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Matt: Hey there, Happy Wednesday. How's it going, Legends? We're just about wrapped up with March so that marks, sort of an end of the quarter. And, yeah, March 31st, It's 7am here where I'm at, I'm in Phoenix, it is 10am Eastern Time, are now three hours different so it's a totally different ballgame hey if you're just tuning in, we got some people coming in, there's gonna be more people pouring in, let us know where you're tuning in from. I always love to hear where people are tuning in for we got people who turn tune in from all over the world. We have people inside of our community from all over the place. You don't have to give your GPS coordinates, you can just say what state you're in or what country you're in, even is fine. But let us know, let us know where you're tuning in from. We got Sarah Catherine John, good to see you guys we see your comments here Yoli, Shelly, James, Lisa, awesome Cali, Margarita whew, awesome Heather, Chad what's going on? Well welcome it everybody, good to see in here, and today we've got an awesome guest. We're just gonna dive right into it if you can leave a little comment and give us a thumbs up to sort of welcome Mark to the digital stage. I'm going to bring in Mark, Mark, how are you?

Mark: Hey, good morning, Matt. Hi everybody, doing great, how are you?

Matt: I'm doing well, I'm doing well, where are you tuning in, or where are you not tuning in from, where are you, logging in from?

Mark: Sunny Tampa, Florida.

Matt: All right, nice see you're right in the area of, of where our neck of the woods. That's right. In Phoenix, a lot of people think I'm working in Florida but yeah, most of our companies are just remote so cool, awesome. How do you like it there? Did you always live there?

Mark: I have not I, I've been slowly migrating south. I was originally from upstate New York, so I started escaping the snow years ago and was stationed in Savannah, Georgia and then after that I slowly migrated down here. My rest of my family moved down here so I figured I joined them after I got out of the service. 

Matt: Cool. All right, all right. You're an Army Ranger, I have a brother in law, I have two brother in laws who are Army Rangers. They went to West Point, and I have three brothers, get, get, get how intimidating. This is a curry brother in laws who all went to West Point. And the one you know his Army Ranger went on to go to MIT. So not intimidating at all. And then, yeah, the other two anyway. Man I heard, you know, like heard stories and, and listen to that is not a fun process.

Mark: The best job I ever had. Yeah. 

Matt: Cool. Awesome. All right, so your your kind of man. Tell us a little bit about you, so we get this questionnaire that you send over, and I just, I feel like you've done a lot of different things in life so like kind of walk us through some of your journey, it helps us sort of get to know you a little bit.

Mark: Sure yeah it has been kind of a long strange trip. When I got out of high school, went to school at Ohio State and for a couple years did not graduate. My father passed away while I was going there so I kind of lost interest in things and I traveled the US for a little over a year. Then I decided to settle down, and I joined the army and went into being an Army Ranger. I got hurt, along the way. So they couldn't fix me and they said thanks for being here. On your way you go. After that I was again disillusioned and, you know, trying to find my way. The construction did a bunch of stuff. Can't and I came down to Florida after that. So, my family's down here, went back to school, picked up where I left off, but down here, finished my degree, met a girl, got married and had to get a real job, you know, when you get married, you can't do you know this stuff I was doing. Right, so that's, that's what started my, my corporate life, and you know I worked. I went into insurance, it was just I have a political science degree but that's kind of useless. Just, I found a job at a mailroom at an insurance company and worked my way up to. It was commercial insurance, then the real estate bubble popped, and I got laid off that job, got on to a bigger insurance company, a global company, figured, okay, good to go work my way up again. And then 15 years later so COVID hit, and, like, a lot of companies that's, that's what happened last year I had a pretty good run. But I got a call last year from my boss early in the morning and when I got on the call my HR was on at the same time and when HR, you know, your time is up, you know, no hard feelings, a lot I mean, a lot of people had it a lot worse than I did. So that's how I came here and, you know, had to scramble, really at that point, because not only. I guess it wouldn't have been hard, necessarily, to get back into what I was doing but it was during a pandemic, so a lot of companies were kind of apprehensive to start hiring. That's what affiliate marketing found Legendary.

Matt: Nice. I love it. So, you have not, I mean you've tried other things to MLM stuff like that, and merge, what tell us a little bit about, so like, what's it seems like there's an there usually is, but it seems like there's some sort of pattern where you're looking for something or kind of playing around with it you know you have this curiosity bug, what's that?

