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What's happening everybody welcome in, it's Wednesday, March 24 My name is Matt. I'm hosting guest hosting. I don't know if I'm guest hosting, I just host every Wednesday. Wake up legendary, so welcome in we're pumped to have you here. If you're new and you're just tuning in, like, this is hey, this is my first time. Never done this before. Let us know in the comments so we can say hi, get to know you get to know your face and whatever else, so. So Victor Allen in the house, a call. We've got Jim, drop us comment, let us know you're here, and if you can hear me okay and my audio and video and everything's coming through okay that connections great if you could hit the thumbs up, that'd be great too, just lets me know that you can hear me, and I'm coming through clearly. Again, if you're newer to our community or this is maybe your first time ever coming on and tuning in, you can text the letters WUL to (813)-296-8553. And what will happen is, every time that we go live for wakeup legendary. We'll send you a little text message right here, and yeah that's it. You get a text, and you can just tap, and you're immediately shot into the live, it's, it's pretty simple. So, yeah, we've got an awesome interview today. I'm pretty pumped, this can be an active live. When we were just meeting before the show there was kids running around and I just liked that energy, especially with, you know, it's just me and my wife here in our apartment, or you know whatever here our house here, and it's the mornings are slow and I don't get that impression from that household. So, let's bring in our guests and everybody in the chat if you can welcome Ryan and Sam on Ryan and Sam how's it going. 

Matt:   How are you guys?

Ryan:   Very very well so what you saw earlier with just one of our kids and we have.

Alright so that's a fifth of the madness. Yes. All right, I like it. I like it very cool. So you guys, you guys are from where you're in Tennessee?

Ryan:   We're, we're in the south part of Tennessee.

Matt:   Okay. All right, so, so bring us into your world a little bit in terms of the whole online business right like, tell us a little bit about how you guys got curious about online business there's history in network marketing, just tell us a little bit about what you both do. And you can take us back as far as you want but just give us a little bit of your story.

Ryan:    Alright so me and Sam actually met online. Back in 2013, okay, if you've ever heard of the mobile app game called Game of War. We were, we were on the same team, our hay damage from England, from Tennessee, we were 4052 miles apart. We had a year long friendship, where we had three and four hour conversations over the phone for a solid year. Then whenever I am told her father, brothers and sisters. It was she was flying to America. They told her catfish, and you're not her dad said you are not going. You are not going, Because obviously hear all the horror stories. Yeah, so she flew in March 2015 to Atlanta, Georgia. I drove four hours down there, something happened where it was like, cuz I slept at a gas station,

connecting flight, so I couldn't get on the next flight.

So anyway we met, and just having the year long friendship, really set a solid foundation for our relationship. And so, we actually got married in April 2016 Okay, we both have a history with affiliate marketing, and network marketing, I got started in prepaid legal back in the early 2000s, and I've really never ventured out or had a lot of confidence in the beginning, especially to do like live videos and that kind of stuff, whenever I was in my 20s I just didn't have that confidence level I wasn't ready. So, didn't really have a lot of success, basically until we got in Legendary Marketer 2018. So Sam can tell you a little bit about your affiliate marketing network marketing. In the past online


Sam:   Mine wasn't really affiliate marketing. I hadn't really heard of it, I didn't really know much about what it was until legendary. Mine was more MLM or obviously in the UK, the kind of things that you drop brochures through a door wait for somebody to fill out an order before the form, a lot of walking around in the snow with it, it was just one of those things that I never managed to do anything weird, because at the time I was trying to sell products, not realizing that actually an MLM. You need to build a team. And that really wasn't my kind of thing. Yeah, so, yeah, I did a multitude of those. One of them was American, I think. But yeah, never, never really got anywhere then decided with my mom we was going to work out by garbage selling work where all these like print printing equipment, embroidery equipment, and we didn't do too bad, but then ended up having to sell it because I spoke with my ex and you know how it goes so I kinda, I kind of gave up on it. For the longest time and I guess I just went back to the regular nine to five, just not really thinking much about it, and I like let the idea die if you like. And then when I met Ryan, it kind of all came back to, to the forefront, and we started because we have the same mindset that we want more than working a nine to five. Now, if anybody knows me, they'll probably tell me how, like, that I have a problem with authority. But I just nine to five just didn't sit right with me. Okay, that's, that's the way it was. So, when me and Ryan met it was, it was nice to actually meet somebody that actually wants to do the same as me. And that's cool, whereas people don't turn around him and say yeah, this time next year right and he said, you know the whole that'll make more sense to the people watching from England but, yeah, the people that knew me Are you doing something else what you're doing now?

