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Learn what tips this affiliate marketer from Finland used to grow his Youtube channel of 36,000 subscribers.

Roope Kiuttu is a client from Finland who currently lives in Costa Rica. In 2015 he started learning little by little about affiliate marketing and by 2017 he became really serious about it. He didn’t want to work the 9-5 job anymore, he wanted more out of life. He found Legendary Marketer through another client who was getting good results and felt he should give it a try.

In the beginning he was super skeptical, as there are so many different scams on the internet, but soon he found that there was nothing to be skeptical about. “I was positively surprised by everything,” Roope said. He loves the Legendary community and how there are people from all over the world who are active in it and support each other. 

Roope has been doing blogging and email marketing but really found that he has both the ability to work and also have fun with Youtube. He enjoys the audience and connections he has built with his viewers. He posted his first video 4 years ago and after a few videos, he gave up and felt he wasn't getting the results he wanted. He picked up Youtube and blogging again in 2017 and has become more serious about his Youtube channel during the 2020 pandemic. 

Roope listened to advice from other Youtubers and realized that he needed to get into the mind of the viewer. He started to focus more on being interested and less on being interesting. “You should always create the content for the people who are watching the videos, not for yourself,” Roope said. 

He wanted to show people what he had learned through Legendary Marketer and myself (David Sharpe) specifically and made a Youtube video titled David Sharpe Review: 5 Lessons I Learned from Legendary Marketer ($250,000,000 Earned Online!). We recently asked Roope to join us on our morning show Wake Up Legendary to talk about his video and the things he learned. 

[Image description] A screenshot of Roope’s youtube channel Learn To Make Honest money online from Roope’s interview on Wake Up Legendary

Tell Stories

The first thing Roope learned is to tell stories. At first, Roope thought he wasn’t a good story teller. He realized that he could learn to become a good story teller. A story connects to people on a more personal level and gives them something to resonate with. When teaching a lesson it may help to absorb the information if they have something to remember it by. “Maybe some people get it, maybe some people don’t but if you tell your story then it somehow hits better,” Roope said.

Roope always tries to add a little bit of his life story here and there in his videos. He wants anyone viewing it who may be going through something similar to be able to relate to it and realize that they can make a better life for themselves. He also feels it will help make the point he is trying to make more memorable for them.

Never quit on yourself

The second lesson he learned is to never quit on yourself. “Instead of what is the most you can achieve, it’s how far can you go?” Roope said. Most people give up within their first 5 years. If you don’t give up you can go far and be successful. Roope plans to stick with affiliate marketing for at least a decade. 

Just doing it is 99% of your success

The third lesson Roope learned is that just doing it is 99% of your success. If you keep testing new things you will find something that works for you. Everything is in the mind when it comes to obstacles and your worst critic is yourself. “Ee always need to eventually take some action,” Roope said. There’s so much training out there but eventually you have to take action and apply what you’re learning from your training to your business. 

When you have an idea, just do it. That’s how you’re going to find out if it works for you. Follow through with what you know you need to do. Instead of just thinking you need to get something done, actually take action and do it. Don’t let the fear of making mistakes hold you back from getting things done. Mistakes happen and if they’re made, they’re just something to learn from. 

Make your message simple

Roope said that the fourth lesson he’s learned is to make his message simple. Instead of always trying to add more, focus on the most important things. If it’s simple, it can’t confuse anyone. “The confused customer doesn’t buy anything,” Roope said. Focus on simple messages. Clear communication is key. If it is simple, it is more understandable and anyone can understand it. 

Honesty and integrity is more important than short term profits

Roope said that the fifth lesson he’s learned is that his honesty is more important than his profits. There’s so many companies promoting scams and making claims that aren’t true. When a customer invests in something that tells them one thing, like that they can make a hundred dollars from clicking a link and it doesn't work, they aren’t going to trust that site anymore. “It really kills everything if one is not honest because it builds for the long term,” Roope said. You don’t want to be known as someone who isn’t honest to your customers and viewers.

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