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How To Get A Million Views On Tik Tok Video And Grow From There

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Spencer Mecham is a Legendary Marketer client who went from 0 followers to over 207,000 followers in just three months. His videos have gotten over two million likes and views, and his Tik Tok channel continues to grow every day.

Keep Your Viewer’s Eyes Glued To The Screen By Packing Your Video Full of Curiosity

Spencer’s Tik Tok: @Spencerhacks

Spencer’s biggest key to his Tik Tok success: the element of curiosity. Tik Tok’s algorithm works very similarly to the Youtube algorithm. This is because the longer someone continues to view a video on Tik Tok, the more likely it is to rank in the algorithm. Tik Tok wants a lot of views and engagement with videos, and as long as a video has both of those factors it is pushed into other people’s feed. 

Spencer’s videos that have done so well and have gotten a lot of likes and views, all contain the common theme of the curiosity factor. He strings the viewer along throughout 30-40 seconds of the Tik Tok before he’s explained the point. This keeps the suspense going and keeps the viewer watching. Keeping the curiosity in his videos is always what’s made them gain so much traffic. 

When he makes a headline for a video he always tries to be vague and keep the curiosity even when the viewer is reading the title. Most people like to give away the concept of the video in the title or even in the first few seconds. Using terminology in your headline that is curious and ambiguous enough leaves room for the viewer’s imagination to wonder. When a video gains a lot of traffic he will repost that video to see if it can gain more traffic.

Repurposing Content From Tik Tok To Gain More Traffic From Youtube

Spencer began repurposing his Tik Tok videos into Youtube videos to gain more views and traffic on them. He removes the Tik Tok logo from the bottom corner by cropping it out of the video with an editing app on his phone. Then he reposts it to Youtube with the hashtag #Shorts. 

Youtube Shorts is a new addition to the app being tested in America right now. It is Essentially Youtube’s version of Tik Tok. By posting a vertical video with #shorts it pushes it into the Youtube shorts feed and algorithm. This caused Spencer to gain a lot of subscribers and gain a lot more views on his Tik Tok videos. Some of his repurposed videos have over 2,300 likes. 

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How To Start A Traffic Generating Blog without Writing A Single Word

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Spencer Mecham is a Legendary Marketer client who’s blog is one of his main income streams. He typically uploads a blog post on just about the daily basis but doesn't have to sit down and write each and every article on his blog. This is because he outsources his content from professional writers.

Spencer’s Tik Tok, Facebook group, Youtube and blog all bring in an equal amount of income, around 20-30% each.  In the start up of his blog, he was the one writing every article. In order to free up time so that he could operate multiple income streams, he knew he needed to outsource his writing content. One of the three people on his team who lives in the Philippines does just that.


That person will outsource content from writers by doing keyword research. Then she gives the keywords to the writers that she hires, along with other writing instructions. These instructions include where to place images, internal linkings, and blogging structure and outline. Then Spencer reads and approves the article. 

Spencer finds that if there’s no images in his blog posts it’s not as interesting to read. His blog manager also adds images to each article in addition to outsourcing the content. The writers that are outsourced just write, his blog manager takes care of all the rest. 


Spencer sometimes turns his Youtube videos into blog posts as well. This is especially done with videos talking about specific keywords that rank well in both the Youtube and Google search engines. 

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The Journey To Getting 9,000 Subscribers Per Month On Youtube

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Spencer Mecham is a Legendary Marketer client who started out his Youtube channel adding about 1,500 new subscribers every month. Within 3 months he began getting 9,000 per month. We recently interviewed him on our morning show, Wake Up Legendary, to find out how his subscriber count skyrocketed. 

Outsource Your Content For Better Quality And Results

Spencer operates multiple streams of income at once, but one of his biggest income streams is his Youtube channel. He has 2 people he’s employed to help manage his multiple streams of income. Two of them are full time and one is part time. He finds that outsourcing his content this way helps him to maintain his income sources and stay organized. 

His editor is typically the one who writes his video scripts. He was hired on as an editor but has begun adding more tasks to his job, such as putting together thumbnails for videos as well as writing video scripts. All Spencer has to do is sit down, film his video, upload it to his computer, and move along to the next task. 

Spencer uses a full scripted procedure to better cater to Youtube’s algorithm. One big thing he focuses on in his video is quality. He wants the viewer to stay watching for as long as possible, and a lot of that has to do with the quality of the video they are watching. This doesn't just have to do with aesthetics of the video, but also the value, which is why he likes to fully script his videos ahead of time. 

Spencer’s Youtube channel @buildapreneur

Taking A Unique Approach To Your Videos

In the beginning of Spencer’s Youtube career he was trying to be tricky and do ranking tricks to get his videos to rank in Youtube’s algorithm. He found that wasn’t working for him and realized that if he made content people were actually watching, he would rank higher in Youtube’s algorithm. 

Spencer decided to take a unique approach to his videos and create a curiosity factor to keep people looking at the screen. Spencer says that as long as you keep that curiosity factor going in your Youtube video and pack in as much value as possible, your video will rank higher. 

When outsourcing someone to help edit your videos, the best way to start is by watching a lot of videos you really like and identifying what you like about them. Once you do that you can hire on an editor and present that list to them. Give them five examples of videos that you like with specifics from the videos and let them know that’s what you want done in your videos. 

The cheapest editing price he’s been able to find for good quality is about a hundred dollars for fifteen minutes of video editing. However, there are sites like Fiverr where you can outsource video editing amongst other things for cheap, though the editing quality may vary on those types of websites. 

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Searching for Success: Why an Online Marketing Coach May Work for You

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Imagine you're able to work when you want and where you want. You have complete control over your schedule, but you still make a lot of money.

How would it feel for that to be your reality? Would you believe that an online marketing coach could help you make that happen?

An online coach can teach you the strategies you need to earn an income online. Keep reading to learn why you should work with one.

Personal Focus

An online marketing coach can help you focus on things that can help you specifically. Some marketing blogs and social media channels are useful. But they focus on information that has helped that company.

Depending on your audience and what you're selling, those strategies might not work for you. A good marketing coach can help you determine what will work for your business.

Whether you're new in business or have been working for years, you can learn new information and test different strategies. A coach can walk you through different platforms so that you can make a profit.

Help Getting Started

If you're new to working online, an online marketing coach can help. They can give you some basic tools and tricks to start your online business.

Your coach can suggest ways to make money that you may not consider. Affiliate marketing can be an excellent way to earn money online, but some people don't know about it.

If you don't get an online marketing coach, you may not learn about those options. Then, you may choose income streams that aren't as profitable or interesting to you.