Matt:   Okay so interesting, so you guys both, I like the meetup story that's very cool and I love. I don't know I just Brad just said make MLM equals make leaders money. No, I mean, so a lot of people got so I got started in MLM, a lot of people, that's kind of the first dabble. It's the first nibble on the sort of figuring out online business or just, you know, creating a business on the internet, that's primarily run through the internet it's pretty common, what I'm, what I'm curious about is, so both of you are. I mean, You got a lot of social media stuff going right like you've got, you've got a lot of it seems like to me, you've got a lot of content creation going got a YouTube you've got TikTok channels. You've got two separate TikTok channels. So, in terms of like so. So right now, Ryan, working a job right.

Ryan:   Yes, I'm 21 years in law enforcement.

Matt:   Okay, and then Sam is not, but stays at home and does affiliate marketing?

Ryan:   Yes. 

Matt:   Okay. Wow. There's so much going on there. I don't know, I, my concept of how somebody like can stay at home have five kids ever run a business, is mind numbing to me, like I can't even I, it's actually unbelievable to me, that is crazy. But I'm looking at your, I mean, here, I'm looking at your Tiktok right now, both of yours, and so was there any reason you decided to do separate channels, just curious?

Ryan:   Well, it's a theory that we want to try it together, because I think it's very powerful to have a three way conversation. So we've actually talked about that kind of stuff before, we've actually done YouTube videos always separate. Okay, and we've always done TikTok always separate. Okay, but I think it would be really really powerful to try it together and see the response from people.

Matt:   Well, I, you know, Whether it would or whether it wouldn't I mean, I feel like everybody's kind of got their own flavor, and, you know, you guys seem to have, one person or a couple that comes to mind is, is these guys Megan and Ryan, who do their stuff together and, but, you know, some videos are similar, some are together. Yeah.

Ryan:   Yeah, we could definitely look at their channel and follow them and see what they kind of do. And I just want to say a real quick hello to everybody who said hi to appreciate you watching the seminar and I see Victor down there as well. He's been a very long friend of ours that we actually met through affiliate marketing so you didn't really, Victor.

Matt:   Yes, that's cool, that's cool. It's amazing how small the world like this world is. It's amazing how small the community is, especially the longer that you get into it you know sometimes. Sometimes Dave will say things like, he'll say, There's this quote from, I think it's Warren Buffett's business partner. He says, or maybe it was Warren Buffett he says it's not about timing in the market. It's about time in the market when it comes to stocks specifically. And, and so then that's his theory right some people are day traders and that's cool, and his theory is like, it's about time in the market length of time in the market and I think it that principle would hold even more true in sort of digital marketing, or the affiliate marketing industry because, you know, the longer you're in it, right, you see it, you see things evolve and you start to see things with clear eyes, and the anxiety and stress and worry and sort of all of those insecurities, you might have sort of start to melt away a little bit because it's just like, I just been here so long. I mean I just, I just don't care anymore right I don't care what people think anymore I don't care what Nancy's gonna say about me anymore, it's just like who gives a crap. And then you start, and then you start finally doing the things that you knew you needed to do all along and just were too scared to do it right. That's why we've got a guarantee in the comment section here we've got tons of people who know, ‘geez, I need to be creating five pieces of content a day or two pieces of content a day’ and they're just not doing it right, they're just not doing it, they know they should be. And so the length, once you expand that out you start meeting people like like Victor, and you start, and suddenly you're having conversations with people who are, you know, crushing it I mean Victor is just, he's killing it right he's killing it on YouTube. And so anyway, I just wanted to say that that, you know that's like, that's something that's really, I don't know what ninja eats, it's underrated I would say, people overrate all these little techie, weird things that you can do with your channel and hashtags and it's like just consistency over a long period of time with some great content, and you can just, you can absolutely dominate. 

Ryan:   Definitely, consistency and persistency we kind of mentioned that a lot between Sam and I.

Sam:   Consistency has been the huge factor for us.

