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Matt: Good morning. Happy April 14 It's Wednesday. And yeah, here we are. My name is Matt if you don't need me, I'm the CMO here at Legendary, I host every Wednesday of Wake Up Legendary. And we've got some people in the house. What's up King, Mark, Helen, Jim, what's up rod, Aloha from Hawaii, I'm guessing, Callie, what's happening Colton, Maria, Laurie, what's going on? All right, what's up, what's up. Yo, Lee Jason how's it going Laurie, Cheryl, Roy. Okay, awesome. Welcome everybody happy you're here hey if my audio sounds good. Can you hit like a thumbs up or, or hit the little heart or something, let me know that my audio is working okay one time I hopped on one of these, and my thing was on mute, and I was just sitting here talking, people like commenting. Hey, I can't hear you. So anyway, just let me know that you can hear me okay that we're doing all right, we got an awesome guest today, I'm very excited. We've got lots of things to talk about. I have no idea where it's gonna go or how it's gonna go, but I'm excited about that. And yeah, let's bring in Barb, what's happening?

Barb: Hey, what's up, good morning

Matt: Hey for everybody in the comments if you can give Barb like a little round of applause, a virtual round of applause in the comments, that'd be great. And welcome, thanks for coming on.

Barb: My pleasure, thanks for having me.

Matt: Yeah, definitely. Alright so you're in Cali, and so it's early for us I mean, I was up late doing like house stuff last night, and these are always early but not too bad, but it's pretty early. Are you like, Are you a morning person?

Barb: I am late, I went to bed at like 10 And that was like super late for me 30 rolls around and I'm like brushing my teeth,

Matt: I am absolutely early sleeping, if I can somehow get into, like if I can, if I can make it to bed between like nine and 9:30 it is going to be a great night's sleep, and I'm going to feel incredible. The next morning. Yeah. 

Barb: I was just talking to someone the other day about this that I used to be one of those people that would stay at like three o'clock in the morning, but yeah. And then I was like, I'm just not a morning person. And so I read this book called the Miracle Morning highly recommend 10 out of 10. And it just talked about becoming a morning person basically like just forcing yourself to get up and do certain things and look at me now I'm a morning person, whatever that is.

Matt: Yeah, so many I've heard so much about this book, I know many people whose lives have changed. You really liked it. This by Hal Elrod, and then a bunch of other people. Right?

Barb: Yeah, and then he has like a whole series of Miracle Morning for network marketers for realtors, like that. And then he also has a follow up book to help so highly recommend the miracle equation. And, yeah, that's really good.

Matt: Nice. Absolutely. Suspend your disbelief about whatever pre held beliefs you have about success or. Okay, well we've got a part one and part two kind of thing.

Barb: Yes.

Matt: All right, cool. Right on. Well, hey, it's no free ads but it's recommended by Barb so hey guys if you want to go grab it, go grab it. If you're stuck waking up at 4am, and, or going to bed at 4am and waking up at 1pm and not knowing what day it is, or what time it is. I'm sure that will probably help but you're also, um, you know not to get like, too. Well, we can just go to whatever, but you're also, it's like, I don't know does, you've got a whole journey to recovery as well. Right, and that's something in our community, we talk a lot about, obviously, because a lot of Dave's journey around recovery has been, you know, in part, helped by this industry, which gave him sort of not a lifeline, but kind of a lifeline right I mean, and it's done it for all of us in certain respects, but specifically with, like, I don't have the struggle with recovery. I don't really have an addictive personality. I haven't really been addicted right, it's just, it's not my story but tell us a little bit about you and just like, I don't know, bring us into your world. I mean, how did you find Legendary? I mean, take us back into your journey of finding something online, and give us all the, all the good details.

