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How To Gain Back Lost Time With Your Affiliate Marketing Business

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Dave: What is going on my friends, this is Dave Sharpe Welcome to Wake Up Legendary hopefully you guys are doing fantastic. We've got a great show, as usual this morning. Listen, we've got a guest. His name is Matt. He deployed to the military in 2018. And, you know, I can imagine being away from family overseas, you quickly realize the value of both money but also more importantly time. And so now he's using online marketing, digital marketing and specifically affiliate marketing to get back. Not only obviously make money, but to get back time. And that is something I think that is so undervalued in this space, everybody's always talking about money, looking to make money, but the question is, why do you want money? What can money really do for you? Because the truth is is that this is just.. money is just paper, right? It doesn't really, it doesn't do anything in its current form, right, just a bunch of just a bunch of five skis right here, no big deal right doesn't do anything in its in its current form holding in my hands, right, just sits there, dirty, right. It tears, it's, it's actually, it's actually fairly, you know, probably one of the most, one of the most vulnerable things that we put importance on, you know, like a home is strong, you hit it and you could break your hand. Money is, is, it's, it's horrible, it's right, it's you could tear it, but it's what money does for you. It's what money does for you. It's just the currency, it just happens to be this. It could be gold right if we're still, you know trading gold bars or coins or whatever say we were pirates back in the day, you know, slangin booty. That kind of booty folks get your mind out of the gutter, come on, I know it's Monday but for God's sakes. So, this stuff buys time, this stuff buys your actual most valuable resource in the world, and that is time, something that you can't get any more of you can get more money but you can't get more time. So, with that being said let's bring in our guest, we'll talk about it. Matt Moxley from Mississippi what's going on my brother.

Matt:   Hello, what's going on.

Dave:   Not much man. Did I get that right, you are from Mississippi right? Is there I'm from Mississippi, and MI SSI SSI PPI that was the first one of the first words that I ever learned to spell Look at me go. Well first of all, brother, thanks for your service. And, you know, it. Did we lose you there brother you still there?

Matt:    Yeah, I'm here. Okay, I got to just cut out there on your camera.

Dave:    First of all thank you for your service. Okay, I wanted to tell you that straight up. First of all, and anybody else who's that on the, on the in the audience today. So, Matt, tell us, you know, what you deployed, or I guess were gone in 2018 is that right. 

Matt:   Yeah, so I was gone in 2018 served overseas for 15 months overseas. 

Dave: Yeah. Wow. So what was that like man, tell us a little bit about what what that was like, being away from family and just that what that experience was like just in a nutshell, I'm just curious because civilian life is much different, and I just wanted to know, in your experience, what that was like. 

Matt:   So, overseas. You're living in tents. Well, I was living in a tent that was probably in a jacket, I was in a gigantic tent with about 50 other people, privacy, there is practically none of. You're talking to your family, you know, online, do your video if you can manage to get the internet working correctly. And I probably would talk to them once a week. I get to see my newborn boy, and my little girl, my wife and whatnot you know about once a week. Yeah, and yeah, just, just trying to survive, I guess. 

Dave:   Yeah. And by the way guys, we realize his cameras, missing, it's whatever, no big deal, We can still hear His voice. Well, I can still hear you and that's what's important. So either way, we're gonna, we're gonna get there, we're going to get the info from you. So, coming back from being overseas, talk to us a little bit about what motivated you to look online and start looking for a digital marketing business online. 

Matt:   So, I, when I got back home I really, you know, I knew I was gone so long and I wanted to figure out a way to get some time back with my family. And the thing that really turned me on to it was because I had, when I had to go overseas, my newborn boy was literally a month old, and I went overseas, and I lost an entire, you know entire year of his first life. So when I got home I started digging into, you know, how can I be home with you know, my family, and did some Googling and found affiliate marketing. 

