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Dave: Hey what's going on my friends this is Dave Sharpe Welcome to Wake Up Legendary now here in a second, we're going to reveal what that EBM means okay EBM I wonder if there's any guesses that can pop off down in the comments. Before we get started here what is EBM mean, listen, I'm excited about this episode because the person who you're going to hear from is really a great example of what's possible, of what's possible in your life, no matter where you're at, no matter how young you are, how old you are, where you're located in the world, and also what your previous challenges were just like me. This guest today has overcome alcoholism and addiction, and is retired now at the age of 63, pursuing an online digital new career, new journey in retirement, be able to to work from home, right, reduces this, this young at heart, man. This young at heart man has been able to build a following on TikTok of 131,000 followers. He's building up his YouTube channel. As we speak, he's literally very new, very new as of, I believe December 2020 And we're going to reveal today how Colin uses EBM to get huge results online so with that being said, I want to welcome Colin Adi, all the way from South Africa to the show. What's up my brother?

Colin: Oh good, my friend, how are you?

Dave: I'm fantastic man. Fantastic.

Colin: How are the guests?. Hopefully excited.

Dave: Yeah, no, I'm sure they're thrilled. I'm excited. This is going to be a, this is going to be a great session this morning. So tell us, you know, I look at, I look at you. And I say that, you know, I hope I'm like him when I'm your age, you know what I mean, still fired up. Still going after new things, still striving to achieve new goals, you know, so tell us a little bit about what led you to online marketing in the first place.

Colin: Well, I can say that. I mean, my life has been a struggle but I like I said I never give up. Don't give up because once you give up, you lose everything you need to, you need to strive for new things, you can't just sit back, I mean, I know I'm retired. If I was going to sit back on, like they call it you know Africans on the stoop on the porch and smoke a pipe and drink coffee all day you're going to die eventually. And you'll die. You need to keep your mind, you need to keep this thing. Once you keep this active and busy with the things that you have to do. I mean, the physical capabilities but at my age, you haven't got those capabilities as you had when you were 20, 25, 30 definitely are probably handling a jackhammer like you at work on stage. So, I did physical work for more than 40 years. My career was in engineering, and my whole life I was an engineer. So I spent the last seven years in Tanzania and then last year when COVID stuck. We were sick, I was in South Africa, to come back, it was another six months, and I was yet. Coming to click chronic medication and being here for a month but then I blocked us, they told us now the mind is going on to care and maintenance. That happened for nine months. And then after three months of being in cane maintenance the mine started putting us off by. So then I started searching on the internet. How am I going to make money, so I tried, I tried dropshipping. I tried ecommerce and I tried trading. And I must tell you, I lost a lot of money. And then I dabbled in affiliate marketing a couple of years back but I never took it seriously, and I was at a full time job so I didn't take it seriously enough. I was looking at YouTube videos, and I found a guy by the name of Thomas Garrett, he was doing very well. And then I watched his videos about his posts, and then he suggested I get onto Legendary that's how I got into Legendary. So I read your 15 day challenge and have been hooked since then. That's how I got into the game, because, I mean, you can't just stop. But as I said, if people think affiliate marketing is free marketing. It's not, you have to work it every single day, and you're gonna get, you're gonna run into hassles, you're gonna run your plenty hassles or you're gonna run into times when you want to bash your head against the wall and you think to yourself. What the hell is going on? All I say is don't give up. You'll figure it out. And what I am saying about Legendary made a couple of good buddies and only nine anybody else I'm scared to leave somebody out and then they feel insulted buddies in legend in the community. And we help each other from time to time because even I need help sometimes. 

Dave: Well I need help too. It's one of the reasons why it's my sneaky ulterior motive for doing this show every day is that I get to get, you know, inspiration and I get to get, I get to get said, Right. A lot of us, we learn as we're going to talk about here with us EBM. Right? And would you like to go ahead and tell everybody what that stands for and then I want to finish my thought, tell them what EBM stands for.

