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How Having Patience and Perseverance Will Lead You To Success:

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Dave: What's going on, my friends, this is Dave Sharpe, Welcome to Wake Up Legendary. Listen, we're going to be rocking this morning with not one, but to David's to David's, okay, not one. Because the only thing that's better than one, David. the only thing that's better than one David is two David's Okay, as you can see, we're going to be hearing. David's two p’s to success. What the heck does that mean? Well, let's bring the man, the myth, the legend in to explain it, David, what's going on my brother, welcome to the show, what's going on? Appreciate you man.

David: It's my pleasure, are you coming from Canada, or?

David: Yes. Yeah, I'm coming from Canada. How are you? 

Dave: Wonderful, wonderful. And you're 19 Is that right?

David: Yes. 

Dave: Okay, wow. I, what was I doing at 19 I was not marketing online, making money building. I was actually trying to destroy my life, good for you, bro. Good for you. 

David: I appreciate it

Dave: Yeah man, big things. So, tell us how you got started, man, I mean, what led you to even be like looking for alternative ways to make money to build a business at such a young age and I think you've been kind of hustling and doing entrepreneurship for a year or two at least to talk to us a little bit about what led you astray to start bui;ding your lif maybe a little bit earlier probably than most of your friends? 

David: Yeah so, I realized my passion for business and making money in general is through a non normal way that people around us were making money in general. So, at a young age even in school I went away to a boarding school back home and I was still selling lollipops and I just always was thinking of new ways and had a business mindset. So, once I realized even in class, the only thing I was really having good marks in was everything that's related to business. I really just looked more into it and started finding different paths as social media grew and eventually after going through different, different things, trying different routes, I came across marketing. And I realized as social media roles, this is one of the biggest opportunities that I could not just pass on so I just tried my best and really put in my effort and well I ran into you guys and was able to find a way that I was not really getting more information from other other places so once they found their market and started the 15 Day Challenge and learn more about funnels, different websites and all these things came together and eventually led me to where I’m at and helped me open up other ventures when it comes to monetization. In general, we are different from the traditional way that people know how to make money. 

Dave: So, you've done, you've done some cool things, which we'll talk about here in a second. I think up to 160,000 followers on TikTok you generate some good traffic leads sales. And, and, it's, it's pretty exciting, isn't it. So I want to clarify something just for everybody listening, the first thing that you were doing with social media marketing is that right to where basically we're trying to get clients and run their advertising? 

David: Yes.

Dave: Okay. And did you find that more of a challenge because of the fact that, that, you know you now are kind of a professional service, service agency and you're kind of going out there trying to find clients and then you got to service those clients and they have expectations and it's, it's a, it's a customer facing business and there's a lot more moving parts. 

David: So SMMA compared to, say, affiliate marketing a lot of people think might be easy, but it's definitely, it's definitely a way that really opens up opportunities without having to go through, other walls that the business is really putting in front of you so with SMMA, you can make you can have success but there's a lot of factors that go into it you have to learn multiple skills you have to go. It's kind of door knocking you're contacting these people to generate these leads, if you're just like running ads to gate, customers and was basically, that want to stamp that people might think so yes it was definitely a much bigger wall that aspect of everything, especially if you don't have the grasp of social media and how to really establish your brand. 

Dave: Yeah. Yeah, so I want to just point that out because, for, for a big moment there. One of the big guys that was Pushing Social Media Marketing Agency was Ty Lopez, right, and he was selling that kind of business model to tons of people. And a lot of other people did that you know this was one of these kinds of trendy things, 19 and 2022 where it was like, open up a Social Media Marketing Agency, right. Basically, you use the good word to describe it. It's door knocking, you're basically going around and you're prospecting, local businesses like bike shops and coffee shops and, you know, your real estate agents law for all these kind of people and saying hey I'll take over your social media marketing all run ads, so you have to know how to, first of all you just have to be able to get your foot in the door, I mean it's basically exactly like people used to do with door knocking except you're reaching out to people via email, you're reaching out to them on their LinkedIn profiles, all this kind of stuff. Now, I like your attitude, because you can be successful with that, just like anybody if they have the right skills and the right effort they can be successful in anything, but it's important to understand, especially if you're new, or you, you, you don't want to run all of those facets of a business you don't want to have to do all of those things before you make your first dollar to kind of understand what you're going into, eyes wide open. So, you know, I appreciate that perspective so you, you kind of stumbled upon Legendary, what's like your first impression and what have you learned about our company, our community, and what's your experience been so far as you've been learning affiliate marketing and now executing and having success with it?

David: Yes, so the first impression was I actually learned through you guys through a person who was marketing on social media. Same way I wanted to get started, and I got started with an e book and I just learned more and more about affiliate marketing, and I really just had the foundation. And I just needed that extra push and that's exactly what I found and I found assistance and a guide through the way I knew, I literally found questions and didn't even know I had. And that's exactly why I needed to get started. And when I go into the Facebook community, other places that we just found more motivation for people doing it, and a lot of times people are really self destructive just tried to find this by not into some things, maybe a wall here or there, but what I realize is just learn something, take action if a problem comes along the way, you're in business, you're not meant to be a perfectionist as you just, you get more perfect along the way I guess right so yeah just took action later was in my opinion what I needed to get started. And he was right so that's exactly how my experience was. 

Dave: Yeah. Oh great, man, I'm glad that we met it at the time that we did and your journey and gave you that push so now let's talk about these kinds of two p’s. Alright, two p’s to success. You've had some, some pretty significant success you've really kind of taken your, your, you know you've, you've been doing this now for about how long?

David: I'd say a little bit under six months. 

Dave: Okay, so now that is not a whole lot of time but you're not in your first 30 days so. So what have you learned in the six months, and talk to us teach us a little bit about these, these two p’s to your success. 

David: So what I realized is just like, when it comes to affiliate marketing a lot of people might also take away the statement affiliate you are really just a marketer, and you should  treat your market like it’s your business is yours, and you're the one who's gonna make those Commission's if you could get those sales so you finally have to find a way. Depending on the platform you're using to utilize that platform, in the way it's supposed to be utilized. Some people might be very good content, video content, the place, the best places is TikTok and YouTube, If you go to Instagram or Pinterest might not be the best route so once I realized that I, and then I realized what I was good at I just took action with those specific places and stayed consistent, and really just tried to give value in connecting through those people in video and into email marketing. And that's really what is gonna bring success in the future because you can't really guarantee but if you take the right steps and a proven method, a proven system in place and you stay consistent you are going to start seeing those results sooner. 

Dave: So, so, so, what are the two p’s standing for? 

David: The two P’s?

Dave: In the questionnaire. Yeah, let's see here. Okay, patience and perseverance. Okay here we go. He put patience and perseverance and I turned it into the two p’s. Alright cool, so. So patience and perseverance. Yeah, success is no accident you wrote down in your questionnaire. So, you know, I certainly know that you know a lot of people, a lot of people, I think underestimate, like, like what I've done in my career, for example, like, oh, like what what what I'm doing or what we're doing here and Legendary is just like some hacks that like, anybody can do this and it's like, I can't tell you how many people have tried to like copy me and what I do over the years and it's like they think that they're just gonna, you know, just, you know, duplicate, in, in kind of like I had a company many years ago and people tried to knock it off and now. The same thing is happening now with people they think they're just going to kind of step into, you know, a company with, you know 70, 80 People running it and just like that takes time. You know what I mean like it is not an accident. So, what is your experience with kind of being on purpose, and like how this patience, this perseverance kind of plays into your success and how your success has not been an accident, some people might look at your marketing and think Oh, yeah. Whatever I can do that, that's just an accident, he just stumbled, he just got lucky, like, talk to us a little bit about what you mean for you specifically and what you've been doing, how it's like not an accident. 

David: So, what I also need is the opposite. So, failure is not an accident. So people who just sit there and you're always trying like you put in effort to fail, right, people just sit there and they don't put in work, they don't take action you are literally trying to fail, don't take action so it goes both ways you don't succeed without putting in work, it's not a natural human failing, It's not an accident you did something along the way to kind of guarantee your failure, and you have to realize all you have to do is do things along the way to guarantee your success. So that's what I realized and to put it together with patients you just is not gonna happen overnight, a lot of things come easy overnight way to build wealth but that's not the case you have to put in time you have to be patient, you have to see what works for you, and might not do what works for somebody else, you know, it might not work for your friend or somebody else but you have to put in time to see what works for you and leverage that to keep building your brand growth along the journey. 

Dave: So, what do you, I like that so, so you're doing, you're kind of in two niches right now the kind of online marketing or make money online space you're also in the health niche, and clearly we were showing your, your, David links 250. TikTok link and you guys can go follow David and kind of, you know, learn from them and follow them and support them and stuff like that but obviously you've got other channels and you're doing other things and, and that's cool, I'm not gonna ask you for those because we'll take your word for it and obviously just what you've done on this TikTok is, is, is impressive enough. Well, there's a lot of people right now because in our community TikTok’ hot and people are, we're teaching it and we're talking about it and you've obviously, you've obviously had quite a bit of success with it so, like, what would you, what have you learned about TikTok, that that has worked really well for you. What have you learned  that doesn't work so well? I mean you really kind of moved here especially in six months, there's a lot of people who would love to have 100 nearly 60,000 followers on one account but it seems like you have a couple of accounts. What, what have you learned man that it's working for, and what have you learned along the way that that didn't work as you said a second of all you got to, you know, you got to test things out to see what works, see what doesn't, so talk to us a little bit about some of those learning lessons.

David: Yeah, so when it comes to TikTok new, just like a lot of things, there is really not a proven way to success but there is ways you can put yourself in positions to, quote unquote, be lucky to grow or start getting traction, just like on any other platform right but with TikTok, especially being a brand new platform where there is a lot of organic reach and potential. What you have to do is leverage the platform like I was talking about, once you learn a platform, you have to find a professional platform to be YouTube can be, you just looking at what other people are doing, and you leverage that by giving yourself motivation to other people's content to see how you can then transform your message to be pulled out into the platform and really get those leads and get those customers by putting out your unique message and putting a spin to it and putting it out there without infringing on other people's content by by leveraging what has worked in the past so a lot of people, they want to say to do what they want, it's not that type of platform, you're not going to go on, on Pinterest or Twitter, and expect to get YouTube type of organic reach but so when you go to TikTok, you have to leverage what's working on TikTok, so if it's trade if it's something whatever it is you leverage, and then you find a way, once you're

a marketer you can find a way to leverage a message into different types of video content types, so that's what I've been doing and focused on so if you're struggling with TikTok like for example, all you do is look around you see motivation from what other people are doing you see what's happening to be successful in general, and you're going to really find your place you're going to find your specific place that works best for you. 

Dave: So you think it's key on TikTok to really pay attention to kind of what the trends are like that week or that month, like it's such a quick and evolving platform that you think that that's super key to identify okay what are the trends, even that are working outside of my niche, like, Are there certain songs are there certain dances or certain just types of videos that people are doing that are kind of trending really hot on TikTok, right now, and to kind of take that template of a trend in to fit your sort of unique personality and message inside of that particular trend is that what you're saying?

David: Yes, exactly. Exactly those trends, generally don't even last a long time, some might go for weeks, others might be 24 or 48 hours. So when you're on the platform. Anyway, you might as well just look at what is coming on your for you page so you see content that's doing great. So once you see the content of doing great. It can be something as little as a style that you can put into your video while you're talking to people about something, whatever it is, marketing, and that can really make a difference in how your content is going to do so TikTok really just wants people on the app, it doesn't care who you are, it doesn't care what you look like doesn't care your age doesn't care. So it just wants people on the app so if you can learn how to keep people on the app by doing what's already working, they're gonna put your content out there to a lot of people because they want them on the app so that's why leverage trending can be a trending hashtag get trending sell a training, dance and it's going to get their attention because it's trending. And you can also leverage your message into that type of piece of content. 

Dave: I think that's really key man, and we've I don't think we've really talked about it on this show anyways it's like really leveraging trends, and I like what you said that you know, there's a little bit of luck with it. Right, it's, it's, although it's not an accident. It's also, you know, you're kind of you're, you're looking at trends, and you're trying to fit sort of your personality and style into what's already workload on the platform. And, I like what you said a couple of minutes ago which was, you're not just going to come onto the platform you can do whatever you want. Right, although you can look however you look, whatever you want, you can sound however you want right I mean like you can have your own personality and you should, and that's what really is going to probably ultimately give you an edge, but there's, there's, there is templates or trends in the case of TikTok there is trends that are working. And I think that like somebody just pointed out, Aryana said top sounds can boost your popularity and can be located in tick tock. on the Discover section in the sound section, right. So, how, how are you, because I think a lot of people are also David, and what's better than one David, two David’s like I think also a lot of people I know I would. I was brand new, dude. Like, I'm going to the for you page on the scroll when I'm going. What's a trend, like how long do I have to, like, you know, I'm looking I'm trying not to get sucked into content, how do you operate in terms of identifying these trends or identifying what type of content you're going to create that day, without, you know, sort of getting lost in in scrolling endlessly. And also, at what point when finding something do you say okay now it's time to stop researching, there's a difference between consuming and researching. At what point do you stop researching and say okay now it's time to go execute and create?

David: Alright so first thing you have to do is have a plan, right, you need to have a plan just say for your business, you need a tic tac plan so how many times are you posting what structure those posts are going to be so are they going to be doing. Are they going to be original types of content, are they going to be something you really just transformed into your own way, or something you like, or you got motivation from maybe another creator who you're in the same category as. So what you do instead of, because a lot of, I get what you're saying a lot of people can go and consume and even forget about researching so when it comes. Yeah, so when it comes to researching that you can go into discover they have two sides there's a Discover tab where you can search in, you can definitely see trends you can see trending music you can see content that has been created, or you can go on before you page and see trends that are coming over and over again. Or you can simply even search a top hashtag in your category and see what

Dave: Okay, here, pink, David, we were down to one David bro I was, I was thinking, David down, we got one David. Alright so I lost you at like, You know, I lost you at. Anyways, you're like, you know you can go to top categories.

David:  You can top hashtags like I kind of lost you right there.  So after going into the hashtag, finding the types of content what to put out there. Now, all you have to do is really scroll through and you can leave a comment to another account you have or like a comment, like a video. And after you find the videos you want to recreate the videos you want with you just simply now you know what you have to do so you can just go and execute, or you can simply keep consuming I suggest you go and execute but yeah so that's basically what I do I just find content I want to recreate that I go and execute and then after I have that secure, I can go to other stuff, knowing I have a plan, my plan is set, this is when I'm posting this is what I'm doing. And can you just even save it in the Favorites tab. And yeah, that's basically how it works, secure, after I've secured the bag I move on with my life for that. 

David: Yes. 

Dave: So, so, wow. So, I mean, like what I find interesting about like a platform like all the platforms right now, is that when it comes to content creation, marketing, like, there really is kind of a formula, you know, if you kind of pay attention and you know what to look for, you know, you have to, I think I always talk about the mechanics and the dynamics everybody puts so much emphasis on the mechanics but the dynamics are in the mechanics are like okay I found something now I'm gonna execute I'm gonna shoot it I'm gonna post it knowing what buttons to push. But the dynamics are really how you move, right, it's like, at what point do you cut off the research and pull the trigger on execution? It's Like building your plan, the mindset that you have about the perfectionism, you know, it's all these pieces about willing to take a risk willing to you know put yourself out there, and, and kind of, you know, not care that oh this piece of content that I'm kind of modeling, or re-creating in my own kind of way. The other one is better than mine. Oh, a lot of people say, well, what's the point right I mean, if this piece of content is better than mine, who's gonna care about mine right? That's a, that's a limiting belief you know that's a mindset issue that we end up being our own worst enemy, you know. And so, what sort of mindset, dynamic issues have you encountered within yourself? So what sort of mindset hurdles David, have you had to overcome that have you identified within yourself in your business, that that, that, that, you know you've had to kind of maybe you're even still dealing with, I don't know but what are some of those things that we don't see when we're watching you move within your business from a distance or watching your market, what are some of the things that have gone on with your go on with you, that you battle, and you persevere through, could you talk to us about some of those hurdles lagging a little bit over here. 