Dave:   Nice, nice. Yeah, I can only imagine I have a four month old right now, and those are precious years. I also have a four year old I, have a 21 year old so there's plenty more time for you to enjoy brother, but I can only imagine that that was a motivation for you to never miss out on any of those important, precious years that you can't get back anymore. Right?

Matt:    Right. 

Dave:   It's a big deal. So you came across, affiliate marketing what attracted you to that business model? 

Matt:   Time. So, within my research, you know, with dropshipping you're, you're still putting in a whole lot of work you know and I've done some eBay flipping and stuff like that and you're still putting a ton of work. What I liked about affiliate marketing was pretty much, you're focusing on the marketing aspect of it, and it's, it's the most passive of all of the online businesses that I can, I can find. And that's what I'm after is passive, you know, like I said, time is my most important resource and whatnot. So I spend time with my family.

Dave:   So you went through our 15 Day Challenge made your very first commission within a couple of days after the challenge. What about the challenge was impactful for you. How did it open up your eyes to the opportunity that's, that, that is affiliate marketing, that is sort of being a freelance Digital Marketer working for yourself and being able to kind of, you know, create your own hours, what was the big aha moments for you?

Matt:    Pretty much what you said was I, you know, the things that you learn going through that challenge or at least what I learned was, I can I can literally take this business model, and let it work for myself. All I have to do is set about put in, you know, some work in the beginning, and then just do a few hours of work every day, after I get everything set up, and let it do its thing.

Dave:    So, that you made your first high ticket commission within a couple of few months? And you sort of begin to realize the power of leverage, right, like those three. Those three sort of had those, those profit activators, if you will that, Jay, you know I talked about in the challenge that I learned from Jay Abraham which is there's three ways to grow a business get new customers do repeat business, make high ticket commissions or or charge higher prices, more premium products. So, how did that did that change the game for you to see that you could make from one customer,  an equal amount to what you could make from, you know, dozens of customers, selling lower ticket products? How did that sort of change your mentality?

Matt:   So, pretty much. It was like, it just opened my eyes, once I saw my first high ticket commission come in, it was just like, you know I made that in a single day with one person. And I was at home doing it, where, you know, I've enjoyed being so that just completely blew my mind. And I remember I was outside working on my fencing, and I get a notification on my phone, so I will look and I was like, you know, your first I could take it commission I'm just like, wow, you know. I did that online without going to a nine to five, work in, you know, a week to make that, and I just did it at home. That's fantastic.

Dave: Which would if we normally been a week or shows worth of salary right? Yeah, that's, like, five and maybe even a little bit of extra time right I mean I don't know about you but when I was working a nine to five. Back in the construction days, you know, I might have even had to put in a little extra time little weekend time to get into that four figure mark. You know guys and I want to say this also that high ticket doesn't always have to mean four figures, you know high ticket, can be what it's all relevant right so high ticket can be $100 I mean because low ticket for sure to me, is, is you know a couple of dollars. What you're normally going to sell a trinket, or a fidget spinner, or a mug or a t- shirt, you know 20, bucks 15, bucks five bucks, something like that. Right, whereas high ticket is really where you get into, you know $100, $300, $500 Certainly 1000 and more, but just just think about how even $100 the difference between 110, make it 110 You, it takes 10 customers to make $100 by making, earning $10 at a time. To where now all of a sudden, maybe you have an upsell, you know, selling something for $10 on the front end have an upsell for 100. Now all of a sudden you made the same from one person that you would have made selling that front end product at 10 different people. That's the leverage guys that's leverage. So if you're looking are wondering how do I get leverage? Sort of like an investment, how do I get leverage? You know, Warren Buffett said that he learned this from Charlie Munger, there's, there's three L's that'll, that'll, that'll make you broke. I was, I was looking at this, I know two of them were liquor and leverage, I can't remember what the other one was, I don't know if it was, it was ladies that would have been pretty misogynistic but I wouldn't particularly put it past him. But anyways, leverage, lack of leverage, right, lack of leverage, a lack of leverage will make you broke and that's one of the reasons why I'm personally so against low ticket business models is because you can you can get into it put forth the same amount of effort towards a low ticket business that you're going to put towards a business has the potential to have front end customers, repeat business and high ticket customers. If you have the right business model, you put in the same amount of work and one produces 10x The amount of revenue that the other one does. That's called leverage. It's the same as making a smart investment. It's the same as buying a stock low, you know, it's, it's not an investment, it's not this is not a financial investment move but leverage can be leveraged is the same as a pulley right if I right, I'm using a pulley to get leverage so I think it's really important for us to understand how leverage can be applied in in lots of different ways. When you have the right business model. So, you've been having some success with TikTok, it's been a game changer for you right?

