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Dave: What’s going on my friends. I’m at a recovery convention with my wife this weekend, I’m in a hotel room. Recovery heroin addiction got clean in 2008 and still participates in recovery to this day. And so I will be in a weird location throughout the show here in this hotel room and I've got a great guest today Alpha Alan, and I'm excited to talk to him and hear what he's been up to. So alpha Welcome to the show brother.

Alpha: What's going on I found you. So I'm in the local 90 semis and sometimes make split shifts. Sometimes it's a graveyard and, you know, you just never know and it's just not consistent work. You know, being in the union is great, and they pay you well but the work is not consistent. So I wanted to do something for myself and I had quite a bit of money saved up. I had a chunky little nest egg put to the side just in case my twins tested themselves. Or start my passive income. He got me into affiliate marketing, you know, he told me about the 15 day business builder challenge and it would be really, really good to start and you know, I was on the fence at first. And once I took action, I saw that it was amazing. It seemed that it was something that I really wanted to do after the very first day of the challenge. I started my hero's journey. You know, I started talking about my hero's journey from the very first video I started talking about my hero's journey. I started talking about course and how it can benefit you Oh, every time that I would make a video and after that, you know after the first 15 days I started getting traction I started getting I had over 1000 followers and what a month and a half which is you know a little long but there were organic followers. 

Dave: I like long growth. It gives proper expectation. We have people on the show, they're like I posted my first video and got a million views and then everybody's like, well, where's my million views? It's nice to hear the reality of what most people are going to experience, which is slower growth and just you're probably going to feel like you want to quit right before the miracle happens like right before you have something big happen. It's always how it happens. You feel frustrated, you feel like they're slow growth. You feel like it's not going to work out and then boom, something exciting happens. It's the same reason why it's the same way fishing works, dude. You know, you go out there and you have an absolutely quiet day. And one big bite. You don't even pull into the boat like fadam for 30 seconds and guess what, you know, it's enough and then the next time you come what happens? You eventually catch the Whopper, you know, there is some waiting there if there is a so anyways, I'm ranting but a bit appreciate you sharing that it did take it didn't take two days it took a month and a half for you to simply reach 1000 followers.

Alpha: And now that I'm a coach and a mentor myself and I have coaching clients and many testimonials, I'm able to get my coaching clients past 1000 followers in 24 hours, right? And it's not spammy, it's not anything like that. It's giving hope, right like it's actually giving hope so you know by giving hope those are going to be organic followers because they're going to be expecting more content like that from you. So when you're able to produce just a few pieces of content that's able to get someone over 1000 followers pretty fast. That's a testament right. I started truthfully because you know, I did 13 years in prison. Yeah, you know, and knowing that I've done that much time in prison, and I got out. I never ever, ever wanted to experience that type of hardship again in my life. So I had to make a change. And you know, it started out with low pay. Then I got into the union with a little bit better pay and now I'm an affiliate marketer. So I mean, if I can do it, anyone can do it. You know? I mean, I'm on your show speaking to you, brother.

Dave: I was in a similar position not with doing a lot of prison time but had felonies on my record. I was a heroin addict, and I had to do things to support that addiction. And I got arrested right when I turned 18 Yay. Me, you know, so my future was screwed. And it was a stupid little thing that basically was a result of my addiction, but I was screwed. And so this industry actually gave me a legitimate future alpha. And it sounds like it's doing the same thing for you. Whereas you know, when I used to apply for a job, I wouldn't even get a call back because I had to chuck check that little box that said so I'm here to to identify with you and here to give you some hope that you know that you keep tracking down that path and only good things will happen because because only you can hold you down brother. I bet you can only let others hold you down but only you can actually hold you down. And I just won't allow that in my own life because now I realize how many other people are counting on me as well counting on me to follow through on me to see my story through. And that's probably what's happening a lot with your followers as well. 

Alpha: It is. Um, you know, I'm happy that I'm almost 40,000 followers now. You know that that has taken me a long time. Like it was taking me almost a year to get there but I'm there right like it's

Dave: Best year of your life probably right? Yeah.

Alpha: Seriously, um, you know, like I see people just getting these followers and 24 hours and 72 hours and putting up three videos and I got 100,000 followers. Well, that's okay. You know, me knowing that I got out of the mud and like, I got hurt totally. Yeah, I earned this, you know, and learned here to be with you and talk to you. And I'm just happy that I'm able to continue my path to success and help as many people as I can in the process so that they can start making money online. Because that's going to be the new future. Marketing is the future. 

