Below is the transcription for this episode:

Matt:  Hello, everybody happy Friday is seven. And it's 702 where I'm at. I'm on the West Coast. I'm an early bird with 10am Eastern Time, as usual, we're live and it is April 15. And we're halfway through somebody posted recently and it's the 100th day of the year I think something like that. I don't know why that became a thing. Anyway, if you're new or this is your first time tuning in, welcome in. Let us know in the comments where you're tuning in from. It's always fun to see where people are tuning in from and where they really came from. We bring on a guest typically would bring on a guest every single day we'll talk about their experience. Their experience with our training or their experience with creating content or setting up funnels or basically turning themselves into a freelance Digital Marketer how they did it, and if they've got any good tips for us, and I've been screaming, kicking and screaming about going live on social media for a long time. I feel like maybe at least a few months, if not six months or so. Just because I've seen the power of it and the ability to turn followers into customers. By doing that is super powerful. It's been proven over and over and over again. And it just works and so today we've got a guy from Georgia watching a guy coming in from Georgia, his name's Phil and we're gonna bring him in. So everybody who's here if you can give me a clapping emoji just to welcome him in with like a virtual sort of round of applause to welcome in Phil.

Phil: Hey, man.

Matt: Thanks for coming on. 

Phil: I appreciate that. 

Matt: Yeah, of course, of course.

Phil: I can check this goal off.

Matt:  Yeah, it's a goal for a lot I feel like and I, I was I got really excited when I saw the topic for today and what you were interested in talking about because that's something that I always am encouraging people to do and to try and figure out and I'm really curious about how how you went about it and everything like that, but before we get into like strategy or whatever. Tell us a little bit about what you do for work and just how you found legendary and what got you looking at Legendary training?

Phil:  Well, my full time job is to run an HVAC supply house. So what that is, is where the guy that comes to your house and fixes your air conditioner, so and the air conditioner, so I've been doing that for about 19 years. That job was temporary because I used to be an IT guy for a while. So that was a temporary job that just turned into a full time job but that's what I do for a living now been there a long time and found legendary about June of 2021 but I just flipped in my kids want to take back worse just like everybody else. I wanted to check out Tik Tok. It was all about you know, the first thing that comes up with course is somebody twerking in my face. Not too happy about that. But after 20 minutes of going through all of this. I didn't. You don't have to just catch your eye for a little while. But that evening I started the first day I just saw somebody talking in their life about a digital marketing umbrella. Right. Which pretty much caught my eye because for me my whole life I've always wanted to be some somebody different, right? I've always wanted to have that thought and grow rich book in the back of my back pocket. I've always had that burning desire to be somebody else, right, not the norm. And I've tried things in the past. You know, I've been you know in the 80s I sold insurance right and I was recruiting people when I was doing stuff like that so and I was hoping that this wouldn't ever be something like that and I was so happy when I found out that legendary was Yeah, so it was happy with you know, those those were the weird days and all that kind of stuff. So I was glad that I didn't have to put soap in my garage and tried to sell soap for a living and potions and things like that. But he had been through all of those things. You know, I'm not a young chicken so I've seen it all. And when I became across legendary the first time I heard about it, of course I just wanted to go out there and kind of figure it out. I went on to YouTube, you know, spent two weeks on YouTube trying to see how everybody else was doing it. I just got more confused. So I just said, You know what, I just need to step by step. I’ve got to figure this out. I can't figure this out. I need to so somebody had the same gentleman I saw. I mean his life and went out there and had a little I saw him come out there again. And he said just go take a look at this video and see what legendary is all about. It gives you a nice little step by step process. And that's what I needed. And I started in June and then in June. Here's the funny part about this. In June, certain things that happened, you know, my mother went to hospital. I was going through the 15 day challenge, and I finished it but I couldn't remember a damn thing because my whole life. My life was just crazy. So I went through it twice. And then, you know after I went through thrice I really, really put my head down and just said let's get to this. I really was interested after day four. I was like man, man, let's just get this done. I know I can do this in the training that was just what I needed. Right? And I just put my head down and started going super cool, super cool.

