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Dave: Hey what's going on guys this is Dave Sharpe, and welcome to Wake Up, Legendary my friends, we have got yet another exciting show great guest this morning, somebody who, you know, I'm excited to, to hear from and learn from. If you guys are jumping on right now, drop us a comment. Say Hello Good morning, let us know there's life out there. Give us some energy. And if you happen to be catching the replay. Then drop a comment down below as well, you know, share this with somebody, you'll post it in your Facebook groups if you've got Facebook or share the message spread this around. This is always every single day five days a week valuable information that can help everybody that can serve everybody with zero BS, zero ulterior motives. Zero agendas, except just to deliver value, and if you guys, you know, if people want to be a part of our community that are not great, right, maybe you could share a link with him if you're an affiliate, if not, then just, you're just spreading value, help people learn how to maximize the internet in 202.1 So with that being said let's bring on our guest this morning Joey what's going on my man?

Joey: Hey, how's it going, Dave?

Dave: Good Brother Good how are you? Where are you calling in from?

Joey: calling in from Capelle Texas which is basically Dallas, it's a small town in Dallas.

Dave: Yeah, awesome. So you do a little AV. Okay, so that's, that's, for those of you who don't know what AV is, it's very simply audio, video, I didn't know that either until I started doing events and so forth. So if you have a desire in the future, folks to do events which is one of the core four business models of how to sell information. You may learn more about AV but tell us what brought you into the whole internet marketing thing. And what eventually led you to Legendary?

Joey: You know, I kind of have my backstory. I've been in the audio video field for 27 years and you know I've done a lot of different types of work in this field. I have a really good friend. Back in Idaho that I grew up with and he, he's an entrepreneur, and he's told me before he's like hey you know would you think about this, you know, would you rather have 10 sources of income or streams of income, you know have like $1,000 Or would you rather have one job that pays you, $10,000 a month and you know at the time I was like oh yeah you know I didn't, you know, I hadn't opened my mind, you know, to what that really meant. And then, you know, during the COVID thing common story with a lot of people. I ended up losing my job and losing that one source of income impacted everything, you know, our family life, our, you know, the ability to pay bills and, you know, and live. And so you know at that time, made me think of that and I was just like wow you know I've got to find a way. I've got to, I've got to do something I've got to take action. And my first thing I turned to was YouTube like a lot of people. And, yeah, exactly, you know, it sounds like a great idea. But, you know, you just don't you don't get everything you need out of that and, and I found that out you know I started like a mattress website and I was gonna do these, you know, I applied for all these affiliate programs and, you know. Anyways, that didn't end up working out and I tried a little bit of trading and I realized you know this isn't gonna bring me, you know really what I'm looking for at this point you know maybe later down the road. And I got introduced to TikTok, for my kids. And so, you know, I just wanted to see like what are these, you know, what are they doing here. What's this TikTok thing about and so I got on there and then I started seeing Brian Brewer and Mr. Jones and, you know, AJ Rants and I was like wow this is that affiliate marketing, you know, this is what I was trying to do. And you know they were promoting legendary and and I just, I was like, you know, this is a sign I'm gonna maybe this is what I need to really get this off the ground, you know.

Dave: Yeah. So what do you think that you did wrong? Besides, not having a good solid training community to be a part of. I would think this one fit because you mentioned you were trying marketing from YouTube. Yet, what, what, what, what do you think, what would you do differently if you were to approach the mattress affiliate? Would you, do you believe that that niche is a valid niche now that you know what you know? Or do you believe that it's not a it's not a niche that has potential?

Joey: Well you know I'm going to revisit that actually now with the experience that I've got you know from Legendary and and all the things that I've learned, you know, over the past, you know, several months. And now I do believe I could make it successful, and I'm going to. So, I think that, you know, just not knowing like the details of how a sales funnel works you know I was trying to do this with just a website and, and, you know, now I've learned how amazing a sales funnel can be and how you can actually, you know, lead your, your, you know, a client to what they're really looking for so I think that's gonna be instrumental and and definitely helped me be successful with that in the future. And you know the Commission's are high ticket commissions necessarily but you know they can be to two to $400, you know and everybody needs to sleep right.