Mark: Yeah, I mean with MLMs, sometimes you find people who do have success with that you know so you figure, Okay, let me do that as some side hustle or some extra money while you're making your regular income that you have to make. And I know friends that do really well but I wasn't. I'm not good at trying to bring people in, you know, especially if it's something that I don't love and that's what a lot of MLM is, it's you find people doing products. What was it, they were doing phone cards and dental plans and things like that. I have no interest but sure if you're making money. I got into a legitimate Ponzi scheme, pyramid scheme. A few years ago, I guess I should have known better, but it was, it was killing it. I was making money and it was like wow, this, this really works. And then you start looking a little bit, you're like, yeah, and then the Fed shut it down, you know, yeah, I wasn't involved in that part of it but I was on the outside and people got taken down and you're like, oh, that's that's what a Ponzi scheme is okay, okay. Um, but yeah, you're kind of always looking, you know, you want to supplement your income and have some free time and not work. When you're in corporate you're working to commute 60 hours plus a week, and you can't say no to the boss you're competing against everybody around you to get the next promotion to get a little raise to get your bonus at the end of the year you know? So your weekends are taken, your evenings are taken, hey I need you to do this, you not and you say, Sure, you got it. And then 15 years later you realize you've missed out on a lot of things. And, man, that's, you're always looking I think for extra money. But, yeah, That's, that's what I'm always doing but always working. 

Matt: Yeah, I found this cool. So, you, you're sort of, you've tried different things you discover Legendary what I'm curious about after a year of experience with like a legit, fake kind of scam, or scheme, whatever. What I mean, you sort of discover Legendary and what's your initial thought?

Mark: Well, I discovered Legendary, I don't know if a lot of people have the same story, you're working, you don't have a lot of time. So you're seeing these things on the internet or you know you see them you're like okay you dabble in it you go to YouTube, you read someone's blog and then you start trying to cobble things together, and it's not, it's not like that. And you, you spend a lot of money doing what this person says on this blog and then you go to YouTube and you get lost doing that. What I found Legendary for me anyway because this is the way I learned best. I said okay $7 It put everything step by step in a logical order, and a peel the curtain back, and it. It completely blew my mind that the things I'd seen all my life. It totally made sense after going through the program, I was like, oh, oh, that's why things work. This is why companies do this, this is why I get emails all the time, right things I'm interested in. I mean, that's the thing you market, you get things back to you in email and you click a link and you go to it, and it's it that really opened my eyes, and then I started doing the process, you know, step by step. And I realize why it's not a scam or whatever you're saying, because you have to put work in, you know. They give you the information in a really concise manner but then you actually have to execute. Whereas MLMs and things they give you, they just, they literally tell you to go find other people and bring them to our cult, and then they can make money. Yeah, they don't tell you anything else they're like this is how you make money you go get other people you bring them, then we pay you. There's no working there, you just have to show other people, but this. You learn so many skills that might have been right in front of a lot of people but you start putting them together with this course. That's what is amazing about this. I wish I had found this so many years ago, because I've been seeing it for so many years, you see it everywhere. You just don't know how it's done, or why it's done. And then once you find out, it opens so many opportunities to just do it and pursue so many other things. 

Matt: That’s cool. Awesome. So what, what, okay so you come in, you start, sort of, what did you get introduced to our challenge. Did you get introduced to like our book or how did you, who even, you know where did you see it? TikTok. I mean I was looking at affiliate marketing or there were other things on YouTube. And when you start doing that on YouTube, you go all over the place because there is no concise picture, and then TikTok, you know I think like a lot of people downloaded that during the pandemic. And it did start coming up on my feet and there were a few legends right now that I just watched what they said and I was like, Okay, let me, let me just take a look at this like everything. Let me just see. And, and that's how it began, and might begin like that for a lot of people. And once you begin that, and you start looking at the course and the information, like I said, it just, for me it was like that aha moment like, Okay, I see, I see what's going on here. That's how it started for me. Made a lot of sense.

Matt: That's really cool. What, so I was just taking a look at your TikTok, and if you have so many videos on TikTok, how, like how you've got almost 2000 followers, and we'll throw up your TikTok here in a second. But how long have you been posting on TikTok, and how often per day do you post videos here?

