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How To Overcome Internal Fears & Finally Commit To Your Affiliate Marketing Business


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Dave:   What's going on, my friends, this is David Sharpe Welcome to Wake Up Legendary every single weekday. That's five out of the seven days we go live with another student who's had success, and is using, utilizing the training and the systems that we've set up here are being supported by the community. I don't know any other company program that does that, that brings so many real people to have so many real conversations totally unscripted, totally unscripted, no setups, no nothing no BS behind the scenes. So with that being said today, we have Wyatt, okay, Wyatt is in Florida. Okay, he's from Ohio. He's a manager at a bistro and is building his business, sort of on the side, and has had some, some starter success that's given him some excitement and he's got some, some secrets about overcoming fear, they're probably going to be things that are right in front of your nose. Sometimes we realize that secrets aren't really secrets, but they kind of feel like at some times, right when we feel like we don't have, whatever we're looking for to break through. So with that being said let's hear from him, Wyatt Musser what's going on my brother.

Wyatt:   Hey, not much. Happy to be here.

Dave:   Good to see you man. Sorry to flop on your name like that. It's Wyatt Musser right. There you go, man. Love it, love it. So, you are in Florida is that right?

Wyatt:   Yeah, Pensacola, an hour behind you guys.

Dave:   Okay you're up in the panhandle. Okay, okay, and you came from Ohio?

Wyatt:   Yeah, we moved here about two months ago. 

Dave:   Wow. Yeah. Okay. 

Wyatt:   I started Legendary just before we moved right before we moved out.

Dave:   Okay, okay, well welcome to Florida and welcome to legendary my friend. Yeah, yeah. Florida is my, my native land here so I'm a native Floridian one of the only ones in the state, you know, it's a rare thing, I'm a rare species, my friend.

Wyatt:   I'm noticing. Yeah, it’s pretty rare to meet Floridians here.

Dave:   Yeah I mean I think the Panhandle may have more I'm not really sure I haven't spent a whole lot of time up there guys to Panhandle is, you know that little kind of strip up at the top of Florida, which has probably besides Tallahassee and Jacksonville the least population the majority is in Orlando, Tampa, in Miami, Boca Raton stuff like that but there's some beautiful, there's some beautiful land up there some good. So are you by the beach?

Wyatt:   Yeah, it takes me about 25 minutes to get there, there's tons of inlets everywhere salt Yeah, yeah, I can get the salt water in about eight minutes from where I'm at.

Dave:    Do you like to fish?

Wyatt:   I'm not being on fishing. My oldest son is fishing so I'm definitely learning more from him.  Yeah, and in salt water it’s a whole different ball game from where I came from, which is the river.

Dave:   Yeah, right, right, right, yeah it is it's it's to me it's more fun. Salt water, bigger fish, more species, you know, just more you can do out there, you know, the deeper you go and off the Panhandle it drops off really quick so it gets deep really fast, up in the panhandle. So anyways, we'll talk about fishing more later. Let's talk about your journey here so you started, legendary and I guess your affiliate marketing journey. Just a few months ago, is that right, what led you to that how'd you stumble upon all this stuff? 

Wyatt:   TickTock, like most. 

Dave:   That Dad-gum TikTok, I’m telling you man. Occasionally we bring a tweeter in or a YouTuber, you know, or a Facebooker or something but I tell you there's a whole lot of TikTokers so what happened, take us through that the, the, kind of, you know what led you to that sales page?

Wyatt:   I met a guy there that makes 300,000 doing this, And he talked about how he made 300,000 and worked a whole hour and a half, two hours a day, and I was like, what is that? I was already in an MLM at the time. And, and I was like, Man, I gotta see what this is about so click those links and just signed up, and I just, first thing I did, I just started the 15 Day Challenge. I talked to my advisor, got the blueprints and just started, and just made the commitment and big deal. I mean, just, I knew that I needed something and I was like, I gotta make it happen. 

Dave:   Yeah. So do you feel like you're in the mindset to make it happen and do you feel like you have the business model and the strategy to make it happen now versus, whatever you've done in the past?

