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Recently, at least 43% of Americans reported spending at least some time working remotely.

Many industries embrace remote work and view it as an opportunity to offer employees increased flexibility. Some studies show that these employees are more productive.

Due to the pandemic of 2020, more and more Americans started working from home.

If you are a stay-at-home parent, recent retiree, or an employed individual looking to make extra cash, a stay at home business could be an excellent way to improve your financial situation without confusing your schedule.

Here are fifteen of Legendary Marketer's favorites:

1. Freelance Writer

Perhaps you always got A's on your high school English papers, or maybe you simply have a knack for crafting a sentence.

Freelance writers can work from their living rooms, favorite coffee shops, or even on vacation. Any location with reliable internet service can serve as your temporary office.

In order to become a freelance writer, you will need a solid grasp of grammar and tone, as well as the ability to do research. Don't be afraid to write some articles for free when you are just starting out. Well-written pieces with your own byline will make for a great portfolio you can show off to potential employers.

It may help to find a niche that you have a lot of expertise or experience in. You may be an ace at finding online shopping deals, for example. Or you might have discovered a great way to teach kids about science.

It is important to know, however, that publications may be looking for articles on other topics. Don't be afraid to do a little research to round out your portfolio, and to develop your knowledge base. You may find that the topics you previously found boring are actually nuanced and engaging.

Many writers enjoy ghost-writing because they can earn money freelance writing, even if they have to forego a byline.

Knowing more than one language will make you even more marketable as a freelancer. It allows you to help your publisher reach new audiences both domestically and internationally.

2. Virtual Assistant

While administrative work can become routine, some of it pays very well. Busy executives are willing to save money on full-time assistants by outsourcing tasks to remote workers.

Virtual assistants need to be very organized. You may help with writing e-mails, scheduling shipments, setting appointments, organizing files, or booking flights.

It is important for virtual assistants to keep lists and work meticulously. Part-time virtual assistant work is great for stay-at-home parents, who can complete their work while the kids or at school or during playdates. They can still oversee their at-home duties without foregoing an income.

3. Marketing and Blogging

Blogging is a great way to earn money marketing from home. Some people monetize their blogs through advertising.

Others use affiliate marketing, a kind of product placement, to make money from their blogging skills. Through this tool, you can get checks from companies by advocating their goods or services.

The trick is not to make your blog sound too pushy or sales-y. People will appreciate an honest recommendation.

There is no limit to how much you can make affiliate marketing. Some skilled marketers make up to $100,000 a year.

4. Social Media Manager

You may be great at managing your own social media profile. You have a great presence, and folks are always liking or sharing your photos or words of wisdom.

Many people pay good money for experts to promote their goods and services on social media, a forum where making a good impression has become indispensable.

You will be responsible for making a good impression and sharing content appropriately. It is also important to respond quickly to comments.

5. Data Entry

Whether you are working with others or independently, data entry has never been considered an exciting gig.

It can, however, pay very well, and it does not require you to grapple with facts and figures. You can throw in some laundry and listen to music while you earn money filling out tables from home.

6. College Consultant

If you have any experience with the college admissions process, the job of a college consultant may be for you. You can earn great money helping students choose the best colleges for their career paths, fill out financial aid forms, and write essays. A consultant also advises parents on college savings plans and tax implications.

This job requires some knowledge of colleges and financial aid options. Preparing for it may involve some experience advising students. You can market yourself to high school guidance departments, tutoring services, libraries, and universities.

7. Teaching or Tutoring

If you have a background or degree in a field such as music, English, math, or art, you can earn great cash as a private tutor. You can schedule students around your own availability, making it possible to have another job or a family.

While many tutors go to student's homes, it is possible to work from home over Skype or Facetime. Be certain that you are prepared for each meeting and ready to give students your best encouragement and attention.

8. At-Home Thrift Shop

A thrift shop is a great way to start an at-home sales business because you won't have to pay anything for your inventory until it is sold. Once you sell it, you can split your profits 50/50 with the person providing the items. Sometimes the split is 60/40, with the higher percentage going to the thrift shop owner.

Recycled clothes are regaining popularity, and many people don't like to spend a lot of money on clothing. This is especially true for parents, whose children outgrow clothes almost every season.

Start by selling clean, well-cared for items on sites like Etsy or E-Bay. You can then create a brand or identity for your thrift store, and bring regular customers to your site. As you build a reputation, more sellers will come to you with quality items.

9. Graphic Designer

If you have an education or talent in graphic design, you can earn excellent cash from the comfort of your home.

Many business owners would love to promote themselves through flyers, brochures, pamphlets, or catalogs, but have no idea where to start.

As a graphic designer, it is your job to create logos and artwork, as well as consult with printers about paper and cover stocks.

You can market your services to ad agencies, publishing companies, or manufacturers. Once you build a reputation, you will have more control about who you work for, as well as your deadlines.

10. At-Home Healthcare Worker

Working as an at-home healthcare aid does not require a nursing degree. As the baby-boomer population gets older, there is an increasing demand for professionals to help seniors with bathing, fixing meals, and cleaning the house. And with the costs of assisted living skyrocketing, private healthcare workers are becoming more and more employable.

As an at-home healthcare worker, you will have a flexible schedule that will allow you time for your family or another job. Be sure to check on your state's legal requirements for healthcare workers first, especially if you plan on administering medications.

11. Cleaning Business

Starting a cleaning service requires little overhead. All you need is a vehicle and the right cleaning products.

Build your reputation by listening to your clients and providing exactly what they want. Be sure that your service is detailed and professional.

Once you are well-known, you can begin charging more. Some house-cleaners make as much as $180 an hour!

12. Spa-Party Business

This is a great way to earn extra cash with little startup costs. If you have a knack for braiding hair or giving manicures, consider going into clients' homes to give at-home spa parties for children. All you will need are some great nail-polish colors and a lot of enthusiasm.

Some spa party professionals like to add extras such as foot tubs and fluffy robes. As your business grows, you can begin investing in more services to offer clients, which will, in turn, boost your revenue.

13. Pet-Sitting or Dog-Walking

Before starting a pet-sitting or dog-walking business, it is wise to check online and scope out the competition in your area. You may find that there are a lot of people in your community offering dog-walking services, in which case you may want to consider a different avenue.

If, however, you look on social media and discover that a lot of people seem eager to find a reputable pet professional, you are in a great market. Know that you may have to get a general business license before you start.

14. Transcriptionist

Many transcribing companies are willing to work with beginners. If you can pass a preliminary transcription test, you can get a job making up to $50 an hour. You do not need more background than a high school diploma.

General transcription is a great way to start. You can earn great money typing personal conversations, business meetings, or college lectures as quickly as you can.

Many transcriptionist jobs are work-from-home. As you continue to work, your typing will get faster and your work will become easier.

15. Personal Chef

If you're an ace in the kitchen, you can increase your income by serving up delicious cuisine in private homes. Consider setting yourself apart in a specialty niche such as vegan cooking or gluten-free dishes to cut down on the competition.

As with other flexible jobs, some experience or formal training will go a long way toward making you more marketable. Consider taking some cooking classes or using online tutorials to improve your skillset.

Start Your Stay At Home Business

A stay at home business is a superb way to increase your income without sacrificing your personal life.

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