Dave: Yeah lagging, I got you. Yeah, so what it is, lag and I think there's something going on on your side. I don't know if you've got a lot of slow WiFi connection or something like that but you seem to be kind of in and out, I don't know, we'll try. We'll try one more time. What are some of the big mindset things that you've had to overcome is the question. 

David: Yes. So the number one thing I had to overcome was communication of thinking that I can't do what somebody else has done, or reach specific levels that are were beyond my expectations, right, so a lot of people have certain expectations but the reality of the situation is all you have to do is do what works, and like I said, yesterday you do require like, What is more, if you put yourself in the best position in those things, those blessings, they're going to come to you to put yourself in the best position. So the mindset, just keep creating, and I realized along the journey, especially as a goal. Some days, especially when you're starting, you may feel like it's not worth it, you might feel like you came off like a monster, you just realized it's all worth it. And so that's, that's the, that's what I do and haven't been doing to keep really persevering, like I say to keep putting in effort to keep going to need a big reason why, and you don't have to take everything so personally, don't have to see stuff ago this not going to be for me it's not going to be for this, just keep going and realize you really have all the control in the scenario. 

Dave: Well, you will actually say that before. Your Why wasn't that your why wasn't big enough when you had the first agency business that we were talking about a moment ago. It's why we evolve. Why is it and how is it bigger now than it was before what's changed? 

David: So, as a beginner when, especially when you're younger, was like a lot of beginners computers making a lot of money just like a lot of money, although that is part of my why now I realize it's bigger than that right freedom is more, more important, so when you look around the world, you realize you don't really have a privilege of just sit in, they don't realize you don't have, because they're just ignoring that, you know, a job is not really secure. The future is not that secure so if you realize that your family, you care about the future and what comes ahead of everything else, You can't afford not to put in work you can't afford not to give you all you got right sometimes the parents wonder why I spent some, some times, because my parents. My parents right now but sometimes even siblings and even people around me wonder why I give it a lot of time. I'm always working to get new ways to do different things, creating content, and unless you really have a big reason or you realize how the future may look for what's, what's coming next. You don't really see through the same lens that I'm seeing stuff. And so, once you have a big enough why in, you know what you can have, I don't know why. Sit and choose the ultimate opposite. So, yes, that's really what comes ahead of everything else because motivation sometimes can be overrated, right, so you're not always going to feel like you want to do something great, now it's going to feel like you're out for the test, but the reason, the reason why we want to be the next 10 years 20 years 30 years. When I see myself on an island somewhere in I see how I just I just feel happy as it is already imagine what it's going to feel like I can't afford to sit there and ignore my artists to go succeed I can I can afford to sit there and not try to give you all I got at least even if I don't achieve anything. Once I do get to those years I can No I give all the handbrake, the worst thing you can do for yourself, is go on to your 60, 80 and realize you could have had three could have been happier could have really missed out you missed out on a big opportunity to really have a better life. And it was in the year now living in regret for life, but if you give all the hat, even if you didn't achieve so and so, however many things you wanted to achieve, you have no regrets, and you're gonna live a happier life. At the end of the day.

Dave: Really inspiring. David, I really appreciate your insight I appreciate the fact that you, you did you know you did this work and so thrilled that we could be a part of your journey bro and, and, in give you some of our experience and wisdom but I always tell people, I mean, I don't, I don't want to take credit for people's success it's like, you know, the hardest part is executing, you know, the hardest part is putting the stuff to work you did that, and now you're really bringing a lot of experience and wisdom to share with people I just want to really validate you for that, I mean you're you're a young guy but you're really, you know what you have to say is, is really, it's really spot on man, and you've got a really, really solid outlook for not only to influence other young people, but also for anybody any age, you know what I mean so I want to just tell you that, to hopefully boost your confidence and, and, you know I don't blow smoke up people's ass if I don't think what you're saying is useful. I'll tell you hey maybe you want to think about this or work on that but I really think that your head is in the right place brother and I'm really proud that you're part of our community and I can't wait to hopefully have you back in a few months and continue to learn from you and kind of grow together man so keep up the great work, brother. stay safe. Be Legendary David, and I'll talk to you soon my friend. 

David: Okay. All right, thank you.

Dave: Alright guys, there it is man, go follow that dude he's, he's, he's really on to something there, And, and I love the, the, the, the realistic approach to things, I mean, it's, it, there is an element of luck but you got to be in the right place at the right time you got to be taken action you got to be putting yourself out there, and, and, you know, when you do that preparation meets opportunity. And, you know you'll be amazed, you know you'll be amazed if each one of you guys just commit to the next 12 months, just just just putting yourself out there as many times as you can. I think you'll find that, whether you want to call it luck or whatever you will experience, way more success than you imagine. You will shortchange yourself, and that's exactly what I can tell you if I would have looked back when I was six months into my affiliate marketing journey like David is and I would have said hey this is what what I can do in the next 10 years, and I would have way shortchanged myself so all of you, no matter how old you are. Okay, no matter how old you are. I don't care if you're 19, or if you're 60 or 70. You will shortchange yourself if you try to look, and guess what you can do in the next 10 years, you will short change yourself. So maybe you say what it's like to be a millionaire. You will shortchange yourself. You could be a multi, multi, multi millionaire. I'm not saying it's guaranteed. I'm not I'm not making income claims I'm just saying that you can shortchange yourself, you will shortchange yourself. Just make sure you don't step over dollars to pick up dimes, right, and what do I mean by that. Start and Stop start and stop. Right. A lot of times we start something, and it takes time to let that thing, build and grow a lot of times we get shiny objects that oh let me go grab this done, let me go grab this dime. Right. So all I'm doing I'm stepping over dollars to pick up dimes, that was a lesson that I learned early on in my career, the one thing that I've done, is stick with what I'm doing and see it through. And if you ask anybody What's the thing what's one of the things that Dave's done to be consistent. It's kind of like what David gathered David said, patience, perseverance, I like that. I'll see you guys back here tomorrow for another episode. Be Legendary. Peace.

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How To Gain Back Lost Time With Your Affiliate Marketing Business

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Dave: What is going on my friends, this is Dave Sharpe Welcome to Wake Up Legendary hopefully you guys are doing fantastic. We've got a great show, as usual this morning. Listen, we've got a guest. His name is Matt. He deployed to the military in 2018. And, you know, I can imagine being away from family overseas, you quickly realize the value of both money but also more importantly time. And so now he's using online marketing, digital marketing and specifically affiliate marketing to get back. Not only obviously make money, but to get back time. And that is something I think that is so undervalued in this space, everybody's always talking about money, looking to make money, but the question is, why do you want money? What can money really do for you? Because the truth is is that this is just.. money is just paper, right? It doesn't really, it doesn't do anything in its current form, right, just a bunch of just a bunch of five skis right here, no big deal right doesn't do anything in its in its current form holding in my hands, right, just sits there, dirty, right. It tears, it's, it's actually, it's actually fairly, you know, probably one of the most, one of the most vulnerable things that we put importance on, you know, like a home is strong, you hit it and you could break your hand. Money is, is, it's, it's horrible, it's right, it's you could tear it, but it's what money does for you. It's what money does for you. It's just the currency, it just happens to be this. It could be gold right if we're still, you know trading gold bars or coins or whatever say we were pirates back in the day, you know, slangin booty. That kind of booty folks get your mind out of the gutter, come on, I know it's Monday but for God's sakes. So, this stuff buys time, this stuff buys your actual most valuable resource in the world, and that is time, something that you can't get any more of you can get more money but you can't get more time. So, with that being said let's bring in our guest, we'll talk about it. Matt Moxley from Mississippi what's going on my brother.

Matt:   Hello, what's going on.

Dave:   Not much man. Did I get that right, you are from Mississippi right? Is there I'm from Mississippi, and MI SSI SSI PPI that was the first one of the first words that I ever learned to spell Look at me go. Well first of all, brother, thanks for your service. And, you know, it. Did we lose you there brother you still there?

Matt:    Yeah, I'm here. Okay, I got to just cut out there on your camera.

Dave:    First of all thank you for your service. Okay, I wanted to tell you that straight up. First of all, and anybody else who's that on the, on the in the audience today. So, Matt, tell us, you know, what you deployed, or I guess were gone in 2018 is that right. 

Matt:   Yeah, so I was gone in 2018 served overseas for 15 months overseas. 

Dave: Yeah. Wow. So what was that like man, tell us a little bit about what what that was like, being away from family and just that what that experience was like just in a nutshell, I'm just curious because civilian life is much different, and I just wanted to know, in your experience, what that was like. 

Matt:   So, overseas. You're living in tents. Well, I was living in a tent that was probably in a jacket, I was in a gigantic tent with about 50 other people, privacy, there is practically none of. You're talking to your family, you know, online, do your video if you can manage to get the internet working correctly. And I probably would talk to them once a week. I get to see my newborn boy, and my little girl, my wife and whatnot you know about once a week. Yeah, and yeah, just, just trying to survive, I guess. 

Dave:   Yeah. And by the way guys, we realize his cameras, missing, it's whatever, no big deal, We can still hear His voice. Well, I can still hear you and that's what's important. So either way, we're gonna, we're gonna get there, we're going to get the info from you. So, coming back from being overseas, talk to us a little bit about what motivated you to look online and start looking for a digital marketing business online. 

Matt:   So, I, when I got back home I really, you know, I knew I was gone so long and I wanted to figure out a way to get some time back with my family. And the thing that really turned me on to it was because I had, when I had to go overseas, my newborn boy was literally a month old, and I went overseas, and I lost an entire, you know entire year of his first life. So when I got home I started digging into, you know, how can I be home with you know, my family, and did some Googling and found affiliate marketing. 

Dave:   Nice, nice. Yeah, I can only imagine I have a four month old right now, and those are precious years. I also have a four year old I, have a 21 year old so there's plenty more time for you to enjoy brother, but I can only imagine that that was a motivation for you to never miss out on any of those important, precious years that you can't get back anymore. Right?

Matt:    Right. 

Dave:   It's a big deal. So you came across, affiliate marketing what attracted you to that business model? 

Matt:   Time. So, within my research, you know, with dropshipping you're, you're still putting in a whole lot of work you know and I've done some eBay flipping and stuff like that and you're still putting a ton of work. What I liked about affiliate marketing was pretty much, you're focusing on the marketing aspect of it, and it's, it's the most passive of all of the online businesses that I can, I can find. And that's what I'm after is passive, you know, like I said, time is my most important resource and whatnot. So I spend time with my family.

Dave:   So you went through our 15 Day Challenge made your very first commission within a couple of days after the challenge. What about the challenge was impactful for you. How did it open up your eyes to the opportunity that's, that, that is affiliate marketing, that is sort of being a freelance Digital Marketer working for yourself and being able to kind of, you know, create your own hours, what was the big aha moments for you?

Matt:    Pretty much what you said was I, you know, the things that you learn going through that challenge or at least what I learned was, I can I can literally take this business model, and let it work for myself. All I have to do is set about put in, you know, some work in the beginning, and then just do a few hours of work every day, after I get everything set up, and let it do its thing.

Dave:    So, that you made your first high ticket commission within a couple of few months? And you sort of begin to realize the power of leverage, right, like those three. Those three sort of had those, those profit activators, if you will that, Jay, you know I talked about in the challenge that I learned from Jay Abraham which is there's three ways to grow a business get new customers do repeat business, make high ticket commissions or or charge higher prices, more premium products. So, how did that did that change the game for you to see that you could make from one customer,  an equal amount to what you could make from, you know, dozens of customers, selling lower ticket products? How did that sort of change your mentality?

Matt:   So, pretty much. It was like, it just opened my eyes, once I saw my first high ticket commission come in, it was just like, you know I made that in a single day with one person. And I was at home doing it, where, you know, I've enjoyed being so that just completely blew my mind. And I remember I was outside working on my fencing, and I get a notification on my phone, so I will look and I was like, you know, your first I could take it commission I'm just like, wow, you know. I did that online without going to a nine to five, work in, you know, a week to make that, and I just did it at home. That's fantastic.

Dave: Which would if we normally been a week or shows worth of salary right? Yeah, that's, like, five and maybe even a little bit of extra time right I mean I don't know about you but when I was working a nine to five. Back in the construction days, you know, I might have even had to put in a little extra time little weekend time to get into that four figure mark. You know guys and I want to say this also that high ticket doesn't always have to mean four figures, you know high ticket, can be what it's all relevant right so high ticket can be $100 I mean because low ticket for sure to me, is, is you know a couple of dollars. What you're normally going to sell a trinket, or a fidget spinner, or a mug or a t- shirt, you know 20, bucks 15, bucks five bucks, something like that. Right, whereas high ticket is really where you get into, you know $100, $300, $500 Certainly 1000 and more, but just just think about how even $100 the difference between 110, make it 110 You, it takes 10 customers to make $100 by making, earning $10 at a time. To where now all of a sudden, maybe you have an upsell, you know, selling something for $10 on the front end have an upsell for 100. Now all of a sudden you made the same from one person that you would have made selling that front end product at 10 different people. That's the leverage guys that's leverage. So if you're looking are wondering how do I get leverage? Sort of like an investment, how do I get leverage? You know, Warren Buffett said that he learned this from Charlie Munger, there's, there's three L's that'll, that'll, that'll make you broke. I was, I was looking at this, I know two of them were liquor and leverage, I can't remember what the other one was, I don't know if it was, it was ladies that would have been pretty misogynistic but I wouldn't particularly put it past him. But anyways, leverage, lack of leverage, right, lack of leverage, a lack of leverage will make you broke and that's one of the reasons why I'm personally so against low ticket business models is because you can you can get into it put forth the same amount of effort towards a low ticket business that you're going to put towards a business has the potential to have front end customers, repeat business and high ticket customers. If you have the right business model, you put in the same amount of work and one produces 10x The amount of revenue that the other one does. That's called leverage. It's the same as making a smart investment. It's the same as buying a stock low, you know, it's, it's not an investment, it's not this is not a financial investment move but leverage can be leveraged is the same as a pulley right if I right, I'm using a pulley to get leverage so I think it's really important for us to understand how leverage can be applied in in lots of different ways. When you have the right business model. So, you've been having some success with TikTok, it's been a game changer for you right?

Matt: It has the reach, I mean, because TikTok is so new, you know and everybody, you know, that's getting into and everything you know I keep seeing everybody using TikTok and everything and that's where I started my thing with TikTok. And since the app is so new, the reach is phenomenal. You can you can get a million views on a single video, you know, in a day, it's ridiculous. Yeah. 

Dave:   Yeah it is. It's crazy. So do you see yourself using TikTok, like for the long term? Are you setting up multiple streams of traffic?

Matt:   So I am actually working on multiple streams of traffic, pretty much using my TikTok to funnel. My other followers into, you know, I started a new YouTube and Facebook and all that stuff pretty much it's my funnel, that's what I'm using it for. 

Dave: So you've gotten about 10,000 plus followers on Tik Tok and that's been in how long has it taken you to generate those 10,000 followers, 

Matt: About four months, 

Dave: Okay, and you're at @thevetrepreneur is your TikTok handle if we want to throw that up on the screen here. It's actually @thevetrepreneur just like Matt Moxley @thevetrepreneur right there. There it is. So you guys can go and follow him, and as I say, with all of our, you know, all of our all of our family here, go follow him, lift him up, like his stuff, comment on his stuff. So, What has been the most, most effective technique that you've used on TikTok?

