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Dave: Hey what's going on? My friends, it's your boy Dave Shar up. I'm not really from the Northeast but I like to pretend I am sometimes. Welcome to wake up legendary my friends as you can see I've got my tank top on this morning not my regular shirt. I know that's throwing a lot of you off. But it really is me I promise. It's not just somebody who you know is impersonating me. It is with the real Dave Sharpe, please stand up Hey, how are you doing? Nice to see it today. It's me, it really is me. And you know what, my friends I'm excited about our guest today. Specifically and most importantly, because his beard game is insane. Okay, not even really because he's crushing it with his business but because his beer game is insane. So let's hear exactly how he has grown and maintained such a wonderful name, but also how he's built a 30,000 person following on social media and he is a chef Trevin Welcome to the show. Thanks for having me. How's it going? That is, that is a beautiful beard, my friend. I just have to tell you that right? There's nothing wrong with a man admiring another man's beard. It's true. I do it all the time. I mean, I had one at one time. That was something, it was a real pain. It's mainly right. Me too. WOW WOW bro did you do that for us or is that just I cleaned up just for you wow this is this is incredible but Siri I had a whole deal man and I was I was fishing a nail this this isn't you know since in quite a bit of trouble my poor pipe and then went and took off and did a lot of great are friends who who enjoy one of my favorite. Are you one of those people? 

Trevin: Yeah I go almost every week. So I was a chef for just over 15 years and worked a minimum of 80 hours a week for as long as I can remember. I loved what I did and had a great career but I was just tired of not being able to fish every week and go and do the things that I love to do. So for like a year and a half hour just like looking for an opportunity. And my mom's fiance happened to send me an article and a YouTube video of a lady who took the legendary course and started a successful YouTube channel. And after I watched the video and read the article I was like I'm so I'm going to do it so I signed up right away and and dove headfirst I you know I was working as much as I was I was only able to put towards you know, like an hour a day at first right after a couple of months it started to happen and take off for me and just haven't looked back since. But you know the work ethic that I got from being a chef I think helped a lot just being able to put my head down and learn and put my all into it. 

Dave: Wow, wow, that's really something. You know, I was looking at it. I was looking at something that I shared the other day about a friend who said, you know, oh, I've I've changed my physical body in six months basically is kind of his point, you know, is my buddy Eric worry from the network marketing industry. And I was just like, you know, he was mentioned in his post like 20 years of bad choices. or something, you know what I mean? And I was at the point of years of bad health choices, but he changed his whole physical physique in six months and I said, Who cares about your 20 years of bad decisions? Look at what you can do in six months. Like, man if you put your head into it and your heart into it and focus you can get anything done. I'm I'm I'm you know, we're always so bent out of shape. And I think a lot of us are oh, I wasted so many years. I wish I would have done that when I was 20 Yeah, how many guys I've heard say that your age.  I wish I did just like you can change your life in six months, your entire life, whether it be your career, or whether it be your body. It's just I don't know. I don't have anything more to say about it. Except that in your it's all it's all up here. It's all a mindset game. Like, don't tell us how you could hold on. My biggest challenge was myself. What do you mean by that?

Trevin: I spend a lot of time just like you're saying, like looking at the past 15 years and being like, well, I wasted all this time I could have done this, this this and this. Instead of focusing on like, well, it doesn't matter what I did the past 15 years I could be doing this right now and putting my time and my effort into it to get to the point that I want to be also you know, looking at the potential and the possibilities that you have in front of you. And for me it was like being afraid to fail and put myself out there and care about what people thought and all that. Getting over that and understanding like I said if you put your mind into it and you have a clear cut path that you set for yourself, you know, vision or goal, whatever it may be and look at failure to learn or something.

Trevin: Like that was what really helped me get to, you know, just to take that first step because I had no idea what affiliate marketing was before I saw that video. You know what I mean? And I'm just blown away by that dude. I had been working with you know, life coach prior to that and working on my mindset already and like where I was in my life and it just kind of worked out together and mindset. I think it's the most underlooked thing when people go into anything new but especially business. It's like if you don't know and believe in yourself and know that you're worthy of the first obstacle you hate. You're gonna be like, you know, walk away or you're not going to make it through all those steps and obstacles and learning experiences that you need to get to the point that you're looking to get do comment of the day postmenopausal here does my beard count? Absolutely. Yes, it does. 

