Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave:  Well hello there my friends, this is Dave Sharpe, welcome to Wake Up Legendary this morning. We have a former office manager with a master's. We just want you all to know that she has a master's degree. We've put it in the headline here: needed work-life balance and she has maybe finally found it. Let's hear from her. Cintia, welcome to the show.

Cintia:  Hi, thank you.

Dave:  How are you?

Cintia:  I'm good. How are you?

Dave:  I don't. I don't think you have enough time for me to tell you all about it. I am awake and alive this morning. And I was saying to my wife as we were about to go live. You know, my wife has also got a master's degree or HR and stuff here at Legendary. And what was the other similarity? She has three kids.

Cintia:  I got two so yeah,

Dave:  I was like am I talking to my wife here this morning? But anyways, it's not my wife's right there. Here you are. So tell us how you found legendary you know what you were looking for? And have you found it?

Cintia:  Yes. So while I guess starting maybe last year, I started seeing some friends of mine. Well, I stopped working about two years ago because I was overly stressed with my kids and the office was too much because I couldn't do too much at the time. And I also started to have a word balance because work life balance because I couldn't have that. And a friend of mine from Brazil because I'm from Brazil. He was always posting on Instagram, you know, because he was working with affiliate marketing. And I'm like, Okay, so let me check that out. What is that about? And I started talking to him and he explained to me what it was like okay, but I'm leaving us I gotta find something here ya know, cuz to to make it work here

Dave:  In Brazil, an affiliate marketer who is from Brazil and currently lives in Brazil.

Cintia:  Yes, yes. Yes. So so that's how it always started and I started looking for for ways to learn here because I know that the way they work in Brazil it's kind of different from here like the the strategies I mean, the goals same but you know so that's how I found legendary started looking no Instagram and I didn't even know how to talk at the time to be honest. Because I'm not going to be posting stuff ever. So yeah, so that's how I found engineering. I'm like, Okay, so let's give it a try. And here we are.

Dave:  So what's happened since then, give us some milestones or achievements or some things that have happened in a positive way since you started. Yeah, so

Cintia:  I started I think I took the 15 Day Challenge back in December. I kind of procrastinate a lot to be quite honest. You know, to put everything into place and I'm like, Okay, let me let me make sure that this is going to be right. I wanted to still have my life and at the same time, you know, do my work on the side. So I kind of you know, we started putting out together and on the website and all so I started posting I think back in March, but like one here one video here one video there wasn't much and one a day maybe. And then I was like okay, but I started to see results within a week, even though I was posting like once a day. And I'm like, Okay, I think this can work. So so. So that's what everybody sees, right? So after maybe a month, yeah, it took me like a month to start, like by mid April I would say I'm gonna go full speed with this. And I started like three times a day. I'm like, okay, I can do it three times a day. But let's go for it. And so that's what I did. And I started to see better results. And so I see that mostly you know, if you're consistent with everything that you're doing, and that's when you start to see it actually work out.

Dave:  Yeah, I mean, just like motherhood right like when you when you when you parent your children and you're there day after day, they begin to trust you. It's an amazing thing, you know? I mean, it's like if we think about just children, if we came and popped into the house every couple of days and just were like, Hey, how are you doing? I'm gonna make you dinner real quick or whatever. Then we left for a couple of days and then we came back. We wouldn't you know, that's not the way to build the strongest bond and relationship with our children. I think we would all agree with that. Right? And so, you know, human beings out there on the internet or adults, they work the same way there is somebody who's there every day. On this planet of 8 billion people, there is somebody who's willing to be there every day. And so it's a small price to pay. But it does take creativity. You can fit it into a small amount of time. But it does take creativity and it does take some dedication. So you're finding the time, how are you managing your time? I mean, what are some of the things that you're doing or that you started doing that are saving you most time with two small children? Yeah, so

Cintia:  Basically, because they go to school in the morning, so that's my golden time. So I drop them off, and I do my stuff in the morning, and then when they go to bed, I also do some stuff. So that's basically how I tried to manage it. Of course, you know, during the day if you have any time you know, to respond to somebody here because, you know, people are asking questions and they need help with whatever. But mainly what I'm doing is like in the morning, and then I can take care of them. I can not change their schedule. I'm gonna keep doing whatever I'm doing and at the same time I can manage my business. Yeah, so you know, just record stuff and you leave it in the drafts and then you edit later. And you go from there. So that's

Dave:  Really just within a couple. I mean, didn't What did you say about April you said you would procrastinate a little bit, but when did you finally get through the training and start marketing.