Matt:   So what I like to do is all the bigger names that are having, like, what, like a whole lot of success on their videos, I'll just simply go find out what they're doing. And just like, I'll take their video and I'll mimic it, and pretty much make that video my own. Use same hashtags and whatnot. 

Dave:   So you're basically just straight up modeling, other successful content.

Matt: Yeah

Dave:   I think guys that might have been the, the simplest explanation I've ever heard. When I've asked somebody that question. Other times people go into like this kind of complicated explanation and he's just like, I find stuff that really takes off, model the video, use the same hashtags, period. 

Matt:   That's it, I mean just mimic what works.

Dave:   Yeah. So is there anything in the way that you do thumbnails or use text or anything else, in terms of your top one or two tips that you would give us that's worked really well with using TikTok for your affiliate marketing business?

 Matt:   Just, just, like, if you're not mimicking other videos and you want more original videos make sure you hook that follower within the first three seconds. Like, that's about the attention span anybody's on TikTok, you got about three seconds to hook them, and I'm just going to swipe up. 

Dave:   Yeah, yeah that's the old swipe, swipeidydoodah right? You just, just like everybody's getting swiped nowadays, it's like we're but people are dating, right swipe to the right swipe to the left, right and that what you know, people are TikTok and you're swiping up you're swiping down you're swiping all around. Holy smokes. We're all just trying not to get swiped that much, that's what life has come to now, Bro, just trying not to get swiped. Try not to get swiped like jeez, man. So, what else would you, what else would you recommend to somebody who's starting out in their first couple of months? Something that you did right? Something that you would have done different?  

Matt:   I'm gonna say put the work in, like, it's… So when you first start now, it's going to take more work than you're actually thinking it's going to, and I remember staying up late. Late nights trying to get all you know building my landing page, making sure my funnels are working, checking my email sequences and all that stuff. So it's, you know, people don't realize that, yeah, you're gonna need to put in a ton of work at the beginning, but once you have all that figured out and all its tested and everything like that, it's smooth sailing. After that, All you have to do is put in you know, two hours of work a day, you know, if you're wanting to, and it's smooth sailing. 

Dave:   So what does a normal day in your life look like? Where do you carve out the time to, like, what is your morning routine or your daily schedule or structure look like?

Matt:   So, my wife gets up and goes to work. I'm usually up at about seven o'clock AM. Coffee is.. I’m a coffee addict. So, coffee is like my first thing to do in the morning. Then, my kids are usually awake, you know playtime, breakfast, so I'm a stay at home dad. Hang out with the kids usually carve out business time. If they're taking naps sometimes they don't get to take a nap. And once my wife comes home, and we have supper and whatnot I’ll carve in some time around bed time and just work late at night. 

Dave:   So you're really blending building your business with, with, with kind of doing a stay at home dad deal right now. Oh yeah absolutely up for you, bro. Good for you. You know I really am happy for you man, since you were away from your kids for so long, you know, serving your country and now you're, you're coming home and you're staying, you're staying home with your kids and you're taking on that, you know, there's a lot of guys who are too, who are too quote on quote tough for that brother. And you know what, just what what a what a, what an unfortunate story that they've got in their head and you're just soaking up all that time and building a business on the side. It's a real honorable thing, man. Your kids are going to remember that, you know?

Matt:   Yeah right, it's, it's my favorite thing, just just to be able to you know sit on the couch, watch a movie on the TV and just, you know, snuggle up to my kids. Well, we're just hanging out, it's fantastic. 

Dave:   How old are your kids again?

Matt:   So I've got a five year old and a three year old 

Dave:   Man, just what a great, what a great age, my daughter, or she's about to turn five and she's just, it's, it's just the best time and my son he's four months and he's just starting to laugh, of course, I've got an older one as well but those times when they're, you know, when they're, when they're in that those toddler phases, it's just a beautiful, beautiful time man, and I'm so glad that you're able to get that now, and that this business is helping you out, to be able to, to, to spend more time at home, to not miss any more of those moments. And you missed it for good reason. I mean there's honor in what you did, brother. But now, that time is behind you, and you're, you're blazing a new path, a new trail. I think in the, you know, not only are you looking to get back time or make more time, but also your, you're going to, you're going to change the dynamic for your family's future. In what your kids see daddy doing. And I think, I think those of us who are not setting our kids up with the skills, these digital skills, not just sitting in front of YouTube all day, but I mean really understanding how the internet works, and how digital marketing works and how to leverage the internet, to be able to build a business to be able to, you know, reach hundreds of 1000s Millions of people instead of just those who were at our local area, I think are really setting our kids up for success. It's really, I think, a great gift that we give our kids just them seeing us doing it. And then if they're interested as they get older, you know, my oldest is working for me now, and it's, it's, you know, I hope that that we all, if we have little ones have the, you know, I think just realize that remember that that it's not just something, it's not just the money that we make, or the time that we have. It's also the skills in the way of living and doing business and blending work in life together, Matt, blending work in life together to where they're not two separate things, to where daddy leaves the house, and then he comes back, but I'm blending the two together. I think that's a real powerful thing, I, you know for me I obviously have some separation, but there's not a lot, right, because I have to have separation and boundaries but there's not a lot. Right, so I don't miss a whole lot of time with my kids. What final piece of advice, my brother would you give to people who are, who are sort of at that place to where they…this is not just the newbie, you know, those, those who I don't like that word but people who are just starting out.

Matt:   Right

Dave:   What about the people who have been at it for a little bit, right, is that are at the same, at the same kind of maybe milestone that you're at? What are you thinking about what is keeping you motivated every day? Is it the results that you're getting? Is it the vision? Is it what you see the opportunity that you see in the future for this business? Tell us what is pulling you towards continuing to build. 

Matt:   So pretty much it is, as long as I continue to build what I'm doing. I continue to have the time that I want, and that's that is my, My, my thing, I guess. So, what I see is the future, you know, as my business builds, I'll be able to go on more you know extravagant vacations and maybe go travel around the world and things of that nature. I can have experiences with my family instead of, you know, going to work, coming home and then, you know, setting out a time of year to have vacation and time and all that stuff the fun time with my family, as long as I continue to build and focus on this business, I will be able to have time to go do what I want to with the, you know, the time that I have with family I have make more memories. 

Dave:   Right, yeah, that's all about the memories, and even if you and your wife want to go away for a couple of days you don't have to stay gone for 15, 16 months right you can just come home. The kids will only miss you for a few days. 

Matt:   Yeah, absolutely. 

Dave:   That's a very healthy thing to do by the way, very healthy thing for us parents who feel guilty for going in doing some r&r Don't. It's a, it's a needed thing that we all, I've realized is a very healthy behavior. And for entrepreneurs like us. Sometimes we have a hard time doing that right we have a hard time relaxing. I know I do. I always think that I should actually be doing something. Yeah. So what's your final question, what's been your experience here at Legendary what, what, what have you. How has it been I mean what's, what's been the experience so far for you. 

Matt:   It's. It's been phenomenal. You know I wouldn't be here without legendary and the, and especially the community, it's, it's awesome, you know, jump on Facebook, if you have a question type it up every you know, help is always there, and the education is phenomenal. I would not be here being able to you know be home with my kids and have the time that I need without going through all the education stuff, and having the community that can back me up, if I have any questions and things like that. 

Dave:   Community is a big deal, you know, one of the things that I think really matters, just in regular life, in terms of, you know, the where we end up in life, unfortunately, which is something that we have no control over, is our family environment. When we're growing up, right, how much support, do we have, how much trauma and drama is there. And so I think that, you know, and that's why I think it's probably so important for you to be the dad that you are saying with me. We always want to be better than our parents, right? And our parents want us to be better than they were. But, what, what, what I also the reason why I say that is because I think that family, environment in business community support is also important, too, and can determine a lot of our success. So I think that every day for me I know that every time I hear somebody say something about our community and the support. I know that we're doing the right thing because at the end of the day, just like there's no handbook for parenting. You know there's books and stuff like that. The same thing for being an entrepreneur, I mean we do our best to try to teach, but a lot of times you have to just a lot of times it really is damn I just busted my head and I need some people to just remind me that I'm gonna be okay. Yeah. So, we're here for you. Brother, if you bust your head know that it's gonna be okay. If you need us to pick you up, we will. Thanks for sharing your time bro, and, you know, a little bit about your story. I know you're busy, you've got the kids there so I don't want to keep you too long, thank you for your service man, let me know if there's anything I can do for you, and I hope you'll come back here in a couple of months and keep us posted. 

Matt:   Absolutely. 

Dave:   All right, Matt, be well, give your family. Our best man. 

Matt:   Oh absolutely.

Dave:   We'll see you buddy. All right, my friends. It is Monday, it's game time, it's time to rock and roll, it's time to be legendary. Right, this is the moment. Okay. Have a fantastic week, the month is still young. Okay, we've just crossed over the middle part of this month. Hopefully you're tracking your results for this month. You can track and compare from month to month, we've got also really three quarters of the year left. So those of you who are looking to make 2020 your best year ever. You've got plenty of time to do it, plenty of time to do it. Now the small intimidating insignificant moments, like an old Monday morning. These are the times that are the difference makers. So have a great day, be legendary guys we'll see you back here tomorrow 10am Eastern Time for wakeup legendary with another guest I want to thank Matt, you can go follow him on TikTok at the vet printer Johnson love. I'm sure it'll be there to help you and support you anyway he can as well, and flip each other up. Okay guys, we'll see you back here tomorrow,peace, get the hell out of here.

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Melaleuca Review: The Truth About This Home and Personal Care MLM

David Sharpe bio

For Melaleuca founder and CEO, Frank Vandersloot, marketing and selling wellness products has been an extremely lucrative business. In fact, his net worth was recently reported at $3.6 billion, making him the richest man in his home state of Idaho.

The question is, does his business model work for everyone involved? Is Melaleuca a true MLM or is it a scam that builds profits on the backs of its affiliate marketers?

We're going to answer these questions and more in this comprehensive Melaleuca review. We think that it's important to make sure that all online entrepreneurs understand what they're signing up for and how to make it work for them.

Read on to learn more about Melaleuca Inc. and decide whether or not it's the right way for you to build your online business.

How Does Melaleuca Work?

Melaleuca is a company that sells branded wellness items including natural cleaning supplies, skin care products, and even food products. The company claims that its primary objective is to help consumers achieve their wellness goals and live the life they want to live.

The difference between Melaleuca and a brick and mortar wellness shop is that Melaleuca relies on its team of affiliate marketers, aka direct salespeople or independent business owners, to sell their products. As a Melaleuca affiliate, you can receive discounts on their products and make a commission off of any products you are responsible for selling.

However, this is not the only way to make money with a company like Melaleuca. Companies that rely on direct sales need an ever-growing sales force, which is why they incentive bringing on new members to the team. Melaleuca affiliates receive a commission, amongst other rewards, for the sales made by anyone they've personally introduced to the company–this is called a downstream.

Oh, and the best part is that you can do all of this on your own time. You may be selling Melaleuca's products and membership, but you're not working for anyone but yourself.

Is Melaleuca a Scam or an MLM?

That all sounds great, but we all know that there are some serious drawbacks to joining an MLM without all of the information. In fact, it's pretty easy to set up a total scam and call it an MLM. So, which one is Melaleuca and how can you tell?

Melaleuca is a bonafide MLM–and one that has been around for a long time. As it exists today, Melaleuca was founded in 1985 and has continued to grow in worth, products, and membership to this day. This may be due to the fact that joining Melaleuca is fairly low-stakes, especially compared to some similar endeavors.

One way to determine that Melaleuca is not a scam is to look at who is buying their products. According to Melaleuca's income statistics from 2019, about 81% of their products sold to consumers who do not also sell Melaleuca products. Seeing a number like that can reassure you that the products really are the selling point and that the company isn't thriving off of its own sales force.

Another positive sign is that Melaleuca doesn't make you pay hefty fees to join or sell their products. To become a Melaleuca member, you are required to pay an annual $19 fee. That being said, you do have to place a monthly order to remain active, and you're going to want to be able to sell those products to keep up a decent return on investment.

As you've probably guessed, making a decent income off of a company like Melaleuca isn't quite as simple as it may sound. No matter how good the product is or how honest the company is about its business model, you're not going to see that decent return on investment without the right skills.

How Can You Maximize Your Experience With Melaleuca?

If all you're looking for is a discount on your favorite Melaleuca products, then you don't need to worry about this next part. However, if you want to start making money as an affiliate marketer for Melaleuca or any of the other big MLMs out there, it's going to take some serious effort.

Tapping into a consumer market and building your downstream requires marketing expertise. Some of these MLMs suggest starting with a list of family members and friends who may want to hop on this opportunity. However, any MLM member will quickly discover that this is an extremely limited pool of people–and not your best bet.

Instead, you're going to need to know how to build up a major online presence. Our blog offers tons of valuable resources and interviews delving into the ins and outs of establishing that web presence and marketing your business successfully. Perhaps the most important part of online marketing is your ability to tell a story and build a sense of trust between you and your audience.

Establishing yourself as a trusted and reliable source takes dedication. The competition is steep, which means that you want to come out of the gate prepared to make it to the top. How can you skip the trial and error process and become an expert marketer from the get-go?

Go Beyond Our Melaleuca Review and Become an Expert Marketer

We hope that our Melaleuca review has told you what you need to know about Melaleuca and how to spot a legitimate MLM. Now, it's time to take that learning process a step further and become an expert marketer so that you can excel at all of your online entrepreneurial endeavors.

If you're ready to become the best affiliate marketer in the wellness industry, check out this 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge. In just 15 days, you can learn about the #1 High-Ticket Business Model to Launch Online, Why Low-Ticket Business Models are Keeping You Broke, and more.

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How An 81 Year Old Man Went Viral On Tik Tok And Created Affiliate Income

David Sharpe bio


Don Halloran is an 81 year old man who grew a Tik Tok profile of over 82,000 subscribers and over 1 million likes on his videos. Don has been active on Tik Tok since April 2020. When he first started out he made a commitment to himself that he was going to try Tik Tok for five days. Soon five days turned to eight months, and now he uploads a video to Tik Tok just about every day. What is Don’s secret? Showing up as his best, most authentic self.


Using Humor To Take Off With Tik Tok And Build An Audience


At first, Don had about 10 followers. One day after many months of not having a haircut due to the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, he was able to get one from his barbershop. He was so excited that he made a Tik Tok video where he said “I got a haircut!”. The genuine smile on his face and his excitement caught the attention and the hearts of many people, and his video went viral on Tik Tok. 

A screenshot from the viral haircut Tik Tok


Don refers to himself as the ‘virtual grandpa’ on his Tik Tok channel. His followers enjoy seeing his content and always leave kind messages in the comments to him. His joyous energy and excitement has brought a bright light to their lives during the dark times of the pandemic. He enjoys being the virtual grandpa for his followers and giving them a reason to smile.


Turning A Life Struggle Into A Life Message To Connect With Your Audience


Don’s Tik Tok videos are a mix of affiliate marketing and his vocal improvement. He went through the majority of his life without speaking at a high volume, and feeling like he had no voice. He has been using Tik Tok to help overcome that obstacle that he had faced throughout his life. 


He always knew he had a quiet voice, and he wanted to begin using Tik Tok to improve it. “When I got on Tik Tok I said ‘I’m gonna use this to improve my voice and I’m gonna do it’,” Don said. He decided that even though he didn’t know much about Tik Tok, he would commit to using it and putting himself in front of the camera. He found that after a month of using Tik Tok his voice was getting louder, and he was amazed. 