Build on a Foundation

Perhaps you've been working for yourself for a few months. You're seeing some income but not as much as you need or want. You've read books and articles, but none of those strategies work.

The best online marketing coach can help you build on that foundation you have. Your coach can work with you on scaling your existing revenue streams so that you can grow more quickly.

You can learn a lot from free resources, like blog posts. However, an online marketing coach can go more in-depth with you. They can offer more resources and insight into how to build a successful online business.

Help With Strategy

Sometimes, all you need to take your business to the next level is a good strategy. An online marketing coach can help you develop and implement a strategy that works for your business.

For example, maybe you have an affiliate site where you sell cosmetics. Your coach could help you set up an Instagram account to connect with your audience and share tips and tutorials.

Or if you focus more on reviewing technology, you could get help setting up a YouTube channel. That way, you can go to your audience instead of getting them to come to you.

Learn From One Source

One problem with relying on free information is that it often comes from different places. You may read one business owner's blog but listen to someone else's podcast.

If you follow a bunch of people, you may find their strategies and tips conflict with each other. As you start and grow your business, that can be confusing, and you may waste time deciding which information is best.

When you hire an online marketing coach, you can learn from that coach. You know all of the information you learn will work together, so you don't have to figure out which tips to use in your business.

Of course, not every coach will have the best strategies for you. But many online coaches offer free information so that you can see if you like their strategies and if you want to learn more.

Someone in Your Corner

When you get affiliate marketing coaching or other help for your business, you also get someone who will support you. A lot of online business owners work from home. Some don't know anyone in real life that does the same thing.

Having a coach means you have access to a support system. Your coach has probably been in a similar position as you, so they'll understand what you're going through.

A coach can help you get through the tough parts of growing a business. Then, you can celebrate your successes together. You can also keep up with your coach long after your coaching sessions end for even more help and support.

Continue Scaling

Scaling a business can be just as difficult as starting one. You have your revenue streams in place, and you know how to bring in money. But maybe you aren't bringing in as much income as you want.

You can scale your business in many ways, but trying them all takes time. Working with an online marketing coach can help you narrow down your options.

That way, you can focus on scaling what works for your business. You can also get rid of income streams that aren't profitable or enjoyable, saving you time and money.

As an online business owner, you don't have a cap on your revenue. So even as you grow, you may still want a coach to help you keep growing and earning more money.

A Business Investment

Coaching can take a lot of time and money, and you probably won't see results after your first session. However, online marketing coaching is an investment.

Think about how it could affect your business in the next year or the next five years. If you learn the right strategies for marketing and selling to your audience, you can use them for a long time.

Coaching is also a business expense, so you can write off the cost. Then, you can lower your tax burden to save a bit of money.

Be sure you talk to an accountant about write-offs, but it's a great reason to invest in coaching. You can save some tax money and improve your business.

Get an Online Marketing Coach

If you've tried to grow an online business, you know it can be difficult. However, an online marketing coach may be the help you need to build your business.

You can get specific advice to help your company, and you can use those strategies for years. The best online marketing coach will also support you and guide you as you make those changes to your business.

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7 Profitable Affiliate Marketing Niches You May Not Have Thought of Before

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Are you looking for different ways to make money from your online marketing endeavors? Do you want to find a way to take advantage of affiliate marketing and up the chances of success? If so, then you need to learn about different affiliate marketing niches you can take advantage of.

Doing so can help you get a leg up in the online marketplace. You can learn about low competition niches for affiliate marketing, search for products in that niche, then promote them through your content to earn a profit.

See below for an in-depth guide on several profitable affiliate marketing niches. Be sure to consider them all.

1. Home Security

If there's one thing that customers can't get enough of in their daily lives, it's the feeling of security. People all over the world worry about the possibility of a break-in on their property.

While home security isn't the sexiest product out there, it answers a common pain point among many different target markets. For that reason, there's a growing demand for reviews and guidance on home security products.

This is especially true with the growing interest people have in creating a smart home. Many security systems these days have tossed the electrical wiring to the side for a more customizable and hands-on system their customers can purchase.

2. Gaming

Did you know that the gaming market is projected to spend over $200 Billion a year on games by the end of 2023? An affiliate marketer looks at that and starts to drool at the unlimited possibilities.

Better yet, there are many different gaming products that you can choose to market. You can promote products such as video games, gaming consoles, gaming equipment, computer software, gaming laptops, and so much more.

For those of you that have a passion for gaming, to begin with, this is a no-brainer. It's a growing industry with unlimited potential and a dedicated market of consumers.

3. Online Dating

Everyone longs for companionship. Whether they've recently gotten out of a rough relationship or have been single for many years, people are looking to get back out there to find their soul mate.

As a matter of fact, studies have shown that there's a direct connection between our social lives, love lives, and happiness. Customers are willing to do whatever it takes to find happiness for themselves.

This is a great way for you, as an affiliate marketer, to capitalize. You can promote various online dating platforms (in which there are many) and give customers more information on the best online dating platforms for their situation.

4. Pets

People love pets. They love furry pets, scaly pets, exotic pets, and anything in between. That is why the pet industry continues to scale in a positive direction.

There are many opportunities for affiliate marketing in the pet marketplace. You can promote things like pet toys, pet food, pet accessories, pet stores, and even pet medication. Consumers will flock to your content for insight, and companies will pay you handsomely for the exposure of their products.

For those of you that are passionate about animals and have a few pets of your own, this affiliate marketing niche can be a match made in heaven. The passionate pet market will always be there, giving you longevity and income streams that will last for many years to come.

5. Fitness

A majority of people would admit that they've fallen short of their fitness goals. Everyone dreams of having a six-pack, but not many contain the direction or knowledge to start down that path.

That's where affiliate marketing comes in! You can provide your readers/viewers with valuable direction and get paid for those that take your advice. You can promote items such as gym accessories, workout equipment, supplementation, diet plans, workout plans, or athletic apparel.

It's an industry with prospects that have various levels of commitment, meaning some are more dedicated to consistent workout schedules than others. However, all of them have the same ideology: use the best products to get the best results. That's where you can capitalize!

6. Sports Betting

The sports betting industry has reached new heights in the past 5 years alone. As more and more states approve and regulate sports betting, customers are growing more passionate about it by the year.

So much so that professional sports leagues, such as the MLB, have networks adjusting their broadcast style to incorporate more sports betting in it. Needless to say, there's a piece of the pie in it for you as well.

You can promote things such as sportsbooks, betting websites, and sports betting apps to make a sizeable profit. As the industry continues to grow (which it will), you'll have even more products to promote in the coming years.

