would if we normally been a week or shows worth of salary right? Yeah, that's, like, five and maybe even a little bit of extra time right I mean I don't know about you but when I was working a nine to five. Back in the construction days, you know, I might have even had to put in a little extra time little weekend time to get into that four figure mark. You know guys and I want to say this also that high ticket doesn't always have to mean four figures, you know high ticket, can be what it's all relevant right so high ticket can be $100 I mean because low ticket for sure to me, is, is you know a couple of dollars. What you're normally going to sell a trinket, or a fidget spinner, or a mug or a t- shirt, you know 20, bucks 15, bucks five bucks, something like that. Right, whereas high ticket is really where you get into, you know $100, $300, $500 Certainly 1000 and more, but just just think about how even $100 the difference between 110, make it 110 You, it takes 10 customers to make $100 by making, earning $10 at a time. To where now all of a sudden, maybe you have an upsell, you know, selling something for $10 on the front end have an upsell for 100. Now all of a sudden you made the same from one person that you would have made selling that front end product at 10 different people. That's the leverage guys that's leverage. So if you're looking are wondering how do I get leverage? Sort of like an investment, how do I get leverage? You know, Warren Buffett said that he learned this from Charlie Munger, there's, there's three L's that'll, that'll, that'll make you broke. I was, I was looking at this, I know two of them were liquor and leverage, I can't remember what the other one was, I don't know if it was, it was ladies that would have been pretty misogynistic but I wouldn't particularly put it past him. But anyways, leverage, lack of leverage, right, lack of leverage, a lack of leverage will make you broke and that's one of the reasons why I'm personally so against low ticket business models is because you can you can get into it put forth the same amount of effort towards a low ticket business that you're going to put towards a business has the potential to have front end customers, repeat business and high ticket customers. If you have the right business model, you put in the same amount of work and one produces 10x The amount of revenue that the other one does. That's called leverage. It's the same as making a smart investment. It's the same as buying a stock low, you know, it's, it's not an investment, it's not this is not a financial investment move but leverage can be leveraged is the same as a pulley right if I right, I'm using a pulley to get leverage so I think it's really important for us to understand how leverage can be applied in in lots of different ways. When you have the right business model. So, you've been having some success with TikTok, it's been a game changer for you right?

Matt: It has the reach, I mean, because TikTok is so new, you know and everybody, you know, that's getting into and everything you know I keep seeing everybody using TikTok and everything and that's where I started my thing with TikTok. And since the app is so new, the reach is phenomenal. You can you can get a million views on a single video, you know, in a day, it's ridiculous. Yeah. 

Dave:   Yeah it is. It's crazy. So do you see yourself using TikTok, like for the long term? Are you setting up multiple streams of traffic?

Matt:   So I am actually working on multiple streams of traffic, pretty much using my TikTok to funnel. My other followers into, you know, I started a new YouTube and Facebook and all that stuff pretty much it's my funnel, that's what I'm using it for. 

Dave: So you've gotten about 10,000 plus followers on Tik Tok and that's been in how long has it taken you to generate those 10,000 followers, 

Matt: About four months, 

Dave: Okay, and you're at @thevetrepreneur is your TikTok handle if we want to throw that up on the screen here. It's actually @thevetrepreneur just like Matt Moxley @thevetrepreneur right there. There it is. So you guys can go and follow him, and as I say, with all of our, you know, all of our all of our family here, go follow him, lift him up, like his stuff, comment on his stuff. So, What has been the most, most effective technique that you've used on TikTok?

Matt:   So what I like to do is all the bigger names that are having, like, what, like a whole lot of success on their videos, I'll just simply go find out what they're doing. And just like, I'll take their video and I'll mimic it, and pretty much make that video my own. Use same hashtags and whatnot. 

Dave:   So you're basically just straight up modeling, other successful content.

Matt: Yeah

Dave:   I think guys that might have been the, the simplest explanation I've ever heard. When I've asked somebody that question. Other times people go into like this kind of complicated explanation and he's just like, I find stuff that really takes off, model the video, use the same hashtags, period. 

Matt:   That's it, I mean just mimic what works.

Dave:   Yeah. So is there anything in the way that you do thumbnails or use text or anything else, in terms of your top one or two tips that you would give us that's worked really well with using TikTok for your affiliate marketing business?

 Matt:   Just, just, like, if you're not mimicking other videos and you want more original videos make sure you hook that follower within the first three seconds. Like, that's about the attention span anybody's on TikTok, you got about three seconds to hook them, and I'm just going to swipe up. 