Don felt like it was a rebirth of himself. He began using his Tik Tok to make sure his voice was heard. He wanted to inspire other people, especially young people who might be having the same vocal problem he had all of his life. Don felt like his story really connected with young people who had been having a similar experience in their lives of not being heard. “If you tell a story about something, I don’t care how bad you think you’ve got something, you’re gonna get some followers,” Don said, “There’s millions of people on Tik Tok and it just blew my mind.”

                         Don’s Tik Tok: @Donhalloran


 He didn’t want anyone else to have to go through what he went through with never being able to use his voice to really speak up. “I can finally help some people so they don’t have to go through what I did for 81 years,” Don said. 


Don’s story inspires others to not only love the parts of themselves that they may not have loved their whole lives, but to improve those parts so that they love them even more. Feeling good about yourself helps bring you the most success. The more confident people feel about themselves, the more they can focus on the tasks in front of them rather than focusing on their discomfort with themselves. That’s the message Don puts out to his followers. 


Finding The Motivator To Keep Making Content And Keep Showing Up


Don’s biggest motivator is his newfound followers. “I can’t fail my followers,” Don said. Without his followers, his videos would have never gone viral, so he has a lot of gratitude for them. He feels like most people aren’t self motivated, and feels as though he is one of those people. Every once and awhile, he needs someone to give him that push to succeed. His thousands of followers on Tik Tok are the push he needs for success.


Don felt like nobody had ever really told him that he was inspiring in his lifetime. He has recently been going live on Tik Tok. During a livestream someone commented that Don was inspiring, and it almost brought him to tears. “I’m 81 years old and nobody has ever told me that I’m inspiring,” Don said. Now every day on Tik Tok, his comments are full of his followers telling him just how inspirational he is. That’s what keeps him coming back every day and making videos. “That just cemented the deal, I’m going to go for this one way or another,” Don said. 


The biggest success driver is being accountable to your audience. Everyone starts with one follower. If you only have ten, five, or even just that one person following you and viewing your content, it’s most important to hold yourself accountable to making content for them. Don wants to continue giving value to his audience and helping them along whatever journey they may be going through. 


Don uses affiliate marketing to share courses and education to others. He wants to share the education of creating a business online to help encourage his followers. He wants his followers to be able to have multiple streams of income that are both recession proof and pandemic proof. Not only that, but to begin creating that income much earlier than he did. 

If you enjoyed this article on how Don has turned his life struggle of having a lower voice into a message to inspire and share affiliate marketing education with others, check out this free video while access is still free to learn affiliate marketing strategies including how to make multiple high-ticket affiliate commissions each month marketing valuable products people already want to buy.

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Turning Struggles Into Strengths To Inspire Your Audience And Create Affiliate Income

David Sharpe bio

Legendary Marketer client Hillary Lubinski has had no easy life, but she hasn’t let that hold her back from inspiring others and earning income at the same time. We recently interviewed her on our morning show, Wake Up Legendary, to learn about her affiliate marketing journey.

After having her daughter, Hillary began looking into earning income from home, and started out dropshipping at first. Hillary wanted to be able to have a work at home job because she knew that once she had her daughter there was no way she was going back to work, so she decided she was going to do whatever it took to make that happen, even if it meant facing some of her most difficult weaknesses. 

After dropshipping, Hillary moved onto running her own ad agency for other companies. She wanted a job where she didn’t have to interact with others as much, due to struggling with anxiety. She found that going out and finding clients and getting on phone calls involved a lot of what she was trying to avoid. Hillary started looking for other ideas and ended up spending a lot of money on marketing courses that she felt like were a waste of her time. From there, she found what she had been looking for- affiliate marketing. 

Hillary started doing affiliate marketing on Tik Tok. She stayed consistent with it and worked hard. She wanted to not only gain followers, but to connect and resonate with those followers as well. She had originally felt uneasy about sharing her struggles with her audience, but felt inspired by my (David Sharpe) story and wanted to share her story with her followers as well in hopes to inspire them. She made Tik Tok like her diary and shared her struggles with depression anxiety with her followers through Tik Tok.

Hillary uses her story to get comfortable with people and relate to them. Lots of people struggle with mental health these days and she wants them to know that they aren’t alone, even if they feel like it. “Once you get followers and likes you feel better about people supporting you, and it feels good,” Hillary said. 


Hillary uses shock and awe by talking about things that the average person isn’t comfortable talking about themselves, but still wants to hear other people talking about. People love to be like a fly on the wall and listen to other people’s experiences without having to go through it themselves. She uses vulnerability marketing to capture her audience’s attention. Vulnerability is not about what you have or what you’ve achieved, it’s about showing the losses and the struggles. 


If someone is always talking about their wins in marketing other people won’t be as intrigued, which is why it’s so important to show struggles and losses too. When you share the losses it brings people back down to reality and makes people root for you again. The losses are something people can identify with and relate to, and people want something to relate to. 


Using The Perfect Combination of Wins and Losses To Inspire Your Audience


When sharing your wins with your audience it’s important to not sound arrogant. Sharing only wins will likely make you sound that way. However, it’s important to not share just losses either, or you might come off as a loser. The perfect combination of wins and losses is what is going to leave your viewers feeling inspired- win, win, win, loss. 


Quit Pressuring Yourself To Be Perfect. You Are Your Worst Critic


When Hillary filmed her first marketing video, she was so nervous that she was shaking. Eventually she decided to bite the bullet and film, and now she’s much more comfortable being on camera. “It makes it a lot easier too, you stop putting pressure on yourself to be perfect,” Hillary said. 


In 2018 when she started video marketing and affiliate marketing, video marketing was trending. Hillary wanted to start making videos but it took her a while due to her anxiety. She was scared of what people were going to think, she was nervous about the process, and she just wasn’t confident in herself. She felt like no matter what she did, nothing was making that anxiety go away.


The more you continue to do it, the better you’re going to get at it. Practice makes perfect in affiliate marketing, just like anything else. “As time went on it definitely got better,” Hillary said. Taking the first step of facing your fears and filming that video will leave you feeling great when you’re finished filming and will leave you feeling proud of yourself, HIllary says. 


Hillary faces her fears not only for herself and her audience, but for her daughter as well. She wants to be a good influence on her and show her that it’s okay to face your fears, and that once you’ve conquered them, it leaves you feeling so much more confident and powerful. She continues to inspire others with her story and talk about things, like mental health, that aren’t talked about in mainstream media as much. She wants to break the stigma and show her audience that everyone struggles sometimes, but it’s okay to face your fears because you are your worst critic. 


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How To Start A Traffic Generating Blog without Writing A Single Word

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Spencer Mecham is a Legendary Marketer client who’s blog is one of his main income streams. He typically uploads a blog post on just about the daily basis but doesn't have to sit down and write each and every article on his blog. This is because he outsources his content from professional writers.

Spencer’s Tik Tok, Facebook group, Youtube and blog all bring in an equal amount of income, around 20-30% each.  In the start up of his blog, he was the one writing every article. In order to free up time so that he could operate multiple income streams, he knew he needed to outsource his writing content. One of the three people on his team who lives in the Philippines does just that.


That person will outsource content from writers by doing keyword research. Then she gives the keywords to the writers that she hires, along with other writing instructions. These instructions include where to place images, internal linkings, and blogging structure and outline. Then Spencer reads and approves the article. 

Spencer finds that if there’s no images in his blog posts it’s not as interesting to read. His blog manager also adds images to each article in addition to outsourcing the content. The writers that are outsourced just write, his blog manager takes care of all the rest. 


Spencer sometimes turns his Youtube videos into blog posts as well. This is especially done with videos talking about specific keywords that rank well in both the Youtube and Google search engines. 

If you enjoyed this article and want to learn more affiliate marketing secrets like the ones Spencer shared with us here, watch this free video while access is still free.

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Becoming an Affiliate Marketer: A Step by Step Guide

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In 2022, the affiliate marketing industry is on track to be worth more than $8 billion! If you're looking to make passive income online, become an affiliate marketer. This is a simple way to share the brands you love with your own community and make a percentage each time they purchase.

Learn all about affiliate marketing programs and affiliate marketing jobs right here.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

In affiliate marketing, the marketer themselves earns a commission from promoting another company. Whether that's good like an athleisure brand's new leggings or a service like an online yoga subscription, affiliate marketers can earn supplemental or entire income just from sharing brands they love.

Affiliate Marketing Definition: Promoting a brand's products or services on your own social media or internet presence in exchange for a percentage of the sales you drive.

How To Become an Affiliate Marketer

To become an affiliate marketer, you'll need to do a few things before you even start looking for affiliate marketing jobs. Use this step by step guide to starting your affiliate marketing journey.

Choose Your Niche

Before you even consider your choice of platform, it's important to have an idea of your niche. The aesthetic for your brand and platform will follow.

Start with what you already know. What are some products you love and use religiously? Are there any services or subscriptions you really believe in? Make a list and draw comparisons between your interests and these goods or services.

Be sure your niche is something that you enjoy talking about each day. Here are a few examples of successful niche ideas.

  • Hobby Niches: Photography, Reading, Travel, Sports, Art, Beer, Coffee
  • Business Niches: Money, Investing, Budgeting, Bitcoin, Home Ownership, Marketing
  • Health and Wellness Niches: Fitness, Healthy Eating, Veganism, Yoga, Nutrition
  • Lifestyle: Self-branded (Moving on from another niche or expanding niches)

A lifestyle niche may evolve after you've decided on the main niche like fashion. Those followers trust you and may start looking for your opinion on other things, too, like home decor, skincare, or anything!

Build Your Platform and Gain Followers

Social media is the best way to start with affiliate marketing. These platforms allow users to be creative and have access to the most crucial part of affiliate marketing: an engaged audience.

Starting with Instagram is a great way to see how well your brand takes to the masses. To gain organic followers, you'll need to use keywords and hashtags that your target audience is following.

For example, if you're interested in building a following that loves to travel, each time you post using #travel #traveling #traveljunkie, or similar hashtags.

You can discover which hashtags are the most popular by digging into analytics and using the platform yourself. Instagram will promote your content on other people's feeds according to an algorithm, and part of that is engaging with other people's content by liking, commenting, and sharing.

Use this guide to learn more about keywords and search engine optimization for Instagram.

If you're more into longer-form videos, YouTube might be a good next step, and it is possible to make millions from the platform. Lastly, you'll eventually want a blog or website to aggregate blog posts and affiliate links. While this can be done through links in your Instagram or YouTube bios, having a landing page for people to engage with your content is crucial.

Create Content and Start Marketing

Now that you've gained some followers and posted some content, it's time to start the money-making part! Start writing reviews for the products you love and share them via a linked blog on Instagram.

A great example of this is taking a product you love, like a skincare product, posting a beautiful photo of it on social media with a description, and how it's changed your life.

Tag the company in the photo, and be sure to add the new post to your stories too. Often, brands have employees scanning Instagram and other platforms daily for mentions. If they reply to your story, ask about getting an affiliate link!

In other cases, you can visit your favorite brands' sites and see if they already have a link made for people interested in sharing. Although affiliate marketing is relatively new, many companies have embraced this and word it as “share with a friend!” or “share and save!”.

If the benefit is a discount on your next purchase instead of a commission, definitely reach out to the company and see if there's an opportunity for a partnership.

Know The Regulations

Before you get started, it's important that you do everything ethically and in line with the law. The Federal Trade Commission has laws to protect American consumers, and therefore, there is a certain language you have to use as an affiliate marketer in your posts.

You can't be deceptive in your marketing, and you should always be transparent with your followers by saying you may earn a commission from their purchases. Using #ad is a common courtesy now on Instagram posts too, but make sure all your language is compliant.

Plus, you should always read the lengthy agreements for becoming an affiliate for a new brand. They will likely have guidelines on what your content should look like and the timeline in which your followers need to purchase in order for you to make a commission.

The fine print is worth reading here!

Ditching 9-5

Congratulations on becoming an affiliate marketer! Now that you work for yourself, how does it feel? Being an entrepreneur and making your own way in the world by sharing the things you love is a great way to earn cash.

If you're feeling a little lost on how to get started or simply need some guidance, check out our array of products to help build your business. Our Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint is an affordable guide that will help grow your work opportunities and make you a truly successful affiliate marketer!

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What to Look for When Choosing an Affiliate Marketing Program

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Growth of the affiliate marketing program is currently at around 27 percent per year globally, according to Social Media Today, with countries like the United States and the United Kingdom leading the way.

In dollars, it's an industry sitting at around $12 billion. However, as we often tell our students at Legendary Marketer, money should not be the primary driver for you becoming an affiliate. Your motivation should fall to what you believe in, find useful, or makes you happy.

In the following article, we'll share the 10 key performance indicators you should watch for in any affiliate marketing program. Let's begin!

1. What the Program Pays You For

Generally, there are two ways you could be earning money whenever you act as an affiliate. No matter the product or service, it boils down to this: sale or lead. Some programs also offer a hybrid model that will pay you for both.

In our opinion, the best affiliate marketing programs give you more ways to earn, but you can achieve success through either method. Of course, the sales-only approach will pay you just for conversion (i.e., when there's an actual transfer of money from the consumer).

Earning for the leads you bring in doesn't come with as much pressure but typically doesn't deliver as big of a payout. We challenge our students to get clarity on their strengths, weaknesses, and preferences before beginning.

2. How Payouts Are Distributed

As you weigh the question of what is the best affiliate marketing program, cash flow should be of key importance. That means considering how payouts will be distributed before planning to spend your time and energy promoting a product.

Some questions we recommend asking yourself: how often do checks go out? Will you earn an ongoing commission or a one-time payout? Get the answers to questions like these on the front end so you can build a viable strategy.

3. Number and Type of Products

Many affiliate marketing programs for beginners will keep it simple: one product, one revenue source. Ideally, you will get into a flow where these types of programs will appear as limiting to you as they are.

The only way to advance as a professional affiliate marketer, and the Legendary Marketer way, is to find ways to maximize the revenue of the people you bring into the fold. It's simple, really.

Earn more off each individual, and you don't have to work as hard on advertising, marketing, and content creation to drive traffic (though make no mistake, those things remain very important).

4. How Retargeting Works

As you compare affiliate marketing programs, be laser-focused in your questions. One of the “inside baseball” questions we challenge our students to ask is about retargeting.

Retargeting is a form of marketing where the site places a “cookie” on its website that will then track that user to other sites across the web offering additional marketing for a set period of time. It's a viable way to increase conversion rates, but it also comes across as a little creepy to the consumer, so expect changes in the year ahead with how search engines treat this practice.

We're encouraging our students to keep an eye on this as it develops. You'll want to know how much life and distance your affiliate link will have in it.

5. Ease of Promotion

Legitimate affiliate marketing programs give you the tools you need to succeed. They don't just turn you loose into a no man's land.

Investigate the materials these programs will provide you for connecting your traffic to their product or service. Look for materials that are inoffensive, attention-grabbing, and easy to incorporate into the flow of your website.

6. Refund Policies

Many affiliate programs will have refund policies to go along with their products. Particularly with informational products, we've found, a generous policy is a great way of converting a lead to a sale. See, consumers usually live with the cost of their buying decisions even when not completely satisfied.

Knowing they can get their money back if something isn't to their liking is enough assurance to go through with the sale. They just don't always follow through on that power.

As an affiliate marketer, your concern should be what happens if they do? Check the program's policy ahead of time to see whether you lose money on the refund (likely, you will). Also, ask the program to provide data on how often refunds are requested.

At Legendary Marketer, refunds are rare so providing that data to our affiliates isn't a problem. Some programs aren't quite as trustworthy, however, so protect yourselves.

7. Where You Are in the Funnel

Most programs consist of sales funnels. At the top of the funnel, you have the tire-kickers who are weighing their interest. In the middle, there are interested leads who want to know more.