Dave: I  was just talking to somebody on the show yesterday it was RJ and we were talking about I was you know we were talking about just you know, the fact like what really struck me was he was like, I want to be a part of this. He knew that the FOSS was leaking at the bus station. He knows that for space, leaving Earth whatever analogy you want us but people are going some places and we have a choice to either stay here on land or go to space right for me, baby. I'm trying to be in those clouds. I want to and I'm metaphorically speaking you know, I will be detached from everybody and all of their regular problems and inflation or deflation or stock market up stock market down all that BS. I want to have just my nest egg money in the bank, a shirt, some stocks and real estate with a nice balanced portfolio where I can take care of my family and I don't have to watch the news. I don't. That to me. It is his freedom. And, you know that's worth this, that's worth this hard work that we put in because I don't want to be there back in 2008 when I or 2009 It took me about a year after I got cleaned to come online. And I started to listen to a lot of old time people because I was selling training to network marketers. That was my first product that I was an affiliate of I did MLM. And then I came online and I was like, Dude, I gotta figure out a way to stop chasing friends and family and do something right. And that's when I found online marketing and all these network marketers were doing what we do essentially using landing pages building an email list and all this stuff and I'm like, Holy shit, right. And so and so, you know, I I learned how to use those tools and how to tell my story and and, and so forth. I forgot where I was going with that but that's what the beginning of my journey looked like exactly what the beginning of your journey looks like right here. I mean, every single other person that comes on the show is exactly what I did at the beginning. And I was talking about wanting to be in the clouds and so forth. Yeah, I listened to these guys in these training tapes and they would constantly talk about creating their own economy. And I just didn't know what that meant. You know what I mean? I didn't know what they meant by creating your own economy. But I do now. It's where you got enough money to where it doesn't matter. That's what it means. That's all. It just means where you got enough money where it doesn't matter. You got enough money hidden in your safe or under the bed to where even if the bank shut down. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter, right? You got money in the bank. It doesn't matter what the $1 is doing. You got enough or you got a home that's paid off. So it's not as important. These are things that I'm speaking from experience I didn't have 10 years ago but I have today zero debt, multiple houses, paid off stocks, cash, all this stuff. And it doesn't matter. I don't talk about that every day because I don't want to make others I want to inspire people to go to get to that but I'm saying it now to let you know it's possible to have your own economy. It really is. If you're into that now how does that feel?

Alpha: It feels fantastic to know that I'm my own boss and the way I'm structuring my business and the way I'm structuring my life with my mindset. It's coming a lot more naturally now. Instead of me like every time I get a win, it's like oh my god, man, I'm so excited guys, look at this. It's not like that anymore. Because I know as long as I continue to help people truly help people and show people that there is a different way other than busting your ass at a nine to five and just over broke job. And you can actually start making money online with the right mindset. And I feel like that's a win in itself.

Dave: How has it been for you to transition from that learn due to that teach your you were like, Well, I'm a coach. And a mentor. And you said that as if it was second nature and there was a time that I absolutely know. You must have said to yourself, there's no I mean, how can i What can I say that's going to impress people, what can I say that people are going to listen to me well how do I have credibility? Or it sounded something like that, that there had to have been a switch that was either flipped or something that happened over the period of this last year. Where you went from that learning where you were that ignorant student you the first day you knew nothing to doing it to now teaching it. Can you talk to us a little bit about that?

Alpha: Yes, I can definitely talk to you about that, um, all the trials and tribulations that I've been through of me having to try to teach myself right. Like I had a coach and a mentor but there's just you know, everyone has their limitations on what they know right? So, you know, at that point, you got to go off on your own and try things on your own other than just having a coach and a mentor. Like for instance, I did the one funnel away challenge. I did the five day lead challenge. I've done your 15 Second leads. There's a lot of other things that I did to better myself to make it a lot easier, you know, to start coaching people and then not only that I had Eric pushing me like very very hard like pushing me very, very, very hard. You know, any type of little baby mistake I would make you I mean he was calling me on it. You know I'm not doing this. I'm not doing that ain't your late Hey. I mean anything and you know, it built me up to the point to where now it's like it is second nature to everything that I learned that thing that I learnt inside the space, whether it was good or bad I've taken all that along with my pain. And I've turned it into a tangible way within my brain where I can teach people in the fastest and most efficient way possible. Like for instance, I can put together an autoresponder email sequence everything in two hours like literally front to back back end systems everything that so with me knowing that there's a lot of people that don't want to do affiliate marketing all they want as a business to do a drop shipping company but they need an automatic landing page right? So I can do that in an hour's time, like an hour and a half. So it made it a lot easier for that type of a transition to teach people

