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Dave: Hey what's going on, my friends, this is Dave Sharpe Welcome to Wake Up Legendary I don't want to wait for any exciting guest this morning. A young lady from Canada 22 Okay. And I know it's not cool to say, you know, ladies ages but she's really an impressive young person, and so I'm excited for you guys to meet her, so I want to welcome to the show. Lauren Scotti what's going on, Lauren?

Lauren: Hey, how's it going.

Dave: Excellent, excellent. So did I get all the facts right? Canada? 

Lauren: Good so far. Yeah, from Montreal, Canada, Montreal, that's a place that I don't believe. Aaron did we go to Toronto. Toronto, so I haven't been to Montreal but we went to Toronto before, you know, 2020 hit. My wife got a tattoo and she wanted to get a tattoo from a specific artist up there in Toronto so often. A Birthday Trip. So, yes, looking forward to coming back and visiting all our legendary Canadian friends sometime in the near future having you guys come down and hang out with us. But thank God for the internet right we can connect businesses online.

Dave: Right, exactly, exactly. It keeps going, even though there's COVID. So you're currently a college student and you're studying some sort of mathematics, I actually can't even pronounce it. I would like to let us know what you're doing outside of and before you started online.

Lauren: Yeah so I study actuarial mathematics so that actually is usually work for insurance companies, and it's a lot like risk analysis mathematic type things. So I really like it because I'm good at math. I like math, except this is not, it only, it only satisfies the math part of my brain but not the whole creative and like outgoing and entrepreneurial part of my brain.

Dave: I can completely understand that my mathematical part of my brain is basically like the freckle on the pimple of gnat’s ass it's, it's so small. Well good for you.  That's, that's great so around Christmas time of 2020 You found it is that the correct timeline?

Lauren: Yeah, exactly, around Christmas time is when I signed up.

Dave: Awesome. How did you find us and what, what was the deciding factor that helped you to pull the trigger?

Lauren: So I found Legendary through TikTok, I followed. I think Austin and Mitch, and Nathan, Earl, so I was following all these guys and then I was like, oh affiliate marketing sounds pretty cool. So I started looking into it, I was like, Oh, I'm gonna have a blog, I want to show my face I'm gonna have a blog, let me research how to do affiliate marketing with a blog. So for like two weeks. So this was like, more beginning of December so for like two weeks I was really just looking up how to do affiliate marketing and let me tell you it wasn't going well at all. It was because I didn't understand anything. I have like my one notes page that has all these notes that make absolutely no sense. So then afterwards, I went back and I was like okay let me take this 15 Day Challenge let me see what it's about. It's probably easier to learn from a course, than by myself. So then yeah I took the challenge and I have not stopped since then, basically, well it's incredible. 

Dave: So we titled The show a lot of stuff, we make sure I don't put your why you should stop looking for the perfect solution. So, what, why, talk to us about that.

Lauren: So, basically, I was in an internship last semester, so from September to December, I was working from home for a company, and I really didn't like it really wasn't going well and I was just searching and searching and searching for other things to do, I was, I was always looking at different things to do, I tried Forex because my partner at the time was like really good at Forex, I didn't understand anything. And I tried really hard to. Then I was looking into dropshipping, and I was looking into wholesaling real estate till I realized that you can't do that in Canada, a bunch of other things, and literally just scrolling on my for you page, I fell on affiliate marketing. so that's kind of what I mean by. Sometimes you don't like it, stop looking for it. Stop, you're like looking for it so I don't know what the word is like avidly I guess, and it's, it's just gonna find you. Law of Attraction.

