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Dave: What’s up my friends, this is Dave Sharpe Welcome to Wake Up Legendary. I feel like the guy who announces the boxing matches when he's like let's get ready to rumble. I actually can do it better, like if I'm if I'm in my full mode like I can really get it going, not like him but damn close. So I hope you guys are doing well this morning, I am doing well and I'm doing fantastic. We've got a great guest, just an average new taking radical accountability to completely change his life. I love it. I'm excited to hear about it. I hope you guys will help me welcome Grant Temple. What's going on my brother?

Grant: Hey, what's going on Dave? 

Dave: I'm excellent, man so where are you calling in from? 

Grant: I'm from Wilmington, Delaware, Yeah, most of the time a couple minutes right outside of Philly no one has any idea where this is. Yeah I mean I have heard of Wilmington before so, so great. So tell us how you got started online I mean what, what, what led you to this, this weird and interesting space we call the Internet in us weird. Um, so I work at a car dealership, I'm a service advisor there so in the service department I'm the guy who gets you the bad news when your car breaks down. But you know how much it's going to cost, worked all the way through the you know the pandemic dealership went down the kind of bare bones staff I was, you know, one of the ones that was kept there I was fortunate, but I was putting in a lot of hours, you know 50, 60 hours a week they're kind of trying to run the place. So, about July, I guess. After a long ass week at the car dealership, I went home and did the famous YouTube search on my back porch, how to make money online, went down the rabbit hole.

Dave: The gateway drug. 

Grant: Exactly, man you know that the million things pop up on there and I'm sure most people have the same exact story dropshipping. That's what it is. That's what was filtered into my YouTube search there started watching some videos on it was like hey, you know, this is an opportunity. I sit at home at night and you know, like workout and everything but when I get home from work and work it out sitting there on my, my computer anyway said hey, why not try something new and it started trying to do drop shipping… un successfully. Honestly, unsuccessfully, but I found it fascinating being able to kind of build a store online and learn Facebook ads and you know I really enjoyed trying to learn Facebook ads for some reason and the marketing aspect of it, so kind of started with that. 

Dave: Yeah, no, that's, that's really, that's really interesting drop shipping is quite the phenomenon, it's so many people have tried it, it looks really appealing because it's like, I can just hit a few buttons I can just do a couple of mechanical things in the money's just gonna pour in. But you know it's it's, you know you got to make a lot of sales, you got to make a lot of sales, to hit the profit margins that you're looking for because the margins can be so small. And then also shipping things I mean there's just a lot of logistical stuff and yeah it's there's a lot of challenges. I mean, I think if one wants to be successful with it they could, it's there's just a lot of moving parts, more than, than the average thing so you found affiliate marketing? And you're loving that. Why do you let and you've had success with affiliate marketing, without getting into numbers you've had some pretty decent success since the beginning and tracking some of the looking at some of the commission's that you've earned, you told us about, in the, in your form here for the for the show, and it's very different from your initial three sales that you've made in your entire dropshipping career. So, what actually, what has been what has been, what have you liked about doing affiliate marketing, and in specific, the selling information I mean, talk to us just a little bit about why you favored this model why it's been a breath of fresh air for you. Grant: Um, so, as far as, you know, I guess dropshipping goes you're not really using yourself to sell so much it's running ads for the product. So it was doing a little bit of, you know, trying to run Facebook ads for for businesses it's some point there and I've had moderate success with that but when I found Philly, marketing, I kind of look at what I do at, you know my regular job and what is is basically, you know, selling services and helping people get their car up and running correctly, and I figured a lot of those skills are transferable now. You know, one thing I tried to do with you know customers I have that, you know I'm trying to translate the to being able to do it or a computer or TikTok, is, you know, let them know hey you know I'm here to take care of you, I have these resources at my disposal and I can help you have a viable car and that can serve its purpose for you. And I think that's, you know, something I'm pretty good at and I thought okay, well, you know, affiliate marketing, there's really good products out there and if I can let people know hey I'm here to help you, and you know kind of advise you on how you can start making money online. You know, affiliate marketing seems like a place for that now. It is a little bit different trying to sell that directly face to face with someone, and it's not even selling exactly it's when you look at it as trying to, you know, hey, I'm taking care of you. I want to help you and put you in a good place, that the sales just come with that and that's true in my regular job and that's true here. Just trying to transfer, you know, being able to do it in person when I can look at my diversity looking into a camera and trying to reach, you know, each individual with 1000s of people saying it.