7. Coffee

Caffeine is the silent killer of personal budgets everywhere. While a cup of joe won't cost you much (depending on what you buy), the profits add up quickly. Many people drink 2 to 3 cups a day, meaning those that buy by the cup are spending around $6, $8, or even $10 a day on it.

More surprisingly, coffee drinkers are becoming increasingly more aware of this fact. For that reason, they're either looking for at-home coffee products that can help curb their spending or justifying the purchase by finding the best coffee around.

Either way, it has affiliate marketing potential for you. If you're an avid coffee drinker and enjoy the adventure of trying new things, this is a perfect fit.

Find the Best Affiliate Marketing Niches for Your Passion

When it comes to affiliate marketing niches, potential plus passion equals profitability. Be sure to find a niche you enjoy so that you can offer your readers/viewers valuable insight on products.

Be sure to read this article to learn more information on the ugly 2-page affiliate marketing funnel that works, reviewed by yours truly.

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Becoming an Affiliate Marketer: A Step by Step Guide

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In 2022, the affiliate marketing industry is on track to be worth more than $8 billion! If you're looking to make passive income online, become an affiliate marketer. This is a simple way to share the brands you love with your own community and make a percentage each time they purchase.

Learn all about affiliate marketing programs and affiliate marketing jobs right here.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

In affiliate marketing, the marketer themselves earns a commission from promoting another company. Whether that's good like an athleisure brand's new leggings or a service like an online yoga subscription, affiliate marketers can earn supplemental or entire income just from sharing brands they love.

Affiliate Marketing Definition: Promoting a brand's products or services on your own social media or internet presence in exchange for a percentage of the sales you drive.

How To Become an Affiliate Marketer

To become an affiliate marketer, you'll need to do a few things before you even start looking for affiliate marketing jobs. Use this step by step guide to starting your affiliate marketing journey.

Choose Your Niche

Before you even consider your choice of platform, it's important to have an idea of your niche. The aesthetic for your brand and platform will follow.

Start with what you already know. What are some products you love and use religiously? Are there any services or subscriptions you really believe in? Make a list and draw comparisons between your interests and these goods or services.

Be sure your niche is something that you enjoy talking about each day. Here are a few examples of successful niche ideas.

  • Hobby Niches: Photography, Reading, Travel, Sports, Art, Beer, Coffee
  • Business Niches: Money, Investing, Budgeting, Bitcoin, Home Ownership, Marketing
  • Health and Wellness Niches: Fitness, Healthy Eating, Veganism, Yoga, Nutrition
  • Lifestyle: Self-branded (Moving on from another niche or expanding niches)

A lifestyle niche may evolve after you've decided on the main niche like fashion. Those followers trust you and may start looking for your opinion on other things, too, like home decor, skincare, or anything!

Build Your Platform and Gain Followers

Social media is the best way to start with affiliate marketing. These platforms allow users to be creative and have access to the most crucial part of affiliate marketing: an engaged audience.

Starting with Instagram is a great way to see how well your brand takes to the masses. To gain organic followers, you'll need to use keywords and hashtags that your target audience is following.

For example, if you're interested in building a following that loves to travel, each time you post using #travel #traveling #traveljunkie, or similar hashtags.

You can discover which hashtags are the most popular by digging into analytics and using the platform yourself. Instagram will promote your content on other people's feeds according to an algorithm, and part of that is engaging with other people's content by liking, commenting, and sharing.

Use this guide to learn more about keywords and search engine optimization for Instagram.

If you're more into longer-form videos, YouTube might be a good next step, and it is possible to make millions from the platform. Lastly, you'll eventually want a blog or website to aggregate blog posts and affiliate links. While this can be done through links in your Instagram or YouTube bios, having a landing page for people to engage with your content is crucial.

Create Content and Start Marketing

Now that you've gained some followers and posted some content, it's time to start the money-making part! Start writing reviews for the products you love and share them via a linked blog on Instagram.

A great example of this is taking a product you love, like a skincare product, posting a beautiful photo of it on social media with a description, and how it's changed your life.

Tag the company in the photo, and be sure to add the new post to your stories too. Often, brands have employees scanning Instagram and other platforms daily for mentions. If they reply to your story, ask about getting an affiliate link!

In other cases, you can visit your favorite brands' sites and see if they already have a link made for people interested in sharing. Although affiliate marketing is relatively new, many companies have embraced this and word it as “share with a friend!” or “share and save!”.

If the benefit is a discount on your next purchase instead of a commission, definitely reach out to the company and see if there's an opportunity for a partnership.

Know The Regulations

Before you get started, it's important that you do everything ethically and in line with the law. The Federal Trade Commission has laws to protect American consumers, and therefore, there is a certain language you have to use as an affiliate marketer in your posts.

You can't be deceptive in your marketing, and you should always be transparent with your followers by saying you may earn a commission from their purchases. Using #ad is a common courtesy now on Instagram posts too, but make sure all your language is compliant.

Plus, you should always read the lengthy agreements for becoming an affiliate for a new brand. They will likely have guidelines on what your content should look like and the timeline in which your followers need to purchase in order for you to make a commission.

The fine print is worth reading here!

Ditching 9-5

Congratulations on becoming an affiliate marketer! Now that you work for yourself, how does it feel? Being an entrepreneur and making your own way in the world by sharing the things you love is a great way to earn cash.

If you're feeling a little lost on how to get started or simply need some guidance, check out our array of products to help build your business. Our Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint is an affordable guide that will help grow your work opportunities and make you a truly successful affiliate marketer!

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Why Affiliate Marketing is for Everyone

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Did you know that the global market for digital advertising and marketing is at $322.5 billion?

When you want a great way of earning money online, affiliate marketing is a viable choice. It allows you to spread the word about your business and the products and services you offer. With the right strategy, it can help you drive more sales.

Not familiar with affiliate marketing? Don't worry; we got you!

With this guide, you’ll learn about affiliate marketing for beginners. This will make it easier for you to earn more. Read on and find out more:

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

This allows an online retailer to pay for an external website a commission. They can do this whenever they gain traffic or sales from their referrals. Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular money-making methods online.

The right strategy allows you to generate more leads and convert to sales. The best part is that it becomes a way of gaining passive income.

This strategy partners you with any of the 24 million eCommerce websites in the world. You can earn commissions by referring your website visitors to your partner’s products or services.

This is the simplest explanation of affiliate marketing. However, becoming successful as an affiliate marketer requires more training. We're more than willing to help you here at Legendary Marketer, it's our goal to help educate you on the highly competitive world of online marketing, after all.

If you’re using a blog, you become a selected company’s affiliate through their affiliate network. In some cases, the business will make you into their affiliate.

