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Matt: Good morning. Happy Wednesday. It's Wednesday April 7 My name is Matt. Welcome in. It's 10am Eastern, it's 7am, my time, I'm not on Pacific Time,

I'm on mountain time, but Mountain Time in Arizona is sometimes pacific time so, anyway, 7am, bright and early. We're good to go.  We've got a few people who are on here now in the comments, and, yeah, if you're tuning in, we're gonna unpack a few strategies. One really cool thing I'm excited about is we're gonna talk about how to sort of discover and promote things that you're interested in, we'll talk about TikTok, maybe we'll talk a little bit about Facebook groups who knows where this will go. We never know. So, but I'm going to bring in our guests for the day, his name is Shawn. Shawn, what's happening my brother?

Shawn: Hey, not much. Happy to be here.

Matt: Yeah, awesome. Where are you calling in from?

Shawn: I'm in Austin, Texas. 

Matt: Cool. Hey, how do you like Austin? 

Shawn: I love it. Absolutely.

Matt: How long have you lived there?

Shawn: I have been here for seven years now.

Matt: Cool, right on.

Shawn: I Remember that we moved in, we moved down here, my wife and I moved down here like right after we got married, we went on our honeymoon. And we literally had all our stuff packed up; we just drove down. We live in Dallas and we drove down. Okay, we got back from our honeymoon and then that's pretty much where we moved here on our anniversary. It’s pretty cool. 

Matt: No way. Sweet. That's really cool. So do you guys own a house there?

Shawn: No we don't we rent because I'm actually having five still right now, and I'm pretty manager. So, write down like a super super cool discount on our rent, buy especially in this market right now and asked well anywhere really. 

Matt: Well, dude, I was gonna say the reason I was asking is because, like, you know Joe Rogan moves there, Elon Musk, like starts moving a business there and I was just like that place is just exploding, even it was before that.

Shawn: Oh yeah, it's insane right now, I mean, multiple offers, you're talking about 20 or 30 offers on homes, you know, if the $60,000 over asking price is crazy.

Matt: You just described our recent house purchase. We're in. we're in Phoenix and that was, those are the exact numbers actually.

Shawn: Yeah, yeah, exactly. You know in that normal price range that people will get to do 300 400 Somewhere in there. 

Matt: That's crazy. Yeah.

Shawn: It is crazy. Okay.

Matt: But anyway, yeah. As much as I love talking about that. We're not a real, real estate investment show, we could be I don't know we could chat about it but, anyway, bring us into your world a little bit, Shawn. Tell us a little bit about you. So you have a full time job, which I actually love, I love having guests on that are still are still working in jobs while they're building something on the side because not that I don't love people who don't have a job, I just, I like the feel the grind the hustle because 99.9% of people here in the comments are watching this show right, a couple 1000 usually watch these afterwards. They're, they're in that spot right there, they're still at a full time job they're still building they're still, and it's just like it's a never ending build, I mean it's just keep stacking the bricks. I mean, so, in the midst of the nine to five, which then you've got to find the time then you've got to find not just the time but the energy. So, okay so you're still working, you're building your side thing. When did this all start? When did the whole online journey for you start, how did you discover it?

Shawn: For sure. So that kind of ties back into I originally said about Austin so my wife and I, or my girlfriend at the time, lived in Dallas, and I was a teacher I was teaching music, and I really like teaching it but I didn't like all the bureaucracy and red tape that went along with teaching so I was like, started looking for other jobs I knew I didn't want to do that with the rest of my life. And so I stumbled upon this whole online marketing thing. So I started doing that kind of on the side as a teacher, and then I started seeing the potential in it and then I was like, Well, man, this is back in 2012 I was like man I need to focus more time on this but being a band director at the time we have all the extracurricular activities, you don't have a whole lot of extra time to devote to stuff like that so that was really become an issue trying to build this side hustle.

Matt: So you were a band director?

Shawn: Yeah, yeah, I got a degree and I taught for four years, I was actually a drum instructor. 

Matt: Nice. Cool.