Alpha: Right just by the learning curve. Yeah, man. I mean, it's, it's, it is mandatory and makes it much easier to teach when you've done it yourself. I think it's so I mean, whether somebody's coaching you to do it and sitting next to you and saying click here or whatever. But the simple fact that you've actually moved the mouse with your hand in your fingers typed in just seeing it and doing it once at least once and then of course you do it over and over. But it's gonna take a long before. You know before it's second nature, really, I mean, it really only takes a couple of weeks if you're doing it every day. It just takes a couple of weeks to where it's second nature. The other thing that I wanted to point out that you just said was the fact that you monetize the skills and other ways. It's absolute like if you're a hustler, like I can see you are like I was beginning Yeah, I mean I might it take nowadays I am very, very know oriented, meaning that I say hello a lot more than I say yes. But there have been times throughout my career that I had to say yes, more than I said no. Right now, whether that was ops or opportunities, right I mean, right. And I did right there right. Okay, I made that real simple, because after more of our journey, we've acquired a few skills we see. I mean, everything's a little shit. I could do that if I can. Okay, yeah, I'll do that. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Yeah. I can be your coach. Oh, you want a product for that? Yeah, I got it. Let me go make your real quick. I mean, men and women at the beginning because that's what we got to do to bring in a book and that's why I don't get too mad at anybody for anything that they do out here on the internet because I know people are just trying to survive. We try to teach people in the long term, or we try to teach people how to look at the long term, protect your reputation, protect your integrity, because you only get one name. We do try to teach that. But the hustler aspect is something that I'm very familiar with and and and I love how you see and are monetizing the skills in various different ways. You can go who has a business, and it's like, hey, hey $500 I'll drive up there and set that up for a two hour drive. Your time is valuable. He's got a business. He's your uncle, he should want to pay you. But now I can do that. I can go set up his auto responder, or I can offer that as a I mean, I've even said Alpha. A great thing for a lot of us to do is go instead of jumping into another MLM or instead of jumping into another biz RP get rich quick bullshit thing like you've always done by not doing the affiliate marketing and keep on the path that you're on and then go fill out the offer up some jobs. And take some jobs over on or or to write some copy for some people. There you can write a copy for you know so many so many cents or dollars per word, or, or a sales letter you get really good at copy you can demand 1000s or, or multi 510 $1,000 per sales letter. So there's one that's an example of sort of creating multiple streams of income, kind of inside the same business. You're right, the more that we can keep what we're doing. Like what you just mentioned, was that you can set up autoresponders you can do this kind of thing. Well, that's mostly in line with what you're already doing. It's a completely different business which, for new people, it's one of the biggest ways to crash and burn is that oh, I've been in this for a week. I've been doing this for a week. This other thing over here the day talking about seems like it's going to be well guess what? Once you get over there, it's artificial turf. Dammit. That grass wasn't really greener. Like we're gonna go to main Valley and despairs on this side trying to learn how to teach people those things I put together a full on business in a box. That's hard to do, man. Yeah. That's hard work. And I know how to do that in just a few hours. Right. So you know, like, one thing that you said and I will never forget, this was a few weeks ago back in one year. At a big meeting and you're at another location and it was a decade and a day. Okay. And you said to everyone that was in the room, a few of them got awards and things like that, but you said that buying courses the one you already have is enough. Right? So there's like all these other guys that will take this course and they'll take that course because that course didn't work. Well. The very first course you check there would have worked if you did not quit. And just like honestly, I'm not here. To bullshit anybody because I got successful dropshipping friends and I got successful ecommerce friends and stuff like that. Like, the truth is, that drop shipping business that you did, you probably could have succeeded in that. Honestly, you probably could have if you would have stuck with it. Now it's not my favorite business model to build long term because yeah, do you want it Do you want your business really to be at the at the at the mercy of China and the Pacific in various diseases that are no I don't want I want you to buy something from me brother and me to be able to instantly deliver it to you download it right away. That's what I want. Yes. The truth is, is that you're right, you know, you can really be I mean, I could be successful with a hotdog stand if Alpha you said is all you get? You get one hotdog stand. You gotta go make it work. Do you think I'd sit around and be like, whoo, food producer. I'd take the hotdog stand and I get very creative. I'd be very creative, right? But because we because there's so much alpha out there. There's so many different options and there's always somebody who is standing there to tell you what you want to hear, not what you need to hear. There's always a little bugger right there who's ready to just tell you what you want to hear all legendary. It's just a bunch of videos or whatever. And these are the same people that have you ever actually even seen their face. But there's always somebody who's there ready to whisper sweet little nothings in your ear? And, you know, we like that there was a song called Tell me lies tell me sweet little lies. And until we're ready to face the truth, that no matter what we do, whether we buy a course here, when we buy a course there until we're ready to actually learn it, and go through it and actually apply ourselves as if it was the only course left in the world. Then our chances of success with anything are nil. That's a fact.