You can make money by putting a link, button, or banner within your blog post. This leads your visitors to your affiliate business.

Affiliate Marketing Tips

Now you know how this marketing method works, you can now establish your strategies. This ensures that you can build traffic to your affiliate within the first few months. You can also read our guide to ensure your affiliate marketing success.

Here are some tips you can use:

1. Make Great Content

If you put in your time, effort, and dedication to the project, you’ll make something amazing. The good news is that you need not reinvent the wheel to become successful. It’s because you need only ensure that your posts are engaging.

We stress to our students the importance of engagement in content creation. Without engaging content, your affiliate marketing campaigns will go slow.

Engaging your audience will encourage them to read more. This drives them to learn more about your product or service and turn them into referrals.

2. Use Effective SEO Methods

Like any blog post, you must use good SEO techniques to drive traffic from search engines. This will help you get a constant stream of high-quality traffic. If you want a natural way to rank for more keywords, you can use the skyscraping technique.

Skyscraping is when you look for the best content for specific keywords. Once you determine this, you can now make your version by making it better than the original. You can do this by expanding on these topics while covering anything missed out by other posts.

Before long, you become the ultimate source for that particular topic. This allows you to generate more links to your content. That’s what makes it a popular method if you want to build organic website traffic.

3. Use Paid Traffic

A lot of affiliate marketers use platforms like Facebook, Google AdWords. These platforms and other ad networks allow marketers to gain traffic faster. It may not be as beneficial as using social media networks and search engine platforms.

After all, this requires an initial investment that might not be an option for some people.

When using a paid traffic method, be careful when promoting your affiliate links. On social networks, most won’t entertain the fact that you’re publishing direct links to your offers.

That’s why you must send the traffic you gain from this method to your website’s landing page. This allows visitors to discover your affiliate links on their own.

One of our students, Aaron Szczokewycz, even generated leads without an ad budget on Facebook since he joined Legendary. As those converted to sales, he's made quite the profit with our help.

4. Make an Email List

By building a list of email subscribers, you’re investing in a guaranteed method of getting income. Always focus on good email marketing since it’s the key to your success.

Do this by investing in ideas like making giveaways for free e-books. You may also offer other things that persuade people to sign up, like coupons and discount codes. A customer who trusts a brand is more motivated to buy from your list of suggestions.

Achieving this means you’ll start earning money from the steady stream of affiliate sales. As soon as you invest in email marketing, you gain an edge over other affiliate marketers.

5. Upsell

This is a sales technique that aims to encourage people to buy something more expensive. You can do this by persuading them to get an item’s upgraded version or buy the add-ons. If you want to get commissions from a food processor, you can upsell a recipe book that the same company sells.

Upselling is your secret weapon as an affiliate marketer. If you use this well, you’ll end up getting more affiliate sales per visitor. This increases their value, especially if they follow your suggestions.

6. Promote Products You’ll Buy

If you aren’t interested in an expensive mountain bike, you’re unlikely to feature it on your blog. It’s because you’ll have a hard time persuading anyone to buy it. It’s especially when it’s a product you won’t spend a single penny on, now and in the future.

It’s always better to be passionate about the product you’re trying to get commissions from. This will make it more authentic to your readers, making it engaging. With that, it’s easier to persuade them to buy.

Start Becoming an Affiliate Today!

These are some of the things you can do to succeed in affiliate marketing. Use these tips if you want to make this your full-time investment.

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How-To Guide: Launching a Successful Business Model

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Did you lose your job during the pandemic? Or are you fed up with working in an office or for a company? Many people have dreams of working online but no idea how to turn them into reality.

Fortunately, choosing the right business model can make that dream more achievable. We have a few ideas and strategies you can use to start a profitable business no matter your experience.

But what is a business model and which is best? Keep reading to find out!

Choose a Niche

The most successful business model for you will center around something you like or are good at. You should focus on a specific industry or customer, and this is your niche.

By narrowing the focus of your business model, you can see more success early on. Consider what you like doing or talking about. Perhaps you like cameras and photography, so you start a business around that.

Or maybe you did really well on standardized tests, so you create a business that helps people take tests. Whatever it is, consider what you like, but make sure there's also a need for it.

Research the Market

Next, you should do some market research to figure out what problems people have within your niche. Then, you can determine how to fill that need. If you're a photographer, you could see if people need photoshoots.

But maybe you realize that people need more help in selecting and using cameras. So you can switch your business idea to a business model with more potential.

If you're good at standardized tests, you could see if people prefer tutoring or workbooks to use on their own time. Both can make for great business models, but they can serve slightly different needs.

Find Your Competition

As you research the market, you'll probably come across some people with similar businesses to your idea. That's okay, and it can be even more validation for your idea.

But don't just skip over your competition. Take a look at what products or services they offer and see how customers react to them. Maybe there's something you can do a bit differently to stand out.

You don't need a totally unique business model, but you also shouldn't avoid copying your competition. Perhaps your competition focuses on helping beginners, so you target more advanced photographers or students.

Operate Online

The most successful types of business models don't take forever to see a profit. If you want to start making money soon, you should consider starting an online business.

You can start quite a few different online businesses with little or no money. With an online business, you don't need to worry about finding or paying for a storefront. You don't need to hire a bunch of employees.

If you can keep your startup costs low, you can find business success more quickly. You can also determine if your idea is profitable, and you can choose a different business model if yours isn't making money.

Start With Profit

If you want to start making money from the start, you should consider a simple way to bring in revenue. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money when you first start your business.

You don't have to create a product or service. Instead, you can sell someone else's product or service and make a small commission on each sale that comes through you.

Affiliate marketing doesn't need to take a ton of time. You can share links to products in your niche on your website through a blog and on social media.

Then, you can use the rest of your time to build out other revenue streams as part of your entire business model.

Use Two Revenue Streams

While you can make a lot from affiliate marketing, you should also create a second revenue stream. You can create digital products, like eBooks, online courses, and other digital downloads.

If you want to offer a service, you can also do that through your website. You can use email and video conferencing apps to communicate with clients.

Consider if you're willing to schedule part of your day for clients or if you'd prefer more flexibility. Online courses can be a great alternative to coaching, and you can make more money without having to work more.

Having at least two revenue streams can give you more security. If your affiliate income dips one month, you can make up for it with more product sales or vice versa.

Productize Your Services

If the best business model for you involves services, create packages based on your offer. Instead of having to create a custom package for every client you get, you can direct leads to your services page.

Your clients can choose from your options, streamlining the sales process for you. That way, you can book clients more quickly.