Shawn:  But then, I told you know my, my now wife and I were talking about getting married. I was like well you know we get married, I would like to get married and then do something else and pretty much at that point our worlds will, you know, opened up. We're like we do whatever we want, I'm not tied to this job here. So where do you want to go, it's just like, Alright, well let's live in Austin. Yeah, we married we're down to Austin and I got like, you know, some side jobs while I was working on this online business. And that really all kind of started in 2013. And, You know, I tell this story a lot my story and when I try to preach to people now, because I wasn't I never was in the make money online niche, until recently, and I talk to people about this all the time, you know, the biggest thing that stops people from being successful online is getting up, and that's exactly my worry was I you know I started this side hustle and you know I was working the side jobs. And then I actually did it for two whole years and I'm starting to see some success. Towards the end of two years, I reached that point like I should be seeing success faster. So I got this, the shiny object syndrome, I was like, going after the things that are gonna get me money the fastest, and I was completely like man, I had an email list, I had a website that was ranked for certain terms in Google, and instead of focusing just on that. And, you know, really building that I was like, oh I'm gonna chase this this this this this and then eventually I got burned out and then, you know, I eventually had that conversation with my wife, she's like, you know to do this for two years and it's not like a full time thing yet, like what do you want to do maybe we should think about actual careers and that's when I got into real estate and actually just quit. The online thing altogether and that was the very beginning of 2015. And then I didn't do anything, really, I kind of dabbled here and there when I had time, that I didn't do anything with the online business until really the beginning of 2020, that's when I kind of started picking it back up but I made the mistake of picking it back up in that mindset of like, oh I start making money as fast as possible. And of course, that didn't work out and I just wasted ads and didn't know what I was doing. And then finally, I really stumbled back upon Legendary Marketer because during that, like, I was like an affiliate hoarder and I was just like signing up for every single affiliate program I could find, and one of them happened to be Legendary Marketers so I popped the intro course. And then I signed up, or I tried to sign up for the affiliate program and of course I was denied because they're like, Dude, you don't know what you're doing. They’re just like now you're just searching for money and I was like I will screw you. And so when I came back, I was like, Okay, after I got over like, okay, I really gotta stop chasing. And then I started like mindfully picking what affiliate programs that I wanted to work with. That's when I came back to Legendary Marketer and of course I was approved right away because I was more serious about it and stuff. And that's kind of what I like started being more instead of chasing, I started looking at people and who I was helping who I was serving as an affiliate, really trying to provide the products that gonna make the most impact in their life. And then that's kind of how it evolved into where I'm at today with you know the Facebook group and TikTok, which I'm sure we'll talk about more later. Yeah.

Matt: Well we could talk about that now but, so, but that's just an interesting there's such a theme amongst people who are money chasing, and then they have this moment of this, it's almost like this revelation this aha moment where they realize that this is all about connecting the right person to the right products, and that in itself is actually a skill that's really cool that how you put that I feel like it's more clear to me than maybe it's been before. But there's this skill that comes and also it's a little bit of like an internal. There's an internal shift of like okay, I've got actually got to put the, I've got to put my focus on the right thing here and the right thing isn't about which, it's not the program, it's, it's really about my skills and my ability to sort of connect audiences right there's some techie skills, there maybe there's some keywords or there's some certain content creation formulas. Alright so there's skills there but there's also skills and just knowing how to simply connect people with what they need or what they are looking for or desiring, which is cool. That's awesome. 

Shawn: Yeah, absolutely. 

Matt: And it's, it's a big time theme of people that we see and hear and listen to on the show, because people start finding success. Rap rapidly when they start to make that connection, so cool. That's awesome. So like in all of your marketing and all of your, like, how many followers do you have on TikTok?.

Shawn: Right now, I have two TikToks, the one that I primarily do for Legendary Marketer, as like, 8,000, and that just kind of a side one because, like I said, I just got into the make money online niche. Recently, I'm not quite as passionate about it so I have this other TikTok or I'm more into spirituality, meditation, things like that. Another one kind of as like a side project fun and that one actually has over 17,000 followers right now. 

Matt: What's that one?

Shawn: That one's called manifestation secrets. 

Matt: Cool. Awesome, dude. That's awesome. Yeah, while you're at like 17,000 That's cool. 

Shawn: Yeah, haven't really posted that much on that one, I just kind of do it when I'm inspired and thinking about picking up on more of it. 

Matt: Yeah. 17,000 Yeah, very cool. Yeah, I feel like we ‘ve actually seen quite a few people do sort of these like manifestation style channels and stuff, and they've done really well, and there's a lot of, like, this is your, I'm assuming it's like a Clickbank product or something.

