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How An 81 Year Old Man Went Viral On Tik Tok And Created Affiliate Income

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Don Halloran is an 81 year old man who grew a Tik Tok profile of over 82,000 subscribers and over 1 million likes on his videos. Don has been active on Tik Tok since April 2020. When he first started out he made a commitment to himself that he was going to try Tik Tok for five days. Soon five days turned to eight months, and now he uploads a video to Tik Tok just about every day. What is Don’s secret? Showing up as his best, most authentic self.


Using Humor To Take Off With Tik Tok And Build An Audience


At first, Don had about 10 followers. One day after many months of not having a haircut due to the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, he was able to get one from his barbershop. He was so excited that he made a Tik Tok video where he said “I got a haircut!”. The genuine smile on his face and his excitement caught the attention and the hearts of many people, and his video went viral on Tik Tok. 

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Don refers to himself as the ‘virtual grandpa’ on his Tik Tok channel. His followers enjoy seeing his content and always leave kind messages in the comments to him. His joyous energy and excitement has brought a bright light to their lives during the dark times of the pandemic. He enjoys being the virtual grandpa for his followers and giving them a reason to smile.


Turning A Life Struggle Into A Life Message To Connect With Your Audience


Don’s Tik Tok videos are a mix of affiliate marketing and his vocal improvement. He went through the majority of his life without speaking at a high volume, and feeling like he had no voice. He has been using Tik Tok to help overcome that obstacle that he had faced throughout his life. 


He always knew he had a quiet voice, and he wanted to begin using Tik Tok to improve it. “When I got on Tik Tok I said ‘I’m gonna use this to improve my voice and I’m gonna do it’,” Don said. He decided that even though he didn’t know much about Tik Tok, he would commit to using it and putting himself in front of the camera. He found that after a month of using Tik Tok his voice was getting louder, and he was amazed. 


Don felt like it was a rebirth of himself. He began using his Tik Tok to make sure his voice was heard. He wanted to inspire other people, especially young people who might be having the same vocal problem he had all of his life. Don felt like his story really connected with young people who had been having a similar experience in their lives of not being heard. “If you tell a story about something, I don’t care how bad you think you’ve got something, you’re gonna get some followers,” Don said, “There’s millions of people on Tik Tok and it just blew my mind.”

                         Don’s Tik Tok: @Donhalloran


 He didn’t want anyone else to have to go through what he went through with never being able to use his voice to really speak up. “I can finally help some people so they don’t have to go through what I did for 81 years,” Don said. 


Don’s story inspires others to not only love the parts of themselves that they may not have loved their whole lives, but to improve those parts so that they love them even more. Feeling good about yourself helps bring you the most success. The more confident people feel about themselves, the more they can focus on the tasks in front of them rather than focusing on their discomfort with themselves. That’s the message Don puts out to his followers. 


Finding The Motivator To Keep Making Content And Keep Showing Up


Don’s biggest motivator is his newfound followers. “I can’t fail my followers,” Don said. Without his followers, his videos would have never gone viral, so he has a lot of gratitude for them. He feels like most people aren’t self motivated, and feels as though he is one of those people. Every once and awhile, he needs someone to give him that push to succeed. His thousands of followers on Tik Tok are the push he needs for success.


Don felt like nobody had ever really told him that he was inspiring in his lifetime. He has recently been going live on Tik Tok. During a livestream someone commented that Don was inspiring, and it almost brought him to tears. “I’m 81 years old and nobody has ever told me that I’m inspiring,” Don said. Now every day on Tik Tok, his comments are full of his followers telling him just how inspirational he is. That’s what keeps him coming back every day and making videos. “That just cemented the deal, I’m going to go for this one way or another,” Don said. 


The biggest success driver is being accountable to your audience. Everyone starts with one follower. If you only have ten, five, or even just that one person following you and viewing your content, it’s most important to hold yourself accountable to making content for them. Don wants to continue giving value to his audience and helping them along whatever journey they may be going through. 


Don uses affiliate marketing to share courses and education to others. He wants to share the education of creating a business online to help encourage his followers. He wants his followers to be able to have multiple streams of income that are both recession proof and pandemic proof. Not only that, but to begin creating that income much earlier than he did. 

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