Barb: Oh that's such a long response, I'll try to keep it to like the Reader's Digest condensed version. Sure. So, probably in like December ish. I don't know I always kind of I don't know if anyone can relate to this, but I've always kind of had this feeling that the nine to five wasn't meant for me, like, and not, not even specifically, a job, but just that I was meant for doing more with my life. And, and so I around maybe December of this past year I started looking on YouTube, which is my favorite platform to just sit there and zone out for hours. I started looking at different ways to make money online, because I realized that having the time freedom would that's the key for me, you know, to give me that time to do other things with my life or find some deeper meaning. And I happen to find that YouTube and recovery is also part of this story. And I just, yeah, I really resonated with what he was talking about like, he was a he worked in a casino and had, you know, been a heroin addict and his story just resonated in a lot of ways. And so I started kind of following along with him. And a lot of his content is like now that I have some context of what content should look like, or does look like or whatever for a number of people. Yeah, it's very much like there's a lot of side hustle videos like make $100 a day on Google Maps, which snagged me, and that's what got me. Oh, is the $1,000 Commission's like because number one recommendation, and that's what, like clicking the link in his Youtube description is what got me in, but it was that trust that I had kind of developed with him virtually. I related to him so much and he was just kind of speaking it felt like to me. And so that's what kind of led me from random side hustles that I was like, oh I could do that but then I would actually have to do this, this and this, too happening to click on his link and signing up for the 15 Day Challenge and. And I had. I'm not gonna lie I clicked on his link, and I was like, legendary marketer What's this of course, and being the, I don't want to say skeptical because I don't think I am. I think I have like a balance of just rational and emotional. But I did some research, I read reviews and sorry if you can hear my cat can hear the background.

Matt: It's all good.

Barb: But read a lot of reviews, watch video reviews on YouTube. And I think that I can balance. People who want to give you a really positive view of something so you'll click their link, and somebody who's going to give a really negative view, because they had a bad experience. Anyway, by the time I had actually signed up for the 15 day challenge I had already kind of made up my mind that I wanted to go all in on this. And so when it came time for me to decide if I want to buy the blueprints or not, which would be, I don't know they're the advanced training to learn affiliate marketing but also three other high income like business models online. Yeah, but I was just like, Absolutely, and the stars had kind of aligned for me like my sister was paying me back some money that she owed me and it just was kind of serendipity. And so, yeah, I just dove in.

Matt: It's awesome. That's really really cool. So, um, yeah so you jump into our challenge, you jump into our Blueprints Have you tried something like that before. It's just a totally new experiment.

Matt: Yeah, that's cool. 

Barb: What, what the, again going back to Thomas like the YouTuber who introduced me to Legendary is, I was like this is a normal guy. I know he understands what it feels like to get through a struggle, because I think one thing that recovery gives us is literally if it doesn't kill you, you're by virtue of just still being alive, you're going to be stronger as a result. And so, there was just I was basically like, if he can do it I can do it, meaning if you make it. If you can go down this path and what my initial kind of plan was, okay, I'm gonna start on YouTube at this grand plan to kind of go the same route that he went, Because that's all I really knew at that point I didn't know about tick tock or anything like that. But here we are.

Matt: Yeah, here we are. So you tell us about sort of your experience diving in with the blueprints, what was that like was it. How did you find it or not, how did you find it, I mean, did you enjoy it, like what stood out to you is valuable or what have you really taken from it because everybody takes something different. And, like some people really quickly gravitate towards coaching and consulting, other people quickly gravitate towards affiliate marketing. Other people take off and run with the decade of the day, other people just go straight into the affiliate blueprints and just really start running. Like what kind of how did you digest that training and how did it go?

Barb: Gosh, I actually just started going through the new blueprints which are just great. But I just started going through and really trying to absorb as much information as possible. And I'm like in my nine to five life I'm a teacher. And so it's not just about sitting back passively being like hey, teach me, like the more engaged in the more I'm connecting it to something that I already know so that I get all that information and be like oh yeah, it's related to this or. But yes, I started going through the blueprints and devouring them, and I started with the affiliate marketing blueprint, my business plan advisor, William. Shout out to him he's awesome. He got me set up to watch actually one of the replays of decade and the day before I went to a live and I was just like ready, like I actually watched it on double speed, and then I went back and watched it again, just so I could like get through it quickly take notes and then for whatever reason, that's just how I learned. That's, yeah. But then I went and I implemented the woodworking done for you campaign on Facebook ads. Okay, and me I mean I wasn't, it wasn't my dream to go into a woodworking niche. Just like, you know, in the blue, it talks about getting practice doing this random niche, and then, you know, earn while you learn like that is so real. And take that skill, and then now you can transfer it to the niche that is like your heart's desire and that's 100% what I did and 100% What I tell people to do.

