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Dave: Well, what up guys? This is Dave Sharpe welcome to Wake Up Legendary.

You got to be a little bit crazy to do this man. You really do. Look, we just had some, some technical challenges with our guests. It was like his, computer was doing, like, you know backflips but then he got on his phone and it was perfect. I kick the show off. I'm muted. I'd launch into a big welcome and I’m totally muted.

Hey, you know what, Monday Monday, la, la, la, la, la.

I'll also spare you the the ear torture of me singing any longer. With that being said let's go ahead and bring in our guests and get this bad boy kicked off. James Liddell, welcome to the show my brother.

James: Hey, what's up, what's up?

Dave: You see what Brother only up from here. Technology is great as we can only go up from here it can only get better, you know, better.

Dave: Yeah, man, you are in, in, I like you're an ex oilfield worker who is sort of now embracing on him if I understand correctly, I'm really excited to delve into this and hear this in your own words, who's not only embraced who's like, embracing unemployment is, is that correct, give us a little bit of your backstory and if I'm right. Tell me what that means.

James: Yeah, so basically for me I spent eight. Eight years working in the oil field. It was a cool career it was a cool thing to do, however, the better I got at what I did, the less and less time I was spending at home. So, slowly we began to build a plan to get out of that lifestyle, and I could spend more time with my wife and kind of get to know each other after dragging her all around Canada for eight years. And just as we started initiating our plan of moving into our motorhome and traveling around, Rona came like an unwelcome house guest and decided to camp out on everybody's couch for way too long. The company I was working for kind of helped me with my plan because they did a bunch of layoffs so they gave me a bit of a cash handshake and see ya later.

Dave: So, are you now, kind of, When we ask you a couple of questions in writing before you, you know, when we invited you onto the show. You said, let me find it. Yeah, so I was interested in it. I was interested, or I thought it was kind of an interesting perspective. I am now all in on being unemployable. That was the line. I'm all in on being unemployable. What does that mean to you? 

James: To me, that means I am all in on putting my own, my own stuff together and I don't gotta go back to what everybody considers a regular job ever again. I'm unemployable. I no longer want to live that lifestyle. I no longer want to serve the other people to help them build their lives and just be a slave to the job.

Dave: So do you think that's a mindset thing James?

James: Yeah, I think, I think you need to be like my product, you got to be out of your head and you got to be convinced almost, to know that this is where you need to be and that this isn't working for you, and you have to convince yourself that you want to be that way and you don't want to be in the daily grind anymore. Yeah, being unemployable to me means. It means that I'm psychologically unemployable.

Dave:  I'll give you an example. Before Legendary. I was involved in a couple of different affiliates. Mainly it was this, this was a water filtration company it was a it was a product that I was promoting, and you may even have heard of it before, but it's got a multi level structure, and basically, we had blown this up, our team, our group of marketers had blown this hole. We were really doing good. And we went to their like convention. And they were like, they put up on a screen like this is how not to do it, you know, because we were doing internet marketing and we, and they wanted us to do, you know, home and hotel meetings and show the plan and stuff like that. And I was like, God, I was like, here I go again. This is a great example of my being psychologically unemployable because I've hit a ceiling in this company, you know what I mean, like, I've hit a ceiling in this company and I wasn't even an employee of the company. I mean it was just an example of me getting into a space where they were trying to put sort of, you know, they were, they were looking and it didn't have anything to do with compliance stuff, it wasn't about compliance, it was just about them being threatened by my success, right? Being threatened by my success and I think that's a big, I think that's a big challenge in, that's a big thing that comes up in just jobs in in in corporate America or corporate Canada in, in, it's really common, and it's one of the reasons why people have a hard time climbing the ladder and succeeding as employees is because people aren't once you start to succeed and do well people end up getting threatened by your success, right. So, you know, and then they try to sabotage your success so they don't give you the promotion or whatever, that's, that's been my experience right you're laughing, did you have, have you experienced something like that too?