Colin: EBM is educated based marketing.

Dave: So I don't know if anybody gets that in the comments or not but if you did. Maybe we can scroll back and we'll send them a t- shirt, you know, somebody had that idea of sending out a t- shirt a long time ago and I was like, oh god that is so hard you know I can't even imagine doing that. And then, and then, you know, my wife was like well we could just it's so easy, we just entered him into the website. That's how ignorant I am about selling physical products and stuff out but anyway that's besides the point. So if any of you guys guessed education based marketing in the comment before just said it will send you a t- shirt. Be Legendary on it so you can be Legendary. I forgot what I was going to say, so why don't we go in? I got off on the t-shirt tangent. Why, why don't we go into the, the, this whole idea of education based marketing and why, why that is such a big deal for you. What was the aha moment for you that you discovered, okay this is going to be this, this is this is the way, this is the right strategy this is. Talk to us about education based marketing wintertime you heard about. What does it mean to you?

Colin: After Christmas. I started, I did the 15 day challenge, and after that, you know, I started with TikTok only in January. I think into January and then I started my YouTube account executive. I think it's in the middle of February, beginning of March. And I thought of a word that I must come up with because you can't do anything, whether you, whether you're doing TikTok or whether you're doing YouTube whatever you educate yourself on how to do the TikTok. I mean, I started off with TikTok. At first three TikTok again ashamed to look at them, because I didn't educate myself, then I decided, let me educate myself because I'm not getting any views. I'm getting zero views, nothing is happening on my TikTok. The same happened on my YouTube then about my understanding was that what you just told yourself on tick tock, why are you not teaching yourself how to do YouTube videos, I did the course of Thomas, going back to Thomas's course and reviewed it again and educated. So what I'm saying is, everything you do doesn't matter whether you're doing an autoresponder or a sales funnel. Before you calculate, educate yourself, what do you have to do? Small education steps are cooler. That's why I say educated based marketing so before you start marketing. Educate yourself first, in all aspects, not only just the marketing, because even you know the technical part is also part of when you make a measure for the sales funnel is going to influence your leads, you make a mess of an autoresponder. Or maybe you didn't set it up correctly, it's not going to work properly. If you don't set your TikTok up properly, you're not going to get leads. The same with YouTube, you don't do YouTube videos correctly, You're the same thing can happen so I call it education by educated based marketing. That's the word I come up with. And I even the attorney myself doesn't matter like even today I started the new TikTok channel cuz I'm doing some tests.

Dave: I like that a lot.

Colin: I was saying I was testing all the time, learning because we're not going to 40,000 followers that everything is true sailing. No, I'm not, I'm not happy with that. So I've started another TikTok channel, but not marketing anything. I'm just wanting to do a test. I'm not, I'm not showing my face and my voice either, I'm just doing videos more inspirational videos, sort of thing just taking a video from pixels, loading it up to TikTok, and then putting on text.

Dave: Yeah, I just had this hilarious idea that, you know, I wonder, it would probably go super viral, like an unmotivated content, you know? Like where you're being negative, and, and, like, pessimistic, you know, let me bring in Matt. You know what I'm talking about like, sorry to bring you in just, you know what I'm talking about where you're being sarcastic about everything. Yes, you know, it's like in Chicago, we used to have this restaurant called Ed Debevec where all the waiters and waitresses were just assholes to people like cause we're talking about testing. Collin brought up tests like test everything like everything's tested marketing. It's just so interesting because, like, like if Colin, you wanted to run like a really cool test like I just think it would be funny to have one channel that was super motivational and like another one that was totally non motivational and totally, totally sarcastic and pessimistic and just funny.

Colin: Because on TikTok now if you're saying. You're saying TikTok account with pudding I don't use the word account you can actually have a couple of accounts under one, you're going to use different emails or different phone numbers and you can open up and just switch between them so very easy. Yeah, to actually create these TikTok accounts.