In the narrow part of the funnel, you have customers who are ready to pay or need support after their purchase. Learn where you are in the funnel as an affiliate. Furthermore, learn if there are opportunities for you to earn throughout.

Hybrid opportunities might pay you one rate for bringing in tire-kickers, another for hot leads, and still another for sales conversions. As an affiliate, it's important to have that awareness before you begin.

8. How Many Referrals End Up Making a Purchase

Another key performance indicator to watch out for is the referral to buyer ratio. In other words, how many people usually visit a website or show interest versus how many open their wallets?

Knowing this number will give you concrete data on what it will take to make a viable income off the affiliate marketing program itself. If there are multiple potential revenue streams, don't forget to get the ratio for each.

9. What Your Costs Will Be

Affiliate marketers generally will have to pour money into their efforts if they want to see the needle move. It takes money to start, build, and manage a website that does a lot of traffic.

Those costs come in the form of domain purchases, hosting fees, content creation, and promotion. How much will you need to spend to get the types of numbers necessary for turning the affiliate marketing program profitable?

10. Where You Can Do Business

Finally, what are the rules of the road? Where can you post links? Which products are restricted by region?

The last thing you want to do is place all your eggs in a basket that is illegal in the countries you wish to promote. On the same note, you don't want to pour money into a marketing strategy that is off-limits on the social network where you plan on doing most of your promotion.

Figure out the where's and how's of doing business. Then, build your action plan around what works and what is accepted.

Choosing the Right Affiliate Marketing Program Is Your Most Important Decision

We hope this will help you choose an affiliate marketing program that's right for you. After all, it really is your most important decision.

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How-To Guide: Launching a Successful Business Model

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Did you lose your job during the pandemic? Or are you fed up with working in an office or for a company? Many people have dreams of working online but no idea how to turn them into reality.

Fortunately, choosing the right business model can make that dream more achievable. We have a few ideas and strategies you can use to start a profitable business no matter your experience.

But what is a business model and which is best? Keep reading to find out!

Choose a Niche

The most successful business model for you will center around something you like or are good at. You should focus on a specific industry or customer, and this is your niche.

By narrowing the focus of your business model, you can see more success early on. Consider what you like doing or talking about. Perhaps you like cameras and photography, so you start a business around that.

Or maybe you did really well on standardized tests, so you create a business that helps people take tests. Whatever it is, consider what you like, but make sure there's also a need for it.

Research the Market

Next, you should do some market research to figure out what problems people have within your niche. Then, you can determine how to fill that need. If you're a photographer, you could see if people need photoshoots.

But maybe you realize that people need more help in selecting and using cameras. So you can switch your business idea to a business model with more potential.

If you're good at standardized tests, you could see if people prefer tutoring or workbooks to use on their own time. Both can make for great business models, but they can serve slightly different needs.

Find Your Competition

As you research the market, you'll probably come across some people with similar businesses to your idea. That's okay, and it can be even more validation for your idea.

But don't just skip over your competition. Take a look at what products or services they offer and see how customers react to them. Maybe there's something you can do a bit differently to stand out.

You don't need a totally unique business model, but you also shouldn't avoid copying your competition. Perhaps your competition focuses on helping beginners, so you target more advanced photographers or students.

Operate Online

The most successful types of business models don't take forever to see a profit. If you want to start making money soon, you should consider starting an online business.

You can start quite a few different online businesses with little or no money. With an online business, you don't need to worry about finding or paying for a storefront. You don't need to hire a bunch of employees.

If you can keep your startup costs low, you can find business success more quickly. You can also determine if your idea is profitable, and you can choose a different business model if yours isn't making money.

Start With Profit

If you want to start making money from the start, you should consider a simple way to bring in revenue. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money when you first start your business.

You don't have to create a product or service. Instead, you can sell someone else's product or service and make a small commission on each sale that comes through you.

Affiliate marketing doesn't need to take a ton of time. You can share links to products in your niche on your website through a blog and on social media.

Then, you can use the rest of your time to build out other revenue streams as part of your entire business model.

Use Two Revenue Streams

While you can make a lot from affiliate marketing, you should also create a second revenue stream. You can create digital products, like eBooks, online courses, and other digital downloads.

If you want to offer a service, you can also do that through your website. You can use email and video conferencing apps to communicate with clients.

Consider if you're willing to schedule part of your day for clients or if you'd prefer more flexibility. Online courses can be a great alternative to coaching, and you can make more money without having to work more.

Having at least two revenue streams can give you more security. If your affiliate income dips one month, you can make up for it with more product sales or vice versa.

Productize Your Services

If the best business model for you involves services, create packages based on your offer. Instead of having to create a custom package for every client you get, you can direct leads to your services page.

Your clients can choose from your options, streamlining the sales process for you. That way, you can book clients more quickly.

You can also offer services as products, such as coaching or teaching as an online course. If you're good at graphic design, you can sell templates instead of custom services.

Selling products will give you more control over your business model. You can only work so much in a day, so selling products can get rid of the income ceiling that comes with offering a service.

Build a Marketing and Sales Plan

No matter what business model you plan to start, you need to create a marketing and sales plan. Social media is one of the best places to market your business.

You can interact with people in your target audience to build relationships and a following. Facebook and Instagram are two popular options, but TikTok is quickly gaining traction.

You can use your social media profiles to direct people to your sales pages. If you write the sales copy well, it can help sell your products or affiliate products for you, saving you precious time while making you more money.

The Best Business Model to Choose

You can choose from many different types of business models out there. But if you want an easy way to make money without overworking yourself, make affiliate marketing part of your business model.

Then, you can combine affiliate marketing with creating and selling your own digital products. Both revenue streams are easy to scale and have no limits on how much you can make.

Are you ready to start a profitable online business model? Watch this video to learn more about our top way to make money online.

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Top 10 Best Affiliate Marketing Courses

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Affiliate marketing was expected to reach around $6 billion in 2020.

This profitable industry is something that you should consider in your business if you want an additional side income or a full-time income. It can also help you create passive income.

If you're unsure of how affiliate marketing works, you should consider the best affiliate marketing course. Courses offered by professional affiliate marketers can help you master the art of this industry.

You can see the best strategies you need to create passive income and drive people to other websites and make purchases.

One of the best ways to master affiliate marketing is by finding an affiliate program in a particular niche. When you've mastered a niche if it's baking, SaaS, e-commerce, or something else, you have a better idea of how to become a partner for companies in a particular niche.

Here's a guide on the 10 best affiliate marketing courses that can help you master this industry.

1. Skillshare

If you want to learn from one of the best affiliate marketing courses, look no further than Skillshare, which can be found on Udemy.

This class will teach you everything from the basics to expert knowledge of affiliate programs. You'll have an idea of the rules to follow. You'll also have some blog ideas that can help initially guide you on what to create.

Another important skill you can learn with Skillshare is how to use links appropriately. You don't want to stuff links side by side but rather have a strategic way of someone seeing them.

Skillshare will teach you how to do that.

2. Udemy

Udemy is a popular way to find a lot of courses, especially when it comes to affiliate marketing.

You'll discover a lot of affiliate marketing courses that teach you basic to expert knowledge on what to do with affiliate marketing.

For example, you'll discover the Complete 2020 Hands-on Affiliate Marketing Course that teaches you about SEO, affiliate programs, and more.

3. Coursera

Similar to Udemy, Coursera provides information on affiliate programs that can help you master this particular skill.

You can choose from a variety of courses that can help learn different areas of affiliate marketing that you may not have known before.

Another benefit of taking affiliate marketing courses from Coursera is that they offer free and paid options. So, if you prefer to get your feet wet and try some free courses, you can do that with Coursera.

4. Authority Hacker's

Authority Hacker's affiliate program is perfect for anyone who wants to get in-depth and learn everything from A to Z. This means you'll learn how to create a website, SEO strategies, how to create resources and content, and how to create WhiteHat links.

You can also learn how to make an income from different affiliate programs.

5. Commission Hero

Commission Hero is perfect for anyone who wants a simple and straightforward strategy for earning affiliate income.

With this particular course, you'll learn how to find your ideal audience and target them with Facebook ads. Commission Hero is specific about finding products that can help you sell more and earn an income

6. 123 Affiliate Marketing

123 Affiliate marketing is about teaching you with video lessons on how to make money as an affiliate.

There are 5 modules and 23 lessons in 123 Affiliate marketing that teaches you how to stay within the legal boundaries of sharing your affiliate products to your target market.

7. Five Figure Niche

This is a course by Doug Cunnington, who teaches you everything from how to build an affiliate website to strategies for selling your affiliate products.

It's another selection that can give you some additional wisdom when you are looking for a particular niche to work in and long-tail keywords that fit your niche.

8. Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Another affiliate program comes from one of the industry giants, Amazon.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing teaches you everything about how to find keywords for picking a profitable niche to do your affiliate marketing. You can find a lot of Amazon affiliate courses on Udemy, which teaches you a variety of tools that can help you get started on your affiliate journey.

9. YouTube Affiliate Mastery

If you want to earn money on YouTube, there's no better way to learn than with the YouTube Affiliate Mastery course. You can also find this course on Udemy as well as YouTube videos discussing the strategies in this course.

The course is by Bryan Guerra who teaches you everything about how to create a YouTube channel and build multiple streams of income.

You also learn about how to edit videos and make money as an affiliate when you promote other products.

10. Digital Worth Academy

In this affiliate program, you learn how to make $100 a day with your website promoting affiliate products.

They have videos, keyword training, finding the perfect products, finding the best click-through rates, and more.

If you want to get started on affiliate marketing or up your game in affiliate marketing, Digital Worth Academy is a great place to start.

Now You Know the Best Affiliate Marketing Course to Take

Finding the best affiliate marketing course can be difficult. Of course, you don't want to spend thousands of dollars taking each of these courses. Instead, you want to find a course that can also teach you different skill sets that complement affiliate marketing.

That's why we offer affiliate marketing training as well as business training and how to get more online traffic. With our training, you have everything you need to start a business or give your business a boost.

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What Is Affiliate Marketing and How Does It Work?

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Did you know that affiliate marketing is a multi-billion dollar industry? Yes, a passive form of income for bloggers, vloggers, and other creators is now generating several billion dollars worth of profit.

If you're anything like us, you want to learn more about affiliate marketing and how you can become an affiliate marketer. Whether you're interested in making passive income or genuinely interested in becoming a marketer, you can work with an affiliate program.

To learn more about what affiliate marketing is and how affiliate marketing works, keep reading. We're going to cover all of the basics that you need to know if you're interested in affiliate marketing.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Simply put, affiliate marketing is the process of earning money by marketing another individual's or business's product or service. Basically, affiliate marketers recommend a product or service that they've used and liked and receive a small commission for advertising that product or service on a platform like YouTube or Instagram.

We should be clear that you are not entitled to a commission if you happen to mention a product. The company does not magically pay you for sharing your love of their product or service with your audience.

You have to sign up for a business' affiliate program to make that ‘passive income' that everyone is so excited about. If the business that you're looking to work with doesn't have an affiliate program, you need to sign with them independently. This means that you have to strike a deal with the individual or company that explicitly states how much money you'll be receiving for mentioning/advertising their product or service.

That part is a little bit more complicated.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

When it comes to actually getting started with affiliate marketing, there are a few more steps to take into account. Affiliate marketing isn't a quick and fast process.

A few things need to happen before you're paid that sweet, sweet cash that you're looking forward to.

  1. Someone has to read or see the post/advertisement that you made about the product or service.
  2. That person clicks on a link that you've provided. This is known as an “affiliate link.” It brings that potential customer to the merchant's website to look at the product or service that you recommended in your post.
  3. The person decides to buy the product or service (or complete whatever desired event that you advertised).
  4. You are paid a small commission for that purchase (or completed event).

Do you see what we mean? A lot of things need to happen in order for affiliate marketing to work.

While we're on this subject, we should note that affiliate marketing doesn't just have to be about shopping (although it often is).

An affiliate marketer can advertise a public event and get commissioned for every attendee that mentions his or her name. That marketer could be advertising views on a video or comments on a post.

This is why we refer to the consumer's action as a “desired event.” It's not necessary for the desired event to be a sale, although this is typically the case.

What About That “Affiliate Link?”

If you've been thinking about becoming involved in affiliate marketing, it's likely that you've heard the term “affiliate link” already.

This coveted link is the envy of so many baby vloggers and bloggers. Luckily, it's not that difficult to get.

The company or business that is compensating the blogger or vlogger for showcasing a product or service is usually the one to give out the affiliate link. For example, if you were the affiliate marketer, the company that you're advertising for would give you the link.

In turn, you would then use that link as a part of the post, video, blog, or other forms of advertising. Without this link, you won't get credit for the sales that you caused.

How Do Affiliate Links Work?

It's time to get techy.

If you're wondering how these affiliate links work, you need to understand just a little bit about how website links work. All websites are tagged with the HTTP protocol. This tag that appears at the front of every web address makes the website visitor stateless.

By “stateless,” we mean that the website won't have any personal information about you. However, in order to credit an affiliate marketer, the website they're marketing for has to have a way of knowing where you came from on the Internet. In other words, the website has to know that you came after reading or seeing the affiliate marketer's post.

To do this, the business tags the special affiliate link with a cookie. Unfortunately, these aren't the kind that you eat.

These cookies are tags on the website address that allow the website to see that you came from an affiliate marketer's post. In turn, the business can then identify that there was a successful sale due to the advertisement. Therefore, the affiliate marketer gets paid.

It's important to note that this cookie won't be attached to the link forever (unless the affiliate marketing company has wired the link to work for a very long time). Usually, an affiliate link works with the cookie attached for about 30 days. However, this depends on the company and what their affiliate marketing policies are.

As an affiliate marketer, you'll want a longer cookie duration. This means that someone who reads your post years from now can still give you credit for a sale. Without long-lasting cookies, you may be limited in how many sales you're personally credited for.

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After reading all of this information about affiliate marketing, we bet you're excited to get started! There are lots of things to be excited about, so get ready by picking out the products you want to showcase and the businesses you want to work with.

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How To Grow Your Affiliate Marketing Traffic By 10x

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Spencer Mecham is a client who has not only mastered having multiple platforms to work off of, but has also mastered bringing income to those multiple platforms. We recently interviewed him on our morning show, Wake Up Legendary, to learn about how he turns his multiple streams of traffic into income.

From the very beginning of Spencer’s affiliate marketing career he found himself worried about his social media accounts being shut down. He decided that after an Instagram account along with a Youtube account being shut down it was time to work off of multiple platforms. 


When Spencer finds a new platform to work off of, he masters the platform to the best of his ability and then writes down a system for it. Once he’s written down how it works and what he wants out of it, he then passes it along to someone he’s hired to work on his account on each platform. 


Outsourcing Quality People To Help You Create Quality Content


He can’t operate a Youtube channel, instagram account, Tik Tik, blog, Facebook group, email list, etc. all by himself. He typically hires multiple people to help him do things like edit videos and thumbnails. When hiring someone on, Spencer says to not be afraid to move through people. He likes to have weekly meetings and follow up with the people he has hired. He wants to make sure that anyone he has hired is on the same page as him. 


Spencer will typically give practice tasks for anyone who he is considering for the job and makes sure they know what they’re doing. He typically hires three people at a time. Two of them work full time and one of them works part time. 


Outlining And Scripting Videos To Cater To Youtube’s Algorithm


Spencer outlines each video before filming it, and has passed on the outline job to one of the editors he hired. This creates less work for him so that he has more time to focus on other tasks in his day. The outlines he makes for his videos aren’t just what topics he’ll be speaking about, but includes an entire script for the video. He caters to Youtube’s algorithm by scripting the video and deciding what A roll and B roll go into each video.