James: That was the final nail in the coffin. My whole field job was conversation about a big promotion. Things were implied. Yeah, when it came down to it, somebody else was moved into the position and I was like, Yeah, that's it.

Dave: Yeah, yeah. So I mean, the thing that, that, and I want to talk about kind of what you've learned here in Legendary and going through the blueprints and about your story and stuff here in a second but I, I really hammer with everybody here that you are building your business in your brand. If you are an affiliate of a company, you are not an employee, or I don't even encourage you to think of yourself as a contractor for that company that's simply a company that you're partnering with, and you're referring customers to their products, you're building your brand though, you're building your business. And what's most important is that your customers have a relationship with you, that when you send them an email when they see another video from you on TikTok YouTube or a post on Facebook or whatever, that they recognize you sure, if, if you're an affiliate of a product you hope that they also resonate with whoever the company is or the or the, you know, the guru or the spokesperson for that company, but it's also really important for you to have a relationship and to be building your brand in your business and that I think is something that also I took from your intake form was that going through our blueprints and so forth, you've kind of learned how to communicate your story and better build a relationship with your audience by like telling your story, tell us a little bit about what that kind of learning experience has been and some of the light bulbs that have gone off for you.

James: So, I'll step back a few years. We originally started our plan by getting into this program to do an online agency. Do the digital agency and work from home and freedom this freedom that and it taught us a lot but it didn't teach us everything. And we're not, we weren't exactly Hey, go give me your money type salesy people either, so it was a struggle. And we never went 110% over the two years we tried it, and then I knew we weren't in the right place because I still kept looking for something else I still kept looking for that one thing to make me go, Ah, this is where I need to be. And I downloaded this ebook and just put it away in a file in one day and my wife was going through some things and she's like, where'd this come from? And lo and behold, it was an affiliate of Legendary who put together this ebook talking about affiliate marketing and long story short, we went through and took 15 Day Challenge and took the blueprints and when it came time to purchase the blueprints, it was like, I don't know, I just don't know. But then, kind of rewatch the first couple of days and really listened to you and you really resonated with me in the way you told your story in the way that you just put yourself out there like hey this is who I am and it's okay for you to know who I am. As we went further and further through the blueprints, I was like this, this guy is the real deal like this is, this is relatable to me because the age of 14 I took my first sip and I was drunk for seven years, so I mean the whole challenge was very informational and very informing but for me it was the relatability between myself and you that really, really struck.

Dave: So how have you now turned that around and made that your own? You know, and how do you continue to plan to expand on that because if that is what resonated with you and that's what build the relationship between you and I, even though you and I have never met up until now, which is the power of both the internet but also combining it with these strategies, how do you now plan are already or plan to kind of deploy this these marketing strategies because really that's what they are I mean, they are marketing strategies it's allowing you to see and understand who I am. And, build rapport and build relationships and build trust. Right. So how are you now turning around and deploying those same principles in your business.

James: So now I've started to make myself more relatable. Basically by being honest and truthful and just telling people, you know I make quick little tick tock videos and be like truth bomb this and truth bomb that and I took part of my story and I wrote a book, and I published it, and that was a huge step for me in my own sort of healing process, I guess. And now I'm just I just realized that my story is so much more than marketing my story is something that people need to hear to help them in their journey whether it be a marketing journey or whether it just be a life journey.

Dave: Yeah, I can, I can see that it looks like you've also gone in to create your own digital product is that right?

James: Yeah, that was one of the big takeaways from the business blueprints was diversifying and creating your own info product or digital product, and I just put some stuff together and started trying to put it out there and help kind of understand that there's, there's other ways.

Dave: Yeah, life they're stuck in. Yeah, I'm looking at your, I'm looking at your sales page now and it's, it's, it's fairly well, it's fairly well put together. It's a, you've got a little sales video up here. It's a mindset, product, you're charging $7 for it, you're giving away some good bonuses so yeah I'm at a good irresistible offer here for this and this, this is a great way to diversify your front end offer. So, you know you have something that is branded to you on the front end. Looks like you've built the entire page here you've got an order bump and so forth so you're also getting in now to moving like from, you know you're doing affiliate marketing, but you're also selling information via your own digital product, how does that feel? And what does that have been like for you?