Dave: So, a lot of you guys, a lot of the duets to that channel would be insane. I agree, so you do that, like, like the super motivation, totally pessimistic sarcastic on motivation it would just be hilarious. I wanted to just shout out a couple of comments here real quick and Sarah Lewis said I remember you starting your TikTok journey in January after the mastermind you've had phenomenal success so that's Sarah Lewis, a lot of people, no, no, know who you are. On the show today I wanted to put a call and just dropped a lot of gold. He dropped a lot of gold and I want to just point out a couple of pieces in case anybody missed it. First of all, I think, and I think I know you know this as well, calling it education or educated based marketing, right, it's like, educated based marketing from what I think I heard you said educated based marketing is I need to get educated before I start marketing. And then when I start marketing, education. Marketing is where I go out through educating others. That's the style of marketing that I'm using. This is actually, I've said this, I actually heard this from a guy named Joe Polish that he's got a podcast called I love marketing. He kind of runs masterminds and stuff sells information, news, same business model that we teach here, but, but basically, you know, he started out as a carpet cleaner, and then turned around, and, and he was, who was tired of cleaning carpets and he turned around and created a bunch of, you know, marketing material to help other carpet cleaners grow their business. So what he did was, while still standing in an industry that he knew and loved. He went from cleaning the carpets everyday to now, he learned marketing. He educated himself and then he turned down and created training that then helped other carpet cleaners grow their business. So now all of a sudden, what he does is no longer cleaning the carpets is he? He's selling information from the comfort of his home, from the comfort of his computer to other carpet cleaners. You know, so that in the way he did that is the same way that all of us anybody who's having any success online is using education based marketing. It's it's instead of just pitching or spamming or desperately trying to sell stuff all the time, and saying how do you know go to buy link buy this, you know, it's just been that sort of used car salesman or just salesy person, right, you're just you're educating all the time and then at the end of your video give them your post you say, hey if you're interested in my 10 Steps To Grow Your TikTok Account, or How I Grew My TikTok account to 100,000 in four months. Go click the link in my bio and download my, my ebook right and then they click the link they download the ebook and then surprise on the thank you page it's hey that ebook is on the way to your email, watch this video while you wait. And then right you sort of slowly introduce your pitch in a way that's not salesy and threatening and that's just one example, obviously, right in your TikTok videos or YouTube videos you can say hey if you're interested in more training click my buyer or whatever your call to action is. But it really is the key, calling it and it's, it's, having the mentality of you educating yourself but also educating people through your marketing it's truly a game changer.

Colin: I've changed my strategy, totally, from the beginning when I wasn't picked up from when I hit 200,000 Since then I've changed the strategy completely, because I just feel that when you give, when you do what I call freebie TikTok That's not showing them something they can do online. And they can earn a little bit of bucks and you find people rank for that, and I did a lot of those videos. And I say mistakes when I'm giving advice to guys out there that don't do the freebies. Do one, maybe in two weeks. And that's about it, Because you're gonna look at my latest videos. And I'm hardly doing any freebies. I'm trying to drive more traffic from my TikTok to YouTube. That's mainly what I'm trying to do now as I find my YouTube is going to be more targeted traffic because when it doesn't mean besides you earning 40,000 followers that all of them are buyers. Yeah, most of them are dead followers. So, since I changed, packaging, I gotta change the strategy, it's, it's taken a while now it's been about three weeks and I'm sure that's why I also say in this game you have to be patient, And you can get impatient very quickly, because you need to have patience is something that I don't have that unfortunately I'm learning it the hard way. You have to be patient. And as I said, I'm always testing, I'm always testing, because you can't stop testing, doesn't mean what I think a lot of people think when you get it. Sometimes if you have 3,000 followers, you might be doing better than a guy with 200,000 followers. I don't want to mention those but I know there's a guy that I'm running at. TikTok and is doing very well. I think you know I'm talking about. The exception to the rule is to the maximum. Yeah, they do very well. And, but I know why. And I'm learning from them, watching what they're doing. And if you go look at the videos you'll see, they only do what I call a freebie. The content is solely around giving advice to people and trying to teach people and reel them in giving your system, your fish system, chumming the waters first, they use a lot of videos to Chum the Waters.

