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How To Start A Traffic Generating Blog without Writing A Single Word

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Spencer Mecham is a Legendary Marketer client who’s blog is one of his main income streams. He typically uploads a blog post on just about the daily basis but doesn't have to sit down and write each and every article on his blog. This is because he outsources his content from professional writers.

Spencer’s Tik Tok, Facebook group, Youtube and blog all bring in an equal amount of income, around 20-30% each.  In the start up of his blog, he was the one writing every article. In order to free up time so that he could operate multiple income streams, he knew he needed to outsource his writing content. One of the three people on his team who lives in the Philippines does just that.


That person will outsource content from writers by doing keyword research. Then she gives the keywords to the writers that she hires, along with other writing instructions. These instructions include where to place images, internal linkings, and blogging structure and outline. Then Spencer reads and approves the article. 

Spencer finds that if there’s no images in his blog posts it’s not as interesting to read. His blog manager also adds images to each article in addition to outsourcing the content. The writers that are outsourced just write, his blog manager takes care of all the rest. 


Spencer sometimes turns his Youtube videos into blog posts as well. This is especially done with videos talking about specific keywords that rank well in both the Youtube and Google search engines. 

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How I Grew To 200,000 Subscribers! Step-By-Step Youtube Growth Plan

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Ryan Hildreth is a client who started off working a 9-5 straight out of college. He stumbled across affiliate marketing and found it to be the best business model for himself. He started his Youtube channel in 2017 and now has over 240,000 subscribers on Youtube and over 250,000 subscribers on Tik Tok. 


When Ryan first started out he was finding videos on Youtube to replicate and turn into his own words. Over time it became difficult to find new videos to replicate. He wasn’t getting much done trying to come up with ideas every day. He was missing one key factor- structure.

Creating Structure And A Schedule In Your Process To Become Successful

Ryan began putting out two to three videos a week. When you’re just starting out, he recommends you make two to three videos a week so you don’t overwhelm yourself. In order to do this he had to create a weekly schedule for himself and begin planning out his videos one step at a time. 


He says that getting ahead is important in case there is an emergency or something comes up that you need to spend time on. That way you have videos done that you are able to post while not working.  


Ryan’s process starts on a Monday. The first thing he does is grab a notepad and a whiteboard. You can also use Google spreadsheet to organize and list your topic ideas. He lists ideas he wants to do videos on. He also plans out topics he wants to expand on and trending topics to make videos on.


Monday is his administrative day, which means no filming or content creation is done. Instead, he uses Monday solely for a planning day for idea generation. He plans out ten video ideas. He scours Youtube and finds trending videos in his niche. 


Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday are the days Ryan creates, films, and edits videos. He creates three videos and edits them, and then uploads them each of the three days. He typically spends three days a week on Youtube related work and the remaining two days on his email marketing.

Ryan’s Youtube channel


Outsourcing Thumbnails From Affordable Creators To Deliver High Quality Images That Stand Out


Ryan outsources his video’s thumbnails. He does this through FIverr, where he finds a nice inexpensive thumbnail creator. He sends the person creating his thumbnails thumbnails for other videos that he likes. Then he asks them to be made to look similar.


 He typically keeps his thumbnails 3-5 words if he can. Videos that only have a few words in the thumbnail tend to perform better. He gives the creator the title of the video and then they create his thumbnail for him.


Finding Inspiration From Other Content Creators In Your Niche


In order to find videos to gain inspiration from, Ryan types in ‘make money online’ into Youtube and makes videos around the topics that come up. He isn’t looking for a particular time stamp on the videos. Videos can still be popular and relevant years after they are uploaded. Youtube will push the top trending videos for the keywords ‘make money online’ towards you. If a video is uploaded less than a month ago that means that it's performing really well and Youtube is pushing that towards you. 


Ryan doesn’t use any Youtube video filters when finding videos to get inspiration from. He leaves on ‘sort by relevance’ to ensure that he’s getting the most relevant videos to his topic. A video has to be at least eight to ten minutes long to add revenue to it. However, don’t create a video that is too long. 


Youtube tracks how long a video is being watched for. If it is not being watched all the way through or too many people are clicking out of it in the first few minutes, it may not rank well. Ryan waits for a video to hit a home run. If one video starts to take off and gets over 20,000 views he will create another one like that. 


Ryan stays within the broad niche of how to make money online. He says that if you just do ‘make money with Facebook’ videos for seven days straight the topic may not still be trending. However, if you did ‘how to make money online’ videos, one of those may take off. You have to have a broad topic to create from.