Matt:  Man see you've been in and around our community even for a while now. Yeah, that's pretty interesting. Because there's a there's the longer I've been here almost four years, the longer I've been here. It's kind of cool because a lot of these companies they'll start up and disappear. Like education companies, I do feel like over time it's kind of cool to see how people are sticking around and kind of stand you know around our community. Maybe they'll come and go, maybe they'll disappear for a year and then wow, hey, you're back. Cool. I haven't seen in a while. You know, it's a new thing for me too in that way and I've really enjoyed that. Well cool. So you go on TikTok Whoa. So the transition goes from inside women and girls working on TikTok to us suddenly making content on TikTok. How's that going?

Phil: Well, you know my first video I made, I was on a vacation. I was at a friend's house on the beach and my first video was like right after my birthday in July, right. I started this in June, did something in July. I didn't know what the hell I was doing. I just went out there and just did a couple of videos. tried to figure it out. You know, for me. If I do get that shiny object syndrome, I do get that fear of missing out. I do have a little bit of anxiety and I want to get things done. Right I want to just keep moving and moving and moving. And then you know sometimes you get to the point where you're like, Man doesn't work and it's not doing I'm not doing this well. If I'm doing this right. What do I need to talk about? And you know, I went through the Facebook community that Legendary had talked to some people out there. I made some friends. I couldn't believe that I had a community of people, which I thought was my competition. So you know, they wanted to help. And I couldn't, I just couldn't believe that. So I made some really good friends and people were helping me. And I enjoyed that part of it. And then it just I really thought you know, at some point you have to get your head anyway. Stop looking for your belly button. I mean, because when you look through the belly button, you really can't see where you go and so that's that's what it was for a little while and then once I did that I just said you really got to get moving. I really had to start making a lot more videos. I really had to figure out how this thing works. And I went back, you know that thing about Legendary and I was able to go back into these videos and just go through it over and over again just to help me relearn because I'm not a young chicken. Like I said earlier. I haven't been to school. And 35 going back to class, especially online, was a little difficult. So I'm not saying it was something that some people have it easy. For me it was a little hard. So I went through it twice and I love having that login. So I can go back here and go through it as many times as I want to, and especially that you guys updated all the time. And I was able to learn more stuff, especially with Pinterest, and all the new things that are coming out. And I'm able to build my business on a lot more things as you guys update which is awesome.

Matt:  Yeah, that's super cool. That's super cool. And I do feel like so. To me, it sounds like a lot of your motivation and stuff was just sort of self motivated. Do you get this kind of entrepreneurial type that just has that energy?

Phil:  Yeah, I've always had the drive. But it's the outside world you know that will kill your drink. You know, the outside world will always say that you can't do things and the outside world will always pick on you. Because it's not the norm but I don't want to be normal. Normal is boring. I want to be somebody different. I want to be able to do the things that I've always wanted to do. You know you only live, you're only in this world like this. I mean , your life is a flicker. It goes quickly. And I want to be able to do what I want to be able to do and legendary has given me is the vehicle for me to get to where I want to be so damn

Matt:  Yeah, that's super cool. I wanted your strategies that you mentioned in your questionnaire and one of the strategies I see you already talked about but it is people going live. I'm curious from the time that you started creating content, you got 90,000 followers, like there's only a small handful of people that I know that I've talked to who have that many followers. Going Live though, is a different beast than sort of creating 15/62 You know, bite size content pieces. It's a whole different animal. So one thing I want to know first is how many people showed up to your first live show.

Phil: One, he was a friend of mine.

Matt:  Okay, great. Awesome. Because the only reason I ask is just because everybody comes on Thursdays. I do these business blueprint webinars and I keep telling people you got to try out going live you got to try this out. You got to try this out. And people always comment about going to be one personal life, there's only going to be one person and I'm like, hey, look, everybody had their first day. Day one. I had zero people on my first webinar. David zero people answer so I'm gonna like there's no way to do it other than just to do it, but I just I figured, you know, you probably had like one or two people max you gave on the first

Phil:  It took a while for that one to get in there. I didn't know I mean, I was in my basement.