Dave: He is referring to the fishing formula which is a new, a new, a new formula laid out in the new affiliate marketing business blueprint. So if you own the blueprints, you got that update for free so get in there, check that out. It's, it's, it's good stuff. So I think a lot of people are really inspired by you, man, I mean I can tell just looking at the comments just like people are like, really, really, really inspired so I just, you know, I want to point that out and just commend you, just for being inspirational. I think you're breaking barriers, man, I think that when, when, if, if I was to pass you on the streets, there was no way I would probably think that you were, you know, doing online marketing, you know, because I think we tend to stereotype people to think, oh somebody older or somebody younger or somebody is this or somebody is that right? But if you would speak just for a second to, I mean, obviously you're, you've overcome alcoholism you've, you've overcome a lot of struggles, and you're breaking barriers right now, having, you know, kind of been out of work, you know covid kind of shook your life up. You're to a point where, you know, you probably don't want to go into a new physical career anyways, who, who would right? You don't want to go back out onto the job site right, but but you're overcoming a lot of odds you're breaking through a lot of barriers, and you're doing it in a way that is really inspiring because if you're so talk to us a little bit about everybody who listens who has all these stories in their head about why not them, I'm too old, I'm too young, I'm too this I'm too that. Speak to how you view yourself doing something new, and how you're able to keep the attitude that you have.

Colin: Well, I think I just got back to back to the I got rid of alcohol, because it actually started the never, never die attitude started. This look, I was at one stage in my life, I'm not very proud of it, but you need to talk about it and people can get the perspective of where it comes from. I wanted to say drinking a liter of wine. When you guys are calling in the US, maybe. Bourbon. Okay. But I know right. Coke, I decided to throw me two fingers of brandy and four fingers of coke. The bottle used to last for four shots in a glass and the bottle was finished. And then I'd have a five liter wine on top of that, that's, that's when that was towards the end, and I was really drinking myself to death. In my life, my late mother conjured up an idea to get me. I don't wanna make a long story, to get me to a church. I thought you were going somewhere, but I was marvelous is any bubble acid hangover, something that's why I say it's a miracle when I walked through those church doors. Something happened. I didn't understand the military, understood it a few days later, but after I came out of that church service. I had no more word craving for alcohol, none whatsoever. So since that was 15 years ago, I've never touched drink. I never went for rehab, nothing. I have never touched alcohol since then. And the funny part about it is that I would have gone back to drinking because that stage, I didn't have a job. My wife was working for seven years. Seven is a very religious number, but for seven years I had no language in English I was doing odd jobs in character, or doing liberal electrical work here and day, but nothing nothing special, and I was got involved in the church and I was doing lots of things but then I got a job in by a previous army guy that I knew, he offered me a job he actually didn't didn't mean content offered me to go work on his diamond mines. Then I went to Tanzania for seven years. Okay, last year in the COVID, but I mean these things are any nurse that seven years repto for somebody in the church also mean by human medical case against me. I walked away from my wife with a fridge, and a bit. That was in the year 2006, that's 15 years ago I had nothing but okay today. I serve as a furniture car, forming a giving back opening to restore the die, never die attitude. It comes from above. And what I'm saying. It's you. Also inside you. God gives you the ability that you need to access and listen and do. You can't just sit in your backside thinking things are gonna follow the Is there not a lack of oversight when you say get off your or you call your place it knows it's the past on the TV issues, always get off your pleasure assurance and do something. And that's why I just, when I'm going through a tough pitch, I tap into God's inspiration, and I find, looking at inspiring quotes on the internet, they are even making a few inspirational, And the final point about the TikToks under that inspiration. The people love them, but I use them to drive into my link. It's a never give up attitude. If you're going to give up in life. That's not what we were put on this earth for, we weren't just put on any give up. You put on here for a purpose. Find out what is your purpose in life, your purpose might be to generate a lot of money. Yes, because not to keep it for yourself. I always say don't keep the money for yourself, help other people, not by dishing out, you know, there's a good mission in life, teach people to fish they can fish for themselves. And that's what you do, you teach us to fish, and then we can fish for ourselves. That means that I'm just gonna have to teach others to fish and fish for themselves. Not just hoards money for yourself, that's not the purpose in life.