Matt: It has the reach, I mean, because TikTok is so new, you know and everybody, you know, that's getting into and everything you know I keep seeing everybody using TikTok and everything and that's where I started my thing with TikTok. And since the app is so new, the reach is phenomenal. You can you can get a million views on a single video, you know, in a day, it's ridiculous. Yeah. 

Dave:   Yeah it is. It's crazy. So do you see yourself using TikTok, like for the long term? Are you setting up multiple streams of traffic?

Matt:   So I am actually working on multiple streams of traffic, pretty much using my TikTok to funnel. My other followers into, you know, I started a new YouTube and Facebook and all that stuff pretty much it's my funnel, that's what I'm using it for. 

Dave: So you've gotten about 10,000 plus followers on Tik Tok and that's been in how long has it taken you to generate those 10,000 followers, 

Matt: About four months, 

Dave: Okay, and you're at @thevetrepreneur is your TikTok handle if we want to throw that up on the screen here. It's actually @thevetrepreneur just like Matt Moxley @thevetrepreneur right there. There it is. So you guys can go and follow him, and as I say, with all of our, you know, all of our all of our family here, go follow him, lift him up, like his stuff, comment on his stuff. So, What has been the most, most effective technique that you've used on TikTok?

Matt:   So what I like to do is all the bigger names that are having, like, what, like a whole lot of success on their videos, I'll just simply go find out what they're doing. And just like, I'll take their video and I'll mimic it, and pretty much make that video my own. Use same hashtags and whatnot. 

Dave:   So you're basically just straight up modeling, other successful content.

Matt: Yeah

Dave:   I think guys that might have been the, the simplest explanation I've ever heard. When I've asked somebody that question. Other times people go into like this kind of complicated explanation and he's just like, I find stuff that really takes off, model the video, use the same hashtags, period. 

Matt:   That's it, I mean just mimic what works.

Dave:   Yeah. So is there anything in the way that you do thumbnails or use text or anything else, in terms of your top one or two tips that you would give us that's worked really well with using TikTok for your affiliate marketing business?

 Matt:   Just, just, like, if you're not mimicking other videos and you want more original videos make sure you hook that follower within the first three seconds. Like, that's about the attention span anybody's on TikTok, you got about three seconds to hook them, and I'm just going to swipe up. 

Dave:   Yeah, yeah that's the old swipe, swipeidydoodah right? You just, just like everybody's getting swiped nowadays, it's like we're but people are dating, right swipe to the right swipe to the left, right and that what you know, people are TikTok and you're swiping up you're swiping down you're swiping all around. Holy smokes. We're all just trying not to get swiped that much, that's what life has come to now, Bro, just trying not to get swiped. Try not to get swiped like jeez, man. So, what else would you, what else would you recommend to somebody who's starting out in their first couple of months? Something that you did right? Something that you would have done different?  

Matt:   I'm gonna say put the work in, like, it's… So when you first start now, it's going to take more work than you're actually thinking it's going to, and I remember staying up late. Late nights trying to get all you know building my landing page, making sure my funnels are working, checking my email sequences and all that stuff. So it's, you know, people don't realize that, yeah, you're gonna need to put in a ton of work at the beginning, but once you have all that figured out and all its tested and everything like that, it's smooth sailing. After that, All you have to do is put in you know, two hours of work a day, you know, if you're wanting to, and it's smooth sailing. 