Shawn: No, that's the other thing I talked about. Even on my online stuff, I know everybody talks about Clickbank and ClickBank is great. There's a lot of products and there's easy to get approved for and stuff like that right. Everybody does it. So I like to try to find products that you know, for me it's all about. I don't want to promote products that I don't use, and I don't actually enjoy using. So, I tend to go out and just search for my own product, so that I do on there right now it's just, it's just like its own separate meditation program that I found an affiliate program for.

Matt: Cool good for you man, that's awesome, and I also love that I love, like, people going out and just like, yeah, finding a good program, finding a good product, whatever that's different and unique and like, yeah, that's super cool. Awesome. And I mean, geez, you've only got. Well here I should pull this up real quick. Do you or is it cool if I share the screen with your TikTok?

 Shawn: For Sure. 

Matt: Cool. Yeah it's. So, let's see. There we go. That's a little bigger. There we go. Yeah, I mean there's not really that many like videos that you've done on here so that's cool but you've had a couple like 30,000, 60,000, right 256,000 was the latest. Yeah, this is cool. So this is you, right?

Shawn: Yeah, yeah.

Matt: What a cool video dude.

Shawn: Yeah, it's interesting, there's something I'm discovering the more viral you go on any platform, the more haters, you're gonna have. So there's this video that actually got a lot of haters.

Matt: Yeah, of course you did. But that adds, you're exactly right, there's always going to be, all of that engagement is good engagement, right, all of that, positive, negative, whatever, super cool. So you've got. Yeah, I see some people are like, Oh, that's stupid and, oh, you know, whatever, like, like they'll hate on that right, but you understand. You understand, right, that polarization that makes people think or question or like what I'm commenting on that right that's their first response is like, what the hell I'm commenting on that and now suddenly like 234,000 views later 256,000 views later in your channel in no time. You, I can't even. It's, it's two months, exactly two months and 17,000 followers so and it's not that many videos it's not like you're like, hustling five videos a day. Yeah, there's 7,10, there's like 16 videos.

Shawn: Yeah, I just read those, the last couple of videos they got over 200,000 views. With that the link on there, I got. I can't remember the exact numbers but it was like over 100 clicks, and probably like I think it was like 60 or 70 opt-ins. So yeah, super easy way to build an email list. So that's the thing like when I came back to legendary now I really investigated it got into the affiliate Facebook group, and started seeing what other people were doing and everybody's talking about tick tock, and I was like, no, because like my experience is just like watching people dance and stupid stuff. So I was like okay I'll download it and check it out. And then once I saw what people were doing because it's, it's I think it's even more niche than Facebook is like Facebook, you know, algorithms on a platform will show you what you want to see, but like, TikTok, it's like, like I'm going to spirituality on that one. If I scroll through that account. It's like every single video is super niche and then if you watch the full video the next video is even more into that topic, it's like insane. So I mean, it makes sense why you go viral so quickly on them so once I realized that I was like, oh shit, like I need to start posting, you know just test it out and work it out.

Matt: Yeah. I couldn't agree more, with all that algorithm is crazy like that algorithm is, I mean, like, even just for a little bit we were starting to think about having kids and my freaking it's just babies everywhere. I love, like I went through. I loved watching dogs. Like, I went through a puppy phase, and then it's like every video is like a puppy playing with a toy is like the cutest thing when you're like it's sports phase and it was like, you know, dude's dunking and, you know, making a million threes in a row and just, he was just like, and and it just is so intense, but it's so crazy how locked in that thing is, it's just, it's insane but they you know they work in a couple in the for you like occasionally from something totally random just to see like, oh, maybe, you know, let's throw one of these in, and then you swipe quick so you've never seen anything like that ever again it's yeah, it's no I mean that's really cool. So, I mean I'm sure you've got a big, you're bound to have a really good following, and a huge following on that manifestation channel for sure that's cool. Yeah. Nice. What. So, you also have like this thing story athlete I was just asking you before we got on a little bit about that.