Dave:  No. Exactly. That's why I really am still trying to understand that because I have a lot of shame, regret from the past as well, who doesn't, doesn't have feelings about the past. But I'm also in my life trying to realize that actually, none of that matters what matters is what I do about it right now. It was sort of like what I was told when I got clean from hardcore drugs heroin back in 2008. I was like, Oh, I'm screwed up. They were like you're not responsible for being screwed up. You're responsible for getting unscrewed. Up. You're responsible for this day forward. Once you hear this message, you see other people doing it. can't lie to yourself anymore. It's not about you got no excuse. It's not about shaming ourselves into it. It's just about us. As long as we're asked like it'd be me about my job because I don't want the responsibility. Can't handle all the pressure being on me. That's why I don't want to start a business some good shit right there, man. You know your limitations. But the person who's like I want to be an entrepreneur. Okay. I took the $7 challenge. I'm not sure it's a scam. Okay, I want my $7 back. That's not honesty. That's you didn't do shit with what you bought probably the same way that you didn't do shit with your gym membership. Don't shoot the messenger is just the truth. I'm just saying it. Do you do you embrace that same philosophy about it's not about being the best or or being you know living up to some whatever it's just about being honest with ourselves and I think that's where we we put most of our pain is not is not being honest with them. Either want this or I don't want this. If I'm not going to do the work for it. I can't have the expectation that it's going to work and just getting honest and having proper expectations. You had at least the expectation that this is not going to happen unless I change my mindset. Where did you realize that was so important because so many people say forget the mindset shift, just show me where to click and what to do. I mean, when did you realize that that piece was so important and how did it become personal for you? 

Trevin: I spent a lot of time doing this in a circle, the same cycle starting something that I thought was going to be like the end all be all to change my life and my lifestyle. So I get into something really into it for a goal. Do it again and do it again. So I looked at it as a new opportunity to break that cycle. And to do that, you know, it's when you focus on mindset and you go within and think about things like there's some stuff that's not going to be fun to look at and deal with yourself. You know what you gave a specific example right there, of not just mindset, but actually a practical application of what working on your mindset means. And I think what's important is for us to take this ambiguous word that really means nothing, which is work on your mindset, okay, my What does that even mean? But you just gave a practical example which is important for working on your mindset. Means in what is in it in the way that it actually happened. And you just said it. You were somebody who started things, but you didn't finish them and you recognize that pattern. Is that what it was? Yeah, it's the new shiny object syndrome. You know, one thing does not work the way that you expect or think that it should work. Because you are not putting forth the effort that it takes to get there. And so you're just like, Oh, there's the next new exciting thing that's going to help in the next one, you know, and you just stay stuck in that same cycle and so many people do it. Yeah. Not just with businesses, right? If you tend to notice a pattern in the rest of your life if you really look like you are constantly avoiding doing the work because you are always a sucker for, you know, something easy and quick. Dave: Right, right, right. I mean, a lot of times you know, we do food like that the best one of the best examples is how we do food and that's why America's is as obese as we are is because it's because that's how we do food. Quick and easy. It's like you just gave a great example of actually identifying a pattern in your life and saying, I want to stop that self-destructive pattern. I wonder how many people really like that. When we say mindset, that's, in my opinion, like what the definition of working on your mindset is, it's growing yourself. It's growing as a person. It's personal development, whatever you want to call it. It's healing. A lot of times you some people call recovery or healing. There's a lot of different words that we use, mindset, recovery, healing and all these kinds of things. But what it is, is it's actual just simply getting smarter as a human being it means that you're not staying at the same level of awareness, intelligent intelligence about yourself at 50 As you were at what's what takes in my opinion to get to the next level in life is I don't have to learn particularly new things about everything out there, but I do need to learn new things about me. And what are the self-destructive patterns that I've created or adopted from family members or just my environment growing up in order for me to grow to the next level. It's not imperative that I move geographically. That's not the solution. That's what most people think the solution is, they'll just leave your hometown. The problem is, I take all my values, beliefs, everything with me, and I pull my roots out of my dysfunctional hometown. And then I go and I put them in, plant them in another town and expect that somehow the plants need to be different. It's not just the environment and so what comes up for you as I as I as I talk about what I just said in and I'm obviously speaking from my own experience.