Dave: Felix Cruz said he's come up on my for you page once. I joined his live. This man is a true gem to have around with all the wisdom from his journey. So that's Felix Cruz, saying that, like that we love your fantastic advice, love the quote. Love the inspirational videos calling, just lots of, lots of amazing feedback. King loves that you mentioned that in the Bible in your content. So, you know, I think, I think, for me, I'm real conscious of people's different spiritual and religious beliefs so I, I tend to keep my personal my spiritual beliefs, personal, but, but here's what I do know is that spirituality can mean different things to different people and having a spiritual part of who you who you are and when I say a spiritual part I really think that I really think that that where the, the, where I found the majority of my spirituality is in my darkest toughest moments. My Darkest toughest moments, it's not when everything's going great. When I get closer to my higher power. God, you know, my spirituality, It's in those dark moments, and I think that evolving a mental foundation, an emotional foundation, you know, moving and building a spiritual foundation is really really important to being successful in life in business. And so I think that a lot of times. We human beings, you know, people here on this live people in this community, I think, I think we tend to miss those dark moments in those challenges is, and in and get frustrated and wish they would be over, and wish we didn't have to have them, but the truth is, is that as you're saying I'm hearing you anyways. And I can also attest and testify about my life, is that in those dark moments when I have found what I'm really made of, what's inside of me just like you're saying God lives inside you, you get your inspiration from inside. And, so I wonder what you would say. Could you say more about embracing the tough parts of building this business and what you can learn about yourself. If you view those times not as times that are horrible, but as times that can be learning lessons for you in growing moments for you?

Colin: I mean, as you know, it doesn't matter what business you've been redoing the mortar and brick business or whether you're doing this online marketing. There are tough times, there's always tough times. And you can, everything is going smoothly, then all of a sudden you hit a brick wall. Now, that's when you mean, I call it, you've tasted, you taste, and the pain is what you do if you're going to just give up. And you know what, sometimes you give up, and you're like two seconds away from that big breakthrough. Why give up. Just continue and continue and continue. Don't just give up because your mind tells you now no, no you're not making it, because I've seen a lot of guys complaining, they're not getting views, they're not getting this they're not getting that, instead of going to look. Look at what you're doing wrong. Look at yourself first. Don't point fingers at other people and stop looking at others. Look at yourself. And question yourself why is this happening, and then do a taste change and be patient. As humans we look as I said, I'm not a patient person, but I'm a deep learning patient, very quickly in this game of affiliate marketing, you need to be patient, because you might just be 10 seconds or 10 days, or 10 minutes away from the big big breakthrough, because I believe. If you keep at it, and you keep it long enough, you will make it. It's not a sprint like you taught me that lesson right in the beginning is not a sprint. It's a marathon. You don't need to sprint, you're running a management. Each, and each one's medicine could be two months, three months, a year. I know Thomas Garrett, I mentioned his name a lot because a lot of respectfully. It took him a year, one whole year before he made the breakthrough. I mean if you can, if you can last that long, and have that patience, why not me. That's a question I asked myself why not me. To others again. The lucky, two months, and I'm making big bucks 20,000 a month, but don't worry about it. You're not all gonna have the same success, unfortunately that's just how it is. That's life. Yeah. And also, like for example, TikTok right now. If. Imagine if TikTok wasn't here, imagine if TikTok didn't get invented, we'd still all be on YouTube, we'd be on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and, and you see how differently those grow than TikTok. Right. It's like crack, you know, it's like, it's like, it's like unleaded terrible fuel, and you just slower longer bro, right so