Dave: So, I love that. I mean, you know, I've tried to be as transparent as I can on the show so everybody can strategy be in the, in one of the reasons why we even do that show how my, just what are the teachable moments from everything that we're doing. And yeah, even the show, like we, I've said this before, but I'll say it again, it's very, very on topic. This show, I wasn't doing it I wasn't hosting it I was doing other things in the company, and we had other people on our team that were hosted every day, and it when the pandemic hit. I was like, Okay, I'm gonna do it right and I think, you know, talked about it with Matt and a few people on the team and I was like okay I'm gonna do it. And it was like, you know, of course I had God that's, that's a commitment, in my mind, you know, am I mentally prepared for that commitment, am I willing to follow through with that commitment like I have to check myself when I, you know, because of course it's public too right I can't really stop, you know, and, and yeah, so I did it and it's ended up being one of the best things we've ever done here at Legendary is just do the show and bring on real people that are using our training just like yourself, and it was a it was like kind of a total accident, you know what I mean? It wasn't one of the things that I sat around and we were like, okay, in 2020, you know, Dave's gonna start hosting the show, and we're gonna TEDx, all this kind of stuff but I mean 2020 was a great year for us I think a lot of it had to do with just people coming online, I know it was a horrible year for so many people and it was for us in terms of not doing the things we normally do. Thankfully, nobody got sick and our family, all that, but our business because of things that were unplanned. Things that were out of our control and things that we did. We had a great year and I think that really speaks to your point, right.

Lauren: Yeah, 100%, just kind of, not necessarily going with the flow, but adapting. I think what it is, just kind of like being able to switch on the spot, which is something that I definitely do have trouble with. I was talking about supply and everything and I'm like, Okay, on this, I can do this and then end up pushing it backwards. I'm not ready but sometimes like you really just have to do it. Yeah, like you're there, just, just do it.

Dave: Yeah, well, the, the perfect solution is definitely something that is a pattern in many of our lives across many different categories of parts of our life. So it's not just business a lot of us come in and think well we're, you know I have this problem in my business. And really it's something that's a pattern in every area of my life usually how I do one thing is how I do everything relating to that one thing. Perfectionism is a big, a big hurdle for a lot of people so being the planner that you are being the analytical person that you are, how have you adjusted that's a cute phrase hey don't wait for the perfect solution, who gets the conversation started. But what shifts have you made and what, what behaviors have made, or are you doing different that's helping you to overcome your perfectionism.

Lauren: Yeah 100% So a few things. Um, I've been doing a lot of kind of like inner work I guess you would say or personal development stuff for the past like a couple months, so that has really helped. I used to kind of be really an overt like overthinker, always overthink or perfect learner kind of always feeling like, or, like the perfect student in the sense, I'm never going to know enough to get started. And I think that switch was, I was, I was getting into affiliate marketing, and I was looking at everything and this can apply really got anything not just necessarily your affiliate marketing business but at one point, you're just like, Okay, there's so much to learn, like it's going to take me forever just to learn everything and then start. So it's just kind of like okay I need to take action. I need to do something, I'm just going to figure it out as I go along, which is definitely not my style but it's working so far. It's definitely working, and, oh sorry go ahead.

Dave: No, I was just saying that fantastic keep keep going, I'm listening.

Lauren: Yeah, so I was talking with somebody, somebody actually reached out to me from Spain, they do affiliate marketing but more in like investing and stuff like that. And we hopped on a call, and he was like, why are you not, why are you not expanding to other platforms? He was like, I followed you on Instagram, why's there nothing on your Instagram yet about affiliate marketing? I was like oh, like I just don't have time like I haven't planned it, he is like, he takes two seconds, like just do it. And I was like, oh it's so true. I feel so dumb right now because I'm like, damn, like, really could have taken two seconds, you know, post on TikTok. Okay, post on Instagram right away. And I think that's what's kind of helping me realize everything that I'm overthinking and planning, literally is taking me 10 times longer than just doing it. It's just kind of realizing that and definitely working on that and time management is a big part of my thing because I kind of get lost in a lot of stuff when I'm overthinking, but it's really just that, realizing that you can just kind of jump into it, really.