Shawn: Yeah so story athletes are a community that I'm a part of there. A bunch of  entrepreneur's are basically like a big mastermind. They focus on the four main dimensions of life. Mind, body, business and relationships and making sure that you are not just, you know, super focused on only business or body because people tend to do that, they'll focus in on one thing and then every area of rest of their life will kind of be left to the wayside and won't be as important, so really attracted to me. When I found out about it and then the more I got involved in this group. They also had an affiliate program. And so the whole concept of it is, is called Story athlete so story is the sport and athletes as elite performance. So it's primarily the guy that runs it as a marketing guy, and he primarily talks about how to tell your story and document your story and how to use that in your marketing with your business. So I've just taken a lot of what I learned in that group and applied it to my business, not necessarily, he doesn't always go over exact strategies like, you know, click here. Do this, do that, it's just like really pushing the point that you're going to make the most impact by sharing your story, and having something that other people can relate to, to draw them into whatever the product is that you have. So, It all starts, oddly enough, it all starts with their, it's a multi tiered program. It all starts with this program called Grit, and all it is is you workout every single day, and you write, so they give you a prompt to write about. Those are the two things. Once you develop those two habits, consistency in your life in general just explodes. It’s crazy I didn't believe it at first, but it was like, you know, you take care of your body, you take care of your mind, and then it's much easier to do, you know, take care of your relationships. Take care of your business, and stuff like that so it kind of starts from the inside out is why I really like that program.

Matt: Yeah, cool. I feel like that reminds me of. I think it was a quote, I am not sure if it was Richard Branson, but I think it was, and his quote was based around how you know if he was like, let's say you're starting over. You have nothing, what's like the first habit, what's the first thing you would start doing like what, you know, what's the secret behind being, being a billionaire or whatever, and he said working out. And everybody's like, what, like, not a financial tip or whatever? And he was like No, that was a consistent exercise routine, consistent workout sweating every day hard. It sets, whether you do it in the morning or at night or whatever it sets the sort of consistency. And, like I found that to be true. Some basically all of my worst emotional moments have come, like when I'm not working out, like my emotions kind of get out of control I feel, I feel out of control. But when I'm working out, and I'm forced, like, every day, I used to go to the gym at 4pm and we're starting to get back into it now but every day just go back to the gym at 4pm, every day, and play basketball for an hour or two, there's a bunch of guys there. And I had other shit to do. Right, I had other shit to do that I could have done, but you have to make the decision. Okay, like, I need to do other stuff. but right now is like, this is the time, I have to do this. And there's something about making that decision every day like okay. Here we go, like I got to do it and I never regret it. Ever. You walk out of the gym. You're soaked, you can't breathe. And for that two hours it's like my brain just got a reset it's like the old Nintendo I think about like, when I was growing up playing Nintendo, like my old Nintendo machine, there's like a little reset button that popped in and out and you'd hit the reset and everything would just start back up. Blow on the cartridge. Come on jam that thing back in there. But no, I just, I, and and I've also had really good mentors in my life say similar things were the big, big thing about success for them writing was another big one. Specifically journaling journaling writing down emotions writing down goals writing down, and it doesn't even have to be like, specific. It's just, like, literally, just write and process, and write things down and sweat every day, so that's cool. What sort of, like, what do you feel like for you have been some of the perks of putting those into your life and keeping those consistent like what, have there been emotional shifts? Have there been spiritual shifts? Or like what kind of, what have you found?

Shawn: Yeah, for sure. So, you know, without being too broad, honestly, it's, it's changed my life. One of the, one of the prompts that we wrote about recently in the industry athlete group was, I live by a code, and going along with what you said. You know when you, when you have those certain things, like I had this little app on my phone. I forget the name all of a sudden, but it's basically like a list of things. It's almost like a to do list, but they're all in there every single day and I checked them off, Every single day. And if I don't do them. You know, it could be 10 o'clock at night but if I don't have it done, I'm going to do that before, you know I gotta swipe it off before I go to bed. Right, that's like, and making working out, writing a part of that you're, it's like that saying, you know, the 1% journey, like every single day you're getting 1% better. And then by the end of the year you're, you know like, improved. It really does apply to you and if you week, those two things specifically, from my experience working out, and writing every single day. That's going to transcend into things you said like your relationships and your spirituality, so like the fact that I get up and I know I'm gonna workout every day so my body's gonna be feeling good. I know that that's gonna lead me to meditating every day, which I've been doing for almost two years now, every single day, but we're out every day, then apart probably wouldn't meditate every day. Once you start saying, oh, tomorrow then it's easier to say oh, the next thing I'll do that tomorrow. So there's no way that you can meditate every day and not grow as a human, so it's like a muscle. That's the reason I started getting back into and I found spiritual talk to talk and you know that's that's like all my feet are now. It's because I meditated every day and I'm just drawn to those types of things. And so there's that. And then also, my wife and I went through a really tough time. Back in 2019, and if I hadn't spent the time every single day to take care of my body, and write about it and process how I was feeling, how I wanted not only, you know, to have this thing in personal development called scripting, where you, you're basically writing the script of how you want your life to go. I mean, it's a type of journal. So we're doing that a lot for story athlete and so during that tough time with my wife, I would write that I would write things that weren't necessarily true in reality. But I would write that as my script of how I wanted my future to go and it radically changed like we, we went through a phase in our lives. Most people probably would have ended up getting a divorce, and we even talked about it very seriously if I'm being candid. But we, because, you know, I was, I was writing and I was in care of my body and I was trying to do my best to be a support system for her. During that time, we actually ended up writing letters back and forth to each other. That's kind of what kept our marriage together. So, I mean without all these things and having this code that I live by, I don't know where I would be right now, honestly, if I hadn't started doing that a couple of years ago, it would just all compound so quickly. And, you know, it all just fits together so well. 

