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JoAnn: Hello and welcome everyone to this special  holiday edition of Wake Up Legendary. Happy Monday. Welcome. I'm so excited to be here. We are a little bit late. We've had some audio computer issues for a variety of reasons and whatnot. But here we are. And I am excited for you to meet our guests today. Before we dive into that, if you are brand new, and looking to get notifications for when we go live every morning, be sure to text the letters WUL to 813-296-8553. You'll get a quick text reminder from us, Hey, we're going live for you to hop on with the link. So if you haven't done that, be sure to do that. I am so excited for you to meet our guests this morning. Her name is Andrea. I think I remember I got it right maybe. Andrea, welcome to Wake Up Legendary this morning. 

Andrea: Thank you. I'm excited to be here. 

JoAnn: All right. So both of us are on the west coast. So it's a little bit early morning for us with households and sleeping, family members and whatnot. But share with all of us a little bit about your backstory how you found legendary to begin with. 

Andrea: Okay, so my name is Andrea. Actually, to be honest, I go by Andrea and Andrea completely interchain. So either way doesn't matter to me, but I am a wife and a mama. I have two kids. One is 15 and my youngest is seven and we live in Washington. State Central Washington and I have honestly I feel like I just recently found me because I really truly deal with legendary I was a beachbody coach for six years and I was successful enough to be home with my kids when my second child was born after a year I was like you know, I just want to be home. I'm tired of the pull on the heartstrings of wanting to be home with the kids. But I genuinely love making money and I love working and so being home full time and not having an income was never an option for me because I also love experiences in life and I've always wanted to give us my children as well. We love traveling and seeing different things. And so I knew that if I came home and didn't have an income, there would be more restrictions and you know, and I didn't love the idea of that. So I started coaching, did that for six years and just last October. I feel like it was kind of this perfect storm of events in my life where it was just part wasn't happy anymore. I wasn't loving it. I wasn't feeling fulfilled. I felt like I was more having to show up because I had to and I built this business. But I had other things going on in my personal life. It was just pulling me in too many different ways. And I felt this need to kind of pivot and just redirect on how to still be home with my kids. But I also had that poll of if I'm not making money, how do I do both right? I needed something and wanted something truly where I could still be home and be available to my kids. 24/7 for the drop offs and pickups and the field trips and all the things but I like that I said I love making money and so I needed something. Long story short, my sister kept sending me TikTok videos. I have never been on TikTok. I was I don't know why I was so focused on Instagram and so I was like, Okay, so just the end of last October I finally got into tomcat and it was like, such a bright light in my life at that point because it was funny, like stupid, funny stuff. And I felt like other social media platforms haven't been that way in a while. And so it was funny and it was fun. And I was loving what the algorithm was feeding me. And so then the algorithm gets you and then one day he's talking about making money and I was like, All right, I think it's almost what everybody kind of initially thinks like, Is this too good to be true? Is this real person for real and so then that same person kind of pops back up in my feed, and then at the end of November, literally, the week of Thanksgiving, I started with the challenge and then kind of the rest is history since then. There we are. JoAnn: Here we are. Just going back briefly there was something you mentioned on the questionnaire that stood out for me when you're talking about your previous because it was an MLM, correct? 

Andrea: Yes. 

JoAnn: Where your money was dependent on other people making money like you weren't solely responsible for that. Right? Was that and can you talk a little bit more about that piece? Just yeah. Through that and what that meant?

Andrea: Yeah, of course, I am naturally a worker. I like making money. I like going after things that I really want and I always find a way to make it happen. So being tied to the way the payment, like the compensation plan, works with that company. You would get paid for your efforts, but then you always had these incentives for bonuses and separate what your team did as well. And while I had a team that never found a workhorse like me, I never found the other Andrea's in the world to be beachbody coaches. as well. And so it was kind of frustrating after so many years of doing it, and I just felt like I was dragging everybody to, you know, work their business and push them towards their goals not only because I did want them to reach their goals because of extra money to any family. I don't care how much money you have. It's extra money and it's more fun, and it makes it a little bit easier to breathe. And so I wanted to help as many moms as possible to breathe a little bit more when it came to their finances. But knowing that I was also kind of pushing them to push their goals and work for their goals to help my paycheck. It just got to be I didn't. I felt like I was burning friendships with it, to be honest, like I love these women. They were some of my best friends and they're still some of my really good friends. But having you know my income, it was like I could do so much on my own but then it was almost like the real money, the big money to fund the play money, the generational wealth money was tied to growing this team. Because I hadn't found the other Andrea's I reached a standpoint where I can only do so much for myself, especially without having to take more time away. Since my kids had more time away from family you know, I felt like I would always hear that go talk to more people and send more invites. And it was just that I was burnt out. I didn't. 

