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Matt: What's up everybody, Happy Monday. It's April 4, and we are live. It is another edition of Wake Up Legendary. If you don't know me my name is Matt and pumped that you're here if you're live with us, our guests for watching this replay. You can leave us a little comment. Let us know where you're tuning in from. It's always fun to see because people tune in from all over the world, Europe, Africa. Just kind of all over the place and it's kind of fun to see where people are from. We are live and we go live every single Monday through Friday. At 10am. Eastern. We've been doing this show for quite a few years now. And we bring on people who have maybe gone through our training or have experienced some sort of success online or maybe unlocked a secret that we haven't yet heard of or something like that and mostly it's to give a little bit of inspiration from the day you wake up. Alright, sometimes I like to wake up on a bad day. I'll pull open my phone, and I'll open the news and I'm reminded that it's a terrible idea to open any sort of news app or something because the very first thing you're inundated with is just a bunch of shit. It's just terrible. It's like it's nothing but negativity. It's all the worst that's happened in the world. So we decided to do this show. As a way to start off the day and really have a piece of every single day. Be an inspirational piece of like, hey, I can do this, Hey, somebody else is doing this. I can do it. So today we've got another awesome guest lined up and every single day we bring in somebody new, somebody fresh, and with a story with a journey with, you know, a business that's making them money. And we want to share that with you guys. So today we're going to bring on and if you all can give me a little hand clap emoji in the chat. That would be awesome to welcome our guests. Julie. What's up? Hi. Hey, welcome in. Where are you? Where are you calling in from?

Julie: So I am in Baltimore, Maryland. 

Matt: Cool. You're in Baltimore. Tell us a little bit about you and your journey to starting online. Like how did you find legendary and what got you looking for a way to make money with digital marketing.

Julie: I guess a few years from 2018. My father passed away in May of 2018. And then I quit my job and I knew that other people could make money online. And so I was doing my journey that way and so I did drop shipping in Amazon or whatever and then that didn't work out. You know you just do one thing after another trying to figure out what your thing is. So then I discovered this last year when I was watching some YouTube channels. And I was actually very skeptical because I had so many problems with the other you know, the other ones and failures and so I just thought of this is going to be another scam or whatever that I'm not going to be good at. So um, it took me a while actually to do this because for one you know, I don't like being actually I don't like being on camera. And I don't even like not even Facebook to post stuff. I stopped doing that. And Instagram very little. I put my dogs there because I just don't want to put my personal information. So I think that was the biggest challenge for me like a lot of other people were not putting yourself out there in front of the public. And so I just watched people, month after month, several months and then I decided to just do it because I did a lot of network marketing, and I decided if I spent like 500-1000s of dollars on those programs, why can't I spend $7 for this one. I just did it and then I opened a TikTok account. I didn't know how to use tick tock so I have to say the few months in the beginning were very challenging for me because I am not tech savvy. And you know, I'm not using any social media. So I had to go and learn that. I don't get it. I mean, in the beginning it was awful. And I was so nervous on camera. You can see my face anyway, so it has been challenging but at the same time. Yeah, you go you know, you get over your fears and you know it has been developing me as a person to just say, okay, you know what, forget about it. Just do what you know. And yeah, it's mostly friends and family because you don't want them to find out but it's been good.

Matt: What a journey. It's like, it's so you're at 26,000 followers and, like, real like, whoa, kinda getting set up and getting going was like intense because you're not tech savvy, and you're like, oh my god, what am I doing? My family is going to find out that I'm a tick tock star like, Am I really going to do this? It's just because we like that it is such a common story that I hear, right? It's like such a common thing. And I deal with that too. Like I totally remember that. And I find it actually easier. Like just going about my day and living if I don't have to talk a lot about my work because people are, although right now, it's gotten a lot easier in the last couple of years because everybody kind of expects that somebody is doing some sort of side hustle these days. But back in the day, it was just kind of like man, I don't even know how to explain to you what I do. Like and I used to like to come up with these things like you know on Amazon like, well, I could get like a link and you know, share with people at Amazon. It's like a referral thing and they're like, oh, okay, I kind of get that but that's weird. I know. So you are getting on TikTok you got on six months ago. And you started posting? Was your growth slow? Was it fast? How did that go?