Matt: That's really cool. That's awesome. you're. Yeah, I don't know that's just, we're seeing it, yeah. And yes, you're right, it is chef's kiss, it's, it's, yeah, it's that is the. So in just for people who aren't really aware we have our, our business blueprints, which is a more advanced course, if you haven't learned about it yet. It'll be coming. And we have a really special deal for you if you're going through the challenge. You don't, by the way, you don't need to purchase the blueprints or anything. It's not a requirement or anything like that but it's a more advanced training. And basically, you know, when we update that so we don't just we'll just build a course and then it sits there forever, and you know it's eight years outdated and whatever. We try to keep that pretty updated, keep a lot of case studies so we recently just launched an update and with everybody who's purchased the blueprints in the past. They don't have to purchase again. So everybody just gets that upgrade for free, it just shows up in the back office, and, and, yeah, he saying that was chef's cases like, oh, no, that's exactly the right description is it's so powerful, so anyway.

Barb: One thing I will add is forget the frame. Yeah. Because I think my, like, I and so many of us come into a new situation thinking. We know everything or have some skepticism or having a preconceived notion about what to do or what's best or. I think all speak from being getting in the way when I'm not keeping it in check. So something else that I've learned from recovery that is so relevant to, I think, in, in my case at least being a successful online business owner is take suggestions from other people who have more time than you like in recovery, it's like, find a sponsor you listen to the old timers the people who've been, had some sobriety for 20 years and even if the stuff that they're telling you to do, doesn't make sense to you. That's okay, you're new, it's not going to make sense to you. It's, if Dave Sharpe told me to sprinkle fairy dust on your computer and that's gonna make your ads run better out, then like okay, like some stuff you just have to not understand but just do what you're told when you're brand new. Yeah, I think having that openness to suggestion and coachability was. I attribute a lot of my success. I mean, obviously I've only been doing this for a few months but just kind of mindset, so I wanted to.

Matt: Yeah,that's, that's huge. That's a big kick that like, that's a huge difference between eat, I eat like I am not that way. And I would have fast tracked, like, it took me a long time to really like do anything online that made any money. You know having something like tick tock helps for sure but also just in general, like I always took something and said, like, oh but they probably missed this and they probably miss this and so I'm gonna do it my own way and just, you know, and it was just like, I didn't need to do that, like, you know I just. So, anyway, that's a big piece so that's, yeah that's really cool. That's awesome. And it helps a lot because it removes so much of the confusion that removes so much of the overwhelm it's like, Hey, let me just try to soak that in it takes a lot of takes I think it takes a lot of like emotional awareness emotional intelligence, like, you've got to, you've got to know yourself really well you've got to know your learning style really well. He said earlier, for a lot of reasons I learned better this way. You know, like you kind of know how you learn how your brain works, how your personality works and then if you know that it makes it so much easier to process information and to learn and to adapt and to, you know, all that stuff. 

Barb: Yeah, absolutely and I think also, at least in my case, I think this is probably true for most people but I'm practicing my I statements, speaking of recovery, but I think it's that kind of faith in the process also instills a lot of belief in the system and then your results will come if you just keep doing the next right thing that you're being told to do in the process. 

Matt: Yeah, exactly what it, what's your journey on TikTok been like? Was it hard to get started on TikTok? You've got a couple different ones, you've got like more what you haven't more one that's more like personally branded then you have another one that's sort of just a manifestation niche one. What's that been like has it been weird to become a content creator, how does that sound, how does that?

Barb: Yeah, it's funny. I went to it, it was my niece's 17th birthday party the other day and so I walked in and my sister yelled. Look, it's like she's TikTok famous and I think she has a skewed view of what TikTok famous is but I don't know. When I say it started on TikTok February 8 And I always tell people this, whenever they're talking about fear of being on camera or the fear of starting, of course, everyone's afraid. I was afraid I was afraid of looking stupid I was actually like trying to do my hair and like have good lighting and I didn't even use a trending sound like I didn't know what I was doing. Yeah, but you're never going to have it perfect before you start. There's never a perfect time to start, there's a right time and the right time is right now, you know, right. And so I was just like me, and I know from experience like just life experience that it's never going to feel comfortable. You just have to start and it's, I don't know if this will show up or if it's backwards but feel the fear and do it anyway.