Dave: Yeah, well you've, you've taken up TikTok, and you've, you've gotten some good traction there, you've gotten the authority 6,000 followers on TikTok. Is that where you learn about TikTok, did you go through one of our training and kind of jump on where you were listening to the wakeup shows how you find and decide to execute marketing on TikTok?

Grant: I mean I've been on tick tock, not, not me personally posting, you know, been on there for a little bit of time I found that found it kind of funny that the platform's interesting. The short form, videos, you know entertained me. And then I guess just because the algorithms are good at what they do, I started seeing videos about making money online. I'm sure at some point I liked something or I did something that put those into my feed. I came across a couple people that you know were promoting affiliate marketing and capturing board but not with see the views and like oh my god that's you know that's crazy, it's how much traction you can get on it and you know I assume just by even some of the content quality some of these people were new, you know, and not that's not a knock on anything that's just saying, Hey, you don't need to be studio at home you to produce art, and a lot of use and traction. Then of course you know I went through the 15 Day Challenge and, you know, did some of the other courses here and realized how serious an opportunity, you know, TikTok was. 

Dave: Yeah, it's pretty pretty crazy. So, um, when we say when we say, you know, just an average dude taking radical accountability to change his life let's talk about that, what do you, what is, what is radical accountability look like in your life?

Grant: Um, it was funny, so I actually, this questionnaire, I'm pretty sure I filled out about a month ago you, you have one show where you didn't have anyone on the night before you had that show and you were talking about taking accountability for yourself I filled out that that questionnaire and said that and the next day you came to just hammered the point home, But I realized a long time ago, I mean I've I'm 29 now, when I was younger I made some mistakes I really did. You know I put myself in a bad position and at times I wanted to blame it on circumstances or other people or, you know, anything that would, you know, kind of mitigate the responsibility that you know I could put on myself but I mean you can you can put that facade on for other people and they they might believe the bullshit that you tell them, but inside, you know, I knew I'm where I'm at because of all the choices that I've made, and if I'm not happy with that, there's only one person that can change it, you know, No matter how much your mom, your dad, your girlfriend, your best friend wants something for you. They can't even help you if you're not willing to help yourself. And ultimately I found that if, if I want to make something of myself and do better in life and be where I want to be, you have to start making good choices and hold yourself accountable in those choices you know if something goes wrong with it, it's your fault if something goes wrong with it, it's your fault if something comes out of left field. It may not be your fault but you're the only one that can gauge the, you know, response to the outcome of it. So, I mean really just got to say, Hey, I'm, I'm in control of my life and every decision I've made is put me here, and all the decisions I'm making right now will put me where I'm at the future and you can make good choices or bad choices, most of the time, you know the difference. 

Dave: Yeah, man. Bro, you had you had a, I would say the what I I believe you, based on what you just said, I, you know, sometimes, sometimes when people talk about taking responsibility, I immediately based on how they talk and how they, how they explain taking responsibility and so forth, I immediately know how deep that accountability that they have with themselves goes, one, one particular thing that stands out with your vocabulary is just the way that you actually personalize yourself in situations saying, I, you know a lot of times, one of the ways that we distance ourselves from our own lives. If you know to distance ourselves from our choices as we describe our choices in ourselves, as you like, you will go and make choices you know I'm talking about me but I'm saying you. Right, and I, when I got clean from drugs from heroin back in 2008 I did. I never used I mean my statements, so I never really kind of talked about myself in the first person I always talked about myself in a second person. Right, yeah, because it was like this way for me to just, it's a, it's a very common thing you'll, you see it happening all the time we do it all the time and it doesn't particularly mean you don't take responsibility for your life, it just, it's really important, if I'm in a situation to where I need to really face my choices, and if I really want to change. One of the best ways that I can do it is to just personalize, how I talk about myself and just say this is my, that's my choice, you know. And so, that's the one thing that stood out to me. The other thing is, it is just the, the way in which you're talking about taking responsibility for your own actions and your own choices. I mean, this is such a quality that is mandatory for an entrepreneur, it's not an optional thing, it's kind of mandatory and I would say that probably 99% of people couldn't learn the skills and be successful. There's like 1% or less of people that are just maybe just like maybe something's wrong, maybe there's a learning disability or, you know, like something serious, you know what I mean like some thing that maybe a mental illness, something like that that literally is staying in the way. But the other, but the reason why most people don't succeed is not because they can't learn the skills. It's because they aren't willing to take responsibility for outcomes. And isn't that an interesting thing? It's not the mechanics, it's not the mechanics Grant, it's the dynamics, it's the inability to take personal responsibility. We're actually creating our own problems by doing what comes up for you as I'm now, reflecting back.