Wyatt:   Oh yeah, I mean, I haven't even tapped into probably 1% of everything that you guys have, I mean, there's a lot that you guys offer and I've, I've, I keep going back through a decade and a day and working on, you know the things that are in there, and I'm barely tapped into all the things that, that you guys have to offer because there's, like, like you've talked about in all the videos there there's just hundreds of hours it seems of different content to keep promoting and to help your business just flourish. So, definitely, definitely, yeah. 

Dave:   Yeah, so, you know, there's, there's a challenge with, with learning and earning too, right. So, you have to make sure and I just want to offer you this. And I want to offer this to everybody. Is that one of the reasons why our blueprint students we get on the decade in a day which is an all day workshop with Matt and I, you know, we want to get people into action, because there, there's a safe place in going through, you know, education, to where we feel like we're building a business but we're not actually taking any action. You know, we're not, we're not taking action yet. And it doesn't mean that we don't have intention to do so, but it's just a little bit of a forewarning for everybody to make sure that you know we blend our learning with daily practices, and daily actions and income producing activities. And education is certainly an income producing activity because the more you know, the more you have the potential to learn, or excuse me, around but at the same time, we want to make sure that we don't become a lifetime learners, you know. So I'm thrilled that you put your money where your mouth is, I think, for me, in a sense, I have no guilt or don't try to hide the fact that we have higher education that's a larger investment because I know all the things that I've invested, put my money where my mouth is. It made me more serious, not only did I get more advanced information but made me more serious and that's one of our topics, is how to overcome fear and finally commit. Now for me, that's one of the tools that I've used to commit. Right, when I put my money where my mouth is I put my money down I pay for something. I'm instantly more accountable for it, because when it's, when it's, when I don't pay I have a tendency not to really pay attention. So there's obviously other things that I've used to overcome fear, and finally commit. What are some of the things that you've used Wyatt, over the past couple of months to help you overcome fear, and finally commit?

Wyatt:   What have I used to finally commit? So for me it all started with. I was financially, up against a wall. I had a lot of things that were stacking up for me. And I think, kind of as the Father, I feel that I have a job to do, not, you know, you just have that instinct to to bring home the bacon in any way possible. And having, Having this list, and this like personal debt that I had, and all these things, it made me like it lit a fire under me for the fact because my, I mean, to be frank my MLM drove me into the ground. Purchasing product and blah blah blah. So I just, I had to, I had to commit to something that can make more money than my day job because we all know, you're never going to make the sort of income you want from a nine to five. So maybe I'm not sure if that's exactly what you're asking, but being up against the wall is what made me really fully commit and made me take it very seriously.

Dave:   Yeah, well I mean, we asked you what you what you thought would be a good topic a good headline and you were, you had mentioned getting out of fear and heading towards commitment so what, what are the what are some of the pieces that have helped you I guess to get out of fear? Right, to get in, What you're describing is, I can understand where some of that fear is coming from because financial debt is something Wyatt, the majority of the large majority of people in this country have. So it's no secret that you know we always act like it's a secret. We all, nobody wants to talk about it, but everybody has debt. When I say everybody I mean like 99% of people have debt, there's a very small percentage of people who are quote debt free. So, debt is a big piece that I think adds a lot of fear to people's life right? I was just talking to somebody the other day who said I have $25,000 worth of debt, and it's like a, it's like this thing that haunts me right it's like I think about it all the time and it's kind of hard to have the confidence that I need to have with anything with any marketing business entrepreneur, right, to have the confidence to speak because I have this debt, it's I feel like it's like I'm, it's like part of my imposter syndrome. So, I don't know if that's part of the fear that you've had to overcome. It sounds like it. Probably still overcoming it right and then, then you get into marketing right and it's like you've got other things that you have to overcome. So did I hit the nail on the head in terms of that being one of the fears that you had to overcome. And what other fears do you have, are you working on overcoming?

Wyatt:   More commitment that the fear of. I think we all have the fear of failure. I don't, I don't want to become a failure, use this business model and become a failure from it. But honestly I think that that is overcome just by committing more and showing up every day. You know if I've learned anything that you cannot fail. If you're here every day, showing up and trying to make more things that have brought me out of fear.