I didn't even have a light or anything I had like, the crazy looking light behind was very dark. And I didn't know what I was doing. I just talked, you know, that's what they say. They said just continue to talk and I wanted to practice and I'd rather just talk to nobody in practice than to somebody be nervous about it, but I did it you know, I went through it. I did it. And I got better at it. I'd rather do live Believe it or not, than the TikTok videos. I do the TikTok videos because I don't mind doing them. And I really like to get my word out there and I really want to tell people how things aren't authentic, my authentic self to people. But for me, life isn't exciting. Very exciting for me because I really want people to see who I am and really kind of show my enthusiasm towards this whole thing. I love to be positive about it. When people come into my lives they tell me that they know that I can explain things in a simple manner to them. And they thank me for being there. You know I'm not trying to be you know, I don't want to say that I'm the best at it but I really love doing it. I do it twice a day. Believe it or not. I do this at lunchtime. Yeah, I'm gonna go out at one o'clock in the afternoon during my lunch time. And sometimes I'm stuffing my face and I apologize when I do that. But I just want to answer people's questions at lunch time and I let them know that I do it at night 7pm Eastern Time and I'd say look, this is what I do at night. If you want to learn a little bit more about it. I went through a little bit of a presentation and a nice little webinar. I can teach you more about it and just give people as much value as possible. And it kind of resonates with people so am I you know the thing about it is when you go on these live especially me I go on for two, three hours, you know, you know, I guess the bearing can go on for four or five, six hours a day on this kind of stuff, but I can certainly see talking for that long. Yeah, and I do. I go for about two hours and I have to cut it down a little bit because I used to do it downstairs in my other office and it's right near the living room. And my kids would be screaming and yelling and stuff and my wife is like man look I'm gonna be with you gotta be with the family sometimes. So then they moved me upstairs to my bedroom.

Matt:  That's hilarious. You, I feel like that's so fun. Dave tells the story about how his first webinar had like zero people and he had built it up. And so he was like, shit. There's nobody here. I just got to the present so he's in the other room and she's out there and he's like, he's like, Well, he got baptized. Everybody got cut. Maybe he's just doing this big and it's funny, but we joke about that, but eventually people started to show up for that you market it and I feel like so here's like a trend that I've been seeing a lot not just in our particular group of affiliates, but I'm also in different e commerce places too, which is which is kind of one of the things that sparked the idea for me initially to sort of look at, there's people like Calvin Hill, we had this guy Paul, who you mentioned, he presented one of our masterminds calling it the micro webinar strategy and you know, back in the day, when you wanted to host a webinar or you signed up for a GoToMeeting or go to webinar account you paid $100 a month to just be able to go live for nobody to show up to your webinar. And you're like What the hell am I paying? For nobody's gonna show up anyway. And you know, you'd have to sign in on a computer and you'd have to, you'd have to manually, you know, admit people into the room, and then he says this crazy thing. People would do it, but now, I mean, it's just so easy. It's like, here's my phone, hit, go live, and just show up for people. And what I find. Here's, let me let me return back to this what I find really powerful and compelling to me is the fact that people who do that, almost always without fail, make more sales and more money than people who don't like it's an it's pretty drastic, like the rate of growth I see for people who do. I don't know if you do it seven days a week or five days a week. What do you do? I try to do it as much as I possibly can. It's crazy, but I feel like it doesn't seem crazy to me. I feel like that makes perfect sense. Especially especially in the early days where there's so much evidence that it helps the algorithm build your channel. There's so much evidence as well that it helps when somebody sees the difference between somebody seeing a 15 second clip and then seeing you live is like night and day you go from just this person who created a clip somewhere in outer space. I don't know who this person is now. I'm in real time with them and there's just something totally different about that.