James: It's been a project of, of love, of labor, a lot of stress, for me personally I'm not wanting to put myself out there like that. So there's a lot of vulnerability in this project as I was putting it together. But my wife just kept whispering in my ear like you got to do this, you got to do this. So it's been, it's been a journey for sure it's been healing, it's been a therapeutic healing process for me personally

Dave: interesting because and why is that because you're talking about the effects of the poor mindset. Has it been, as you say a therapeutic healing process, because that is also something that you've struggled with, and now, go talk to, I'm just I'm guessing why do you say that it's been a therapeutic healing process because most people think well who know what why does that matter, you know, you said, you know, We're just trying to make a buck here build a business, there's obviously a lot of things that are popping up in my head when you say that I'm interested, first of all why you say it's been a therapeutic healing process and also why is that important for you in building a business.

James: I am my own worst critic, as I'm sure most of us are. But I also struggle with for years getting out of my own head, feelings of self doubt, always thinking I'm being judged, always, always looking inward and always judging my own self and my own abilities, and yeah I just could never get out of my own head. Once I started. Once I started diving in and really looking inward and putting all this together for me at first it was kind of a pet project just put some stuff together and see how it feels and see how it looks and as I kept working on it, like I said my wife just kept looking over and she was in my ears like you need to do this you need to finish this and so that's kind of why it was a therapeutic thing for me. And that's important because it helps. It helps you deliver a genuine true product that's genuinely going to help people. Because if you're just looking to make the buck. They're gonna see a mile away, but if it's heartfelt and you're out to serve, and your purpose is to genuinely help people, they're going to find you and they're going to come your way.

Dave: Yeah. I couldn't agree more. I think that if you can combine being genuine and authentic with an irresistible offer, and of course good marketing, you know, you can rule the world, guys, you can literally rule, the internet world is and and and. The reason why I believe personally is so many people struggle with affiliate marketing but also then creating their own courses and coaching services and stuff, is because is because, you know, the, the, they say the journey from the head to the heart is the, is the longest journey a man will ever take, right, it's, it's actually connecting this right here, to this right here, but I also think for an entrepreneur, it's connecting this this to the wallet. Right, it's connecting the, the, the intellectual stimulation like it's got to be engaging. It's got to be interesting. It can't just be a charity. Right, it's not just, nobody's gonna buy that, I've had a couple of experiences to where I, you know, ran these kind of charitable promotions to where if somebody bought something I was going to give something to charity and there just weren't enough in it for them, right, in the, in the campaign flop, so it has to be intellectually stimulating meaning that they're going to get a, a tangible kind of outcome, like, it can help them it can help them make more money, it can help them get back their marriage or have a bad marriage or parent their kids better, you know, climb mountains better whatever. And then it's got to be genuine, right, it's got to be genuine, and it's, it does better when it's birthed out of a personal story or some sort of a story, some sort of someone story. That's why I call it the spokesperson. If it can be your story I've always used my story because it's been easier that way I can. Nobody can tell my story like I can tell my story badly, and quite frankly if I was going to go over into another niche James at this point, like if I was going to go into relationship net which I've, I've considered that a couple of times I'm passionate about, like marriage and kind of relationships because I've really almost shit the bed three or four times with my marriage, all my own fault and I've learned that, right, and now I'm, I'm, you know, Our marriage is better than it's ever been before because of, not because we just hoped it would be because of specific work and actions that we've taken, but I would use my own personal story, right i mean that's just because, because I could be so genuine telling that, and because when you say it's therapeutic, you're probably one of the first people that I've ever heard actually say that and besides me because telling my, like, like using my story in my marketing. I started doing this James back when I was, like, pretty early in my sobriety. And I would actually tell people that I was sober and I was, you know, in recovery, and by putting it out there, it actually gave me more accountability to stay sober, because now I've declared this to like people, you know what I mean like, like the public like I've posted it on social media and stuff like that. And it also helped me to lower that sort of fear of rejection and fear of people thinking that I was a, you know, some sort of, of your bad person or or finding my skeletons in the closet, because I just went ahead and said here's all my skeletons now no longer you, nobody can use them against me, and I'm going to turn this mess into a message. And so I took what was at one time, of fear that I had, I'm afraid you'll find out that I was an alcoholic, I'm afraid you'll find out that I was a junkie. I'm afraid you'll find out that I was homeless and I just put that out there and said, This is where I came from, and, and this is what I'm doing about it, and this is how long I've been on this path. And, you know, and I use it as an inspirational sort of way to connect with people because everybody loves a hero's story. And each one of us has a hero within our story, we just, I think so often fail to see that what's coming up for you as I say some of these things about my own, you know my own relating to what you just said?