Dave:   Yeah, yeah that's the old swipe, swipeidydoodah right? You just, just like everybody's getting swiped nowadays, it's like we're but people are dating, right swipe to the right swipe to the left, right and that what you know, people are TikTok and you're swiping up you're swiping down you're swiping all around. Holy smokes. We're all just trying not to get swiped that much, that's what life has come to now, Bro, just trying not to get swiped. Try not to get swiped like jeez, man. So, what else would you, what else would you recommend to somebody who's starting out in their first couple of months? Something that you did right? Something that you would have done different?  

Matt:   I'm gonna say put the work in, like, it's… So when you first start now, it's going to take more work than you're actually thinking it's going to, and I remember staying up late. Late nights trying to get all you know building my landing page, making sure my funnels are working, checking my email sequences and all that stuff. So it's, you know, people don't realize that, yeah, you're gonna need to put in a ton of work at the beginning, but once you have all that figured out and all its tested and everything like that, it's smooth sailing. After that, All you have to do is put in you know, two hours of work a day, you know, if you're wanting to, and it's smooth sailing. 

Dave:   So what does a normal day in your life look like? Where do you carve out the time to, like, what is your morning routine or your daily schedule or structure look like?

Matt:   So, my wife gets up and goes to work. I'm usually up at about seven o'clock AM. Coffee is.. I’m a coffee addict. So, coffee is like my first thing to do in the morning. Then, my kids are usually awake, you know playtime, breakfast, so I'm a stay at home dad. Hang out with the kids usually carve out business time. If they're taking naps sometimes they don't get to take a nap. And once my wife comes home, and we have supper and whatnot I’ll carve in some time around bed time and just work late at night. 

Dave:   So you're really blending building your business with, with, with kind of doing a stay at home dad deal right now. Oh yeah absolutely up for you, bro. Good for you. You know I really am happy for you man, since you were away from your kids for so long, you know, serving your country and now you're, you're coming home and you're staying, you're staying home with your kids and you're taking on that, you know, there's a lot of guys who are too, who are too quote on quote tough for that brother. And you know what, just what what a what a, what an unfortunate story that they've got in their head and you're just soaking up all that time and building a business on the side. It's a real honorable thing, man. Your kids are going to remember that, you know?

Matt:   Yeah right, it's, it's my favorite thing, just just to be able to you know sit on the couch, watch a movie on the TV and just, you know, snuggle up to my kids. Well, we're just hanging out, it's fantastic. 

Dave:   How old are your kids again?

Matt:   So I've got a five year old and a three year old 

Dave:   Man, just what a great, what a great age, my daughter, or she's about to turn five and she's just, it's, it's just the best time and my son he's four months and he's just starting to laugh, of course, I've got an older one as well but those times when they're, you know, when they're, when they're in that those toddler phases, it's just a beautiful, beautiful time man, and I'm so glad that you're able to get that now, and that this business is helping you out, to be able to, to, to spend more time at home, to not miss any more of those moments. And you missed it for good reason. I mean there's honor in what you did, brother. But now, that time is behind you, and you're, you're blazing a new path, a new trail. I think in the, you know, not only are you looking to get back time or make more time, but also your, you're going to, you're going to change the dynamic for your family's future. In what your kids see daddy doing. And I think, I think those of us who are not setting our kids up with the skills, these digital skills, not just sitting in front of YouTube all day, but I mean really understanding how the internet works, and how digital marketing works and how to leverage the internet, to be able to build a business to be able to, you know, reach hundreds of 1000s Millions of people instead of just those who were at our local area, I think are really setting our kids up for success. It's really, I think, a great gift that we give our kids just them seeing us doing it. And then if they're interested as they get older, you know, my oldest is working for me now, and it's, it's, you know, I hope that that we all, if we have little ones have the, you know, I think just realize that remember that that it's not just something, it's not just the money that we make, or the time that we have. It's also the skills in the way of living and doing business and blending work in life together, Matt, blending work in life together to where they're not two separate things, to where daddy leaves the house, and then he comes back, but I'm blending the two together. I think that's a real powerful thing, I, you know for me I obviously have some separation, but there's not a lot, right, because I have to have separation and boundaries but there's not a lot. Right, so I don't miss a whole lot of time with my kids. What final piece of advice, my brother would you give to people who are, who are sort of at that place to where they…this is not just the newbie, you know, those, those who I don't like that word but people who are just starting out.

Matt:   Right

Dave:   What about the people who have been at it for a little bit, right, is that are at the same, at the same kind of maybe milestone that you're at? What are you thinking about what is keeping you motivated every day? Is it the results that you're getting? Is it the vision? Is it what you see the opportunity that you see in the future for this business? Tell us what is pulling you towards continuing to build. 

