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Darren Youd is a client who works as a full time floorlayer in Manchester, England with a side business as an affiliate marketer. We recently interviewed him on our daily show Wake Up Legendary about his affiliate marketing strategies to hear how he uses his Facebook to make value based posts to bring him in business. 

Darren has been in the affiliate marketing business for nearly 2 years. He stumbled into affiliate marketing when he wanted to delve into online marketing strategies, and it stood out to him the most. He wanted one on one culture with people after spending 12 years in the fitness industry. Darren said affiliate marketing stood out to him and he’s found a liking for it because “you don’t have to create products, you basically just go out there and promote another person’s products.”

He was attracted to legendary from his inspiration with (my) David Sharpe’s story, and from there he became an affiliate marketer for Legendary.

Darren had always had a knack for helping people, but going through the Legendary Marketer 15 Day Challenge and then enrolling into the Business Blueprints took that desire to a whole new level for him. He feels that one of the most important chapters in the course is the coaching and consulting module.  “I couldn't even put a price on it, it’s that valuable to me. I feel that everyone who goes through Legendary Marketer, whether you want to be a coach or not, should go through that module, because what you can actually learn from that, from a dynamic and a mechanical part from (David) , it will steer you to achieve the things that you want in life,” Darren said. 

A good piece of advice he gave is how the dynamics of a business are much more important than just the mechanics of it. If someone is not the biggest fan of reading or if they’re working a full time job that just sticking an audio on of a training course and listening to it repeatedly will help them soak in the information until it’s glued to their brain. “This will play a vital and important role in your journey in moving forward because without it you might as well not have the business,” Darren said. 

Becoming an affiliate marketer can be hard, especially with a family or a full time job. For Darren, the big picture is what gets him to keep going. “You’ve got to think to yourself and have that vision. What will my life be like in the next few years? Even if it took 6 years will it be worth it to have such an amazing life? Just keep going, and put as much effort as you possibly could each and every single day of your work,” Darren tells us. He says that everyone needs to have an action plan in order to move forward because businesses need structure. Don’t focus on too many things at once because splitting energy between too many things results in not getting much done. Incrementing progress one step at a time will lead to seeing some amazing results in online business. He says to start creating, and producing and to stop consuming.“You can keep listening to reading books but if you’re not actually doing anything with the information, you’re not actually digesting and you’re not doing anything with it. it’s all about implementation,” Darren said.

Darren was doing organic Facebook marketing before he found Legendary. His advice to anyone starting with Facebook is to build more relationships with people doing the same thing and gain attraction. Gaining attraction is important but don’t spend too much time worrying about how many likes and comments a Facebook page is getting because that’s wasting time engaging. Creating new relationships with people and building a brand is where he focuses his energy more. Darren is branching out to Youtube as well to continue to grow his affiliate marketing business. “I’ve got nearly 109 subscribers, I do 3 videos a week, I want to try and up that soon. That's a long term thing,” Darren tells us. 

He says to start picking a platform, he suggests Facebook, and follow people in the same niche. “Just bounce off of people and create an amazing business bubble,” Darren said “Once you’ve done this and start creating a pretty decent engagement you can start prospecting as well.” He says that Facebook is a great platform to use to get feedback and comments from others. This will help to build instant credibility on Facebook to create sales using messenger. If it’s treated right, the traffic will come in faster than Youtube. 

Darren says he treats his Facebook like a mini blog. He posts value based posts and gets instant feedback. He humanizes himself with a photo of him at the top of his posts and because of the value in his posts he gains instant authority. He also looks at his Facebook like an email. “Each post is an email, all you’re missing is a click here link, but you don’t need that because of the comments. You’ve gained that attraction, they’re gonna end up following you and joining your facebook group anyway,” Darren said. He uses everything he can to build his community and connect with his followers. 

He says not to get too wrapped up in posting creative motivational quotes. Those do get engagement but don’t bring in potential buyers. “It’s about sharing as much value as you possibly can,” Darren said. In the future, he wants to start ramping things up. His plan is to get his own hosting website, start patenting a Youtube channel and a Facebook page, and using his Facebook and Google traffic for his affiliate marketing business.

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