Cintia:  So I got through the training. That's what I said it was like back in December that I got through the training. But for me to actually put everything into place and build the funnel and the emails and all it took me like a few months to get everything together. And to finally start, you know, working on it.

Dave:  That's the time in which you said you procrastinated right.

Cintia:  Yes, yes, yes. Well, I started procrastinating since I met my friend in Brazil, because last year was like mid last year. And then I started searching and you know, and then I came through legendary by the end of the year. Yeah.

Dave:  Yeah. It's interesting. It's like imagining, thinking about all that time. You know, I know I get into something we get interested in. And yeah, we look back and we're like, wow, like I've kind of played around with this idea for a year and look at how far I've gone in just a month when I really committed. So you know what, knowing how powerful this is, knowing that you can take some training, learn the ropes to get out there and actually then build a business that is as big as you I mean, you can obviously see if you put full time into this, you would get a much bigger result. But you're you're putting lit you're putting in the minimum amount of time that you are the maximum amount of time that you have with other things that you got going on and your kids but now that you know how powerful this is, where do you plan to take this is this just something that is for you going to bring in some extra income which is is nice, do you do you plan to build this into something bigger? Talk to us about now that you know all that research or conversation or procrastination period is over.

Cintia:  Now I want to put full speed on it. Absolutely. Because when you see the results like the you know, bigger results are like okay, so you know this can change things and I've talked to many people that are with legendary too they took the training I think they spoke to Camila other brazilian girl one time so been talking to them and I see like everybody like is the if you put in the work, you can really get results and I started for myself. So it's not something that just oh, you know, I'm gonna do it once a day. No, you have to commit. And that's what I did. Not long ago, but yes, I decided no, I'm going to commit to this and I'm going to make it work. And, and it's working. Yeah. I, you know, I want to go from here. So

Dave:  It's working just like it's working. Just like we said that it would work right. It's amazing. And we know that it works because we do it. Look at this. I talked about this yesterday because I recently won a contest with ClickFunnels. I didn't even change anything. This is just my personal account. My Dave Sharpe affiliate account here at legend is still marketing, still making things happen, is still bringing in traffic and is the number one affiliate of Click Funnels as of last month. So you know, it's it's it if we do it and we teach it because it works. And this income for me, you know is an additional This is in addition to my ClickFunnels. affiliate income is in addition somewhere between 30 and 50,000 a month. I can't even remember off the top of my head what it is, but it is truly that. I mean just that one as I sit here you know I'm serious. It's like you know, I have several things that have worked like that over the years, several, you know, several different products that I've promoted. And I have, you know, even even after, even after I stopped promoting those products, I still was in some cases still getting commissions and I know that that is the case for a lot of people as well. When they sometimes run into difficult situations. And they really need that income. Thankfully, I haven't been in one of those situations where, you know, my affiliate marketing income, you know, basically like saved my life thankfully but what sort of things do you want to do specifically with Do you Do you want to travel more? Do you want to move to a different house? I mean, if you think, why am I doing this deep down inside? What is your answer?

Cintia:  My answer. I went to give more to my kids. That's my answer. Housing wise and like a bigger house or, you know, they went out and I want to be booked to travel to Brazil more because now prices are ridiculously expensive. So I want to have the flexibility to do whatever I want without worrying about the financial side of it. And also I can, you know, take care of them at the same time. So that's my goal right now. Yeah,

Dave:  That's incredible. Yeah. You know, sure, that stems from your own life and wanting to give your kids better than what you had in something different than what you have.

Cintia:  Absolutely, absolutely. I think all the parents say they kind of go missing.