Matt: Yeah, like Wait hold that up again.

Barb: This is another great book for everyone. Feel the fear and do it anyway.

Feel the fear and do it anyway. It's, it's okay to feel afraid, don't let that stop you just do it, afraid. So that's what I did was just kind of I don’t wanna say garbage but it wasn't great, and I was just talking and. But what I found was, one, just putting it out there and getting started gave me it was like a rush of just competence and self efficacy and you know feeling good about the fact that I had overcome my fear and taken action. Yeah, and letting that momentum kind of carry and since February 8 I posted at least three TikTok videos a day sometimes like six or seven and if I'm feeling full of content for the day. 

Matt: That's insane. Yeah, but a lot of videos.

Barb: Yeah, but no one is born, being like, Oh, here's how to do TikTok, like, no, everybody sucks at first or everybody feels uncomfortable or, you know what I mean but I think the key thing is take that and, like, take your content and make it better, like, iterate, see what other people are doing always kind of be a student and don't just again sit back passively, like okay well I'm making TikToks But where's my paycheck you know what I mean. 

Matt: Yes, totally. 100%. Alright so how did you get the idea. I mean, I know how you got the idea but I mean, Three to six videos a day I mean three videos a day for two straight years, that's no joke, for sure. There's a lot of people getting started on TikTok, a couple videos in there like geez I can't do this. So, how, how did you. I'm just curious, like, what's the, what's the backstory, what's the motivation, what's the drive like how did you push through all of that initial like geez is this work like I'm doing my hair like all that all those nerves kill a lot of people stick up channels, how, Like, do you have patterns of being resilient, are you, you know, like just what's inside of you?

Barb: Yeah, I mean, I think just tough life experiences. For example, that I know this, like I don't, I don't like being in the spotlight, I don't like attention. I would much rather be like the person playing second fiddle or like the assistant manager and you know, and that's just very much, who I am and in high school and in college when I played basketball. I was the best player, and so I was kind of forced into the spotlight and I hated it, like I literally feel gross but I would feel so nervous before games I would throw up before like probably half of all my games and. But I, it's like, I mean, there's stuff like that there's stuff like, you know, going to rehab. What was it four years ago and just battling with addiction. I mean, edit, I think that that's probably the biggest thing where it's like, honestly, that if you can get through that you can do affiliate marketing you can do anything like that was not easy. This is like, cool, like this is so much more simple and just, I have so much more to draw from now. But yeah, I think just having difficult life experiences and knowing kind of has transferable skills from that. Navigate a new experience where I know I'm going to be afraid, I know I'm gonna feel uncomfortable. I know that. And I made a TikTok video about this that being an online entrepreneur for me at least, is a lot like an accelerated version of therapy, because you have to deal with all your self doubt all the critical voices in your head and right, you have to push you either have to push through it, or you're gonna find excuses and quit. And for me, quitting was never on the table. Like when I make a decision. It's like, it has to be final and I take all other options away.

Matt: Wow, I've never heard somebody say transferable skills in the realm of like, like life struggles or difficult situations or emotional struggles or difficulties, that's really cool. I like how you put that, because we always talk about transferable skills with like Google ads, you know, it's like, yeah, that is a transferable skill but, you know, it really is I like for the, for the time, you know, like, my marriage, almost fell apart multiple times and the amount of time that I spent in therapy. And while I was trying to build my business was just an intense time of, you're exactly right, so much time feeling like, just so internally in a struggle. And so now, not that I don't sweat the small stuff, but some of the small stuff is just like, you know, like me showing up every day, three times a day on Tik Tok. Like, I could figure this out, you know. So, No, that's, that's really cool. It's, it's really cool it's really powerful for everybody who's here just the her TikTok is on the screen you can follow. You're also doing just more like behind the scenes, one on one would really know it was you sort of manifestation channel. How's that going?

Barb: It's going pretty well and it kind of started off as an experiment. 

Matt: Just to, by the way can we share that with people or is that cool there. Okay.

Barb: The TikTok candle is manifestation candy.

Matt: Cool, that's a really cool name, just came to me, flash of inspiration. Nice. But yeah, I just kind of, I had heard, I can't remember who, talking about, you know react loading videos from, and I talked about it on a wakeup legendary once, and then on a business blueprints webinar to walk through it.