Phil: I find that too. I find that what I kind of do sometimes is I'll put out a video I put out tick tock about 15 minutes before I go live and people that are in my following will see that and then when as soon as they see me go live they'll just want to come back in and plus I'll share out my life or a bunch of people that I have just met or that have you know spent a lot of time in the in the DMS trying to talk to people direct messaging people. And you know, I just keep telling them look, if you want me to explain more instead of texting me and I keep my fingers heard from people all the time. But instead of texting people I say look, I go live twice a day. You can see me at one o'clock in the afternoon. And I can explain things for you. You can come in and ask questions. You know, you can email me with questions. I just want people to have as much access to me as possible and be able to answer as much as possible anything I can possibly answer for them. Anytime you know tick tock is a great form of the algorithm is a crazy algorithm that gains over 60,000 followers in a month. So I mean, that was nuts. To me. It was just great. But like anybody says in the past, it's really not that this is a tip for anybody. It's really not the cloud, right? It doesn't matter how many followers you have. It's really the quality of people that you're reaching. I mean, it doesn't matter. I have a lot of followers that are there. I appreciate all those people that follow me. It's fantastic. But you have to remember that some of the people that are in there just might not be your avatar, right maybe not be the people that are interested in doing what you're doing. But it's nice to have those people and maybe at some point they will be and that's where the rest of your marketing comes in.

Matt:  Yeah. Because I feel like you know, I feel like building the audience is one thing, and we've had a lot of people build big audiences and stuff, but finding the combination. So one thing that I feel like that I've seen you do super well and I just wanted to commend you on this because it's hard to do I think, is you've done sort of like a I call it the promotion of sort of attention grabbing videos that are short. Some people would call them clickbait but the truth is, they're attention grabbing pieces of marketing and then which are designed to build followings, right? They're designed to get lots of engagement, build followings and help you grab somebody's attention when they're when their train of thought is just moving, moving, moving their scroll, scroll, scroll. I mean you got to come in and hammer on what's something that's going to school Oh, snap out of it, you know, and you did that really well. And that's part of why your channel is growing so well but you've also done something really well. You've the second part of the trio if you've mixed it up a lot with videos that are more personal. And so yes, you've got attention grabbing videos, but when people tend to do just the attention grabbing videos, it sometimes will hurt their channel because the people who are following them are like okay, I get it do like I get I can make money by typing you know, or whatever. And they'd never actually meet you. So you did that. And then the third piece I feel like is going live. So, you know, the way that I taught this a couple months ago to our Blueprints members was I was like, you know, you might have one or two of those attention grabbing videos, maybe they get 20,000 views 50,000 Maybe 100,000 views or something. And but you've got to be mixing it up with personalized content that helps them get to know you or if not you the business a little bit better. And then and then going live I feel like it's that final piece that really takes people from Wow, that was kind of an interesting video I've never thought about you know, whatever. I never thought that I could train my dog just by watching an online course. That's cool. That's interesting. Maybe I'll watch a few more videos about dog training on TikTok, and then they watch a video about hey, by the way, our dog training company, we have online courses or in person courses, blah, blah, blah. And then suddenly this dog trainer is live with his dog and you're tuned in and now you know maybe you thought initially some of those videos were scripted and they were fake or maybe he's not you know, maybe he's just making shit up about his ability to train dogs. And he's like, Hey, this is our first lesson with this border collie. And this is the rowdiest dog ever. I'm going to show you how to train this dog in just 30 minutes. We're going to go live and I'll show you and then it's like oh my god now I'm buying his course. For 500 bucks to train my dog because it all sort of comes together and I feel like that's kind of what you've done.

Phil: There's one video that I kind of opened up personally about when I was diagnosed with anxiety years ago. Right? And the story is, and I told the story of my life is that you know, I found myself laying on a bathroom floor thinking that you know thought wasn't gonna make it to Christmas. You know? When I was having a heart attack and went to the hospital and throughout the night, you know I was apologizing to my wife like saying, hey, you know, sorry, you know, I haven't been eating well. Maybe I'm gonna die soon, right? So eventually they come back and say look, you just have anxiety. And so long story short, I got on my TikTok one day and I just started talking about about my anxiety and telling people that it's it's rough sometimes and and that it just takes a little bit of time to get over it and I've been able to accomplish different ways of dealing with it and and I kind of related to my business. And I got more people talking to me and relating to me about their anxiety, thanking me for opening up and letting them know that which not only did and not only let the people know who I am and what I am and what kind of issues that I might have in my life. It shows them that I'm a real person, right like just out there just talking to anybody about a business and that brought more people into my lives and it brought more people more personable and wanting to talk more about what I do. So it was helpful in that manner. And you know, I really kind of didn't mean it that way but I just wanted people to know who I was in certain parts of my life.