Dave: Yeah. Well, it's, it's like throwing, it's like, throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks, I mean, that's, that's, you know, what am I, I don't know, an educator or something I'm a reader and an educator I shouldn't be saying things like that right like I'm not a professor I just sell information on the internet through courses coaching events and do affiliate marketing right. I'm not, you know, as official as a college professor, but I have an expectation right that the things that Dave says shouldn't be. Just throw spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks right. Why I am saying that I am backing and validating what you're saying because there, there is a moment in time to where we must just say fuck it, and just do it and like right and just, and just say okay, I'm, I'm, I'm just gonna, I'm just gonna try it I'm just gonna see what works, I'm just gonna stop getting in my own way. And, and, and, you know, again, I will tell you this because there's, there's, there's stories and evidence to back this up but some of, quite frankly, many of the most successful marketing campaigns that I've ever run, And that many of my successful marketing friends have ever run. We're just total accidents like total shots in the dark like, I don't know if this angle is going to work. You know what I mean. And you could actually say, if you wanted to get really technical, about the, the, the fact that everything in marketing is a test 100% of things, not a single person, not a single person who's successful with any form of affiliate marketing or any marketing online knew 100% that what they were going to do was going to work. Not as wonderful sure we can all other people we can learn we can go through courses we can do all the things that we do, but not a single one of us knew that, exactly what we were going to do exactly how it was going to turn out and isn't that really similar to everything in life.

So, tell me I'm into this game of marketing online, and it's like we want a written contract guarantee that if we take a specific action that we're going to get a specific, specific outcome, how, why do you think that is, and how can we break that mentality?

Lauren: I think why a lot of people think like that is literally just because we're programmed to think like that. Okay, you go to school, you get your degree because you have a degree you're gonna get a job guaranteed, supposed to be guaranteed not very much guaranteed, but that's kind of how we're programmed to kind of always, I guess you do something you expect something in return and I think that's kind of a little bit of a downfall of our society at this time. Just kind of like, I know when I hear my parents saying like I used to play soccer as a kid. Hey, why does everybody get a participation medal in a tournament if you came last? You're getting rewards for, for, like, little things, even though it's just a very like reward based way of learning. So I think that's why a lot of people kind of, me included, I'm trying to break that for sure right now, but you always feel like okay if I do this, what, what reward, am I going to get what outcome, am I going to get it? And I feel that, especially when you're doing it on when you're doing affiliate marketing and stuff like that on TikTok, it's such a test that you don't know what's gonna work I've tried a bunch of things and actually this past week I've always posted stuff where I'm kind of like I'm sitting here and I'm talking more. Not so much in a relatable sense just more like saying like quick facts almost kind of sometimes people say like, I thought this was an ad I rehearsed way too much, but like for my TikTok’s but I posted one I was just my hair was up in a bun. I was in floods and I was just like, hey, like, this is my story, and it was like a 52nd long video and usually people don't watch my videos when I speak too much like the watch time on TikTok is pretty short. And then, a lot of people are watching that video all the way through and I was like, oh, okay, this works. I think I figured it out. It took me two months to get there but just posting stuff where you're more relatable versus kind of like hey like this is affiliate marketing and do this, like, I think that kind of work.

Dave: I think that I think that one, I'm going to break the spell and a lot of marketers would be mad at me for saying this, really in their dirty little secrets, but you know the truth is, is that here's exactly how online marketers work, right, I'm going to just, this is like an SNL skit. So it's like they do some shit. They have no idea if it's gonna work or not, right, then it works, right, and then they act like they meant to do that the whole time. And then they turn around and then they turn around and they say, I've got the secret and if you want to know the secret, you know it's going to be $97 Right. Like, so those of you who think that, you know, there's these master brains who have this whole thing planned out, and quite frankly I think that's like what a lot of business innovation is, it's like if you really learn the story of of great entrepreneurs successful entrepreneurs, they were tinkering around in their garage blowing shit up setting things on fire, you know, screwing stuff up and getting turned down. Right. And then all of a sudden it's caught a break or somebody saw that or this finally worked, and then they're like, Okay, let's scramble together and put together a presentation and act like we've been knowing what we were going to plan. You know what I mean. So, like I think that what I'm trying to do is normalize everybody's feelings of, oh well I'm in the dark and I don't have the secrets and so and so just know what they're doing. If I could only, like, you have to understand human nature, humans are constantly performing, and the one thing that I've got to ask you about is the hip hop dancing and your dancing instructor. That's really cool. But, you know, and so how does, you said you rehearse. How has that performance of being a hip hop dancer dance instructor, And that, knowing that behind the scenes, the practice, practice, practice, and then when you hit the camera, you're performing, you're, you're nailing it and you may redo it or whatever, but it's there, I think there's kind of tying into what I was just saying everybody thinks that we're always nailing it up the first time or we were just born this good video or whatever. Talk to us a little bit about the practice making perfect and how your experience also with dancing, maybe helping a little bit with your marketing.