Barb: Maybe it was that, yeah, yeah, I just kind of, I don't want to minimize the importance of making money with affiliate marketing in anyone's life, but it's more like an experiment, or kind of like a game, to see if I could create content that was valuable enough like develop a following, and then turn that into traffic to an affiliate link and, you know, see if I need from it. Then, I mean, it worked. Cool. And I, yeah I've been telling my sister like, Dude, I need to help you get this set up so you can have the stream of income and right.

Matt: And especially with like the whole like, so basically so everybody knows like kind of how she's doing that she's taking, there's this website called It's  where you can get free stock video and stock photos that are commercially usable, you can use them anywhere. And you don't even have to have attributions on them or anything. They obviously encourage people to whatever, like, donate or whatever but no, and then and then taking those putting sounds to them and putting words on the screen. It's funny because I've done that in lots of different niches, pet niche, manifestation niches. In fact one manifestation, I had a channel. I only posted one video too, I just wanted to prove the concept, the video had 20,000 views and I have 1000 followers in like a few days with just one video. It was just like, there's certain videos that take off and there's certain like trends and things, you know, but, um, no, I, I just think that that's also really equally powerful, because there's just a lot of people out there who are like, I'm just nervous like face and my name and all this stuff and it's like, look, there's lots of affiliates throughout the world who are faceless, nameless, you'll never know them, they don't want to be known. They like to just kind of live in their little thing in their house and they're doing their thing and that's cool, and it's just super powerful because it gives, what it does, here's why I think it's powerful. I think it's powerful because it removes all the excuses, because really, like everything else, it's all just excuses right but the whole like I don't want my lease on there I don't want my name on there, that's kind of a legit one like, especially in some cases if somebody's got a nine to five or they've got like non competes or like moonlight clauses or all kinds of stuff right so there's, there's a lot that goes into that some people are public figures or some people are real estate brokers or investors and stuff and they're like I you know I don't want to mix up my brands and so there's some legit like concerns right. Not everybody wants this to be their entire personal brand with their name and everything so I'm so having that outlet and okay now it's like well shoot. Now, there are different ways where you don't need to show your face, you don't need to be the hero, you can actually promote products using video content that has no face, no name, no personality. It's really cool, and I'm seeing more and more people do it in our community, and it's one of those things where it's just, it's not anything crazy or special that we've done here at legendary we've just highlighted a few people who have already done it, and people in our community do a great job of looking around on TikTok and on the internet and seeing how is that person doing that. Oh Wonder how they got those videos, oh Oh, okay. All right, I'm gonna try this. Oh, look at that, I made $100. That's cool. All right, let's, let's try to do that again, you know, so I think that's, that's a big benefit of our community, because if you aren't in our community, you probably don't hear that random conversation about Pexels manifestation channel and you like be just being in the know and hearing, wake up calls or hearing Thursday webinars or whatever, it just you start sparking ideas, and I think that that's really powerful too, right, you know, you can only sit on YouTube for 10 hours a day, but, you know, there's, there's a lot of fluff in between all this stuff so well cool, man. You're such a cool person. I feel like there's there's I've seen at least a couple people be like, Man, Barb is totally my, my spirit animal. But you just have, he genuinely has a great energy about you I can tell I can obviously tell why people on your TikTok channel love tuning in, like, and I'm going to as well. For, for people who are here, and maybe they're stuck and can't create videos, or they're stuck and worried about what people are going to say about them. Or maybe they're just brand new and just hanging out here for the first time, what do you have anything that's on your mind or anything that you want to say to the community to encourage them to keep going or anything, anything comes to mind.

