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Grant Poulson is a client who became a full-time affiliate marketer in just 3 months after going through our training. We recently interviewed him on our morning show Wake Up Legendary to hear how he’s getting loads of free traffic from Facebook using a unique free marketing strategy: value posts.  

[Image description] From his Facebook profile, Grant reading a book on money.

Grant was looking for something different out of boredom in his last semester of his senior year of college and after a week of searching, he found it. He watched a training video from me  and was inspired by my (David Sharpe) story. “I resonated with your message more than I’ve resonated with anything in my entire life,” Grant said. He was originally looking to cure his boredom and make some money, but that turned into a drive for success because he saw the type of life he wanted to create for himself. 

Grant opted into the 15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge and later also enrolled into  Legendary’s flagship advanced training “The Business Blueprints and from there he learned more knowledge on building his affiliate marketing business than he thought he would ever have. Grant got into every grad school he applied to, but declined every one of them because he had found his career and passion in affiliate marketing. He now has a Facebook page with over 3,700 friends and is building a business for himself using Free Facebook strategies. This is how he does it:

Step 1- Create a Facebook page

Go to Facebook and create an account. Input your name, email address, gender and birthday then hit ‘sign up’. Go to your email and confirm your account.


[Image description] This is the Facebook sign up page where you will make an account

Add yourself to Facebook groups. There are tons and tons of affiliate marketing groups on Facebook. Do this by going to the ‘Groups’ icon at the top of your Facebook home page and searching ‘affiliate marketing’. 

[Image description] These are some of the Facebook affiliate marketing groups that come up that you are able to join

Once you’ve been accepted into Facebook groups, you can not only add friends, but you can also create your own posts. Being active in Facebook groups not only gives you the ability to create your own audience, but also gives you the chance to be in front of someone else's audience. There are thousands of people in some of the affiliate marketing groups, and most of those groups are filled with people spamming affiliate links, but most importantly people who want to learn affiliate marketing strategies. Finding your audience is key because these are the people who are going to be interested in what you have to say. People who want to work from home or who don’t like their current situation often go online and find affiliate marketing as a business model to start quickly and easily. But all too often they get stuck and find themselves joining Facebook groups to get help. 

And since so many of these groups are filled with spammers just looking to pitch their business opportunity, if you come into the group and offer real value to these lost newbies you can really cash in.

Step 2- Create a daily process that works for you

Create a daily action plan for yourself. Create a value post every day on your Facebook and in Facebook groups. Make sure that post has a good call to action, and build on it. Make good value based posts teaching a skill or sharing your success. People in affiliate marketing love to see each other succeed. Going live is another way to get in front of the group audience. Offer affiliate marketing strategies or teach a strategy in a live video. Your audience is looking for a solution to their problem. It’s likely that most group members that are part of an online marketing Facebook group don’t have something that is genuinely working for them. Making a post that inspires them with your success and how something is working for you is an opportunity to help others who might not have that success and are looking for it.

[Image description] This is a screenshot from one of Grant’s Facebook posts. He adds emojis to stand out in his posts while offering strategies that will be valuable for others to learn about (ie: “value posts”).

Step 3- Show your humanity

A key step in Grant’s process is showing his humanity. Include photos of yourself, tell your story, add humor, use analogies and call to actions. Create inspirational posts with good value that shows your struggles and how you’ve overcome them. Respond to comments on your Facebook page to not only make it look like you have more comments on posts, but to also show people that you are in fact a real person. Your best target customer when selling a product are the people who have typically already bought a similar product. Showing how the product you are promoting has helped you and how it can help someone else is what is going to show people that you’re a real person with real problems, and that those problems have solutions.

[Image description] This is a photo from Grant’s Facebook page. He includes a photo of himself in his life to his posts to show his humanity. He also includes a call to action at the end of each post offering the ability to help others become successful. 

Step 4- Invite friends to private message you and comment on your posts

A big part of the process for Grant is using the Messenger feature from Facebook. This allows you to private message your Facebook friends and create business relationships with them. Through one on one conversation you can offer your help and show them that you care about them and their success. People are less likely to buy when you’re just trying to sell them something. People buy from people and are more likely to buy from you if they know that your goal is to help them succeed, not just to sell them a product and move on. Once you make a good value based post in a Facebook group, you will typically find yourself with multiple Facebook friend requests. When a personal connection is there, the chance for a sale to happen increases dramatically.

Step 5- Turn your content into a service

Turn your Facebook page into a place where people can come to learn business tips, strategies, and lessons. It’s all about learning, even for you, and if you are unsure about what to post, post a photo or something about yourself and create a message out of it. Monitor what is getting the most interaction on your page and from there you can see what is working for you. People want to benefit from the content you are putting out and what you are saying. People are interested in what you say when it can influence them and they can learn from it. 

Step 6- Continue the process

Continue to create Facebook posts and group posts to help others learn affiliate marketing strategies, lessons, and show them that you’re a real person. Once you’ve brought them to your page, you can leave an affiliate link at the end of each post with a call to action. Once people know you and know that you’re there to help them and watch them succeed, your commissions and sales will begin coming in for you to collect because customers will want to buy the product you are promoting. 

If you would like to learn strategies to apply to your business just like the one Grant applies into his business in affiliate marketing, including how to make multiple high-ticket affiliate commissions each month marketing valuable products people already want to buy, watch our brand new free webclass while access is still free.

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