Youtube tracks how long each person who views a video is watching it for. If someone is viewing a video for just a moment and clicks out of it, Youtube won’t push it into the algorithm. If a video is watched most of or all the way through often, it is more likely to come up first in the search results or be suggested to watch next by Youtube.  “A high click rate and a high watch time equals a viral Youtube video,” Spencer said.


In order for Spencer to keep his videos from being clicked out of too soon, he began using a tactic that would keep people watching until the end- curiosity. 


When scripting videos, Spencer spends a lot of time planning. He plans out how they’re going to generate the curiosity factor that runs throughout the video that keeps people watching. “A high click through rate and a high watch time equals a viral youtube video,” Spencer said. Since catering his videos to Youtube’s algorithm, he has grown his Youtube channel to 43,000 subscribers. 


Create Unique Content That Generates Value And Curiosity


Spencer says that in order to get more views on videos, take a unique approach to the videos you create. Instead of doing ‘10 ways to make money with x’ Spencer says that a more unique approach would be to spend 8 hours clicking through sites, or take surveys for 5 hours straight and do a video on that experience. That generates a story with the videos and gives the viewer something more to connect to rather than a generic video.


Spencer says to get comfortable on camera it’s okay to go generic videos but as you get more into it to begin throwing in the experiment style videos where you document the process of something like taking surveys or watching a particular type of video.


Don’t Waste Time Editing Videos If You Can Outsource A Skilled Editor


When he first started making Youtube videos, Spencer spent a lot of time editing them. He found that it was easier and a better use of his time to hire someone to edit his videos for him. This way someone else who had more skill than him could do ten times what he could edit on a video. 


He watches a bunch of videos and writes down what he likes about them. Then he hires someone and gives them that list with five example videos he’s found that he likes. Spencer has found the cheapest video editor for himself has been about a hundred dollars, but there are sites like Fiverr where you are able to hire someone for cheaper, though the quality may differ. 


Videos that you create can still blow up without a bunch of fancy editing. When Spencer was starting out, he did a few videos where he shared his screen and those have gotten over 300,000 views. 

Spencer’s Youtube channel @Buildapreneur


Visualize What Your Business Can Grow To And Move To Multiple Platforms For More Income 


Spencer’s Tik Tok, Youtube, Facebook group, and blog are his main streams of income. His project manager does the pictures, categorizing, and outline for his blog and then sends that over to his blog writers. 


Spencer turns his Youtube videos into blog posts and bases posts off of certain keywords to drive in more traffic. When repurposing his youtube videos onto his blog, he also re-purposes his Tik Tok videos into Youtube videos. He edits the Tik Tok logo off of them and turns them into something called Youtube Shorts, a new program similar to Tik Tok. By doing this he grew more subscribers because once you hashtag a 60 second or less Youtube video with #shorts it is pushed into the algorithm. Youtube is testing Shorts in the United States and pushes videos into the Shorts algorithm to test how well they are performing.


Structure Tik Tok Videos To Hook Your Viewers


     Spencer’s Tik Tok @spencerhacks

The Tik Tok algorithm is very similar to the Youtube algorithm. Spencer uses the same curiosity factor from Youtube to keep his viewers watching his videos. He structures his videos so that the viewer doesn't really understand what he’s trying to tell them in the video until thirty to sixty seconds in. Once the viewer has reached that point, they’re been watching the video for so long that it doesn't matter if they scroll out of it. 


Spencer hooks his viewer and strings them along in the video. He shows his viewer the process and in the end explains the point. This allows him to keep the curiosity going as long as he can in the video. He uses terminology in his videos that keeps the viewer hooked and gives them something to think about while they watch.


It’s important to differentiate yourself from people on Tik Tok who make videos from similar videos. People don’t want to watch the same video over and over again. When starting your video, say that it’s something different than what your viewer has seen before. That way they want to keep their eyes glued to the screen in suspense. 


If you enjoyed this article and want to learn more affiliate marketing secrets like the ones Spencer shared with us here, watch this free video while access is still free.

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How I Grew To 200,000 Subscribers! Step-By-Step Youtube Growth Plan

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Ryan Hildreth is a client who started off working a 9-5 straight out of college. He stumbled across affiliate marketing and found it to be the best business model for himself. He started his Youtube channel in 2017 and now has over 240,000 subscribers on Youtube and over 250,000 subscribers on Tik Tok. 


When Ryan first started out he was finding videos on Youtube to replicate and turn into his own words. Over time it became difficult to find new videos to replicate. He wasn’t getting much done trying to come up with ideas every day. He was missing one key factor- structure.

Creating Structure And A Schedule In Your Process To Become Successful

Ryan began putting out two to three videos a week. When you’re just starting out, he recommends you make two to three videos a week so you don’t overwhelm yourself. In order to do this he had to create a weekly schedule for himself and begin planning out his videos one step at a time. 


He says that getting ahead is important in case there is an emergency or something comes up that you need to spend time on. That way you have videos done that you are able to post while not working.  


Ryan’s process starts on a Monday. The first thing he does is grab a notepad and a whiteboard. You can also use Google spreadsheet to organize and list your topic ideas. He lists ideas he wants to do videos on. He also plans out topics he wants to expand on and trending topics to make videos on.


Monday is his administrative day, which means no filming or content creation is done. Instead, he uses Monday solely for a planning day for idea generation. He plans out ten video ideas. He scours Youtube and finds trending videos in his niche. 


Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday are the days Ryan creates, films, and edits videos. He creates three videos and edits them, and then uploads them each of the three days. He typically spends three days a week on Youtube related work and the remaining two days on his email marketing.

Ryan’s Youtube channel


Outsourcing Thumbnails From Affordable Creators To Deliver High Quality Images That Stand Out


Ryan outsources his video’s thumbnails. He does this through FIverr, where he finds a nice inexpensive thumbnail creator. He sends the person creating his thumbnails thumbnails for other videos that he likes. Then he asks them to be made to look similar.


 He typically keeps his thumbnails 3-5 words if he can. Videos that only have a few words in the thumbnail tend to perform better. He gives the creator the title of the video and then they create his thumbnail for him.


Finding Inspiration From Other Content Creators In Your Niche


In order to find videos to gain inspiration from, Ryan types in ‘make money online’ into Youtube and makes videos around the topics that come up. He isn’t looking for a particular time stamp on the videos. Videos can still be popular and relevant years after they are uploaded. Youtube will push the top trending videos for the keywords ‘make money online’ towards you. If a video is uploaded less than a month ago that means that it's performing really well and Youtube is pushing that towards you. 


Ryan doesn’t use any Youtube video filters when finding videos to get inspiration from. He leaves on ‘sort by relevance’ to ensure that he’s getting the most relevant videos to his topic. A video has to be at least eight to ten minutes long to add revenue to it. However, don’t create a video that is too long. 


Youtube tracks how long a video is being watched for. If it is not being watched all the way through or too many people are clicking out of it in the first few minutes, it may not rank well. Ryan waits for a video to hit a home run. If one video starts to take off and gets over 20,000 views he will create another one like that. 


Ryan stays within the broad niche of how to make money online. He says that if you just do ‘make money with Facebook’ videos for seven days straight the topic may not still be trending. However, if you did ‘how to make money online’ videos, one of those may take off. You have to have a broad topic to create from.


Get the idea?…


There’s probably not going to be a lot of videos you come up with that are original ideas. But that’s okay. Finding inspiration from videos is a great way to take parts of other videos you watch and expand on them. Getting information from other content creators and videos is a form of inspiration. Don’t get discouraged if you can’t come up with an entirely original idea for a video.

Using Free Easy To Use Software To Create A High Quality Video 


Ryan uses the free software that came with his Macbook when creating and editing his videos. He uses the screen recording feature on Quicktime Player  when filming. He does this by going to ‘file’ on Quicktime Player and then clicks ‘new screen recording’. Quicktime Player is free and easy to use because it saves right to his desktop. This makes videos easier to find. 

He also films himself as he’s screen recording with his Cannon T6i camera. He likes to have high quality video of himself. He combines the two in iMovie, another free app for Macbook. iMovie is an easy app for Ryan to use as well. “It’s all about what you’re comfortable with,” Ryan said. Showing a video of himself makes it more personal.


Another easy to use tool is Loom because you can record yourself and screen record at the same time. Loom is free to use for videos up to five minutes. Ryan says that over time it’s better to show your face. Showing your face links your viewers to your humanity. When Ryan films and messes up he keeps going. He takes out the parts he messes up on when editing. Each of his videos take about 20 minutes to edit.

Consistency Is The Key For Successful Results 


Ryan schedules his videos to post at the same time every day at 8am. He posts at the same days and times every week because having consistency in your business is good. You will see results from videos you upload three to four months down the road, but with that consistency you will begin to grow.


Showing Humanity And Building Relationships With Your Email Lists 


When Ryan adds someone to his email list, he likes to follow up with them for thirty days straight. The first two emails are conversational pieces. He likes to have a conversation with people who join his email list to get to know them and build connections. The third email he sends is typically when he pitches to them. 


He doesn't send people on his email list his youtube videos. He doesn't want them to affect his watch times. This is only because he has so many subscribers and gets several thousand views on his videos within the first few hours. If you are just starting out, you should be emailing your Youtube videos to your email list. 


Using Tik Tok To Generate Youtube Subscribers


When Ryan first created his Tik Tok, it took a while at first to build up followers. When he started, he started from scratch. He didn’t tell anyone about his Tik Tok and wanted to see how big he could grow it to challenge himself.

He posted at least twice a day and did mostly ‘make money online’ related posts. His posts were mostly previews of his Youtube videos. He put only his Youtube channel link in his Tik Tok profile. He wanted people to click on his Youtube channel from his Tik Tok videos to use it as a lead generation to his Youtube videos.


Ryan hit a record month in commissions the second month he was creating Tik tok videos. He was growing 1,000 to 2,000 subscribers each day on Youtube that were coming from Tik Tok. 


If you would like to learn strategies to apply to your business just like the one Ryan applies into his business in affiliate marketing, including how to make multiple high-ticket affiliate commissions each month marketing valuable products people already want to buy, watch our brand new free webclass while access is still free.

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The Ugly 2-Page Affiliate Marketing Funnel That Converts

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Jason Foster is a Legendary Marketer client who lives in Falmouth, Jamaica with his wife and children. Jason originally was working on a cruise ship on an H2B visa and was fired from his job in 2014. It was at that moment that he realized he didn’t want to be treated like that anymore. He wanted to be his own boss, instead of working for someone else, and he turned to online marketing. 

Jason began his online marketing career by purchasing things from Amazon and selling them on EBay, but when this didn’t bring him in enough money and opportunity, he decided to turn it up a notch and dove into affiliate marketing. For him, this was the best business model he could find. He liked that he was able to promote a product he didn’t create and that they were good quality products.

He learned how to write copy and became ranked in Google. He began to make a full time income as an affiliate marketer and in 2019, he found Legendary Marketer, and this changed his life. The training he viewed was eye opening for him. He followed exactly what the training showed, and found that for him, it was the simplest business model he’d ever seen.

Jason started his Youtube channel in March, and began making about 5 videos each week. Jason was using Youtube to create value based videos and reviews because so many people come to Youtube looking for reviews each day. He says not every video is perfect, and even he sometimes still makes mistakes. Even when I make mistakes I still do the video. I'm just delivering some value,” Jason said. He uses Zoom to record his videos so that the viewer can see both his face, and his computer screen. His video footage is raw and unedited, making his videos the most authentic that he can create. 

Jason’s Youtube channel @iriejason1

One thing he says is very important is authenticity. Make sure you’re authentic, you have to be genuine as well because some people are out  there trying to be someone else,” Jason said, “People want to see real stuff from real people.” He says that by being genuine and authentic you will find people who resonate with you. 

When it comes to the landing page of his website, he looks at what’s working for other people and then modifies it to fit his style. He says that a landing page doesn’t need to be fancy. He puts a picture of himself so that people can see that it’s a real person operating the site and then he creates a headline for the page that says ‘work from home’, and then frames the affiliate offer he is going to be promoting. 

One of the most important things to remember about a landing page is that less is more. Tell your viewer exactly what you would like them to do. If there is a video for them to watch, make sure you put ‘watch this video’ on your page. The landing page design should be simple, because most designs can be distracting. The words are what matter on your page along with clear copy.

Jason’s landing page, showing that it is very simple with a very un-cluttered design.

When making the video on your landing page, make sure you tell the viewer what is going to be on the next page of your site. When you’re honest about where your site is taking them next it will build trust and reassure your viewer of your honesty. Being genuine and authentic is key because of the amount of scams out on the internet, people may automatically assume you are trying to scam them if you aren’t honest and direct. 

This is a screenshot of Jason’s bridge video where he is clearly stating that he wants someone to watch the video in his thumbnail.

When making his videos, Jason uses Canva for his thumbnail images. He says that you have to put out content and get it out to people in order to see what’s working for you. Monitor your content and see what is performing well from what you create. “When you’re doing organic you have to put out the content, that’s the key thing,” Jason said. Regardless of the platform you’re working off of, whether it be Facebook, Youtube, or Tiktok to name a few, be consistent. Create content that people will still be searching for in the next few years. Jason still has content that he created in 2017 that people are still viewing and purchasing from his affiliate links. 


If you would like to learn more of the strategies like the ones Jason applies to his affiliate marketing business here, including how to make multiple high-ticket affiliate commissions each month to supercharge your earnings, watch our brand new free webclass while access is still free. 

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The Exact Plan To Succeed In Affiliate Marketing In 3 Just Hours A Day

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Zeb Summers started off the year as an IT Manager, but after 15 years of hard work was laid off when Covid hit. Instead of deciding to go back to corporate America, he took the leap to turn his affiliate marketing side hustle into a full-time career. He wanted to do something that gave him full control of his time. As a 45 year old father of 2, he was looking to get some time back to spend with his family. 

Zeb loves affiliate marketing and has grown a passion for it, which is why he decided to do it full time. By full time I’m not talking 8 hours of labor each day. Full time as in 3 hours of work each day, and the rest of the day to spend with his family and do whatever he wants. 

We recently had him on our morning show, Wake Up Legendary to talk about his strategy for success. So what is Zeb’s strategy for success?

Planning A Month At A Time To Focus On Money Producing Activities

When Zeb first started his full time affiliate marketing career, he felt he wasn’t producing the results that he should be. He began focusing all his time on money producing activities. He plans out his schedule a month at a time, and makes weekly and daily schedules for himself.

He schedules everything he wants to do in his 3 hour work window in his planner. He does this by focusing on certain things each day. For example, one day may be a planning day for his Tik  Tok videos, and the next may be a day where he creates his Tik Tok videos. 

One key to this process Zeb feels, is getting a good night’s sleep. The human brain cannot function to its fullest potential without a good amount of sleep. Whenever Zeb feels like he has an idea for the next day, he always makes sure to write it down. By writing it down, it helps him to sleep better because he doesn’t have to think about it while he’s trying to sleep.

Zeb creates 3-12 Tik Toks to post throughout each day along with creating Youtube videos. He plans out each video and it’s headline. Planning is a huge factor in keeping his work day to only 3 hours. 

Create Goals For Yourself To Accomplish And Create To-Do Lists To Keep Track of Them 

Zeb takes his goals for the month and the week and divides them down into weekly, then daily goals. He creates an amount he wants to make for the month. He then decides how many emails he has to send, how many Tik Toks he has to create, and how many sales he has to make to get the commission. 

Once he has created his monthly goals, he takes them down to weekly goals. Every week he knows he has to send out a certain number of emails each day, a certain number of Tik Tok’s, and a certain number of customers to follow up with each day. 

But he doesn’t stop there…

Zeb says that once he breaks down his goals into daily goals, the magic starts to happen. Zeb says he has to tune into his daily goals and be self disciplined and present. 