Dave:   Well was it difficult for you. What I'm sure what I want to understand and identify first is what were your fears. For example, I'm looking at your TikTok, and you've got, you know, 30 something thousand followers on your TikTok, so congratulations on that.

Wyatt:   Thank you. 

Dave:   Did you have fear around creating content, and in marketing. I mean obviously you're using yourself your face as your personal brand was there any fear around that?

Wyatt:   Not particularly because I did that with my MLM somewhat but marketing doing going down a different path was absolutely fearful for me because it was unknown territory, I was kind of learning things on the fly, and using other marketers content to help create my own, and trying to educate myself at the same time. I'm a talker, I don't mind to show my face. Not it's not a big deal to me. Yeah, but it's definitely puts you in fear land when you're trying to start something new, and, and talk about it and promote it at the same time.

Dave:   Yeah. Yeah. It's interesting, I'm looking at some of the comments and some people, it's it's a mixed bag of different things that people have, you know, have sort of have as fears, you know, certainly the debt sort of rang a bell for people, you know, Brad says debt can permeate every and every effect every aspect of your life, and says debt is not cool worst is that the system is broken, in school that graduated from college with $80,000 in debt. King says there's good debts and bad debts, I believe that. So, so what, what, uh, so let's, I'm interested in the transition from a business for you, that you, I don't like the word fail dude because it's just like got a negative connotation but, you know, you, you, you, if we're going to use the word fail let's at least say failed forward, right, in this MLM that you say you were doing before. So, how did you approach this or how are you approaching this with a new, with an open mindset with a positive mindset with a hopeful mindset? And with success principles, floating around hopefully in your inner matrix, right inside of your head when you came off of something that I'm sure you were excited about when you started that, and it didn't particularly turn out the way that you want it, how are you dealing with that now pivoting into a different direction?

Wyatt:   Well, honestly, it takes less time. For one, this takes this takes, you know, as much time as you want but I was working constantly with the other one and, you know, just because you fail one thing doesn't mean that you can't, like, like you said fail forward, maybe I didn't fail. The other thing, it just didn't take off for me. Things gotta take off just right in an MLM. And it just didn't work for me so I was like, you know, this is something I'm good at I can talk to people I can you know I was already doing one on one mentorship for free, you know, I wasn't really getting anything from it so I was already doing zoom meetings with our with our team and, and things like that and it just, none of that ever worked.

Dave:   Right, yeah, a lot I’m laughing because MLM is just, it's a different animal isn't it bro. Yeah,

Wyatt:   I mean, one half of 1% new really well, and no kill it, you know, that's how we got started using that potential. It just doesn't work out that way, you know.

Dave:   I thank God for MLM, I like I really do. I mean, because it's like, it was the thing that got me out of that telemarketing I was, I was doing telemarketing, man and I had a girl named Katrina walk up to me. I mean drug treatment, well, like this is back in 2004, and I had a lady named Katrina walk up to me and say, Man, you know, I've been watching you, you're a sharp guy thinking, glad somebody finally noticed you know, and by the way, that's also my name right, did you keep your business options open. I said, You know what, Katrina. I got a little extra time right now, I do keep what you got, like, of course I got all the time in the world I'm like just getting out of drug treatment. But yeah, like that was my first thing I went over to a presentation. She locked the door, rolled out the whiteboard, and I was like I'm getting rich and this freakin pyramid. I love pyramids, you know, and, and yeah, man, I mean like it taught me a lot of really good business and entrepreneurial skills, and I think that's one of the interesting takeaways for me. That helps me also overcome fear of the future if something in the past didn't work out, is I look at all of the, the silver lining like I look at all of the things that I actually learned and developed in that experience. One was grit and perseverance, right to be able to persevere through something that is so hard. Dude MLM if you're doing it offline the traditional way. I had an old 1990 Bro, I had a 1990 Ford F150 that I had to start with a screwdriver, this thing was the beast, and I had magnets that I would stick to the side of this thing and drive around and hope that somebody would call me. You know, like that's how I was marketing like it was the hardest thing in the world. So for me it taught me, like a lot of perseverance, right, and it, like I really, I think that's one of the things why that's helped me to be successful. Is that when something doesn't quite work out or, or happened to my expectation, I have a tendency to try to see what I did get out of it, instead of what, you know, all the, how it didn't work out the way that I thought, what's coming up for you?