James: I agree. I still remember the first day, I put it up to the world on social media that I was an alcoholic, it was. It was a rough day for me and I was having a bad day and I'm like, I gotta, I gotta make me accountable. So I wrote this long post on Facebook and then the phone started ringing in and text started coming. I'm like, I'm fine. Guys, I just, I needed everybody to know that this is who I truly am. Yeah, I've been carrying this with me for years and it's time to unleash it so to speak and it's nice, it's the next step in my journey. Yeah, and and I'm not looking for your sympathy, I'm just looking for you to understand that this is who I am. Yeah.

Dave: Yeah, Dude, I mean, that's that's cool and for those of you who are listening wondering once again are we, you know, I get this all the time, over the past many years people interpreting what we're saying here is like go air your dirty laundry out and use your audience as your therapist. That's not what we're saying. We're saying, we're saying simply that, when you, the more authentic you can be within your marketing, the more that you can reveal, not just your wins, you know James everybody's the question everybody always has and says, Well, how can I talk about anything if I'm not already, ultra successful doing that thing. And my response has become so because people are even less concerned about all your success, and everything that you've accomplished almost makes you come across as an arrogant ass. They're actually more relatable when you share the occasional win but you also share your losses and learning lessons, so they can see that you're relatable and, and, and you can be relatable. You know who you are, show me who you are, show me that you're showing me that this is not just a big Instagram or TikTok facade BS story that you're always trying to make yourself look good because people now more than ever. They're more, I mean people have always been pessimistic, but they're, they're pessimistic they're skeptical, and, and, and you just, you don't look real when all you try to do is share your successes and always try to look good on in your marketing is just a dumb, it's just a dumb butt in here, let me be very clear. You guys are not we are not as, as kind of, you know internet marketers and solopreneurs and stuff, you know, influencers, whatever you want to call us. We are not Nike. We are not Apple. Okay, it's a different style of marketing, we're selling information, and we're doing it, consumer like direct to consumer. Right, it's not, it's not really B to B, it's B to C, but it's actually more seated seeing its creator to the consumer. Right. So it's this whole different. It's this never been done before thing man, it's the internet is brand new and it's made it to where you literally basically come across as consumer to consumer, even though you know you're more in a creator role. So that's why I like to call it see to see the right creator to consumer. And and, and the more relatable, the more genuine, the more you can sort of kind of just let people into your life and make them feel like they're, they know you, they genuinely legitimately, know you, they know who you are. And that's been my, that's been the biggest thing that's blown me away over the past many years is that, like, like somebody comes on a wakeup show or somebody I meet somebody at an event. I've never met them, a day in my life. Not a single word, and they know everything about me, they feel like we're best friends. Right and that's the power of this is that you get you get people sort of into your world by chumming the waters and bringing them to the boat with this good edutainment content, and then you get them watching your videos and reading your emails, and it's think about, back when maybe you had a pen pal at some time in life how close you fell. It's like the ability to build a relationship nowadays through them reading your letters and email, reading basically your letters on social media, and watching your videos. Dude, it is so powerful, and I just think that some of us just don't know what we have in our hands, and it sounds like you're beginning to really kind of get some of that feedback and see some of the results from doing this. And it really is, is kind of, it sounds like it's blowing you away. And not only are you getting, You know, some therapeutic value from it but it's also moving the actual needle in your business.