Lauren: Yes, 100% That's an awesome question because they're kind of, kind of intertwined but kind of not like there's some things that I take from both, but. So when I started, I found maybe my first week I felt maybe six TikTok But I batch film everything because it's full time. So I take one day a week and I just felt like 20 videos. But at the beginning I filmed like six filming those six videos that first day, maybe took me five hours, because I was just redoing them and redoing them and redoing them and I was like oh my gosh, I can't. You don't realize how sometimes you don't talk well, you're on camera and you're like, I need to articulate now. So that was like one thing for me. When I was filming it, I was always like, okay, it needs to be perfect, it needs to be perfect, it needs to be perfect. And then, the closer I got to perfect the more I sounded like a robot and was just at the beginning, super complicated. So then I kind of started take bringing in my mentality when I'm dancing, what, when you're dancing when you're going to compete when you're going to you know do a show you're on a stage or anything. Yeah, you have your months of practice to back you up, you have your years of training to back you up, but you still get that stress before going on stage, that kind of like, okay, we're going on stage or I'm walking out and this like right here like right, kind of in your gut, and you walk on stage and you have to stand there in your, in your post. It's kind of like that. Except, because you don't want to mess up but at the same time, you probably will mess up I've messed up messed up like countless times. I competitions in shows and stuff like that and it's kind of just how you take it. It's okay if you make a mistake, it's kind of funny if you make a mistake, it's fine, like there's nothing wrong with that. So it's kind of like you're gonna make mistakes in your videos you're gonna make mistakes, rehearsing your videos, and sometimes the simplest thing is just to kind of take it back a notch and stop scripting everything, and have some points and just talk, and then edit the good parts of us. So I think that's like a really big thing for me because I feel gasps. I've always been shy, especially in high school. I was pretty shy I didn't like talking and I didn't like presentations in front of the class I was super nervous all the time, but Dan's saying I was just kind of like, I'm ready to go on stage I get a little nervous because I'd second before but when I get on stage that kind of be like, oh, like I'm good like this is my stage.  And now it's kind of taken them like okay I need to apply that but I have to talk now. I need to be talking now. 

Dave: Yeah, yeah. Wow, so I, you're learning to use your voice when that's not been a part of your performance style path so that's really blue for you it's not, and that means you know what's interesting, and this is one of the things I want to point out is that that that practice that, that discipline of practicing of knowing that you're not going to be. You're not going to be good. The first day, week, month maybe even the first year. Like, it's you're going to have to practice and really some of the best practice that I've got is actually being in the game, so check this out. The practice to me used to mean, what I did when, for example, the camera was in the scripting whatever, if I'm talking in the mirror. But now, to me, practice is what I practice, having the camera on. So, I'm recording so much all the time, literally, whether it's this, this is practice to me, right, I'm having I'm come I'm conversing I'm thinking my brains working I'm talking marketing, I'm coming up with angles, I'm getting language from our customers that I can then turn around and use in marketing right because if you're new, then the words that you say and the fears that you had, it helps me to understand my target customer better, right, so it keeps me fresh it keeps me sharp, yeah. What if I'm recording welcome videos for people, or if I'm, you know, Everything. I just redid the entire business blueprint affiliate marketing business blueprint course that was dozens of hours of and. And so my point is that you actually can practice and get better by being live, you don't have to wait. And I think and that's totally normal, it's killing two birds with one stone. And you're never going to get to a point to where it especially if you knew that it's going to be so great, you're going to love it, and you're going to be like okay this is the one you also feel like this is the one you also, I see people I saw this comment the other day was like Well I've been posting on TikTok on 24 hours in my videos and it's just like, wow, it's like, when, when did. When did we, or anyone else say that one day, was enough? Was enough one day isn't enough to get your feet wet, I mean, one day you are still learning your name, it takes me sometimes, a day to warm up I mean I could go to an event and I've used the first half a day just to get my lungs warmed up, I mean, it's not there, there is one day is nothing, it's it's it's the freckle on the pimple of the of a freckle on the pimple of a gnat's ass right on a rhinos ass, who's sitting on an elephant's ass who's sitting on a molehill who's sitting on a mountain, I mean, it's nothing.