I can, I can get you fired up because I can tell you now on YouTube. It's not like TikTok,TikTok, within six weeks, hours, plus, on YouTube, I've been going now for six weeks. I think I've got 84 subscribers and 13 videos. So going on YouTube is much longer to make, your editing takes time. You are making the video. My wife is what I call my producer, and was the camera and stuff. And then you got this. What's his mic and you plug in over here looking like a big TV personality, like I was reading cameras coming in the game and not now. Doesn't bother me when I make mistakes, you plug this thing in and you forget you plug it into the cable into the camera, because the sound has 30 minutes, and then you realize, oh, nothing has been recorded.

Dave: I've been there a thousand times.

Colin: You’ve got to do it over.

Dave: That's life, man.

Colin: That's what it's about.

Dave: How many times did you go down and what, you were in diamond mines or something?

Colin: I went underground two different times. Close to Kimberley in South Africa 700 meters below the ground. I will never do that again.

Dave: How many times do you go down and you're like oh shit I forgot a tool or something? You know, like, I mean, I can tell you that when we were doing construction my dad and I, he still does it. Sometimes I still pop out on a job with him from here that or maybe he's doing some work on, you know my house or whatever and it's like you know fuck forgot that gotta go to Home Depot again or whatever, you know, you just keep working. And then you tear open a wall, and there's a bunch of rotted wood and you're like God. God, got to timeout, stop the job right, it's like, that's life. That's just in the end I mean it's okay to be frustrated because that's a real feeling I'm frustrated in that moment, it's just not okay to stay there.

Colin: Now, I'll tell you a story, what happened to me, this is many years ago when I was working at sessile, which is coal from the lake from coal and like Petro in South Africa, I was working for that, that blonde. And I was on standby the night and I got called at night in Nigeria, say I want to talk to Good morning and you're still Oh, instrumentation, I'll make those too long but I dropped the fuse. Now I had to go a kilometer to the workshop, any fuses in my toolbox. Now I must try getting to Double Cab Bucky and drive back to the virtual bridge of a kilometer and I'm in a hurry and I'm frustrated and angry. In my rush. I don't come up to this block, and then look left or right. Boom, when I hit the fire engine.

Dave: Oh my god. Wow.

Colin: You extract for a fuse. So what I'm saying is, you must learn not to be in a hurry. I think a lot of times I'm still gonna want to be in a hurry but I'm trying to make the point rather than not, don't be in a hurry because you can get yourself into trouble.

Dave: Yeah. Yeah, I agree. And also, they were the other person, it's all about perspective, right. So, the frame that we look at our lives in so with that I've learned to look at doing here even if it's not moving as fast as I want it to move. Is that where am I really going anyways, I mean, where am I in such a hurry to get to, I'm going to get a run going, which is not going to be what I think it's going to be. And then I've got to realize I've missed all those moments that I could have been present and aware of, you know, I have these little moments with my, for example, right now I've got a four month old and a four year old in the house, and my wife. We're exhausted, and we're tired, and there are moments that we get frustrated. But I also realize that right now this is a precious time that I don't want to miss. I don't want to miss it. You know I don't want to miss the moment so even though I'm frustrated sometimes, even though I'm tired, I don't take it out on my kids and I try to, you know, I try to stay present. And I think that there's also to business that even though we're, we may be frustrated at times or things aren't moving as fast as we feel that they should or we're comparing ourselves to others. Every day that we're doing something or learning something new or it's all part of the journey, it's all this is, this is it guys. This is life like what we're doing right now every day like this is the beauty of just the process, the journey, you know, and I think that for a long time I'll speak for myself, like, I missed that I missed those moments for many years like I didn't realize that the destination was the journey that I, that it, that there wasn't a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that once I got there, I was going to see a burning bush, and I was going to dump it, you know, the important thing is, your family never forget your family doesn't matter if you're doing business, your families want to always meet God first, then family then work. That shouldn't be, not the wrong way around. God first, your spirituality first then your family then work, because your family doesn't matter if your business goes flat or something goes wrong with the business, nevermind what is your family and you still have got, you don't, if you do throw that out. You're gonna have to write. You must never forget your family never.