Matt: Really cool. Yeah, I also have experienced a similar season of life, and it's just brutal. I like, yeah, it seems like there’s this, it creates good structure for you and it creates a good sort of, I don't know system systems right not the right word but just creates a good like a healthy sort of way that fits for you to look at and experience the world and relationships and sort of, it makes sense of things right, it sort of helps a clicks or whatever you want to say I don't know, but you know that's really cool and I like that story about writing letters and stuff that's just a really cool. Yeah, I feel like you know a lot of people that I talked to have had those moments of like, okay, I don't know if we're gonna make it out of this. I don't know that I've really met anybody who hasn't. And we definitely had the similar thing where it's like, I think you put two other humans into this scenario and I don't think it goes well, I don't think they come out of it, you know, so. Yeah, it's interesting. It's very interesting. Well cool, I mean Geez That literally like, you know, helped to save your marriage, you know, obviously you had to act on those things right. So again, like we always, this is just, I don't know it's something we always hit on but it's always like, you know, people look to a program or people look to a system or people look to a person or a guru or something and say, finally, this is the right program. Oh, finally, this is the right guru and there's half truth to it, there's, there's finally I found something that really clicks with me and that really hits and resonates, but then there's also the sort of personal responsibility piece, or it's like, you know, you could also put somebody in your situation with, they had found the same system or they had found the same program or whatever, and didn't carry through or didn't didn't act or actually didn't follow through, right, and that would be a lot of people, right, so there's, there's two sides of that coin, there's programs or teachings or whatever and then there's actually, you know, the hard follow through to act and to change, right, so that's a big piece of that.

Shawn: Oh, that's cool. We're talking about a lot in the make money online niche, like, there's all these programs out there and you meet somebody that's just getting do marketing or affiliate marketing at the beginning, they're like, I'm so overwhelmed like I don't know what to do, there's this and that and this and that and I was like, you know, honestly, Nowadays, for me, for my experience it didn't used to be the case back in 2012 I feel like there was a lot of charlatans out there, but if you find a reputable program nowadays, it's going to work. If you follow through on the system, it'll work. So what I was encouraging people to do is just find the one that works for you. And the way you do that is you actually get programming you actually implement it. And then if you try it for a month or two or three, and then it doesn't work for you or you don't enjoy it, that's, that's the big thing for me I've jumped through several programs, it wasn't, it didn't work, I found success in most programs at least a little bit, but I just didn't enjoy it, you know, so I know that I'll go on to the next program and I always encourage people to do that but you have to implement, they talk about in in marketing how, when you're selling something you're writing a sales page. There's a dopamine effect like when you click the ‘Buy’ button. People feel like their problems are solved. The way the sales letter is written, it's like, oh, now that I bought this, I have whatever it is the result that they were talking about, in sales letter happens for a lot of people so then they, a lot of people don't even open up whatever it is they bought, you know. So, when you, when you and I fell into that trap too I'm not I'm not saying I'm like better than anybody else i That's the reason I quit back in 2015, but you know when you are a little bit more mindful about the programs that you purchase not only looking at the quality of the program, but mindful about okay, do I actually have the time to implement this, what's my strategy for implementing it before you buy the product and not just rely on that psychological dopamine response that you get from clicking that buy button. That's when you start being more successful.

