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Using Your Affiliate Marketing Skills To Market Your Story

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Dave: What's going on, my friends, this is your boy Dave Sharpe, hope you guys are well today. We've got an exciting show man. It’s about to pop off, you know it's going down, we got some good energy this morning on another show. I'm excited for you guys to meet our guests so with that being said, I'm just going to go ahead, let's kick this bad boy off, Nathan Bokkers what's going on, my brother?


Nathan: How's it going Dave? Thank you. Thank you for having me on the show, man, this has been my number one goal since I started this so thank you I appreciate it.


Dave: You're welcome, bro. You're welcome. Another box checked off right,

checking boxes, my brother checking boxes. Oh man, I love it I love it.


Nathan: Any of you that do know I just want to say hey, yeah I got no teeth. I'm in the middle of getting dentures. So, if you care less. That's what I love,


Dave: I love it man. So, so. So you've been doing this whole marketing thing with no teeth?


Nathan: I actually got my very first two commissions. The day I got my teeth ripped out. So, yes, I've done this whole journey pretty much with no teeth. And I'm like, holding back, is what it is right.


Dave: Yeah, I mean, like I just think that's another, that's another really… It's just a great kind of testimonial to what’s possible when you get this right. It ain’t these that stops you *points to teeth*, it’s this *points to head*.


Nathan: Buddy it's mindset. And I've learned that I've learned mindset and everything like your story is what brought me and me and you have a lot of the same story right we have the same background. I was an addict too for years. So, I was actually living on the streets of Vancouver in back alleyways, I was that bad of an addict, right 10 years ago so hey if I can come up and be like this and get up and become a successful person online. I never thought it was possible I'm a truck driver. Right, so anybody can do that just shows that there's, you don't need a lot of time to do this.


Dave: Man, I, if I was you I would have so much fun with headlines and marketing stories, man. I mean, like, I've done a headline. The headline would say Toothless truck driver, you know, but makes his first commission, and grows his business from there, you know how like that kind of a feeling man I would play that up and buy that slowly, over and over and over, even when you get teeth man that'll be your most valuable story man.


Nathan: I have that I started this with no teeth, literally. Yeah, no, I'm a truck driver, full time right like I don't have a lot of time to market but I use that to my advantage I took my trucking and I, my first videos of marketing was my truck driving, I was doing videos I meet truck guy and said, Hey, are you making double incomes too? Why aren't you right? I'm doing it, so why can't you? 


Dave: Yeah, I mean, I often….a lot of you guys know that. And this is a this is a big big big big big part of what has helped me to have the success that I've had, and it's a big part of what continues to help me have the success that I have, look I want to I want to take you guys kind of behind the scenes with something here real quick. Let me share my screen. So I've got this, I've got this, I've got this file, or excuse me this Dropbox, this dropbox folder on my in my in my Dropbox account, let's just Dave biz photos and I'm, I'm pretty well organized in terms of my Google Drive in my Dropbox. I try to keep things to where I can find them fairly easily. But one of them, I mean, this is exactly where I store and hold the pretty much the marketing gold that tells my story, the visuals that helped me to tell my story. You know I've got me as a young teenage father here. A got me as a construction worker and by the way, Nate when I, when I started, man. Like, we didn't have like there weren't a lot of photos so even the fact that I got this photo this is the only one of if not the only photos I think I've got a couple of physical hardcopy photos of me doing construction, but this is the only one. So, you know, nowadays, we have these, these phones that can take you take these digital cameras, and, and, I mean, I'm just blessed that I got some snaps from back in the day, like this one right here I use a lot, like this is the early days of me working on the computer, this is the computer that I that I bought on my wife's credit card for $500 and paid it off 50 bucks at a time and got the nicotine patch there. So I say all this just to say that, you know Brother, you've got this, you've got this, obviously a great attitude and I want to hear and learn more about you and your journey, but I want to tell you and I want to particularly remind everybody who's on the show that these times at the beginning, these struggles these moments, make sure to document it, not just because you can use it in your marketing now, but because you're going to be able to use it in your marketing for years to come. What's coming up for you brother?