Matt: Yeah, yeah, that makes sense. I wanted to. I thought it might be cool to put this up on the screen. I don't know if you can see this, but Kim just asked when you go live to the comments  really fast. So how do you keep up?

Phil: When I see comments go through. The first thing I do when I go into my labs, I just tell people look, I'm gonna go through a nice little training here. I'm going to talk to you about how this stuff works. And I'm gonna go through everything and if you have any questions, I'll be pausing at certain points throughout my life. And when I get to a certain point through my live, I will hear and I will answer certain questions. You can certainly put some questions in the question box, they can put it in and I can look that way. Or you can ask those questions When I pause. If I missed your questions, sorry if I missed your questions, I have an email address. You can certainly send me your questions to my email. But I'm here to train you and if you have any issues about that. Just ask me. I will . It's not like I'm ignoring them. I just tell people, I'm not ignoring you. There's a lot of people here. There's a lot of questions coming up. I might answer your question throughout this line as I go through it. So your question might be answered. But at the end, I have three points where I can stop. And I'll even switch back and maybe answer some questions as I go through. But a lot of them are questions that I answered throughout my life and that's kind of how I built to live a little bit so that I know some of the questions that people are asking. So I kind of put that into my little webinar if you want to call.

Matt:  Yeah, yeah, that's so cool. I like what so for your flow and for your formula, what you do, like let's say over the course of two hours, is there an outline you do? Are you teaching people certain things?

Phil: Look, you know, success is copying people who are successful, right? So I walk through all the successful people that do this, and you know, Calvin Hill is one that I watch and then there's Paul Griffith that I watched, you know, Paul, live free for Francis. And I've spoken to him and he's been a great support for me. I watch Amy, you know, a hair airs and she does a great live so we were all collaborative. We all talk to each other. And we're all good friends, and they've helped me and supported me when I've been down and out and these people are just wonderful at what they do. And I became more successful by watching my lives are just built around that and I put my own little flair in here just like anything else. And everything. You know what I was you know, throughout the years, you figured out that everything is really been done already, right? Things have already been done. I just gotta find what, what's your way of doing it right and you just find the successful people doing it and you just make it your own. So that's kind of how I did this.

Matt: It makes total sense, right? So you take the principles of marketing, direct response marketing, figure out how to market to people, and then you bring in your own flair, you bring in your own kind of thing, you know, whatever you bring in your own personality and once you get caught I don't know for me it took a long time. Before I started doing live. It took me a long time to get comfortable. In my own skin, I think I mean, there was a sweat fest on my arm. So then I'm like, Oh my gosh. But I do really feel like yeah, you touched on a few things, a great community of people who are super kind and willing to help anybody at any cost really, which is pretty unique. Especially in this industry. It's a really unique thing when people sometimes view each other as opponents or as competition or whatever. And, the people in our community don't really operate that way. They're really nice and kind and they aren't and I love them. Yeah, I think it fosters that you know, the more that that happens, it draws people like you who are drawn to that and also help people and I think that makes a lot of sense on your on your lives when you one other question that I had that was that I thought on your lives, especially in the early days, you know, when you maybe didn't feel like you had all the knowledge or that it was all perfected or something which I'm sure you still don't I don't think really anybody does. But when you were first going on there will ask What the hell am I supposed to talk about? I mean what do you just do? Just pick out one topic and just kind of start talking about it and rant and then maybe answer some questions?

