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Video Transcript

[The following is the full transcript of this episode of The Legendary Marketer Show. Please note that in this episode, like all LM Show episodes, David’s words are unscripted and unedited.]

Hey, what's going on my friend? This is Dave Sharpe. Welcome to the Legendary Marketer Show.

Wow. I'm getting hungry just right now, thinking about today's episode. I'm going to be talking and in taking you, essentially, on a journey of exquisite cuisine. And the reason why is, because I really like to eat.

That's not the only reason why, though. I really like to eat at fancy restaurants. That's not the only reason why though. I really like to eat at fancy restaurants, and I like to experience the experience of a five-star restaurant. I've had a couple of really, seriously good five-star experiences over my life. One of them was recently out on the West Coast in Vegas. I took a birthday trip out there.

I know I'm showing you a lot of the the the the experiences from that here in these first few episodes of the Legendary Marketer Show, but the reason why I'm showing you this one, in particular, is because if you've never eaten at a five-star restaurant, then it's hard to really understand the level of pampering and service that someone can experience. In the level of pampering in customer service, and just unbelievable experience that we can actually, as business owners, give to our customers.

I think that all too often, we're taught from so many people who think they know about business to go the one-star route. Go and try to compete on price. Go and try to serve the masses. Try to sell the everybody. Try to find the cheapest labor, the cheapest products, the cheapest material, and somehow pass that off as good. And then act surprised when the customer is not really happy about it.

You're going to be hearing me talk a lot about providing premium services and products for premium prices. Because I believe that if you don't have a premium product, meaning that if you're not charging, you can have low ticket products – but if you're not offering high ticket products for high ticket prices, because there is going to be a certain demographic of people that buy your products who will also want a more premium product. If you're not offering that in your business, then you're leaving a lot of money on the table.

Now, some businesses choose to just go that route right from the gate. There's a lot of watch companies that don't really sell cheap watches. There's a lot of restaurants that don't really serve cheap meals. There's a lot of cars that don't really make cheap cars.

So each business is structured a little bit differently, but I believe that for example Mercedes-Benz, they're a car dealership who sort of has a car for everybody. They've been able to pull it off. They've got, I wouldn't say cheap cars, but they've got some cars that are more affordable and some cars that are really expensive, like the S series and the Maybach.

Now, Rolls-Royce, they really cater just to the higher tax bracket, the more affluent demographic. But Kia and Mitsubishi and all of those companies are not really catering to the more affluent demographic, the wealthy.

So until you really ride in a Rolls-Royce or a Benz S-class Maybach. Until you really get that five-star dining experience, then you don't really understand at what level you can take your game. I think that by not giving yourself that experience, you're sort of robbing yourself of the of the opportunity to get that little taste in your mouth. Because not only does it feel good to receive that treatment, but it also feels good to give that treatment and that level of customer service, and that level of product value to your customers. Because then they're really really excited about your product or service.

Yeah, it was expensive, but you know what? Even when somebody pays a lot of money for a product or service, if it was really awesome, they are raving fans. As you're going to see can see here coming up, I went to two five-star restaurants out in Vegas. One was just a random night, one was actually the night my birthday. In each experience, not only was the food amazing, which you'll see me tasting some of the food. You'll see my wife tasting some the food. But you'll also see the experience.

We had a guy actually come out and cut – well I'm not even going to talk about it. Let me just show it to you.

David: Is he going to crack them?
Man: Yeah he's going to crack them. He's putting some gloves on for you.
David: My man!
Erin: What's your name?
Man: Oscar.
Erin: Oscar, cracking the legs. That is a big crab.
David: Wow.
Erin: Wow, what a beautiful, simple presentation.
Erin: Wow, look at him go!
David: Saving me all that work. Wow, four cheese Mac and Cheese. Mushrooms.
Man: There is some seasoning already on your steak. Would you like a little extra? Salt, pepper, coriander, garlic pepper, a little bit of shallots.
Erin: You're missing Oscar's divine work!
David: I know. He is unbelievable.
Erin: Oscar, how many legs have you cracked?
Oscar: Just a couple, a couple hundred.
David: [laughing]
Oscar: A couple thousand.
Erin: Thank you, Oscar! Beautiful!
David: There it is. Oh my God!
Erin: It's very nice, thank you!
Oscar: Enjoy, thank you!
David: Thank you, Oscar! Alright honey, let's get a first bite.
Erin: I'm going to use my hands.
David: Oh, please get in there. Look at that! I've never in my life seen a piece of meat that big. That didn't sound right.
Erin: [laughing]
David: Let's see the reaction. Ooooh!
Erin: It's so good. You don't want any. That's the best thing that's ever been in my mouth.
David: Steak reaction! This is a bone-in ribeye. I could literally cut that with a butter knife.
Erin: Like butter?
Erin: Oh, those facial expressions though. Happy birthday!
David: Wow. Absolutely fantastic. The meat, the farm, and the sea. Absolutely fantastic.
Erin: And the date?
David: Huh, the date. Muwah!

David: Here it comes. It just came. Here he is. Beautiful. Thank you so much.
Man: Enjoy
David: Look at this. The camera really doesn't do it justice. Thank you so much. That's good. Thank you, my friend, take care.
David: Baby, hi. Give us a review of the first bite.
Erin: Shhh! I'm going to burn my mouth. Don't talk while I'm eating!
David: Oh, don't talk while she's eating? [laughing] Here we go.
Erin: Delicioso!
David: Heaven?
David: Alright my friends. I'm going to dig in. This looks absolutely fantastic. It's a mushroom ravioli with a black truffle cream sauce. Alright, my friends here's the ambiance. Gosh, the video really doesn't do it justice. It's beautiful in here. Il Molino, 5-star restaurant. Let's get a review from the Sicilian Italian woman. Here we go. Ravioli, mushroom and black truffle cream sauce. How is that? Do you love that?
Erin: It's bad. You should just give it to me.
David: [laughing] She's a jokester.
David: Alright guys, I wanted to give you my first bite as well. So hold on, here we go.
David: Ooooh.
Erin: The best thing that's ever been in your mouth?
David: Top 2 to 3 pasta dishes I've ever had in my life. Absolutely fantastic. Wow. Alright, back to it!