Dave: Yeah. Yeah so I think that I think that a lot of times we just gravitate towards the make money online niche automatically because maybe that's how we're introduced to training, right, so we're introduced to good solid training because there's marketers that are out there that are marketing, a training program to teach you how to make money online or, or build your affiliate business better. And then we turn around and we say, Okay, I'm just going to do what they're doing. Right. And, and that's that can be good to get us off the ground, and that ultimately can be something that some of us end up staying in this quote unquote make money online niche forever, but I think a lot of times we also lack creativity or lack that risk taking factor of going out there and I think because of that, we miss opportunities to go out there and really challenge ourselves to look at something that's coming up for me as I'm going to respond to one of our private clients who enrolled in our blueprints and coaching, this morning, and she was looking into the hiking niche, in the outdoors niche. And you know a lot of a lot of the companies that she had looked into were saying well you need to have a bigger brand, you need to be more of an influencer etc. And, you know, that doesn't particularly mean that that's not a valid niche, that just means that some of the programs that you're looking for looking for you to have a little bit of a bigger audience, which, if you really want to niche in and work in that niche is probably a good challenge. Anyways, to go out there and build an audience and see if people are actually interested in that information. Right. So I think that sometimes, Here's my point, we put the cart before the horse. In order to validate the niche. It's not always, we're not always going to make $1 On day one, sometimes we can go out there and for example start a tick tock channel and see if people are actually interested in the information, interested in maybe a free giveaway here or there to where you're not trying to sell them anything, but they're clearly interested in that topic, what what comes up for you as, as I'm going through that approach?

Joey: You know, that definitely makes sense and you know I think that, you know that kind of boils down to like education as well you know like if she's new or you know if somebody is new to something and you know they have a niche like I have a niche kind of in the audio video side, and I'm actually preparing things, you know, on you know that I can promote for myself, there you know and help people. And, you know, help people, you know to get interested in podcasting whatever and you know I've learned these skills by getting this education you know and it all started with Legendary.

Dave: Well, once we have the skills and sort of understand the mechanics of how to….hold on. I'm turning down the AC at the wrong at the wrong place. So, my nanny is probably wondering why it's 69 degrees in the house right now. Okay. Hello. This is getting warm here and I'm trying to turn the AC down but technology sometimes is overwhelming for me. So yeah, so. On the flip side of that, Joey. I had another private client yesterday that was, was getting momentum in the make money online space, and then was considering two things number one, creating another channel for on TikTok, but another channel to, instead of just being direct to camera start doing more kind of B roll style and royalty free video without her face as much so kind of trying to take a non kind of personal approach to creating video, but she was also considering going to match, and my feedback to her was, well, try different angles to bring people to the same front door, don't go building another front door when you've already got momentum and people coming to that front door and I think a lot of times, we have a bit of momentum going in our business. And we think that the way to, to get to the next level is to build another front door, and building that next front door is about timing. I'm not saying that's not a good idea, but it's not a good idea at the beginning, when you, when what you need to be doing is creating more channels or more tests, whether it's another, you know another tick tock account whether it's Facebook, whether it's paid ads to get more people to that one front door, that's already working just may not be going as fast as you want it. The key is to get more people to that front door. Do you struggle at all with the distraction monster of wanting to switch gears and having trouble having a hard time with too many options and too many ideas?

Joey: You know I really did in the beginning and, you know, some advice that Jamar gave me was to, you know, try to just focus on one thing and be dedicated to one thing. And, you know, that's kind of what I've done with my TikTok, for example, since you bring that up, I've, I've concentrated on that for you know just solely you know for the past few months until I've grown it you know I think I've got about a little over 30,000 followers now and, and, you know, now I'm starting to kind of see a progression where I need to direct, you know, I need to get more information and there's only, only so much you can do on a 15 second or 60 second video so, so I'm seeing, you know I've got a lot of people asking questions and, and wanting to learn about this and know more and so you know I'm starting to direct people to my YouTube channel, you know, to give them more information. And to my Facebook group so that I can communicate with them and help them, you know. So yeah, definitely, you know, you have to, you have to concentrate on one thing, until you master it, you have to build a foundation. And if you don't do that then you're gonna be all over the place.