Grant: Yeah. I mean, again, it's just the you know it's about consistency and making, you know, good choices, kind of a, Hey, today I know I can make a good choice by doing this I can, I can say hey, I'm responsible for the progress I make today so I mean there's times where I don't feel like, you know, waking up it, you know 4:30, 5 o'clock in the morning to record my videos before I go to work, but I know that the outcome of doing that is ultimately what I want to see and if I don't do it that day, then I can't be disappointed at the results that don't, don't come because of that, you know I work long hours I work seven to five, every single day of 50 hours a week sometimes 60 hours a week and for, you know, I still have a relationship and I gotta mow the lawn and take care of the house, um, you know, I have responsibilities but at the same time. I'm a real person, obviously I mean, I know some people 

Dave: So am I. I mean I don't mow the lawn, damn it. I live in Florida not Delaware but I do dishes and I, you know, I mean, no I totally get it. I have two small kids, I got to, you know help take care of I mean, no I totally get all the other things that come along with, with, with, with life and being a real person. But I want to ask you this, and I want you to finish your point, I know I interrupted, but I also want to know, before I forget the question how do you balance not shaming, blaming and guilting yourself, right, and being too critical and hard on yourself with holding yourself accountable? I feel like that's a fine line that we have a hard time finding.

Grant: Yeah and I'll say, I mean that is a struggle sometimes it helps in some aspects where, you know, I've really stopped caring what, what other people think and I think that's important if you're gonna be doing this and putting yourself out there but a part of, you know, doing that is no will no one's going to be more critical of myself than than me. You know I hold myself to a high standard because I'm holding myself accountable for where I'm at, but once you really start holding yourself accountable, you become more confident in the decisions you make. And then once you have that confidence in the decisions you know you're doing the right things for you and you're on the right path. It's easier to one forget what other people think about it and to go, Hey, I'm, I'm doing my best and I know that and even though you know this might be a struggle or that might be a struggle or I do this well, at least, I'm confident in the decisions I make and yeah I may be a little hard on myself but you know I'm not gonna I'm not going to tear myself down when I know in my heart that I'm giving the best effort, so I mean it kind of makes it easier for me to look at myself and really not care what when other people think about it either because I know that's a big hole back for people that want to start doing this and so you know what's, what's everyone going to think about this, and you hold yourself accountable, and you know you're making good decisions. It's easy to put a comment to the side that someone goes out. You're out. You're a scam and people that guide this guy see me for 15 seconds he doesn't, he doesn't know anything about the decisions are not going to affect me.

Dave: Yeah, right. So, how, how do you, when we talk about accountability, and, and you also talked about, like your, your, getting up at 4:30 or whatever, like to me that just makes me like that just, That just that just that sentence alone makes me like crap, I might almost run the opposite way like I was like on day one, and I heard somebody say that, and I was like shit like do I gotta wake up at 4:30 in the morning to be successful at this. But anyways, how, like, so I just want to tell you guys I don't wake up at 4:30 in the morning and I actually wake up, I'm going to be completely transparent. In, dude, I can roll out of bed, dude. I will be alive within five minutes away from special talent. I do that all the time do I do that all the time do you do, I was minute late today to getting on here with you. Now I am kicking off another training, but I do that all the time. I roll up dude, a minute before we go live every day on this wakeup show, literally a minute before we go live if that and then I'm just like, Alright, ready to go. And people are like, you know, kind of like, sometimes they're a little shocked, usually mats there to kind of prep them but I just want to kind of tell everybody that, that, you know, I'm clarifying for you but if you're new and you're thinking do I get to wake up at 4:30 I'm never woke up at 4:30 my entire life. I don't think unless we're traveling or something. But what I do want to ask you is, in the area of radical accountability, how do you balance, a job, and also your business? Like give us a, a structure or some are some tips or some advice on how you do scraped boundaries with your time. 