Nathan: Actually no that totally blows, blows my mind. I'm actually going to, that's a great thing I'm going to start making a portfolio for that and start documenting my journey because I know this ain't this, this, this is just the start. Right, this is just the start right, I'm ready to take off, I'm ready, I'm ready to blow this business out right so this industry is booming and like it has so much potential, like so much potential, like I wasted probably about three weeks of my time researching about affiliate marketing before I jumped on board. 


Dave: Which is nothing, though, which is nothing, you know what I mean like it seems like a lot because you're super hungry right now, but I mean three weeks, the fact that you got started in three weeks, brother. It's, I know that you will be surprised, because three weeks to you feels like a year, but there's people man who three weeks they waste three weeks, you know, over and over and over and over again and before you know it three years has gone by and they're going, I still haven't gotten started. I'm still shopping around or skeptical of whether this is a scam. So continue your story about the three weeks and how you feel like that was wasted time and how much of an opportunity you feel you got your hands right now. 

Well, I should say like, that's true. I personally looked at that it was like, saying it was like some of the top of billiards, I know that three weeks I wasted is now, that's three weeks of income I lost already. I put that I wasted that three weeks but I'm glad I did the research, because if I hadn't I probably wouldn't have joined. But your story is what got me in what literally took me in as your as your your story, because I found recently with my success is building those relationships with your clients, building those relationships with people, is the biggest, biggest asset you have right now, even as you just starting out, starting out as a beginner, I find, building those relationships is the biggest thing that's helped me along the way in the last few weeks that have gone from me going to making those oboe bows to going right, it's those relationships.


Dave: So what do I mean by that? What do you mean by those relationships? Do you mean make you mean reaching out and connecting with potential Bob Simpson people who are in your audience do you mean, talk to me.


Nathan: I actually talk to them not saying hey, go to my link Hey, go check this out hey go grab my ebook. I actually build that relationship with people. Hey, how's your day going, how's your week going? I'm talking to somebody recently right now who's got COVID and I've been talking to him for almost a week but he still wants to get involved, I said buddy buddy. Take care of yourself first before you even want to get in on this right, like I'm here to help you but you got COVID. Take care of yourself first, right, I guarantee you he's gonna trust me right that guy who I'm building a relationship with that guy. I've done it multiple times with multiple people, and I still help them out. I help out people that I help out, if they need help with me, I ask anybody, there's probably plenty of people in the chat that I've helped already. And I don't know, it's, it's one of the greatest feelings because I actually had, six months ago I was a negative person right. I was not a negative person I was just not in the right mindset, didn't know what I'm doing with my life because I driving truck by still wasn't getting ahead in life. Right. Driving trucks, you know, if you know anything, truck drivers make really good money. I make pretty good money but I'm still living paycheck to paycheck. Right. I wasn't, I'm not living above my means I don't have a bunch of toys. It's just the world today that is difficult. Yeah. And you gotta have that extra passive income in order to get ahead nowadays and I've realized that right. Yeah.


Dave: You know it's interesting man. 


Nathan: Sorry I’m all over the place. But I'm ADHD.


Dave: Well, no that's a gift and a curse. Brother, I mean it's a real gift because it makes you creative, you know, and it does the same thing for me, I'm ADD, I guess, ADHD is hyper, I'm a little hyper too I'm a little man. So, what I hear, I want to point something out that I see and you tell me if this fits, is that I'm here and a guy who's been through a lot of challenges I mean living on the streets in back alleys in Vancouver battling in addiction. You know, even now, living with some of the consequences of addiction, I mean I would assume that the tooth loss is from addiction. I actually had Hep C, that was something that I yeah I got because of my addiction I was lucky to go on medication and now I'm, I've got a zero viral load I'm essentially cured of hep C because of some of the medications that they have out now. But that was a consequence of my addiction. But what I realized is that when we're going through these challenges, we actually develop a certain set of survival skills, a certain set of survival mechanisms. And once we get clean get our head on straight and say okay hey I want to start a business or I want to pursue something I want to go back to school or whatever it is, but let's talk about entrepreneurship. What I see is I see people like me and like you and like other folks who are successful, using those survival skills that they used at one time to hustle, to stay alive, to stay safe, whatever it is, right I mean maybe you're in a relationship that was toxic or abusive and you survived it, maybe you raised a bunch of kids and you survived that, maybe you had a rough childhood you survived that we figure out how to take those survival skills, and then use them not just to stay safe or stay alive. But once we let that chaos out, we remove a lot of now we still have some skills, but  nowhere to apply them. And then when we start a business, we take those skills that we developed. And we actually realize that we have an edge, we actually all of you if you've survived through any of those types of challenges I just listed, you actually have an edge, because you, you have these natural instincts to figure things out to hustle to not quit. I, you know, I see that in you. Does that fit?