Julie:: I think in the beginning it kind of depends on what you're posting. You know, I'm sure that one typing thing that kind of blew up and I was like what is going on here? Yeah, I helped a little bit and then I did a lot of cut and pasting because I was nervous. And honestly I didn't know what I was doing. You know, you just go and you watch everybody else and you're like, Okay, this seems good. And I would spend hours in the beginning trying to figure out the best, perfect video and you know, a lot of it was just whatever wasted time. Yeah, and some of them it's good, but I mean, like in terms of like me wasting time because I wanted to be such a perfectionist, because my hair has to be perfect, whatever, but it wasn't, you know, but if you watch other people and they don't care. They only have been in there. I think together because I was on camera, this kind of insecurity kind of stuff.

Matt: Well and also it's just kind of like so I feel like in your realm and your world and stuff like I for me at least. You know, for instance that typing job thing. A lot of people have that response, like a lot of people are are like, Oh my gosh, this is just stupid. You know, like, why would I make that? But I think that so for instance, you're in the world of trying to sell products that teach people how to make money online, right? And what people forget, I talk about this all the time. What people forget is that you're so deep down the rabbit hole that you assume everybody has some sort of base layer knowledge, right? But a key ingredient to marketing is you must be able to sort of have people on a track and their minds are basically like a little locomotive and it's just sort of they do the same thing every day, same thing every day. And with something as big and significant as money or making income right that is a key piece of every person's life. They learn to sort of habitual eyes and this is the same is true with weight loss or relationships, things like that. And that style video that I'm talking about for the guests listening or watching that style video basically is like here's three typing jobs that can make you, you know, $1,000 or something. And people are like, dude, are you serious? Like this could never work or whatever, right? And you get a bunch of comments that say that right? My point is not, not necessarily that's the reason you use the hood Not that that's so powerful and goes viral for so many people and gets you a lot of followers is because it sort of tosses you know a big chunk of steel right in the train tracks of their mind. And the specific thing that it does for people is it snaps them out of this reality or just all I can do for income is my nine to five job. And they have this realization of like, whoa, like there's stuff online that people are doing that is making the money, right? So some people who comment like, Oh, that would never work. Sure, fine, whatever. But a majority of people aren't really even digging that deep. They're just having this high level realization of like, oh my god, like there's okay like, Sure, maybe this is just weird and whatever. But, you're telling me there's a way to make some money online? Like that's pretty cool. Like, I've never really thought about it. And that's the words. Those are the words that every good marketer can get someone else to say. Never really thought about it like that. Right? Now the sale is over right. I've never really thought about it like that. Okay, now, there's been a huge paradigm shift and it's just all about creating paradigm shifts. People are too worried and nervous. About what their people are gonna say and that but they also just don't understand that the customer journey starts with a big paradigm shift. And that's why I think you know, the formula on tick tock is so easy because really, you go out and you find other people's paradigm shifts that they've created for people. And you just kind of look at it, investigate and say, Well, what do they do? They're like, I could probably do something similar to this, or, Oh, that's the paradigm shift. So let me make a piece of content that's a little clearer. And you can make a few of those throughout your journey like you did and get to get yourself to 26,000 followers and then sprinkle in a lot more, right because I get great videos that are about you know, remote jobs, for instance, right or leg. Six, yeah, a lot of remote jobs stuff, which I think is cool. But you've also just got stuff about like, just like overview videos and like responses to comments, I think is one of the best things people can do. So I just wanted to say I think your channel looks like your TikTok looks really healthy. You just recently had a video that went to like 500,000 views or something. They're super smart, but I really want people to get it through their head. I mean, whether it's weight loss, whether it's making money online, whether it's dog training, right, like your dog is such a big part of your life. Create a big paradigm shift, even if it seems exaggerated to work, but exaggerating is so huge, and it's the first key piece to marketing. Some people think that's all just clickbait; it's not the exact definition of clickbait. That's wrong , it's a false definition. It's, it's, it's more so paradigm shifting. And in order to get somebody off the tracks or something that they've been doing for. 