Lauren: It's nothing, really.

Dave: Right so, you know, just this expectation I think the other thing I asked you a few minutes ago. What has created this expectation for all of us now. Many of us know that we should just, you know, see results right away and get pointed down on ourselves when we don't right away. Well I think platforms like TikTok have been a double edged sword for us because. Never before have never before have platforms given people the ability to be able to kind of go viral, the way that tic toc has, but at the same time everybody doesn't get that lucky. Right? Part of it is really just luck. Part of it is just in, when I say luck I mean you got to be consistent with what you're doing, and what might take off and like you said you're in sweats hair up, you talking nonsense and it's just like that went viral like dang, you know, you don't really know. So I think that it's about managing our expectations and I talked about this a lot with our team like when we're on the phone with people we're talking to people on the show like managing expectations. It's really important that we don't have unrealistic expectations about how fast this is going to happen. So, with that being said, what do you see now for for your like you're going to college, you're a dance instructor, you're now doing affiliate marketing, tell us what you see and how, you know maybe things have changed, maybe they haven't changed in terms of what your future looks like here over the next year or two.

Lauren: Yeah 100% Um, so there's a few things off, I think that really ties into what I'm like working on myself, because with social media. When you go on your phone when you go on social media, you get instant gratification or like satisfaction, you're going you're going on TIkTok, you can hit refresh, you go on Pinterest, you can hit refresh and there's always new things it's you're always like satisfying your brain, you're always getting that like instant not instant reward but that instant, you know something's something's happening and I think that's I like when you're making your plans for the future. And after a day you're like, Well, my videos didn't work, they didn't blow up. It's kind of because of that because on TikTok you see everybody going viral, because that's all you see, so you're like well why not me? But there's so many other people there too that are just

their videos don't do well. Some of my videos didn't do all at the beginning and I was like, but you have to get used to it. So my plan for the future is. I don't really set exact goals. Because, like I said, I don't want to get my expectations up and I don't want, like I don't want to have that letdown, or whatever I'd rather just be pleasantly surprised. So I have an idea I just don't have like a set goal and a set date because what I think is more important for for me for where I'm at and I think it's actually something that's kind of good and useful for everybody it's everybody can have goals, I feel like every single person in the world, whether they're successful or not successful, they have a goal. Are they working towards it? Are they doing proactive things to get there? I think that's the difference really and habits, I'm trying to instill like a lot of good habits into my routine to kind of get in that mindset of, you know, the entrepreneur mindset that I've been successful and have just been like, good with her I am kind of bringing all of those good habits into my routine to get where I want to be is what is what I'm really, really focusing on right now, so that that can go from any like it's really anything. Some I have a lot more trouble within others but I really see myself, you know, putting the time in, because this summer I don't have an internship or anything, I'm just working part time and I'm going to have a bunch of time for affiliate marketing. So I'm really I really see myself putting in all the time that I have into this. I want to start on YouTube. I want to expand to Instagram or Pinterest so I want to do a whole bunch of things. And that's kind of my goal. My goal is really to set myself up to not get overwhelmed. Is there really a plan out? Not so much to plan out everything but kind of give myself like a manageable schedule to get there. And then, in one year or two years. If affiliate marketing takes off, I'm going to be the happiest person in the world, if this, if everything works for me, I'm going to be so happy because that's really my goal is to kind of do this as my full time, not full time job but my main stream of income. If not, that's okay too. I'm finishing my degree in a year. If I have to work because I want to get into real estate, if I have to work to show that I have a stable income that I can get a mortgage, that's okay too. I kind of just set myself up to be okay with any, any outcome, really. And that's why I think it's really important to focus on my habits and my mindset because like that no matter what I'm going to be like, hey like I put the work in to get here, I'm not disappointed. I'm good. 