You can also offer services as products, such as coaching or teaching as an online course. If you're good at graphic design, you can sell templates instead of custom services.

Selling products will give you more control over your business model. You can only work so much in a day, so selling products can get rid of the income ceiling that comes with offering a service.

Build a Marketing and Sales Plan

No matter what business model you plan to start, you need to create a marketing and sales plan. Social media is one of the best places to market your business.

You can interact with people in your target audience to build relationships and a following. Facebook and Instagram are two popular options, but TikTok is quickly gaining traction.

You can use your social media profiles to direct people to your sales pages. If you write the sales copy well, it can help sell your products or affiliate products for you, saving you precious time while making you more money.

The Best Business Model to Choose

You can choose from many different types of business models out there. But if you want an easy way to make money without overworking yourself, make affiliate marketing part of your business model.

Then, you can combine affiliate marketing with creating and selling your own digital products. Both revenue streams are easy to scale and have no limits on how much you can make.

Are you ready to start a profitable online business model? Watch this video to learn more about our top way to make money online.

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How to Choose the Right Online Business Model for You

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You have passion and creative energy. You know that you want to channel your energy into a successful online business. But how can you know what online business model is right for you?

The internet has opened up a world of opportunities that didn't exist fifteen years ago. I know from experience that there are ways to seize these opportunities and turn your dreams into reality. I went from working construction to internet marketing.

It wasn't easy, but I went from an absolute beginner to a seasoned marketing professional. When you find the right online business model that works for you, you'll be able to something that you enjoy and earn money doing it.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

Advertising or Product Sponsorship

This business model depends a lot on personality and your ability to capture people and drive them to your content. Ultimately, you want enough followers or a large enough audience that you are paid to advertise or sponsor products for other companies.

You could start with a blog or podcast and try to gain followers. If you have a hobby or niche interest, this might be a good fit for you. Your revenue can include advertising that is part of your website or from a sponsorship that you do as part of your content.

Instagram influencers and TikTok can also be huge drivers for paid content. Companies like the idea of less “obvious” paid content and use these social media outlets to pay influencers to do the marketing for them.

Digital Products and Courses

If you have knowledge to share, you can make money doing so. You can write an e-book or create an online course. People are willing to pay money to access information, particularly when the person is an expert in the field.

To share an e-book, you can start with a simple web page that includes a download. For online courses, you can use existing platforms like courses on Udemy or teaching on Outschool. The best thing about using other platforms is that feedback from your students will drive more sales.

Software or App

You may have an idea for a product or service that no one has yet thought of. Software and apps can be a way to bring your idea to life. Whether you have some skills as a software developer or would partner with someone, the main goal of software or an app is to create something that people will use.

With this business model, there are different ways that you can make money.

  • You can start with a free version that requires an upgrade to a paid (better) version
  • You can offer a free trial to let users try it out and then charge them after the trial is over
  • You offer a free app or software and then make your money from advertising revenue

While this business model has a potential upfront cost for the development of your software or app, it can be sustainable for a long period of time. It is also something that you could sell in the future to another company.

Web Development

If you have skills in website development, there are always people looking for help. Other entrepreneurs may have the same drive but no skills to create or manage a website.

Your web development services could range from one-time setup to ongoing maintenance and support. As you get clients, you can let your portfolio speak for itself. You would also have an edge in getting started because you would be able to set up your own website easily.

Affiliate Marketing

With affiliate marketing, you sell products for another company and earn a commission for the effort. Your commission is typically 5-10% of the cost of the product. This benefits the seller because you're doing the work for them.

Amazon Associates is one of the most popular programs. If you are able to generate a solid following, particularly in a niche industry, you can earn passive income when people buy products from your affiliate link.

Consulting or Coaching

If you have expertise on a particular topic, you can sell your experience to others. Consulting or coaching have low startup costs. You need to rely on personal relationships and referrals so that you can become known as the go-to person for your audience.

To build a consulting or coaching business, in addition to your website, you'll want to consistently produce content that establishes you as an authority. This could be a combination of blog articles, guest posts, podcasts, email subscriptions, and more. Share just enough knowledge to entice people to contact you for services.

Next Steps for Your Online Business

Once you have decided which online business model works for you, it is time to get set up! The next steps will involve some planning so that you are ready to launch.

1. Choose the Target Audience

Whatever you offer, you likely won't appeal to the entire universe. Decide who your customers are and how you will find them. This will drive your website and also your presence on social media platforms and amid other online channels.

2. Create Your Website

Your audience needs to be able to find you. 88% of consumers do research online before making a purchase. No matter what your revenue stream will be, the odds are that your potential customers will take a look at you before making a decision.

3. Engage Your Audience

In almost every instance, you'll need to have regular engagement with your audience. This can range from email newsletters to social media posts to blog content. You'll want to watch your engagement from different channels, so you know where to focus your efforts.

4. Bring Business to You

By optimizing your website through SEO and PPC, you can let search engines do the work of bringing traffic to you. Pay-per-click has an associated cost, whereas organic traffic through search engine optimization is free. Both will boost your overall audience.

Making the Most of Your Online Business Model

If you are ready to take the next step, start planning today! Once you have selected an online business model that makes sense for you, you can get to work on building your dream.

At Legendary Marketer, we offer online courses to help you learn the skills you need to jump right in. You can start by taking the 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge for an action-oriented experience. Click here to sign up today.

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What is Digital Marketing: A Beginner’s Guide

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With 3.5 billion people in the world having a smartphone in 2020, marketers know that they need to step up their game. That's where digital marketing comes in. It has completely changed the way that people advertise and sell their products or services.

If you haven't been exposed to the world of digital marketing yet, then we have a lot to catch you up on.

The digital marketing world is always changing as new and improved trends are introduced into the internet world. Thanks to technology, it is easy to adapt and modify our marketing techniques to appease our target audience.

Be sure to keep reading for our complete beginners guide on digital marketing.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

When trying to figure out what is digital marketing? It helps to know what the benefits of it are and why you should use it. When comparing digital marketing to traditional marketing, you can see which one is easier to use and attracts more clients.

Digital marketing is the method of advertising your products and services to your audience online. Yet, as someone who does digital marketing, they know that it is so much more than that.

You'll find that the benefits of digital marketing include expanding your audience online whether they follow your brand on social media or regularly buy your products.

Another benefit that you will find is that through digital marketing, you can help to create better branding for your company. Your brand's personality will get a chance to shine through on social media.

Digital marketing is also excellent because it is a form of marketing that you can measure. You'll be able to see exactly how many people saw and clicked on your ad to buy your products.