Mark: Yeah, well that was, well, you know, you learn, you just like with affiliate marketing you learn when you learn from other people, the community is incredible because it teaches you, other things to do, and one of them was, you know, three to five times a day. I only started probably seriously in November with TikTok, And then, when I finished the course, probably more leaning toward that kind of education in December. And it was really hard. I'm sure a lot of people are camera shy out there. I certainly hate seeing myself in front. I have a face for radio, you know, I don't need to be in front of the camera at all. But you get better at it and, you know, Dave's mentioned that you've mentioned, a lot of them, mentioning, you're not good in the beginning, unless you've done this for a living, you're not good at this. And for me I didn't grow up in this kind of an age and era where this is normal to me, so I had to get used to it, and you know I just said, you know, I don't know. It's not really this is kind of a dumb thing to say but it's not my Ranger mentality, it's more like I briefed colonels and generals. I've been in the C suite at corporations talking to people. So, you know, I've made a fool of myself, a bunch of times, so if I'm doing it on TikTok, and let it. The only time I had any apprehension was my niece, my tick up one day and she said, oh my god you're on my TikTok. Oh, Don't follow me. And you never saw me here. Other than that, it became that big a deal and I enjoy it and doing legendary and doing all this has allowed me to go out and view Florida. I've lived here for almost 20 years. And I haven't seen as much of this state as I have since I got laid off, and why not enjoy the scenery with my kids and take videos. Do that, and just enjoy life, so it's not a big deal anymore.

Matt: That's cool. That's really really cool. I like it. Okay so with that, as you said, I didn't say this, a face for radio. What I mean is, it's said we'll say whatever you want. I know it's not easy to to get through that because it's the face for radio is one thing but it's really, it's really the insecurity right so you know people will find all kinds of things to become insecure about but what I mean, was it just every day just kind of wake it up and like, head down here we go, or how, like, Do you have any tips for people who also struggle with that?

Mark: Oh, I've got plenty of tips I don't know if they're worth anything. Of course there were some don't, don't save it in your draft just put it up there are one, TikTok’s a computer, it doesn't know any better, so the more you post. If you think it's horrible or you think it's great. The computer just does what it does, so you just get in that rhythm, you just throw it up there. A lot of people doing this probably have a lot of things to say and 30 to 60 seconds isn't a lot of time. Just say what you want to say, and then you get more comfortable. Narrowing down what you want to say, and you know there's other people who are marketing geniuses, and I love watching their TikTok’s and they're really polished, and that's awesome. I love seeing it. I'm not polished I'm just I'm just the dude doing this and that's where I came to the realization like look, I'm just, this is part of building a business, right, and you just get comfortable being uncomfortable. And then it'll swing back to being comfortable at some point, and it'll it's just, it's just something I do now, and I just make TikTok and I put them up there. And, you know, there hasn't been a viral video or anything like that and I'm okay with that. I love the people that are following me on TikTok as it is. It's an incredible community Legendary and incredible community and people on TikTok that are doing this or other things, because I, you know, you get a lot of followers that like a video but maybe not interested in what you're doing. But you have great conversations with them. It's really thrilling. And it's fun.

Matt: On your content creation, do you feel like people like, like what's been the most , What's been, you know, cuz you've got about 1800 followers. What's, what's been the most valuable use of your time like it when messaging or, like, I don't know just what's been the most valuable use of your time when, in terms of like actually messaging people and talking with people and creating that because he talked about community are you talking about actual messages are you talking about comments or like what do you mean comments?

Mark: In the DMS, you know, when people are asking you questions. One thing you, you sort of realize from this is that you're in a TikTok, if you're doing TikTok, you're in a TikTok bubble. So you think that everybody knows about affiliate marketing or any of anything on there, and it's kind of surprising sometimes you're like, there's a whole world out there that has seen or experienced what you've experienced, but then you get talking to people about my journey, why they're interested what they want to know about, I mean you get connections with oh you live there, I used to live there, or people all across the globe that you want to visit someday, and you get to talk to them. So that's really cool about the community and as far as the messaging. It's, um, you take the questions they're asking you. I'm getting, I'm trying to get better at this, I'm not really great at this. But I see a lot of great content creators doing it. I will talk to somebody for so long in DMS and not realize I should make a video because they're asking a question that probably 100 people have. I should make a little video about their question. So, if that's a tip for somebody, do that, you know, it's great to have conversations but there's probably 100 other people who have that same question, answer it in the form of the video, and help even more people out.