James: Yeah, it's, it's crazy. The, the strength and power, like you said, the internet is just insane and you don't truly understand it until you start putting yourself out there and you're on the instance and you're on the TIC TOCs and you're on the old Facebook and you're breaking out the old YouTube and making videos and all of a sudden there's people commenting there's people like him as people messaging and it's like, wow, like, just people are here to hear what I got to say and they want to know more and I don't know.

Dave: Yeah, man. I know it's crazy, it's, it's definitely crazy, you don't really kind of understand it until it starts happening. And then, you no longer become dependent upon coaches and mentors like, you know, we all think we need support and coaches and mentors and that's cool we do that's cool to have that. But the most powerful thing is when you become accountable to your actual audience and your customers like that when that relationship code or not the relationship that you have with other people helping you with the relationship you have with you helping other people, that's when the game changes, that's my experience of when the game changes when somebody moves from struggle to success is when they become when they win the most important relationship in their business is not other people helping them, it's them helping other people. When you make that transition, that's when it's game over. Unfortunately, most people never make that transition because, you know, it's, it's, it's sort of like that employee mindset we're too reliant on other people's opinions in on other people coming over and fixing the, the, like somebody coming over and fixing it for us, like, usually at a job if something goes wrong. Most people are just like well, okay, you know, let's we'll stand back until the boss or the company fixes this, don't met don't matter to me like I'm getting paid or else if I ain't getting paid, I'm going home there's kind of that attitude you know what I mean, it's kind of like somebody else is responsible for it but, you know, in, in, as a business owner, you know we are responsible for it. And when we, when we fully understand that and, and that's the most important relationship, helping other people in us, instead of others people always helping us. That's when that's when that, that, that big shift happens. So, that's my, that's my experience anyways with working with tons of people, and, and seeing the same exact thing happen every time. It's not like it looks different with everybody, it's the same exact shift, always with every person, and the exact shift is when the most important thing goes from needing somebody to help you to you focus in on helping other people. And when that shift happens again, it just, when it happens with an individual doesn't matter where they came from, what their previous experience was, it's a game over. And there's no stopping them from there. 

James: That's right, it's like this unknown magical formula, you just got to figure out on your own and just. Everybody's always looking for the magic easy button or the, the easy way, but until you're ready to serve as a purpose instead of chase the dollar it's, I get a chocolate I still, even to this day, Facebook Messenger, these people will pop up and be like, Hey, how's it going and what are you doing and this is where I work and you should check it out it's like dude. Yeah, we just met. Where's, where's the steak dinner and the beer like try to go for that. Take me out to dinner.

