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March 17th – 23rd, 2023

Your Weekly Legend for March 17th-23rd

I got a bone to pick with you…

Regularly, we’re asked for Wake Up Legendary episodes that have someone in a unique niche or someone that is newer or it took more time for their business to take off. 

And when those requests come in I scratch my head and think to myself – where did I screw up? 

Because…first of all everyday there is someone new that shares they’re in month 9, month 14, month, and how they started from zero followers, and didn’t have overnight success. 

That is the norm and we showcase it almost daily. 

Then we’ve had guests in parenting, dating, pet niche, mindset and manifesting, those promoting their own digital products, those doing their own events, and most recently 2 really cool and different niches…AVIATION and COOKING. 

But here’s where my blood boils…

They were 2 of the lowest watched episodes.  



In our Blueprints group, we have tons of students in the women’s health niche, travel, fitness, and pets to name some of the bigger ones. (I know because I took a poll and see the questions asked in the group and on our daily live support calls) 

So my next assumption is, many of you think you can only get value from an interview that is talking about the specific niche you want to go into. 

And that’s where you’re missing the mark. 

I don't want you to box yourself in…

I don’t want you to just rinse and repeat what someone else is doing. (Trust me, there’s a lot of of that out there right now with other products) 

It looks easy to just buy something and turn around and sell it. 

And you can’t do that here so suddenly what you’re learning here feels “hard.” 

The truth is nothing is easy. 

Learning digital marketing skills, really learning them is knowing how to apply them to ANY niche, to ANY audience, for ANY product. 

And we absolutely believe YOU can learn them. 

When you listen to others' stories, their journey, their struggles and their wins, you can see how they connected the dots of marketing strategy to their niche and audience of choice. 

We are here to teach you the skills. 

We are here to teach you the strategies.

We are here to empower you with knowledge. 

We are here to cheer you on, as you find your passion and take the marketing skills you learn and apply them in the real world. 

(which you already know) 

We want you to think…BIGGER for yourself.

But one of the best ways to bring it all together and see it applied…

Watch Wake Up Legendary for FREE daily training and real world examples.

Listen to what the guest shares, take notes, and apply their advice to your own niche and what you're learning. 

Use Wake Up Legendary as a guide to spark creativity, spark your own ideas for your own business, and then take action. 

Basically…don’t watch an episode or follow someone because of the NICHE they're in. 

Look deeper beyond the surface details. 

You'll get way more value out of each interview with that change in mindset. 

I also want to make sure I get you what you've asked for…since I clearly missed the mark as well. 

So here it is…

Wanna watch two awesome episodes that are jam packed with advice for those starting out? (AND happen to be in two unique niches) 

Here ya go:

AVIATION NICHE (This guest was in a different niche for 10 months until finally making the switch to aviation, where is love and excitement lives) 

COOKING NICHE (No she’s not a professionally trained cook, but she shares her LOVE of cooking and creating with her audience, and has her own book!) 

I don’t share the above because of the niche, but because they're both JAMMED full of advice, struggles, wins, and share what it looks like when you go all in to building your own business…virtually. 


As always…

Stay Legendary,

Mark Your Calendars

Monday, March 18th

Wake Up Legendary at 10 am EST

Michelle Garabito is a real estate company owner who wanted to have more freedom in her life while also helping other people. Tune in live to hear how she gained a fast following online through her authentic content creation!

Tuesday, March 19th

Wake Up Legendary at 10 am EST

Nikki Willey is a full time gym manager who  wanted to be able to spend more time traveling with her family and homeschooling her children. Tune in live to hear how she is using her perseverance to build a digital marketing business.

Wednesday, March 20th

Wake Up Legendary at 10am EST

Sarah Thompson is a former physical therapist who wanted to help people and bring more income to her family but spend less time in the office. Tune in live to hear how she built her online business through going live on social media and creating genuine connection with her audience.

Thursday, February 23rd

Wake Up Legendary at 10am EST

Janelle Cheatham is a full time digital marketer and former nail art designer who wanted to spend more time with her family and end generational poverty. Tune in live to hear how she is building a thriving online business through her email subscribers list.

Friday, February 24th

Wake Up Legendary at 10am EST

Travis Huff is a full time Sales Tech Vice President who wanted more time to himself in his life without being tied to a corporate 40 year plan. Tune in to hear how he is on his way to accomplishing just that and how he grew his TikTok following to 20k in just 14 days!

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