Dave: I mean I almost lost my wife man, I almost lost my family in this whole journey of trying to be successful, and putting my work in my business in front of everything else I almost lost my sobriety and almost lost my family, right, because those of you who are beyond battling addiction or battling mental illness, which, honestly, is probably most of us, right, some sort, to some degree of depression or anxiety, or all of those things right, I mean, this is human condition. So, if you if you have no mental illness, no addiction issues, good for you, you probably got your own set of challenges, but here's my here's my, my truth is is that when I, when I was putting work first, in trying to build my business and try to be successful at all. By any means necessary and stressed out, and all this and you know working so hard and had all these unrealistic expectations. It almost lost my sobriety and almost lost my family. And, and I learned, you know, a lot of this happened before my wife and I got married six years ago we just celebrated our six year marriage anniversary yesterday, but we've been together for about two years and most lost her almost lost my sobriety everything just because I was going, you know  I was just missing the moments I had my pride. I didn't have my priorities in order. The way that you just described.

Colin: I'm going to tell you now something about marriage. I've been married for 31 years. But I'm telling you now you have to work at it every day you have to work at your relationship, like you do your job you have to work. If you don’t work with the relationship, it could go wrong. You, it's not something that just, you think everything's hunky dory everything is smooth sailing. Doesn't look like it. You need to work on your relationship just as much as you work at your job, and I can take my hat off to my wife. If my wife wasn't with me. I think I would have been dead a long time ago. That's why I have a lot of respect for Marxism. I agree. What's going ahead and, In fact family, as I said, is very important. Yeah, I tend to sometimes even at this age, then I like to put up a blank canvas okay because my kids and my grandkids are living for. They all are spread all over South Africa. I don't get to see them that often. But as I say to you like. When a young person enjoys them. They grow up very quickly and then they're gone. 

Dave: Yeah, I have a 21 year old also. So, I wanted to just say also for those of you who are out there who are battling your spouse's, you know, wanting them to support you more and all this. You know what I learned also was that, that my wife, it was a good thing that my wife was the way that she was the way that she is the way that she was my wife's not a hardcore entrepreneur. She's not a hardcore risk taker, and if she was, if she was like me, we probably would have drove our life, way deep down into the ground, because you know I I've made stupid decisions in the past I've made, you know, I haven't made super dumb financial decisions thanks to her, but I would have if it wasn't for her, you know, and so she brings this really, really unique balance to our lives. And instead in the early beginning stages of our relationship, when I was just getting into entrepreneurship, I said, why don’t you support me?, why don't you know all this, I wanted her to be like me. And what I failed to realize was that I was also thinking about how I could support her. You know I was selfish and I was only thinking about myself. I was totally narcissistic and self absorbed. And so one of the, one of the beautiful things, it was almost like a miraculous thing that happened, you talk about miracles was I learned how to ask my wife. How can I make you feel loved and supported, while I am doing my work or ‘Hey honey, I may have to work late tonight’. So I started accepting her for who she was and being grateful for who she was. She's if it wasn't for her, you know, she's the best mother and just just the best is so many things, but I learned to ask her, How can I make you feel loved and supported? And that helped me to become a better leader also because I stopped thinking about myself, and I started to worry about how I can make her feel supported, and in turn, because now all of a sudden I was acknowledging her, she started, you know, feeling more excited to support me. And, and, you know, so a lot of times again back to your comment a second ago, was that instead of looking at everybody else. The most important thing for us is to look at ourselves, if I'm not getting the views that I want, if my spouse is not being supportive, right. I need to look at me. I need to look at what I can do differently, what I can do better. Right, that's a life philosophy man I feel like that's like the most important part of this whole game is realizing that.

