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JoAnn: Hello everyone and welcome Happy Friday Welcome to wake up legendary. For those that don't know me my name is Joanne I am a part of the marketing department here at legendary marketer. You may see my emails on Saturdays when they come out when we do a recap and all of that good stuff. But I am so excited to host today and we have an amazing guest. I can't wait for you to meet him and learn about him and all of that good stuff. Before we jump into that, if you are someone that wants to be a guest on the show, you have seen success in getting you some nuggets of knowledge to share with our audience. We would love for you to fill this out. Just go here legendary backslash featured, and just answer a few questions and maybe we'll get you on the show soon. So be sure to do that for me. So without further ado, please welcome Chris.

Chris: Thank you for having me. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to be here. I'm very excited to be here. Yeah, well,

JoAnn: I'm so excited to have you so share with us your backstory. What were you up to when you found legendary and how did you find us?

Chris: So luckily I actually found you guys like probably 95% of us out to find legendaries for TikTok. So one day, I was actually home during the Florida pandemic. Scroll through tick tock every day to see what's going on out there. And I came across a video I clicked on. It took that 15 day business challenge to the next step and yeah, here I am. I kind of like morphing myself into an online marketer. I work construction. So this was totally new to me. I didn't know how any of this stuff works, but you guys actually really gave me the step. by step guidance and showing me exactly what I need to do the formulas and the tools. And yeah, thank you guys for that because you guys really like changing my life in a totally different avenue that I don't even know existed.

JoAnn: So you're working construction now? I do not. Okay, so I'm a marketer. 

Chris: I'm all in here. I'm all in.

JoAnn: I love it. Awesome. Okay, so we were doing drop shipping. That was our first adventure.

Chris: That was my first online adventure. So I was really into flipping. So I would buy resale flip, go to yard sales, flip it around and stuff around the house. I just went to the eBay Facebook market page. And I kept saying to myself, There's got to be an easier way so I'm dealing with shipping or products and dealing with returns so and so then I kind of got involved with drop shipping. And that's a lot of work. I mean a lot of work for a little bit of capital and a little bit of return, which is not great. A great place to first start out like the online community and see how it all works. I highly recommend giving it a shot but when I got involved with affiliate marketing, I kind of just ran with it and never looked back.

JoAnn: Oh, I love it. What do you think the biggest difference for you between those two models was?

Chris: So I can't say dropshipping. I mean, I wasn't having as much fun as I am with affiliate marketing because I really, really enjoy editing videos and making videos talking on camera. I just like that approach a lot more. And instead of always copying and pasting stuff in the description and uploading pictures of barbecue grill or whatever I'm selling for dropshipping but I just like the whole dynamic of like the whole digital marketing world on how really, you build your own brand. You are your brand. So I really enjoy that and I believe that there's there's a lot more to capitalize on in this industry than then to dropshipping

JoAnn: Right so when you found legendary hawk and the 15 day business builder challenge were you like all in started day one that day? Did you take some time? What was that process for you?

Chris: So I was I was all in I was I was the I jump in and I just said to myself if I'm going to do this, I'm going to commit every bit of energy into this and and, and one thing I've always I've always seen in a lot of people's tick tock videos is are fake certificate and stuff like that. So I always saw that and I envisioned holding it. I just didn't visualize everything. And it took me a little while to get started to be honest with you. I did the 15 day business challenge. I wasn't I wasn't making money by day 15 or anything like that. I was still learning the whole process and after them 15 days are still more of a process to learn. So if they're if they're, I would say three months of me giving it pretty much every day. Then I started seeing success and I started seeing things like everything actually starting to fall into place and I'm actually working.

JoAnn: Right Okay, so we have that three month period. Yes. Where you have to just kind of Oh yeah, blinders on walk us through that process because a lot of our viewers today will watch the recording or in the middle of that and they're going so give us your tips for your business.