Matt:   So pretty much it is, as long as I continue to build what I'm doing. I continue to have the time that I want, and that's that is my, My, my thing, I guess. So, what I see is the future, you know, as my business builds, I'll be able to go on more you know extravagant vacations and maybe go travel around the world and things of that nature. I can have experiences with my family instead of, you know, going to work, coming home and then, you know, setting out a time of year to have vacation and time and all that stuff the fun time with my family, as long as I continue to build and focus on this business, I will be able to have time to go do what I want to with the, you know, the time that I have with family I have make more memories. 

Dave:   Right, yeah, that's all about the memories, and even if you and your wife want to go away for a couple of days you don't have to stay gone for 15, 16 months right you can just come home. The kids will only miss you for a few days. 

Matt:   Yeah, absolutely. 

Dave:   That's a very healthy thing to do by the way, very healthy thing for us parents who feel guilty for going in doing some r&r Don't. It's a, it's a needed thing that we all, I've realized is a very healthy behavior. And for entrepreneurs like us. Sometimes we have a hard time doing that right we have a hard time relaxing. I know I do. I always think that I should actually be doing something. Yeah. So what's your final question, what's been your experience here at Legendary what, what, what have you. How has it been I mean what's, what's been the experience so far for you. 

Matt:   It's. It's been phenomenal. You know I wouldn't be here without legendary and the, and especially the community, it's, it's awesome, you know, jump on Facebook, if you have a question type it up every you know, help is always there, and the education is phenomenal. I would not be here being able to you know be home with my kids and have the time that I need without going through all the education stuff, and having the community that can back me up, if I have any questions and things like that. 

Dave:   Community is a big deal, you know, one of the things that I think really matters, just in regular life, in terms of, you know, the where we end up in life, unfortunately, which is something that we have no control over, is our family environment. When we're growing up, right, how much support, do we have, how much trauma and drama is there. And so I think that, you know, and that's why I think it's probably so important for you to be the dad that you are saying with me. We always want to be better than our parents, right? And our parents want us to be better than they were. But, what, what, what I also the reason why I say that is because I think that family, environment in business community support is also important, too, and can determine a lot of our success. So I think that every day for me I know that every time I hear somebody say something about our community and the support. I know that we're doing the right thing because at the end of the day, just like there's no handbook for parenting. You know there's books and stuff like that. The same thing for being an entrepreneur, I mean we do our best to try to teach, but a lot of times you have to just a lot of times it really is damn I just busted my head and I need some people to just remind me that I'm gonna be okay. Yeah. So, we're here for you. Brother, if you bust your head know that it's gonna be okay. If you need us to pick you up, we will. Thanks for sharing your time bro, and, you know, a little bit about your story. I know you're busy, you've got the kids there so I don't want to keep you too long, thank you for your service man, let me know if there's anything I can do for you, and I hope you'll come back here in a couple of months and keep us posted. 

Matt:   Absolutely. 

Dave:   All right, Matt, be well, give your family. Our best man. 

Matt:   Oh absolutely.

Dave:   We'll see you buddy. All right, my friends. It is Monday, it's game time, it's time to rock and roll, it's time to be legendary. Right, this is the moment. Okay. Have a fantastic week, the month is still young. Okay, we've just crossed over the middle part of this month. Hopefully you're tracking your results for this month. You can track and compare from month to month, we've got also really three quarters of the year left. So those of you who are looking to make 2020 your best year ever. You've got plenty of time to do it, plenty of time to do it. Now the small intimidating insignificant moments, like an old Monday morning. These are the times that are the difference makers. So have a great day, be legendary guys we'll see you back here tomorrow 10am Eastern Time for wakeup legendary with another guest I want to thank Matt, you can go follow him on TikTok at the vet printer Johnson love. I'm sure it'll be there to help you and support you anyway he can as well, and flip each other up. Okay guys, we'll see you back here tomorrow,peace, get the hell out of here.

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How To Overcome The Dreaded “I Don’t Have The Money” Objection

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I've worked with hundreds of thousands of sales professionals in my career. I train them every day.

One thing they always want help with is what to do when a prospect tells them they don't have the money.

Sometimes as salespeople, we don't have the confidence to go in there and ask the tough questions. I like to call it “care-frontation” – confronting them in a caring manner.

I'm going to show you exactly how I trained one of my sales professionals how to handle situations like this.

I want to share a training call I had with one of our Business Plan Advisors where I shared my best tips for how to handle the dreaded “I don't have money” objection.

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Help them by getting a bigger picture of their financial status. How much credit do they have? What are the balances on their cards? Do they rent or own their home? Any cash savings?

You've got to put in the work. Analyze what is going on with your prospect's finances and help them figure out where they can find equity.

It will take practice, but trust me – once you master this, you'll be able to close more sales than you ever thought possible.

How To Make Everyday Friday

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If you're working a 9-to-5 job, you absolutely must have a backup plan.

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