Get the idea?…


There’s probably not going to be a lot of videos you come up with that are original ideas. But that’s okay. Finding inspiration from videos is a great way to take parts of other videos you watch and expand on them. Getting information from other content creators and videos is a form of inspiration. Don’t get discouraged if you can’t come up with an entirely original idea for a video.

Using Free Easy To Use Software To Create A High Quality Video 


Ryan uses the free software that came with his Macbook when creating and editing his videos. He uses the screen recording feature on Quicktime Player  when filming. He does this by going to ‘file’ on Quicktime Player and then clicks ‘new screen recording’. Quicktime Player is free and easy to use because it saves right to his desktop. This makes videos easier to find. 

He also films himself as he’s screen recording with his Cannon T6i camera. He likes to have high quality video of himself. He combines the two in iMovie, another free app for Macbook. iMovie is an easy app for Ryan to use as well. “It’s all about what you’re comfortable with,” Ryan said. Showing a video of himself makes it more personal.


Another easy to use tool is Loom because you can record yourself and screen record at the same time. Loom is free to use for videos up to five minutes. Ryan says that over time it’s better to show your face. Showing your face links your viewers to your humanity. When Ryan films and messes up he keeps going. He takes out the parts he messes up on when editing. Each of his videos take about 20 minutes to edit.

Consistency Is The Key For Successful Results 


Ryan schedules his videos to post at the same time every day at 8am. He posts at the same days and times every week because having consistency in your business is good. You will see results from videos you upload three to four months down the road, but with that consistency you will begin to grow.


Showing Humanity And Building Relationships With Your Email Lists 


When Ryan adds someone to his email list, he likes to follow up with them for thirty days straight. The first two emails are conversational pieces. He likes to have a conversation with people who join his email list to get to know them and build connections. The third email he sends is typically when he pitches to them. 


He doesn't send people on his email list his youtube videos. He doesn't want them to affect his watch times. This is only because he has so many subscribers and gets several thousand views on his videos within the first few hours. If you are just starting out, you should be emailing your Youtube videos to your email list. 


Using Tik Tok To Generate Youtube Subscribers


When Ryan first created his Tik Tok, it took a while at first to build up followers. When he started, he started from scratch. He didn’t tell anyone about his Tik Tok and wanted to see how big he could grow it to challenge himself.

He posted at least twice a day and did mostly ‘make money online’ related posts. His posts were mostly previews of his Youtube videos. He put only his Youtube channel link in his Tik Tok profile. He wanted people to click on his Youtube channel from his Tik Tok videos to use it as a lead generation to his Youtube videos.


Ryan hit a record month in commissions the second month he was creating Tik tok videos. He was growing 1,000 to 2,000 subscribers each day on Youtube that were coming from Tik Tok. 


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A Guide to Using SEO for Social Media

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Are you looking to get more followers on your social media profiles?

For the longest time, people debate whether social media helps with SEO or not. While the truth in that matter is still up for debate, there’s strong evidence suggesting SEO doesn’t increase through posts from social media or the like.

However, that doesn’t mean SEO doesn’t help you gain followers in social media.

SEO does wonders in making your page visible enough to help you gain a lot of followers online. It can also help you top social media search engines with the help of social SEO. This is different from normal SEO, so knowing all you can about it can give you an advantage over your competition on social media. Here at Legendary Marketer we often use Social Media SEO with our Facebook content.

Read what we have below to understand the relationship between social media and SEO. Use this to know what SEO can do for your social media profiles.

Social SEO is Similar to Traditional SEO in Certain Ways

Before learning about how SEO can help with your social media profile, understanding how social search optimization works should be among your first priorities. The reason for this is it allows you to do better in optimizing your social media content to rank higher.

A good way to understand social search optimization is to think of social media platforms like search engines in and of themselves. They have a ranking system as well as different factors affecting the SEO of a social media post. The way social search optimization is different though is it puts a higher priority on actions on a social media post.

Actions are the activity a post gets like shares, reactions, and comments. The more actions your post gets in a short span of time, the higher your SEO will be on social media. While creating content, you should ensure it gets a lot of views on YouTube, likes on Facebook, retweets on Twitter, and reactions on Instagram.

To help you get all those, here’s a list of the things you can do to improve your social media SEO.

1. Know How to Attract Your Intended Social Media Audience

As you create a social media profile, it’s imperative you first do some research on a few things. The most important bit to research though is your audience. Understanding your audience is the key to having a successful social media profile.

This is important because small factors like your demographic’s age and gender can play a big role in social media. If your intended audience are millennials, for example, they may respond better to your content if it has some humor mixed in and a touch of cynicism as well.