Grant: It's difficult, honestly, and I think that's kind of why you mean you don't need to wake up at 4:30 in the morning but if that's the time of the day where you do have time that could be used, particularly on distracted time, then, then that's what you got to do I mean I have to you know leave work at 6:45 So if I wake up at 4:30 smack my face a couple times drink of coffee and I'm ready to make a couple videos by 4:45 or five o'clock. 

Dave: I've got a lot of respect for you well, you know what I mean, like, that's, I love that. I mean, I'm not saying like, I, I like what you're preaching right now, the whole do whatever it takes, man. You know what I mean, and like, so anyways continue about kind of what the day looks like for you and where you fit these pieces in. 

Grant: Yeah, so I mean what I tried to do is film a couple videos in the morning and not even really edit at all at once so I can just put it out there in the morning, I got about an hour lunch break and work sometimes. You know I’ve always got customers there. So, but I try to take my lunch break, I'll sit in my car. I'll add it up a couple videos, you know get done works though like the to go to the gym, make sure I'm staying in shape, you know, come home, do the kind of the dinner nighttime cleanup routine and then, you know I still try to spend time with my girlfriend but you know if there's an hour or two at night that I get where I can, you know, work on posts that kind of started on Pinterest. Just trying to build some of the smaller ends of the business as well and it's really, I wish I could be more structured but, you know, I just don't know when I can. Dave: I got an office house that I work out of and primary residence, I got a gym in both of those places, and I can't get my fat ass out there to eat, you know, it's just, it's crazy man, like, like I am, there's one thing that I that I am just militant about, and it's, it's like doing my job every day, you know what I mean it's like doing my work, like, like there's nothing I can be doing better in terms of, I shouldn't say that, but like I crush it as the, the, the CEO of this company in, in doing the things that I need to do. Also as a dad, but like sometimes the self care pieces get put to the side like the gym the working out bro like like that honestly is where I will cut corners on man so to hear that you're doing, you're at this place in your life right now to where you're checking all these boxes man, like it's really impressive dude, and I know how hard that is to keep up with all that shit and in like even do the workout thing and everything like that man I mean you're in go mode right now. 

Grant: Yeah, and I mean, I would honestly say now, such as the person who likes fitness preaching but there's something, there's direct parallels in keeping in shape and online business or business in general I mean you don't you don't work out twice a week and get to go bench press 250 pounds or deadlift 350 pounds I mean you got to put in the work every single day, and before you know it you're, you're doing the things that you couldn't do four or five months ago but that's from consistency and making it a part of your life, and a part of your routine, and I've just tried to take those, those same principles and apply it to my online business where you know it's I don't feel like working out every day I mean sometimes it's a pain in the ass day at work and I don't feel like, but there's very few times I go there, and then once I'm there don't want to put the work in, we're unhappy that I went there. So I mean really just trying to, you know, consistency, it's small steps and you stack small wins and over the long run that, that turns into something I just tried to translate that right to my online business as well as I put the work in daily, and see what the outcome is 60 days now 90 days from now. And once you see those results you can go ahead and maybe I can do this for the long haul. Let's see what it looks like six months from now but focus on the day by day putting the work in and see what comes to fruition at the other end. 