20, 30, 40 years and have been trained their whole life. You've got to, you've got to, you've got to bring the heat. You can't just bring them some diluted nonsense that's maybe more realistic, but it's just boring and it's never going to grab their attention. You don't have to, you don't have to lay things out for people from day one. They're just going to be like Dude, it doesn't make sense to me. It doesn't do in the brain what it needs to do to snap them out of it. I don't know. Am I making sense? Sorry?

Julie:  Perfect. Yeah, definitely, most definitely. So what

Matt:  when you create those videos? Are you just kind of going around? Do you do a lot of investigation on other channels? Do you look around and sort of how do you how do you figure out what videos to create and try out

Julie:  something you know not? Well, it depends on the day and what I want. I do try to look at a separate tip from people that I've been following that do that and legendary marketers and you know what they do to succeed and try to, you know, tweak that to kind of I, you know, to my thing, but um, I guess I try to you know look at other people's and see what they do, and try to bring some fresh stuff because some things I think it's kind of stale and old, you know, and they keep using it over and I don't want to use the same thing over and same material.

Matt:  Yeah, so that makes sense. It makes sense but also in what I typically tell people is in those until about, I'd say maybe until about 100,000 or so, really like when you're out 100,000 You can really, really get some traction and I think that a lot of people quit around that time or before that time. Not around that time. Most people don't make it there. But I would. If you're open to just a suggestion. I would, I would. I would push back on that just slightly and just say some of that stuff is over done. I think you're right first of all, but it's overdone for a reason. As long as it's still remotely currently getting views and going viral. It's a proof of concept on the platform and especially a proof of concept with the algorithm. So you know when I'm looking I'll look first for how many views we are getting a lot of views on these videos. And then the second thing that I'll do is look for a house . How recent are those views? Because if they're all hitting like a year ago and they all went viral or whatever, and it's kind of a similar style video. Well, I don't know. I mean, I could try it now. But what I really look for is like, are they getting lots of views currently? Because that's big, you know, that's a big sort of thing, maybe there's algorithm changes here or there. I don't actually think they've been that big with algorithm changes, but they happen. So you see you go out and you look at and sort of do investigative work. We call this you know, like marketing we call this a swipe file. Right. So most good copywriters. If you take a course online about copywriting or something, they'll have something called a swipe file, which is a big catalog of all their best articles, headlines, everything. And the way they instruct that is they basically say hey, look, here's, you know, for the last, let's say 10 years I've accumulated this big swipe file, and it should serve for you as inspiration not as a copycat but as inspiration. So that when you sit down to write a copy, you can take a look at this and get ideas and get sort of oh, that's, I can do that. And I think people here's what I think happens. Let me just spell this out as clear as I can. I think what happens is a lot of times when we start something new, we are prone to imposter syndrome. So not only is it in the online space that we feel that way, but just starting anything new, especially like business he would tend to feel and I see this every single day people feel this imposter syndrome, but it helps when you realize that skilled people very skilled and the highest paid skill people have humongous swipe files of ads and headlines and all kinds of stuff. So when you go a lot of times, in fact, there's a lot of offers that compete against us that use very similar or the same headlines as us, or very, very close. Why do they do that? Because somewhere in our swipe in their swipe file, they've got a little screen grab of our sales page and they're like well down as you guys have been doing this same headline for five years, there must be something to this right. And they piece together different things throughout it and it's like sure it's a different offer but they've used things and most people as they're sitting watching a sales video or something don't realize that but it's happening all over the place. And I think that it's part of growing your skill set. And if you do it with the intention of hey, someday I'm going to have 500,000 followers and at that 500,000 follower Mark, I'll have it all figured out to some degree and I'll make all maybe organic, just fresh, creative content. Because I will have created so much by that point and use so much inspiration that now I'm sort of in this place where I understand it better. And that's where people go from, you know, let's say Julie: park at 26,000 followers to like Calvin Hill at 1.3 million followers, right. So you used a lot of that inspiration to get himself to 200-300,000 followers and then he was like, damn, I got this figured out I can I can figure this out. Now I'm going to launch my own short video style. That's just me. And it took off anyway. Does that make sense?