Alpha: You're right. And see I was chasing the shiny object when I first got in there right? As soon as I first started affiliate marketing I was chasing the Commission's and I wanted them even now and I just was and nothing was coming in at all. So I wanted to quit so many different times on myself. I wanted to quit and then I started to see a little bit of success. And then it just wasn't a lot but I was seeing success every day. Right like I was seeing a win every day. But it just wasn't enough. But you were just maybe comparing yourself to other people's big wins 100%.

Dave: That's so great to hear alpha and I love that you give credit where credit's due you know it's it's something that I've learned is really important over the over the years and this industry is such a small industry that all these people that we you know all these people that we think we're mentoring and we think we're doing something for you know it next year they may be helping me you know I mean, we learn so my legend would be what, three years unless I got humble enough to get on every day and say what can I learn from my students? What can I learn from people that are buying stuff? What can we learn? Because you know what? People get tired of hearing from just one person, you know what I mean? Like, I got tired. I got tired of just hearing from myself. You know, I've been in this industry for over 10 years and I was like I don't want to do another show. I don't want to do another podcast. I don't want to do anything else. And in in, you know it was really an act of sort of ego deflation and also, Matt, our CMO pain of the day right now I think suggesting it which is credit where credit's due, you know, credit where credit's due suggesting this and we did it we started interviewing our clients and you know, we just got you know we'll make more of more noise about this as as time goes on, but, you know, now we're being nominated for different awards, and it's really nice. It's really exciting. Not because of me, but because I got my ass out of the way and started learning from everybody else in giving credit where credit's due and just shining the spotlight on everybody else just like you did, like you just did. I think that's the point that I'm trying to make. Your career will be so fruitful and so long and so profitable. If you continue with that attitude, and we all adopt that attitude that it's collaboration, not competition. In really there's an abundance mindset Alpha that's required that you're demonstrating this morning there's an abundance mindset that's required to give credit to other people, to give recognition to other people to shine the light on other people. You gotta have an abundance mindset. You can't have a lack mentality because a lack mentality is all about jealousy and I need all the attention and I don't want anybody to win, right? But as an entrepreneur, if I want to be successful, I have to want others to win. I have to want my comp, you know, I really, in a way, I mean, I want to. I sometimes want to crush my competition, what's not. When I gotta want other people to win, I gotta want to win. You know what I mean? Did you feel that happening with you opening up a little bit more and I can imagine years in prison and things like that made you probably not as open minded and all that as you are today and as of others. You are 100% Correct.

Alpha: Until I started this journey and started listening to my affirmations at night, which is something I never did before. I was 100% closed off from people that I was, I mean, even at work, I'm receiving both compliments and love and validation and also giving it You mean stuff like that. So I'm not talking to people's fine but receiving love and gifts and people told me I'm doing fantastic and after you're doing great and then me being able to say that to other people. I wasn't able to do that before just because you're right. I was always in competition with people. I wasn't always in competition with someone. You know, you're always trying to up someone, you're always trying to even up yourself and stay safe.

Dave: I can't show you I can't show you my hand might make something steal whatever. I mean, that's what a lot of us have to stay safe in many different situations. And so receiving love and compliments. And validation and giving it is not really safe thing to do emotionally and mentally speaking anyways, because I'm showing vulnerability and weakness but a great book and a great even TED Talk speaker for any of us, especially as big macho guys who think that we get more with with with with intimidation, or we will get more by by by force, we should all go and listen to Brene Brown her both her talks in her book Daring Greatly where she talks about leading with vulnerability. And it's a real shift. It's a real shift in your energy. It's a real shift in how you connect with people. It's a real shift in how you connect with people. So Brene Brown Daring Greatly in her books and talks on leading through vulnerability is helpful for all of us, but especially it was helpful for me as a man.

