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Matt: What's happening everybody. Good morning. Happy Thursday, April 15. Hope your April is going well so far. We are live, and we're gonna have an awesome guest, I'm very excited. I have so many questions. So we're gonna get into it here in just a second if you're newer. Welcome in my name is Matt, I'm the CMO here at legendary and handle all sorts of random stuff training and marketing and just yeah all kinds of stuff. So if you don't know me. Welcome to the pumped that you're here. And, yeah, there's a lot of people in the comments. Oh, Eliza, Margarita is in the house Rod, Pat, Preston, Callie. Good to see Yvonne Teece, King I see you, what's going on. Brad, Lindora Awesome. We've got an awesome guest, and it's Thursday, and let's just get into it. So Shannon. Welcome in. All right, the audio sounds great. The video is crystal clear, we're rockin, you've got, like, I think, either a lake slash river behind you.

Shannon: It's a river.

Matt: Sweet.

Shannon: Allegheny River in Pennsylvania.

Matt: Right on. Okay, very cool. Well, yeah, I was looking through so we sent out this questionnaire before we brought somebody on. I was looking through short of your answers and stuff, there's so much there. So I'm mostly just curious, like, can you just bring us into your world right? You had a pretty intense moment about 10 years ago, but bring us even before that, what were you doing for work. What was life like when you hit that moment 10 years ago and then, you know, suddenly life kind of shifts and changes and then you find something online kind of just, yeah, who is Shannon?

Shannon: Well, I was the, you know, doing the Superwoman Superman thing with three young kids, teaching full time kindergarten. And I also taught fifth grade for a while and I also did instructional coaching where I worked with teachers on engagement and things like that so I was also a fitness instructor and our why. I taught boot camp that was 40 pounds over 10 years ago to how I juggle it all, you know, my kids are all what activities you know, we haul kids everywhere to where they needed to go every day and all that stuff. And then I was in a car accident and broke my back and had a lot of other injuries that kind of crept up along the way. So I kept teaching though, I, I worked my back in 2011. My car rolled down a hill, about eight times, and I was there for a few hours knocked out and nobody could find me, and actually walked home I don't remember. I was about a half a mile from my house I walked home. So, yeah, there's a lot of deer in Pennsylvania and that's there were deer on the road and I, I must have panicked and everyone said just hit the deer. So, but after I went back to work a month after that happened because school is starting and as a kindergarten teacher. I didn't want to upset, new students with having them get attached to a teacher for the first couple of months while I was recuperating and then have that person leave and upset them and there's their schedule and their consistency so I went back to work, a month after, so I had a big brace on that looked like a turtle suit, and the kids would knock on it when they made the best of it, you know, my parents helped with my kids, they kind of took over, they came over every day and so I could rest when I got home so, but I eventually got to where I needed surgeries. I had a neck surgery. I had discs replaced in there and they're good, you can see where they go through the front for that. Oh, yeah. And then I had final surgery. About five years ago, and

you're off for that went back to work, about three years after that and then I finally, I can't do it anymore and early retirement. So, okay. And so, and I just got a spinal cord stimulator surgically implanted five weeks ago.

Matt: Okay, so how does that work what's, what's that?

Shannon: When you have multiple injuries like that from a spinal cord injury and all the surgeries that I've had. It creates a lot of nerve damage in there and then you have nerve pain all the time like neuropathy and your legs. It gets pretty bad so the spinal cord stimulator kind of erases all that it sends a signal to the brain that the pain receptors and kind of helps block some of that. So I have, like I'm restarting my life, you know, I've kind of been just and the past month, and now I'm ready to exam. 

Matt: I love it. That's really cool. It's sort of like, man. Modern science is cool. Yes. There's not a lot. Yeah, wow. Okay, so we're on like full restart mode, we're on full rising from ashes mode as you would call it right. Cool. So, um, so that's five weeks ago. Wow, you started your journey with Legendary last year, right?

Yes, and I started posting on TikTok in November, but I did everything very serious, baby steps because I was having issues with my health and with pain and things like that so I was a little bit of a slow starter. I'm rewatching the blueprints right now the updated version. And, of doing the decade in a day that I've already done it. But I want to rush up with fresh eyes.

