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Dave: What's going on, my friends, this is Dave Sharpe, Welcome to Wake Up Legendary. Listen, we're going to be rocking this morning with not one, but to David's to David's, okay, not one. Because the only thing that's better than one, David. the only thing that's better than one David is two David's Okay, as you can see, we're going to be hearing. David's two p’s to success. What the heck does that mean? Well, let's bring the man, the myth, the legend in to explain it, David, what's going on my brother, welcome to the show, what's going on? Appreciate you man.

David: It's my pleasure, are you coming from Canada, or?

David: Yes. Yeah, I'm coming from Canada. How are you? 

Dave: Wonderful, wonderful. And you're 19 Is that right?

David: Yes. 

Dave: Okay, wow. I, what was I doing at 19 I was not marketing online, making money building. I was actually trying to destroy my life, good for you, bro. Good for you. 

David: I appreciate it

Dave: Yeah man, big things. So, tell us how you got started, man, I mean, what led you to even be like looking for alternative ways to make money to build a business at such a young age and I think you've been kind of hustling and doing entrepreneurship for a year or two at least to talk to us a little bit about what led you astray to start bui;ding your lif maybe a little bit earlier probably than most of your friends? 

David: Yeah so, I realized my passion for business and making money in general is through a non normal way that people around us were making money in general. So, at a young age even in school I went away to a boarding school back home and I was still selling lollipops and I just always was thinking of new ways and had a business mindset. So, once I realized even in class, the only thing I was really having good marks in was everything that's related to business. I really just looked more into it and started finding different paths as social media grew and eventually after going through different, different things, trying different routes, I came across marketing. And I realized as social media roles, this is one of the biggest opportunities that I could not just pass on so I just tried my best and really put in my effort and well I ran into you guys and was able to find a way that I was not really getting more information from other other places so once they found their market and started the 15 Day Challenge and learn more about funnels, different websites and all these things came together and eventually led me to where I’m at and helped me open up other ventures when it comes to monetization. In general, we are different from the traditional way that people know how to make money. 

Dave: So, you've done, you've done some cool things, which we'll talk about here in a second. I think up to 160,000 followers on TikTok you generate some good traffic leads sales. And, and, it's, it's pretty exciting, isn't it. So I want to clarify something just for everybody listening, the first thing that you were doing with social media marketing is that right to where basically we're trying to get clients and run their advertising? 

David: Yes.

Dave: Okay. And did you find that more of a challenge because of the fact that, that, you know you now are kind of a professional service, service agency and you're kind of going out there trying to find clients and then you got to service those clients and they have expectations and it's, it's a, it's a customer facing business and there's a lot more moving parts. 

David: So SMMA compared to, say, affiliate marketing a lot of people think might be easy, but it's definitely, it's definitely a way that really opens up opportunities without having to go through, other walls that the business is really putting in front of you so with SMMA, you can make you can have success but there's a lot of factors that go into it you have to learn multiple skills you have to go. It's kind of door knocking you're contacting these people to generate these leads, if you're just like running ads to gate, customers and was basically, that want to stamp that people might think so yes it was definitely a much bigger wall that aspect of everything, especially if you don't have the grasp of social media and how to really establish your brand. 

Dave: Yeah. Yeah, so I want to just point that out because, for, for a big moment there. One of the big guys that was Pushing Social Media Marketing Agency was Ty Lopez, right, and he was selling that kind of business model to tons of people. And a lot of other people did that you know this was one of these kinds of trendy things, 19 and 2022 where it was like, open up a Social Media Marketing Agency, right. Basically, you use the good word to describe it. It's door knocking, you're basically going around and you're prospecting, local businesses like bike shops and coffee shops and, you know, your real estate agents law for all these kind of people and saying hey I'll take over your social media marketing all run ads, so you have to know how to, first of all you just have to be able to get your foot in the door, I mean it's basically exactly like people used to do with door knocking except you're reaching out to people via email, you're reaching out to them on their LinkedIn profiles, all this kind of stuff. Now, I like your attitude, because you can be successful with that, just like anybody if they have the right skills and the right effort they can be successful in anything, but it's important to understand, especially if you're new, or you, you, you don't want to run all of those facets of a business you don't want to have to do all of those things before you make your first dollar to kind of understand what you're going into, eyes wide open. So, you know, I appreciate that perspective so you, you kind of stumbled upon Legendary, what's like your first impression and what have you learned about our company, our community, and what's your experience been so far as you've been learning affiliate marketing and now executing and having success with it?