Shawn: Yes, that is a very good point because there are a lot of people who purchase things, and never, ever log it. For once, I know that for most people out there, they're like, what, how is that even Why would anybody do that, people that are watching this show, that are like hungry for more information you know they're, those are all the people that are like why would he do that because I'm the same way, you know, I buy something, I don't. I've done it before where I bought something I didn't open it because I didn't have time that I get a refund on it, because it's like, well, obviously I just don't have time to implement this, I'll give her money back, you know I'm not the kind of person who never opened it never try it, and then just go on with my life you know like, what was the point.

Matt: Yeah, what's the point? Yeah, it's, I've had stuff that I've owned for. Geez. Nine years, 10 years that I still basically was, it was a really old program that I was going through a long time ago. So I have for sale, but it's about leadership. And it's kind of a personal development, leadership style course video course and I downloaded all the videos, I found a way to download them back in the day because I was like, the odds protection is hosted. and the guy who started the course he passed away a few years ago. And, you know, stuff just kind of didn't really continue or whatever, and the program change and that kind of stuff happens all the time so I was like I'm going to download these now I have them downloaded forever on my computer, and, I go back through it so I you know and sometimes people don't have the time at the moment or whatever, then, you know, I think the first time I watched through it I was like on a flight. I had downloaded them, put them on my computer and I was bored on an international flight and didn't have anything else to do, I was like okay I guess I still haven't gone through this and it was like, Whoa, this is incredible, I bought it like six years ago. If you know I also tell people don't have that guilt and don't feel bad or whatever just, you know, like, usually in time it will come. But, you know, get on it. Get going. 

Shawn: If you buy bad products. And I tell people this all the time so they're like man I got scammed, X and X product I'm like no you didn't. That is a story that you can use the next time you buy a product or when you're doing something else because I use that story all the time. The first product I ever bought to make money online was a huge scam. And I was like, all excited, you know, it was only like 100 bucks for me at the time being a teacher that was a lot so I was like, Yeah, we had that feeling, you know, when I click the Buy button and then I started going through it and I was like, I was a teacher, I was like these guys don't know how to teach for shit, like what, what is this, this isn't right. And then the more I look into them, they weren't even a real company and then I tried to get a refund and they wouldn't, you know, they just didn't exist all of a sudden, so I was like, you know, that's a great story I'm going to, I'm going to use that as a story like that was not a bad investment. That's a great story, you know.