Wyatt:   Well, you know, the one good thing that came from it that actually excelled me into this and at some that you talk about too, is personal development, you know, you talk about Rich Dad Poor Dad. And, you know, I definitely started listening to PD. When I started the MLM TV.That's an MLM, like you even got an abbreviation for personal development, broke down so I started, I started listening to audio books. Four years ago, and I did I did this MLM for three and a half years. And, gosh.

Dave:   In MLM when you get into it. The first thing is like get on that PD, like daily dose, right, morning, noon and night audience all that that like it's just kind of like, yeah, and I feel like the personal development without the right business model, you just kind of chasing your tail that's why for me. You know, when I, when I, when I, when I discovered selling information, as a business. I began turning around, Dude, and this is something for you to think about and consider bro, is that I actually turned around and started selling information. Okay, to network marketers, I want to show you guys something. Can I show it can I take you behind the scenes of one of my most successful product funnels ever just selling information to network marketers would that be cool?

Wyatt:   Sure

Dave:     I'll show you real quick. So, this is obviously a. This is obviously a, a, like, later in life, iteration of what I learned to do by starting out selling affiliate prop training, I was an affiliate for products that sold training to network marketers. Okay, that's how I started in this information marketing game, high ticket mid ticket low ticket all that stuff. Right and then I started, eventually I moved from being an affiliate, this is what I want you guys to understand that this whole core core concept that we teach here isn't just something that we pulled out of our old hiney. We, this is my path, this is Matt Hetzels path. This is the path that all the Guru's that you see, probably people that you've been listened to in MLM like Tony Robbins and Danny Johnson and Eric Worry and all these guys right who talks specifically, anyways to network marketers. What they are doing, they're selling picks and shovels to network marketers, not particularly building the business itself. And when I realized that when I realized, instead of, instead of trying to be an accountant, I could teach and show, accountants, how to get more leads, how to build their business. So it's kind of like this. It's kind of like this gold rush concept. Okay, back, back in the Gold Rush, Wyatt. There was people who dug for gold and a very small percentage of those people actually made money right found gold. And then there was people that along the roads, sold picks and shovels to those people who were going to buy dig for gold. Every single one of them made money because they sold the tools that these, these hungry people needed, and when I realized that dude, the game changed. And then what happened, why it was that I built this email list and I built this following of people from selling information and training to network marketers that later when I got into Network Marketing again. Okay, I got into Network Marketing back in 2016, again, now this was right before we launched Legendary. I got into a network marketing company we were selling physical products, we were selling water filtration devices, okay. And it was it was an MLM Dude, it was it had an, it had a multi level commission structure affiliate structure. Okay. And I absolutely crushed it, right, this was actually one of the, this is, this is a picture that I took, funny picture I'm showing it, not to make an income claim here because, right, that's that's not what I'm trying to do this company shows, sends an individual check dude to for every commission that you earned bro. So, I had like 1000s of chat. I'm serious. It was hilarious. Right. But I want to show you this bro, I want to show you this, so this is a sales page for a product that I that I sold called simple signup system, and, and it this is a basic sales page, hard, good good hard hitting copy. Okay, tells my story, right, my hero script story what it was like, What happened and what it's like now. And then, and then basically talks about the product, talks about this the the, basically it's a five video information product that I sold for $3.95 Right, so there was, there was, there was an introduction, or there was five modules so five videos. And what I taught in that video bro, or in this course was I taught basically people how to use a land, you know how to use a sales funnel, how to use an autoresponder email follow up, how to close people over the phone with a, with a, with a process and a script like simple stuff, right, gave them some bonuses some email templates video scripts, stuff like that. And I offered them a call, when they, when they got the when they bought the course it on the call I would sell a $997 information, or one day workshop right it was $395, right had a little order bump here for $19.95 stuff like this. But, you know, it was just a simple little sales video. And this was again my transition from going from, you know from going from, you know, being an affiliate, to, to then selling my own digital products and you can see effortlessly get signups into your network marketing business everyday without using old outdated recruiting methods you hate, former construction worker reveals the simple sign up system he used to sign up over 3000 people and build a team of 250,000 online, right. So that's kind of, You know, that's it. Is this making sense to you?