“It’s not about taking action, it’s about taking daily action,” Zeb said. 

He starts off each day writing emails to his email lists. Sometimes he spends up to an hour writing emails and interacting with his email list. He creates a goal number of emails to write and sticks to that goal. 

He wants to humanize himself to his customers and stay present because that’s something that is very important in affiliate marketing. The more authenticity you show, the more your customers can relate to you and build trust with you.

He also creates a goal amount of Tik Tok videos and Youtube videos to create. Once he’s planned out and created those videos, he spends his 3 hour work day creating those videos to be readily available to post throughout the day. 

[Image description] Zeb’s Tik Tok @zebsummers

One great tool for this that Zeb uses, is Trello. Trello is a planning website that allows you to create to-do lists and organize different lists to check tasks off of. Trello also shows you a percentage of how much you have completed each day and can refresh so that you have a clear list of tasks to plan for each day you’re working. 

Zeb typically uses a pen and paper for his planning. For more tech savvy people, Trello has a mobile app. Another useful tool is the notepad or calendar on your phone or computer. 

Becoming The Creator And Tracking Your Progress

Zeb always says that at the beginning you can’t focus on the money. He says to focus on creating the foundation and creating content. Once you create the content, the money will come. At first, it’s hard to figure out where to start. He says that when starting out create goals for yourself and get out of your comfort zone. 

He says to take 60 to 90 days and track the progress that you are making. Focus on your goal and track the progress of your videos and work. If you aren’t meeting your goal, take a few steps back and figure out what exactly you need to do to meet that goal. 

The money might not flow in at first so it’s important to make a realistic goal for yourself that you can track. Once you’ve reached your goal you can assess what you did that month to reach that goal and continue to repeat and tweak that process. 


In the beginning when you’re creating your baseline, it’s important to consistently do content creation in a channel or two, such as Youtube, Facebook, Tik Tok, or your email list. Once you’ve succeeded in making content, you can track what is working and do more of it. 

When Things Don’t Go As Planned, Keep Moving Forward

When a day doesn’t go as planned, Zeb says to always keep moving forward. “You’re going to be on top of the mountain and you’re going to be in the pit of despair,” Zeb said. It’s important to move forward and try your best to not let the little things bother you. 

You don’t have to get analytical to keep track of your progress. Just simply writing things down and keeping track of them is enough when starting out to monitor what’s working and what isn’t. Don’t give up even if it feels like you’re not being successful. Behind an unsuccessful day could be a thousand dollar day, but you won’t know unless you stick it out. 

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How A Car Sales Manager Grew A Profitable 117K Sub Youtube Channel Part-Time For Free

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Learn how this full time manager built an online business while working it part time.

Victor Paredes has been the general manager of an automobile shop in Texas for 24 years and was looking for a challenge. He loves his job, but he wanted to challenge himself to branch out and do more than just his normal nine to five because he wanted to grow more. He started in online affiliate marketing on the side and found himself learning from other affiliate marketers from Youtube on how to become successful. He started learning the ins and outs of affiliate marketing as he went along and soon enough, created a Youtube channel and was making videos himself. We recently interviewed him on the Wake Up Legendary show to hear how he balances his nine to five job with his affiliate marketing side business and finds success in both.

For Victor, Youtube was the last thing people thought he would find success in, but it’s become his #1 source of traffic. He has over 360 videos and over 123,000 subscribers. He also uses his Youtube channel in his business for motivation for his team and to help with their training. All of his employees are subscribed to his Youtube channel. One great thing Victor loves about his working with his affiliate marketing business and his 9-5 combined is that he can choose when to retire. “The plan is to not retire right away but to retire when I choose to retire,” Victor said. He loves working both jobs and still has time to spend with his family.

[Image description] Victor’s Youtube channel 


Victor said that one thing that stands out to him the most in his affiliate marketing business is the growth he’s had with the people he’s connected with. He’s connected with a lot of inspirational people and not just the super affiliates but also the people who are just getting started in the Legendary community. “I have the best of worlds. I still am able to go to a job and interact with people on a one on one basis and I have my online business where I’m learning so much, and I’ve made some incredible relationships online with people that I never would have met had I not decided to start an online business,” Victor said. He says that it has helped him grow more by supporting other people and have others show the same support for him. 

Victor says that you shouldn’t be ashamed or embarrassed about what you’re trying to do. Don’t ever quit, chase your dream, go after it, hold yourself accountable, make a commitment, verbalize it to yourself. Make a commitment that you are gonna see it through and then if you don’t you’re lying to yourself and that’s the worst thing that can happen,”Victor said. People now ask Victor for advice with their online business now and he says that has really stood out to him. Now he gets to help other people grow that are in the same position he used to be in not too long ago. 

One message Victor gives is to never give up. “Don’t ever quit, chase your dream, go after it, hold yourself accountable, make a commitment, verbalize it to yourself. Make a commitment that you are gonna see it through and then if you don’t you’re lying to yourself and that’s the worst thing that can happen,” Victor said. If you run into hardships and obstacles, you can overcome them with the right support from your community. He says to find a mentor or a program like the ones we offer at Legendary Marketer, that can help guide you in the right direction when you are feeling stuck. “If you have a mentor there’s no reason anybody can’t get results unless they decide to quit,” Victor said. 

When it comes to creating an online business, it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. It’s something you can ease into and do part time and still get somewhere. Victor is an example of that. If you want to learn more successful marketing tips just like the ones Victor uses here to grow your online business, check out this video while access is still free

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5 Tips From A Million Dollar Super Affiliate Marketer You Should Know

David Sharpe bio

Learn what tips this affiliate marketer from Finland used to grow his Youtube channel of 36,000 subscribers.

Roope Kiuttu is a client from Finland who currently lives in Costa Rica. In 2015 he started learning little by little about affiliate marketing and by 2017 he became really serious about it. He didn’t want to work the 9-5 job anymore, he wanted more out of life. He found Legendary Marketer through another client who was getting good results and felt he should give it a try.

In the beginning he was super skeptical, as there are so many different scams on the internet, but soon he found that there was nothing to be skeptical about. “I was positively surprised by everything,” Roope said. He loves the Legendary community and how there are people from all over the world who are active in it and support each other. 

Roope has been doing blogging and email marketing but really found that he has both the ability to work and also have fun with Youtube. He enjoys the audience and connections he has built with his viewers. He posted his first video 4 years ago and after a few videos, he gave up and felt he wasn't getting the results he wanted. He picked up Youtube and blogging again in 2017 and has become more serious about his Youtube channel during the 2020 pandemic. 

Roope listened to advice from other Youtubers and realized that he needed to get into the mind of the viewer. He started to focus more on being interested and less on being interesting. “You should always create the content for the people who are watching the videos, not for yourself,” Roope said. 

He wanted to show people what he had learned through Legendary Marketer and myself (David Sharpe) specifically and made a Youtube video titled David Sharpe Review: 5 Lessons I Learned from Legendary Marketer ($250,000,000 Earned Online!). We recently asked Roope to join us on our morning show Wake Up Legendary to talk about his video and the things he learned. 

[Image description] A screenshot of Roope’s youtube channel Learn To Make Honest money online from Roope’s interview on Wake Up Legendary

Tell Stories

The first thing Roope learned is to tell stories. At first, Roope thought he wasn’t a good story teller. He realized that he could learn to become a good story teller. A story connects to people on a more personal level and gives them something to resonate with. When teaching a lesson it may help to absorb the information if they have something to remember it by. “Maybe some people get it, maybe some people don’t but if you tell your story then it somehow hits better,” Roope said.

Roope always tries to add a little bit of his life story here and there in his videos. He wants anyone viewing it who may be going through something similar to be able to relate to it and realize that they can make a better life for themselves. He also feels it will help make the point he is trying to make more memorable for them.

Never quit on yourself

The second lesson he learned is to never quit on yourself. “Instead of what is the most you can achieve, it’s how far can you go?” Roope said. Most people give up within their first 5 years. If you don’t give up you can go far and be successful. Roope plans to stick with affiliate marketing for at least a decade. 

Just doing it is 99% of your success

The third lesson Roope learned is that just doing it is 99% of your success. If you keep testing new things you will find something that works for you. Everything is in the mind when it comes to obstacles and your worst critic is yourself. “Ee always need to eventually take some action,” Roope said. There’s so much training out there but eventually you have to take action and apply what you’re learning from your training to your business. 

When you have an idea, just do it. That’s how you’re going to find out if it works for you. Follow through with what you know you need to do. Instead of just thinking you need to get something done, actually take action and do it. Don’t let the fear of making mistakes hold you back from getting things done. Mistakes happen and if they’re made, they’re just something to learn from. 

Make your message simple

Roope said that the fourth lesson he’s learned is to make his message simple. Instead of always trying to add more, focus on the most important things. If it’s simple, it can’t confuse anyone. “The confused customer doesn’t buy anything,” Roope said. Focus on simple messages. Clear communication is key. If it is simple, it is more understandable and anyone can understand it. 

Honesty and integrity is more important than short term profits

Roope said that the fifth lesson he’s learned is that his honesty is more important than his profits. There’s so many companies promoting scams and making claims that aren’t true. When a customer invests in something that tells them one thing, like that they can make a hundred dollars from clicking a link and it doesn't work, they aren’t going to trust that site anymore. “It really kills everything if one is not honest because it builds for the long term,” Roope said. You don’t want to be known as someone who isn’t honest to your customers and viewers.

If you enjoyed this article about the lessons and strategies Roope has learned and want to learn more affiliate marketing secrets just like it, like how to make high ticket commissions and supercharge your earnings, watch this free video while access is still free.

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5 Steps To Make Sales On Tik Tok As An Affiliate Marketer

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Legendary Marketer client Vasiliy Lapitov is a full time computer engineer. He always had a desire to create multiple streams of income. He found a calling in  affiliate marketing because he likes that he is able to promote others products and doesn’t have to have his own product. He began affiliate marketing with blogging but because Google changed their algorithm to become more video based, he uses Tik Tok for his affiliate marketing platform. We recently interviewed him on our daily show Wake Up Legendary to hear how he uses Tik Tok to create good quality content to gain followers and traffic on his videos. 

Step 1- Create a Tik Tok account

The first step to using Tik Tok in affiliate marketing is to create an account. You can only create videos on a smartphone or tablet, so make sure you have one of those handy. Download the Tik Tok app and create an account. You can create an account using Facebook, Google, your phone number, your email, or your Apple ID. Tik Tok will ask you for your information like your birthday and email, and ask you to create a username and password. Once you’re done you’ll have successfully created a Tik Tok account. Then you’ll want to upload a profile photo and begin making your videos.

Step 2- Choose a niche

Once you’ve made a Tik Tok account, it’s time to choose your niche and what you want to make videos on. You can make videos about different topics relating to your niche. It’s important to stay on topic because it could become confusing to the viewer. Having a topic you are consistent with helps keep the viewers attention. Keep the same consistent topic and keep it simple. When growing a channel, it’s important to keep good consistency to keep viewers engaged so they can recognize you for it. 

Step 3- Have a consistent setting

Vasiliy’s Tik Tok didn’t take off at first. He had to try different approaches with his videos to see what worked for him and what brought in more views and likes. He was motivated to get a jump on his Tik Tok after watching another Wake Up Legendary interview with another client. He found that consistency was key.

Vasiliy began wearing the same clothes in every Tik Tok with the same background. This creates consistency for the viewer because then they get used to what you are wearing and where you are and are able to recognize a Tik Tok from you. Because of the consistency the viewer is more likely to watch the video because they already know who you are. The consistency creates better quality, and in turn, creates better results.

[Image description] From Vasiliy’s Tik Tok account. This shows the consistency in his setting in his videos.

Step 4- Use props

The two videos on Vasiliy’s Tik Tok that first went viral used props such as lottery tickets and hundred dollar bills. He’s found that viewers are more interested when they see a prop in a video because it attracts their eyes to the video. The Tik Tok doesn’t have to have fancy cars or fancy houses to keep the viewer engaged. Just a simple prop like a hundred dollar bill will catch someone’s attention while also making it easier for you to create the video because a lot less effort goes into making a Tik Tok with simple props rather than bigger more expensive props. 

[Image description] From Vasiliy’s Tik Tok account. This shows him using props in his videos.

Vasiliy says it’s important to re-access your mental state. When doing any type of affiliate marketing, it comes with ups and downs. There will be trial and error using Tik Tok especially. He says it’s very important to know why you’re creating an online business. “When you have those dips, those downs this is where you wanna go back to your why and ask ‘why are you doing this?’ ‘what is your biggest why?,” Vasiliy said. Through the Wake Up Legendary show you can find more of a ‘why’ and become more inspired through other’s real life stories, just like he did. We stream our show live 5 days a week on our Facebook page. You can text WUL to (813) 296-8553 for text message reminders when we go live.

Vasiliy says he wasn’t always comfortable with being on camera and he’s had to learn a lot when it comes to creating Tik Tok videos. Using Tik tok has helped him grow as a person and has elevated his mindset. He says that knowing why you’re creating your online business and keeping that in mind will help you to move forward and continue to bring you results and make you successful long term. 

If you enjoyed this guide on how to become successful on Tik Tok, check out our free online webclass to learn more affiliate marketing secrets like the one’s Vasiliy uses here, including how to make multiple high-ticket affiliate commissions each month to supercharge your earnings.

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6 Steps To Earning Money With Affiliate Marketing Using A Blog

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Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting a product or service and connecting a buyer with a seller. If you are looking for a side hustle or a way to make some extra money online, keep reading. In this step by step guide I am going to walk you through the process of becoming an affiliate marketer using a free blogging platform.

Step one- create a blog

When creating a blog to use for affiliate marketing, a great blogging platform is WordPress. These blogs are free to start. You can customize your blog with background images, themes, different layouts, and widgets to add onto your blog. 

When creating your wordpress blog, you’ll first sign up with email, choose a domain name and from there you’re able to choose what type of blog you want, such as .org, .com, .blog, or you can choose which is the free option. Make your domain name something short and memorable. You want your viewers to remember your domain name when discussing the products they buy with other people so they can tell others to check out your blog. From there name your site and launch it. 

Once you launch your site and begin customizing it, you want to choose a theme that will help you stand out and be pleasing to your viewers. Don’t choose too vibrant of colors, and choose a font for your site that is easy to read. You do want your blog to be pleasing to look at, but not distracting so that your readers are focused on your content.

Step two- Choosing a product and researching it

When you make your blog, it’s good to pick a theme. Your blog can be about anything you want. From laundry hacks to cooking recipes, you name it. Once you’ve chosen your theme, next is choosing your product. Choose a product you are passionate about. You will have to have a lot of knowledge on your product which will require research. The point of this is to talk about something you enjoy in your blog posts because you want someone else to enjoy it too. It is even better if you can obtain the product yourself and try it out to have an easier recommendation of it. You want your blog viewers to trust you and the product you are telling them to buy. If your viewers are not happy with the product you are recommending they likely won’t be back to visit your blog. 

You need to identify your target audience. These are the people who are going to be reading your blog posts and purchasing the products based on your recommendations. Researching and finding other content creators who talk about topics similar to the ones you have chosen will help to give you a good idea on who the audience is and what type of products they will be looking for as well as what information will be useful to them.

A great way to promote your affiliate products is through comparison posts. You can use this in almost any blog theme. Examples are cooking with two different types of brands of food, two different recipes for the same food dish, two different brands of the same cleaning products, two different gaming consoles, etc. Comparing and contrasting products helps your audience make a decision on what product to purchase. Just make sure you include those affiliate links to each of the products in your posts.