Nathan: Yeah, actually I have a tattoo that says hustler on my ankle. Right, so I've had that for years for years right like I am. It's definitely been a challenging life I've had, but I'm not letting that I haven't let my past predict my future, right, not letting my past predict my future because literally six months ago, I was on Ei, waiting to go back to work and blah blah blah. Now, I'm actually high starting a successful business online, that I never thought was possible and it's all thanks to this company, like literally it's, I put the effort in, I jumped in, And I took the risk, which is very little, very, very little risk in this, and I went full tilt, do you put the effort you put the work in. Anybody can do this, this industry is booming, and right now is the best time to do it that's the thing, right, right now, because with COVID everything going on in the world right now. All these small businesses, they're just pushing, pushing that traffic online for us. Right? Like, I'm using some people like this pandemic as a bad thing and stuff and I'm looking at it as a positive side. Hey, I don't know. That way right is for marketing in the marketing industry, it's actually blessing right now, yeah, well take advantage of situations like that right?


Dave: I think that what you just said is a is a is not just a golden nugget. I think that it's a thought that it's a golden Boulder, and so I want to just read, I want to read, bring that back up I want to read up on that for a terminology that you and I may be familiar with. So, that's true, Guys, that's true. Forget about the pandemic for a second, just this hope. Right, right, hopefully we're you know we're going to get back to normal and just, it's going to end soon it's going to end eventually. Right, it's already starting to end, I mean I had, you know family over the other day I mean we're moving forward. We're making personal choices that make us feel safe to try. Well, I know, Canada is different but here's the point is that regardless of what the status of the pandemic is in the world. Here's what's the, here's the facts, is that companies have realized that just going online to better move, and that they're going to have to do it, like for example my uncle works for Walmart, and they were already, they've already been worried, in thinking about how they can go online to be able to compete with Amazon, because Amazon stole a whole lot of their market share. So they were already thinking about this, but then what's happened in this last year hits, and it was like the, you know, it was like the last straw, right, the, What do they say the needle that broke the camel's back whatever like it was the nail in the coffin, and in all these companies are pushing traffic online so everybody who's not already online is going to be online, faster now. So like all seven or 8 billion people in the world, only about half are online, right, you know, up until this point, but what you know, broadband in America, like we have plans to put broadband and everybody, it's almost like it's almost becoming a human right to have internet access, right, whereas before it was more of like a luxury and what was your speed and stuff now it's becoming more of a human right to have internet access because you have to because so many things happen online. Government stuff, voter registration, all this different stuff like you can go online to pretty much get the information so it's becoming a human right. So I think you're, in a sense, essentially acting as a visionary for everybody today to really hammer home the fact that guys wake up, because there's a lot of companies that a lot of companies are doing the work for bringing people online.


Nathan: Right. And like I said, even here in Canada we all like, not Alberta itself by like a bunch of the provinces here in Canada, they all just went back into a three week lockdown here on Sunday. Right, we all locked back down on Sunday right so I'm making TikTok videos I'm making TikTok videos hey did you just get locked down. 