Chris: The best tip I can really give you is just don't give up. If something's not working, give it a week, week or two if it's not working you want to change up your strategy. Obviously I was going in on things where I thought I thought it was going to work, but I had to retract from that and actually take a look around and realize, okay, this isn't working. I need to move on to something else. And that could be you tweaking your Tik Tok videos and the way you're looking at the camera and anything like that. But one thing I really recommend for new people that are past that 15 day business challenge and you're trying to build their brands. You want to have some kind of an offer that helps people get involved. You want to actually teach them exactly how to do affiliate marketing. So you want to actually be you really want to be a coach but you don't have to be the coach that everybody probably sees online. But you just want to give valuable information to people and you want to be sincere and honest with people in the best possible way.

JoAnn: Right and that that's really that's the key right there is absolutely showing up as your authentic self. Yeah, yep. bringing in people that are like you that love your personality. Yes. Easier to make content than right it is

Chris: It isn't it comes more naturally and it's more fluid and it just comes natural to you.

JoAnn: Right. So I saw you also have a Facebook group too. So yes. Did you start that in this process and journey? Did you start it like right out of the challenge? Wait a little bit.

Chris: So I did wait a little bit. I waited a little bit, just because I still really wasn't sure what I was doing. So it was all kind of like a learned thing and I would drink on Facebook Lives I would watch people's videos. So I was always doing research on how I can do better? How can I do better because this isn't it? You can always walk up the steps. So I would actually say within probably six months so it took a while for me to realize that I should start a Facebook group. And so I would say about six months I started pulling traffic off the Tiktok and seminar group and given valuable information, making YouTube videos and showing people how to set up sales funnels in and talking about the 15 day business challenge and things like that just given knowledge that help people to really succeed with their online journey.

JoAnn: Do you feel like you build a stronger connection with your group members than what you do on TIkTok? Is that the reason? For you?

Chris: Yeah, it's definitely more of a personal touch. Because, I mean, people reach out to me, we'll chat. So I always kind of refer to them as anything that they're looking for. They'll reach out to me, Hey, I'm having a hard time sitting on my sales funnel. And I'll say oh, here take out this free video. Check it out. Tell me what you tell me what you tell me what you think. So yeah, it's definitely a whole different approach on Facebook than TikTok. And when I realized that the whole different the whole there's a whole different approach from TikTok versus Facebook is really when things started kind of falling into place for me.

JoAnn: Okay, so where do you spend more time

Chris: you know, so I mean tick tock is a tremendous, tremendous way to gain organic traffic. And I know it can be hard when you're first getting 10,000 followers because you're not really pressing TikTok Not really throwing out too broad or broader, a broader audience, but starting out can be kind of tough, but I didn't say honestly, I would say my Facebook page, like right now developing an ebook that I'm going to literally give out for free in my Facebook group, that that kind of just helps people exactly showing you exactly how this whole process works. And it's going to be totally free. And I'm very excited for it. So I'm probably going to have it in my Facebook group this coming weekend.

JoAnn: Right. I love it and I hope people are really as our audience is listening right now if you can really understand what's happening. So he's you're very you're you're making changes. You're constantly adjusting, tweaking, making changes. And you know, there are some people here. Oh, you can't change, you can't do this, but it's not like a big picture change. It's small. little tweaks. I'm going to add this, maybe now for the next three weeks to my TikToks. I'm going to have a little bit different hook or a little bit different style. So it's not these huge, massive changes where it's like starting over from zero every three weeks. Exactly. Tiny little adjustments that you're along the way and seeing how it works.

Chris: Exactly, exactly. That's the whole thing. I mean, I started from Tiktok, Facebook or Facebook. Now. I'm moving on to an ebook.

JoAnn: I love it. That's awesome. So fun. Very cool. I love that you have a Facebook group and you're directing them. So are you talking about your group at all in your videos or is it just a link in your bio and all of that good stuff?