David: Yes, so the first impression was I actually learned through you guys through a person who was marketing on social media. Same way I wanted to get started, and I got started with an e book and I just learned more and more about affiliate marketing, and I really just had the foundation. And I just needed that extra push and that's exactly what I found and I found assistance and a guide through the way I knew, I literally found questions and didn't even know I had. And that's exactly why I needed to get started. And when I go into the Facebook community, other places that we just found more motivation for people doing it, and a lot of times people are really self destructive just tried to find this by not into some things, maybe a wall here or there, but what I realize is just learn something, take action if a problem comes along the way, you're in business, you're not meant to be a perfectionist as you just, you get more perfect along the way I guess right so yeah just took action later was in my opinion what I needed to get started. And he was right so that's exactly how my experience was. 

Dave: Yeah. Oh great, man, I'm glad that we met it at the time that we did and your journey and gave you that push so now let's talk about these kinds of two p’s. Alright, two p’s to success. You've had some, some pretty significant success you've really kind of taken your, your, you know you've, you've been doing this now for about how long?

David: I'd say a little bit under six months. 

Dave: Okay, so now that is not a whole lot of time but you're not in your first 30 days so. So what have you learned in the six months, and talk to us teach us a little bit about these, these two p’s to your success. 

David: So what I realized is just like, when it comes to affiliate marketing a lot of people might also take away the statement affiliate you are really just a marketer, and you should  treat your market like it’s your business is yours, and you're the one who's gonna make those Commission's if you could get those sales so you finally have to find a way. Depending on the platform you're using to utilize that platform, in the way it's supposed to be utilized. Some people might be very good content, video content, the place, the best places is TikTok and YouTube, If you go to Instagram or Pinterest might not be the best route so once I realized that I, and then I realized what I was good at I just took action with those specific places and stayed consistent, and really just tried to give value in connecting through those people in video and into email marketing. And that's really what is gonna bring success in the future because you can't really guarantee but if you take the right steps and a proven method, a proven system in place and you stay consistent you are going to start seeing those results sooner. 

Dave: So, so, so, what are the two p’s standing for? 

David: The two P’s?

Dave: In the questionnaire. Yeah, let's see here. Okay, patience and perseverance. Okay here we go. He put patience and perseverance and I turned it into the two p’s. Alright cool, so. So patience and perseverance. Yeah, success is no accident you wrote down in your questionnaire. So, you know, I certainly know that you know a lot of people, a lot of people, I think underestimate, like, like what I've done in my career, for example, like, oh, like what what what I'm doing or what we're doing here and Legendary is just like some hacks that like, anybody can do this and it's like, I can't tell you how many people have tried to like copy me and what I do over the years and it's like they think that they're just gonna, you know, just, you know, duplicate, in, in kind of like I had a company many years ago and people tried to knock it off and now. The same thing is happening now with people they think they're just going to kind of step into, you know, a company with, you know 70, 80 People running it and just like that takes time. You know what I mean like it is not an accident. So, what is your experience with kind of being on purpose, and like how this patience, this perseverance kind of plays into your success and how your success has not been an accident, some people might look at your marketing and think Oh, yeah. Whatever I can do that, that's just an accident, he just stumbled, he just got lucky, like, talk to us a little bit about what you mean for you specifically and what you've been doing, how it's like not an accident. 

David: So, what I also need is the opposite. So, failure is not an accident. So people who just sit there and you're always trying like you put in effort to fail, right, people just sit there and they don't put in work, they don't take action you are literally trying to fail, don't take action so it goes both ways you don't succeed without putting in work, it's not a natural human failing, It's not an accident you did something along the way to kind of guarantee your failure, and you have to realize all you have to do is do things along the way to guarantee your success. So that's what I realized and to put it together with patients you just is not gonna happen overnight, a lot of things come easy overnight way to build wealth but that's not the case you have to put in time you have to be patient, you have to see what works for you, and might not do what works for somebody else, you know, it might not work for your friend or somebody else but you have to put in time to see what works for you and leverage that to keep building your brand growth along the journey. 