Dave: Are you right here, here's something for you so be careful with this these terms because these platforms are cracking down on saying the actual words that, did you notice that I didn't say what anything is called or that because they have algorithms that will that will pick up in translate that you're using the words, and potentially think that your profile is spreading misinformation about, about what's going on so I'm just, I'm just giving everybody a little warning to our group and say, oh my, this guy, shut down or that guy. Well, if you were talking about what's going on right now and using certain terminologies, your accounts are gonna get shut down, and I'm not saying that particularly to you, Nathan, but I'm saying it.


Nathan: I’m not actually using the PR, I'm not using the natural term COVID or pandemic, I'm just saying.


Dave: Well no it's fine, it's fine, it's fine.


Nathan: But yeah, no, it's just like yeah it's it's just, I, what I'm trying to say is, use it to your advantage right.


Dave: Yes, I get it.


Nathan: It's hard to, it's hard for me to explain it because like I'm using it to my advantage right now because I know people are, I know people want to make extra money online right now on this. When I tell people hey like Wake the hell up, like, right.


Dave: Everybody understands what's going on I mean you don't, we got the point, I'm just trying to give the additional tip to everybody to just don't use those words because the algorithms will pick it up, you'll start getting warnings on your videos, you know, little, you know warnings below that, you know this person may be spreading misinformation or something like that about the, about what's going on so here's the thing, okay, dude, check this out Nathan. Before when you were driving trucks and probably on the streets of Vancouver, right, or wherever you were in the back alley or 10 years ago this whole message that we use now still applied like hey, are you looking to have more time and financial freedom? Are you looking to make more money, like are you looking to be your own boss? Like that's been a timeless universal message. It just happens to be even more timely now and applies to even a bigger audience because of what's going on in the world. So, you know, that's the kind of an important thing to know is that people already people already want this dude, people already want, if, particularly if you're in the business opportunities, not everybody is not everybody is, some people are doing health, health stuff, some people are doing dog training people for those things.


Nathan: I'm actually into the green industry myself. 


Dave: So when you say green in knowing your history, you're gonna have to give me some context. Yeah, okay, about the old Mary Jane, the old whacky tobaccy?


Nathan: Mary Jane. She is a huge, huge industry here in Canada, I'm taking it, using it to my advantage right.


Dave: Mary Jane, right, yeah.


Nathan: It's federally legal here across Canada. It's almost a $22 billion industry here in Canada already. 


Dave: So are you are you doing affiliate marketing or you just straight slinging lbs

across, getting into it? 


Nathan: I'm sending stuff to certain buddies through Facebook, through a free Facebook group personal Facebook group that I have had already.


Dave: Sounds like a thing that we shouldn't really go into too much detail about. 


Nathan: That's why I didn't bring it up.


Dave: But you did bring it up, I wouldn't know not to ask but I'm not gonna go any deeper.


Nathan: Yeah, no, it's an industry I've taken full advantage of to put it that way.


Dave: Well I wouldn't put it past you I mean, you seem like the guy who likes to take advantage of certain opportunities at certain times. you'll, you'll have your game plan, you’re the type of guy that will look at any opportunity that comes across your desk, right?


Nathan: I'm very straight up with people though that's the thing like I'm very blunt with people, I don't beat around the bush with anybody, I tell them how it is I, this is hard. This takes work right, it does take work, we get a business up and going, but once you get everything up and going, get the automation going, get everything working. You can breathe. You can actually enjoy doing it right. I'm enjoying this. I really enjoy marketing now like I love it. My wife probably doesn't like me talking about it as much, but hey, like I got a wife and two kids as well right so

Dave: Nice. Well, so are you driving a truck anymore at all dude or have you gone full time?


Nathan: I was hauling frac sand last Friday, I sat on since I sat on site for over five hours last Friday night, I'm just the last three weeks, I've been on road bands right we have road bands up here so we can't drive trucks and all the trucks get parked. So I've been able to work hard on the business instead but ya know, I've been hauling logs dude right up until our mills slowed right down in February so they slowed right down so I had to get into hauling frac sand right like I'm gonna truck I don't have to worry about getting a job because I can get a job anytime you make phone call right. But the thing is, with all the taxes and everything else and every, all the world going on, I'm not getting the hours that I was getting before. Right. I'm not making that five to $6,000 a month that I was making before because of the hours and mills slowed down, everything's affected right now, doesn't matter, because an extra $10,000 A month right now to build a home in Canada, just in lumber alone. Yeah, our mills are packed full of wood.


