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The Secret To Controlling The Outcome In Your Affiliate Marketing Business


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Dave:   Yo yo yo what's going on this is Dave Sharpe Welcome to wake up legendary. As you know we do these every single day of the week five days a week. Today we're going to be talking to Joe Henderson, and we're going to be talking about as you can see, a simple secret to controlling the outcome of your life in your business, this guy's got a great story, great mission, good dude. I can tell I'm excited to get to know him so with that being said, let's welcome to the digital stage of Wake Up Legendary Joe Henderson what's going on my brother.

Joe:    What's going on man, how are you?

Dave:   Excellent, excellent. So you're coming in from from Pennsylvania right right outside of Philadelphia?

Joe:   Yes sir. 

Dave:   Yeah, nice man, nice I like Philadelphia.

Joe:   Getting ready for the weather to be over, So I'm glad we're starting to break through. 

Dave:   I didn't say I'd like to live there. I just said I liked the city. So, so, dude. Tell us how this is your first online measure is doing, but first and foremost finding Legendary Marketer, starting out with a business model of affiliate marketing, tell us how you stumbled upon it, us, and what sort of piqued your interest to make you pull the trigger and get involved in sell want to spend some time learning this.

Joe:   Absolutely. So, like most people, I was just scrolling with tick tock one night and I came across somebody talking about legendary marketer and I you know I was I was always interested I always wanted to do something like have a side hustle and always work with my hands and any kind of side hustle I had restricted time promoting so I was always looking for different ways to make money or to you know, possibly branch out so I could spend more time with my family. So unfortunately, you know, first I saw that I scrolled past I didn't think anything of it, but you know I can't I saw on a couple more times, and I finally figured look I spent seven or $10 a day, easily at work on lunch or coffee or breakfast like I can take a chance and try to learn this. So, never did anything online before I never, you know, never tried to make money in dropshipping or things like that I looked into those but I just I never had any interest in just too much time, you know for too little of an unexpected gain. So I kept scrolling. I got in, I got into the 15 day challenge and I just loved it. I loved what the mission statement was, I love that, you know all the information I was getting in the first couple of days, I was overloaded with all this information was great, and you know I was, I was hooked. I really wanted to dive in and learn more about this because I saw that it applies so many different things, not only my life but just in general like you know once you understand a little bit about how affiliate marketing, how it breaks down, you see all these companies and opportunities that you just breeze by before you never looked into, so I took the challenge I've loved it. You know I've been growing ever since. 

Dave:   Nice, man. Nice. So you are full time. I don't. Equipment basically IT..

Joe:   I test all the equipment in substations, so like in high voltage substations from 13,000 volts, all the way up to 500,000 volts, I test all that to high voltage equipment breakers transformers things along them lines.

Dave:   We're not talking about 220 Here baby we're talking about when you're talking about. Putting a screwdriver in here and getting a little foggy.

Joe:   We test everything for compliance and make sure everything's stable so do the national electric grid is, it's up to par and safe in our system station. In Texas, a couple of weeks ago, we sent our linemen, you know, we're pretty big, pretty big local guys so guys stayed back and tested and alarm went down helped out. 

Dave:   Nice, man. Nice. So what So what, what is if we were to, first of all I want to I want to touch on this before we get into and I hope you don't I hope you don't mind me but you. I just feel like it's such a powerful thing you've been overcoming your entire life, and you lost both of your parents, by the age of 11. From health from health conditions, one with a heart attack and then cancer, and I was moved by that when I read that about you. And I just, I think so many of us, what's going on in our world feels like the biggest thing, and sometimes we put our, you know, metaphorically speaking anyways put our problems or things that we have to overcome on the table and then we start to hear other people share and then we're like okay I'll take my stuff back. When I hear something like that. I take my stuff back I become sort of grateful for my problems I still have my parents around. I'm grateful, and I feel blessed to have family around that was, that was an obstacle that you had to overcome really early on. And I wonder how that has shaped you in terms of overcoming obstacles, and, and facing unexpected difficulties in life and how you feel like that has either, you know, been a blip, it's, there's never a blessing in losing people but we try to find the silver lining and things right. What, how is that shaped you as a man?