Dave: Yeah, for sure. Yeah, I think that one, I mean, I don't think I know that our challenge, as entrepreneurs who understand the idea of multiple streams of everything, right. And that's appealing to us, it's it's it's enticing it's seductive to say, Okay, well more is better, but it's all about timing and in, as I said I want to reiterate that front door analogy, because you know you guys spend time we all spend time building our front door and what is our front door, it's basically our lead capture page right it's that page that we bring people to to where it's like, do you want to continue? If you do, give me your email. And then, you know there's more information on the other side. That's the front door. So we need to bring more people to that front door, versus going and building another front door, and I'd say for a lot of you guys who have had you know a channel blow up and then it kind of drizzles off or you watch what worked at the beginning is not working anymore, or you had a couple of videos take off and go viral and now you're kind of stuck is, get creative. Get do something different, right, it's about throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks and trying new angles, go, you know going live, you know, running a couple of paid ads, I mean it's just, you know, looking at other people and seeing what they're doing but not getting stuck in what they're doing actually asking yourself, How can I be more creative and how can I be more original. So, how have you been able to be more original within while learning from other people not get caught up in comparisonitis and not  losing your own authentic voice and your own identity as a marketer?

Joey: Well, definitely on TikTok. Yeah, there's a lot of copy, you know I mean everybody's kind of, you see a lot of people doing a lot of the same things, and then you see some people that are, you know, they'll take something and really what you need to do is put your own twist on it or make it about you you know your story, you know, so, I mean some things you know in a 15 second video, you know, a lot, a lot of what you're trying to do is just get across, you know, a small point like, hey, you know, there's this really great way to make money online, it's a low cost business model to start, you know, you have to educate yourself and. And then, you know, bam, the video is over. And you know you need to try, try to kind of follow some trends, and, and, you know, use the hashtags and, you know, For instance, I struggled for a good two or three months until I got the 15 second free leads. And honestly, watching that I was just like wow, you know, I should have I should have done that, you know, I should have educated myself before I started, I just kind of jumped in, you know, and that's another thing I learned, you know, there are resources out there and for anybody who's just beginning. I recommend, you know, investing in yourself, you know, and especially if you're gonna if you want to be successful on tick tock. Don't just try everything you know like, actually, you know, spend, spend the, the dollar for that program. I mean it's totally worth it.

Dave: Yeah, oh yeah, for sure. I mean, and I just I just updated our, our business blueprint, and there's an entire section on, on YouTube. So, you know, look, every once in a while, people will come in and they'll say, you know, is anybody, is anybody able to be successful without, you know, buying the blueprints and all this kind of stuff and it's like, well, I mean, there's people who are successful all over the world who've been doing affiliate marketing who've never even heard of Legendary. So it's not about buying blueprints not buying blueprints not about I'm going to buy a training program and all of a sudden, a burning bush is going to appear and stone tablets are going to drop from the sky and I'm just going to know the secrets, it's like this, this game is an ongoing never ending learning process and it's just like, I think the question, everybody has to ask themselves is, do I do I want to be a freebie seeker, do I want to be somebody who is always looking for the free. It's kind of like, it's kind of like chasing the first hit right it's like being a drug addict man. Sorry for the the analogy but it's like being a drug addict man like the first time you get high is like incredible, like you know smoking pot for example it's like you're like laughing your ass off, it's just you know, I remember my first time I was a young kid and it was just so fun, and it was never that fun ever again. And I kind of feel like learning about internet marketing is the same when you first see it, it's kind of like, oh my gosh, right, maybe you see a video on tick tock or YouTube, but then you end up chasing that same kind of hi from video to video to video, and you never really get it until you actually say look, I'm going to treat this business like a business not just like a hobby, not just like an addiction, you know, to where I'm looking to always try to get something for nothing. I'm going to go in and I'm going to get serious about my education and go through some, some, some good stuff. And, and then I'm going to use that stuff I see people in our community all the time who they'll ask a question, I'll even go look them up in the back office to see what they own, and it's like, they're not going through what they bought. So what, what sort of advice, Joey, could you give people around, sticking in following through, if they buy a training program with the training in seeing through instead of just being sort of like a marketing crack addict? Again, I can say that as my history and drug addiction. Hopefully that's not triggering anybody but, but, but how can we avoid that bro how, how do we sit, how do we get somebody who's new to just breathe in just stay the course in let go of that need for that instant gratification, and also apply go through what they buy and then and then apply it and be patient. I haven't figured that out yet, what is your insight on that in terms of, of you I haven't figured out how can, what is the magical thing I can say to get somebody to lean into that in, instead of just looking for a shortcut all the time?