Dave: Yeah, Jamar Jones just commented on accountability so important hold yourself accountable every day. Here's what I know about me is that, for me, accountability is everything. So, before Corona hit right, I for 10 years, Dude, worked out with a trainer, and, and I know how to work out like I can go out there and work out I know the routines man I know the basics, the fundamentals of how to work out and build muscle and I know how to eat healthy, I can count calories if I want like I know everything about, like, I got a head full of knowledge and a belly full of fat right which is everyone's story right it's like nobody's dumb right yeah we get the information. But for me, the part about accountability that's so important is that every area that's, that's thriving at any time in my life is because I have accountability there. So, the reason why this last year I've fallen off the fitness train is because my accountability is gone. So, I can always come up and what I'll do is I'll work, it's like, Nah, I'll work like I got a lot of stuff to do. So I'm going to work instead of going to work out because I don't have somebody waiting there for me. Right, but I do have people waiting for me in this business right people are waiting on this or that or what I've got stuff on my to do list. So, I think, I think and I think most I mean, obviously you're saying you, you work out on your own, but I do, but we're also talking about accountability, and how important it is. And so I think there's kind of two forms of accountability. The first form is the promises or commitments that we make to ourselves. And then the second form of accountability is who are we putting in place like actual other human beings to hold us accountable to show up because they're like they're waiting on us. Right, what comes up for you as I say this, do you agree with that and, and how do you where do you where do you feel like you're being pulled more right now are you being pulled more to self accountability? Are you being pulled more to other people waiting on you even maybe your audience on TikTok now on your list being accountable to them to create content and stuff? 

Grant: Yeah, well, I guess I think you know it is even draws back to personal accountability more accountability, more than anything where, if you know how can I be accountable to someone else if I can't even be myself so the foundation is all just, hey, on you to make this happen, do what you have to do. And then, hey someone else needs and I need to be accountable for someone else's will. I've got a good foundation for that I can, I can add one person into the mixer to 36,000 on TikTok, which is crazy to even think about but yeah I mean, I think it all starts with, with personal and making sure that that you know that you're held accountable and once that confidence to hold yourself accountable to other people. It'd be really difficult to hold yourself accountable to other people if you're not, you know, doing the right things to hold yourself accountable, you know yourself. 

Dave: Yeah. And I feel that the first thing that, like in order to even get the, like if we talk about fitness or whatever like, like, the first thing I need to do is to hold myself accountable to actually earn the money so I can afford the trainer right so there has to be an element of me following through and actually doing what I say I'm going to do achieving some goals so I can then have money to afford a trainer if that's what I'm doing, but I, I really believe that the foundation of success is self esteem and I the reason why I say that is because I think that so many people coming into this industry, or who have already been in this industry for a long time, have, have, have beat up their self esteem so much because they've started things and then not follow through with them. And if you do that enough times, you begin to lose trust in yourself, and begin to feel badly about yourself and you've had one of those with the Drop Shipping thing, and, you know, I don't know how you would explain that but, but it's, it's, it's irrelevant, we don't need to go there, I want to stay with the idea that self esteem and being accountable to your health, meaning that if I say I'm going to learn affiliate marketing and succeed with affiliate marketing, I'm going to buy this train I'm going to go through this train. I'm going to implement this and I'm going to do this for a year. Minimum without starting something else new, regardless of how it goes, because I know that I need to give myself time to succeed, those type of commitment when you follow through with that to be accountable to sell first man that builds some insane self esteem dude, absolutely sane self esteem, and that is what then leads to success and I think you're seeing that right now because you're going like you're doing that because you're waking up at 4:30 You're following through with your commitment, and now you're 36,000 deep on tick tock you're earning commissions, you're seeing the fruits of your labor. Does this description feel like it fits the building of your self esteem and your business?

Grant: Yeah, exactly. I mean it really does like I said, I mean, I've done some poor choices in the past and you know I've started affiliate marketing recently and I've seen the success but you know it's easy to kind of look at that and almost forget the, you know, the four or five years of trying to make good decisions or better decisions, I'm not saying you know I was making a decision bad but really holding myself accountable for this time and it's you know it's it's a journey it's, you know, I went from a job just working at a small repair shop working on cars and kind of managing that with my cousin and then I want to do something a little bit bigger hey I want to go to a car dealership and try to, you know, scale it a little bit, and, you know, making sure that in the process, I'm making good decisions to put me in a position where that is possible, and then it's you know hey maybe I want something different, and I'll, I'll keep working hard on this. So, I mean it's it's a long journey to get there but then when finally I got to here I've made every decision I've made about me, right here, and, you know, the sum of all those decisions I've made is that since I'm content with that and that content isn't, I don't want any more but I can look at it and go hey I'm confident in the decisions I'm making it's pointing me in the direction that I want to go, keep making these types of decisions and, of course still I'd love on some of them, but when that happens, go hey, that was my fault, that wasn't anyone else's fault, you made that decision, it didn't work out, learn from it, don't do it again and try to make a better one next time, and, you know, make more better good decisions and bad decisions and you can end up in a much better place. 