Julie:  Oh, yeah. Perfect sense. Yeah, I guess I need to get to a point where I'm a little more at that threshold, where you're like, Okay, you know, like, I got this and I'm just gonna get it out. Yeah, but it's so much easier because they're on the camera all the time. And it's not, you know, some people are more private. They don't want to have everything on social media where people all over the world watch you, you know, it's different. Yeah, it's good. And bad at the same time because you don't know half the other people are more than happy that other people have other side worlds.

Matt:  Yeah, makes sense. I understand that very, very well. Yeah. And also, yeah, I feel like you know, no Matt:er where, or what stage of followers or whatever, like, I also feel like people just, you know, need permission to just be okay with where they're at in that journey. You know, Calvin, for instance, had years of content production and music production experience before he got on TikTok. So it was like, Dude, I have all the cameras I have all the lighting like I could set up from day one and just go you know, most people are like, Dude, I got an iPhone for sure I could shoot video on this thing. Yeah. Right. Right. That's me. Like that's super relatable, you know, like, I think I think a lot that's a majority of people. To hear that is refreshing, right? Sometimes, if we brought on Calvin Hill every single day here and just be like, dude, like, you're playing a different world than all of us. Others you know, normal humans. You're an alien. Right? It's amazing. It's important to hear what you just said there.

Julie:  I think it's like, I wanted to go online but I get so nervous even though doing this thing is a little unnerving. But yeah, because you're putting yourself out there and then you have to answer questions. I was so nervous. I just was like, Okay, I gotta go by. Like, that's it. I can't do this. You know, I have to get the courage to, you know, get warmed up on that.

Matt: Sure, but all the comments coming in are like, I can totally relate to this. And I think it's very true. But you know, the other thing that's really cool though, is you know, going live you'll sell more than you've ever sold. In your history as affiliate marketer especially if you get comfortable with it, but I just wanted to like whatever you are. It won't Matter to me. But I just want to say that basically, I just get the vibe I get from you that like you're kind of not a bullshitter and like, you're a pretty straight shooter and I just think that a lot of times online, people really appreciate that. Like people really appreciate sort of going online like like scrolling through and just getting somebody who's just like refreshingly honest, and it's just sort of like, hey, this person feels like somebody I would go out and get beers with like, this seems like a normal person, because you go on some of these lives on tick tock, and there's some crazy people out there like, there's some wild stuff going down, you know, and it's just like, Man, how on earth like, What is this place? And so, you know, I feel like number one I haven't got really, I know that you're talking about this nervous vibe or this kind of like anxious vibe, but I don't think I've got that and I would guess if we pull it the comments like I don't really think people are feeling that from you. Like, I don't know if that's created in your head or whatever. I don't feel that at all. I just wanted to say that like, I just feel like it feels pretty now. I don't know, like weirdly natural at least from what I'm experiencing.

