Standing out on Facebook can be tricky. With over 60 MILLION active business Pages, Facebook is an endless sea of content. Out of all of that content, how can you make someone engage with YOURS?

If you're marketing your business on Facebook, engagement is everything. You have to keep your audience liking, commenting, and sharing. You need your posts to reach as many users as possible. The higher the engagement rate, the higher your reach, which means more eyes viewing your content.

Here are my top ten simple tricks you can start using right away to increase your audience's engagement with your content.

Check them out, and let me know some of your tips in the comments below.

  1. ENGAGE!

Let's start with the most obvious one – engage back! Your audience will be more likely to comment on your post if they see that you are replying to other comments. Keep the conversation going.

Look at other companies to see how they are engaging with their audiences. Starbucks is a great example. Take a look at how they reply to some of the comments on one of their posts:

You should also be engaging with other brands and Pages similar to yours. Chances are, their audience will be interested in your content, too! You can use this to get your name out there. Share or comment on their posts, reply to their audiences' comments, get out there and start making connections.


  1. Check Your Insights

Facebook Insights gives you a look at how your page is performing. You can view when your audience is online (which is the best time for you to post)…

You can also which types of posts get the most reach or engagement on your page.

You can see Facebook's suggestions for Pages to Watch, which compares your page to other pages similar to yours. Super useful for finding other pages to engage with, like I mentioned above.

Adjust how you post based on what your Insights tell you. The best time to post is when your audience is online. If your Photo posts get more engagement then your Links and Videos, then post more photos. Just remember to be consistent! CONSISTENCY IS KEY.


  1. Invite Engaged Users

You probably already know that you can invite people to like your page, but did you know you can specifically invite users who have already engaged with your posts?

It's a simple trick I've seen used a lot. Just look for one of your recent posts with the most engagement.

Here's where it gets cool:

You can click on the reactions area to view every user who has engaged with that post.

See that little “Invite” button there on the right? That means this person is not a fan of your page – yet. Just click that button and invite any users who don't currently like your page.

Chances are, if they've engaged with your content previously, they would be interested in seeing more. Why not invite them to like your page, so they see when you post something new?

If you want to take it a step further, you could always reach out and invite them with a message. It adds a nice personal touch to your invitation.

You don't need to wax poetic about why you think they'll love your page – just send them a simple message saying you noticed they like your content, and invite them to like your page. It's easy and effective in establishing a connection with your audience.


  1. Include CTAs in Every Post

Your fans are more likely to engage with your post if you include a Call-To-Action at the end. There are the more obvious Calls-to-Action, like asking them to click, like, comment and share the post with their friends.

You can also get creative by asking open-ended questions. Ask your audience to fill in the blank. Ask if they prefer this or that. Ask what they would do in a particular situation. Make them think.

Add a Call-To-Action to every post you make, even if it's just asking for a like. Your fans will be more likely to engage with something that asks for a response.

Here are some basic examples you can throw at the end of almost any post to drum up engagement:

  • “Like if you agree!”
  • “Let me know your thoughts in the comments.”
  • “Share this with someone who needs to see it.”
  • “Don't forget to like and comment!”
  • “Tag a friend in the comments.”
  • “What do YOU think?”


  1. Images are Everything

Research shows that Facebook posts with images see more than twice the engagement that links and text posts do. Keep your audience interested in your content by being dynamic with what you post.

Share images from other pages or create your own branded content. While it's true that memes and motivational quotes tend to get more engagement, don't be afraid to throw some personal photos in there once in a while. Your audience will feel more of a connection with you if you do.


  1. Stay Away From Confusing Jargon

Imagine listening to a lecture about quantum mechanics without knowing anything about the subject. You'd be confused, right? Maybe you'd feel a bit alienated.

That's what happens when you overuse jargon in your content.

While it's true that some of your audience might understand the more technical terms used in your niche, you can't always assume the reader knows what you're talking about. They might not know the terminology. Keep your language simple and easy to understand – your fans will appreciate it.


  1. Make Your Audience Feel Valued

If your audience feels appreciated, they'll keep coming back for more. A popular method for garnering tons of engagement is offering a contest or giveaway. Who doesn't love free stuff?

One common method is to host a giveaway of one of your products (it doesn't have to be your product, but it doesn't hurt!). Have your audience share the post or tag someone in the comments to enter the giveaway. The more it gets shared or tagged, the more people it will reach. The more people it reaches, the more people will enter by sharing it with their friends. It's a great way to get your content spread around.

Take a look at this Facebook Giveaway example from 1-800-Flowers. It’s a great example of using engagement as the entry criteria for a giveaway.


  1. Go Live with Facebook Video

Give your audience a behind-the-curtain look at your brand by doing Facebook Live videos. You don't need to worry about fancy video production here – be authentic and keep it unscripted. Keep it fun. Give your audience insight into the human element behind the scenes.

Facebook Lives get a ton of engagement from fans, so if you want to boost those numbers, try doing a quick live video while your audience is online (remember – check those Insights). Try doing one or two short live videos every day to get a feel for what works best for your page.


  1. Keep Delivering That Value

One thing your audience will appreciate more than anything is  VALUE. Providing value in your content is one of the best things you can do for your brand. If you provide value in your posts, whether by sharing something new, teaching them something, or giving them something they can use people will flock to you.

Now, for me, I like to do this with things like short videos or text posts where I break things down and teach my audience something. I'm a marketer, so I'm always giving my audience marketing tips and advice. Figure out what kind of value your audience is looking for you to provide, then make sure you deliver!

The important thing to remember is: you need to keep delivering that value consistently, or it won't matter.


  1. Use Trending Topics, Articles, and Hashtags

Trending Topics are “Trending” for a reason: they're hot. People click on them. And the truth is, they get more engagement than most other things out there. If there's a trending topic in your niche, make a post about it!

Find a popular article or video and share it on your page – add your own commentary, too. Your audience wants to know YOUR thoughts, so don't be afraid to let them know how you feel.

You can also try creating your own original content around that topic. Write out your thoughts in a text post. Set up a poll. Shoot a quick rant video.

Make sure you find out which hashtags are popular in your niche and add them to your posts. Don't go overboard with those hashtags though – posts with fewer hashtags get the most engagement.

So there you have it: my top ten simple tricks to increase your engagement on Facebook. If you can successfully start using these tricks, you'll begin to see those engagement rates go up tremendously. So try some of them out, and let me know how they worked for you.

Do you have any tricks to get more engagement that I didn't cover here? Let me know in the comments.


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