Dave:  Yeah. And with craziness that happens in the country in the world, like what happened this week out in Texas. I'll tell you what, you know, obviously that hit from what it appears that hit a Latino neighborhood. I mean that's that even when I was looking at the pictures it looked like everybody standing around you knew it was Latina. And I thought you know, wow. The opportunity that I have, first of all to have been born in this country, but also to have this information I have this knowledge for and I'm speaking for me specifically for English doing my first language to have, you know, to have stumbled across some information on the internet that helped me to succeed and all that and I look at you, and I look at folks in this country who have come from other countries and who have especially now those folks in Texas that that community I'm sure is rocked by that. But I just look at folks like you, my Barber's from Cuba. I love his story and I just think about how hard it must have been and everything that you've been through in your family. It's just people who are in America whose English is not their first language and they were born somewhere else. They came here for opportunity, man and I don't know your whole story. At some point somebody either you or somebody came here from Brazil, right? You did. Looking for opportunity, right looking for a better life for you and your kids. And I look at a lot of people, by the way. There's a lot of people in our community and I just met one of them. From Peru, what's her name honey? Andrea, Andrea from Peru came to our mastermind event and I got to meet her. Do you feel that a lot of the things that you've been through and already overcome have given you now the tools to be able to do this too?

Cintia:  Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. Because when you get here it's like you know when I got here 12 years ago, I guess Yeah, 12 years ago. And when you arrive it's a different country. It's the language, it's sort of different even though you know I started English in Brazil. It's completely different. It's another language . You don't know anything when you get here. So people don't understand you and you try to explain things and it's like it's a little messy in the beginning.

Dave:  And I'm sure that all in your confidence too. 

Cintia:  Absolutely, absolutely. And you know, it took it took some time, you know, to get used to everything and you know, to gain respect from people when and you know, I got heroes young, but at the same time, you know, you still have to to to get your place and to you know so yeah, it definitely definitely

Dave:  It's up to you. I mean, I can't imagine I'm maybe you came with family, right but by myself this story is incredible. Are you serious?

Cintia:  Yeah. Yeah, I graduated in Brazil. And then I was like, Okay, I'm leaving. I came to us and I started our training program. And I was 2121. Yeah. So yeah. So I got here and I was doing training stuff. And I stayed from there. I never went back. So

Dave:  The reason why one of the reasons why I bring this up is because we all have something that we've overcome. We've all you know, we all have incredible things that we've done and achieved and learned. And I asked you to really power or just touched on two really powerful points, right. Why are you doing this? And what have you been through already that demonstrates that you can do this? If we all ask ourselves those two questions today, why am I doing this? And what evidence do I already have that I can get through anything that I can do anything? Let me tell you something. My friends, if you've come from another country, and you've learned another language and you have survived for this long, you can do anything my friend. You know, for those of you who have golly, we've all been through so much stuff. I mean, we all have things that we have overcome. That is your story. Now whether you choose to tell that story out on the internet and use it for marketing. You need to know that story in your heart. You need to know what you've overcome and you need to know who you are. You need to be able to see what looked back, what have I been through? And can I do this? Do I have evidence that I can get through things or do I have evidence that I can't? And I guarantee if every single one of us looked at what we've been through and what we've overcome we would really truly be impressed with ourselves in confidence, instead of critical when the bar goes up in comparing ourselves and tearing ourselves apart or down. You know I often say if you talk to me the way that I talked to you, I would have a real problem with you. Because I can be hard on myself. You know what I mean? But wow, if I was you Wow. I hope you feel a lot of confidence and I hope you feel a lot of dignity. Because you've got an incredible story and you've overcome a lot to be where you're at. And isn't it amazing to know that each and every person who's listening to this has that same story you can have just how powerful of a story if you really look at it. Like that. Look at this. Christina says, you know, I arrived nine months ago, and I bought the blueprint, I'm creating my funnel now. I mean, I don't know where you arrived from Christina, but I'm assuming you are from another country. And I just love to look at what other people have been through in what they have done and can do, because it also makes me look at what I'm dealing with and say I can do this, if that's what they have to deal with. I can do this right now because I'm the type who has to get motivation from wherever I can. So,

Cintia:  mindset, right. It's all about the mindset. Because sometimes when I was procrastinating like all those months, you know, I'm like, I don't know. You know, I was always in an office and doing, you know, HR stuff and office stuff. So it was me, the computer and the employees, okay, but it's not something that you put yourself out there. So you know, you have to shift your mind. Okay, so, if I'm going to do this, I'll have to come in and I'll have to, you know, change a bit a little like something's because many people were like, Oh, I don't want to show my face and it's totally fine. But when you see what he can bring to you. Once you change your mind and you're like, Okay, I'm gonna commit to this, whatever, whatever people think or do not think you know, it's my life so nobody's gonna do it for me right.