Joe:   Sure, so I don't really talk about, I don't talk about it often but it's you know more just because I grew up with it right and I think that's a really good point that you begin to become so grateful, of not only your circumstances, but also people around you, I grew up in a lot of friends that had both their parents so they knew they couldn't relate on certain things I could see things they didn't see maybe you didn't appreciate, but I began in early age to realize that, you know, life's short so important to people that you really keep around you and your circle is so valuable because you don't have a lot of time here you don't have a lot of time with others so you want to be surrounded by the best people that are going to bring the best out of you and try to help you through those obstacles. So I was very blessed to have an older brother and a younger sister that like we were really tight knit and throughout all that we stayed together and we made sure that like we were okay, that was our court. And you know, as I guess getting older. I always had that support group to lean on, I always had somebody to like talk about my issues or my own problems and I always tried to reach out to the people that I saw going through that maybe later in life and kind of understand to be there for him like, Hey look, it's gonna be okay. Everything's gonna be alright. It's not gonna be a pain that just goes away. It's gonna be something you want to live with and appreciate, but then when obstacles came up in my life, you know I fought back. I was a guard when I was 11 years old. You know, I had no parents. You know I was living bounced around with different family members trying to kind of find my foothold. I hate to say this and I don't mean in a bad way but like three kids on anybody, is a burden, especially when you're, you know you're coming in, halfway through, how their values or how they've been brought up. You know my family, they might have had different rules so I bounced around for a little bit. I 16 I moved to my uncle, and it was the best thing for me, you know we needed that separation, you know, teenagers being together, you know, rambunctious and all we needed that, separation was great. He gave me exactly what I needed, he's like well, so on you, you figure it out, you go to school you graduate you have to work for extra money and you know he laid it out for me like I said it was me going to work 60, 70 hours a week, every week, I had no excuse to be lazy. You know I wasn't the best student but I was always willing to work hard and put myself in a situation to try and succeed. And then as absolute obstacles came up in my life I just thought about, well, you know, what choice I really have, you know like I can't sit here and just whoa or cry or be upset. I gotta, you know, find a way to do it and it's not always easy, and it's definitely not always a straight parents I've made way more mistakes than I'd like to admit. But I've you know and I've seen opportunities come and go by and I didn't take but I also found a way just keep pushing forward trying to get better and kind of you know, the people around me up because they were always trying to lift me up. So I think anybody that is out there just no you know any of this stuff, it's all doable. You just got to get your mindset for the day. You know you can be and do whatever you want to be sure to put yourself in that position and work until it happens really.

Dave:   Yeah, I love that and now you have a family right and you've got big, big, totally right, you got one on the way here pretty soon, I'll make one boy, one in the oven.

Joe:   I found out on Sunday it's a boy so I'm extremely excited first born, and I'm still carrying on the family.

Dave:   You're all, you're all smiles. I have a 4 month old boy at home too. And he's, he's something else. So, talk to talk so you've got now back into doing some marketing on Tik Tok, right, which is kind of an interesting kind of sort of coming full circle. And you guys can look Joe up we'll get his handle up on. Up on the screen here you've, you've built yourself up a nice little following on tick tock. I looked like you had 18,000 followers on there, your, your, what is that like bro from going, I know, I know personally, you know, being in construction and, you know, when I first started marketing. We, you know, I had a Nokia phone like iPhones weren't even really out I remember still recording. I feel like an old guy like I used to walk up two miles uphill in school, but seriously dude we filmed my videos on this little, little camera and then I would transfer it over onto the computer, and stuff like that. My point is, it was awkward. It was different. I was used to working with tools working on job sites traveling out to jobs, construction, etc. So what is this transition but like for you doing something new?

Joe:   Very weird like I had my space back when it came out and I'm pretty sure my wife created my Facebook four years ago, you know, we weren't, we were dating outside but I've always wanted to be Facebook wise. I was never really on social media. I was on there but I never had pictures up or I never posted anything. And I kind of just, you know, it's weird, especially coming from the construction side of it, the guys are looking like I can't believe you're doing this like what you are, you know, what are you doing this is an order like this isn't our thing, we don't do that. So I had a lot of buddies now they're starting to see some like TikTok, or send me TikToks, or like ‘Joe I can't believe you're doing this man’ like it just blows my mind. I just made a decision. I was like you know what, I have something to say, I can help people and this is the medium that I have to deal with and I'm willing to do that. I'm willing to look a little bit like a fool, maybe. I don't think it's anything that anybody picked up point due to songs or whatever but as long as I'm reaching the right people and I'm trying to help people right, I feel like I'm okay with it. I'm okay. A little bit of backlash and a little bit of jokes and come around on the job site but it's all I know at the end of the day, it's helping people and that's enough for me. I can deal with it. So I've been doing this for about, I guess 12 years now so I can deal with trash talk.