Joey: Yeah, you know, the, the world the way it is today people want a shortcut. You know, that's everybody just turns to the internet, you know, like, it's like I did with, you know, trying to start this whole thing with YouTube and you know it just it didn't work, you know, and, and, I mean, as you know, shortcuts, you know, you have to put the work in and you have to be patient. And you know, if you take a look at any business like most businesses like this business model is a little bit different you know there are some people there are some exceptions where, where they just explode and that's the way it is in life. I mean, but you have to, you can't compare yourself, you have to be patient. And, you know, I've been in the valley of despair, you know, and that's, that's one of the things that you know Brian Brewer has, you know, talked about and, and, you know, I've been there and, and that's one of the things you know I always tell people, like if I've got somebody new, and you know they're, they're just like, oh you know I'm stuck or I'm you know I made this one thing and I'm you know I'm just not seeing any results or whatever then I'm, you know I always just try to encourage them you know to stick with it you know just be consistent. Just put in the time and just keep educating yourself and applying that. And the results are gonna come, and I think that just patience is something that's not easy to teach. You know what I mean it's it's something that you either are you either open your mind to that and you get your mindset right to where you're going to, you know, apply these things and be patient, and, and, or you doing you know, and some people just end up, you know, they just end up being quitters.

Dave: Yeah, so well it's not our fault and it's not your fault if that's if that's been a pattern in your life. You know, I think that, I think that for most of us, we have been preconditioned to, you know, to. We've just been not told the whole truth about business and about kind of what this takes and that's one of the reasons why I try to do this every day, and to have these kind of real conversations because it just really brings out the reality of what this takes, and I've said this before, I think I said it last week that being poor is hard, man. Yeah, I mean, being rich is also hard, and you just got to choose your hard. I don't know, because they're both hard men, they're both hard. I mean being unsuccessful in this business is really hard, and being successful is hard too. Being unsuccessful means that you have unrealistic expectations constantly looking for something for nothing. It's constant disappointment. It's a constant letdown. It's constant frustration, only because I will take responsibility for my own success, you know, it's kind of like when I was trying to get clean from drugs, somebody said, all of your problems are just because of your inability to take personal responsibility. There's actually a line in this particular piece of literature, I'm thinking of that says through our own through our inability to take personal responsibility, we were actually creating our own problems, and I didn't know that. I didn't know that in the beginning that I was creating my own problems because I was unwilling to take responsibility and I always wanted to put it on somebody else. And I see that a lot. I don't comment on every post in Facebook groups and stuff like that, because it just be too much and I don't want to dominate I want to leave room for the community to thrive and grow, but I see people in, in, in, it's just the, the, the, the unwilling or not knowing how to take personal responsibility is it seems it seems like, Being that victim like there's a payoff in that, you know there's an emotional payoff, it's not my fault. You know it's not my fault, this, these people are not the trainings not thorough are not for man, they're really mean or whatever like there's an emotional payoff in that that people get or else they wouldn't, they wouldn't adopt that identity, but that's a really hard life, Joey. Yeah. You know what I mean, definitely to hard life, man. And, but it's also hard to take, like, ridiculous loads of responsibility, because, you know, that means that, ultimately, The buck stops with me, and everything is my fault. But I also, you know, get to reap all the rewards of my hard work. So, tell me the difference. I mean you've been a professional in AV. You're now, I feel like you're built like a pro like you've got a mature approach to this. What do you think the difference is, is it an age thing, do you think it is that you've that you've just that you've mature, I mean, for me I'm just, I get more mature. I'm not saying you're an old fart, I’m saying that I'm saying that, that is it is it, how, how do we take, how can we take more responsibility. I mean, what would be your advice for, for, for encouraging people to take more responsibility. And the fact that it's empowering to take responsibility for the results that you get in for the actions you need to take? Is anything coming up for you that might be valuable to share your experience with that?