Dave: Right back to the apartment. Yeah. No, I know it's that it's that hard to serve right it's like, are you willing to get up and do this, if you don't make money today, if you don't make money tomorrow if you don't make money this month, right, are you that invested in it, you know? And it's hard to get into that mindset when you actually are living paycheck to paycheck or whatever so nobody's saying that it's easy, right, it's nobody's saying it was easy guys everybody would be doing it as if it was easy, everybody would be doing it. It's hard to get into a servant mindset and a servant heart. When you need money, but that's where part of that leap of faith comes in, that's where that's where, you know, all of this, many of you guys have had all this spiritual training and this religious training I mean I know everybody on here is not religious and spiritual, but you know it's, I see people who are so prayerful and so faithful in their Facebook post in their means in there. Claire this and faith this, and then it's like you get into a business and the faith just goes away. No more faith. No more faith. Just now I need to see an outcome. I need to see a result, I need a guarantee. Right. Well, I'm sorry that's contradictory to how you've been, what you've been talking about in another area, and it's easy to talk about fit and I'm not bashing guys I'm a spiritual man. I'm just saying that I had to learn how to step out and take a leap of faith, and know that you know what, if I get into a servant's mindset. If I go and say instead of making it all about me. And if I go and start worrying about every day, how can I serve people. How can I help people, how can I be there to make other people better off when they left them when they met me, like James is talking about, that transformation that shift that he went through. Man, that's when, that's when my business changed and now today I feel like I'm still going through that because, you know, it's, it's, it's not. I'm not here because you know I need, I need to make sure the bills are paid. And I don't say that to be an arrogant ass I never tried to be I really tried to be conscious of being arrogant. You know, because I have been arrogant in the past and honestly it was because I was insecure inside. That's why I was being arrogant. It wasn't because I was like really actually confident the more self esteem I've built the more humble I've become. But I come here every day because I really think that, but I really think that I have finally embraced that servant's mindset, it's been, you know what I mean, like, it's been a long journey I always think that there's levels James, You know what I mean like once we think we got something then all of a sudden it's like something will pop up to make us realize Damn I may not have that as much as I think. Yeah, yeah and that's that's where I'm at and I do feel like, like, that really is, that really is kind of the key to is just always, like, being willing to grow to that next level and being humble and stuff like that but, but you're, you're, you're gaining a lot of wisdom and a lot of awareness, early in your journey and that's that's really helpful. Man, I'm really happy for you that you're, you've got that perspective because that'll give you good longevity versus being that, that one hit wonder that we see so often in, in entrepreneurship, you know?

James: Yeah, for sure, it's, it's a journey like I know this is just the beginning and I know I'm going to get to this plateau and I'm going to make how this is cool and it's going to be like, Oh, no. We got to come up here now, because there's still more to go. Yeah, but you gotta keep pushing you gotta keep going and it's, it's constant growth and it's constant learning. And it's constant, it's just constantly evolving. And you got to keep you gotta keep that mindset, you gotta keep that in your heart that you're here to serve a purpose other than yourself. 

Dave: Yeah. Yeah, it's quite a contradiction, it's quite an oxymoron right, it's like, you know, it's it's a well, it's hard to wrap your head around, when you're thinking about, well, I'm the one who needs, I need to pay my bills, I need to do this. I need, where's MY when's MY break. Where's, where's MY breakthrough. I listen to these shows every day. I see all these people, all these people talk with my break comment, me, me, my mind. And I'm not saying that self preservation is not always going to be everybody's number one priority. And I'm not saying you're wrong to think like that. I'm just saying that there's a, you know, it's, it's like, it's kind of like, speaking of spirituality, I think it's the Buddhist tradition that talks about detaching from outcomes, detaching from things, right, we have so many expectations in so much addiction to outcomes, that if we can detach a little bit from those outcomes then be less addicted to a certain result happening, if I take an action being addicted, this has got to happen if this doesn't happen, it means I'm a failure I should quit. Or should you change direction to whatever, like that's an addiction to an outcome man, and there's such power in detaching that this is going to be my final question and we'll bring it in for a landing. Maybe I'll have one more after this but I wanted to ask you Do you feel like you have detached a bit from outcomes? And been able to be more present in the moment in your business to do what you need to do today, instead of being so addicted to an outcome or about what's going to happen a month or a couple of months down the road?

James: Oh yeah, I mean, I'm not gonna lie, my first couple of commissions came just from having conversations like this with people I knew, and I was like sweet, this is awesome. This is going to be an easy sell. And those first couple months I was like, come on what's going on, why am I, why am I not getting in why these first two came so easy, why, why, why? And I just stopped one day, and I don't remember what it was. It was something you said on one of these shows and I was like, that's why. Right there, that's it. So I had to make the shift and look inward and be like, Why am I here? Am I here just to make a buck or am I here for another higher reason? And it was at that moment I started changing my thinking I started changing my approach, and then slowly, things began to turn around and I began to see results. So, yeah, I've learned to detach from the addiction of the outcome. And I've learned to look, look, more focused on their reason and the purpose, and how can I help that next person that sees this video or that next person that sees this Facebook post or that next interaction I have. How can I help them above and beyond what I'm doing?