Ryan:   There is times where we don't do anything, you know, for quite a period of time where we should be doing something, but we also want to live a lot. We don't want to, You know, if we want to be here five years from now or 10 years from now, and we're you were talking about the consistency part, I can definitely tell you 100%t without a doubt, YouTube's algorithm is part of that leap. Now, tick tock is obviously new, some go viral, some don’t so that's kind of hard to figure out, but YouTube's algorithm, releasing the same kind of content, same kind of videos. The link shows the growth in the algorithm. Yep.

Matt:   Yep, absolutely true. What, um, what, What do you. Okay, I wanted to just quickly jump back to this curious your thoughts on what was the thought in creating a discord link here? That's the first time I've seen somebody do that.

Ryan:   Okay, that has to do with another business and not with legendary marketer,

Matt:   That doesn't matter, it, we don't care what people are promoting or what people are doing. We're just mostly curious about the marketing strategy of it. Okay, is this this cool

Ryan:   Discord, I'm part older and newbie, DottoTech is going to be expert advisors for the forex market. Okay, so that is our community that has all our different channels.

Matt:   Is there any is there any reason you chose discord over something like a Facebook group or something like that.

Yeah, the structure of it, so we have a profits channel. We have a community chat channel, it's got a voice channels. We have an announcement section that nobody can post in just the administration, and it's just laid out really well.

Matt:   Cool. That's awesome. I mean we always talk and think about, you know, taking our groups or whatever to different places and stuff like that but yeah, cool, I love it, I just like seeing different marketing strategies and do you feel like it. Do you feel like it works better or do you feel like it just, it fits you and how you like to lay things out because you're a gamer too right so Discord is way more, way more common right?

Ryan:   Gaming left. When we had and we had another baby. So we knew that we had two kids piece that we won't anymore.

Matt:   I thought I just witnessed you guys talking about a death there, there was like there was like gaming gaming.

Ryan:   Game Award. She spent like 5000 pounds, like terrible 1000s of dollars, he build fake troops and tag, you know, you know that it was a good to get out of, but it brought us together.

Matt:   It's a hobby, I mean it's like it's not crazy to think somebody would do that, I mean, think about the money people spend on fishing and hunting and all kinds of, you know, buying guns for all kinds of stuff like that, like, yeah, it totally makes sense to me. I used to play games all the time and I know people who do still and kill it and they you know, they're on, well I guess the bigger one than discord would be. What's the streaming twitc? No, I'm blanking.

Sam:   This one, the one similar to discord telegram. Okay. And I don't know. I don't know what you mean. I don’t know what else you mean.

Matt:   The bigger point here was just, this is a very interesting strategy I think for people watching, listening, you know, a lot of people will watch this as a replay, I think it's just, I think it's proof that you can use lots of different strategies with where you're pushing people or where you're building your community, and you should just build it where you feel is best rather than having to replicate or duplicate or you know whatever somebody else's stuff I just think, yeah.

Ryan:   Discord is free so let's say if somebody legendary marketer wanted to use discord to have their business course we haven't done that but I've got a few ideas, you could create different channels so you can bring people in there they can have a public chat with you. Then you can structure a getting started with affiliate marketing channel, so you can structure all this kind of stuff they also have voice chat on there. So as you're talking to them through text. If you want to say hop to a general voice, so I'm going to have a conversation with you hop down there, and it's just like a phone call. So it's pretty powerful and you could actually use this for the legendary marketer.

Matt:   You can use it for anything. Yeah, and I think, I think one big thing is like, with, with discord I've done, I've done a few, like, I'm not a gamer but I've played games, like with friends and while we're chatting over discord I've done that before. And it's, it's super clear like it's more clear, you can hear voices and stuff more clear than a phone call by a longshot, it's crystal clear, yeah. Yeah, that's cool. So over here. Let me switch my screen share over to this tab here. Okay, so then we've got Sam's over here. Boom. Okay, so she's dominating. I mean 26,000. What, what's the routine like on yours Sam, I mean in terms of like how much content how regular, that kind of stuff?

Sam:   And this is actually my third TikTok. The. The first one I think we did together. Did the cringes video possible. I didn't even know what a TikTok was really just like we were talking to Victor and we had, and Gary Vee was saying if you're not on TikTok get on TikTok, this was way back in the beginning 19 Yeah, we created one together and added a rap. Oh my goodness, please don't look for that video it's really good look for that video. It's the very first one is that on this channel there it's not its own channel we do have a channel that's together we don't post. It's only got like 110 Now go. Go watch it let everybody see it right now it's so hilarious.