The analytics for digital marketing can help you see if campaigns are doing well or if you need to restructure them. With digital marketing, you can easily pull a marketing ad down and put it back up with a click of a button.

Social Media Marketing

Now that we know a little more about digital marketing as a whole, we can talk about each facet of it.

Social media marketing is one of the most common ways for companies to start marketing online because it is free unless you want to use digital advertising by paying for ads on social media platforms.

As a social media marketer, you can start advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or any other platform, right away. Want to know the best ways to do it?

Build your brand and start interacting with your followers. Social media is the best place for businesses to engage with their clients and build relationships with them.

Doing this will help you attract your target audience and get them to trust you. You'll find that if you have a good relationship with your clients on social media, they will want to buy more products from you.

Content Marketing

Another way to get clients to engage with you is by creating content that will be appealing to them. Content marketing is another approach to digital marketing.

Many people refer to content marketing as creating blog posts for potential customers to read or find through search engines. Yet, content can mean so much more!

You can think of content marketing as the photos you create for Instagram, videos you make for YouTube, eBooks that you create, or anything else. These are all forms of content that you're using to help market your business.

Email Marketing

Emailing marketing goes way back for a lot of businesses and has similarities to direct mail. Except when you use email marketing, you'll find that the people you're emailing have signed up for your list and will want to receive emails from you.

There are lots of different things you can send when email marketing. Many businesses will send updates about products or services. As well as new deals, coupons, or even a friendly reminder to let their clients know that they can still shop with them.

For some businesses, building their email list is the hardest part. You need to find the best way to start collecting email addresses from potential clients that will want to buy your products or services.

Many companies will offer something in exchange for an email address. Whether it is a discount code, eBook, free course, or anything else, make sure you have something to offer your clients so you can get their email address.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is another one of the most common forms of digital marketing. That's because businesses have found great success when they manage to pull it off.

You might be wondering, what is SEO? Well, search engine optimization is when your content is optimized so that it ranks higher in the search engines. That means when someone is searching for something related to your brand, your blogs, website, or other content will appear near the top of the search results.

Many people strive to get their website at the top of Google. Yet, it is all about knowing which keywords to use and finding the right links to include throughout your content. You also want to make sure that your website is being linked to through other websites.

There is a lot that goes into SEO and having your page rank high. Yet, if you can successfully have a page rank on a search engine, then you'll find that you get more organic traffic and people purchasing your products.

Using Digital Marketing for Your Business

As you can see, digital marketing is a lot like traditional marketing except completely in the online world, which makes it a lot easier. As a business owner, you'll find that digital marketing can improve the way your company handles clients, advertises products, and even manages its brand.

Are you looking to dive headfirst into digital marketing with your company? Be sure to check out our online webclass while access is still free. You'll find that it's the number one way to start growing your skills and your business.

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How To Grow Your Affiliate Marketing Traffic By 10x

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Spencer Mecham is a client who has not only mastered having multiple platforms to work off of, but has also mastered bringing income to those multiple platforms. We recently interviewed him on our morning show, Wake Up Legendary, to learn about how he turns his multiple streams of traffic into income.

From the very beginning of Spencer’s affiliate marketing career he found himself worried about his social media accounts being shut down. He decided that after an Instagram account along with a Youtube account being shut down it was time to work off of multiple platforms. 


When Spencer finds a new platform to work off of, he masters the platform to the best of his ability and then writes down a system for it. Once he’s written down how it works and what he wants out of it, he then passes it along to someone he’s hired to work on his account on each platform. 


Outsourcing Quality People To Help You Create Quality Content


He can’t operate a Youtube channel, instagram account, Tik Tik, blog, Facebook group, email list, etc. all by himself. He typically hires multiple people to help him do things like edit videos and thumbnails. When hiring someone on, Spencer says to not be afraid to move through people. He likes to have weekly meetings and follow up with the people he has hired. He wants to make sure that anyone he has hired is on the same page as him. 


Spencer will typically give practice tasks for anyone who he is considering for the job and makes sure they know what they’re doing. He typically hires three people at a time. Two of them work full time and one of them works part time. 


Outlining And Scripting Videos To Cater To Youtube’s Algorithm


Spencer outlines each video before filming it, and has passed on the outline job to one of the editors he hired. This creates less work for him so that he has more time to focus on other tasks in his day. The outlines he makes for his videos aren’t just what topics he’ll be speaking about, but includes an entire script for the video. He caters to Youtube’s algorithm by scripting the video and deciding what A roll and B roll go into each video.


Youtube tracks how long each person who views a video is watching it for. If someone is viewing a video for just a moment and clicks out of it, Youtube won’t push it into the algorithm. If a video is watched most of or all the way through often, it is more likely to come up first in the search results or be suggested to watch next by Youtube.  “A high click rate and a high watch time equals a viral Youtube video,” Spencer said.


In order for Spencer to keep his videos from being clicked out of too soon, he began using a tactic that would keep people watching until the end- curiosity. 


When scripting videos, Spencer spends a lot of time planning. He plans out how they’re going to generate the curiosity factor that runs throughout the video that keeps people watching. “A high click through rate and a high watch time equals a viral youtube video,” Spencer said. Since catering his videos to Youtube’s algorithm, he has grown his Youtube channel to 43,000 subscribers. 


Create Unique Content That Generates Value And Curiosity


Spencer says that in order to get more views on videos, take a unique approach to the videos you create. Instead of doing ‘10 ways to make money with x’ Spencer says that a more unique approach would be to spend 8 hours clicking through sites, or take surveys for 5 hours straight and do a video on that experience. That generates a story with the videos and gives the viewer something more to connect to rather than a generic video.


Spencer says to get comfortable on camera it’s okay to go generic videos but as you get more into it to begin throwing in the experiment style videos where you document the process of something like taking surveys or watching a particular type of video.


Don’t Waste Time Editing Videos If You Can Outsource A Skilled Editor


When he first started making Youtube videos, Spencer spent a lot of time editing them. He found that it was easier and a better use of his time to hire someone to edit his videos for him. This way someone else who had more skill than him could do ten times what he could edit on a video. 


He watches a bunch of videos and writes down what he likes about them. Then he hires someone and gives them that list with five example videos he’s found that he likes. Spencer has found the cheapest video editor for himself has been about a hundred dollars, but there are sites like Fiverr where you are able to hire someone for cheaper, though the quality may differ. 


Videos that you create can still blow up without a bunch of fancy editing. When Spencer was starting out, he did a few videos where he shared his screen and those have gotten over 300,000 views. 