Wyatt: Yeah, it is.

Dave:   What's coming up for you what's coming up for you as I'm as I'm going through this and kind of showing you this kind of evolution of me selling information and learning about the picks and shovels and all that.

Wyatt:   You know, I didn't. It's something I've never really thought of in terms of being the person there, and when you said that, you know, you're talking about the people that were in the in the, the PD. About that they're like Tony Robbins, per se, I was, you know, I never thought of that that they're just like the pick and shovel guys, like, it's just something I never thought of. 

Dave:   Right. It's funny, it's just kind of mind blowing, isn't it is you kind of feel like you kind of, you kind of feel like damn like I've been on the wrong side of the business this whole time. Right, like I've been on the wrong side of the business, like, for me, like the truth about MLM is, is that, like, the owners who are kind of, you know, again, I used to hate here in the pyramid analogy when I was doing MLM like it was, but it's kind of true. Right. It's kind of like the people who are at the top of the pyramid make money because the Commission's flow it up to them. Right. It's like, it's it without really any extra effort like products are being sold or whatever but you know they're getting a cut, as, as, as the company for the profit, whatever the margin is but then they're also getting breakage in the compensation plan. Right, we're here as me. In the company here, we don't have commissions that are floating up to us right if affiliates are promoting our shit, it's just, they get all the money we have a profit, everybody knows what it is, there's not breakage all this kind of stuff. It's just we pay our payroll, we pay commissions, we it's just kind of a simple business model, right. And then the other people who are making money other people were selling training. And actually bro if you want a history lesson in MLM like a lot of the, the personal development. The reason why that started to become such a heavy thing in MLM, was because back in the Amway days, the top earners actually created a tapes business that had a separate compensation plan outside of the actual MLM, and they sold that to the distributors. So not only did they make money from the top producers and make money from their downline, but the majority of the money was actually selling, personal development, audios and stuff that they made to their teams. So that's how personal development became such a big deal in MLM. There's a lot to learn from that, I mean, the number one thing that I learned was the people that are selling the information really are the ones who make the money the the educators, right, and if you can sell your information to a specific to a targeted party who's really in need of that solution, then the price, instead it's instantly worth more than in the market determines that price they're willing to pay more because it's more, it's more specific information and solutions to their specific problems, you know what I mean? It's kind of like if you're having a heart attack, a kidney doctor is really no good to you man, but a heart doctor is like. Right? So if you want to make more money it's somebody who can teach you how to make money online, that's like, that's instantly insanely valuable to you, if you have marriage problems, and somebody has a solution and a course or an ebook or something, or a seminar that's specific to that problem and that is instantly of higher value to you. So that's, that's kind of what we're all about here, what, what, that's what we're trying to sort of wake people up to, In this not wake people up but teach people not only the strategy of selling information, but also the difference between selling information and all these other business models, because all these other business models, it's not that they're bad, it's not that you can't, it's not that you can't succeed in them because other people are succeeding in them. It's just that there's a lot of moving parts, and in some cases, the playing field isn't particularly leveled for everybody. Right, so it's more difficult, like in MLM if you get in late, or whatever. You know what I mean. So, anyways.  What is your I mean what would you say about Legendary? Would you recommend legendary to some, some of your other MLM friends. What has your experience here been like?

Wyatt:   You want to know something, I've already had a couple ask me. Yeah, come out to me and be like, What are you doing now, but as soon as I'm sorry what did you ask me?

Dave:   Yeah just what's your experience here been like so far I mean has it has it been positive like would you recommend somebody who's sitting on the sales page of Legendary right now getting ready to take the challenge to do it, man.