JoAnn: So now this is letting you just be you, you don't have to worry about your friends. You don't worry about burning friendships.

Andrea: And I think to be honest, that is one of my favorite points is that for me? This feels more freeing and I feel like this is more where I can just show up and focus on what I'm doing. And I've seen results from my work and obviously income disclaimer, I'm not going to disclose an amount however, what I was able to accomplish in my first five weeks with Legendary it took me a year and a half to build with my previous and so for me I was like, you know, the smallest goal if even that first mission. I was like, Oh, like that was enough for me to be like this works. Let's go, let's run and let's see how far we really can go with this. Right? Obviously these results are typical. We gotta make sure to say that yes. But that's huge. That's also you just got that fire back. And I feel like it's been twofold because I feel like I got that fire back and I'm like I really can help my family again. And so I feel like I haven't. When I was introduced to Beachbody I was one of those random coaches where I didn't really have an upline. I was kind of placed in the middle of randomly, somebody that I really didn't know. And so everything I had to do was on my own. And I kind of had to build my team and build a network for me and my community, being introduced to this community where it's like, I can go in and ask questions, and it's like, you get so much positive feedback and so much response has been such a blessing in my life because I am that person where I do need the hand holding. I'm the visual person that needs to literally, like here, do this, do that. Do that because it's just been amazing because I feel like I got my fire back. But it's been so much simpler in the process. And I've gotten so much support. Well, so I love that part too. And I think people overlook the support that it's huge. You just go and ask for it. That's it. We're not gonna sit with you, search you out, you know, and force you to ask questions, but when you do, it's there. The key: Yeah, there. You just got to take advantage of it. 100% Yeah. Okay, so we went through the challenge. Yep. 

JoAnn: What was your next step? How did you decide? 

Andrea: I'm going on TikTok. I'm doing this and you know, I went through the 15 Day Challenge and then it came to the week of Christmas, and it was time to buy the blueprints. And I was like, I don't know let's all be honest, like right before Christmas, and that's not the most ideal time to be investing in anything. 

Hold on, let me circle back to that. However, in the six years with Beachbody I have learned, and I have spent 1000s of dollars on training and courses, and all these things to help me with my success in that business. I knew I wasn't gonna be able to do this by myself. I knew that I wasn't gonna be able to figure it out. And if I was going to be able to figure it out, it was going to take me longer than expected. So I just said, You know what, I'm gonna do this. And then we're gonna go from there. So the week of Christmas, I purchased the blueprints and then I did nothing. I started talking or like I started taking the train and then I got overwhelmed. I will be honest, I was so overwhelmed with how much information was in there. It was nothing like I was expecting. The value that I got was incredible. Incredible. And like I've said I have spent 1000s on courses. So the fact that not only do you get access to all this amazing training, the access to the people and the community and, you know, I have reached out to my business plan advisor a bajillion times for help along the way. So I was like, overwhelmed where I was like, I have to step back and figure this out. Like, I need to take my time on it. So I didn't do anything for pretty much all of January, I did start a TikTok account, and then posted like, maybe two times in January, one time in February or two times in February, and then February 28. So almost a whole two months later was like okay, I got things set up and posted consistently from that point on. I do want to say this too, because I feel like this is really important for people who are new. I did not have everything figured out, I just started posting. I didn't have a bajillion followers. Like I said, my account was baby brand new so I had zero followers. And I felt like I was like, You know what, I'm just going to trust the process. My funnel probably isn't perfect right now, but I need to get myself out there. And since I can't even put my link to it until 1000 followers anyway. I'm just gonna figure it out. On the way to 1000. Love that. Action, right? Because I just felt like I had to trust the process. 