Alpha: That's really cool, man. I'm happy. I'm definitely gonna look that book up. I'm recording this live myself so I'm gonna come back and rewatch this and I'm just happy to be on this live with you. Another thing that got me was when I started reading Secrets Of A Millionaire. So when I started getting really unlocked the way I perceive money, I saw Rich Dad Poor Dad teaches you about how to spend money and what money is about. Secrets of a Millionaire Mind teaches you about the abundance of cash and what they perceive through other people's eyes. 

Dave: Right so by me read that book most of it and know about the inner game of wealth and how to spend your money, how to invest things like that. It has made me realize what I want from my life and what I want for anyone that I work with, right like so anyone that I work with a coaching client that I have, they're 100% satisfied. The reason why is because I know the way I've been coached and I know what I didn't want to get coached on and the way I didn't want to be coached. So, you know, I'm going to be good coaching and bad coaching and I'm doing my best to make it towards perfect coaching. Right like I want them to be happy and walk away knowing about tick tock growth trends. Putting your funnel together in just a few days sniper challenge copywriting, hacking, Funnel Hacking, I want them to know about mindset growth challenge right breaking down barriers of work and you never even know that you are able to even be able to break down right teach all that in this next five weeks make a masterclass and I'm right like like I'm teaching people these these things week to week on what took me to the next level. Right and what I know is going to be able to help so many people in this world get to that next level regardless if they know how to type on the computer. I can probably type right now. 15 words a minute. Truth, and that's the best. I don't know where I'd be. I don't want to test them. I'm a hunting pecker I mean, I know a few woody woodpeckers out there but I'm all hunt and peck you know what I mean? down and give her a couple of patents and then look up and see how much of it I misspelled and look back down and have a Mac a few more times. I mean, I had ADHD very bad.

Dave: You know what I'm hearing is somebody who came in somebody who had all kinds of odds and all kinds of different just just just just like most and I've got one of my best friends had a long prison sentence and got out and and is one of the best people that you would ever, ever, ever want to know.


Such as in he and he works so hard to be a great friend and be a great business person because he wants to make up for lost time and and never kind of go back to who he was and I can relate to that in many ways as well. 

Alpha: I just hear somebody who's really hungry I hear somebody who is now taking the best of what the internet and what you know online marketing has to offer which in my opinion is what we're doing. It's selling information and elearning it's not selling bullshit, gadgets and gizmos and horseshit that just people don't need honestly, I don't I'm not here to put down anybody's business. Like this work is important. And what we do is important and I feel like the selling of knowledge, the shared knowledge in the packaging of information and how it's how how any one of us can take something in when I mean when I say something I mean the most important thing in life, which is showing somebody something which is sharing a piece of information that can help them in their life. It's the most important life in society and civilization that does not exist if people like us shared information in previous generations and civilizations and we have an opportunity to to help to teach and to package what we know or package what we've learned. And absolutely change somebody's entire life. Not add more bullshit, not add more. Not so some you know, some gizmo piece of crap that they're gonna give somebody the gift of knowledge and to do it in a fun way, as you said in a creative way. Do it in a way that you know, that worked for you and hopefully it'll work for others. If people resonate with you. They can learn from it, not they can go to somebody else. But I just hear somebody who's whose. Boy did you. I just think about everybody else who's gotten out who got out of war the military or prison or or anywhere else College did not find what you and I found dude. But if you see what I'm saying, think about all those people out there who didn't find it, man it makes me feel lucky and it makes me feel blessed. And it makes me not want to squander the gifts that's just my personal meal the same way day. I totally feel where you're coming from brother like I feel blessed every single day because the statistics for me for as long as I was in this last time. 

Dave: So for us to be rehabilitated, rather, it's not known for us to be rehabilitated. It's built for us to be turned into caged animals. And you know, it's a difficult thing. To wrap your head around being pain paying the consequences that a lot of us have paid for things that are now legal in some cases, like, for example, all the people that have been mostly African Americans that have been locked up over simple marijuana charges. I mean you're beating the odds, brother, that's what's important. For sure, and this is another reason why I help so many people.

Alpha: I did a seven part series of my life, right and this is me being 100% vulnerable. It's in my TikTok. It's called Alpha Allen's journal. This deep, man, it's really deep. There's like, that's a full three minutes time at the seven parts and I'm telling you guys about my life I'm telling you about not much G lifestyles. It's about AlFalah you know, it's about what I went through how I got in trouble why I got in trouble me being a shit stick, being dumb, being a hard headed guy and what got me to where I'm at right now in my life and why strike the best person I can possibly be and pull that out of myself and put it into words and articulate it out into everyone in the world that see my vision. You know.