Dave:  I see that attitude a lot with immigrants who have been through hell is that you know Yeah, I you know, people are either gonna like it or they're not but you know, I've, I've done enough to get to where I'm at right now. And I at this point, you're not going to stand in my way. You know, one person or one person's opinion or five Pete ‘s opinions. What do you say to people who are really caught up with what other people think and so much so that, you know, they're hiding, they're hiding in their homes and they're hiding in their offices. They're there. If we think about it, folks, it's not just the internet. If you're somebody who's afraid to put your face out there, it's not just the internet. You probably have that pattern in other areas of your life. It's not like you're super fearless in real life, but then on the internet, you're you may feel uncomfortable, but you're we carry those we carry those things over. So what do you say to somebody who is really caught up in, you know, what other people say? Even there you know, hey, I just I don't I don't want to damage my reputation. I mean, whatever their reason is, whether it's first, let's start with this one first when somebody says hey, you know, I don't want to. I care too much what other people think and you can tell that that's really what and I think that's what most people's issue is. It's a real true fear of rejection. It's a real trophy, and there's nothing wrong with that. I'm not making fun of everybody. We all have it. But what do you say to somebody who deals with that and have Have you have you dealt with it at all and

Cintia:  That's why I procrastinated all these months and I was trying to convince myself okay, you know, and sometimes when I actually started putting things you know, into work and everything else, I saw a difference and I started seeing a positive outcome. of it from family friends and everybody that knew me. So it was kind of surprising because I'm not like I said, I'm not the one that is going to be on the internet posting on my personal Instagram, Facebook, you're not going to see anything basically. Because I was never like the one that is going to be posting I was always sleepy, you know, private about my life and everything else. And when I started doing this before, like, okay, so Oh my god, it doesn't even look like you. You're still going and like, that's not what goes inside. So I have to work through it. And it's like a mind shift. There is no other name for it. Because you really have to understand that it's not going to happen sometimes like I said, the results can be much more positive than what you think. You downgrade yourself. You're like, oh, but I'm gonna put myself out there and they're gonna think better of me. We're making fun of me and it's not the case. Maybe most of the time this is not the case. 

Dave:  So yeah. Wow. So absolutely. We all agree that we all deal with that. And so what you're saying, you dealt with it, too. That's what had you. That was the main thing that was broken was making you procrastinate, and you actually had the opposite. response from were you more concerned about family and friends or were you concerned about strangers?

Cintia:  No, I guess so. It's strangers. They don't know me, you know, I think from what I've experienced and what I've talked about, wherever they know because that's where I judge them in a way you know.

Dave:  I'm trying to think back to like when I first got started, was I more worried about what other people thought are my friends and family but no, you're right. Like we are worried about our friends and family more than anything, because those are the people whose opinions hold weight in our lives in their words.

Cintia:  Exactly.

Dave:  So yeah, gosh, you know, that's very true. So, so your family responds more in a positive way is what you're saying. They were actually yeah. You know, we've never seen this side of you before.

Cintia:  Because it's funny because I'm like, I didn't do much HR work you know, so I was like training and stuff but okay, that's fine because you're used to it and, and you know, it's one on one and you're with them and the employees and it's fine. I was fine at that time. But when I had to put myself in front of a camera, I was like, oh my goodness, if you see my first video, it's like, I know you're doing but then you know become more comfortable.

Dave:  Right? You just relaxed I think here's it here's what here's what I think. And I just just came up for me. I think being able to be in front of a camera is a damn near necessary skill moving forward.

Cintia:  Yes.

