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8 Affiliate Programs for Beauty and Wellness Enthusiasts

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The beauty industry has undergone major transformations in recent years. From clean products to complicated skincare routines, influencers taking over. Beauty and wellness are at the forefront of many people's minds.

Skincare and beauty enthusiasts know how expensive this passion can be. And more people every year are trying to find ways to turn their passionate hobby into a side job or a career.

It may seem like an unimaginable leap, but it's possible to make money from your love of beauty and wellness. One of the best ways to get started is with an affiliate program.

Here is what to know about affiliate programs you can join as a beauty and wellness enthusiast.

Why You Should Join an Affiliate Program

You may wonder how influencers make money on their social media platforms. One of those ways is through affiliate programs. With affiliate programs, you can make commissions when people buy products through links.

The beauty and wellness industry is always growing with new products and new brands. There are great programs to join to get started with affiliate marketing. In recent years, more men have gained an interest in beauty and skincare.

With this rise in interest and new brands entering the market, it's no wonder the industry is worth nearly $50 billion. So this is a great opportunity for beauty and wellness enthusiasts to promote products on their social media and website.

And the best part is that you don't have to be a top influencer to join these affiliate programs. Not sure how to affiliate marketing, it doesn't take much to learn. Online courses can help give you a comprehensive education in online marketing.

The Top Beauty and Wellness Affiliate Programs

The beauty industry is a large spectrum. From inexpensive drugstore brands to luxury and high-end products, there is a place in the industry for every consumer. And there are affiliate programs for beauty and wellness brands across the spectrum.

Here are the top affiliate programs in the beauty and wellness industries you should join today.

1. Afterglow Cosmetics

World-famous brand Afterglow Cosmetics is renowned for its gluten-free products. All of their cosmetics are made from organic minerals and include essential antioxidants. This brand prides itself on being better at creating more natural skin.

This is a great company to be an affiliate with because organic products are always a hit on the beauty market. Afterglow Cosmetics uses ShareASale to manage its affiliate program.

Enroll by signing up through ShareASale. After getting approved, you can apply directly for the Afterglow affiliate program. From there, you can promote the products and earn profits from sales.

2. Lululemon

As one of the most notable clothing brands for workout and yoga apparel, Lululemon has carved its name into the cornerstone of the wellness market. Their high-quality leggings are a cult favorite and often what other brands are compared to.

So getting into the Lululemon affiliate program would be a great move for those looking to get into online marketing. By promoting their line of sports bras, t-shirts, and yoga accessories, you can make a 7% commission on all sales.

3. MAC

One of the most recognizable beauty brands in the whole world is MAC cosmetics. They're known for amazing makeup products, but especially for their famous shade of red lipstick, Ruby Woo.

Customers can earn a commission through the MAC website with the affiliate program. With this program, affiliates promote various products on their websites. The MAC affiliate program also offers discounts and free shipping as bonuses to the commission.

For lovers of makeup, the MAC affiliate program is one of the best for beauty affiliate marketing.

4. American Council on Exercise

The exercise and workout market are a huge part of the wellness industry. It's constantly on the rise as people try to lead healthier lives and stick to workout regimens. So utilizing an affiliate program within this thriving industry is a good move.

The American Council on Exercise is highly respected as a training organization. They are globally recognized for fitness qualifications, which hold a lot of value within the fitness community.

Through their affiliate program, you can earn an 8% commission. You can sell their personal training certifications, specialist programs, and health coaching courses.

5. Makeup Geek

Makeup Geek is a brand that's quickly been on the rise in recent years. The website helps to teach makeup skills through uploaded videos. But the brand is also loved for offering professional quality and cruelty-free makeup.

Users start by filling out a form to register as a loyal affiliate. But the user cannot make false advertisements about their website, or else they may be rejected from the affiliate program.

6. Lorna Jane

Beginning in Australia, this brand now boasts over 200 stores worldwide. They're known for high-performance activewear, specifically for the gym, yoga, and travel.