Chris: I am talking about my Facebook group in my TikToks Or yeah, I'm sorry. I'm talking about sorry, my dogs barking everyday kind of things. So yeah, so yeah, I do talk about my Facebook group and I get all my traffic, most of my traffic from TikTok into my Facebook group, just because I just want to give free guidance on helping people.

JoAnn: Right. Do you ever feel like you could give too much information?

Chris: Yes, absolutely. I do. I see that in a lot of TikTok videos too. Because but I don't want to. I don't want to bash that at all because people putting too much information out there actually made me realize the changes that I need to make. So that kind of thing helped me elevate but yes, you do want to draw a fine line of giving a little too much information. So you do want to watch what you're saying. So because you're going to send you're going to send your audience to work really different than where your endgame really is.

JoAnn: Right? As Dave has said, even this week previously, don't be the hunter be the hunted? Right, exactly. Three to where they're weak. What is he saying? What is this person talking about? Let me look into this more. Absolutely. seek you out. Right. Absolutely. Yeah. And that's, that's, I think, a hard concept. For those starting out. Right. I've gotta go hunt. I gotta go find my people. But really, you want to door them in?

Chris: Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah. You want to create that hook that Fishel? Dave talks about the fish that you know you're fishing for?

JoAnn: Are you going live?

Chris: Yes, I am. So not as much as I would actually like to go live but I've been pretty focused on things right now, especially with affiliate marketing. So if they're after this weekend, I definitely want to go live a lot more. Right now I might be doing a live show once a week. So I would like to do that a little more than what I am doing now. But like I said, I kind of have all my eggs in a basket on one thing.

Chris: Going Live is a little bit more of a struggle because you kind of I mean, people come out with questions and you might not even know the question, but um, so it is a little harder because you're kind of it's raw. It's raw content. I guess. It's really what it is. It's not prepared. It's not written out. It's raw. It's all raw. Yeah.

JoAnn: So you kind of feel like I have to be ready on the spot. One of our guests I love was really one who was struggling with it. I have to have a lot of people. What do I do if there's just one person and we had another guest that came on and it was just an amazing mindset of, man. If there's one person, imagine how much value I can give that one person like, coffee shop, yeah, friends, figuring things out and just helping one another and going through that.

Chris: Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah, that I mean, I've been in plenty of lives where there's one person watching or nobody watching. So yeah, absolutely. It's all about just given the value and, and helping that one person out one person at a time. 

JoAnn: All right. So what is your next goal? What's your next pretty business? We have an ebook. Yes. Yes. What's after that? What's looking forward to that?

Chris: So I'm really going to promote that after this weekend. I'm going to really press that I want to start doing Facebook Lives and I want to start doing more blogs and things like that.

JoAnn: So what's gotten you interested in blogging?

Chris: I'm just building character, my character, my brand and I didn't realize that really, the major thing to this is building your brand yourself. So that's, that's like the number one thing that I'm really trying to achieve now and, and really go all in on this

JoAnn: Right as you build your own brands, or business?

Chris: Exactly. Yeah. You don't want to, you don't want to sell, like you're pressing something you want to like, like you just want to you don't want the same you don't want to can't do what you want.

JoAnn: All right. Oh, a lot of people are loving in the comments if you're having an ebook and stuff, which is great. Awesome. So tell us a little bit more about that. What's been that process for you?

Chris: So I really kind of gave him my all on that. Like doing a lot of research on best things like the right thing, what not the right, what they put in how to really how to set the whole thing up. So I've been like the past. I would say the past three, three weeks to a month I've been really like this . Given this my all I am a father of two and I am married so I obviously gotta make time for them. So I like to wake up early, like to be up before everybody 435 o'clock and I like to put in a good two hours before the family starts waking up. And so that's when I get the juices flowing. And I drink a cup of coffee and I just really dive into it. And then when everyone's sleeping, I'm right there grinding. I guess you could say so yeah, so pretty pumped about it.