Trevin:  I think everybody has to go through a certain amount or level of pain before they hit that point where they look in the mirror, and they're like, Okay, I don't want it. I don't want this anymore. And I feel like that's what drives people to think where people find that cycle that you're kind of talking about . If you move locations and you don't change anything that's going on, you're still gonna get a bag of shit with you. I saw that in 12 steps you know like growing up you know, you're a product of your environment. You carry these things from your childhood and everything around you as you grow up, right? Yeah. And if you don't, if you don't like to figure out and pinpoint you know, the pain that you have within yourself and the situations that that comes from and then like, reorient your mind and your values around those things. It's just gonna stay the same always no matter what it is, no matter how old you are. That path that I was on in life for a long time was I was a 30 year old, 14 year old but you know, I got I didn't I didn't evolve myself. Because it took a lot of work and it took a lot of work on your part. And it is uncomfortable. I mean, you know, and the problem is I want everybody to listen real closely to what I'm about to say because it's important but it's but it's complicated. A lot of people don't have to seek help or ever change because their benefits are really just good. Right? So like a drug addiction, you're quickly going to be pawn in your TVs or probably, you know, in jail or broke or your home, right, it's gonna take you down fast. Okay. But if you're just somebody who is just a self sabotage or procrastinator, you know somebody who has a lot, maybe a lot of the same even childhood experiences the addict but it didn't manifest into an addiction with drugs. So you're not going to sometimes have that pain doesn't. It's not like oh shit, I got my last time for decades function that like


procrastination, or never wanting to take a look at my part in anything or never wanting to know what I mean? Like I think that's one of the biggest things is just when I grew up and started realizing I have a part in every single situation that I'm in. I have a part I have. I have the biggest part. I have the biggest role in every situation that I've ever been in. I have the biggest role and much of the outcome of that situation was because of whatever I did in that situation. And I can really tell it's really gonna be for you. Doing things to get 1% better every day, I'm not going to jump from point A to point B. It takes baby steps and it takes time and really, really learning yourself and figuring yourself out and then building yourself up. It does take you out of the victim. Mind to listen, and you're right. It is difficult to be in the form I am. I am a victim when you're like I have total control over the outcome of this situation. And if I want a different outcome I'll do something different and I said that to my wife talking about something she was needing to think for and I and I can change that tomorrow like I know that that's what you want or that you need or would make you feel more separate. I can change that right. It's like I just had the belief in that moment that I could change it before it ever even I mean Today's a new day and I'd actually have to rewrite, you know, stop moving things and actually go into the process of actually doing the work. But in that split second I believe 100% I could change that. And that level of confidence only comes from the view your little even shirt or the train show that piece where nothing is ever a failure, but it's always just simply feedback. Could you elaborate a little bit more on that? Because I really think that if people could just take that away from the call about how you view failure, it might be a big game changer and send them on their way down the path that we're talking about starting today. It's something that's held me back for years, like it's still every day but you know being afraid mostly being afraid to fail. Like marking and whatever it may be. You know, most people will think like, all these scenarios and possibilities of things that might happen if they do it and then they start to be afraid of the negative outcomes of those situations that haven't even happened or they know that are going to happen. So get wrapped up in this mental cycle of all the what ifs that could potentially go wrong. And I used to do that all the time and then you think about it more and then it gets you more anxiety driven and more fearful of doing things. It's just thinking so it took I think it's different for everybody but it took a lot of inward thinking and like breaking down why I would get into those thought patterns and feelings. And then from there realizing that failure is really like I tell everybody that it's your biggest teacher. You don't fail. How are you going to learn to win the next time or how are you going to learn how to take that extra step next time and be 1% Better than you were at a time before succeeding then you're never really learning anything. You're always gonna continue to do the same exact thing that you always do because he was bigger and they're winning life. It's absolutely impossible. There's always going to be a problem. There's always going to be an issue that comes up, there's always going to be something that you have to figure out through or around.