Dave: Yeah, yeah, I love this conversation, because it is, it is the truth, it's, it's real, it's, it's like, I just think there's too much bullshit about motivation, in, in, in making building a business and living life out to be like it's some easy thing, it's not, it is hard. One of the things that we tell our, this was started by my wife, she's a fantastic mom, and she says to our four year old, you can do hard things, you can do hard things, you know and and I feel like it's just, instilling in her early on, that she can do hard things because, because life is hard, building a business is hard. Relationships are hard. Fitness is hard. All these things are hard, they're actually hard, nothing is easy. Nothing is easy. I mean, even, Even the smallest things I mean you can do something in during your day that go in and get in a new drivers like it's just hard it's just you gotta go and you sit and wait, fucking life is hard. And it's like, Man, when we accept that and stop trying to expect everything to be easy or get disappointed or even humans have this, this real, real, rooted tendency to want everybody to think that everything's perfect all the time in their lives. I mean it's kind of like, hey, you know, how you doing, oh great, you know, life's like falling apart, but

it's like, Hey, I'm great, I'm fantastic, you know, new boyfriend, new girlfriend, new. It's like we want everybody to believe that everything's perfect and okay and that we're doing great. And I think there's a lot of power in just acknowledging that things are difficult and acknowledging that things are hard to do because it validates our experience, this is hard for me to do. So when I actually can say, Wow, this is hard for me to do, and I'm, and I can do it, and I can do it, I can do this hard thing, I can follow through with this, I am, and there's a payoff and the payoff may be that I get rich, but the payoff is also that I'm going to build self esteem, and I know that confidence in that self esteem that I build is going to is going to be like worth 100 times more than anything else, towards my finances and stuff because man when you start executing confidently and stop living in here, and you're just let by your gut and your heart, and you're just like, you know, executing, Tony Robbins says if you're in your head, you're dead. Right. He says if you're in your head, you're dead. It's just kind of a true thing because we live in our heads so much guilting ourselves and trying to pretend like things are hard and all this, and we're just like you know what this shit is hard, and I can do it. And I'm gonna do it, and I'm going to build some muscle along the way, that's going to, that's going to, you know, it's going to be there to get me through new situations, and take me to the next level. That's an empowering inspiring message I can get behind. Not the whole, let me post on Instagram like everything's good selfie time smile like the kids, like you got two kids, it's like come on, act like you’re, you're out or something and they're crying like act like you're happy to get this picture right, it's like man what a way to live. But when I'm just like, man, the shits hard but I can do it and I got a supportive community around me. Man, that that's, that's a different approach, right. 

Grant: Yeah, and I think you know one thing to note on the flip side of that, I mean, fucking up is hard, not doing well in flight is hard, you know what I mean I've been broke I've been down and out, and that was hard. I mean, honestly, it was harder than what I'm doing right now, so I could sit there and go, you know wallow in self pity and go hey this is this is hard and this isn't fair, but that doesn't help me and then no one can help me if that's my mindset in the first place I mean no one can drive by the collar and do take you to where you want to be, even if they wanted to, and most people don't want to. You're not I mean most people are self serving and that and that's okay. I mean, you have to be self serving as well and you can do that by going hey, there's no one, no one that will do this for me, I have to do it. And then once you're in that place, you can try to help other people but I mean even you trying to help other people can potentially be in vain if they're not of the same mindset that hey I'm ready to help myself or hey I'm willing to be drugged to the finish line and I can be coachable and learn and and put in the work in the meantime. 

Dave: Yeah. Really great stuff. So what's your if somebody was sitting on a checkout page right now wondering if Legendary’s the real deal can Legendary help them based on your experience, what would you, what what is your experience bet?