The athletic apparel industry is always booming, so joining the Lorna Jane affiliate program is a good move. You can earn a 5% commission on all product sales. They also have an ambassador program that offers exclusive rewards.

7. Black Opal Beauty

Boasting beauty products for women of color, black opal beauty is a great brand to promote. This brand has made a name for itself for creating products that are good for all skin types and shades.

Black Opal Beauty offers competitive commission rates compared to other beauty brands. They offer various discounts as well as affiliate promotion codes for those approved for the affiliate program.

8. Meredith Health and Fitness Magazines

As the publisher of wellness magazines Fitness, Shape, Health, and Eating Well, this brand has the written fitness market cornered. With a huge audience and booming business, but that's not the only reason to jump on their affiliate marking program.

Meredith Health & Fitness Magazines offers a 45% commission on all sales of subscriptions. With a 45-day cookie window; there's an incredible opportunity to make money from this affiliate program.

A cookie window is the amount of time a cookie remains in a user's browser and how long the browser can use the cookie information. A longer cookie window means users can leave a window up in their browser and you can still receive a commission.

Benefit From Your Love of Beauty and Wellness

The beauty industry is constantly growing, and that's why you should jump into it yourself. You don't have to be a large influencer with millions of followers to get started making money from beauty sales.

Joining an affiliate program will allow you to share products you love with friends and family and even a few followers. And by sharing products you can make a commission. Find your place in the beauty industry by joining an affiliate program.

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Becoming an Affiliate Marketer: A Step by Step Guide

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In 2022, the affiliate marketing industry is on track to be worth more than $8 billion! If you're looking to make passive income online, become an affiliate marketer. This is a simple way to share the brands you love with your own community and make a percentage each time they purchase.

Learn all about affiliate marketing programs and affiliate marketing jobs right here.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

In affiliate marketing, the marketer themselves earns a commission from promoting another company. Whether that's good like an athleisure brand's new leggings or a service like an online yoga subscription, affiliate marketers can earn supplemental or entire income just from sharing brands they love.

Affiliate Marketing Definition: Promoting a brand's products or services on your own social media or internet presence in exchange for a percentage of the sales you drive.

How To Become an Affiliate Marketer

To become an affiliate marketer, you'll need to do a few things before you even start looking for affiliate marketing jobs. Use this step by step guide to starting your affiliate marketing journey.

Choose Your Niche

Before you even consider your choice of platform, it's important to have an idea of your niche. The aesthetic for your brand and platform will follow.

Start with what you already know. What are some products you love and use religiously? Are there any services or subscriptions you really believe in? Make a list and draw comparisons between your interests and these goods or services.

Be sure your niche is something that you enjoy talking about each day. Here are a few examples of successful niche ideas.

  • Hobby Niches: Photography, Reading, Travel, Sports, Art, Beer, Coffee
  • Business Niches: Money, Investing, Budgeting, Bitcoin, Home Ownership, Marketing
  • Health and Wellness Niches: Fitness, Healthy Eating, Veganism, Yoga, Nutrition
  • Lifestyle: Self-branded (Moving on from another niche or expanding niches)

A lifestyle niche may evolve after you've decided on the main niche like fashion. Those followers trust you and may start looking for your opinion on other things, too, like home decor, skincare, or anything!

Build Your Platform and Gain Followers

Social media is the best way to start with affiliate marketing. These platforms allow users to be creative and have access to the most crucial part of affiliate marketing: an engaged audience.

Starting with Instagram is a great way to see how well your brand takes to the masses. To gain organic followers, you'll need to use keywords and hashtags that your target audience is following.

For example, if you're interested in building a following that loves to travel, each time you post using #travel #traveling #traveljunkie, or similar hashtags.

You can discover which hashtags are the most popular by digging into analytics and using the platform yourself. Instagram will promote your content on other people's feeds according to an algorithm, and part of that is engaging with other people's content by liking, commenting, and sharing.

Use this guide to learn more about keywords and search engine optimization for Instagram.