Matt: Yeah, we just had a really great example of that. Somebody just asked the comments, what the heck is a DM, right, so it's like it's the same thing that's, you know happening on TikTok message, Yes, yes, I feel like I have. I say that a lot to people where people will create content using insider language, which is a big mistake. Because you forget you, you live in your own little industry bubble, and you forget that, Like you said, you said it perfectly, there's this whole world out there. That's, like, they don't have any clue what you're talking about. None. Zero. 

Mark: That's right.

Matt: And they, so, so people will create content around, and they'll do this in all sorts of industries. And so people in like an addiction industry they'll use insider language that's just totally different that's doesn't make sense to people, they don't use good analogies or people in affiliate marketing, they'll talk about, like even just using the term affiliate marketing, right people are just like, What? Is that an MLM or like what do you, what is this? But the people I see that become really successful in sort of the Make Money space that do well on video are people who say side hustle, because culturally and that's marketing that's marketing skills one on one, which is, you got to. There's this great quote. I think it was Robert Collier, he's a great copywriter, and he said, You've got to enter the conversation, enter the conversation that's already going on in your prospects mind essentially is what he said. Let me see if I can find this here. Yeah, I'm gonna share my screen here real quick. Here we go. But I'll pull this up and just because I feel like it's valuable and it's always it's always a marketing thing that I come back to over and over and over again. Oh yeah, always enter the conversation already taking place in the customers mind right. So the point there is, it's, it's really it's like the number one marketing lesson that you could ever that you could ever learn, which is, there's already terms there's already phrases that go on inside of your, your ideal customers mind they're thinking about it they're wondering they're asking questions about it, and for you to, in order for you to sort of do good marketing which is to intercept that train of thought, and lead them to a solution. You've got to speak their language. So, like, there's so many different ways in which this is done in the media, but it's just, you know, we can go down this whole rabbit hole but I think that is sufficient to make the point that. And he's, he's, he's one of the oldest Robert Collier is one of the oldest direct response copywriters. I think some people say he's the founder of it but he was, I mean he was early 1900s when he wrote that, but it's, It's less about, you know, the medium so it's less about are you doing it on TikTok, are you doing on YouTube and it's more about the actual strategy itself of marketing directly to your audience.

Mark: That's exactly right because in a sense, none of this is new, it's been around for ages. It's become more prevalent in the Internet and the tools we have now just make it different, as far as how you reach people and think that really that it's, it's, we've been marketed to forever. And I don't mean that in a bad way. It's just the way the world works. And when you start realizing that and what you were saying about conversations earlier to is trying to keep in mind that, especially when you get involved in this and the curtain is pulled back and you realize all the potential for me that's I have to start a YouTube because I can't get it all down on in 60 seconds. But again, so many people don't have the slightest idea that Walmart has an affiliate link, you know, all these. That's just affiliate marketing but that everybody does it. Everybody does it. Some of my examples when I go to buy Dr Squatch soap, and then they upsell you, you're like, Oh yeah, and it goes off in your mind you're like holy cow, I love this stuff so much, it's everywhere. And when you're talking to people on TikTok, you only have a little bit of time. And so you have to kind of keep that in mind. Sometimes they have no idea what the world you're talking about. So every once in a while, come back to that and do the simple thing: affiliate marketing or this is digital marketing digital products or whatever, and then hopefully have that connection and keep the conversation going. Yeah,

Matt: I like it. What, um, so that's, that's where you've been where you are. Where are you going? So YouTube is new. How long ago did you start that?

Mark: Well I mean I have four really horrible videos that are just me rambling because I have so many thoughts in my head. Like I have just so many examples I've seen my entire life that now make complete sense on how this all works and what I want to do with it. So it's just four or five videos of me rambling, but I'm trying to build the YouTube site and then I will, I guess, write scripts down and try to follow it a little bit better, and try to take my, my passion for this a little bit so hopefully I make more sense to people I'm not gonna I don't plan on it being like an education site as far as telling people, yet how to build, you know, a page or anything like that. It's more just getting the thoughts out of my brain as far as how amazing this is for so many industries, and hopefully people will, It will click for them to and they'll start realizing it's all around us, it's everywhere, and you're able to learn this through this program and start doing it. Yeah, do it. That's, that's gonna be my message is learn how to do this and you won't go hungry. Yes, is how you will make money on the internet, doing anything because Legendary Marketer has so many other like offshoots while you're taking the course that you start realizing, oh, I can use this in my job, to talk to my peers, my boss, whoever customers on the phone, copywriting, you need to learn these skills, and if you learn them, you're not going to go hungry, you're going to do really well online. Yeah. Forever always.