Dave: So, what do you, I like that so, so you're doing, you're kind of in two niches right now the kind of online marketing or make money online space you're also in the health niche, and clearly we were showing your, your, David links 250. TikTok link and you guys can go follow David and kind of, you know, learn from them and follow them and support them and stuff like that but obviously you've got other channels and you're doing other things and, and that's cool, I'm not gonna ask you for those because we'll take your word for it and obviously just what you've done on this TikTok is, is, is impressive enough. Well, there's a lot of people right now because in our community TikTok’ hot and people are, we're teaching it and we're talking about it and you've obviously, you've obviously had quite a bit of success with it so, like, what would you, what have you learned about TikTok, that that has worked really well for you. What have you learned  that doesn't work so well? I mean you really kind of moved here especially in six months, there's a lot of people who would love to have 100 nearly 60,000 followers on one account but it seems like you have a couple of accounts. What, what have you learned man that it's working for, and what have you learned along the way that that didn't work as you said a second of all you got to, you know, you got to test things out to see what works, see what doesn't, so talk to us a little bit about some of those learning lessons.

David: Yeah, so when it comes to TikTok new, just like a lot of things, there is really not a proven way to success but there is ways you can put yourself in positions to, quote unquote, be lucky to grow or start getting traction, just like on any other platform right but with TikTok, especially being a brand new platform where there is a lot of organic reach and potential. What you have to do is leverage the platform like I was talking about, once you learn a platform, you have to find a professional platform to be YouTube can be, you just looking at what other people are doing, and you leverage that by giving yourself motivation to other people's content to see how you can then transform your message to be pulled out into the platform and really get those leads and get those customers by putting out your unique message and putting a spin to it and putting it out there without infringing on other people's content by by leveraging what has worked in the past so a lot of people, they want to say to do what they want, it's not that type of platform, you're not going to go on, on Pinterest or Twitter, and expect to get YouTube type of organic reach but so when you go to TikTok, you have to leverage what's working on TikTok, so if it's trade if it's something whatever it is you leverage, and then you find a way, once you're

a marketer you can find a way to leverage a message into different types of video content types, so that's what I've been doing and focused on so if you're struggling with TikTok like for example, all you do is look around you see motivation from what other people are doing you see what's happening to be successful in general, and you're going to really find your place you're going to find your specific place that works best for you. 

Dave: So you think it's key on TikTok to really pay attention to kind of what the trends are like that week or that month, like it's such a quick and evolving platform that you think that that's super key to identify okay what are the trends, even that are working outside of my niche, like, Are there certain songs are there certain dances or certain just types of videos that people are doing that are kind of trending really hot on TikTok, right now, and to kind of take that template of a trend in to fit your sort of unique personality and message inside of that particular trend is that what you're saying?

David: Yes, exactly. Exactly those trends, generally don't even last a long time, some might go for weeks, others might be 24 or 48 hours. So when you're on the platform. Anyway, you might as well just look at what is coming on your for you page so you see content that's doing great. So once you see the content of doing great. It can be something as little as a style that you can put into your video while you're talking to people about something, whatever it is, marketing, and that can really make a difference in how your content is going to do so TikTok really just wants people on the app, it doesn't care who you are, it doesn't care what you look like doesn't care your age doesn't care. So it just wants people on the app so if you can learn how to keep people on the app by doing what's already working, they're gonna put your content out there to a lot of people because they want them on the app so that's why leverage trending can be a trending hashtag get trending sell a training, dance and it's going to get their attention because it's trending. And you can also leverage your message into that type of piece of content. 

Dave: I think that's really key man, and we've I don't think we've really talked about it on this show anyways it's like really leveraging trends, and I like what you said that you know, there's a little bit of luck with it. Right, it's, it's, although it's not an accident. It's also, you know, you're kind of you're, you're looking at trends, and you're trying to fit sort of your personality and style into what's already workload on the platform. And, I like what you said a couple of minutes ago which was, you're not just going to come onto the platform you can do whatever you want. Right, although you can look however you look, whatever you want, you can sound however you want right I mean like you can have your own personality and you should, and that's what really is going to probably ultimately give you an edge, but there's, there's, there is templates or trends in the case of TikTok there is trends that are working. And I think that like somebody just pointed out, Aryana said top sounds can boost your popularity and can be located in tick tock. on the Discover section in the sound section, right. So, how, how are you, because I think a lot of people are also David, and what's better than one David, two David’s like I think also a lot of people I know I would. I was brand new, dude. Like, I'm going to the for you page on the scroll when I'm going. What's a trend, like how long do I have to, like, you know, I'm looking I'm trying not to get sucked into content, how do you operate in terms of identifying these trends or identifying what type of content you're going to create that day, without, you know, sort of getting lost in in scrolling endlessly. And also, at what point when finding something do you say okay now it's time to stop researching, there's a difference between consuming and researching. At what point do you stop researching and say okay now it's time to go execute and create?