Julie: Well, that's good. But yeah,

Matt: Yeah, I'm not making it up. Like I don't know. I wouldn't tell everybody that but yeah, I would say, you know, we were watching going live is one of the best ways to sort of take for instance, you got 26,000 followers, and some of those people just followed you on a whim because you made this one video about being a millionaire and you got 500,000 views. That's the reality, right? When they're scrolling through, and they're like, hey, this person made this one video. I've never seen that weird, millionaire video. That's kind of funny. And now she's online, like the degree to which you know, let's say 15,000 of those 26,000 followers are totally cold. Like they only watched that one video and they hit follow, right? For whatever reason. Maybe it was by accident. Maybe it is. Maybe they were just like this is cool, whatever. But those people are sitting in this cold category. And, over time, they're going to warm up but you've got to, you got to do certain things to warm that audience up. And when you start to do that, you'll find that your conversion rate, your click through rate, and then your conversion rates start to skyrocket. And it really takes this sort of L you know, this hockey stick curve kind of growth, because you're sitting on all these followers and suddenly now you're putting the work into really massage them and respond to comments, but also go live and sort of do some email marketing and now they're seeing you all over the place. And now you go from maybe a 1% click rate to like five to 10 and then you go from like a one to 2% conversion to like a three to 5% conversion. And suddenly those numbers start to really compound on each other. So anyway, I just wanted to encourage you with that because, you know, a lot of times, people don't realize the goldmine they're sitting on for instance, this guy Joshua just went platinum with us this last year. He said basically, he was sitting on about 150,000 followers on a huge email list. He built that email list from all this TikTok and he just said, You know what, I think I might be sitting on a goldmine started reengaging with really personal emails, just funny, witty emails, and lengthy emails about his journey online and all this stuff and his his income exploded. And he was like, I couldn't believe that I was sitting on this huge Goldmine this whole time. So anyway, just food, food for thought. I want to encourage you, okay, most people find it really hard to get 1000 followers. So you got 26,000. That's incredible. And then the second piece is don't underestimate the goldmine you're sitting on. Because, yes, you've made money, made sales, but it's only really like the pressure art. You know what I mean? It's only the very tip of the iceberg of what's possible. Especially even just from those followers.

Julie:  Yeah, I mean, you know, so there are days you know, there are good days and bad days and honestly, there were times when I did I feel like I can't do this anymore. I don't want to do it, but then I just kind of push myself and I feel like I'm in it also. I need to kind of tweak my marketing. You know, like okay, I got the followers now, and like you're suggesting I should do more live or things like that to get to the next level. And we always had to go to the next level in order to push ourselves. I think that's what we need, you know, and that's probably what I need to do. setting myself up. Got to do it, you know,

Matt: I like that. No, that that is so perfect. It's so perfect. And what was that? You know, ironically. Let's do this. I think this is a very great way to make this your first video. Let me see if I can make sure. Oh my god. Do you remember that? Do you remember your very first video on Tik ok? While we're sitting here talking about basically going through, you know, their thing. Isn't this like the most appropriate thing ever? To see how to defy it. Oh, it's great. It's great. I think this is muted.

Matt:  All that it's saying is start putting some pressure on. Get out of your comfort zone. Start getting comfortable out of your comfort zone. If you stay in your comfort zone. That's why you will fail.

Julie:  And that's where I was talking to myself. Yeah, I was posting about that kind of thing.

Matt:  Of course you were, it's real.

Julie:  I mean, yeah. Be comfortable.

Matt:  It's real. Start putting a little pressure on. Yeah, I mean, well, I don't know. I mean, you can say it's embarrassing. All day, but I'm kind of like shoot like, that's actually a cool raw inside look into, like, you know, the day one journey. And here's my first freakin video and the video is basically you psyching yourself up which I find pretty cool. Like, there's just a lot of people in the world who aren't willing to do that, Julie, that's so funny. There's a lot of people in the world who just aren't willing to do that. And, you know, like to try something like that right? And to be like, Man there might just be like people who think that I'm crazy. Like I might have lost my mind. But you know, you're on your own journey. It's cool and ironic that you know you're having these moments throughout your journey. Of like, I got to go to the next level and your whole entire journey was basically starting with that mantra that energy.

Julie: So that's where my next thing is, and I feel like I'm at that threshold. So like, you have a couple months this year that has been a little challenging for me, because a friend of mine, a close friend, passed away like a month ago. So yeah, a lot of different things have been happening. And then I think I think I got COVID I don’t know if you could get it twice but I had bronchitis. I couldn't speak and just kept coughing. So I'm just getting over that. So here we are in a zone, you know, or have it is gone. So, yeah, I feel like now this is where I need to dig in and just kind of go to the next challenging level two, my journey, you know, totally,