Grant: I mean it's been great. Honestly, I mean, the community around the training. I mean really, really good stuff and I've spent a lot of time, a lot of the courses, you know I've done other things I've been down the YouTube rabbit hole for months and this is by far the best quality, it really inspires change in yourself. It really does. And there's a good you know if you're going to be an affiliate for it, there's good the product to stand behind and that's important when you're trying to, to get people to buy something, you want say hey I can stand behind this and I can feel confident telling you that this is a good way to go and Legendary provides that it provides community just excellence, all the way around then want to applaud you for that.

Dave: Thanks, man. Well, I mean, it's been a big, it's been a big asset to have, you know, people like yourself, be willing to come back on and share value and experience so it's it's certainly a team effort and it's been, there's, there's over 50 people behind the scenes who are working their ass off every day to make a good experience for people here our clients and students and affiliates and everything else so it's really grown well beyond my, my impact on it. And that's something that I think all the people here at legendary are proud of, you know, and that's all the difference in the world and, and I would also say to everybody who's listening, you know create something that you're proud of, you know, creates create keep working in your business until you're damn proud of it. You know until you really can look at your audience and your clients in the eye and say, I'm proud of what I have here, and I know it delivers value. And if you don't want it, that's fine, but I'm not looking for people. I'll keep looking. The door is open, I'll keep the door open. You know, because you, the one person who's got something bad to say because they're judging off of a 15 second video doesn't doesn't waver. It doesn't it doesn't move my confidence in what I've got and what I've built, and that goes back to the, you know, the overnight success, right, 10 years in the making of an overnight success, and all that sticking with it in, has built that self esteem that accountability, all the things we're talking about has has, is, is the exact secret sauce of what makes Legendary great and all of the people who are succeeding right at any level, to what makes them business great what's what makes them great at what they do and that's why I think these conversations are so valuable because we get to hear the kind of behind the scenes of oh what's Grant doing? Oh shit I didn't know he was getting up at 4:30, I didn't know he was that honest about willing to take responsibility with his path. I didn't know he thought like that, this makes a lot of sense. Why the attraction that he is so, dude. Good for you and congrats to you, and I hope you'll keep us posted on your success, and any final words that you want to leave all of the listeners in the, we got tons of new TikTok fans I'm sure in people that are going to be following you and learning from you but any final words you want to leave them with?

Grant: Yeah, I mean again just, you know what you can do, hold yourself accountable to that, really learn or analyze it and just do things. Stop overthinking it, you know, just start and start making good decisions, and those things will compound quickly. If you do so, just just get started, whatever it is you want to do, make good decisions with it, and hold yourself accountable. 

Dave: Alright, my brother, wise words from the man from Wilmington. Your time brother, and I'll talk to you really soon. 

Grant: Okay. All right, thanks, Dave, I appreciate it man, see you buddy. 

Dave: All right, my friends, there you have it. Grant temple. You can find Grant Temple on TikTok, and you can go from there, right into his world. As a marketer, I'm sure he's got a couple of paths for you to take. Guys, it's been, it's been a great, it's been a great week. It's been a great year for online marketers, it's been a great year for online marketers, those, those of you who are taking advantage of this timing and of these platforms like TikTok and, in, in the opportunity of everybody coming online because of things that have happened over the past year, you're reaping the rewards of that. And if you're sitting on the sidelines and you're kind of getting ready to get ready. I just really encourage you to take the advice that Grant gave today and get in the game, you know, get off the bench. It's okay, it's okay to have been on the bench, it's okay to continue to take some breaks on the bench, and in the stands, but also get in the game, get on the field, get on the field, man. Because there's, there's a lot of opportunities in that field right now, and it's unlike any opportunity that we've seen before in the past. And so I hope that these week's cover stations on the wakeup legendary show have moved you to want to do that. And if not, then keep tuning in, and we're going to keep trying to convince you of this opportunity that's in front of you. So when you're ready, right, to stand up in CS, it will be there to support you every step of the way. Okay, so with that being said, we'll see you back here for Wake Up Legendary 10am Eastern time next week, starting on Monday. Have a great weekend, be legendary. Peace.

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