This is only one example of how you can mold your content to fit your audience. Also, while researching, you should pay attention to trends your audience leans towards. You can leverage these to catch their eye later on.

2. Make Correct Use of Keywords

Keywords are the essence of anything SEO related. This also holds true when it comes to the SEO of social media platforms.

There are 2 different kinds of keywords which you can choose to use in your content. Using any of the 2 will help people find your page faster and even help you appear on the front page of Google and the like.

Long Tail Keywords

This type of keywords is for a more specific audience. Often composed of four words or more, these keywords don’t bring much traffic to your content or page. This is due to the fact the words need to be specific to make them work like regular keywords.

Because they’re less likely to succeed, they’re not as contested as shorter keywords. This makes it easier for you to get a hold of a good keyword without worrying about contesting. Don't worry about the conditions you need to meet to make them work, these keywords can still be effective.

The best way to make long tail keywords work is to target a niche audience. While they’re fewer than a general audience, niches ensure you get priority on traffic should they search your long tail keyword. If you do this well, you should notice a great surge of traffic going to your content and social media page.

Short Tail Keywords

Opposite to long tail keywords, these keywords often have 2-3 words between them. These are also direct opposites to long tail keywords as they’re more useful for a general audience. Because they’re shorter, it’s easier for them to pick up a high search frequency from people on the internet.

This quality also makes them more contested than compared to a long tail keyword. Getting a hold of a short tail keyword can ensure a great rise in traffic from all audiences to your page though.

It also ensures a higher search frequency on traditional search engines. This is because they promote traditional SEO due to being a common word or phrase. Again, this will help other people coming from websites outside social media to find you.

Once you have your keyword ready for use, what you should do now is blend it in your content in a natural way. Grammar should take priority too as engines now check the usage of the keyword before ranking it.

Also, take care not to stuff your content with keywords. This is among the most common SEO mistakes people commit when creating content. Search engines will think bots made the content and mark it as spam, ensuring people don’t find your content.

3. Create Social Media Content on a Regular Basis

Creating and putting out content on a regular basis makes sure you make your mark on social media. It also helps social search engines to recognize you as an active page. Being active is something search engine bots love as they’re always on the lookout for dead pages.

The more activity your page has, the higher search engine bots will rank you. The ranking score you get from this is small, but doing so helps you build a social reputation.

As you begin as a page on social media, you can’t expect people to trust you at once. You need to earn their trust and posting content is a way to do that. Doing so also makes you look like a professional in your topic’s field.

Even when you’ve gathered a large audience, you shouldn’t stop posting content on the regular. If you must, reposting old content is a viable option. Doing this makes ensures your audience and search engine bots that you’re still an active page.

4. Ensure Your Social Media Content is Up to SEO Standards

While you’re grinding out the content, there are a few things to consider for matters of SEO. For example, you should consider your content’s grammar and composition. The quality of your content, if written, is often checked by the bots mentioned above.

Spelling or grammatical errors can drop your score by a significant amount. For video posts, what you should consider is the title, thumbnail, and length of it.

The title should contain your main keyword for marketing. Doing this makes it easier for your target audience to find on SEO and social media engines. The thumbnail should be appealing enough to catch the eye of anyone scrolling past most posts.

Your video’s length is also important as many people tend to skip longer videos. Keep it short and don’t drag your content out. Retention is important in video posts, so go straight to the point of why you’re making the video.

When it comes to images, there’s not much to discuss other than making it SEO compatible. To do this, you should compress it to SEO specifications. You can even have it licensed as an SEO image for others to use as well.

5. Learn the Basics of Link Building

Link building is one of the best ways you can promote your social media content with SEO. Mastering this means you can set up SEO for your page and content that can outlast any of the other current search engine optimization techniques.

The basics you should know about for link building are relevance and authority. Relevance pertains to how much your link relates to both your content and your audience. Having an irrelevant link may lessen your authority on your topic to your audience.

You should always make sure your links have a good connection to your topic and audience. To do this, you need to look beyond the title of a post and read the meat that’s its content. Titles are often misleading in that they sometimes don’t relate to the content.

In regards to the authority of links, there’s a certain way that works. As you know, we all start at the bottom at the beginning. You shouldn’t expect your links to hold much authority at all at first.

That can change over time though by using the other links with high authority on your content. Doing so increases your authority as well as increasing theirs. This makes this method a great way to build partnerships with other pages, too.

Know What SEO Can Do for Your Social Media Today

Social media is a big part of today’s world. Take full advantage of social media by increasing your social SEO score today! With it, you can create a successful social media page and skyrocket your social media career.

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