Colin: Yeah, I agree, because everything. Everything mustn't just be about you, me and myself, don't be like that, you should actually be humble enough to admit that you need help. Don't just put it in a box. Are you sitting in one corner, I'm doing my thing I'm the man, I'm the man. Take off and you fall flat on your face. I fall flat on my face. She's my other half. That's for sure.

Dave: For sure, for sure. You know what, if I do fall flat on my face. She's going to be the first one that's going to be right. I've crawled my sorry ass back to her several times, and asked for her forgiveness. You know what I mean like after being an arrogant asshole, you know what I mean, like, eventually, you know, like if I was her I would have left me a long time ago like back when I was being a total ass, but you know she's a patient woman like she's, you know, for me, I think, I feel like for entrepreneurs, a lot of things like patients and stuff like, and some hard headed guys like you and I obviously, patience seems to come naturally to some people, but to people like you and I like we really got to work hard at that right we got to work hard. We got to work harder at certain things, you know.

Colin: There's a lot of things, I tell you what patience is my biggest problem, and I'm working hard at it to be patient and not get demotivated that's, that's the biggest thing. Don't get demotivated when you, when you, when you being impatient rather learn. Okay, let me, let me carry on in fact do even more. That's why this morning I was sitting by myself and saying, Listen. Stop this nonsense, start another channel, and do it and see what happens. Yeah, because I've definitely done some tests, and my present channel, and I can tell you what I realized is, like I said, stay away from the freebies, what I call freebies do content based, your content must be great. And also give people inspiration and show them that you can help them. Then they start. In other words, the bait put the bait out. Yeah, that charming fish formula of yours. If you, if you applied properly, they will bite, but you got to get the waters fixed up first.

Dave: It wasn't that a great analogy.

Colin: Really great analogy. You can use, you can use that analogy of your fishing formula to lots of things in life. Yeah, lots of things. I'm not going to elaborate.

Dave: Oh, for sure, for sure, I mean anything and everything, anything that you want to attract to you. You can, you can use that. And it's a marketing formula that applies to really any product or service, but it particularly applies to the education space when we're selling information products, because essentially, you're using the education based marketing formula that you're talking about which is becoming educated, and then, and then in your marketing, educating others so it's, it's brilliant. You are an asset to this community or you're an asset to me, I'm so thrilled to, you know, have had you on today brother, and I'm hoping that we can even get you back sooner than a few months. I think everybody's enjoyed listening to you so much, the wisdom that you bring, the life experiences, the stories that you have. It's pure gold brother, so I really appreciate your time today, and any final words you want to leave everybody with.

Colin: It's been a pleasure Dave and the Legendary community. Thanks for listening, and I appreciate all of you. And just remember the words, don't give up. That's it. Thanks very much.

Dave: All right. We'll talk to you later buddy. Alright guys, go check Colin out you see his TikTok handle right there. He's got a YouTube channel going and growing and I'm sure next time He comes back. Maybe he'll let us see some of the other things he's working on as well. That's a guy who I mean, that's a guy who you absolutely must have in your corner, you must have that guy as a part of your network. If you don't, I go as far as to say, it'd be just totally foolish to not have him inside of your network. 

So, anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this I did. Not from me being here but because of what Colin had to contribute today and just his energy and attitude. So join us back here tomorrow for another episode of Wake Up Legendary. I can't wait to see who we have tomorrow. It's going to be a surprise like it is every day for both you and for me. All right, so I will see you guys tomorrow at 10am Eastern time. For now, it's Monday. Monday, I think I just said, it's Monday, right, first day with the new mouth. Look, Get that hell outta here, Love you guys. 

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