Matt: Yes, and also, that's. So have you ever heard Dave say you scammed yourself? So usually, usually when people come in and they say all those scam is his responses usually like Well, typically like in any course that somebody is actually selling, there's usually something legit in there, right, there's usually something that you can learn from there's usually one piece or one big thing, or one big idea that you could actually learn from and takeaway so typically like yes there's those outside scam things that happen where people are like, you know, they disappear and you actually can't get a refund. That's crazy and fraud right but typically, like, you know, there's usually a big idea there's usually something really valuable, and people just aren't willing to actually pull that out and learn, and then implement it right and then it's like a scam. People run around buying all these products and buying all these services and oh my gosh it was a scam all that and got scammed again and then over here it's like, okay, but at some point, like you haven't learned either how to digest information and education, or 2. maybe bigger, you haven't developed the skill set to look at something and say, Oh, this is probably a scam, and at some point it's on you you have to make a responsible decision to be like, I need to become more discerning. I need to actually learn how to look at something on the internet and that's a skill too, and say something looks off here, something looks fishy or I didn't read their terms and conditions or I didn't read the refund policies, or I didn't look up reviews on them or I didn't, you know, whatever, like, at some point you've got to become. And I'm not saying you, I'm just saying people who are watching or whatever at some point people need to become discerning about, you know before I purchase, maybe I should. You see what people are saying about this or you know before I purchase maybe I should do some due diligence and actually make sure this is a legit company right, so there's part, you know, there's certainly there's companies out there who are just BS nonsense, terrible whatever. But it's always, it always, if you reframe it to come back on yourself or come back on myself, let's put in my shoes, then suddenly it's like there's an I'm dealing with this with contractors I actually bought a house whenever the main contractor disappears for 10 days. Okay, so there's a general contractor who's hired a subcontractor general contractor can't get ahold of this subcontractor for 10 days, days, the owner goes on vacation can't get ahold of whatever the general contractor says oh it's, it's their fault, right, they just disappeared. It's all on them and I said, you know that it's just interesting to me that we'll ever have anything right all that that does is help him. It helps him internally sort of absolve himself of any responsibility but in reality, he didn't, he didn't place crystal clear guidelines with that sub in terms of how he expects communication to go hey, I need to know specifically in our contract that you can finish by this day. Otherwise, we're going to remove, let's say $100 Each day that you're behind on this from our invoice, right, so now there's a negative incentive for this guy disappearing for 10 days but as it is now. We're locked into a contract, and this guy's going to get paid one way or the other so if he disappears for 10 days who cares right there's no negative consequences. So all that general contractor does is just he's just like, oh, it's all his fault. It's all his fault. Oh our delays are all his fault and it's like, okay I get it, I get it, the guy legit just kind of disappeared but also you're really bad at communicating, and you did a really poor job of getting him to commit to a date, and following up consistently and suddenly the deadlines here, and he's gone. Well, you didn't do your due diligence, throughout this process leading up to that moment, right. So he's never gonna know that general contractor's never gonna learn from that experience, right, because all he's worried about is, I have some feeling of guilt or I have some feeling that I missed something here and I have to make sure that you don't me, Matt, doesn't blame him for that, right because he can't handle that that would be too much. So he's got to absolve himself to sort of soothe. What's going on, right, as where. And that happens, this is a direct parallel with people who buy things online. Right. Oh, it was a scam because my wife or my spouse or my partner or whatever is gonna, you know, what did you just spend $200 on well it was, it was a terrible product I you know that couldn't be good fun. I don't know. You know, so it was a scam, I got scammed I got, you know this guy sold me this thing he said there's gonna be great but it was really just a scam and I'm trying to get my money back, you know, but in reality, you didn't do your due diligence, you, again, not you. You know people, I've done that before too so I'm talking about myself but didn't do due diligence, you know, didn't take responsibility for the money that I spent, and I am actually talking about myself because I spent, you know, I had over $30,000 in debt from courses I bought for traffic that I bought from all this different, you know, maybe I would say bullshit scams, but it's just not me. I was financially irresponsible, I didn't have the education but I'm not gonna blame it on my lack of financial education, I eventually got it, and they got out of debt, right and built my skills and use that debt as an investment and sort of had to take responsibility for it, and then find my way out right but none of that leading up to that was a scam it was my irresponsibility. It was my lack of taking accountability for my actions, it was all of that stuff. And so eventually, at some point in the online space, you have to say, okay, no matter what I do, no matter what money I spend, I'm responsible for that and I've got to get something out of it, and that's a big shift internally I think for people. Sorry, I'm on a rant here.

Shawn: People who will talk all the time about mindset in that whole story it was an explanation on mindset because people, you know, the most common mindset that I see for people that aren't finding success or like feel down about themselves is that they have this victimhood mentality and that's kind of what you're talking about with this contractor and people that you know find scams like that, instead of, you know, every personal development course I've ever taken, every manifestation course that I've ever taken. One of the first things I talked about is taking 100% responsibility for everything. And that it doesn't matter if somebody else did something to affect you, use those to take responsibility for how you receive that information and how you respond to it. And I think that's just like the last thing in our society. So, it's just something that you have to, you know that's what that's what people say when they talk about mindset, it's just something that you have to develop and like you said, it's a big shift once you start really understanding that.

Matt: You're right, the victim mentality is, is, is really big. Yeah, that's a huge one, and I'm glad to hear that that's a big piece of sort of what you're because that's always it's always a big thing, and it's, it's one of the big, honestly, like, it's, it's one of the number one, it's, it might be the number one, It's one of the top three benefits that I found in my time working with Legendary working with Dave and working in this culture at legendary, it is that we don't just slam it and yell it at people and ram it down people's throats because we're, you know we're the sellers of the product. It's like in our, you know, executive meetings are in our management meetings that we have on Monday, Tuesday, whatever. Like, that's just a real thing, like on our vision calls on our sales calls, all these things, all the training and everything that we're doing internally as a team. It's always our fault, it's always we miss communication, it's always we weren't on the same page. It's always us right it's never like, ooh, the customers the bad guy or ooh it's the, you know, sometimes we get into that, but then it's like, no way. Hold on, like, how, what can we do to fix this problem? Because we have to take responsibility for this. And it's a radically different way of looking at life, but it's also very empowering because you never, the big piece isn't so much that you're not like stepping on people's toes or you're not constantly in victim mode. That's true, But I used to run around, emotionally, erratic, because I always felt like people were trampling me, right, and people were, people were just kind of running roughshod all over me and I felt out of control like a victim and oh my god. But the reality. And this I, this took years, I mean, this took a long time for me to get there. But for me, eventually I learned that what you just said is taking responsibility for everything, everything.