Dave:   So what does a normal day in your life look like? Where do you carve out the time to, like, what is your morning routine or your daily schedule or structure look like?

Matt:   So, my wife gets up and goes to work. I'm usually up at about seven o'clock AM. Coffee is.. I’m a coffee addict. So, coffee is like my first thing to do in the morning. Then, my kids are usually awake, you know playtime, breakfast, so I'm a stay at home dad. Hang out with the kids usually carve out business time. If they're taking naps sometimes they don't get to take a nap. And once my wife comes home, and we have supper and whatnot I’ll carve in some time around bed time and just work late at night. 

Dave:   So you're really blending building your business with, with, with kind of doing a stay at home dad deal right now. Oh yeah absolutely up for you, bro. Good for you. You know I really am happy for you man, since you were away from your kids for so long, you know, serving your country and now you're, you're coming home and you're staying, you're staying home with your kids and you're taking on that, you know, there's a lot of guys who are too, who are too quote on quote tough for that brother. And you know what, just what what a what a, what an unfortunate story that they've got in their head and you're just soaking up all that time and building a business on the side. It's a real honorable thing, man. Your kids are going to remember that, you know?

Matt:   Yeah right, it's, it's my favorite thing, just just to be able to you know sit on the couch, watch a movie on the TV and just, you know, snuggle up to my kids. Well, we're just hanging out, it's fantastic. 

Dave:   How old are your kids again?

Matt:   So I've got a five year old and a three year old 

Dave:   Man, just what a great, what a great age, my daughter, or she's about to turn five and she's just, it's, it's just the best time and my son he's four months and he's just starting to laugh, of course, I've got an older one as well but those times when they're, you know, when they're, when they're in that those toddler phases, it's just a beautiful, beautiful time man, and I'm so glad that you're able to get that now, and that this business is helping you out, to be able to, to, to spend more time at home, to not miss any more of those moments. And you missed it for good reason. I mean there's honor in what you did, brother. But now, that time is behind you, and you're, you're blazing a new path, a new trail. I think in the, you know, not only are you looking to get back time or make more time, but also your, you're going to, you're going to change the dynamic for your family's future. In what your kids see daddy doing. And I think, I think those of us who are not setting our kids up with the skills, these digital skills, not just sitting in front of YouTube all day, but I mean really understanding how the internet works, and how digital marketing works and how to leverage the internet, to be able to build a business to be able to, you know, reach hundreds of 1000s Millions of people instead of just those who were at our local area, I think are really setting our kids up for success. It's really, I think, a great gift that we give our kids just them seeing us doing it. And then if they're interested as they get older, you know, my oldest is working for me now, and it's, it's, you know, I hope that that we all, if we have little ones have the, you know, I think just realize that remember that that it's not just something, it's not just the money that we make, or the time that we have. It's also the skills in the way of living and doing business and blending work in life together, Matt, blending work in life together to where they're not two separate things, to where daddy leaves the house, and then he comes back, but I'm blending the two together. I think that's a real powerful thing, I, you know for me I obviously have some separation, but there's not a lot, right, because I have to have separation and boundaries but there's not a lot. Right, so I don't miss a whole lot of time with my kids. What final piece of advice, my brother would you give to people who are, who are sort of at that place to where they…this is not just the newbie, you know, those, those who I don't like that word but people who are just starting out.

Matt:   Right

Dave:   What about the people who have been at it for a little bit, right, is that are at the same, at the same kind of maybe milestone that you're at? What are you thinking about what is keeping you motivated every day? Is it the results that you're getting? Is it the vision? Is it what you see the opportunity that you see in the future for this business? Tell us what is pulling you towards continuing to build. 