If you're more into longer-form videos, YouTube might be a good next step, and it is possible to make millions from the platform. Lastly, you'll eventually want a blog or website to aggregate blog posts and affiliate links. While this can be done through links in your Instagram or YouTube bios, having a landing page for people to engage with your content is crucial.

Create Content and Start Marketing

Now that you've gained some followers and posted some content, it's time to start the money-making part! Start writing reviews for the products you love and share them via a linked blog on Instagram.

A great example of this is taking a product you love, like a skincare product, posting a beautiful photo of it on social media with a description, and how it's changed your life.

Tag the company in the photo, and be sure to add the new post to your stories too. Often, brands have employees scanning Instagram and other platforms daily for mentions. If they reply to your story, ask about getting an affiliate link!

In other cases, you can visit your favorite brands' sites and see if they already have a link made for people interested in sharing. Although affiliate marketing is relatively new, many companies have embraced this and word it as “share with a friend!” or “share and save!”.

If the benefit is a discount on your next purchase instead of a commission, definitely reach out to the company and see if there's an opportunity for a partnership.

Know The Regulations

Before you get started, it's important that you do everything ethically and in line with the law. The Federal Trade Commission has laws to protect American consumers, and therefore, there is a certain language you have to use as an affiliate marketer in your posts.

You can't be deceptive in your marketing, and you should always be transparent with your followers by saying you may earn a commission from their purchases. Using #ad is a common courtesy now on Instagram posts too, but make sure all your language is compliant.

Plus, you should always read the lengthy agreements for becoming an affiliate for a new brand. They will likely have guidelines on what your content should look like and the timeline in which your followers need to purchase in order for you to make a commission.

The fine print is worth reading here!

Ditching 9-5

Congratulations on becoming an affiliate marketer! Now that you work for yourself, how does it feel? Being an entrepreneur and making your own way in the world by sharing the things you love is a great way to earn cash.

If you're feeling a little lost on how to get started or simply need some guidance, check out our array of products to help build your business. Our Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint is an affordable guide that will help grow your work opportunities and make you a truly successful affiliate marketer!

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Why Affiliate Marketing is for Everyone

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Did you know that the global market for digital advertising and marketing is at $322.5 billion?

When you want a great way of earning money online, affiliate marketing is a viable choice. It allows you to spread the word about your business and the products and services you offer. With the right strategy, it can help you drive more sales.

Not familiar with affiliate marketing? Don't worry; we got you!

With this guide, you’ll learn about affiliate marketing for beginners. This will make it easier for you to earn more. Read on and find out more:

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

This allows an online retailer to pay for an external website a commission. They can do this whenever they gain traffic or sales from their referrals. Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular money-making methods online.

The right strategy allows you to generate more leads and convert to sales. The best part is that it becomes a way of gaining passive income.

This strategy partners you with any of the 24 million eCommerce websites in the world. You can earn commissions by referring your website visitors to your partner’s products or services.

This is the simplest explanation of affiliate marketing. However, becoming successful as an affiliate marketer requires more training. We're more than willing to help you here at Legendary Marketer, it's our goal to help educate you on the highly competitive world of online marketing, after all.

If you’re using a blog, you become a selected company’s affiliate through their affiliate network. In some cases, the business will make you into their affiliate.

You can make money by putting a link, button, or banner within your blog post. This leads your visitors to your affiliate business.

Affiliate Marketing Tips

Now you know how this marketing method works, you can now establish your strategies. This ensures that you can build traffic to your affiliate within the first few months. You can also read our guide to ensure your affiliate marketing success.

Here are some tips you can use:

1. Make Great Content

If you put in your time, effort, and dedication to the project, you’ll make something amazing. The good news is that you need not reinvent the wheel to become successful. It’s because you need only ensure that your posts are engaging.

We stress to our students the importance of engagement in content creation. Without engaging content, your affiliate marketing campaigns will go slow.

Engaging your audience will encourage them to read more. This drives them to learn more about your product or service and turn them into referrals.