Dave:  I think just simply because what if we all go into another lockdown How are you going to communicate with people at some point? I mean, it's, it's not like a science fiction novel anymore, folks. We just were in some lockdowns over some crazy stuff. Okay, I'm not even gonna say what we went through because I don't want Facebook flagging the video here but we all know. So while we're sitting in lockdown, the next time the lockdown happens and quite frankly, there were billions of people who were sitting in the lockdown this time, who said, Oh crap, now I can't make money. You know, I actually and that's why so many people came on the internet and got started with Internet marketing so forth over the pond. Almost said it got flagged there. So yeah. Pancakes. But so, so Wow. So friends and family, man being afraid of friends and family. How do we deal with that? That's when you really it's really that we're afraid. You know, we're afraid. Here's how I deal with it. Okay, I used to run from everything and hide from everything and be secretive and all this kind of stuff. Because I didn't want to deal with things. I didn't want to deal with people and I didn't want to deal with their opinions or I didn't want to. I just didn't have the tools to be able to deal with them. Here's what I do now. And I've been doing this for quite a while. I try to just go ahead if I have somebody who I really care about their opinion sit them down and ask for their support and let them know that I'm really vulnerable and sensitive right now. Wow. You're not giving me tough guy advice right now. This sounds like soft stuff. Feelings and shit. Yeah, it's amazing. So I go to my friends, like I go to my loved ones. Now that I care. I go to my wife. I say I'm about to do something. You might think it's a little crazy, but I really need your support on this one. Because this is what I want and I'm just as uncomfortable as you are. But I need your support and so now what I do is and I see a lot of people doing things like not even telling their family, not even telling their spouses not and and I just really think that when we're avoiding something, it's a real opportunity to grow. That's where your moment to change your life is when something's really uncomfortable and you avoid it you change nothing, you do more damage but when you face it so you know I've been trying to do that. I've been trying to do that for some years now in my life. Go to people and ask for their support, you know, be a little bit more vulnerable. I tend to get my needs met a lot more when I do that. versus, you know, kind of automatically assuming people aren't going to support me or, you know, just make the biggest thing is just making stories up in my head about what they're gonna do or say. Instead I just you know, I just, I just try to communicate with people and let them know what I need and how I'm feeling and it works. It works fairly well. I realized

Cintia:  I think in our mind, it's the story, it's totally different. We think the words in our mind you know, like what people are gonna say but once you actually talk to them and explain whatever it's going on. It's the response. Usually it's totally different from what we made up in our mind. It's yeah, it's much better I guess.

Dave:  It's always much better. It's always much better. And I grew up with a couple of people that I watched just make things up in their head all the time about situations instead of you know, we always a lot of times we pick those things up from people around us that we grew up with if we're somebody who is always pre judging situations or pre judging people that you know, pre judging what they're going to say or what they're going to think that's pre judging. And a lot of times we'll pick that up from a family member that we grew up around, and you know, we're working on that a lot at the mastermind in that limiting beliefs that we may have picked up somewhere along the way. What did you grow up with? Or what did you pick up along? The way that you're aware is a limiting belief that you've been or have changed?

Cintia:  Definitely the judgment. And I guess that's one thing that was keeping me you know, from starting, because what other people are gonna think what, how are they going to judge whatever I'm doing week, and honestly, I think we judge ourselves much more than people are going to judge us or we tend to judge people for whatever reason, in Brazil, I think the culture is a little different, and people are more judgmental than here, from what I see. Maybe Latin America in general, I would say. So I guess that's a big thing. Because we're always worried about what people are gonna think, what they're gonna say, how they're gonna look at us, you know, in kind of way, and once you, you really understand that that's not going to change the outcome or whatever you do. And you're like, Okay, you know what, let's just do it because, but it's a mindset change. You have to change the way you think. Because otherwise, you're just blocking yourself from something that can be great. Just because of the fear of judgment. And that's, that's how I see it.

Dave:  And you're talking about an entire culture, not just a parent. Who influenced that you know, or planted that seed. And that's really what you want to ask yourself if you're if you're trying to be successful in your life. Now with a business. You may have seeds that were planted that you need to go in there and pull out of your garden that are keeping you from being successful and a lot of it is just mental seeds. You know that that was a great example of just calling a call center in general. People are really concerned about what others think and it's, it's, it's, that makes a lot of sense to me because most of the time people who grow up in small towns and communities, that those are the only people that you have, so you don't you know, in, in, in in past generations, when when travel wasn't as easy, you know, people didn't travel they were with their community, their village their town all the time. And so it was really, you know, I can understand why people in certain cultures may be really concerned with others thing because they don't want to get you know, but the truth is, is that we grow up now you grew up and you realize that the world is a big place, and that you know, what you grew up around culture, people you love, but place a place. You want to go to a different place. You got up and you moved in. That is also a really empowering thing to realize that as we become adults now, and I'm talking about even for some of you who are 3040 5060 70 that you can get up. Yes, I do have developed. You can get up and you can move. You can do something different and I don't mean just move physically. But for you, you did move physically and you came to America, you also I'm sure with internet marketing and are doing something that you know, is also a big change in Brazilian culture. I only know a few Brazilian marketers, you know, it is different there. I don't know exactly how but I know it's different. Yeah. So you're also doing something different than today outside of Pebble Brazilian culture, right? So you're really stepping outside, you're going to hell with it. Right. But, gosh, a lot of people you know, just really have a difficult time just having a conversation with their spouse, maybe just during this with their spouse and so what advice do you have for somebody who's just trying to take a small step to gain the support of other people in their family?