Dave:   I love it. Dude, I love it and I love how he I mean, I clearly can tell you don't take yourself too seriously. Right, and I actually heard this quote that I always stuck with me I don't remember who said it where I heard it from, but it was if you take yours, it was probably one of my early like mentors or recovery sponsors or something like I was a kind of a young recovering drug addict, you know, trying to get clean back in 2008, and I had all these kind of dudes that I met in like 12 step recovery and stuff, who were like these old wise men, kind of like in they always had these little quotes and shit that kind of blew my mind I was like whoa, but one of them was, if you take yourself too seriously, nobody else will. Man that's always stuck with me. You know, like, and I started to think about it I was like yeah like all the people that I know that take themselves like way too seriously, like nobody else takes them seriously, and all the people who live life, light, like, don't take themselves too seriously, aren't too stuck up on themselves like people listen and pay attention and really kind of take them seriously. And so I actually, you know, both admire the quality, but also think there's a bit of strategy in life, to not taking yourself seriously. In terms of whether you want to call it reverse psychology or whatever. I just think people pay more attention to people who don't take themselves so seriously. So, what would you say has been one of your secrets main secret whatever to controlling the outcome of your business right you're starting a brand new business and your, your beginning, I mean you caught our attention, so you're doing some things right, you're really new, this is your first venture, what would you say are your secrets to controlling the outcome of your destiny and your success with this. 

Ryan:   A few things I do are like, I try to journal, like every day I just try to write things down. You know I'm so scattered with my time. And I find that it's really hard for me to stay on task and especially if I'm trying to break down because we do too many different things. So, especially with the grown family and you know we're combined 16 hour shifts for extended days, I have to have small goals that I can hit every single day, as long as I'm hitting them goals. That's a huge, you know, that makes me feel like I'm moving my business forward. And in the beginning, you know with TikTok, it was really tough for me because I was trying to find my voice and try to like it, so it was such a new adventure. And I really wasn't consistent. You know when I started the new year I just made a decision I was like I'm gonna be consistent. I'm going to post three to five videos every single day. I know it's a daunting task for a lot of, you know a lot of people, but the truth of the matter is, it gets easier. And I just tried to show up every single day, no matter what, even if it was a 15 minute boggers, even if it was rewatching something challenge or, you know, just going out there and trying to expand my mind one way or the other, whether it was you know, podcasts or audio books. I just tried to show up and be consistent and that for me has been, you know, a fundamental shift. Everything I've been doing it you know in the last month or two, has really started to pay dividends because now I'm starting to see the whole picture. I'm branching out. I'm understanding you know how big this affiliate marketing online space really is. At first it's really easy to get tunnel vision, and you just see one thing and you think that's all you do and you know that's that's all you're focused on. But the truth is is that it branches out into so many different parts of our lives, that, you know, there's so many opportunities out there, and everybody can find our own space, our own voice in the online world, that I, you know I just tried to, I've been working towards finding my own voice finding my message, and just trying to stay consistent every single day to talk to people and just connect you know I think a lot of people get tied up with the idea that you have to be the flashiest person or, I don't believe that I would much rather be the person that you've come to an answer question you feel like you got a solid answer. And that was it. It could end there for me you know we can never talk again but you got what you need it for me, that I'm putting that out in the universe if it's going to come back. I'm going to get that back. 