2. Use Effective SEO Methods

Like any blog post, you must use good SEO techniques to drive traffic from search engines. This will help you get a constant stream of high-quality traffic. If you want a natural way to rank for more keywords, you can use the skyscraping technique.

Skyscraping is when you look for the best content for specific keywords. Once you determine this, you can now make your version by making it better than the original. You can do this by expanding on these topics while covering anything missed out by other posts.

Before long, you become the ultimate source for that particular topic. This allows you to generate more links to your content. That’s what makes it a popular method if you want to build organic website traffic.

3. Use Paid Traffic

A lot of affiliate marketers use platforms like Facebook, Google AdWords. These platforms and other ad networks allow marketers to gain traffic faster. It may not be as beneficial as using social media networks and search engine platforms.

After all, this requires an initial investment that might not be an option for some people.

When using a paid traffic method, be careful when promoting your affiliate links. On social networks, most won’t entertain the fact that you’re publishing direct links to your offers.

That’s why you must send the traffic you gain from this method to your website’s landing page. This allows visitors to discover your affiliate links on their own.

One of our students, Aaron Szczokewycz, even generated leads without an ad budget on Facebook since he joined Legendary. As those converted to sales, he's made quite the profit with our help.

4. Make an Email List

By building a list of email subscribers, you’re investing in a guaranteed method of getting income. Always focus on good email marketing since it’s the key to your success.

Do this by investing in ideas like making giveaways for free e-books. You may also offer other things that persuade people to sign up, like coupons and discount codes. A customer who trusts a brand is more motivated to buy from your list of suggestions.

Achieving this means you’ll start earning money from the steady stream of affiliate sales. As soon as you invest in email marketing, you gain an edge over other affiliate marketers.

5. Upsell

This is a sales technique that aims to encourage people to buy something more expensive. You can do this by persuading them to get an item’s upgraded version or buy the add-ons. If you want to get commissions from a food processor, you can upsell a recipe book that the same company sells.

Upselling is your secret weapon as an affiliate marketer. If you use this well, you’ll end up getting more affiliate sales per visitor. This increases their value, especially if they follow your suggestions.

6. Promote Products You’ll Buy

If you aren’t interested in an expensive mountain bike, you’re unlikely to feature it on your blog. It’s because you’ll have a hard time persuading anyone to buy it. It’s especially when it’s a product you won’t spend a single penny on, now and in the future.

It’s always better to be passionate about the product you’re trying to get commissions from. This will make it more authentic to your readers, making it engaging. With that, it’s easier to persuade them to buy.

Start Becoming an Affiliate Today!

These are some of the things you can do to succeed in affiliate marketing. Use these tips if you want to make this your full-time investment.

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What to Look for When Choosing an Affiliate Marketing Program

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Growth of the affiliate marketing program is currently at around 27 percent per year globally, according to Social Media Today, with countries like the United States and the United Kingdom leading the way.

In dollars, it's an industry sitting at around $12 billion. However, as we often tell our students at Legendary Marketer, money should not be the primary driver for you becoming an affiliate. Your motivation should fall to what you believe in, find useful, or makes you happy.

In the following article, we'll share the 10 key performance indicators you should watch for in any affiliate marketing program. Let's begin!

1. What the Program Pays You For

Generally, there are two ways you could be earning money whenever you act as an affiliate. No matter the product or service, it boils down to this: sale or lead. Some programs also offer a hybrid model that will pay you for both.

In our opinion, the best affiliate marketing programs give you more ways to earn, but you can achieve success through either method. Of course, the sales-only approach will pay you just for conversion (i.e., when there's an actual transfer of money from the consumer).

Earning for the leads you bring in doesn't come with as much pressure but typically doesn't deliver as big of a payout. We challenge our students to get clarity on their strengths, weaknesses, and preferences before beginning.

2. How Payouts Are Distributed

As you weigh the question of what is the best affiliate marketing program, cash flow should be of key importance. That means considering how payouts will be distributed before planning to spend your time and energy promoting a product.