Dave:  Take Tampa Bay Lightning with you, a hockey fan in any way shape or form. I spent a long time but I used to be a big Blackhawks fan. You don't need to be a hockey fan to understand this. They were the world champion Stanley Cup final champions for the last two years in a row. They're back there again now. The Stanley Cup final. Right, nothing's been lost in overtime last night. They're now down three to one. Okay. Tell me this. Would you rather be around somebody on their team who's been to the Stanley Cup Finals and lost and has the experience of what it's like to be there? Would you rather be on a team with a bunch of people who have no fucking clue what it's even like to go to the playoffs? Right? Within that experience of knowing that person who's been to the finals, who knows what it takes to get all that taken? All sports are different. Referees let you play a little bit more. A lot of things are going on. That experience is valuable. Right? That experience is valuable. It's the same sort of thing like, do you think the Olympian who trained for their entire life who went to the Olympics and won a medal has no experience to share? I mean, come on. They did. Same exact thing and in their eyes, maybe they were a failure, but in my eyes, I'm like, teach me everything you know about how you prepared for the Olympics? I was like you're so this unique wisdom in value that people have, who are not the best are not that ultimate champion or who are not what other people say are the champions. There's a lot of people out here, you and me included who are just good enough that we know enough that we can share with other people. And we can get paid and make a living for it. We don't have to be the guru of all ruses, who never ever says anything wrong. All the time. That's what life is about in any way, shape, or form. The most knowledgeable, confident people that I've ever met. Say often I don't know the answer to that or or really know their limitations. They're, they're not Oh, I know that or I asked them a question. They're like, there's the answer. Here's the answer. I mean, most wealthy successful people that I've ever been around are usually the most humble and say I don't know and anyone else that I was around, was the winner. Throw the pot that he pissed in out of you knows everything. I mean, he's a guy who knows a little bit about a lot of things. And he's, you know what I mean? And it's like, it's like success leaves clues if you pay attention to them, and I'm sure you learn a couple of those people along your way and be the Ben one I know I was or have been at times when I was really broke. That was when I was the most arrogant and knew the most. And then when I mean, all through my 20s the same way. I knew everything I had nothing is no no shame. It's just like, be honest about it, you know? And that's why for me, the biggest thing dude that I've done as my career has gotten as has grown is just no less. I don't know the secret for me, the more successful that I get is that I keep on winning. Higher, but I'm happy to tell the people that I'm serving that because I don't want you to look at me like I had that's a lot of pressure. I don't have all the answers. I'm willing to get down in the trenches with you and I've got some experience and I might, I'll take a good stab at it and we can test it and then right I mean, that's life. Going to somewhere where we got this idea where have you ever gone except in your math class? After that you probably didn't like guns so there's no absolute answer in life. We're all just figuring this shit out as we go. It's a constant learning experience every day.

Every day is another opportunity to grow and learn from yesterday and get better every day. So what have you done here? Talk about a couple tips here in terms of just getting covered. 

You know what sort of perspective did you or did you let that process that you're about to go through in a way that was like made it not feel daunting, but but made it feel like you could eat the elephant a bite at a time was there anything as you were getting started with the journey to a little bit of revenue if you didn't have that but I want to just kind of go through your process and a couple of quick milestones in trying to understand what your mindset was or how you tweaked your mindset to get through that specific phase. So if we could start just at the beginning when you started going through the education, what were you thinking and feeling and when what did you do?