Matt:    What's the account?

Ryan:   Ryan and Sam think it was everybody's gonna have a good day after they see this. Oh we got, we're here. Oh goodness, scroll down, she'll have a laugh, oh that's the bottom one. Yes.

Matt:   Yeah, I got I got to figure out if I can share screen with with sound here, hang on, hang on. No, no, this, I don't know if this is going to share sound or..

Ryan:   Oh, Dave's gonna put this on the home page of Legendary Marketer. All right, you ready for this.

*video plays* 

Matt:   That, my goodness, thank you so much for letting us see that. No, that was awesome.

That was awesome. I, that was actually good too. I mean, Ryan, you were right, that was actually, like, Pretty impressive and everybody's gonna have a good day, always awesome. Oh my God. See, I love the kind of like, I love the kind of just like, I love that we can just do that, I mean, how comfortable, Sam, you must be in your own skin to just like ‘alright, here we go to screw it, like, let's go’. That's just, I don't know. I envy that seriously.

Sam:   Yeah, yeah, that came after a few videos we've done on YouTube where my son,my son is age, 16 now but he helped me do some skits. I had no idea what it was. And he was like this would be a good idea. Let me help you do this. I was in the mood for doing it and I was just like, well whatever let's just do it very first video, and I was expecting it to get like one, two views, and it went up to 400 views and I was like, they took ages to build up to that on YouTube. And that was the moment we realized, okay, tick tock has something here. Yeah. Yeah, well with that channel kind of died out. We weren't consistent with it, and then I tried another channel by myself. And I did it through the beta. You know so you could get a link where you were watching on YouTube, it said if you want to get a link in your bio, you've got to do beta and all that. So I did that and then the beta session ended and I couldn't find that account, so I had to start a new one, again, which is the one we're looking at now, and I was determined to, to build that so I, in the very beginning, I was, I actually wasn't consistent and very beginning I posted the video and then didn't do anything for two weeks and then got back on it and I think I was doing maybe two or three videos a day for a while. And I went from like 200 followers to 10,000 followers. In a little over three weeks, and then I kind of changed my content, because I was doing a lot of the, you can make money online with this website like go, there's a company. My mom works for in the UK called some say, a real company genuine company where you can actually have a work from home job, and I was posting that kind of thing. What I was finding is people that want to work from home for somebody else, they want to build an online business. And so I was getting a lot of followers for that for not looking for, you know what I'm here to offer. Right. I started with the change in my content, and it slowed down, down, but that, I mean, I prefer. I prefer it now because right now I would rather have a targeted audience that is actually interested in building a business rather than just finding a job that they can do from home.

Matt:   Got it. Okay so now you've evolved, right, from creating content around what you think might go viral, to now it's like, okay, I got it I got something I know I can get this thing rolling. But now I need to dial it into my ideal avatar, my exact person who is going to be a good customer for my product right? Yeah, it's sort of like, it sort of like if I was in haircare or if I was in dog training or if I was in whatever niche if I was selling an info product on like, I don't know, weight loss or something right. So like if I was doing something in the realm of like, yeah, Food though, has a lot to do with diet has a lot to do with what you eat. And so I probably wouldn't create as many videos around fitness. Like, those are those are similar, yeah similar they have to do with, like, like what you were yours had to do with work, generally, or like what you do for work, but then once you dial and really load that into like, this is actually what you're eating and putting inside of your body or in your case, this is actually building a business not just working ethic that is really powerful. Do you ever do you ever go live?

Sam:   That's my kryptonite.

Ryan:   After today's she's gonna it before then, but it goes long distances without doing it. If I

was honest with you, and I guess for the people watching, I shouldn't be. If it wasn't for him, I probably wouldn't be doing this live right now.

Matt:   Yeah, I feel like, yeah, I don't know, you know, I get a little torn sometimes challenging people and just being like, Hey, You don't like going live. Don't go live like the freedom of the internet, and having an internet business. The whole point is that you get to do it to love and what you don't want.

Ryan:   For me, if it's a fear that's holding you back. Push it, push through it, if it's because you're not nervous whatsoever you have no fear, you just don't like it and you can build your business other ways. I think that that's all good and fun. But if it's the fear holding you back from doing it you know it will help your business, push through.