David: Alright so first thing you have to do is have a plan, right, you need to have a plan just say for your business, you need a tic tac plan so how many times are you posting what structure those posts are going to be so are they going to be doing. Are they going to be original types of content, are they going to be something you really just transformed into your own way, or something you like, or you got motivation from maybe another creator who you're in the same category as. So what you do instead of, because a lot of, I get what you're saying a lot of people can go and consume and even forget about researching so when it comes. Yeah, so when it comes to researching that you can go into discover they have two sides there's a Discover tab where you can search in, you can definitely see trends you can see trending music you can see content that has been created, or you can go on before you page and see trends that are coming over and over again. Or you can simply even search a top hashtag in your category and see what

Dave: Okay, here, pink, David, we were down to one David bro I was, I was thinking, David down, we got one David. Alright so I lost you at like, You know, I lost you at. Anyways, you're like, you know you can go to top categories.

David:  You can top hashtags like I kind of lost you right there.  So after going into the hashtag, finding the types of content what to put out there. Now, all you have to do is really scroll through and you can leave a comment to another account you have or like a comment, like a video. And after you find the videos you want to recreate the videos you want with you just simply now you know what you have to do so you can just go and execute, or you can simply keep consuming I suggest you go and execute but yeah so that's basically what I do I just find content I want to recreate that I go and execute and then after I have that secure, I can go to other stuff, knowing I have a plan, my plan is set, this is when I'm posting this is what I'm doing. And can you just even save it in the Favorites tab. And yeah, that's basically how it works, secure, after I've secured the bag I move on with my life for that. 

David: Yes. 

Dave: So, so, wow. So, I mean, like what I find interesting about like a platform like all the platforms right now, is that when it comes to content creation, marketing, like, there really is kind of a formula, you know, if you kind of pay attention and you know what to look for, you know, you have to, I think I always talk about the mechanics and the dynamics everybody puts so much emphasis on the mechanics but the dynamics are in the mechanics are like okay I found something now I'm gonna execute I'm gonna shoot it I'm gonna post it knowing what buttons to push. But the dynamics are really how you move, right, it's like, at what point do you cut off the research and pull the trigger on execution? It's Like building your plan, the mindset that you have about the perfectionism, you know, it's all these pieces about willing to take a risk willing to you know put yourself out there, and, and kind of, you know, not care that oh this piece of content that I'm kind of modeling, or re-creating in my own kind of way. The other one is better than mine. Oh, a lot of people say, well, what's the point right I mean, if this piece of content is better than mine, who's gonna care about mine right? That's a, that's a limiting belief you know that's a mindset issue that we end up being our own worst enemy, you know. And so, what sort of mindset, dynamic issues have you encountered within yourself? So what sort of mindset hurdles David, have you had to overcome that have you identified within yourself in your business, that that, that, that, you know you've had to kind of maybe you're even still dealing with, I don't know but what are some of those things that we don't see when we're watching you move within your business from a distance or watching your market, what are some of the things that have gone on with your go on with you, that you battle, and you persevere through, could you talk to us about some of those hurdles lagging a little bit over here. 

Dave: Yeah lagging, I got you. Yeah, so what it is, lag and I think there's something going on on your side. I don't know if you've got a lot of slow WiFi connection or something like that but you seem to be kind of in and out, I don't know, we'll try. We'll try one more time. What are some of the big mindset things that you've had to overcome is the question. 

David: Yes. So the number one thing I had to overcome was communication of thinking that I can't do what somebody else has done, or reach specific levels that are were beyond my expectations, right, so a lot of people have certain expectations but the reality of the situation is all you have to do is do what works, and like I said, yesterday you do require like, What is more, if you put yourself in the best position in those things, those blessings, they're going to come to you to put yourself in the best position. So the mindset, just keep creating, and I realized along the journey, especially as a goal. Some days, especially when you're starting, you may feel like it's not worth it, you might feel like you came off like a monster, you just realized it's all worth it. And so that's, that's the, that's what I do and haven't been doing to keep really persevering, like I say to keep putting in effort to keep going to need a big reason why, and you don't have to take everything so personally, don't have to see stuff ago this not going to be for me it's not going to be for this, just keep going and realize you really have all the control in the scenario. 

Dave: Well, you will actually say that before. Your Why wasn't that your why wasn't big enough when you had the first agency business that we were talking about a moment ago. It's why we evolve. Why is it and how is it bigger now than it was before what's changed? 