Matt: Yeah. We had a guy on Monday, his name is Brett, and he and his fiance, I think, are using it. He took exactly training from our Legendary, they took it, wrote Facebook ads and they're selling a bunch of candles on Facebook ads. Yeah, it's, it's, it's all about learning those transferable skills because in business especially especially in the online space things dry up things change things move things shift and if you've got the skills. That's the key that's the kicker.

Mark: Right, right right.

Matt: You've got YouTube coming up. I like that a lot. And you keep posting on TikTok. Awesome.

Mark: Yeah, and I do triathlons and outdoor stuff so we didn't even get into that. That's okay. I want to load Iron Man too. Yeah, yeah.

Matt: Yeah, my, my brother in law's tried to talk me into doing this 50 mile. Whatever super thing. Yeah. And I was just like, dude, like, I played basketball like an hour or two day, like, I don't. I never in a million years can you pay me to do that so much fun to do it. Yeah, they're big time into it. My old boss at a coffee place I worked for a long time ago. He did 100 miles in the hills of Colorado. And it's just like I'm just like, Cool, I'll show up, I'll watch, I'll, I'll maybe like drink a beer along the side but like I, it's just not my thing. I can't do it. I shouldn't say I can't do it, but I'm also built like a sprinter, right, like I'm a five, six, quick, fast sprinter, but man, from the day I ever started running. I have absolutely hated it. Yeah I know competing but I hate running mad so do I don't like swimming, biking and running and putting them together but, you know, this area completely. Yeah, miles, you know, even you crazy army men just do this random. You guys hate to do it. 

Mark: Yeah, you got it you got to keep your mind on edge, I guess you know you got to. And I don't want I don't want to be slow and sit on a couch because I probably would have to keep finding these things, but that's, again, I have been envisioning because I dropped back to. I've seen Affiliate Marketing For so long because in what I do, I follow blogs and YouTubers, and they have those links on their site right. Oh, I get it now, that's what they do. I mean I buy so much stuff from them just because I like them, it didn't register with me, really exactly putting both things together. Oh, that's how they make money, I get it. So I'm going to eventually do that and there's so many products that I want to get involved in doing that so yeah, it's gonna be a great year, it's just so much fun. So much.

Yeah, I love it. You've got a big vision, there's, there are, there are so many different, I think that like sometimes affiliates, you know, they get sort of just tunnel vision, right, and it is crazy how many different products and different types of industries and networks and things that you can like, you can open up and have multiple multiple multiple streams of income coming in from.

Mark: Exactly, exactly.

Matt: Well, cool. Mark, thanks for coming on. I, we, we sometimes will reach out again later on down the road so keep, keep going and keep us updated on your progress, but you might hear from us in a couple of months and just say hey Mark want to come back on, and, and we'd love to have you back.

Mark: Awesome, I'd love to come back, I love it. Thanks a lot man. Appreciate it.

Matt: Yeah, if you need anything, just reach out, hit us up, we're always here. Awesome,

Mark: Thank you. You bet.

Matt: Alright guys, that's all we got for today. Another. It's just crazy to me. We've been doing these now for about a year solid between Dave most of the time and me filling in Wednesdays or, you know, kind of random days but it's just crazy how many stories and how many different people from different walks of life, it never gets old and so thanks for Mark coming on, you can follow him. Go give him a follow right here, and stay tuned for his YouTube channel as well give him subscribe he'll, he'll I'm sure he'll announce that on this TikTok channel so hey we'll be back. Same time, same place tomorrow 10am Eastern time, it's always the same time it's always the same place, Monday through Friday. If you want to get a text message reminder. You can text the letters WUL to, 813-296-8553, and you can get a text message reminder every time we go live. It's pretty non intrusive, it just says, you know hey here's two sentences about what we're going to do. Tap here, and tune in. We'll be back again tomorrow. Same time, same place, See you guys!

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