Matt: Yep. Got it. It's awesome. I love it. So, take us, I want to sort of bridge the gap between, you know, I thought what was interesting about, you know your history was like you were a hustler, like, are you are I shouldn't say we're but like really like going right like you were like, going hard. And then that happens, he sort of has to step back and now. Yeah, now it's sort of like, you're back again, you know, like we're back again, we're ready to rock again right. So, for that. Yeah, like, like, I want to bring out what I'm trying to do is bridge the gap between like you had this whole break. You had this car accident you had this whole break. And now, like the online space, it's a different hustle, it's a different game it's sort of different but how did you find it I mean, like, Were you searching around for it. Did it happen to just pop on your timeline or like how did you. Yeah. Were you looking around?

Shannon: Yes I will. I was on TikTok as a stalker without a profile for a long time. Just watching videos, didn’t touch any buttons like oh yeah, I actually it was in July, I was like I gotta do something. i There's only so many Netflix shows, and like puzzles and, like, like I wasn't my brain was not ready to retire. So I started investigating and that's when I started looking at everything on TikTok. And that’s where I found it. I didn't purchase until like the very very end of September. So I researched for a long time, because that's what I do, I, I enjoy doing that anyway so in there and I looked at absolutely every aspect and every opportunity, and I do have some familiarity with business. My family owns a distributor for machining tools. And so I do have some experience with that so I just investigated the best I could and this was it. I found that was going to be as comparable to a master's level course, that, yes, that professional, the value, the strategies, the skills they're learned. And I'm just one of those people I love to learn. I love to I'm always reading I'm constantly reading books on marketing I'm constantly learning about new things so now I just can't wait to really dig in and implement that.

Matt: Cool. That's awesome. It's interesting how Yeah, always learning, always growing, always building skills like seems like there's this sort of undercurrent of like you're, you're always sort of acquiring and pulling in new skills but also like, you can't really, there's, there's, like, I see sometimes the habit of of pulling in new skills, I always used to talk about this as like as like, almost like information constipation like like people just, you know, soak in all of this information Information Information and builds up and builds up and builds up and it's like, then it's, there's no actual, like, implementation, and it seems like you've sort of built a great skill of not just being a lifetime learner but also being a lifetime doer.

Shannon: Yeah. And I think too, with my experience with teaching and things like that. I think that's an asset, as far as, not that that's a necessary thing, but just that I am patient, impatient as far as that goes, and willing to put in the time to people and because I know a lot of you are, you know, there's, they're skeptical. So I always say, Hey listen, let's give me a call. Let's talk it over. And, and they'll tell me straight up what's going on in their life and all, and they'll say they're not quite ready yet, and I'll say well that's okay. Let's just keep talking, keep in touch and let me know when you are ready, and I have quite a few relationships built up right now that I really can see that when those people are ready to take the next step, they're going to be really glad that they did. Cool.

Matt: What do you think that I'm curious about, do you think that um, that, that sort of skill, that teaching skill, the has that helped in content creation, like on TikTok and stuff?

Shannon: To be honest, I, I'm still like nervous about making videos so I like it, to get over it but

I like that. I like that admission. Sometimes people, sometimes the people who are watching are like, Oh, man. Everybody who comes on this wakeup shows got all together and they're perfect and you know they don't sweat it at all. But it's like, no, I do more kinds of fun videos or like just basic informational videos I don't get on and teach because that'll be like a next step that I enter into with the YouTube I did just start a Facebook group. And I just took a little mini course on how to create engagement within the group, and a camaraderie between members and a sense of community where people can come and bounce ideas around and it's informal and kind of a fun thing. 

Matt: Awesome. Cool, very cool. I love it. I mean, it is a little crazy to me that you're still nervous to make tic tock videos. You bet I like I was just I was just scrolling through you've been, you've been making them now for like six months or so. And there's a ton of videos, there's so many videos that you have in terms of like having an end you've got what now like 8,000 ish followers. Yeah. Yeah, that's awesome. So I think one question is always, that we get in the comments that happens all the time. How do you keep coming up with ideas?

Shannon: I don't know.

Matt: You don't have a magic formula?

Shannon: That's not true, I do have one. There's a couple books that I do. I have a Kindle and I take advantage of the Prime membership, you can download a lot of books free. Yeah, I'm constantly reading books on things like branding, marketing, you know, social media marketing, the different platforms that you can that you can get your word out there. So I read those on my Kindle and then I highlight what I like and then I go back and make notes.

Matt: And that's super smart.