Joey: You know, as an engineer, you know, and working. I've worked with, you know like we work with architects and we work with different disciplines and, and, you know, in that profession I've been forced to take responsibility, you know what I mean like, if I make a mistake. If I miss calculate something then that's on me, you know, and I, I own up to it, you know, and I'm like oh you know I'm. We are all human, you know, so, so you do, but I think that, you know, for me, I've, you know, some of it has been just material and over the years of, of doing all these projects and working with all these different people and, And learning to communicate properly I mean communication is really important.

Dave: What do you mean by that? Give me a specific example of what you're thinking about when you mean communication because I'm right there with you. I'm just interested to hear your perspective on that.

Joey: Well you know I mean everything is about communication, like, like when you're, you know, when I talk to somebody and they're, and they've got a concern about something or you know if I'm, if I'm talking to an end user or a client, you know, they've got they have what they're wanting kind of in mind, but as a professional I'm, it's, it's also up to me to kind of help lead them. And, you know, if I'm not communicating clearly or if they don't communicate clearly with me you know if I can't draw that out of them, and get the details that I need to provide them with what they, you know what they want, then, then you know, I think that that, I mean that's kind of, I mean it's definitely key, and it's key to everything. 

Dave: It's totally, absolutely. The key to our success online, right, because if I'm not getting the engagement, if people are not listening, if I haven't caught people's attention, if people are not watching my videos, if they're not opting in to my landing page, if they're not buying based on my recommendations. It's because I didn't, I didn't communicate clearly, or I didn't communicate persuasively I didn't convince them I didn't catch capture their attention, right, maybe I wasn't clear, and that I think is one of the big problems that I used to have was just being clear with what I was saying, I tend to be a little tangential, meaning that I am on tangents, and I can be that can sort of dilute the point that I'm trying to make. I've tried to, I tried to work on that. I also just noticed in my writing. So about three years ago I was just unclear. I was having a lot of people that were asking questions and I thought I was a great copywriter. I had made a lot of money writing, but I realized that man there's a lot of people asking me questions there. This seems, what's the problem is it them? Are they not understanding? They're not dumb people Yeah Wait, hold on a second let me go back and read what I just wrote, wow, if I read that and I received that message, I would also be confused. I would also have questions, right. So I learned the importance of clarifying my written communication. So, yeah, nuggets are being dropped right now I think well that's a huge, huge deal.

Joey: And you bring that up and like copywriting is one of the things I sat in on one of your live copywriting exercises, just a few weeks ago and, you know, just being able to do that and you know I noticed in mine, because of my engineering background and having to create documents, and communicate with other disciplines. I have a lot of those. I do a lot of the same types of things that you do, but I never knew that it was copywriting, you know, that's something, and I'm still like trying to hone my copywriting skills now that I've, you know, learned some of this, you know, through the affiliate marketing and you know I've seen you and your examples and, you know, some other people as well and, and it's something I'm definitely trying to hone and it's super, super important just because it's all about communication.

Dave: Think about this, guys, that when I'm creating a sales page or an offer, right. What I'm looking at on that page, say for example, like you mentioned the 15 second free leads or say the 15 Day Challenge, or anything that's that's that's being that where there is something to where something's being sold something's being offered. I am combing over that page with absolute obsessive precision to try to make sure that there's nowhere, not a single word, not a single sentence that can be construed as unclear that can be a place to where somebody can get confused. And if that's the most important part right as an offer creator when you, when you I'm not going to say if you guys because I think anybody who's serious eventually will will begin to, you know maybe sell a course or a coaching program or at least write your own sales page for something, but you. So that's the most important place to be clear because that's what a buying decision is being made and if you got them all the way to the sales page your all our waste that opportunity, or screw it up by being unclear, but now let's take that and reverse engineer that all the way back to everything we do, whether it be an email, whether it be a Facebook post, whether it be a TikTok headline, you know, whether it be a simple text that we send out every day for the show. The question is, is there's, is there anything in what I'm saying or writing that can be confused. Here's why this is important because a confused person does nothing. They need to wait, they need to stop until they're clear until I saw a post yesterday in a Facebook group, a guy said, while I was watching a training but this particular part was unclear so I've stopped everything to me, which to me I'm thinking, bro. Why need to fix that, because part of entrepreneurship is not static, it's about, like, like to test something, try something, try to figure it out for God's sakes. But back to my point. A confused person does nothing. So, in my ad, or in my video, or in my email, if there's any point anywhere that somebody can get confused. I'm not going to get the result that I'm looking for. Yeah, because they're going to do nothing. And they tell us that every day on, I mean it's all you gotta do is just pay attention to like Facebook groups in the market community, people are like, I'm at a standstill. I'm, I've stopped I've stopped, everything is like, you know, they're clues. Anyways, what's coming up for you. That's kind of my rant on clear communication. Does that resonate?