JoAnn: Okay, so you're working full time on your business at home. Yes. We have a wife, two kids. Yeah. How did you make that transition to where you are? It sounds like you're pretty structured with your schedule. Yeah. Is it not? Is it all over the place?

Chris: I mean, anybody who has like two little kids, no, you're all over the place. So you try to keep his structure. But, you can only hold that structure for so long. But, I always say to myself, if, like, I mean with things in your life and things come up, there's always an opportunity for you to do better. Like, if you want to be successful, you have to give up sleep. And I can't I can't stress that enough because my best working hours are when people are still sleeping. So yeah, one of the things that I like to do is to do three videos a day. I like to hit up. I like to get them done around four to five o'clock in the morning. Work on the ebook, and then throughout the day, I like the posts given all throughout different times, but yeah, things can definitely be all over the place.

JoAnn: Yeah, I think it's not necessarily to lose sleep. It's fine

They want to do all the things once their kids are asleep. Yes. Right. Yeah, it's really diving in and really looking at yourself. Most optimize the time of the day, right? All in for those two, three hours.

Chris: Absolutely. Yep. fully commit to it. And yeah, I mean, everybody waking up early might not be the thing for you. You have to figure out what works for you. And what's best for you.

JoAnn: Right? Definitely. I definitely I could not be working at 3am Or

Chris: Yeah, it took a while. I was not a morning person. I used to sleep until 12 o'clock and Yes. Huge adjustment but you gotta ask yourself what your goals are and where you want to be in life because you're the You're the writer to your own destiny.

JoAnn: And love that you read on your questionnaire is to stay hungry. Yes. You mean by that? Explain that to us.

Chris: Like putting in the hours, waking up early, staying committed to it. Just because you read one bad comment that somebody wrote about you. I mean, turn that negativity into productivity. Don't Don't let somebody take you away from your dreams or pull you away from your goals just because they're pouring their negativity and their lack of knowledge on you. Don't listen to it. Don't listen to anybody. Do what's up here. Follow your heart. Follow yourself and I mean, you'll thank me later. It Doesn't sound ridiculous. But yeah, just to stick to your heart and follow it.

JoAnn: Yeah, that was huge. So how do you turn negativity trolls making comments into productivity for you? What does that mean?

Chris: I will work harder. You go harder. If somebody says what you're doing is a scam or something like that. I then step up my game by giving more value showing them exactly what they need to know, to realize that this is 100% legitimate. This is a legitimate business model that a lot of people are doing and they're making a lot of money doing it. Right.

JoAnn: Okay, so, you you're almost like

Chris: Yeah, absolutely. I'm a person who likes to envision things and when I envision those things, I feel it with my hands. So I really I really I'm a really I guess you could say driven kind of person like this is this was all new to me. Back in July I thought July so and I realized this is something that I really want to succeed with. And this is really something that I want to do with my life. And I want to teach my kids exactly how this all works. Right? Give the internet an option. Not giving up is not an option. I'm here for the long game.

JoAnn: Right. I love that. Love that. So a couple of people are mentioning and I think it's important to bring up how do you handle negative comments? Because they're always going to come up. It's just a part of our life. On social media and it doesn't matter if you are a bazillionaire you're gonna have negative comments.

Chris: You know, it's funny though, because like I'll, I'll be sitting on a couch and talking to my wife and I'll read a negative comment and not sound ridiculous. I literally laugh about it. i You got to because unfortunately the person giving you that that negative comment is this narrow minded person. So you can't, you can't fall into a trap. It's just a trap and you can't fall into that hole. You got to laugh about it because unfortunately I mean even the videos that we make are all tick tock . Yes, it can be grimy sometimes but fix it, make it sound better, make it look better, work on the way you're speaking. Look at the way I said you're talking to the camera. Just just laugh about it because it doesn't mean anything. negative comments,

JoAnn: It's just it's really more about them. Exactly. Your limiting belief and you know what, I don't want to do the work. I feel absolutely changes in my life. Yeah. I don't want to hear about anyone else. Absolutely. Because I want to stay stuck.