Barb: Yeah, I think a couple things one if you're like, if you're new and like haven't even started creating content let's say on TikTok, it really could be applicable to anywhere, just know. I mean, truly, you are not the only person that feels like an imposter that feels like a fraud that you're stupid that you're incompetent that you have if you have voices in your head that are saying, you know, echoing the stuff that you were told as a kid or by a teacher or a parent or whoever, that are saying you can't do this, be like, Thanks for your input. I'm cool off that though, and realize that they're just voices like just thoughts, and you don't have to believe everything you think. So, there's no hack, there's no workaround, there's no trick to not being nervous about making content, just make one. Even if you save it to your drafts, at least you've made one, and then post it later, but right now, I don't know how many people are watching but right now I'm just talking to you, Matt. And so I'm not even cognizant of the fact that there are other people, there could be a million people watching or there could be, it could just be us, you know what I mean, literally when you're making a tic toc video you're holding your phone up and you're just talking to yourself. And then just hit post and like be done with it. And like, I think what you will find is, what you're worried about is the judgment and the ridicule and whatever that goes away, you won't always feel that way, it won't always be hard to make TikToks. In fact, I think what you'll find is that TikTok is actually, you will find your people, like as long as you're. This is something they say on RuPaul drag race which is my favorite show, but they always have like the final for drag queens at the end, and then they ask them what's something you would go back in time and tell your younger self and they always say the same things every season. And that's, people are gonna ridicule you because you're different, they're going to, you know, call you names or, you know, exclude you, but what you're, you need to keep pursuing that you need to keep being weird and being yourself because the people that are going to love you are going to love you because of that and not in spite of it. Just be your authentic self and your people on TikTok are gonna find you like, I'm going to buy from her, or I'm gonna buy from him because they trust you and they relate and they resonate with them.

Matt: That is really good advice, so wise. Also, yes. Also, I was gonna say, I have been meaning to get into that for so long and I'm really glad you brought it up because we're all on a TV show and quarantine it different, but no, I, I need to get into that, because I that's all that I've heard is amazing. Yeah, it's your favorite huh, that's awesome. 

Barb: I don't watch TV, because I get into TV but that's the one show I will sit there and like, honestly, I took the day off from work today, just in honor of bits. Cool. And I'm fully going to binge RuPaul's Drag Race because of recent seasons.

Matt: Yeah, I love it. Cool. I love that you're having, having a whole day. That's awesome. I very much love that. All right, awesome. You brought was really good and really powerful, and I can tell from the energy in the comments that people are feeling it so thank you so much.

I love the community so much like the number of friends I've made through legendary or through tick tock. I've met people in other countries that we like to text on WhatsApp. Shout out you know who you are. Yeah, the community is just, it's like Kelly Olson said, one of the unexpected benefits that kind of outweighs the money stuff.

Matt: And I agree, yes, yes, that it's such a theme, people probably three, four times a week, we'll come on here and that's like one of the main things that our guests says is like got friends like legit like cool people like that I actually enjoy like working and kind of doing similar stuff and yeah, it's awesome. Awesome, well thank you so much, you know, later on, keep rockin, I mean, you've got so much going on, you're killing it, and anything we can do to help, but also, you know, if you're open to it. We might reach out, we've just got a lot of guests that we're inviting to this. But, you know, we used to say like hey can we have you back on in a couple months, we still do but if we've got a lot of like potential guests that we're trying to bring on too so we're now like in a spot where we don't have as many spots as we had before but if we ever get a spot, we'll put you on the list, we'll get the, we'll get you back on here in three or four months.

Barb: Otherwise you know where to find me.

Matt: We do. Right. Here. Oh, my cameras mirrored the trivia thing. Alright cool. Have a good binge watch day and enjoy it.

Barb: Thank you, I will see you. All right.

Matt: Wow, that was awesome. I very much enjoyed that that was, that was incredible. If you all could leave Barb a little bit of love in the comments, that'd be great. And just let her know what was impactful from today and give her a follow on Tiktok two. We'll be back here. Same time, same place tomorrow everybody, so be here 10am Eastern Dave will be back tomorrow so make sure that you're here. If you're not signed up to our text message reminders. Because Lord knows you're going to leave this thing and disappear and you're going to forget the Legendary Marketer ever existed. Well hopefully that won't happen but. Excuse me, you can text WUL the letters w 813-296-8553, you'll get a little text message reminder, it is very non invasive, we do not market to you, we do not try to sell things to you, we don't do any of that, it's literally just every Monday through Friday at 10am Eastern, you're going to get a little tiny text message, and it just says, We're going live. Here's what we're talking about here's our guest for the day. Tap below to join. Alright, so get it if you're looking at the screen, you're trying to get it right the number down 813-296-8553 text WUL make sure it doesn't autocorrect or screw up anything. And we'll see you guys tomorrow. Same time, same place.

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