Joey: Yeah, it totally does and you know and that actually that leads me, you know, back to mindset because if you're going to, you know, if you're, if you're really looking to grow if you're really looking to, you know if you have that why. Then you have to have the right mindset, you know, being an entrepreneur or being, you know, having, you know, having an online business or multiple businesses or multiple streams, you know, it takes time to build and you have to have the right mindset, or, or you'll fail. It's just as simple as that. If you don't, if you don't have this right, then. You know, chances are it's not going to work and you need to go back and read some books, and, and, you know, if you don't understand something, you know, watch it again. And if you don't understand it, then watch it again, you know, and you have to have that determination and you have to be consistent, you know, that's the thing.

Dave: Yeah, no, you're spot on, I mean you picking up that from that little rant that I just had was, was spot on. I mean, I, I have this firm belief in its science base but it's also through to the experience of my own and many other people that we can't think yourself into a new way of acting, we have to act ourselves into a new way of thinking, you know, so it's I can't just sit around and go, there's no weeds in my yard, there's no weeds in my yard, there's no weeds in my yard. I can't sit around and go, I got big muscles, I got big muscles, I got big muscles right I gotta go, work them out, same way that I can't sit around and say, I'm so confident, I'm so confident, I'm so confident. I mean, I think mantras and affirmations are good, but they're not going to change your brain. What's going to change your brain, what's going to rewire your brain, rewire your neural pathways are certain actions that you take. And if we, if we take the action. Eventually our mind will follow. If I don't believe if I believe that I suck and nobody wants to listen to me but every single day for the next 90 days, I record five TikTok videos, then there's something that's going to happen within that next 90 days I'm going to get some feedback, make some sales generate some leads something's going to happen that's going to make me then believe that what I say matters, but it's never gonna change by me just sitting around doing nothing and saying what I say matters what I say matters, so if you guys are waiting for that burning bush moment like, oh I just got to be more ready that perfect time. I'm just not ready yet. I just don't know enough yet there's going to be that time to where, right, the sky's gonna part, and God Himself is gonna come right down and says, you're anointed, you're ready to start posting on TikTok, you are now worthy. That's never going to happen. Right, we're never going to just wake up one day, because we did nothing, and have instant confidence or have instant belief in ourselves, we have to do the action, and eventually we will rewire our brain through those actions, and have a different mindset, and that is the biggest breakthrough that I've ever had, our mindset, and it's also the simplest yet hardest to understand and do you know?

Joey: Yeah, definitely you know nobody wants to fail. You know, nobody wants to fail but you have to, you know, you have to start and you know you're gonna have some failures. But you, it's all, you know, do you learn from that and do you grow from that or do you let that hinder you you know.

Dave: Yeah. Shannon says, Joey is very supportive of other marketers on TikTok, he is the real deal.

Joey: Thanks, Shannon. Appreciate that. 

Dave: For those of you who are wondering where Joey is at @affiliateprojc on TikTok, and then I'm sure you can find his other places, whether it be Facebook or YouTube whatever from there. Hey, last question, man, what's been your experience here with Legendary I mean, how has this community, this company made impact on your journey, have we have we have we done you right?

Joey: You know, I just, I'm glad you brought that up and about the community. That's one thing, you know, getting into this, the people that matter, you know, support that I've gotten from other people and you know Shannon brought up that I'm support for, you know, Jamar has been there for me countless times, Brian Brewer, you know, AJ Rams I mean all these people, they, you know, and I mean, the list just goes on and on, you know, the support and, you know everybody here wants to be successful, I believe, and, you know, if you have a question or if you're struggling with something that you know you've tried to figure it out yourself and you just can't figure it out, you know, there's somebody here that can probably give you a hand or you know help get you in the right direction, you know, I mean, just the support of this group is just incredible and that's been one of my favorite parts of this whole journey is just the people I've met, you know, like, I've got a, you know, I've got a just a group of pretty close, affiliates that I consider good friends, you know, through this whole experience and I mean it's just amazing. I love it.