Matt:  Totally. And I feel like that whole thing for you like every time that you were saying, oh that's so embarrassing. I was thinking I was just thinking I would, for me at least I would replace that word with inspiring. I felt like it was very raw. Like that's super inspiring to me. And I also just you know why that is because humans are drawn, I think at their core to somebody who's like really trying something that's uncomfortable for them. There's something really honestly vulnerable about that. And I know vulnerability is kind of a buzzword in our culture, whatever but there's something really vulnerable about that. And I think everybody here listening and watching would agree with that, that like that is that is the rawest form because with most people who are like extroverted, for instance, or who really really like like the limelight, I'm mostly just like, Dude, I just I don't find you that inspiring. For instance, Mr. Beast, the most popular YouTuber in history. look him up, Mr. Beast. He's the probably most viewed YouTube viewer in history. And he's this young 22 year old kid and I'm like, Dude, your stuff's cool. I don't find him inspiring. Maybe his work ethic or something, but I don't like to me it feels like he's like not being super real or something. Something about like he's doing a bit and it's cool. Fine, like he does a great job but I don't know something about you and your story. It just feels different. And yeah, I think you shouldn't underrate that as like an embarrassing start. I would say it's and it's to me it's inspiring like, damn, yeah, you're right. Like you got to put a little pressure on yourself. You got to like, what's the next level? How am I going to level up next time? Like, what am I going to do? So it's cool that you're now coming on this show and you're feeling like you're at a threshold. That's really cool.

Julie:  Yeah, I think um, my other thing is, you know, to get through that is like you know, do the storytelling thing. I think I'm not good at my storytelling. Like, if I want to do it, I'm gonna just gush it out. So I have to, I know you have to, like give them piece by piece, you know, and just kind of like lure them in a little bit. Kind of stuff. So yeah.

Matt:  No, and that's a learned skill, right? I’m not here to really promote somebody else's course or anything but like, for instance, that's not like a natural thing. That's why people like Neil Gaiman, who is like an award winning author, I think, yeah. He's an author. He's and he's taught an entire class on storytelling, like writing like you take massive classes on storytelling. And it's just something that's learned over time. So, you know, you might say, I'm not good at storytelling or whatever. But you know, you should put the word after that. I'm not good at it. It's always a good way to sort of couch that in like, it's like an internal subconscious reminder to your brain, like, hey, you know what, like, we're gonna figure this out. We just haven't figured it out yet. And that's a powerful way to look at life. It's an empowering way to look at life because, you know, people walk around and say, I can't I can't, I can't, I can't. I can't, I'm not good. I'm not good. I'm not good. But using the word yet, is such a powerful three letter word that retrains your brain to be like, we're gonna figure this out. Like, we haven't done it yet, but we're gonna figure this out. For sure. And helps you push through problems and yeah, that's definitely Yeah. Totally. Christmas day. We're in April. What's the plan? What What? What are you excited about? What's what's new on the horizon? You know, what's your daily operation? You know, what are you doing for a daily marketing routine? Yeah, what's new, I mean, give people a little inspiration to leave the show.

Julie: So yeah, so definitely. I do go on TikTok just to find some motivation. He says to and before I will literally drown myself in tucked up because I was like, I would need to find the perfect video. But now I, you know, I'm there for maybe 1520 minutes, and trying to figure out then I write down what I need to write, do you know, on that particular piece, and then do take care of that, but I do like the fact that somebody did say like, do some batch work where you're constantly, you know, you for a short, you know, short period of time, kind of make several videos, and then just put it in, you know, saving in your draft. And I had several videos in my draft and so when I was sick, actually, it kind of helped with that, you know, process because they were old and just like, Okay, I'm just gonna hit the post kind of thing. So that is I think that's very beneficial and that helps a lot, so don't spend too much time and wasting time. On tick tock. I know it can suck you in because I've been there. But yeah, go in and get out. Make your you know, do your work and fun but

Matt:  Yeah, what we'll just do all of that work online, like, sorry, on your computer, because

Julie:, it's alright. To get copies and stuff. Yeah.

Matt: Yeah. Yeah. Well, cool. Yeah. I think I started doing my investigative TikTok work on my computer because there's no scrolling and it doesn't. It's not even remotely close to as addicting if you're just like doing it in a Google Chrome browser. It's so much easier. Well, and then, you know, the other powerful thing that I do is I'll go to like, well here like, I'll go to here. Let me show you this real quick. Here's basically my strategy on this is, you know about Sort For TikTok?

Julie:  I think you mentioned a guy one to one or two times.