JoAnn: And I've seen so many people in the Facebook page in the community and even on TikTok talking about their successful success and I feel like we sometimes see that we want to remind ourselves it didn't happen overnight. They didn't wake up with anything handed to them anything different than what we are being handed. They got the exact same blueprints. They got the exact same TikTok starting at zero followers. So I had to keep reminding myself like everybody starts from the ground zero. Every single person has one 100 single one of us has a day one. And it's a weird myth that sometimes people lie. They tell themselves that everyone that was successful didn't have a day one they just it was all magic, right? 

Andrea: Like we see them at chapter 73. And we're sitting at chapter two and we're like, Well wait, they're here. How do I get there? And you know, we're comparing apples to oranges. Like everybody starts at day one and we have to start from scratch so definitely Okay, so there was something else and we actually put it in the title. You're one strategy. I know that you did that really kicked off your account once you decided to go all in. And you did this one strategy that you have a ton of followers: 1000 followers in four weeks. So I want you to spill the tea. And there was all of us what that was and what you did. Yeah. So I had seen somewhere on Tik Tok. I mean, like we all get popped in these little like creators where they give you tips on how to grow your account. Well, I take some of them seriously and I heard one where it was like if I restarted my TikTok channel from scratch, which I was, I would start with a series and I was like a series and I'll be honest, at first I was like, I have nothing to teach. I don't know what to show people. I'm brand new to this. I don't know how I can show somebody to be, you know, make $10,000 a month when I haven't even done it myself or I haven't even finished all of the blueprint training. Yes. So I came across a video that I'd seen saying start with a series and then I was like, Wait a second, like what if I showed people ways to make income from home not with the affiliate alone just other ways as well. Or affiliating with legendary like other ways to do it as well. Let's start from there. So I just started with one video and I put the United can put like a title on your video. I put extra income from home part one, simple as that. And then it showed a couple of different ways that you could make income and then I would you know do a couple more videos and then the next one would be part two. And then I think it was part five.

Andrea: It was the simplest video I feel like I've ever made because I wasn't talking. I was pointing to something I was importing. I was counting to 10. That was it. Like with my fingers like a five year old would and it was extra income from Hong Kong, Part Five and that one took off and it went viral. And I got over a million views and like 800 and some comments on it and I went from I mean, literally from almost zero it was like less than 100 to over 15,000 in the first four weeks. So in March alone I gained that many Wow. Well and then you have the one video that goes off and they might see that it's part five so they go back to your profiling or what are the first four parts. See that now you're gaining those views and that traction? Yeah, and I created a playlist with it too, which I took with TikTok. It was new to me. I mean, I mean, I feel like I guess I have a little bit of experience with Instagram, but that they're still very different and the functions are in different places. You still have to learn how to figure it all and so for me, it was oh, there's a playlist what is that? And so I clicked on it and I was like oh, I can put all these series and a playlist and so I kind of compiled them there and I just did part six this weekend. So yeah, very cool. So we are guys we're at like the early stages, or when brand new bought the blueprints sat on him did nothing for two months, then decided to take action and you know you're just all in. You're on the way up. 

JoAnn: You’re right in the middle of the thick of it. You had that kind of value a little bit, figured out. Something that's just clicking for you. It just requires you to keep taking action. So I have to ask because you shared your mom, busy schedules, kids, all of that. What does your day look like? How are you fitting in learning, hosting content, all of that planning into your schedule into your life? How does that work for you and your family?