David: So, as a beginner when, especially when you're younger, was like a lot of beginners computers making a lot of money just like a lot of money, although that is part of my why now I realize it's bigger than that right freedom is more, more important, so when you look around the world, you realize you don't really have a privilege of just sit in, they don't realize you don't have, because they're just ignoring that, you know, a job is not really secure. The future is not that secure so if you realize that your family, you care about the future and what comes ahead of everything else, You can't afford not to put in work you can't afford not to give you all you got right sometimes the parents wonder why I spent some, some times, because my parents. My parents right now but sometimes even siblings and even people around me wonder why I give it a lot of time. I'm always working to get new ways to do different things, creating content, and unless you really have a big reason or you realize how the future may look for what's, what's coming next. You don't really see through the same lens that I'm seeing stuff. And so, once you have a big enough why in, you know what you can have, I don't know why. Sit and choose the ultimate opposite. So, yes, that's really what comes ahead of everything else because motivation sometimes can be overrated, right, so you're not always going to feel like you want to do something great, now it's going to feel like you're out for the test, but the reason, the reason why we want to be the next 10 years 20 years 30 years. When I see myself on an island somewhere in I see how I just I just feel happy as it is already imagine what it's going to feel like I can't afford to sit there and ignore my artists to go succeed I can I can afford to sit there and not try to give you all I got at least even if I don't achieve anything. Once I do get to those years I can No I give all the handbrake, the worst thing you can do for yourself, is go on to your 60, 80 and realize you could have had three could have been happier could have really missed out you missed out on a big opportunity to really have a better life. And it was in the year now living in regret for life, but if you give all the hat, even if you didn't achieve so and so, however many things you wanted to achieve, you have no regrets, and you're gonna live a happier life. At the end of the day.

Dave: Really inspiring. David, I really appreciate your insight I appreciate the fact that you, you did you know you did this work and so thrilled that we could be a part of your journey bro and, and, in give you some of our experience and wisdom but I always tell people, I mean, I don't, I don't want to take credit for people's success it's like, you know, the hardest part is executing, you know, the hardest part is putting the stuff to work you did that, and now you're really bringing a lot of experience and wisdom to share with people I just want to really validate you for that, I mean you're you're a young guy but you're really, you know what you have to say is, is really, it's really spot on man, and you've got a really, really solid outlook for not only to influence other young people, but also for anybody any age, you know what I mean so I want to just tell you that, to hopefully boost your confidence and, and, you know I don't blow smoke up people's ass if I don't think what you're saying is useful. I'll tell you hey maybe you want to think about this or work on that but I really think that your head is in the right place brother and I'm really proud that you're part of our community and I can't wait to hopefully have you back in a few months and continue to learn from you and kind of grow together man so keep up the great work, brother. stay safe. Be Legendary David, and I'll talk to you soon my friend. 

David: Okay. All right, thank you.

Dave: Alright guys, there it is man, go follow that dude he's, he's, he's really on to something there, And, and I love the, the, the, the realistic approach to things, I mean, it's, it, there is an element of luck but you got to be in the right place at the right time you got to be taken action you got to be putting yourself out there, and, and, you know, when you do that preparation meets opportunity. And, you know you'll be amazed, you know you'll be amazed if each one of you guys just commit to the next 12 months, just just just putting yourself out there as many times as you can. I think you'll find that, whether you want to call it luck or whatever you will experience, way more success than you imagine. You will shortchange yourself, and that's exactly what I can tell you if I would have looked back when I was six months into my affiliate marketing journey like David is and I would have said hey this is what what I can do in the next 10 years, and I would have way shortchanged myself so all of you, no matter how old you are. Okay, no matter how old you are. I don't care if you're 19, or if you're 60 or 70. You will shortchange yourself if you try to look, and guess what you can do in the next 10 years, you will short change yourself. So maybe you say what it's like to be a millionaire. You will shortchange yourself. You could be a multi, multi, multi millionaire. I'm not saying it's guaranteed. I'm not I'm not making income claims I'm just saying that you can shortchange yourself, you will shortchange yourself. Just make sure you don't step over dollars to pick up dimes, right, and what do I mean by that. Start and Stop start and stop. Right. A lot of times we start something, and it takes time to let that thing, build and grow a lot of times we get shiny objects that oh let me go grab this done, let me go grab this dime. Right. So all I'm doing I'm stepping over dollars to pick up dimes, that was a lesson that I learned early on in my career, the one thing that I've done, is stick with what I'm doing and see it through. And if you ask anybody What's the thing what's one of the things that Dave's done to be consistent. It's kind of like what David gathered David said, patience, perseverance, I like that. I'll see you guys back here tomorrow for another episode. Be Legendary. Peace.

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