Matt: Yeah. So there's this app on Google Chrome called sort for tick tock and it will sort all the videos by most watched the least watched. So you don't have to do any scrolling. You don't have to do any of that. You are just in Google Chrome and here let me start it. Okay, so you can see now it's spinning, and all it's going to do is sort this guy's dog training videos, but most watched to least watched. And it takes about 10 seconds or less. And so now you've got like these videos that you know, by definition, these are the most watched on a channel with 1.2 million followers. There's probably videos here that we can mimic or do something similar, right? So I don't know. And so you can do this in any niche. But what I typically do then Julia is, is I click on them, and I copy the address and I just put it into, um put it into a, like I put it in sheet, and I create this spreadsheet. I have a row that just says like, did I create this, and I'll put an X if I've already sort of created that one. Also sometimes I'll put the amount of views next to it, and then I'll sort it. So I have all of these channels, you get hundreds of videos in a Matt:er of like a day or two. And, and, you know, then I sorted by the millions of views or how many views and then I've got a cross bunch of different channels, these different videos, and the top ones are obviously the ones that are probably most likely to go viral. And I start to just look like how could I change this up? Could I make something similar, but you can batch all that work and you never really open the TikTok app once it's way more focused work. And then you've got this massive swipe file of videos and what you'll do is you'll start to see trends if you click on one, and then you'll watch it. Oh, that's interesting. And click on another and pretty soon that formula that people are using for virality really starts your brain starts to be like okay, I get it and it's not that hard for your brain to start sort of mimicking not as much the the content I think the contents important but also the flow the pace, the speed, all of that stuff. So anyway, just a tip. I think that using Sort For TikTok going into a spreadsheet and creating that spreadsheet is huge. A very, very powerful strategy for figuring out how to find viral content, how to get inspiration from different ones. And a lot of times I'll end up finding videos that are pretty much the same but people have done different stuff and it helps me get like oh my gosh, like that'd be cool if I actually changed it like this or change it like that or you know, whatever, and use the that type of thing. To grow your channel and in between that tell your story. Tell me about your journey. Explain why you're different. Explain what you're trying to accomplish, right. Use those kinds of viral videos, maybe a couple times a week, and then fill in with a lot more meaningful content to warm up your audience in the meantime. Okay. That makes sense.

Julie: Yes. It's been so helpful. Thank you so much.

Matt:  Of course, you're killing it. You're killing it. You're at 26,000 followers. Like if you can do that once on social media you can do it a bunch of times. The other thing is to start looking into reposting your content, right Facebook business page to all of these different short form content, you'll sort of multiply your efforts and that doesn't take super long either once you start to figure that out, but hey, look, you're on an incredible journey and you've already got a hot start. So just keep rockin and I think you know, things can really take off from here. Excited for you.

Julie:  Thank you. Appreciate it.

Matt:  Yeah, thanks for coming on to I think everybody has been like just I love this. This is so good. 

Julie:  I hope people get something out of it because you know, just to share that we are normal people. We're all you know, doing the same thing trying to make some money online and at the same time live our life and go through the woods or whatever it may be. 

Matt:  Cool. Well, thanks for coming on. Hey, keep us updated. I'd love to get an email from you in a couple months.

Julie:  Most definitely thank you

Matt:  awesome to see it's really our guys you can follow Julie on  TikTok @entrepreneurjulie very simple. TikTok handle the follow go give her a follow and give her some encouragement say Hey, I found you on Wake Up Legendary and you know, I heard about you and just wanted to give you a little shout out and say hi and you know, give her a little word of encouragement because someday it's going to be you on this show. And she's going to come back and she's a hi remember James I remember Samantha remember Vanessa and and she's gonna be like, dang, you know, I'm gonna go follow them back some love. So it's all sort of, we call it business karma. But you know, really it's just to encourage people and to say thanks for giving us value and yeah, so that is all we got for this. Monday, April 4. I'll be back here tomorrow and Wednesday. And Dave will return with us on Thursday, Friday, after his Yeah, after he's back. And yeah, we'll see. you're back here tomorrow at 10am Eastern peace.