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The Journey To Getting 9,000 Subscribers Per Month On Youtube

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Spencer Mecham is a Legendary Marketer client who started out his Youtube channel adding about 1,500 new subscribers every month. Within 3 months he began getting 9,000 per month. We recently interviewed him on our morning show, Wake Up Legendary, to find out how his subscriber count skyrocketed. 

Outsource Your Content For Better Quality And Results

Spencer operates multiple streams of income at once, but one of his biggest income streams is his Youtube channel. He has 2 people he’s employed to help manage his multiple streams of income. Two of them are full time and one is part time. He finds that outsourcing his content this way helps him to maintain his income sources and stay organized. 

His editor is typically the one who writes his video scripts. He was hired on as an editor but has begun adding more tasks to his job, such as putting together thumbnails for videos as well as writing video scripts. All Spencer has to do is sit down, film his video, upload it to his computer, and move along to the next task. 

Spencer uses a full scripted procedure to better cater to Youtube’s algorithm. One big thing he focuses on in his video is quality. He wants the viewer to stay watching for as long as possible, and a lot of that has to do with the quality of the video they are watching. This doesn't just have to do with aesthetics of the video, but also the value, which is why he likes to fully script his videos ahead of time. 

Spencer’s Youtube channel @buildapreneur

Taking A Unique Approach To Your Videos

In the beginning of Spencer’s Youtube career he was trying to be tricky and do ranking tricks to get his videos to rank in Youtube’s algorithm. He found that wasn’t working for him and realized that if he made content people were actually watching, he would rank higher in Youtube’s algorithm. 

Spencer decided to take a unique approach to his videos and create a curiosity factor to keep people looking at the screen. Spencer says that as long as you keep that curiosity factor going in your Youtube video and pack in as much value as possible, your video will rank higher. 

When outsourcing someone to help edit your videos, the best way to start is by watching a lot of videos you really like and identifying what you like about them. Once you do that you can hire on an editor and present that list to them. Give them five examples of videos that you like with specifics from the videos and let them know that’s what you want done in your videos. 

The cheapest editing price he’s been able to find for good quality is about a hundred dollars for fifteen minutes of video editing. However, there are sites like Fiverr where you can outsource video editing amongst other things for cheap, though the editing quality may vary on those types of websites. 

If you enjoyed learning about how Spencer  jumped from a few subscribers a month to 9,000 consider watching this free video. You’ll also learn techniques and strategies Spencer uses to gain high ticket commissions and supercharge his  earnings. 

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