JoAnn: Yeah. And if anything, it's like thanks for adding to my comments. I've read in my engagement for helping me out in that way.

Chris: That's a great thing too. When people write in your comments. Tick tock is going to press you to a broader spectrum of people on tick tock. It doesn't matter what they say. I mean, they just see it. They see it in the comments and then they think that's engagement. So use that negative comment thing and to your advantage.

JoAnn: And if you do reply , tick tock no with their comment. Yes, it goes even further. I was even on my for you page. Reply comment. Before the actual one. Exactly. That's what went viral.

Chris: Absolutely, absolutely. Use their negativity to your advantage.

JoAnn: Exactly. Yeah, because they shouldn't control your future. Your destiny. It's some random person. Absolutely. Online you don't even know, don't make decisions for your life. Exactly, exactly. And if you stop posting stop creating content

Chris: Absolutely. Give it your all 110% every day and turn the negativity into productivity.

JoAnn: I love you, I love your whole mindset because he just has to keep going. Absolutely. Absolutely wasn't overnight. Not wake up money falling from people think this, you know it and it's not that it's really learning.

JoAnn: I have a long standing saying the day you stop learning is the day you stop succeeding. Absolutely. Absolutely. And now you're stuck. There's always something changing. Right? Not online space. Absolutely. You can do this today what you did, right. A year ago. Absolutely. Three years ago, it was a totally different market online.

Chris: And I'm noticing right now that big shifts in the way things are going right now I can definitely see like there's a shift just literally happening. I would say within less this month. This whole thing just kind of stays on top of keeping learning.

JoAnn: What do you feel the shift is that you're seeing?

Chris: I would say that. I mean, there's more. There's more. There's more social media platforms that people are bringing their business to. So when I first got started there weren't any Instagram reels there weren't YouTube reels. It was all a tick tock so now that there's even a broader community where you can really kind of target more.

JoAnn: Yeah, it's just you just need to be ready to make those small pivots.

Chris: Don't stick to one thing, right?

JoAnn: And be stuck like this is it I'm doing than only this and I'm not changing my opt in page. I'm not going to adjust any of the copy. I'm not going to try different types of videos. It has to work this way. So before we go today, what is your one piece of advice for anyone that's starting out with the challenge of starting out with this journey to help them just keep going and all that good stuff.

Chris: If you're 100% serious with this and you want this success and you want to make the income that you desire you dream up, don't stop. Keep going one step at a time. Learn something new every day. It doesn't even have to be every day, it could be once a week. If you have a full time job and you have a full time family, once a week challenge yourself to learn something new every day in the industry that you actually want to achieve. And don't stop. Just keep going forward and be hungry like we originally spoke about being hungry every day and don't give up because you can literally be one video away from going viral. You just have to keep going. That's it. That's all that's that's that's all it is. Just keep going. Yeah.

JoAnn: So we'd love for you to go follow Chris. Please note this is not a spelling error. This is just how the profile is spelled @sidehustleswithChris. So that way you'll know you found the right guy to give him a follow go comment on his videos. Let him know that you saw him on Wake Up Legendary and just really support one another, build each other up and help each other out in the community. And it's just been great having you on Chris.

Chris: Yes. Thank you for having me. I'm ecstatic to be here and it was a great time.

JoAnn: So we love updates. I love updates and repeat guests. So you don't have to wait for us to reach out if you've hit a new milestone. Knit something new you want to share with our audience even if it's small. You need to be like I have now made a million dollars. Yeah, a goal on your journey that you would love to share with our audience. Please reach out. We'd love to have you back on.

Chris: Definitely I hope they thought you guys did on my successful real how my ebook goes.

JoAnn: All right, be sure to follow Chris. I hope everyone has a fantastic Friday, a killer weekend. Be sure to check out all this week's episodes of wakeup legendary if you missed any. And we will be back on Monday. Have a great weekend. Everyone. Bye.