Dave: I got you in that's, that's smart. You're, you're doing you're kind of killing two birds with one stone or with one stone, you're, you're making the most out of your time when you're sitting around even in the truck. So let's give some of Nathan's best tips like say, let's do a lightning round of I'd love for you to expand a little bit about the building relationships thing that seemed like a huge golden boulder that was kind of first and foremost came up. Talk more about what gives us three of your best tips and sort of a lightning round fashion right now, if somebody who's brand new or somebody who's looking to get started and start driving traffic getting leads making sales, what would you advise them to do?


Nathan: Number one, don't chase the money, it's just gonna run. Simple as that. Number two, building relationships, building relationships is the biggest thing, especially when you're starting out, because you got to build a name for yourself, you got to get people knowing who you are. It took me weeks before people started knowing me and talking to me, so build that relationship with people, they want to hear your story. More affiliates want to hear your story. Doesn't matter if you think it's we if you don't think it's interesting, doesn't matter if you think it's boring. Trust me, there's people out there that want to hear your story. I talked to somebody in Scotland, the other day, and he's like, I can't get the views right I can't. Why can't I get the views and stuff I said dude, you're in Scotland. Show your frickin scenery, talk about your scenery talk about your experiences there, because you might think it's boring there, but people in other places, they want to see that kind of stuff they want to hear that story right pocket about your story because people want to hear it, and they're gonna listen, and when they listen that's building a relationship between you and the potential client. And when that brings that drops people's bridges and people drops people's walls right, and then they, you can build that relationship with them. They will trust you more. Hey, like, honestly like my last week, is my whole last week of success that I've had is all based on relationships, I've spent two three hours just talking with people on TikTok, messenger, just because they want to talk or they want to they want to, hey, they want to. I don't know, they just want to talk with me to talk to somebody right.


Dave: How do you start the relationship? If somebody comments on your video do you reach out and send them a message like how does the beginning of the conversation happen?


Nathan: First of all, like I say hey  DM me, we'll chat right. A lot of times I'm not just sending people straight to my link, because I've learned from a lot of them I've talked to a lot of the higher ups right like Megan Ryan did. Did you Murano he's in Paris, you know, I don't know if you know Chris hasn't been on yet but I can't wait because I've mentored from Chris myself, but Chris did Morocco, Trevor Mundrum He's who I started so he's an amazing guy, I reached out to the higher outs and that got the information and I got Ryan and Megan Hobbs. They really helped me out to write like ask for information, don't be afraid to ask people, we're here, like the group, this family, I call it my Legendary family This is a community we all are here to help each other out right so build those relationships with people because all I do is basically take a conversation and say hey, how's your day going? What's going on in your life right now? and just say hey, how could I help you better yourself? How can I help you? Just start a conversation doesn't have to be about affiliate marketing in general. This started conversation, because I've had conversations does lead to Hey, I see you've been having success with this business I let them come to me sometimes, right, and they say hey, if you're having success with this business I see you on the gram I see you on Pinterest. I see you on TikTok right. What's going on is this really the real deal and I'll explain to them, I wouldn't be wasting my time if I wasn't making profit with this. You think my wife would be letting me do all of this if I wasn't making a profit from it, right? That's, that's one of my biggest sellers right is because my wife if, what if I didn't have my wife's if I didn't have my wife back on this, I would have had to give up on this a long time ago, because I was I went through the valley of despair I was in the valley of despair, and I reached out to one of the higher ups, he helped me out Chris Morano I don't care how to say his name he is an amazing man you will meet someday because he is doing amazing, but he helped me out I was in the valley of despair, and he helped me push myself through that. And literally, that's, that's what that's what changed everything for me to my valley of despair.