Spencer’s Youtube channel @Buildapreneur


Visualize What Your Business Can Grow To And Move To Multiple Platforms For More Income 


Spencer’s Tik Tok, Youtube, Facebook group, and blog are his main streams of income. His project manager does the pictures, categorizing, and outline for his blog and then sends that over to his blog writers. 


Spencer turns his Youtube videos into blog posts and bases posts off of certain keywords to drive in more traffic. When repurposing his youtube videos onto his blog, he also re-purposes his Tik Tok videos into Youtube videos. He edits the Tik Tok logo off of them and turns them into something called Youtube Shorts, a new program similar to Tik Tok. By doing this he grew more subscribers because once you hashtag a 60 second or less Youtube video with #shorts it is pushed into the algorithm. Youtube is testing Shorts in the United States and pushes videos into the Shorts algorithm to test how well they are performing.


Structure Tik Tok Videos To Hook Your Viewers


     Spencer’s Tik Tok @spencerhacks

The Tik Tok algorithm is very similar to the Youtube algorithm. Spencer uses the same curiosity factor from Youtube to keep his viewers watching his videos. He structures his videos so that the viewer doesn't really understand what he’s trying to tell them in the video until thirty to sixty seconds in. Once the viewer has reached that point, they’re been watching the video for so long that it doesn't matter if they scroll out of it. 


Spencer hooks his viewer and strings them along in the video. He shows his viewer the process and in the end explains the point. This allows him to keep the curiosity going as long as he can in the video. He uses terminology in his videos that keeps the viewer hooked and gives them something to think about while they watch.


It’s important to differentiate yourself from people on Tik Tok who make videos from similar videos. People don’t want to watch the same video over and over again. When starting your video, say that it’s something different than what your viewer has seen before. That way they want to keep their eyes glued to the screen in suspense. 


If you enjoyed this article and want to learn more affiliate marketing secrets like the ones Spencer shared with us here, watch this free video while access is still free.

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How I Grew To 200,000 Subscribers! Step-By-Step Youtube Growth Plan

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Ryan Hildreth is a client who started off working a 9-5 straight out of college. He stumbled across affiliate marketing and found it to be the best business model for himself. He started his Youtube channel in 2017 and now has over 240,000 subscribers on Youtube and over 250,000 subscribers on Tik Tok. 


When Ryan first started out he was finding videos on Youtube to replicate and turn into his own words. Over time it became difficult to find new videos to replicate. He wasn’t getting much done trying to come up with ideas every day. He was missing one key factor- structure.

Creating Structure And A Schedule In Your Process To Become Successful

Ryan began putting out two to three videos a week. When you’re just starting out, he recommends you make two to three videos a week so you don’t overwhelm yourself. In order to do this he had to create a weekly schedule for himself and begin planning out his videos one step at a time. 


He says that getting ahead is important in case there is an emergency or something comes up that you need to spend time on. That way you have videos done that you are able to post while not working.  


Ryan’s process starts on a Monday. The first thing he does is grab a notepad and a whiteboard. You can also use Google spreadsheet to organize and list your topic ideas. He lists ideas he wants to do videos on. He also plans out topics he wants to expand on and trending topics to make videos on.


Monday is his administrative day, which means no filming or content creation is done. Instead, he uses Monday solely for a planning day for idea generation. He plans out ten video ideas. He scours Youtube and finds trending videos in his niche. 


Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday are the days Ryan creates, films, and edits videos. He creates three videos and edits them, and then uploads them each of the three days. He typically spends three days a week on Youtube related work and the remaining two days on his email marketing.

Ryan’s Youtube channel  https://legendarymarketer.com/ryan-youtube


Outsourcing Thumbnails From Affordable Creators To Deliver High Quality Images That Stand Out


Ryan outsources his video’s thumbnails. He does this through FIverr, where he finds a nice inexpensive thumbnail creator. He sends the person creating his thumbnails thumbnails for other videos that he likes. Then he asks them to be made to look similar.


 He typically keeps his thumbnails 3-5 words if he can. Videos that only have a few words in the thumbnail tend to perform better. He gives the creator the title of the video and then they create his thumbnail for him.


Finding Inspiration From Other Content Creators In Your Niche


In order to find videos to gain inspiration from, Ryan types in ‘make money online’ into Youtube and makes videos around the topics that come up. He isn’t looking for a particular time stamp on the videos. Videos can still be popular and relevant years after they are uploaded. Youtube will push the top trending videos for the keywords ‘make money online’ towards you. If a video is uploaded less than a month ago that means that it's performing really well and Youtube is pushing that towards you. 


Ryan doesn’t use any Youtube video filters when finding videos to get inspiration from. He leaves on ‘sort by relevance’ to ensure that he’s getting the most relevant videos to his topic. A video has to be at least eight to ten minutes long to add revenue to it. However, don’t create a video that is too long. 


Youtube tracks how long a video is being watched for. If it is not being watched all the way through or too many people are clicking out of it in the first few minutes, it may not rank well. Ryan waits for a video to hit a home run. If one video starts to take off and gets over 20,000 views he will create another one like that. 


Ryan stays within the broad niche of how to make money online. He says that if you just do ‘make money with Facebook’ videos for seven days straight the topic may not still be trending. However, if you did ‘how to make money online’ videos, one of those may take off. You have to have a broad topic to create from.


Get the idea?…


There’s probably not going to be a lot of videos you come up with that are original ideas. But that’s okay. Finding inspiration from videos is a great way to take parts of other videos you watch and expand on them. Getting information from other content creators and videos is a form of inspiration. Don’t get discouraged if you can’t come up with an entirely original idea for a video.

Using Free Easy To Use Software To Create A High Quality Video 


Ryan uses the free software that came with his Macbook when creating and editing his videos. He uses the screen recording feature on Quicktime Player  when filming. He does this by going to ‘file’ on Quicktime Player and then clicks ‘new screen recording’. Quicktime Player is free and easy to use because it saves right to his desktop. This makes videos easier to find. 

He also films himself as he’s screen recording with his Cannon T6i camera. He likes to have high quality video of himself. He combines the two in iMovie, another free app for Macbook. iMovie is an easy app for Ryan to use as well. “It’s all about what you’re comfortable with,” Ryan said. Showing a video of himself makes it more personal.


Another easy to use tool is Loom because you can record yourself and screen record at the same time. Loom is free to use for videos up to five minutes. Ryan says that over time it’s better to show your face. Showing your face links your viewers to your humanity. When Ryan films and messes up he keeps going. He takes out the parts he messes up on when editing. Each of his videos take about 20 minutes to edit.

Consistency Is The Key For Successful Results 


Ryan schedules his videos to post at the same time every day at 8am. He posts at the same days and times every week because having consistency in your business is good. You will see results from videos you upload three to four months down the road, but with that consistency you will begin to grow.