Shannon: So, but a lot of my content is just goofy stuff, and fun because I'm just connecting with people because I feel like I'm just flooding people with too much information. So that's the part I'm still overcoming my fear of what people think of me, so yeah. So once I get over that, I will, and more comfortable, my own skin.

Matt: I noticed what was really interesting about what you were going to say, was you were going to project something like your fears and insecurities or or whatever on to all of your watchers, but none of them have told you that right like none of them have said oh you're overwhelming me with too many videos it's like, Who would ever say that. No, but it always happens in our own minds right?

Shannon: It's natural, and about taking this course has completely changed my mindset and completely changed. You know how I feel about my capabilities and what I can accomplish. Yeah, for me to recognize when my brain is going in that direction where I'm saying, oh I'm. I wonder what they think and I wonder if they'll like my video or if they're sick of seeing me on here or whatever and I caught myself, you know, you recognize when your brain is starting to do that, you become aware of it, you catch yourself and then you stop yourself and you rethink it because nobody is sitting around thinking about me going, Wow, look at her, you know, videos, blah blah blah. Nobody's doing that. So it's just getting over that, that, that fear of what people think of you. Basically, yeah. It's like a daily, daily reminder.

Matt: Yeah, I just, I, that for me that was always the big thing is I was always just like what's everybody gonna think I mean, what's that oh it's and eventually there was this contest in 2012 where it was like, I don't know what it was, and there's always just like this certain threshold. So in my case, in, like 2012 So this is like nine years ago, I have this huge fear of going on video and this contest comes up. And I think there was like, I don't know there was some sort of cash bonus. Then there was some sort of, then there was some sort of like when an iPad or when a Kindle or something like it wasn't even that big, like it wasn't like when a car or something, but it was just enough for me at that time like I had always known I need to like just break through that fear of getting on camera or getting on video, whatever. And, and, and for whatever reason, that was it. That was the moment and I started creating videos because it was a contest basically a combination of how many videos and then how many likes and shares you can get on your videos, and I like the amount of anxiety, and the amount of stress and just, like, and all of the things that I thought people were going to say about me or criticize and literally zero, I got zero, nothing, no one said anything like any of the voices in my head, you know, are telling me they were gonna say, Oh, they're gonna think you're a loser oh they're gonna think you're, and it's just like people were either like okay this is, they just didn't say anything, there's like probably just like, Oh, that's weird or whatever, like, okay, delete, you know, or they're just like, oh, cool, this is interesting what's going on, like, I'll check out that video right like it was just, I don't know all that, under the undercurrent it's sort of like the iceberg right there's this tip of this iceberg but the truth is all of the underneath stuff, and it's just fascinating how that I don't know how that plays out but. So in your content though, so you've got like, do you do like three to five videos a day or like how what's your what's your status on like how many videos you're creating a day,

around there?

Shannon: This depends on what's going on. I did like a bunch at once, because, yeah, that's how to do it, you know.

Matt: We did a, yeah we did a webinar training on TikTok one day with a can't remember her name but, yeah, and it was like she had created like 24 videos and like eight of them were one shirt, eight were another shirt, and a or another shirt, and it was funny.

Shannon: Yeah, this is my uniform.

Matt: Yeah, this is my, this is my work uniform. Alright, so are you. What's, what's the future, what's the future look like for Shannon, so you're, you're killing this, you've got a lot of stuff like just in life I feel like, like you've got a busy, kind of like you're retired or tired, like, as a, you know, like, you've got too much ambition and too much sort of like it seems you like you come across to me. Maybe I'm wrong but like somebody who has an itch kind of just like, yeah, kind of moving shaking like what's going on like to be in the marketplace like to be where stuff is happening. So what's, what's like the future I mean what kind of, I mean obviously you're going to, you're going to keep, I don't know what the right word is to keep going with affiliate marketing. What else are you looking to expand into other niches are you looking to take some of the skills and apply them elsewhere you just sticking with affiliate marketing what's, what's the plan or what do you what are you thinking?

Shannon: Right now I'm just sticking with affiliate marketing, and I am planning on doing some more resources and things like that within my group. My hope is that I can build the group and focus there because I can give more time, more value, more information within. So, that's going to be my next focus is getting people into the group where they feel comfortable, people that are to make that next step, they need more information they need, they need. They need someone to offer them stability or someone to offer them real solutions. So that's going to be my main goal, I did write a short ebook.