Dave: Yeah, so I mean, what I'm hearing you say in terms of, of, first and foremost, just to just answer what was coming up for me was how does the conversation start, you're giving people a call to action to reach out in direct message. So, in your videos instead of always saying, click a link, click a link, click the link, click the link, click like a broken record like everybody else is doing right, you're hitting them with a, with a you're hitting them with a sidewinder when everybody else is throwing left jabs and you're saying, yo, Hop in my DMs, you know, shoot me a message. Let's chop it up,


Nathan: And like, even like I was talking to Megan Hobbs last night and like another thing I'm going to start doing is I'm going to start getting on Zoom calls with people, Hey, you want me to show you, I'll show you how I'm doing this. If you're really that worried about I will literally get on a zoom call with you and show you. I also have a big thing, another big thing. I send a lot of traffic to a private Facebook group. And in that private Facebook group. I have so much info, I have a lot I have to put a lot more on there but I have a lot of information that pushes people do want to get into this, that shows them the success that shows Hey, you can promote this product hey you can promote these kind of products right, I show them. It's not just about the digital world too, you can do whatever you want in this industry right? You get to pick the product, you get to pick the company you want to promote. Right, yeah, if you want to choose Legendary That's wicked, but you're not just limited to one product in this industry and that's what people think that's what people are always thinking, and you change that mindset in them right?


Dave: Yeah, no doubt, no doubt, that's a huge dude because it's even, what I would say if I was gonna say what you just said, I would say, you can do anything you want with these skill sets. Right when you learn the skill sets, dude, you can do anything.


Nathan: That's why I tell them I said, You got to get the fat you got to get the training, and you've got to build the foundation. First, you got to build your foundation first. And you are the foundation I got to build my business, is this training. This is the training that you need to build the same foundation that I did to start building my empire. Right. I was a construction worker too dude I did heavy equipment I did construction, I was a drywall ER for 12 years right so I did it all too right like I was in the construction industry, I did everything. Like, I'm a man of multi multiple tasks right I've done a lot done it all in my life right like I started, I started working at grade nine right, I went back and got my GED when I did two years of prison right so I've had a life right I've had experiences and I'm using that to my advantage right now and using those terms like, I love the word foundation. I use it all the time right, the word foundation because it's exactly what we're doing. The training we get from this is the foundation to our company and to our business. We need that training to build our foundation in order to build up right, and that's what I personally push that like, this is your training, this is your foundation to get to where I wanted to get to get become successful and become successful in this industry you need the proper training you need the right knowledge, yeah you can do it on YouTube but you're gonna waste six months doing it, why? When you can learn it in 15 days. So I honestly like to use it. I never use a word course. I never use the word, I don't even use word 15 day, I use the word program, I use word training, I use the word foundation. Right. Yeah, that's fine, that's what's working for me right that's what's working out for me right so Yeah, And, like we say, whatever works, repeat the process


Dave: You're figuring out that if you're figuring out the idea of novelty. Okay, novelty is, is this idea, right, I mean, let's let's go right here, let's look it up, novelty, right, because I'm a ninth grade dropout. Right, so I gotta I gotta really, I gotta really dumb things down. Okay, so let's see here, novelty, the quality. Alright, check this out. Alright, so the quality, I'm going to share this old screen here for everybody. So, here we go. Okay, let's let's go right over here. The quality of being new is unusual, something that has not been experienced before. So, it is interesting, right. So check this out guys. So why is not, why, why the hell is Dave talking about this right now? Because novelty and marketing is one of the most powerful things that you will ever be enlightened to. The reason why is because if somebody feels like they've seen or heard something before. It's not going to be as it's not going to be as exciting to them. But if you frame things, even if you're selling the same exact product or service or training the reason why, the reason why saturation is a myth. It's a myth, is because I can come into a market that's been predominantly selling a product or a service in one way for decades, and I can come in and I can use a new angle, new terminology, just a new way of selling that product I can I can bundle that product with some additional training that we're offering more valuable, ie, bonuses, right. So, novelty is, is one of the most important and powerful concepts that we'll ever learn in marketing, and it's why going out there on TikTok or wherever you're going, in trying to do what everybody else is doing, is not the best long term solution, is it a good way to get things off the ground and sort of get into action? Sure. right, you don't need to reinvent the wheel in the principles, or as you call it Nathan the foundation is pretty much always the same, but the details, the language, the terms, the angle, the story, right? The bonuses, what you, what you're also offering as an individual as an affiliate of a product for example, the more new, the more interesting, the more different, it can be, the more successful you be and I think you're picking up on that right you're realizing that you're learning that at early stage.


