What would you give to skip the line instead of waiting with a thousand other people? What about getting the VIP Treatment?

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Video Transcript

[The following is the full transcript of this episode of The Legendary Marketer Show. Please note that in this episode, like all LM Show episodes, David’s words are unscripted and unedited.]

David: Hey, what is going on, this is Dave Sharpe. I'm here with my lovely bride.

As you can see there is a really really long line out there, none of which we're going to be standing in. We're going to take you into this little hidden door here, and if we start going here in just a second I'll tell you where we're going.

Erin: It's not Doctor Who.

David: It's not Doctor Who, my friends.

It's a show called Absinthe. Its a show here in Vegas.

Erin: You should know what Absinthe is, you drunk. [laughs]

David: You drunk. [laughs] Anyways, moving on with the video. This is just a cool experience. There's probably two thousand people who are standing in line. My wife was savvy enough –

Erin: Two thousand?

David: Maybe 1000, 1500.

Erin: Is that a big fish story?

David: As you know, I'm a fisherman, right? Gotta embellish.

Erin: THOUSANDS are waiting for this show!

David: Maybe my judgement is off, but it looks like there's clearly a thousand people at least out there, dude. No?

Erin: I'll give you 500.

David: Guys, to me it looks…

Erin: A few dozen people are here.

David: Completely beside the point. The point is that we're going to be going in through what appears to be –

Erin: A TARDIS, but it's not.

David: A TARDIS?

Erin: Doctor Who.

David: See, I'm not a Doctor Who guy, really. Anyway, it's a phone booth. It's a private entrance into show, sort of VIP entrance. It's really cool. They said the door wasn't working, which is kind of a little bit of a fail for us, but when it does work, I'd love to take you through and show you the backdoor entrance. You know what I mean [laughs] I only do one show a night, follks, you gotta catch me while I'm here.

We also, you may have heard of the famous Bellagio fountains. They were going off right there. Unfortunately you missed them. They go off every 15 minutes over there.

Erin: Every 30 minutes. I'm just ruining everything.

David: You are! That's Caesar's Palace there, if I can span a lttle bit. That's Caesar's Palace, it's really really a huge hotel. That's the Falmingo back there. There's Paris. Is Paris a restaurant or hotel?

Erin: A hotel.

David: You can see Bally's there. We've got the Cosmopolitan over here, which is right there. Is this also the Cosmopolitan too?

Erin: I'm not entirely sure.

David: I think those are both the Costmopolitan. Anyway, they're a lot bigger in person. Many of you guys have been to Vegas. The point of a lot of these videos is not really the fact that you've never been to Vegas. Anyone can go. But the experiences here that we're doing are really nice, really cool, really exciting.

Erin: I want to know what Nobu hotel is. So if anybody knows what that is?

David: Yeah, has anybody stayed? Drop a comment in the section.

Here we go, we're going into this VIP entrance. Baby, go ahead. Go show us how it's done. It's a phone booth, but then, no it's not! It's not a phone booth. It's actually a secret door.

Wow, this is epic.