Matt: Oh, let's go.

Sannon: I did that before my surgery that I just did a little bit at a time and it's not like a guide, it's like, 12 pages that made people what I would like to do more things like that. I love, I love to write. I like to create, I'd like to get into more like learning graphics and things like that. But right now, I feel like with my feeling better physically that I'll, it's almost like I can start fresh doing more, doing all this, you know, All the other things I'd like to. I also post on other platforms, but not as frequently as I do on TikTok so I can give more attention, as well.

Matt: Especially if you'd like writing I mean, recently at our mastermind, this guy David Dill unpacked sort of his strategy for Twitter, which is a little less common but he's been able to grow a huge audience on Twitter. Yeah, there's just all, I mean, literally, all kinds of stuff. So that's really cool, and I was gonna say, just back to that, how you let that answer off was with talking about the group and stuff, and I can just tell you like, I think that that's super underrated building and expanding and just giving a ton of value inside of a group is super super underrated because, like many have many massive, and I mean like massive affiliates, if you dig deep enough, there's a, there's a group somewhere. There's a group, there's a clan, there's not just an email list, yeah that's big, but there's a group where they're actively giving value on a platform where people are congregated right and usually that's Facebook right but sometimes it's in an Instagram DM, and they'll bring people in there sometimes on, like, the younger crew is on Discord, like there's tons of younger kids on Discord, like so. If you dig and dig and dig and you look around and you kind of, you know, do a little investigating. At the bottom, usually there's this group and maybe it's new. But, I mean if it's a couple 100 people, those couple 100 People love being in that group, or if it's a couple 1,000 or 10,000 or 100,000. Those people really love that community. So, you know I if I had anything to give, or any advice it would be to really like you're onto something with that and latch on to that because there's also so many different cool things you can do in a Facebook group you can offer courses you can you can set up, you know, for instance, like, hey in our group we're going to be doing a three day boot camp over the weekend right and I'm going to get on live in our group for an hour a day we're going to talk through whatever. And, you know, I just think a lot of times when people think about creating digital courses and they can think about creating a whole you know like a 15 day challenge or like a 30 day fitness bootcamp or whatever. It feels daunting. Right. And so what I, you know, inside of a group, you can, for, for two weeks you can advertise and and hit really hard on on like, we're going to have a weekend mastermind, right, from 10am, and it's, it's going to be from 1pm to 5pm on a Saturday afternoon. It's going to be really relaxed, nothing too crazy, but I'm gonna teach on blah blah blah, whatever, and you prepare some slides you take q&a You can even do a two hour masterclass or mini webinar right, and you can even sell on it if you wanted to but you wouldn't have to, you could just teach and answer questions. And that alone. Even if people don't attend, they just when they're scrolling Facebook on Saturday, and they look and they see Shannon's on her masterclass she's sitting, she's got, you know, a few slides prep she's there. She's teaching. There's a thing that happens in somebody's brain where they're like, You know what, she is everywhere. I mean she's teaching over here she's doing this like there's something to this person, and it started it just builds that authority even further, and when they're always seeing you on, on video or writing ebook whatever they start to make a connection here that like this isn't just some random. You know a person out in outer space who's trying to scam me or something. Because when they see you once and then poof you're gone, it's like yeah I see I knew, but I knew she was a fraud. I knew she was just this, you know, fly by night, whatever. But when they see you over and over and they're in your group and they're on your TikTok, and they're all over then it's, it's a different ballgame, like, not to creep you out but they become enamored they become like it's, it's almost like this mystical kind of thing. So, anyway, just for whatever that's worth. I think you're really really onto something with the group. And I think you do a great job at leading communities based on what you said and just based on your personality, like you're a fun personality. And, yeah, I'm really pumped that you're in our community. What, so we've got a couple, we've got, you know 100 And some on here live and then we've also got, you know, a couple 1000 That'll watch this later. For people who are, let's say, experimenting with this online thing for people who are just starting out, and just trying to kind of test the waters. Do you have any like parting words or final words that you could impart to them?

Shannon: I would say, obviously, do your research, and once you realize, you know what, what program you want to do, find the one that's the best and, in my opinion this is the best. The 15 day challenge is for me a way to test the waters, this is. Who is this you're not, it's not like you're signing up for a year of college, you can see it's something for you it's not for you then that doesn't if it is then continue on in whatever path you want to do, there's many options. Yeah. So yeah, that's the best advice.