Nathan: I've oh yeah I've realized that real quick and like I was never in sales myself so this is all new to me the online world everything is new to me, but for me just reaching out, getting the knowledge getting the experience and talking to the right people, I've been able to, I guess, put it all together puzzle all the pieces together and actually make things work the way I wanted it to work right. I'm actually being, I'm actually able to sit back and breathe because I'm seeing. I'm seeing all my hard work come into action. And it's actually paying off right so it's a copy and repeat process right I'm like there's like I had an amazing week last week, last weekend and even this week, but he didn't see me. Oh hey, I had an amazing day right you didn't see me Oh, I'm not gonna make TikToks anymore. I'm not going to go live tonight just because I made a couple grand that day right, no I got on, I was on live that made me push more I want to frickin let's get some more right let's do this more I didn't slack because my success that pushed me for more that get drought drove my hunger for more right, so like, it was kind of great because, actually my best night on TikTok live was that night itself because I, I had that energy people who's like, whoa, like this guy like what's going on with him right. I had that energy I wanted to push people right. And it's like, I don't know like there are people in this group. I don't know, I've told a lot of people about this but my, my mindset with the company. From the day I started has totally changed right, like my mindset has totally changed. I am a more positive person. I'm a better person because of this company. I, I'm better, I guess is more tolerant with my kids like you said a more color like I'm spending more time with my wife. I'm actually becoming a better person. I want to help people. I like people coming to me all the time, like my day’s full of helping people online like I'm helping people not stopping getting on Zoom calls I'm doing this. Whatever I can do to help somebody else out and get them going I’m there for them and I tell everybody that straight up like, It's hard as like, I have to juggle my family life, my trucking life, and this business right so it's hard to time, but I pushed myself to the point and said keep telling myself, it's going to be worth it. Just keep going. Right. So it's my attitude a lot, my attitude alone and my mindset has really changed for the better. I'm going into groups, people are saying hey, Nate, I love your positivity, Hey Nate It's great seeing you comment on everything. Hey, Nate, it's good, your positivity, your mindset in the way you were pushing people right. I'm feeding off of that right I'm driving me for more right and that I'm, I'm enjoying it right if I never would have thought 10 years ago Hey there'd be people saying hey Nate keep up your positivity. No I was laying in the frickin back alleyway, right, and now I'm sitting here people asking, asking me for help, and I'm actually helping them get better on with their lives, make a better life for themselves and it's actually best driving me and it's, I don't know if you can say it's my new addiction. 


Dave: Not a bad one. I mean, I yeah I have an addictive personality too so I mean I've learned that I need to find positive addictions because I'm likely going to be addicted to something, you know.


Nathan: I quit smoking cigarettes a year ago myself too. Right.


Dave: Yeah well I know I love tobacco too I love me a cigar here and there. So, I wanted to just point one thing out and then we'll bring this baby in for a landing because I've got an 11 o'clock I got to get ready for this. I wanted to point out something for everybody here that you just said, which is like your positivity in your, in your helping you're commenting, you're contributing instead of just like the work seeing and seeing what you can take, like, nobody's helping me please help me, you know like-


Nathan: No excuses. Yeah there's no excuses.