Some questions we recommend asking yourself: how often do checks go out? Will you earn an ongoing commission or a one-time payout? Get the answers to questions like these on the front end so you can build a viable strategy.

3. Number and Type of Products

Many affiliate marketing programs for beginners will keep it simple: one product, one revenue source. Ideally, you will get into a flow where these types of programs will appear as limiting to you as they are.

The only way to advance as a professional affiliate marketer, and the Legendary Marketer way, is to find ways to maximize the revenue of the people you bring into the fold. It's simple, really.

Earn more off each individual, and you don't have to work as hard on advertising, marketing, and content creation to drive traffic (though make no mistake, those things remain very important).

4. How Retargeting Works

As you compare affiliate marketing programs, be laser-focused in your questions. One of the “inside baseball” questions we challenge our students to ask is about retargeting.

Retargeting is a form of marketing where the site places a “cookie” on its website that will then track that user to other sites across the web offering additional marketing for a set period of time. It's a viable way to increase conversion rates, but it also comes across as a little creepy to the consumer, so expect changes in the year ahead with how search engines treat this practice.

We're encouraging our students to keep an eye on this as it develops. You'll want to know how much life and distance your affiliate link will have in it.

5. Ease of Promotion

Legitimate affiliate marketing programs give you the tools you need to succeed. They don't just turn you loose into a no man's land.

Investigate the materials these programs will provide you for connecting your traffic to their product or service. Look for materials that are inoffensive, attention-grabbing, and easy to incorporate into the flow of your website.

6. Refund Policies

Many affiliate programs will have refund policies to go along with their products. Particularly with informational products, we've found, a generous policy is a great way of converting a lead to a sale. See, consumers usually live with the cost of their buying decisions even when not completely satisfied.

Knowing they can get their money back if something isn't to their liking is enough assurance to go through with the sale. They just don't always follow through on that power.

As an affiliate marketer, your concern should be what happens if they do? Check the program's policy ahead of time to see whether you lose money on the refund (likely, you will). Also, ask the program to provide data on how often refunds are requested.

At Legendary Marketer, refunds are rare so providing that data to our affiliates isn't a problem. Some programs aren't quite as trustworthy, however, so protect yourselves.

7. Where You Are in the Funnel

Most programs consist of sales funnels. At the top of the funnel, you have the tire-kickers who are weighing their interest. In the middle, there are interested leads who want to know more.

In the narrow part of the funnel, you have customers who are ready to pay or need support after their purchase. Learn where you are in the funnel as an affiliate. Furthermore, learn if there are opportunities for you to earn throughout.

Hybrid opportunities might pay you one rate for bringing in tire-kickers, another for hot leads, and still another for sales conversions. As an affiliate, it's important to have that awareness before you begin.

8. How Many Referrals End Up Making a Purchase

Another key performance indicator to watch out for is the referral to buyer ratio. In other words, how many people usually visit a website or show interest versus how many open their wallets?

Knowing this number will give you concrete data on what it will take to make a viable income off the affiliate marketing program itself. If there are multiple potential revenue streams, don't forget to get the ratio for each.

9. What Your Costs Will Be

Affiliate marketers generally will have to pour money into their efforts if they want to see the needle move. It takes money to start, build, and manage a website that does a lot of traffic.

Those costs come in the form of domain purchases, hosting fees, content creation, and promotion. How much will you need to spend to get the types of numbers necessary for turning the affiliate marketing program profitable?

10. Where You Can Do Business

Finally, what are the rules of the road? Where can you post links? Which products are restricted by region?

The last thing you want to do is place all your eggs in a basket that is illegal in the countries you wish to promote. On the same note, you don't want to pour money into a marketing strategy that is off-limits on the social network where you plan on doing most of your promotion.

Figure out the where's and how's of doing business. Then, build your action plan around what works and what is accepted.

Choosing the Right Affiliate Marketing Program Is Your Most Important Decision

We hope this will help you choose an affiliate marketing program that's right for you. After all, it really is your most important decision.

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