Trevin: I personally was really excited so I didn't have much like anything to really hold me back. I was ready. And it took time reading that article and watching that video. Really focusing a day at a time was huge for me because there's so much quality and information that if you look at it as a whole it can be very overwhelming. I think a lot of people that I talked to started the program kind of feel that way because they feel like they have to look at everything at one time. And then a rustic person really learns and focuses on it. And if you don't understand something, go back and rewatch it or watch it twice. I've watched it probably four or five times already. On my voice dude. It's as you go back through it and your things clicked differently the second time they clicked differently the third time step by step and celebrating the small wins have been done by Buddy pretty weirdly. It's great. It's something I've wanted to do and work towards so that's cool man. Do any of us have that putter? Dave: I mean I am literally taught I know I say fuck average be Legendary. And that is my superpower. I mean honestly, be honest. Just don't tell anybody. I'm just a regular kind of an average whatever, everybody's we're all we're all just people. We're all here trying to achieve the same thing. Like I know. I know. It's kind of like the superhero thing for you. And I never thought like that, but it's like the Legendary Marketer is like my badass confident self. You know what I mean? And like that average just kind of like it's like who almost like who I do you know sometime, but much anymore but it did feel like that like area oh that's uncomfortable or whatever I don't want to deal with this or whatever but that like Buck legend or fuck average be legendary. It's like that's that. You know that's like the best version of myself. And yeah, I think that it's really important that we remind people of that, you know, because and that's why I think the short forum is like cell phones selfie style. Content is crushing it these days because people believe it, just more believable it just looks. People know that it was shot on a cell phone or whatever it's not highly produced a lot of YouTube videos out to a new person who is trying to learn how to make money online or whatever that might have felt like daunting like wow, this is this is where you can be intimidating, intimidating but I think with the short form video in in the end the ability to be able to use your cell phone and the fact that everything super low pressure. Everything inside of the apps themselves. It's changed the game. So as you're going through education and you started to you know, you started to start actually applying it. What was your mindset going into that particular phase of the journey? Or how did you tweak it and, and, and also, what would you suggest to somebody who's maybe bought the blueprints or something in this kind of going through education and it's kind of like Alright, it's time to kick some shit into gear now and actually start applying this, that current position you know, you go from learning to now earning or, or it's like, insane there's no risk there. You know, it's like, Oh, shit. Now, there's a little bit more skin in the game. I could get burned. I could. I don't know. I mean, how did you deal with that? 

Trevin: Absolutely. I mean, I started where I was wary, I didn't post any content or put myself out there till March 10. My first video, kind of like in that. Getting ready to get ready mode just being like our land. I'm going to do it tomorrow. I'm going to go home and think of a better idea and do it tomorrow and do it eventually. You know, it's another one of those moments where I woke up and kind of looked in the mirror and asked like, just like what are you doing? It does take eight years.

Dave: There's 14 year old girls out there dancing. I mean, if they can do it, you can do it right. I mean.

Trevin: And there's 16 year olds to seven year olds who are driving this on social media making, you know, several $1,000 a month.

Dave: But that just goes to show and I just gotta say this goes to show how not tough we tough guys are right. How are inside because I mean we are so quick to run. Or or or you know, go to the gym. I mean, we are bad mothers, but I tell you, but then we want to get right and we're like I give them internet and then it's like this is like God like it's like it's all balled up. It's like Oh, I'm scared. I don't know the rejection, right? It's like, you're just the baddest motherfucker on Earth a second ago. And it's just It goes to show how powerful the emotional and the mental game is right. So like, ego aside, everything, just had to put it all aside and just do it. I sat down and made that kind of content. After about a week it was just like a routine. I didn't even think about it. Like yells, posts don't care. I mean, I guess my best advice would just just start, like start doing it. Even if you don't post a video, make a video. Watch it a couple times. If you think you can tweak it, make some changes maybe change the show, it doesn't add up, kind of give and take thanks to friends and family don't show these people sometimes I swear to God you and I didn't think they were like enemies for God's sake. I was gonna say your worst critics right? Sometimes the friends and family that you got, you know. When I was traveling, I'm just in such a weird world that we lived in. And the ultimate crime is to try to succeed by planning. It really is and what I mean by that is it being a weird world and playing by the rules. What are you talking about Dave? Well, you know, it's, it's, uh, we, we sort of, we sort of, I saw this, this this, this quote last night that we were, we were taught our whole lives to fear witches. Instead of the sick bastards that burned them. And I feel like a lot of life is liked, you know, a lot of life has. We were sort of raised in fear or know that people think that you know, myself, I was always in detention and everything else and got labeled as a bad kid when I was, I mean, even by some family when I was growing up. But the truth is, is that is that you know, each one of you, your most authentic your wildest, your most human, you're the part of your, your in that are your biggest or the most successful not the part that society has taught you to like or whatever, you know, society teaches you are spot on strong and I'm a big man and it's like Brene Brown comes out rightly leading your ship motivational speakers off their pedestal, and we see that that's become true now. 2020 as this content that's raw shows his side is not connecting and while all of the marketing and advertising gurus who are you know, are still making commercials they're trying to make ends meet your needs. Stan how they're just trying to like, just trying to get into the 2000s Really, I mean, like at TV commercials and stuff these things are about is nobody's even watching the shit anymore. Everybody's on there because the people want something different. The people want this authentic one. Filter goodness. Have you gotten comfortable in your own skin even if it's not been wild? I'm not talking about being wild. I'm just talking about Mo Trevon. That person may be that you are today or when you're just emotionally comfortable in your own skin and it's flowing in. You're speaking into the camera or at least in your head. What does it take to make you more comfortable creating content?