Cintia:  I think first of all you have to understand within yourself and understand that, like I said many times, whatever you think it's much worse than whatever, it's gonna be the outcome. And, and trust in yourself because that's the only person that you can really trust. It's yourself because you're going to take the actions you're going to do. So once you have them, you change your mind on how you think. And even though everybody has their fears, and everybody has, you know, their limitations on like, you know, mindset wise, I think that's the first thing you have to deal with. That changes your mindset, the way you're thinking about the home environment that you live in and the work related personally. And that's that's the first step I think, to to change something because that's what happened to me at least, I had first changed my mind and then to put everything you know, to start something new. My background is totally different from whatever I'm doing. 

Dave:  It is a big shift. But I want to zero in on the advice you gave in, in the perspective that it's never really as bad as we make it out to be. It's not. It's not it's never as hard as we make it out to be. It's never as easy as we make it out to be. It's never as good. It's never as bad. You know, it's always usually somewhere in the middle. If I go to my spouse and I tell her Hey, I'm starting new businesses. I'm going to get trained up. I'm going to spend a few $1,000. I'm going to invest in myself. Yeah, I mean, she might be like, Yo, what the hell, you know, she might have a surprise, shocking or shocked, or even a negative reaction. But that doesn't mean that now all of a sudden she doesn't support me, it just simply means that I'm bringing news to her that she didn't expect. So I mean, all kinds of little tools that I've learned over the years to even back up and just simply asked my wife, do you have time to give me five or 10 minutes right now and talk like, do you have the mental space right now to do that? Because a lot of times I'm just bringing questions in topics to people at the wrong time. And they just react like it's it can be things that are that small, but we can be so sensitive and you know, so there's little tiny tools that I can use all the one that I just gave an example of that can help me to get the support that it can help me to win friends and family and influence people. And so I think that's that's, that's, that's really important, but I also love what you said about trusting yourself. It's so true. There really I mean, even your spouse, even your partner if you have if you're married or you're in a relationship they are I mean you still have to be a whole person to have a don't make a hole in a relationship anyways. Two holes in trusting yourself and certainly when it comes to your business and if you have kids or whatever, really coming to terms with the fact that nobody's coming to save you or me. They might send us a couple of checks throughout a year-long lockdown, but we all know that's not enough.

Cintia:  And even when I first told my husband that I was thinking about it and you know, I don't know anything about it, I mean, he knows what I'm doing, but he doesn't understand exactly, you know what it is? So he was like, okay, you know, whatever. And then he started seeing Okay, so okay, you're getting results. Okay, so wait a second. Let me understand what you're doing. Let me let me try to you know, it's it's funny because

Dave:  We all have the chance to go from, you know, wherever our, our, our, whatever our status is, you in our friends and family circle, we have a chance to elevate that status. And what I mean by that is right now you just may be another friend or family member within your circle that nobody really looks to for anything, any advice or they don't really look to you as an example or they don't really look up to you're just an average person. And let's all just come to terms and be honest with where we're at in our families. I mean, where we're at in our friends circle you know, if we're, you know, are we, you know, we all we all if we're honest with ourselves, it's, you know, it can be a tough pill to swallow. It's like yeah, I'm, you know, I'm not contributing. I'm not leading. I'm not nobody's looking up to me. Nobody's looking for anything. I'm not, you know, so you have a chance with this business to elevate your status within your friends, family and community circles because it's not about becoming more powerful. It's becoming more influential. It's, it's, it's in with all of that with that success, which is financial success, and also, you know, popularity or whatever, if you grow your social media channels. There was a lot of a lot of a lot of people will treat you differently, the respect that you've always wanted, you may finally get it and the reason why that people will start to respect you and people will start to trust you more is because going back to that piece of advice you gave because you started to trust you more and you started to use stop relying on them to be there for you and you started being there. For yourself. And you save time. Yes. You're in your status raises even right, your husband now all of a sudden is looking going Hey, what are you doing? You become more interesting. You're more of a leader. You're more of a somebody that people look to as a more serious person. And so, I don't know about you, you all folks, maybe you've never experienced what it's like to go from non influential to an influential person, but I have I know what it's like to that nobody wants my opinion. I know what it's like that people think that I'm just totally screwed up. You know? I know what it's like. And now, it's amazing. People come to me and they want to know they want business advice. You know what I mean? They want to talk about life. They want my opinions. They don't bring just any bullshit to me because they know that my time is valuable. You know what I mean? If people are calling you with Jack, salute bullshit, and it seems like they're, they don't respect your time. They don't. They don't respect your time. And guess what? They're never going to respect your time until, like you said, trusting yourself. They're not going to respect your time until you respect your time. Exactly. That's exactly right. So well, what would you add to this, this powerful conversation? What would you say to somebody who may be sitting on the fence right now who's skeptical or who may be going yet? What would you say to that person who's brand new? Maybe they're that kind of getting started procrastinating?