Dave: Yeah, I like that. I like that a lot. Yeah I think goals really can. I think goals can really get us get us in, you know, in a ball of a shame spiral right when we set goals that are just unrealistic and we don't have somebody kind of pull us back and rein us back in and say, hey, you know, honestly, That might be a little bit unrealistic, so why not instead of shooting for the stars shoot for the moon. And if you hit the stars great but I think the quote goes but you know she will make a more realistic goal, is what I'm trying to say, make a more realistic goal, and make a goal that helps you to win like you're saying no matter what. That's one of the things that I've done. Your personal development work. I mean, that means different things for everybody, for me it's, it's been like I spent the last couple years really going to a lot of therapy, I mean doing want a childhood work and doing just going, when that inner child really gets, a little guy that needs a lot of love right and needs a lot of attention. And, and that this is different for everybody, I really think that, in a way it's not different. We all could benefit from inner child work in therapy and in trauma work and stuff like that but it was that's been my focus of the last couple years. And boy oh boy, I've set these when I've made those pieces my goals and commitments around those pieces, like I made a commitment that I was going to continue going to therapy, no matter what. Right. We're going to be a part of this group that I'm a part of no matter what, I'm going to continue to do these pieces that are going to make me a better person, no matter what happens with my business. What's happened is, is that my being a father, I've become a better father, I've become a better husband, and my business has taken off to write because I didn't just have this goal of just fine, like finances like I got it, and then you know because I say, say this all the time you don't get the money and then become the person you become the person, and then you get the money. It's so, you know if any of you guys are wondering, what, what sort of goals, or what should I be focused on as a milestone for the next 12 months of my life, I would invite you to think about some of the things that Lauren and I are talking about taking your focus away from external things that, that, that, that, you know, it's kind of like the tip of the iceberg right everybody sees the tip of the iceberg but not the large part that's below the water. And so, financial goals can also sometimes be that tip of the iceberg. It's, I want the house, the car that wants to get out of debt, well that's cool, and that that’s the tip of the iceberg but there's usually a big part of the iceberg down below. I call it the mechanics and the dynamics, it's the dynamic pieces down below that that you know are going to help you to, you know, accomplish whatever your goal is because that's the largest part of the thing that needs to be worked on is kind of the inside stuff that you don't really see that nobody really sees. And I also think that's very true and I think it's good for us to be hearing from you now because you've had quite significant success in just a short period of time four or five months, and it's it's nice to hear what you've been focused on and working on and what your mindset has been sort of behind the scenes because of course, we all see the rehearsed version of the video that gets posted after it's been practiced a couple of times, edited, and then we're like, I'll never be like her. Right. And it's like, well, are you focused on the same things that she's focused on behind the scenes? And are you consistently doing the work putting the content out, editing, right, practicing, doing all these things? And what what I call that is comparing our insides to somebody's outsides, you know, I compare my insides, that nobody sees, to the outsides of you that I see instead of comparing my insides to your insides, right, and that kind of can be applied to a lot of things right. A lot of times we'll see somebody on video. We're so confident, but just as you described freaking freaked out before you go on stage, maybe before you hit the record button so here I am comparing my insides to what I see on the outside on you thinking that you don't have feelings that you're not having anxiety, when you are, but you're just pushing through it.

Lauren: Exactly, it's really just pushing through it, especially when I feel my videos, I'm, I live in my parents house I'm in the room right now. But my mom would come in here because she does her work right outside of my room when I film videos I talk and I mess up my words and I'm screaming, I'm like, Why, why, I can't get it. My mom comes in. She's like, I know. I'll get up and she doesn't say things like film stuff for the dance studio and stuff like that. Cuz she loves the dance that I teach us that I dance, so she has to film videos and she hates it too, she's kind of like I hate being on camera, I can't do this. So she's like, we're gonna be okay, just push through it, you'll get used to it. 