Matt: Yeah, it's really true, it is really funny that you say it that way because it's like, test the waters right like, like sometimes people make this big, like, huge thing or this becomes this big overwhelming thing just about like, just solely about like buying our $7 product and I'm like, I mean how much risk can you really have like it's $7 you have a 30 day refund policy like it's pretty low risk I mean, I'll go spend more, you know, at a Starbucks drive thru with that. Then you contrast that with college or it's like, quote unquote testing the waters is like, you know, a $15,000 semester or a year. It's like, What a joke right? Oh I tested the waters and oh yeah, now I've got 15 grand in student loans.

Shannon: I tested the waters and I paid all my loans off when I was 40. And now my third child is going to college. We've got the other two when they are grown they have jobs they have houses. And the third one is gonna be the expensive one. She chose an expensive school so I'm like, so she keeps doing scholarships and things like that so yeah. I told her I'm like why don't you do this with? She said oh but I want to be with friends. Whatever. Do what you need to do. This years and years ago though, because I always felt like that's a little and I knew I couldn't go to work because if I paid out would be too expensive, so I stayed home with my kids quite a bit off and on here. And I was bored. I'm sorry I love my children, but like, I would have been, but I didn't know anything I thought oh well I went to school for this so I have to do this. And so I have to, You know I either have to go teach somewhere or, you know, like, go work with us, you know, wherever I didn't understand options. And I just want to spread the word and let everybody know that there are options and it's not as scary as you think it is because

that will stink. Having a step by step process with instructors who are knowledgeable and experts, walk you through literally clicking on this, now you're going to click hearing. Where else are you going to get instruction like that? I mean just that in and of itself, sold me, I'm like I'm, I can do this. I get confused later when I'm trying to do something else, I can go back and watch that video and it's a resource. Yep. I mean, where else are you going to get it like that and then the health, the support. I watched the marketers club every Monday at three.

Matt: Cool.

Shannon: I learned so much in there still there's, there's so much value so much that it's just, and it's exciting, it's not like oh I gotta do this today, I want to do it.

Matt: It's really cool. I love it. Yeah, it is, it is really true. And sometimes I get a little jaded because I'm just, I'm in it all the time, and I forget like what it is what it was like for me when I was first getting started, without a community without resources without, you know what I mean and I think it's a really undervalued piece of art and. Is it because I'm in other groups too like I look around at like other companies groups and other, you know affiliates groups and whatever. And it is really hard to find actual real value like actual and that's such a bad word to use, but, like, it is something that's legit like tangible, sink your teeth in and, and actually, like learn a skill, it's, it's just crazy. Most of us just kind of everybody sat in a circle telling each other how great they are or everybody kind of just, you know, like, oh, cool, we're all in this group together and, yeah, we're all awesome. You know, and it's like, okay, great, but like, what are we doing, you know? So I think that's really true. Cool, well, I'm personally very excited that you're in our group. And every single time that we get on one of these, you know, one of these lives, it certainly solidifies my belief, like in our community and push people like you who are like, like, just, there's, there's a combination of the personality of like a hustler of somebody with empathy of somebody who's been through struggles like it, like the well rounded people in our community like you is, is so powerful, and it's such an impactful experience for people. It just further solidified my belief, I'm just having myself a little little moment here of just that like this is a really cool place to be. So I'm really thankful that you're here.

Shannon: I'm thankful as well and I do appreciate you having me on here. It's exciting and, Yeah, I'm just happy to be a part of it. 

Matt: Cool, we'd love to have you on again. So, if we have a spot open down in 90 days or a couple months from now, we'd love to have you back on and, and see how things are progressing, I'm super curious, like in our group if you could like keep us updated on just like your health and how you're feeling and just because that journey is really like. I'm really interested in it, our community's really interested in it, and it's always just cool and inspiring to see somebody who's been through something really hard to like that the road to recovery is a long journey but, please, please share your journey with us.

Shannon: Okay,

Matt: I would like that.

Shannon: Well I can do that. Okay. All right, well

Matt: Thanks for coming on. Have a good rest of your day today Thursday. And, yeah, keep us posted in our group.

Shannon: I will do that. Thank you again.

Matt: Alright, see ya. Alright guys, they get to have a good rest of your Thursday. We'll be back here again tomorrow Friday at 10am Eastern. Let's get out of here, make it a good day.

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