Dave: I love people who have gotten in trouble and people who have society have said, Oh, he's a outcast or he's a bad guy because, you know, we especially entrepreneurs, you'll find and, you know, you'll find this in a lot of leadership positions is that a lot of people have you have you know, have have scars or blemishes in their past their history because they were out living. They were out expressing their in some cases their creativity and and or in most cases. Like I was just watching a video on white underbelly soft white underbelly, which is a YouTube channel that I want you to if you want to really hear people's stories and let's see how to get raw and vulnerable on video go with white underbelly. Shit real shit. Not all of them black and white, right? Yes. Black and white man that real shit. real conversations, real interviews, but I was just saying that it's an expression of creativity. A lot of times we get in trouble because of this guy yesterday, I watched an interview with a Scarface debt collector. He was doing graffiti and he ended up getting $7 million in damages and a bunch of prison time from doing graffiti out in California and that's how his criminal history started. So a lot of times we get in trouble and so forth because we just didn't have the right guidance or leadership we needed and we just didn't get what we needed. And we wandered off and that's the case for a lot of us or we just didn't have parents that were equipped to be able to care for us. But those are oftentimes the people that I find are the most interesting. Every one of us is interesting. It's just a matter of whether we choose to share the interesting parts about ourselves. Because we've all been through a little bit of shit or a lot of other shit. Some of us have been caught for the things that we've done and some of us haven't. But the thing that I see you doing and it's beautiful, and it's a great example for everybody and let's put his TikTok or whatever links we have up and then we'll wrap up here in a second because my wife's actually speaking. I want to go listen to her but I see you doing the deal and using your story and your experience as a positive instead of a negative and stay in I would expect anything less from you know it's society that says that guys like you and I who they underestimate us, they count us out and I love I love when people count me out, don't you? You know, and you know what everybody who's listening they've counted you out to they've counted you out to your boss has counted you out most likely doesn't think that your shit doesn't doesn't respect you doesn't care about that. You know what I mean? And what, what, what you really need or what you really want. I one of my one on one of our dear friends just had an experience with her boss where she's been working from home for the past couple of years and now they got this shitty little office and they're like you have to come in it sets a good precedent for the other employees and the other employees that guy's daughter it's like that's the kind of dumb shit that bosses you know what I mean? They don't you know, for most of us who you know, have had you know, not great jobs or haven't made much money. Society doesn't ever think that you're going to do jack shit with your life. You know society in your friends and family don't really think and I don't mean they want what's bad for you, but they just take you for granted and and I love when people count me out and I love to prove myself and others wrong. And now I know what I'm capable of. And it really sounds like you're on that path to alpha. 

Alpha: I really appreciate that from you. I mean, you know, I mean that coming from you. I really appreciate that and I want to continue and congratulate you man for your sobriety brother because I know how hard it is for many people to keep that.

Dave: It's been the hardest and easiest thing I've ever done in my life. And the beautiful thing about recovery and addressing it is there's always another one that pops up you know the work is never done. The work is never done personal development and really growing is never done. I've never arrived anywhere, anywhere. But it means a lot. Thank you for saying that. And it'll send people to support you and learn from you and my friend. Thanks for your time today brother.

Alpha: Thank you so much as well Dave. God bless you man and I hope to be back on your show very soon.

Dave: All right, Alpha you Sure? Well, we'll talk to you soon buddy. All right, my friends. There it is. Boss G lifestyles is alphas tick tock with us. G that may be his tick tock. That may be his tick tock pen name. So don't be confused about that. Yeah, wow. I just had a fantastic conversation opening on the decade of the day, which is the all day workshop we do for new blueprints members. And then this Wake Up Show. I'm fired up. It's Friday, but I'm fired up. I'm trying to cruise and relax into the weekend but I'm fired up. So have a great weekend. I'm gonna go have a fantastic weekend of growth and hopefully breakthroughs and a little bit of relaxation and take this weekend, spiritually today as you move into the weekend to do something powerful that you finish. What's the most important thing that you have to do today? So you can go into the weekend feeling you know, you can you can you can feel a form of completion. Do that today. Just put that on the top of the priority list if you've been avoiding or putting off filming that first video, we're pulling the trigger on something, then do it 10 days matter of fact, today is the first day of I believe, isn't it? Yeah, it's the first day of a grant. Okay, and this is the last half of 2020 to keep that in mind for your strong friends to get out of here be Legendary. We'll see you back on Monday for another episode.