Dave:   Two big big things I want to tease apart that I think are huge that you just said, first and foremost finding your own voice, and second of all, being focused on connection, and being approachable and relatable versus impressing people, I have this saying about focus on being interested rather than interesting and I think our first thought when we come, start marketing is Me Me Me Me Me. It's all about me. I gotta be interesting, I got to be successful. What about my success, what are people gonna think of me, and it's just all about me me me me me me me me me. And, you know, that is a recipe for zero connection because people are interested in what Me Me Me Me Me themselves, you know, and so your approach of being relatable approachable, focusing on connection being the person that people would feel comfortable asking a question to, I think is huge. The second thing, Finding your message. I think that is so under. It's just, it's, it's, it's a, it's a, it's an overlooked thing, I think we don't talk about the importance of enough, but finding your own voice and your message. Every business has to have a voice and a message in a field. And so it's not really a personal thing, either it kind of is because this business, our personality and who we are is closely connected to the business itself. But if you think about it just a jack Dively, business has a voice has a feeling has a message, oftentimes, that is communicated through maybe a spokesperson, right, if you think about Nike you think about Michael Jordan, LeBron James you think about Tiger Woods or some of these other athletes that represent the brand and you think about their personalities. If you think about Apple, you know, you think about Steve Jobs you think about, you know you, maybe you think about internet marketers or if you think about, you know, if you think about just every company we could talk about. If I asked you what you feel? What comes to mind? What's the message? You would be able to articulate that or at least you would know there is a certain feeling there. So I think that for us to find our voice in our message. What do we stand for, you know, what is our message, You know mine has been, it's been grit, persevering through things, it's been figuring stuff out, it's been turning my mess into a message. It's been coming back from the ashes rising like a phoenix man coming back from, you know what I mean like, drug addiction and homelessness and that's helped fuel my passion, because when people think of me. That's because I talk about that so much I think that's what they mainly think about. So, so if you were to identify what your brand and your message stands for in just a couple of words or sentences, Joe, what would you say that you've discovered that your voice and your message is?

Joe:   Just never give up pretty much. In reality, like, if, if it were, somebody would come to like being see I think they could realize that, you know, my wise pretty strong I always just want to be somebody that I want more time in my family, more time freedom, you know, never give up on what you're trying to pursue, and just always, there's always a way. There's always a, there's always a way and a path to get you where you want to be, you just have to be willing to do the work that's doing activities. How I feel 100% I 100% believe that every single person can find a place, and you know in a digital world. Now, with affiliate marketing with all these online businesses to find their voice and find their message and really reach the people that they want to reach, and once you, once you find that once you start to feel your voice start to understand who you are and what you're about, that you know, for me, family’s like everything right like my family, my time here is so valuable, and watching my daughter grow up is so much more important to me than money or anything. I try to explain this to people a lot and they think that money is so important. And money is a byproduct, but really it is like a you, you help enough people and you do the right things over and over again. You will find your way, money will find its way to you because you're doing what's right, you're actually giving value and actually helping people, and if you know anything more than just you also who you are, who you are, find the right people and connect with those people. Yeah,

Dave:   I love it. So, I got one, one kind of final question, We asked you, What are you currently getting results with or what would you want to talk about and you said Legendary Marketer and what it provides to the online community. So,what, what do you what do you mean by that, I would assume. I have some assumptions but what, what do you mean by legendary marketer and what it provides to the online community?

Ryan:   I think what people fail to realize is that the community that's built around Legendary. Do you have such an opportunity to reach out and one of the, one of the greatest parts about this group and the other Legendary groups is that you can go in there and ask questions, you don't feel you don't feel like you're alone. And one of the biggest things that I've shown like going through trees and, you know, learning, learning those skills I always had a mentor somebody there to kind of help me, and they're not going to answer every question you have, because then we kind of take that away from me right flattening it out on your own, and going out there putting yourself to the test every day. If somebody just gives you a quick answer, you're not going to appreciate it, you're probably not gonna remember, and you're just gonna keep coming back, you're never gonna learn how to fish for yourself. So I think Legendary gives you a great opportunity and a foundation so that people realize it like you're not just teaching ducks, giving somebody a fish and teaching them how to fish you can apply these skills to anything in your life. and you know, any opportunity to online can be based around the challenge and other additional trainings because you have the opportunity to branch out and find what's interesting to you, and that training that community that you know vibe, you get from and the transparency to Dave like you're coming here every day and I don't see any other CEOs coming on and doing Wake Up Legendaries and you're in front of your product you believe in, don't be like you stand behind everything that you put down, and I think for somebody like me, never done anything online before that was a huge, like that drew me in, because I was like alright if this guy's going to put his name space and brand everything to this every single day and show up every day with criticism, and he really believes in what he what he's offered. And that's what I think people need to understand that it's, it's not just Legendary you know Legendary he's like, great company and all but it's a small scale compared to really Buddhism out there, what you can do with this knowledge is training, and it touches on so many things maybe you decide okay you don't want to do affiliate marketing but you want to go out and be a copywriter like that that information is available to you the connection that you need are available to you in this community that's built. And if you you know rely on that community and you give to that community when you understand software, you take the knowledge that you need, It's going to continue to build that community, make us all better online entrepreneurs, and we're going to be able to build each other up and that's big for me, I think, you know, giving back and helping others, regardless of what your monetary outcome whatever kind of money you're gonna make, I think that's huge, and people need to see that and understand that, you know, giving back and being a part of this community is, is a big why why legendary stands out from everybody else.