Dave: Yeah, that's great, man. That's great. That's really, really fantastic. What has your experience been like here within Legendary in our community you touched on a little bit before, but wanted to circle back just on that in terms of the brand new person who's sitting here listening wondering if we're the real deal.

James: Oh, man, I gotta tell you, this, this environment and this community is amazing. The best thing we ever did was jumping on a 15 day challenge, and getting involved with legendary. And the blueprints, just made it that much better, anybody that's watching and thinking about getting the blueprints if you can get. It's totally worth it. It's just been there's been so much learning and growth, just from our experience with Legendary alone, like learning about diversifying generating multiple streams of income and digital products and marketing is so much more than just marketing. It's been, it's been an amazing journey and I'm glad that we jumped on, and became part of the Legendary community.

Dave: Well, I can tell you that there's a lot of people just, just from looking at the comments but just everybody who's going to hear this, even after is thankful that you are a part of the community too right?, I mean because this is the real kind of conversations and talk, you say you were listening to the show. Now, you're on it. And this has been, this has been incredibly like real and authentic and also very insightful in terms of some of those missing pieces not always about the number, not always about the follower count. You know that those things will come, you become the person then you get the money. You don't get the money and then become the person, if you get the money and don't become the person you lose the money really quick, you know. That's right. You know, you see people go up and then they come down and it's like, well, they didn't do that inside work, that those, those dynamics, it's all, they keep it all about the mechanics right but those dynamics those things we've been talking about the last 44 minutes are where it's are aware that longevity. And that, I think, ultimately, it might be a little slower start, but where really you can have the big, long term breakthroughs that we all want we all, and I'm telling you, It's better to have a good solid, strong income for many many years to come because you've mastered the mechanics and the dynamics, then one big shot to the moon with a real hard fall, because you only focused on the mechanics, it's just, it's a, it's a much better journey it's much more fun, it's much more stress free as well. And I'll give the final word to you my brother.

James: I just, it's like Robert Kiyosaki says in his book Rich Dad Poor Dad right. You cannot build a skyscraper on a poor foundation. You need to build a strong, solid foundation to build your empire on top of. And that's how I look at it and that's how we're making our journey we're building that strong foundation so years down the road as our empire grows, It's going to stay evergreen and congruent and just grow and grow and grow. 

Dave: Yeah, and I just go and give my best to your wife. she sounds incredible, and she sounds amazing.

James: An amazing woman for putting up in my shenanigans all these years.

And also, like, amazing support system that you have there with her, and it sounds like you've just got a best friend in your corner and good for you about that man that's really how we look at each other's best friends.

Dave: Yeah, I hope I can relate so James, look. Be well thanks so much dude, and I hope you'll come back. When we reach out and sort of keep us posted, for sure. 

James: Be well man, thanks. Alright guys I'm sweepingly sure glad we got all of our tech challenges worked out at the beginning I don't know if you guys noticed but James was on his phone and he was actually on his computer when we got kicked off, and it just wasn't working, but you know we stayed the course, and thank God we did because that was a great conversation, another great show. As he said, get into the blueprints if you can, if you're brand new, first finish the challenge. If you want some swag, like these hats, we've always got people asking us about that. You can get them at Be Legendary dot shop, and then also remember that we post these replays on YouTube and also on Apple and Spotify so if you want to walk or exercise and listen to us, then you can do that as well. We love love love, and think it's such a smart thing in terms of building a structure and a routine for you to join us each and every morning live like you've done today, and make it part of your daily routine, and hopefully make it a goal to one day join us and share your experience because we certainly would love to have you guys, I want to put James's TikTok handle back up, go give him a follow connect with him as a guy that is a good dude, and you want to have he and his wife in your corner. All right, with that being said, we'll see you guys back here tomorrow, Wake Up Legendary, Get the hell out of here. Peace.

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