Wyatt:    Yeah, you got to commit, you got to commit, I would. It's, there's so much value. You really can't put a price on it, it can be worth so much more like it's shown in the video, you know, when you're stuck on the sales page what things are actually valued that they're probably worth more than that. I feel the Legendary. It's in a league of its own. You know, I signed up on a whim charged new credit card due to my debt, and was like, I'm just gonna make it back, you know, I made that commitment for myself, and, you know, it's definitely something I would say, do it. If you're not sure about it, just do it because you're, you're going to be able to educate yourself constantly, like you said, though, you got to implement your education and not be a full time learner, but an action dealer. But with the amount of content and you guys, update it and add stuff all the time, there's always things to be learning on there for sure. 

Dave:   I got a I got a big update for you coming in the blueprint section it's going to be coming here this, it's, it's wide honestly, I'm not trying to blow smoke up my own ass because, you know, I'm conscious of that, I don't, I don't drink my own Kool Aid i Seriously dude, it's a bad thing when people get drinking their own kool aid but I'm really excited about our new for those of you who don't know what why it's talking about in terms of updating our stuff. You know the affiliate business blueprint is one of the four blueprints that come with our Blueprints bundle, and anytime we have a change to the 15 day challenge or an update, or one of the blueprints, we just offer that for free to anybody who's purchased that product versus doing another big launch and making people buy it again so. So there's a big update coming to the affiliate marketing business blueprint, and I'm excited about it. I think it's just going to be more helpful, and just more resources for everybody but dude. Thank you so much. Congrats on your, on your initial success, and it's only just the beginning. The beautiful thing is Wyatt, these don't have the skills that you're learning this time that you're spending, is it just applicable to turning around and, and, you know, recruiting people, or whatever building. This is not a biz op man this is not an MLM. Right, so regardless of what niche you pick. You can use these skill sets to succeed in that niche selling those products if it's the make money online space, great. If it's the health space, great. If it's the network marketing space, fantastic, and I'm going to share some resources with you brother. To help you if you ever wanted to turn around and sell information and training to network marketers, After the call. Okay, so stick around, stick around, I want to just give you a couple of bonus things that I think will be helpful to you, and hopefully you'll come back and keep us posted my brother. 

Wyatt:   Absolutely. Thanks for having me.

Dave:   All right, thanks buddy. All right, guys. Yes, that is his TikTok 30 something thousand followers on tick tock, go support him, give him a follow could add them to your mastermind your, your network, you know, I was thinking about this the other day when I was looking at some of my friends who were not into PT and not into, not into you know building, you know, bettering themselves. And I just, they hang out a lot and their lives are kind of, I wouldn't call I wouldn't trade with them. And it got me thinking about you're the, the average of the five people you hang around most, right, and so one of the reasons why I think it's so important, and us MLMers we've heard that a million times that that phrase, but it really is true and one of the reasons why I think this show is so powerful is because you don't just get to add five people you can add five people to your network in a week. Right, you can add five people just on the show to your network in a week, to be able to have people to model content to get ideas from to connect with, to see how you can help them. Wait, hold on, Dave. Shouldn't they be helping me? Well, maybe. But if I go into a relationship, thinking about how I can help them, how I can help them. You know I'm probably gonna get more out of it. In return, right, because what I put out comes back. So food for thought. Give Wyatt a follow on Tik Tok connect with him. Guys we'll see you back here tomorrow for another episode of Wake Up Legendary at 10am Eastern time. For those of you who are wondering, you can also do this deal see this, this little number on the screen you can text Wu L to that number on the screen, and you'll get a, you'll get a notification on your phone every day just a little text message we will spam or bombard you just a little reminder hey here's. We're going live with this person at 10am Eastern time in the morning, and if you want some of this swag. Be Legendary dot shop. Okay, it's not a profit center for us we're not trying to push hats and T shirts, honestly, it took us forever to even get the site up because we don't really give a shit that much about that. Right, we're here selling information and education and courses, but if you want some cool swag, you can go over there and pick it up. We'll see you guys back here tomorrow, peace be well, be Legendary. Get the hell out of here.

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