Andrea:  Yeah, every day is absolutely different in my house. The one consistent thing is what time school starts and what time school ends. That's it. My son is seven and he plays baseball and soccer right now. My daughter is a competitive answer. And she's not at the driving age yet, so I'm also a carpool and chauffeur so there's a lot I spend a lot of time in the car. I typically will do it as soon as I drop off depending on the schedule for that day. I will try to get my work done right after I drop them off. If I have something they can't get to right away. There are a lot of times where I'm sitting in the dance parking lot waiting for my daughter to get done. Dancing and I'll check in and do some things from there. I'll watch it from the car. I will you know we went out of town this weekend my husband drove so I had you know my phone out and I was doing a little bit then I had my laptop when we're in the hotel room doing a little bit and I know that sounds like working where you while you're traveling and don't feel like this is work because I feel like work. When you're tied to a nine to five like that is work to me like that sounds exhausting and not fun. And so, you know being able to squeeze in little pockets of 15 minutes here and 15 minutes there. It may not always be an hour and two hours or three hours in the morning during the day. Sometimes it's when they go to bed because we don't get home from baseball until 7:45 and then I still have the mom's life of getting them fed and then getting into bed and making sure things are ready for the next day of school. So typical day is not typical, not the same, but I just I flipped out and I made myself a little checklist of things that I want to get done every single day whether it's a training obviously had a call the site it was probably three weeks ago things like you should probably post every day and I was like really? Like yeah, so I was like Okay, so now as I mentioned every single day because for me that seems like too much. I think the other thing when you start brand new is something like this you feel like at least for me personally, I felt like you feel like you have to be perfect. We have to post you know several times a day well as a mom of two with the schedule. Like, that does sound a lot and that does sound exhausting to me. So I had to really work with my mindset and just say you know what? The effort that I'm putting in is good enough and I need to trust the process. I didn't let that be an excuse. But I let that be that I'm showing up and I'm doing the best I can when I do show up and do the best that I can. I love that. 

JoAnn: Something you touched on just a second ago is you're on vacation. Yeah, there's this myth. I'm gonna go through the challenge and then I'm going to be able to go sit on a beach in Tahiti and do nothing and manage like money's just hit me. Right? 

Andrea: Right. Not realistic. It's more like you get to go on vacation and decide, You know what, I'm going to spend an hour in the hotel room, work on my business and then go to the pool. Or that night I'm going to you know, be at the park with my kids and check on my campaigns or you know, that's where the freedom comes in. So it's not really work but it is work. You're going to need to do it every day but you can feel like it feels different because you get to decide when to do it. You get to decide, you know, I don't know about how most families travel but when we travel we're in a hotel. The two beds are all in the same room so when my kids go to sleep lights are out. Well I'm not tired at eight o'clock, nine o'clock whatever time it is like my husband and I are pretty late owls, night owls and so I can sit on my laptop and you know, get some work done or sit on my phone and you know, edit a video and have it ready to be posted the next day so that way I'm not going to edit and post at the same time and take up more time during the day. The next day. We're gonna do fun things, like walking around or something. It's freedom of choosing it, you just have to choose it.

You just have to choose to actually take action and do it. And I've heard that the same before where you just have to decide and change in your life is one decision away and or you are one decision away from changing your life and it really is true. I thought it was easy for the longest time. I'm like you make a million decisions in your day every single day. What about that one decision to go towards the things that you want? If you can plan out tomorrow, the T you're living your past every single day and for me that stuck because I was like I don't want to live my past not that I had a terrible past it means that I know where I want to go. I know what I want to do for my kids. I know what I want to do for my grandkids that aren't even like a thought right now and great grandkids. I know that I want to create that generational wealth. So I'm living in the past of living the exact same day over and over and over. Clearly I'm not choosing and making the decision to make a change that I really want to create and I also believe that when you have any goal, anything in life that you want to do, I think you have that feeling inside of you because your mental habits so for me, we all have these goals and dreams on our hearts because we should have them because we were meant to have them. We can't just sit back and do nothing for them. I believe in inspired action but you have to follow that inspired action. And once you have that thought or that idea, write it down, forget or act on it or you know make a memo voice memo to yourself so you remember later so I love that if you think it's yours it's It's my friend. No, you just gotta go. Grab it. Go grab it. 

JoAnn: Right. Love it. All right. This has been such an amazing conversation. Oh, I definitely want to follow up. You have to come back. I want to know how things are in the next couple of months for you as you are building and growing your business. So if anything if we don't reach out to you reach out to us like Hey, I had this huge shift something a big moment happened or even a little moment you want to come back on. I love to always have you back. 

Andrea: Thank you so much. Be sure everyone to follow Andrea on TikTok @andrea.the.affiliate It was great having you on today even though we had some technical difficulties at the start. So much value you shared with our audience. And I really appreciate it. Thank you. Thank you for having me. I genuinely appreciate it. Definitely. All right, everyone. I hope you have a fantastic day and I'll see you back here tomorrow with another guest and another amazing week of Legendary, take care.