Matt:   So pretty much it is, as long as I continue to build what I'm doing. I continue to have the time that I want, and that's that is my, My, my thing, I guess. So, what I see is the future, you know, as my business builds, I'll be able to go on more you know extravagant vacations and maybe go travel around the world and things of that nature. I can have experiences with my family instead of, you know, going to work, coming home and then, you know, setting out a time of year to have vacation and time and all that stuff the fun time with my family, as long as I continue to build and focus on this business, I will be able to have time to go do what I want to with the, you know, the time that I have with family I have make more memories. 

Dave:   Right, yeah, that's all about the memories, and even if you and your wife want to go away for a couple of days you don't have to stay gone for 15, 16 months right you can just come home. The kids will only miss you for a few days. 

Matt:   Yeah, absolutely. 

Dave:   That's a very healthy thing to do by the way, very healthy thing for us parents who feel guilty for going in doing some r&r Don't. It's a, it's a needed thing that we all, I've realized is a very healthy behavior. And for entrepreneurs like us. Sometimes we have a hard time doing that right we have a hard time relaxing. I know I do. I always think that I should actually be doing something. Yeah. So what's your final question, what's been your experience here at Legendary what, what, what have you. How has it been I mean what's, what's been the experience so far for you. 

Matt:   It's. It's been phenomenal. You know I wouldn't be here without legendary and the, and especially the community, it's, it's awesome, you know, jump on Facebook, if you have a question type it up every you know, help is always there, and the education is phenomenal. I would not be here being able to you know be home with my kids and have the time that I need without going through all the education stuff, and having the community that can back me up, if I have any questions and things like that. 

Dave:   Community is a big deal, you know, one of the things that I think really matters, just in regular life, in terms of, you know, the where we end up in life, unfortunately, which is something that we have no control over, is our family environment. When we're growing up, right, how much support, do we have, how much trauma and drama is there. And so I think that, you know, and that's why I think it's probably so important for you to be the dad that you are saying with me. We always want to be better than our parents, right? And our parents want us to be better than they were. But, what, what, what I also the reason why I say that is because I think that family, environment in business community support is also important, too, and can determine a lot of our success. So I think that every day for me I know that every time I hear somebody say something about our community and the support. I know that we're doing the right thing because at the end of the day, just like there's no handbook for parenting. You know there's books and stuff like that. The same thing for being an entrepreneur, I mean we do our best to try to teach, but a lot of times you have to just a lot of times it really is damn I just busted my head and I need some people to just remind me that I'm gonna be okay. Yeah. So, we're here for you. Brother, if you bust your head know that it's gonna be okay. If you need us to pick you up, we will. Thanks for sharing your time bro, and, you know, a little bit about your story. I know you're busy, you've got the kids there so I don't want to keep you too long, thank you for your service man, let me know if there's anything I can do for you, and I hope you'll come back here in a couple of months and keep us posted. 

Matt:   Absolutely. 

Dave:   All right, Matt, be well, give your family. Our best man. 

Matt:   Oh absolutely.

Dave:   We'll see you buddy. All right, my friends. It is Monday, it's game time, it's time to rock and roll, it's time to be legendary. Right, this is the moment. Okay. Have a fantastic week, the month is still young. Okay, we've just crossed over the middle part of this month. Hopefully you're tracking your results for this month. You can track and compare from month to month, we've got also really three quarters of the year left. So those of you who are looking to make 2020 your best year ever. You've got plenty of time to do it, plenty of time to do it. Now the small intimidating insignificant moments, like an old Monday morning. These are the times that are the difference makers. So have a great day, be legendary guys we'll see you back here tomorrow 10am Eastern Time for wakeup legendary with another guest I want to thank Matt, you can go follow him on TikTok at the vet printer Johnson love. I'm sure it'll be there to help you and support you anyway he can as well, and flip each other up. Okay guys, we'll see you back here tomorrow,peace, get the hell out of here.

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