Showing Humanity And Building Relationships With Your Email Lists 


When Ryan adds someone to his email list, he likes to follow up with them for thirty days straight. The first two emails are conversational pieces. He likes to have a conversation with people who join his email list to get to know them and build connections. The third email he sends is typically when he pitches to them. 


He doesn't send people on his email list his youtube videos. He doesn't want them to affect his watch times. This is only because he has so many subscribers and gets several thousand views on his videos within the first few hours. If you are just starting out, you should be emailing your Youtube videos to your email list. 


Using Tik Tok To Generate Youtube Subscribers


When Ryan first created his Tik Tok, it took a while at first to build up followers. When he started, he started from scratch. He didn’t tell anyone about his Tik Tok and wanted to see how big he could grow it to challenge himself.

He posted at least twice a day and did mostly ‘make money online’ related posts. His posts were mostly previews of his Youtube videos. He put only his Youtube channel link in his Tik Tok profile. He wanted people to click on his Youtube channel from his Tik Tok videos to use it as a lead generation to his Youtube videos.


Ryan hit a record month in commissions the second month he was creating Tik tok videos. He was growing 1,000 to 2,000 subscribers each day on Youtube that were coming from Tik Tok. 


If you would like to learn strategies to apply to your business just like the one Ryan applies into his business in affiliate marketing, including how to make multiple high-ticket affiliate commissions each month marketing valuable products people already want to buy, watch our brand new free webclass while access is still free.

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The Exact Plan To Succeed In Affiliate Marketing In 3 Just Hours A Day

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Zeb Summers started off the year as an IT Manager, but after 15 years of hard work was laid off when Covid hit. Instead of deciding to go back to corporate America, he took the leap to turn his affiliate marketing side hustle into a full-time career. He wanted to do something that gave him full control of his time. As a 45 year old father of 2, he was looking to get some time back to spend with his family. 

Zeb loves affiliate marketing and has grown a passion for it, which is why he decided to do it full time. By full time I’m not talking 8 hours of labor each day. Full time as in 3 hours of work each day, and the rest of the day to spend with his family and do whatever he wants. 

We recently had him on our morning show, Wake Up Legendary to talk about his strategy for success. So what is Zeb’s strategy for success?

Planning A Month At A Time To Focus On Money Producing Activities

When Zeb first started his full time affiliate marketing career, he felt he wasn’t producing the results that he should be. He began focusing all his time on money producing activities. He plans out his schedule a month at a time, and makes weekly and daily schedules for himself.

He schedules everything he wants to do in his 3 hour work window in his planner. He does this by focusing on certain things each day. For example, one day may be a planning day for his Tik  Tok videos, and the next may be a day where he creates his Tik Tok videos. 

One key to this process Zeb feels, is getting a good night’s sleep. The human brain cannot function to its fullest potential without a good amount of sleep. Whenever Zeb feels like he has an idea for the next day, he always makes sure to write it down. By writing it down, it helps him to sleep better because he doesn’t have to think about it while he’s trying to sleep.

Zeb creates 3-12 Tik Toks to post throughout each day along with creating Youtube videos. He plans out each video and it’s headline. Planning is a huge factor in keeping his work day to only 3 hours. 

Create Goals For Yourself To Accomplish And Create To-Do Lists To Keep Track of Them 

Zeb takes his goals for the month and the week and divides them down into weekly, then daily goals. He creates an amount he wants to make for the month. He then decides how many emails he has to send, how many Tik Toks he has to create, and how many sales he has to make to get the commission. 

Once he has created his monthly goals, he takes them down to weekly goals. Every week he knows he has to send out a certain number of emails each day, a certain number of Tik Tok’s, and a certain number of customers to follow up with each day. 

But he doesn’t stop there…

Zeb says that once he breaks down his goals into daily goals, the magic starts to happen. Zeb says he has to tune into his daily goals and be self disciplined and present. 

“It’s not about taking action, it’s about taking daily action,” Zeb said. 

He starts off each day writing emails to his email lists. Sometimes he spends up to an hour writing emails and interacting with his email list. He creates a goal number of emails to write and sticks to that goal. 

He wants to humanize himself to his customers and stay present because that’s something that is very important in affiliate marketing. The more authenticity you show, the more your customers can relate to you and build trust with you.

He also creates a goal amount of Tik Tok videos and Youtube videos to create. Once he’s planned out and created those videos, he spends his 3 hour work day creating those videos to be readily available to post throughout the day. 

[Image description] Zeb’s Tik Tok @zebsummers

One great tool for this that Zeb uses, is Trello. Trello is a planning website that allows you to create to-do lists and organize different lists to check tasks off of. Trello also shows you a percentage of how much you have completed each day and can refresh so that you have a clear list of tasks to plan for each day you’re working. 

Zeb typically uses a pen and paper for his planning. For more tech savvy people, Trello has a mobile app. Another useful tool is the notepad or calendar on your phone or computer. 

Becoming The Creator And Tracking Your Progress

Zeb always says that at the beginning you can’t focus on the money. He says to focus on creating the foundation and creating content. Once you create the content, the money will come. At first, it’s hard to figure out where to start. He says that when starting out create goals for yourself and get out of your comfort zone. 

He says to take 60 to 90 days and track the progress that you are making. Focus on your goal and track the progress of your videos and work. If you aren’t meeting your goal, take a few steps back and figure out what exactly you need to do to meet that goal. 

The money might not flow in at first so it’s important to make a realistic goal for yourself that you can track. Once you’ve reached your goal you can assess what you did that month to reach that goal and continue to repeat and tweak that process. 


In the beginning when you’re creating your baseline, it’s important to consistently do content creation in a channel or two, such as Youtube, Facebook, Tik Tok, or your email list. Once you’ve succeeded in making content, you can track what is working and do more of it. 

When Things Don’t Go As Planned, Keep Moving Forward

When a day doesn’t go as planned, Zeb says to always keep moving forward. “You’re going to be on top of the mountain and you’re going to be in the pit of despair,” Zeb said. It’s important to move forward and try your best to not let the little things bother you. 

You don’t have to get analytical to keep track of your progress. Just simply writing things down and keeping track of them is enough when starting out to monitor what’s working and what isn’t. Don’t give up even if it feels like you’re not being successful. Behind an unsuccessful day could be a thousand dollar day, but you won’t know unless you stick it out. 

Would you like to find a profitable business you can do from home so you can bring in much more substantial income? If so, I recommend you watch this free video which will walk you through our #1 recommended way to earn money online from home.

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