Dave: Well, I can tell you that the majority of the people that I know in terms of quantity are from this industry. I certainly have some, some friends outside of it for sure. Also, some of my most quality relationships are from people that I've met in this business in this industry. And it's not because we are forced to work together every day, it's not because we work in the same company and sit next to each other. It's because of the camaraderie, the fellowship. The, the, the, just that we're, that we're, it's not even that we it's not even like a, like a political or religious type we have the same beliefs, it's a different it's it. Those are all good, those are cool, those connect people, but it's like a freedom based relationship. It's like, we don't have to be here. together. We don't have to be friends. We don't have to be connected, but we want to be. Yeah, and it's regardless of political religion, right, it's regardless of those things. And that's the sort of atmosphere that we like to create here at Legendary is, no matter what you look like where you came from, what, what your background beliefs are all that, as long as you got good values right? That's one of the things that's important to me is that everybody's got at least decent values right that you want to just do right by people, that's kind of the only requirement for membership right? But even that's not a requirement, we feel like we can rub off on people. We feel like I feel like people deserve a second chance, maybe you've had a rough life and you felt that you need to get over on people. I think that if people stick around here long enough, they can see that you can get further ahead by giving value to be more by being helpful. By delivering positivity and believing in people. So, anyways, I'm glad you've, you've made some relationships Joey because, because it's not just, you know people that you're benefiting from them. It's clear, and I know that people are benefiting from knowing you too man.

Joey: That's awesome. It's an awesome feeling and it's, you know, I never really knew that was going to be part of this whole deal, but it's been, you know, that's been one of the things I enjoy the most. I mean, it's just, it's, it's an incredible feeling to help people, it's, it's an incredible feeling to, you know, to know if I need something or if I'm, you know like if I'm struggling with something from trying to test something, you know, I've got people that are willing to help support me, you know what I mean. Yeah, definitely helps.

Dave: Well, Brother, be, be well. Be safe, be legendary I know you will, my man. You should. Yeah, thing and for those of you who want to hat or something there, be Legendary dot shop just write that into it's like not com it's dot shop Be Legendary dot shop, we've got the hats and stuff over there. I'd love to see one on your head. Brother, take a picture and post it in the group.

Joey: How do you get a shirt like the one you're wearing.

Dave: This was one that was made locally, so we could get this up on the site, I know it's bad, I got like, Dude, I swear to God, the reason why I wear it every day is because I have, like 50 of them. I have 50. You know what I mean they're like oh just sitting here and I just grabbed one, I swear to God every day. It's a fresh one. I'm not saying I never put on a one that hasn't been washed, right, but I try to put on fresh ones but my closet is just coated with nothing but black shirts like it's just everyday it's just and then sweat pants bro, like every day. No seriously, man, I mean that's kind of one of my secrets to success dude is uncomfortable as hell. Every day.

Joey: I'm not gonna stand up.

Dave: Yeah. You know, that's one of the beauties is, you know what we don't know we don't know what you're wearing down there, and I like that. I like that. I man, be well. Brother, come back okay?

Joey: I plan on it. I'll be back.

Dave: Have a great weekend!

All right, my friends, you guys have a great weekend, make the most out of Friday today, still got one more day in the week right and for those of you who are the weekend warriors, maybe a little hustle over the weekend, make sure that you get some rest, though, recharge the battery. It's important, be legendary for those of you who are part of our mastermind we got a big, big virtual event coming up tomorrow so I'll be on that grind. Okay. That starts I believe at nine o'clock but you've got maybe it's 10. You've got the information in your email. If you don't, then contact support today. And, and make sure that you get, again you have to be a part of the blueprints and mastermind, or have had a previous mastermind ticket to get access to that that's going to be a lot of fun. Calvin Hills going to be in the house. Who else David Dill talking about Twitter Chris and Susan Beasley, Matt hustles going to be throwing down. I'm doing a session in the morning. I can't remember who else we got. But it's just gonna be a big day with lots of value. We'll see you guys there, and we'll see the rest of you back here on Monday for Wake Up Legendary, Get the hell out of here. Peace.

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