Matt:   Yeah, and, and the best person to know that is, you guys, right, not me. I don't know you. Oh, and we now know each other for about 30 minutes. Like, yeah, and it's just nice, like it's a cool thing that, that you guys have each other, to sort of, like, know that about one another, You obviously know each other like pretty intimately because I, it's really cool that you guys met online through like gaming that kind of stuff because you really, really get to learn a lot about somebody in, like, in a play mode, like in a, in a, because it sort of strips down all of like the intense relationship like dating and, you know, that we're married, whatever it gives sort of this like blank slate, that's really cool so I assume that you guys really really know each other very well. But no I was just gonna, yeah, I think that you're right, and especially things with like going live a lot of times it’s fears or its worries about things that aren't even really definable, like, it's like well what exactly are you scared of? Like, I don't, I'm not sure exactly, it just feels intense, and when you dig down into the bottom of the feeling like sometimes there's nothing there, or sometimes it's real, like I'm actually scared like I'm fearful.

Ryan:   Well, I mean, you know, obviously there's studies out there that some people fear live speaking or speaking in front of the audience, more than they do dying. So, is that statement right there is so powerful because who wants to die, right? So, you know it's a fear or scared up and you know you got the person who is taking 1000 leaps out of. They don't even have a heart flutter anymore, then you get the very first time you do the very first time you do something. You're always going to have more anxiety than the 100th time you do something. Yeah. So you just gotta keep putting yourself out there, push through those initial fears, and then as you go along 5, 10, 15 times, it's going to become natural to you.

Matt:   Right, yeah. Oh yeah,

Sam:   That's true as well because when we first started on YouTube. It took me a long time to do that. And now, I don't care. You just like getting on TikTok recording videos, any of that. I don't care but in the beginning, it was the scariest thing in the world to me putting my face on camera letting people see me. If somebody that I used to work with found me on the internet or a family member before I'd told them found me and like you said earlier, I used to think a lot about what other people thought. And you do get to the point where you really don't care anymore. And then you have the next obstacle, and you have to get through that, and the whole process is a personal learning journey. It's a personal growth journey, and that's probably the biggest thing that I've taken from all of this. Aside from the online business and growing an online business, the growth that I've felt personally has been massive.

Matt:   That's it right there. Yeah, that's really well said, yeah, it's, it's, there's always a next hurdle, there's always a next thing, there's always a new obstacle, and that's a really, that's a very nuanced hard thing to learn because a lot of times, actually I would say like I get I get probably like 10 or so emails a day from people who are like, it's just this one thing, it's just this, it's like, and you'll see it sometimes in our Facebook groups, it's just my facebook ads account got deactivated and that's the thing right if only that was, if only that was enabled and I didn't get disabled then all of my business would be flying at 100 miles an hour right and it's like, well no. There's always going to be that there's always going to be that thing somewhere along the line, and you've got to embrace process as opposed, we talked about this right before we went live but embracing process rather than end results. And once you start to love the feeling of overcoming. If you can fall in love with the feeling of overcoming fears and overcoming obstacles and jumping over hurdles. And just to just to like sort of get that adrenaline rush, just from one thing you just discovered, one thing you just learned. Another little thing, I, When I first started it was with like coding because we had to code all our websites, people complain about using Click Funnels or using like these, drag and drop website builders oh it doesn't work perfect, I was like yeah, tribal and back 10 years ago when you had to code websites and actually learn HTML right, It's all relative, everything's all subjective in this industry but, you know, like every time I would learn how to move something around on a website I was like, Damn, that was cool, like I just figured it out and it's 3:30am and I like my eyes are bleeding and I'm like, but I got this adrenaline rush because I'm on to the next thing right it's just another learning thing. And now 10 years later because of that and I didn't, I didn't set out doing that but like 10 years later. You know, I won't say that falling in love with the process is easy. That's actually really hard, especially when you're really broke, which I was, but finding the pockets of the industry finding either content creation or solutions like, like how to build website funnels and stuff. Finding like a pocket that can sort of start to trigger your what you love, or trigger sort of, you've got to hang around in the industry long enough to find it and fall in love with the process and then over time because you fallen in love with the process you start building skills, and so like Sam has obviously started to build a really good skill around content creation. You don't get 26,000 followers out of luck or out of, that just doesn't happen, you start to really hone in your skill you start to figure out what works and what doesn't. And even you guys were saying earlier, we're still not all that sure what exactly works and what doesn't, right, we're still like still dialing that in, But that's a cool piece, now you're sort of enamored with the process of figuring it out. And then the results are financial, the results are sure to make money because we're, we love figuring this process. It's very cool. Yeah, yeah.