Dave: She sounds really supportive though.

Lauren: Yeah 100% super supportive. My parents are great for that.

Dave: That's great, give a message to your parents for doing a great supportive job with you, and congratulations on all your action taking not just success right? But all the work that you've done behind the scenes that we may not have seen, but now you're sharing with us, that's helped you to create the results that you have and I hope you'll come back and continue to keep us posted, you know, on your journey, and want to one final last word to you if somebody is listening right now and wondering if they should get involved with our community or maybe they were sitting on the checkout page, getting ready to take the challenge or something and they somehow fumbled or stumbled upon this lie when they're listening to you, what would you say to them?

Lauren: I would, that's a really good question that I get is, I would say if you're thinking about it, just do it because if you're anything like me, the regret of not knowing what could have happened, if you did like if you did do it is going to come back and haunt you. Try it out, see if it's for you. Just, that's my, that's my advice, if it's for you great if it's not you'll move on to the next thing and that's good too, but at least you don't regret it.

Dave: Yeah, yeah, have you thought about the community here in terms of some of the other communities, you've been a part of your dance communities, supportive element there. What do you think about our community here and what we've got as far as different marketers and curriculum and kind of all these things working together?

Lauren: I honestly, it's the people in this community have helped me grow so much and kind of shift my mindset but also kind of be able to take action and because I asked a lot of questions I was getting started and I was like oh, like, what's a domain? What do I do? So I'm asking all these types of questions and how to set stuff up and the amount of support and the amount of just like positive energy and positive vibes is really just enough to fuel me and keep me going. And I think that's what's most important, because good vibes attract good things, you know, law of attraction, stuff like that. So really just having this positive, supportive community where people post their, their little like their wins their milestones and there's a lot of people congratulating others and there's a lot of help and there's, it's just really awesome but I am so happy that I stumbled upon this because honestly, it's just, I've always had trouble with being more negative and just falling into this community of affiliate marketers has just been awesome because it's making me focus on the positive it's making me realize hey like there's so many good things happening right now that I need to focus on rather than kind of not tearing myself down which, if I'm sure everybody has been there like when you get insecurity telling you carry yourself down. So it's instead of focusing on those little things you're focusing on all your little wins but I think that's really what this community has helped me with honestly. Great.

Dave: Well, I hope we can continue to do that because what I see is a superstar. What I see is an incredibly talented, smart, honest, and strong person who is going to kick a whole lot of ass, and the future. Great work. All right, and let us know if there's anything we can do to help. Okay.

Lauren: Yeah, of course, thank you so much, really for everything you've done for having me on the live for starting all this for getting me into affiliate marketing, honestly.

Dave: You're welcome, you're welcome. It's my pleasure. And thanks for coming on and sharing your time and giving back the way that you've done today. Okay.

Lauren: Yeah, thank you.

Dave: All right, Lauren, see you later!

All right guys. What an incredible thing. What an incredible interview with so many nuggets, we've got Lauren's tick tock, up on the screen you guys can go check her out, follow her, learn from her, you know, remember, though, the work that she's doing behind the scenes, right. So, if you want to get similar results. Then, just make sure that you, that you remember the full picture, right and not just the end result. That's a huge takeaway for me and hopefully everybody else today, so many takeaways, positive comments and thank you guys so much for showing so much support in the comments, as you know, this can also be somewhat terrifying to come on and do a live interview right live I mean you can always edit stuff out when you film things but this is live so it takes a lot of courage to do this. And any of you who know who, who, who come on this show. I mean I come on 15 seconds before we go live and I'm just kind of like Let's go, you know, and it's just you know, so it's a big deal. You guys are very supportive in the comments. We appreciate that. And we appreciate that you continue to come back and lift up these guests that we have had every day because it's a big deal. And, you know, and I hope to have each one of you guys on the show eventually one day, if that's something that you want so keep up the great work keep striving forward, keep doing the deal, be Legendary. And we'll see you back here tomorrow 10am Eastern Time for Wake Up Legendary, Peace.

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