Cintia:  Wow, yes, just do it. Basically. Because the longer you wait the longer you delay your success in any way you think of personal or business or I think one action you can change it all, basically, and you're going to commit yourself first. Commit yourself that you're going to do something and go through it. Go through it. Don't know how to overthink things. Just sometimes we're getting too much in our heads and and I think that's the biggest problem because once you start thinking and overthinking and that's when you start procrastinating and start you know, delaying everything that we're doing.

Dave:  So you see this right here. This is a bad neighborhood. Yeah, I try not to. I try to not go in there alone. Yeah, I tried to go in there only with a buddy. You know, a buddy system. It's a bad neighborhood up there. I mean, seriously, I can really get myself in trouble with my own thinking. I mean, I can sure think that I can creatively think my way, you know, solutions and creative marketing stuff. But I can also go down some pretty serious rabbit holes. They get me in a lot of mental trouble and a lot of mental stress for no reason. And so yes, this it's so important, but my friends, don't overthink it. It's the key and it's the curse. It's the journey. Getting is about for me it's the same way that the journey of getting clean from heroin, like I did back 14 years ago. I gotta connect my head to my heart. I gotta get out of my head and I got to get into my heart. I'm a living, breathing emotional person. And I can't ignore that part of my body. And that part of who I am. And yes, our mind mindset mindset mindset. Most of the things that we need to do with our mindset are simply unlearn a lot of the things that we were taught that's holding us back in terms of mindset that first year, be aware of when you go to do something and you don't want to do how do you feel ask yourself where do you think that came from? Who did that come from? Who gave you that? Do you want to continue to think like that anymore? Well, you don't have to, what can I do about it? Well, I'm aware of it now. I can walk through it instead of stopping the first year, I believe, I believe without a shadow of a doubt, and I wouldn't be doing this if I did not believe that within six to 12 months if somebody comes in and goes through our program and is a part of our community. And actually listens to everything that we have to offer including wakeup legendaries in six to 12 months. They can be a much more powerful and profitable version of themselves and radically change their life. Six to 12 months. Do you believe that?

Cintia: Oh, yes, absolutely. Absolutely. In a few months I already saw a lot of changes within me. And the community you see, like everybody talking and everybody's helping each other and it's, it's, it's, it's amazing.

Dave:  It's cool. Keep up the great work and come back and see us round two and I'll let you go. I know your time is valuable and precious. And yeah, keep up the amazing work. Keep adding in writing these chapters to your story. It really is. It really is a cool story and you've got a great you know, you've got a great thing going here so keep it up. Okay.

Cintia:  Thank you. Thank you for having me. See, you see you.

Dave:  Alright my friends, you can follow Cintia at Insite, Saito marketing. So let me spell it out for you. Ah, Insights marketing in Saito marketing my friends. Wow. You know what a powerful episode once again where we get to hear from somebody who overcame odds came I mean, it's just you know, even at the mastermind I looked out and there's so many different people of all ages from all different walks of life, you know, cultures backgrounds. You know, occupations that people did either before this or even while they're doing this. This is really, really something and it's really, really possible and doable for anybody who wants it and anybody who's willing to commit to it, just like Cintia said in this episode today. So get in there, get serious, go through the training, invest in yourself today. Make a big decision. Have a defining moment, have a defining moment in your life, to where you can draw a line in the sand and say, Okay, I've made a decision and from this day forward, I'm going to get serious and I'm going to commit, always a good day to get started, or start over and that way. All right, we'll see you back here for another episode tomorrow. Get out of here. Be Legendary. Peace.