Ryan:   It was very well said. So I think my favorite part about entrepreneurship, that you really don't know about when you first start, is the friendships with other affiliate marketers. Yeah, I think, I think that's the Golden Nugget nugget about. Now you initially start, you would like to make more money, but after you have the passion for it, the money side disappears, and real wealth relationships.

Matt:   Yeah, totally 100%. Yep. And I always Yeah, and we can, we can start to wrap up here, but I always just the thing that I was always tell people is, there's, there's sort of this, like, as you're building a business like one thing that I was taught and I seen, I saw it work out, it worked out in my own life and I see it and others is like when you start out in your day at $0 right and you haven't generated a single penny of revenue. Then there's this whole journey over to six figures, or, you know, let's say $100,000 in commissions right and getting there is a hard journey but then, getting from there to seven is far more difficult and it's usually after six figures that can be done sort of by yourself, but then to consistently keep going to consistently like climb that 10 more times, is actually very difficult you start to worry that you've burned out, you start to worry that your audiences are they fading. Do people still like my content, like people don't think that those sort of battles keep happening but they do, and it's what you said, it's the relational capital, it's the relational. It's the relational bond and capital yeah it's what you have at stake and relationships that can get you there. And it's just, there's not a lot of people who buy into those who invest in that it's sort of like, you reap what you sow and if you invest and put your time and energy and money into those relationships. Excuse me for those relationships. That's where that big payday comes long down the road, like, years and years down the road. so it's cool that, you know, you guys obviously value that you're growing communities, which is really powerful. So that's really cool.

Ryan:   Yeah, I just want to say real quick. I think it was Brad that actually met his wife online. I've been reading all the comments as we've been having the conversations. I think Mitzi said she followed Sam. Another lady said, I learned that from Rich Dad Poor Dad I have read that book. So I just wanted to let everybody know that I have been reading all your comments and we appreciate it.

Matt:   Anything, anything that you, I'll let you both have your final say for it let's see somebody like just trying to figure this whole online thing out and and and they're, you know, maybe they're a little skeptical or they're looking for us or the you know they're just kind of looking around like, oh, people are making money on the internet. That's interesting. Do you guys have any advice or have anything you would say to that person or any closing thoughts?

Sam:   Okay, I'll go. So just from my personal experience you want to have to go through to get to the point, confidence wise to do it. Just get out your comfort zone. Here's me telling you that and I don't like going live, but I'm going to go live here now, right, but get out your comfort zone. Trust the process because if you keep going with it and you stick with it long enough, you will see results you just got to so many people stop short of where it's about to happen. And if you can just push through that little bit longer. I mean I'm sure most of us here have read, thinking grow rich you know stopping Three Feet From Gold. How many people have done that. And if you keep going a little bit longer, Then, you know, it will happen for you. You just got to stick with it stay with the process trust the process. And whenever you come across something that you're not comfortable with or you don't want to do, if you if, if you think it's, for me, I don't know, like you said earlier, I don't know why I don't like it I just know that the emotion that it evokes in me is intense. Yeah so but just do it anyway, because tomorrow I'm still going to be here. Nothing's going to have happen to me, and nothing's going to happen you know it's not, it's not life or death, but it could make a huge impact in your business if you get out of your comfort zone. So my turn. She don't listen to me because I'm her husband. Right. But your initial thoughts. If she would push three that start going live, start being a little bit more consistent with content going live every day because Jacob normally takes them out. What do you think her audience and followers would they like what's your initial take on Sam's law of attraction?