Trevin: It took me a while to master creating content I was doing too and then following along being a lot of people who are having success and this just happened like a month, month and a half ago I started really self being out. I started to think my goal was to have more time to spend with family and be outdoors in you know, exploring the mountains and doing things. And I started noticing like I started to click people like fishermen and people who hunt and people can camp and stuff like that. My conversations are just starting. I started feeling more comfortable just being fully self and creating valuable content appealing to people who are just like me, and interested in things like I am so I think that really helps. Just those little conversations with people that kind of build up your confidence and let you know that there are pet related phenomena he doesn't matter. There's any advice I can give to anybody when creating content or going into this Be authentic self 100% You're gonna have a much better time. 

Dave: It's just everything's gonna flow like that, and I agree and speaking of, you know, here's your boy and I love life love life as you know, just got a just got a boat also. So we'll be we'll be you know, I'm testing that I'll try to figure out how to how to, how to work it out how to stay safe on it, how to get back home in one piece, you know, to 3030 foot caught on so people don't have to be into the same things that I am into. But when I share my life with you know when I when I when I tell my stories in my winter and I want to show you I'll show you guys something else about your you share your stories with people and so forth and you let them into your life if they don't have to like the same things that you like they just like that you like them and they're entertained by the stories. You know. So this is me on my new boat and look at that. I will kill myself on my own and information. That's my dad to the right but that's the captain will be up there and he's a guy who I hired to teach me how to use the boat and he's got both videos. He's got some written content and of course he comes out sometimes I am under the boat with you and we help help some issues that are happening everywhere in life for me I get an edge by not always trying to find out how but to try to find a who and this was a concept by Dan Sullivan Strategic Coach. Who not how and it's about finding who knows how to show me instead of Route how how, what most people do when they want to earn money online. They're like oh, let me go in and all figured out how YouTube, you know, YouTube here I come and they basically stumble and fumble into YouTube and then you know they don't return actually to humans for me to YouTube black hole. But in this case, here I am leaving from somebody else. I found my who and my housemates. And then this is just a shot with with me and my pops on the boat so maybe I can take out one brother he asked us some of them analogy the other day of like the Honda Civics you can take the Honda Civic and yes it's getting there Don't be too proud to do it yourself route and take take Honda Civic and eventually you you're probably going to get there but you might break down 40 times by the time they get there they are and learn information that you need to and follow the you know follow in the footsteps. of success and follow somebody's path who has you know tested it and spent time and money and all that. Celebrating it and has created success through that. Right without Melissa says just capital sales funds. I don't know. I mean, it's amazing what you can do with these skills. I think that people really underestimate the power, the value, and the actual monetary value of the skills. And even though we don't teach this because I don't really like this business model as much as I like Cynefin nation or somewhere that I can go start an agency with them and start charging local businesses $2,000 A month or third or in that community to do social media and SEO Marketing. SEO means you write blog posts to try to get their site ranked like on Google for you know, there's Walmart, or whatever. Search engine optimization, but I could charge 2000 a month to manage their social and site for blog posts a month for how to optimize those or whatever. It's real simple stuff. I could charge 2000 a month to run their paid ads and to do social media. I could charge them one animal a month to do soaked these sales calls that you now have right here that nobody can ever take away me that I think is the most important thing that is happened that I got from this this is that I have knowledge and information and skill sets that if you know it would be able to start over and that is a feeling my friends is indescribable not because of everything that I have, but simply because of this purity that I have. It has nothing to do with what I have, physically. What I know and why? Well, because all Smith came back from the future and from slapping people in shit and was like, oh man in class, right? And I was like, oh shit, I can't remember anything about marketing. I might hit you up bro and I'd be up might be like, I need to know who right now. Right because I forgot how to go five and then I would lose in that so even if I got my whole disk wiped out I would still come back to my home and pick right back in. Why do I say that? Because most of you the thing that you want in life is secure. And again ultimately something outside of her net. That's a hat so you're never gonna get purity from anything else outside of yourself. It has to come from inside it has to come from what you know in your own content. You can pick your ass up, go back 100% Absolutely. With any Can we get a temporary security from something or outside of ourselves but Trevon let's be honest. You always got a little inkling inside of yourself or your day to grow my cell phone into some zone. And you know what, sometimes it is, it's because you're sitting there in your marriage going. Got this book or divorce of nothing. You know, honestly, to be honest, it's what I mean with the divorce knowing 50%.

scary thought.