Dave:   Yeah. And that's, that's exactly what this, what we're doing right now what you're doing right now. And you know when, when the pandemic hit in the beginning of 2020, we had other people from our team, we've been doing this show since the beginning of the company like since day one, but I wasn't always. And when the pandemic hit like we got together and we were like, you know, why don't why don't why don't you do it. And it's like, damn, like that's that's a commitment, you know what I mean, that's a commitment because I got other things I got other things to do. Other, other things on my to do list every day I feel like I, I never caught up right. But, but it was just it was just a fleeting kind of thing that I just, we just tried, and it ended up, ended up being one of the most important decisions that we've made in the company, and, like, I just feel like adding that on because I think one of, I think we think that everything that we do that, to be successful needs to be properly planned, it needs to be like this thing that you think about for a long time and really what I've learned in my career man, is that some of the craziest shit, some of the things that just I do on a whim, dude. And our action and imperfect action and being the most powerful things right so we've continued doing this, I continue doing this Matt does it on when, on Wednesdays. And yeah, so thanks for the kind words but I also want to make it a teachable moment with some transparency that, that it wasn't a perfectly planned thing for me to even be here and be doing this. But what happened was when I started doing it every day. People really, you know, and then I had a couple of guests who were like, I like started thinking it'd be nice to be there. So then we started reaching out to people and asking them if they'd come on and they were like hell yeah you know that, right. So it was all out of like almost, on a whim decision to test some. And then it turned into this huge piece that just grew our community, the element of our community and the value of our community tenfold. So, yeah, there's, I think, I think, imperfect action, be thinking and marketing did everything to, like, I'm going to try something, and, and not having expectations that it's going to work out, right, a certain way, and also being willing to be consistent with it for a long period of time, such as like a year, like, when I say a long period of time, I mean like 12 months, like to try something for 12 months like if you're going to start a YouTube channel, like you can't stop after three months you can't I see people all the time they're like well I, I've been doing. I've posted videos on TikTok for the last week and I'm like, bro, do you know how that's like the freckle on the pimple of a natsap that's not I mean, it's not that I'm invalidating your work but Bro, that's nothing like you got a rich quick mentality you got to be in it for the long term, short term is a year that's like the minimum dude. Like, like, let's just be, let's just be real, let's just not bullshit each other, like, a year is the minimum to give yourself a running chance. The rest is just basically, the rest is, is just you're toying with yourself in your future like so. Anyways, that's a whole nother rabbit hole but thank you for the kind words and I'm so thrilled to have you as a part of this community and somebody who's willing to come and give back in the way that you do and so thrilled for you and your new son as just your whole your whole vibe and your future and where you're going, brother. I see big for you, and I love your heart and your vibe. Brother, keep up the good work.

Joe:   Thank you, man, I appreciate it.

Dave:   All right, Joe we will talk to you later buddy we'll have you back on if you'd be willing to keep us posted.

Joe:   Thank you, appreciate it. See ya dude.

Dave:    All right, my friends, whoomp there it is alright you can you can text. This number. Okay, WUL to this number 813-296-8553 We'll send you a little text message reminder in the morning when we go live. You can also find all these episodes on Spotify, Apple podcast just type in Wake Up legendary. If you want to have shirts and swag whatever you can go to be Legendary dot shop. Once again, follow our man Joe. Okay. Go and lift that brother up, show him some love, connect with them, and let's continue to build each other up. All right, be legendary my friends have a fantastic day. We'll see you back here tomorrow. Bye.

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