Matt:   Oh, yeah, see, I see where you're going with that and I was just about to go there with that. But yeah, I can tell, I just wanted to say I can tell that Ryan day. She's interesting. I can tell this through 40 minutes and we're through a camera, but I can tell that unconsciously you have a deep level of belief in Sam. I can tell I can see it I can feel it. That's really cool. But I, I would just say this, there's a, there's a few people who have really really committed to going live. One of them in the comments. Her name is King, you can see her in the comments right there, who English is not her first language, and she goes live on TikTok, and she that's, that's when she makes a lot of our sales, and it's been a struggle for to create content to go live that kind of thing. But I will tell you 1,000% That the people who follow you begin to appreciate you in a different light, like a consistent, when you go live consistently. So here's the difference though, in terms of like TikTok and stuff when you go live consistently, then you're always sort of when people open up their phone or they open up the The Tik Tok app, and they see live more than once they see you live two or three times a week or something. I mean you can just go live once a week, but when you see that there's an unconscious level that's just like, oh, this person isn't just out there in outer space like maybe they're fake or whatever, they're just kind of creating these videos that I see this person's like real and they're, they're transparent. Like I can actually see them in real time, that's really powerful. And I do see a lot of people who, who will generate more revenue, a lot more revenue by going live. Because, for instance, people actually ask questions on the live and they'll just be like, Hey, I'm wondering about this or I'm wondering about XYZ, and you can help them in real time and just say well here here's what I would do, here's what I've tried here's, you know, and they're like, dang, that's really cool. And, and then, you know, whatever you're selling I mean if you're selling a dog training course or whatever they might sign it, you know, they might come on your live and be like, Hey, I can't get my dog to stop barking when the freaking FedEx guy comes in rings the doorbell. And they're like, Well, here's to two or three tips, blah blah blah. Oh by the way, I go really into depth on that in my $37 Dog Training Course you buy it, the link is in the bio, and they're like, oh, okay, that makes so much sense to me like Gary Vee. Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook and make the sale right. So, it's one thing where people are like, well I don't know if I don't know if this guy's actually legit. But when, when they come and witness you in real time, there's, there's a whole different interaction that people have with you, it opens up a whole different dimension. Not to mention the final piece to that is, somebody, somebody in our community came on one of these lives and called this, called this the mini webinar strategy. So like back in the day right people used to get on well you guys remember. Yep. And this is the new, this is just the new webinar. This is just the new, the new way for people to get access to you on their, on their schedule right so whenever you're, it's, it's on your schedule because whenever you go live, but I sort of on their terms, they can just tune in and sort of be an observer but see you in real time. I don't want to say it's the final. The final thing I want to say about that is I don't want to say that it's just a short term revenue grab like short term cash grab either, though, you can help develop long term relationships, where people remember you for because you suddenly go from this big pool. Like imagine this big pool of people who are content creators who just make videos that's 99.9% of people. And you step into the point 1% of people who are going live who are interacting, and that, like, That's a long term investment that'll really pay off.

Ryan:   Yeah, so, Matt, I'm gonna add to that I want to first thank you for hosting us and an interview for us. And I want to give the people who are watching here, like, five or six words like really really short. And if you do this, I promise you will be successful. And that's content creation as a law of attraction. Look at the people who are successful, replicate their content in your own words. And by doing that you might say, well, that's plagiarism, or I'm copying somebody else but it's not. The content already out there they got the content from from somewhere else, but yes, the difference is the law of attraction, somebody that might be attracted to the person you got the content from may not be attracted to you and vice versa so they might watch the exact same videos, but they still may still buy from you. So if you don't do the content creation, you're never going to make any sales, and the law of attraction you want to critique yourself. So as you do videos and stuff like that, watch your own videos back, and then compare them to the people who are successful, and continue to improve yourself.

Matt:   Yep, I love it. I love it. I'll leave everyone with that I can't say it better. Thanks for coming on. You guys have a busy life, busy schedule, lots of stuff going so I'll let you go, but thanks for coming on and spending, you know, 15 minutes with us in our community. I know everybody here and you know who's here, live is is very thankful for that. So thank you so much. If you guys stick around I'll pop you off the screen but if you can stick around, I have one more thing to mention when we wrap up is that cool.

Ryan:   Yeah, that's cool.

Matt:   Yep. All right guys, seven 7:48 My time, these are early because I'm on the west coast but 10:48 Eastern. Thanks for coming. Joining us live, again, a couple little mini announcements if you want to get text message reminders every time that we go live, you can hit this, this right here. Oh my gosh my camera mirrored so it's like weird but texted WUL (813)-296-8553. You can also go to be Legendary dot shop we just got a bunch of new merch in, we're not big merchant sellers, but some people ask us ‘Hey Where can we get merch?’ you can go to Be Legendary dot shop, you can pick up a shirt or a mug or whatever you want so we'll be back here tomorrow Dave we'll leave that hosting tomorrow and Friday. For Wake Up Legendary. Peace out, See ya, we'll see you tomorrow at the same time.

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