Dave: Well that's a great term that's a great motto to live by because, I mean, some of us, and we've all been like this at certain times in our life so I'm not here to put anybody down or shame anybody, it's just about bringing people up and raising their self awareness. Some of us when we start we just, we have more excuses and results I mean we just everything's, you know, I remember when I got clean from from drugs, you know, it was everybody else's fault lie was what it wasn't until I learned to take responsibility that I started to get clean and change my life. And the same thing happens in business, it's like we see people all the time, though I got scammed I got the bad I didn't get supported this, that person is the reason why I wasn't successful in the past, and it's like that, that all feelings may be real. I'm not trying to say that you don't feel like that. And I'm not trying to say that none of that stuff happened because I wasn't there. I don't know I believe people when they say what they say. But here's what I tell them that you're not responsible for anything in the past, let's just, you got to totally pass on everything you don't have to have any guilt you don't have to have any shame. You don't even have to just think about it right now, the only thing you have to think about is that you are totally 100% responsible for everything that happens from now on out, 100% responsible, and can we agree on that? Can you accept that as a person, that the past doesn't matter, forget about it. It's over. You're not responsible for it. It's not your fault. But everything in the future you're totally 100% responsible for. And if you can embrace that people, if you guys can embrace that, if you can accept that, if you can say, Okay, that's a fair deal. Right, that's like a fair deal like I can get down with that if you can accept that, then, the sky's the limit. The sky's the limit for each one of you and that is exactly what I see with you my brother so before we wrap up, I'll give you the last word.


Nathan: Yeah. No excuses. Keep pushing people, because you might think that you're not getting anywhere and stuff but I'm telling you, you're right at that point, you're about to take off. I was there, I was ready to give up and I had some I, I went and pushed myself through the valley of despair, just push yourself because you got this. There's really no excuses. Nobody else is going to push you, you gotta do it yourself. So I don't I don't let anybody give me excuses, honestly as the past is the past like you said right so yeah I really do. I really do appreciate everything Dave and you've changed my life and this has definitely been life changing. I

appreciate it. 


Dave: Brother, it's my, my, not only my job I look at it as just an honor and a privilege, and just something that I, that now you'll be doing the same thing you already are. And so it's nice to be a part of your journey, brother.


Nathan: Yeah and I actually, me and another marketer have some amazing news is going to be happening so you're gonna see some amazing stuff start happening here, me and another really mean another affiliate got some things going, buddy, another Canadian boy right so crazy fast start happening. You just watch.


Dave: Alright guys, well, Nathan take care of my brother. Alright dude, yep. We'll, we'll have you back to stay posted on your journey bro give my best to your family man, stay safe. We'll talk soon brother. So, see about it guys. His Nathan's TikTok banner is once again up you can go find him, connect with him, you know, allow him to be a part of your network, be a part of his, obviously, you know, the cool thing about so many people on the show is that, like, it's not about going in, and reaching out, I mean I know Nathan said reaching out to the higher ups but you know the truth is is that we're all here to learn from each other, man. And the cool thing is that even if somebody has been marketing for a couple of weeks or a couple of months, you can learn from them. And likely, they can learn from you, if you transition over into that take responsibility take action you're soon going to have experience that you can share too and then you instead of always being in this in this kind of dynamic with people online to where you're lower than eight and there's some guru. That's hot. That's above you or whatever like you become to be you, you become equals man, you become equals. and that's what that to me, to me that's what legendary is about more than anything, is that we're all equal. We're all equal, man. I mean, I'm no better, no different than anybody else, I'm coming on the show everyday learning from people. This, I'm looking here to be a sponge to soak up knowledge to be able to be refreshed with new ideas and new ways of thinking about things and stuff, you know, so just know that you're so close like Nathan said you're so close that it's just really about taking responsibility, it's just really stepping into your boss mode, It's really stepping into your leadership, your best leader self. I mean you can do that in an instant like everybody can do that you don't have to have, you don't have to have accomplished something to step into that role. And that's the one of the things that I hope we all can take with us today, and be empowered with that thought so I want to thank Nathan once again for getting that conversation started, but you guys can again follow him on TikTok go lift him up, comment on his stuff support him right lift him up, and I know he'll do the same for you, and we'll see you guys back here tomorrow once again 10am Eastern Time for Wake Up Legendary. See ya.

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