Then I started feeling like, Okay, this is not me. No, this is on me for sure. And then it gives you an onus, a sense of control, a sense of like, okay, I have some power here I have some leverage. I have something I can do to make this right or to make this good or to fix how I feel. And I would say the moments that I feel emotionally out of control, or just, just sort of out of control in general, like in life are down by 100, like 100 times, right like by 99% in a given year. I used to feel out of control like maybe 200 days out of the year and I feel out of control, maybe two days of the year where I feel like I have a day where I'm like, I'll just go to my end. Now it's not even a big deal I just go to my wife and be like hey Today's just a hard day, like I feel out of control, I just, It's a tough one today. And she's like, Okay, I got you, you know, and then it's like, it's okay I'm not spiraling, I don't feel shame over it or I don't feel it's like I'm just a human, and today's one of my days, I'm just, something's off, right, and she's. Thankfully, she's a therapist, so she's able to just sort of extract all of it out of me. And then I'm like, oh my god I'm okay. It's amazing. But anyway, dude. So, we're at like 10:50. If we didn't have a time constraint, I feel like I could sit here and listen to you all day. But give us all, you have the final word, just give us like a little. Just a little, what's, uh, what's something you would say to somebody who's kind of just getting started in this online space. They, they're discovering the E-commerce world, they're not E-commerce in terms of selling physical products but they're discovering money moving on the internet, and they're trying to place themselves in that, you know, big global universal supply chain of stuff and trying to take their piece of the pie. What would you say to them, as they're getting started?

Shawn: That's a big ocean. It's a, it's easy to get lost, and, you know, kind of told you my story and I quit before. So one of the biggest things I had to do mentally coming back into it was really shifted my perspective. And one of my favorite quotes like one of the codes that I live by is. It's from Emily Fletcher and she's a meditation teacher, and she says, “I'm more interested in the happiness of pursuit than the pursuit of happiness.” So once I really develop that mindset of I'm not I'm not chasing anything I'm not, you know I'm not constantly going after something I'm enjoying where I'm at right now I'm enjoying the process of learning how to do this I'm enjoying building one asset at a time, seeing how it works not not attached to any kind of result. Just seeing, does this work? If it does awesome keep doing that, am I enjoying this. Is it something that I enjoy doing something I can see myself doing in 10 years? So I'm asking more of those kinds of questions and enjoying the moment, and not necessarily pursuing happiness, happiness, but just being happy doing what you're doing. That's gonna give you a lot more freedom and a lot more energy and power to continue going even when things do get hard. So, just a little quote there for you. 

Matt: I love it. I actually really like that. That's one of the hardest things in my life, in the last few years is that process piece. Is the pursuit of peace. Finding Happiness in pursuit, like, that is an extremely difficult thing for me, and I think for most people, too, especially in situations that are hard relationally financially.

Shawn: Remind yourself of it constantly. 

Matt: Well, cool man. I am so happy that you jumped on here. I'm glad that we were able to find you and get you on the show, this is really powerful. So thanks for coming on.

Shawn: Yeah, thanks a lot. It was really fun. Have a good one.

Matt: All right guys, I legit could sit out here and just chat forever with them but I was really powerful. Thank you Shawn for coming on and we are going to wrap up for the day, and we've got Thursday and Friday of this week we're still going to be live. Dave will be on Thursday tomorrow. And Dave will be on a Good Friday, to wrap up the week, so we'll be here again 10am Eastern we're here every day, every Monday through Friday at 10am Eastern. Go give Shawn a follow. You can find him at Shawn LeFountain, or actually here,

Or @manifestationsecrets. There we go. And, yeah, go give him a follow on TikTok. Let him know you're watching his videos he's got cool stuff on there he's, he's sort of diversified into different sort of niches, and he would be a really really really good follow up so I also put them in the, in the comments, so you might have to scroll up in the comments just a little bit but we did post them in the comments as well for you to just click on so yeah. Have a great rest of your Wednesday and, As always, Be Legendary.

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