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Jason Foster is a Legendary Marketer client who lives in Falmouth, Jamaica with his wife and children. Jason originally was working on a cruise ship on an H2B visa and was fired from his job in 2014. It was at that moment that he realized he didn’t want to be treated like that anymore. He wanted to be his own boss, instead of working for someone else, and he turned to online marketing. 

Jason began his online marketing career by purchasing things from Amazon and selling them on EBay, but when this didn’t bring him in enough money and opportunity, he decided to turn it up a notch and dove into affiliate marketing. For him, this was the best business model he could find. He liked that he was able to promote a product he didn’t create and that they were good quality products.

He learned how to write copy and became ranked in Google. He began to make a full time income as an affiliate marketer and in 2019, he found Legendary Marketer, and this changed his life. The training he viewed was eye opening for him. He followed exactly what the training showed, and found that for him, it was the simplest business model he’d ever seen.

Jason started his Youtube channel in March, and began making about 5 videos each week. Jason was using Youtube to create value based videos and reviews because so many people come to Youtube looking for reviews each day. He says not every video is perfect, and even he sometimes still makes mistakes. Even when I make mistakes I still do the video. I'm just delivering some value,” Jason said. He uses Zoom to record his videos so that the viewer can see both his face, and his computer screen. His video footage is raw and unedited, making his videos the most authentic that he can create. 

Jason’s Youtube channel @iriejason1

One thing he says is very important is authenticity. Make sure you’re authentic, you have to be genuine as well because some people are out  there trying to be someone else,” Jason said, “People want to see real stuff from real people.” He says that by being genuine and authentic you will find people who resonate with you. 

When it comes to the landing page of his website, he looks at what’s working for other people and then modifies it to fit his style. He says that a landing page doesn’t need to be fancy. He puts a picture of himself so that people can see that it’s a real person operating the site and then he creates a headline for the page that says ‘work from home’, and then frames the affiliate offer he is going to be promoting. 

One of the most important things to remember about a landing page is that less is more. Tell your viewer exactly what you would like them to do. If there is a video for them to watch, make sure you put ‘watch this video’ on your page. The landing page design should be simple, because most designs can be distracting. The words are what matter on your page along with clear copy.

Jason’s landing page, showing that it is very simple with a very un-cluttered design.

When making the video on your landing page, make sure you tell the viewer what is going to be on the next page of your site. When you’re honest about where your site is taking them next it will build trust and reassure your viewer of your honesty. Being genuine and authentic is key because of the amount of scams out on the internet, people may automatically assume you are trying to scam them if you aren’t honest and direct. 

This is a screenshot of Jason’s bridge video where he is clearly stating that he wants someone to watch the video in his thumbnail.

When making his videos, Jason uses Canva for his thumbnail images. He says that you have to put out content and get it out to people in order to see what’s working for you. Monitor your content and see what is performing well from what you create. “When you’re doing organic you have to put out the content, that’s the key thing,” Jason said. Regardless of the platform you’re working off of, whether it be Facebook, Youtube, or Tiktok to name a few, be consistent. Create content that people will still be searching for in the next few years. Jason still has content that he created in 2017 that people are still viewing and purchasing from his affiliate links. 


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