When writing about your products you want to try to solve a problem with them. When a customer finds that a product will bring a solution for their problem, they tend to want to buy it more. If they know that the product you’re recommending helped solve a problem you had in some way, it’s likely they’ve had the same problem. For example, if you’re reviewing a window cleaning product, explain how the product really got the dirt that other products couldn’t get off of your windows.

Step three-  Finding affiliate links

In order to get an affiliate link you need to sign up for an affiliate program like Amazon associates. From there you get the affiliate link for your product and that’s what you will use to link your customers and blog viewers to the products you want to talk about. Once they purchase the product from the link, you receive a small commission and make money from it.

If there is already a product you have in mind to purchase you can simply go to google and search the product name and “affiliate programs” and if there is an affiliate program linked to your product, it will usually pop up. If not, find the contact for the company and ask if there is an affiliate program for your product.

When inserting your affiliate links into your texts make sure that they are hyperlinked to words or phrases that pertain to your product. Add only one or two affiliate links per blog post to not clutter your posts. Add visuals to your content that will make it more appealing to your viewers. Adding photos and videos about the product will help keep your readers interested. 

Step 4- Creating an email list

One important part of creating an affiliate marketing blog is your email list. This is where your readers will input their email addresses so that they can be notified about content you post. You always want to invite your readers back for more. There are a few strategies for doing this.

The first strategy is to offer them a free product. For example, if your blog is about cooking and recipes, you may want to offer them a free recipe for putting their email address in. The next strategy is to have an email pop-up where you add a tag line that says something along the lines of “want to stay up to date with my latest posts? Input your email here to never miss a post from me!”. A great way to do this is through a widget from WordPress called Mail Chimp. This plugin for your blog will help you collect email addresses through newsletter subscription offers.

Step 5- creating a newsletter for your email list

When sending out your newsletters for your blog, you want to keep it short and interesting. You don’t want to give away your entire blog post in your newsletter email. You want your reader to want to go to your website to read more about what you have to offer. 

It’s great to start sending a newsletter about once a week. Do this whenever you publish a blog post and use it as an opportunity to really hype up your post.  When you start your newsletter, establish the goals you want to meet. This has to do with the amount of traffic you want to your blog, the engagement you want with your readers, and how you want to send out your content. The more readers are interested, the more traffic you're going to have coming into your blog. 

Write your newsletter with care. Regardless of whether your newsletter is going to new or existing readers you want it to be well-crafted and comprehensive. Check your letter for typos and use a conversational tone when speaking to your audience. Make sure you include your call to action. Ask your reader to click a button that says “click here for more information” or something along those lines. Your call to action is how you are going to get your readers to come back to your website and become customers.

Step 6- Repeat the process

Once you find a niche and content that works for you and starts to bring you sales, repeat your process. The more dedication you put into your work, the better. Making sure your newsletter is going out to people often, and readers are staying up to date with your content makes all the difference in the world. When first creating your blog, it’s normal to not get a lot of viewers straight away. Don’t give up. The more you promote your blog through other platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, the easier it is for other people to find your blog.

WordPress has a lot of tools to help you begin your affiliate marketing blog and run it without a struggle. Even if you’ve never worked with any free blogging platform and are just a beginner you can easily create a blog page for yourself that will be efficient and simple to run. 

If you’ve enjoyed this step-by-step guide on creating an affiliate marketing blog consider checking out this free webclass to learn more strategies to apply to your business including how to make multiple high-ticket affiliate commissions each month marketing valuable products people already want to buy.

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The Come-up: How Can Amateur Blogs Grow?

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9% of bloggers make between $1,000-$9,999 a month. While many dream of entering this earnings bracket it' easy to get stuck in the world of amateur blogs. That's because there are some important steps that are needed for blogging success.

Not sure where to start? Read on for more tips on going from amateur blogs to full-time blogger.

The Difference Between Amateur Blogs and Professional Blogs

It seems like these days everyone has their own blog on a wide variety of subjects. However, you want to dive into the emotional side of taking your amateur blog and raising it to a high-end commercial blog level.

While a major element of successful blogging is time, there are various branding, styling, and marketing aspects that can dictate the success of a blog.

Whether you're looking to turn your blog into a side hustle or full-time gig, read on to learn more about the important tips that can make your blog a success.

A Target Niche

As we stated earlier, there is no end to the number of blogs currently running online. Due to this fact, it can be difficult to stand out among the crowd.

An easy way to avoid this problem is by carving out a niche market from the get-go. For example, instead of having a healthy food blog, you may decide to have a vegan food blog with a focus on Asian and international cuisine.

The more defined you can be within your market the easier it will be to stand out as an original voice.

A Backstory

Many bloggers operate under the misconception that in order to write about a certain subject they have to be an expert on it. However, it doesn't matter if you're an industry expert or novice.

What your audience is really looking for is a unique voice and back story. Your audience wants to connect, and feel that they truly know you on a deeper level.

For example, sticking with the example of Asian cuisine, perhaps you have no experience in preparing Asian cuisine but married into an Asian family and are deciding to pursue the cuisine type in an effort to connect with your husband.

Maybe you even throw in a funny story on when you batched a favorite family dish.

Readers want to find someone with a touch of experience and plenty of character.

A Professional Look

Research has shown that a majority of website visitors will leave the website if they find it unattractive. To avoid this it's important to make your website both beautiful and user-friendly.

The good news is you don't have to be a master web designer in order to create a beautiful blog. There are a number of web design platforms that come with pre-created templates that are ready to go.

As the success of your blog grows and you're able to bring in some extra money, you may consider hiring a web designer to upgrade the site.

However, to get started an elegant template site should do the trick.

Photoshop Skills

Even the most beautiful meal can look gray and dull without the use of a proper camera and some basic Photoshop skills.

Again, this doesn't mean you need to be an expert, it just means that you need to know enough to ensure that your photos look good.

A simple visit to Pinterest or other photography related blogs should give you the information you need to create stellar photos.

You also don't need to invest in an expensive camera. The cameras found on today's smartphones can easily compete with some of the higher end, professional grade cameras currently on the market.

With the help of a handy iPhone, the right apps, and a great design eye, you will be able to create stunning photos that can compete with any popular blog.

Saying Just Enough

If you have visited blogs in the past, chances are you'll find that some blogs have a tendency to overshare ( i.e. you know the children's names, ages and shoe sizes). Yeah, people don't need to know that much.

Then there are some blogs that really don't share anything personal.We believe the sweet spot is somewhere in the middle.

This means you can get away with not sharing intimate childhood memories while still sharing the fact that a recipe’s inspiration came from your son's recent birthday party.

Try to allow at least 5 -10% of your blog post to be based on real-life anecdotal stories.

Remember, by the time your audience reads through a few blogs they should feel like they are a good friend catching up with you over coffee.

A Great Content Grab

You'll find there are recurring themes in each of the successful blogs you visit. You enter the website and not long after you've gotten there a familiar pop up appears on your screen with some cool offering.

This pop-up usually offers some kind of valuable content in the form of a list or a guide that you will receive in exchange for your email address.

This type of email grab is extremely popular on blogs due to their high rate of success. Not only does the content grab push the person to give their email address, but it then trains them to head directly to their email account to look for your email.

This marks the beginning of a habit.

Also, it's important to remember that there's a much higher retention rate for those who opt to receive something than those who feel like they're being spammed by email messages.

The stronger your list the better your following. More on that next.

A Strong Email Campaign

There are a number of people that are operating under the false belief that email marketing is dead. However, it continues to be one of the most successful marketing tools that can be used.

Successful bloggers understand that their audience has a life. Which is why they have a consistent email campaign to keep their blog on the forefront of their audience's memory.

A valuable email campaign does not have to be loaded with content. After all, that's what your blog is there for.

Instead, it should read more like a short letter penned by a dear friend. Obviously, within that letter, there will be a link pointing the reader to your most recent blog post.

Not only is this a great way to reach out to your audience from time to time, but it's also another opportunity to forge a relationship with them.

A Steady Social Media Flow

Successful bloggers understand the value of social media and leave no platform untouched. From Facebook to Twitter, and even Pinterest, the most engaging bloggers are those that know which type of content their audience responds to.

Social media is also a valuable tool as it gives your readers the opportunity to share your content. Enter word-of-mouth advertising.

Some bloggers even create closed Facebook groups for their audience. This creates a feeling of exclusivity that audiences love.

Monetizing Your Blog

Successful blog owners also know that they have to be direct in their attempts to monetize their blogs.

Fortunately, there is more than one way to earn income off of your blog content. Read on to learn more about earning a solid income for all of your hard work.

Advertising Space

Remember we said that later on, you may want to go back and hire a web designer? Having extra advertising space is a great reason to do just that.

Once you can prove that you have consistent traffic coming to your website, you can start to show these results to potential advertisers who will pay you to run their ads on your website. Remember, advertisers love to see those results!

There are also third-party services that will connect you to those looking for advertising and genres similar to yours.


Who doesn't love free stuff? As a successful blogger, these are just one of the many perks you have to look forward to. Different companies may contact you to represent them by including their product in a recipe or simply mentioning it on your blog.

While many of the sponsorships are done simply for trade or free products, some also compensate with good old cash.

Guest posting

Once you've grown a solid following there are other websites that could benefit from such exposure. This means you can get paid to write blogs that are featured on other people's websites. Which is the big goal here right?

Typically this requires that you direct your audience to the other website to make it worth their while. However, you will find that guest posting can become another lucrative source of income.

The Help You Need to Boot Your Blog Business

With the right marketing effort, amateur blogs can become money making machines. However, marketing often comes with a stark learning curve that can be difficult to overcome.

If you liked this guide on how to

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7 Best 2021 SEO Practices for Small Businesses

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64% percent of people rely on search engines to make a purchase decision.

Search engines play a big role in your small business' online traffic generation. If you are going to appeal to, then you need to utilize Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO is the process of developing your online profile so that customers can easily find your business. While SEO is useful, the landscape around it changes rather often.

If you want to improve the success rate of your SEO for small business strategy, you must employ techniques that are up to date. Here are some ways you can work on your search engine optimization to get your customers to notice you.

1. Know Your Audience

The end goal of your search engine optimization strategy is to create compelling content that your target audience can discover.

Since that is the objective, you need to know who you are targeting to figure out how to best communicate to them. You have to understand exactly how your customers run searches on the web and the things they are looking for.

One way you can learn more about your audience is by studying the kind of content they like getting from you.

When you publish new material you can use online tools such as Google Analytics to give you more insight. That can be especially useful when picking future topics to write about.

Other insights you will get to find out include:

● The topics that get more readers and views (in the case of videos)
● What pages your audience spends more time on
● How many users come through social referrals

Social media platforms also have their own analytics tools that can help you gain insights into how you can better serve your users.

2. Page Speed Is Key in SEO for Small Businesses Strategies

One of the more surprising tips for entrepreneurs is that your page speed impacts how well you rank.

Page speed refers to the amount of time a user has to wait until a page on your website completely loads.

Google is on record saying that its algorithms use page speed to determine where you rank among other things. You, therefore, can't afford to ignore it.

One of the SEO best practices you can use to increase your page speed is to compress your files.
Look for software that can reduce the size of files on your website. You can use such software to reduce CSS, HTML, and JavaScript files on your website.

When it comes to images, use programs like Photoshop where you can better control the quality.

Another idea here is to reduce the number of times your page redirects users to another one. For every instance where that happens, your page will take longer to load.

Whenever you use images, understand that they also contribute to how fast your page loads. Use the PNG format for graphics and JPEG when uploading photos.

Don't forget to compress them to improve speed times. However, watch out that you don't lower their quality.

3. Use Evergreen Content

At the heart of your SEO efforts is the kind of content you use. When you use content that doesn’t appeal to your customers you will keep struggling no matter how well you tweak it.

It is important to use content that never loses its appeal.

Evergreen content is material that remains useful and relevant for a long period of time with little maintenance.

If you do it right, this kind of content will keep generating social shares, traffic, and occupy high positions in search rankings for a long time.

So, how do you create evergreen content?

Firstly, your content has to give your audience value while still being compelling.

Secondly, your content should have a heading that attracts the user's attention. Lists or ‘how-to' headlines tend to be the most popular. They advertise the content in a striking manner while suggesting that the material is easily readable.

Thirdly, your content should pass the ‘long-click' test for it to be evergreen. Whenever a searcher clicks on the link Google tracks the amount of time that goes by before they move on to the next link.

If they click your link and spend some more time on the page, Google interprets this as good material that has satisfied the searcher's query.

3. Keywords, Keywords, and Keywords

If you have ever made efforts to grow a business, the concept of keywords is not new to you.

Keywords are a mission-critical part of SEO as they directly influence how searchers find content.

When you want to determine keywords to use for your SEO marketing, you should start by doing some keyword research. Here, you look for the terms people use when they are searching for a particular subject matter.

Proper keyword research is useful in that it can either help you improve existing content or create relevant, new material.

Begin by identifying a primary keyword to use. Ensure it is a popular term to target a wider user base.

Whenever you're using the keywords you need to learn how to best apply them. Keywords should feature in the page title, a subheading, images, your meta descriptions and in the content.

Avoid overusing them (known as keyword stuffing) as Search engine algorithms torpedo your ranking if they detect any stuffing.

5. Craft Succinct Title Tags

A title tag is the main part of a search result listing that has a bigger font.

Title tags are the very first thing that searchers see about your business. They set the tone for what they should expect. A lot of attention and ingenuity has to go into creating them.

When you are creating title tags you need to make them clear. A good title tag is one in which a searcher knows what the content is about at a glance. A clear and accurate title tag not only communicates to searches, but it also signals to the search engine what the particular page is about.

Search engines limit the number of words in a title tag. You, therefore, need to learn the art of tweaking it to display all you want it to.

Generally, the limit will be between 60-80 words. You should target 50 words to ensure most of it is visible on different devices.

A good title tag starts with the most descriptive words or main keywords since it's unlikely they will be cut off. If you decide to include your brand name, place it at the end after the words describing what the page is about.

Remember to not overuse your target keyword in the title tag.

A title tag essentially gives you a chance to make a case for what your page is about. Since you have a very brief window, you need to emphasize to the searcher the value your page gives them.

6. Establish Authority

One of the primary goals a search engine is built to achieve is connecting users to the most authoritative information. Therefore, the algorithm works to find the most credible sources of information.

When a user runs a search query they expect the search engine to work as a librarian and find the correct information. Your content needs to show up at this point for it to draw in the target audience.

Creating top-notch quality content is one way in which you can increase the authority of your page and hence, the ranking.

The other way to establish authority is through links. There are two types of links; external links and internal links.

Internal links are those that connect different web pages of the same website.

When external links from sites with high credibility point to your website, its authority ranking will increase.

Similarly, many internal links pointing to a page signal to the search engine that it is an important page. That can improve its authority level.

External links provide more boost to your authority level than internal ones. The common practice is to use both when fashioning your content.

No matter what you do remember that it is not the number of links that is the primary factor. It is the quality of the links that should come first.

7. Ask for Customer Reviews

Reviews today have moved the word-of-mouth trust element to the internet space. As a small business, you should make it a habit to encourage your users to leave reviews online.

When a user runs a search, the local firms that have reviews received higher ranking in the SERPs.

One of the most essential reviews that Google uses to rank pages is Google Reviews. You should set up your business' Google My Business listing’ then get reviews to bump your ranking up.

Help Your Customers Better Find Your Business

Search engines have grown to become a powerful influence on customer behavior. People look for information to make decisions in their ‘I-want-to-buy' moments.

Your business must adapt and create a set of SEO for small business strategies that will contribute to its expansion and increase in revenue.

Legendary Marketer is on a mission to help you start or grow your business. To learn more marketing secrets and learn how to bring in more profit to your business watch this free video and learn our #1 recommended way to bring in income and grow your business.

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