Trevin: That is definitely a thought that I had when I was a chef for a long time.

Dave: It's like if I get tired of this or I get fired or something like what I'm gonna do I mean you do in that profession have you know have skills to go get another job but shit. Front of the southern end of the frying pan, right. You're jumping from one place to the other? Frying Pan? Yeah. I mean so me. It really is also about the security of two people. Do you feel more secure today than you did six months ago? 

Trevin: 100% and I feel like can you afford any business in my life? You know everything about personal relationships. Well, Brother, listen What were you gonna say? Finish a thought. 

Dave: All right. So I want to show you a hilarious picture of me when I had a period. I don't know if I showed you this. This one or another but it's one of my favorite all time photos. Where is it? God it's really some , it's an Oculus. We can make ourselves look sometimes, you know? But, you know, what I found is the more ridiculous you look on the internet, the more successful you are, which is a weird thing. That's a look at the hair, the beard just ever the look that I love. It's one of my favorite pictures. It's awesome. And the beard is on fleek. Of course as you can see there's it's and I might bring about I mean, I don't know it's it's a thing. You really have to prepare yourself. It says commitment. You know, you can but it takes but it doesn't go back quickly. And that's the thing so you know it's a commandment I understand your question simply from looking at your experiencing you today and it's wondering, yours you're having to bear with us because dammit, you got to stick like you got to you got to even when the pressures come and Ben and Ben when they're there, don't quit don't leave. You know, because you'll make the pass or the touchdown. Maybe Maybe that'll be your family or whatever. It'll be like a scary area. Look at your vessel get sacked by some you know, you'll post your first video and be like it sucks and you'll get sacked and you'll be you'll feel like you got a broken rib and then you'll get back up and you'll just realize you're okay and then leaving comes in. That's where the mind is where that belief comes in and yourself to keep on keep on keepin on. Yeah, so All right, well, hey, man, look. I thought we were only 30 minutes in we're damn near an hour. I'm gonna let you go bro. A player Let's fish one day soon buddies in this community that like to fish and of course that means you ladies and you know not just to feed fellas. I mean, come on. I'm not. You know, there's a lot of people in this community who do a lot of different things. I mean, it really is unbelievable. It's really super extraordinary. You know, it's average. Very things because we you know, really mean this doesn't require that you like totally become Superman or Superwoman you know and be solution can be that way in your business too but at a certain point I'll just put on your legendary a I'm going to step into my cell for a second and I'm going to get this shit done. And then and than that eventually no more putting this this this and then eventually that will become mindful for bodysuit or skin in that actual person who's afraid to take risk or who looks at things the way you're looking at them to say hey, this is an opportunity as a couple of weeks ago said I yeah, there are challenges there my challenges, and that's why I'm gonna face them and that's the perspective and the mindset that I have is that it's may change. It's kind of like it's my kid. A little fucked up but he's my kid. I'm gonna do what I mean that guy it's Mike he's fucked up but he's my kid. I make terrible I mean, that's the way your challenges are. It's like their scrubs but their challenges and out what a productive difference you imagine doing that you're killing it? I don't. Like yeah, what do we know? What do you know? I mean, it's life. 

Trevin: Absolutely. All right, man. Always there to help answer questions point in the right direction, whatever you need. 

Dave: Alright, man, well come see us. We'll do a round two and maybe some fishing in the future. Trevin: Okay. Sounds good.

Dave: All right, my friends. There you go. You have it. Another powerful conversation and you know what? The beautiful purpose is that every single person for a single day has just started their journey or maybe you are in front of a nation or church rhetoric training. experience that they can go back and teach us about I think that's the coolest thing. So hey, man, all of you go create your story. Go take this information. This training I'll never take for your success. All right. Have a Legendary day. Get out of here. Peace.