Phil: Well, yeah, the people that I talked to said what I know about the most, and that's myself so people know about yourself. Right? So I set in my first couple of lives were like, what my life was like before I started the 15 day business builder challenge and what I was going through, and I would just say you know I talk about things like you know, I've always been the entrepreneur type and I just couldn't find the right way of doing of getting the vehicle to get to where I want to be. I've tried this, this and this and this and then all of a sudden, I came across this and and when this came up when I came across this, this is how it happened for me. And I would give general statements on that and I'd go through, you know, the course and how it's helped me. And people will say, Well, you're just selling a course and I would just say look, I'm just telling you what, what, what's what I'm going through. And let's own anything if you want to hear anything. To me. That's why I came out here and so but people will ask me that and I'm like look, this has helped me if you'd like to help you if you're resonating with I'm talking about it might help you too. And, and that's how I started. And then as I went through and I watched other people do their lives, I kind of wanted to form my own little. I want to be able to teach people. I wanted to be able to be more. I wanted to be more valuable to people because I saw a lot of people going into other people's lives. And I was like how are they getting hundreds and hundreds of people coming in? I can't believe it. You know, I got the two I don't mind and I don't mind listening to those two people and I in fact I turned it around. I don't make it a negative thing. I just turn around and say look, the less people that are in here, the easier it is for me to talk right to you. And we can have a nice little intimate conversation and I can answer your questions right away. So it's not a big deal for me. It doesn't I don't even look at the numbers anymore. I just try to talk to you like one person.

Matt:  Oh, yeah, that's good. Many people talk about speaking from stage and things like that. Hey, just chat with one person. Right like I just have a conversation and Dave's really good at that like at our masterminds and stuff. I mean, he's always just kind of talking with one person. Having a conversation with a single person is a lot easier than Yeah, that makes sense. How do you differ from somebody like Calvin to Calvin does a lot with crypto and kind of like higher he's just an interesting personality. I feel like his background is everything. He's kind of gifted in a way that it's just kind of not fair. You know, the average Joe.

Phil: My wife listens because I listened to him at night when I'm laying in bed before my wife again and she says that your man said look I like listening to the guy that guy's so in. I mean, the guy knows so much. I learned so much from this. You know, although I like crypto and the guy knows so much about that. I'm not into that yet. But when he does digital marketing, he starts talking about digital marketing. And he explains it so well and he just shows people how he's been doing it. It just resonates. I don't know. I mean, it's hard for me, I just know that eventually I will get there. I know that eventually the more knowledge I get about this business and the more knowledge I get from more people and the more I stay into it and learn more. There's no thing is just the more competent you get is how much more you learn about and that's how I mean that's with anything that you do. You know, when you're a baby, it takes a little bit to walk and when you start walking, you'll feel more confident and then you start banging into it then so you know just baby steps and that was a huge baby step for me. When I first got started with doing lives. I really wanted to perfect it so I kept doing it over and over and over again. And I started doing it twice a day and sometimes three times a day, you know, but you know, I have to regulate life with my family as well. 

Matt: I you know, I feel like I don't know, I you know, you said I'll get there eventually. I mean, I don't know I guess from my perspective. I'm just kind of like Dude, you're already there, man, like everything that I watched and certainly your earnings and everything that you're doing with just just thinking, you're kind of just on a really big upswing in the last kind of month, I guess and you're not just on the right track, but you're on an awesome track.

Phil: I often struggle with myself and with other people compared to somebody like Calvin or whatever. I'm just like, Look, guys, it's just not fair. But also, you know, you don't have to be Calvin, you don't have to, you know, that guy. Some people tune into his things. And they genuinely don't like it. You know, it's not their thing and that's okay for Calvin. It's okay for you. There's different audiences for different people. And you got to have some level of belief that, you know, there's an audience out there for you. 

Phil: I guess, right. He's a master teacher. And he's, he's mastered what he does, right? So, you know, for people like me, I get to watch people like him and learn from him. So, like you said, everybody will come into their own. Everybody does their own thing, then people, everybody, not everybody doesn't like certain people just like this business is not for everybody. Right? So you know, for me, when I go out there, I tell people, Look, I still have a nine to five job, right? I'm not the guy that makes 1015 $20,000 a month. I'm just a regular guy just like you. I do this business. Because it's a vehicle to get me to certain places of where I want to be in my life. So from nine to five, you know, I work from five to four in the morning. Afternoon, I'm sorry. And you know, so they people resonate with that they don't want they don't want I'm not going to you know, blow smoke up anybody's ass and just say look, this is that you can do this and make millions of dollars. Because I just tell people you don't even tell them in my life. So if you're in here and you think this is what it is, then you might as well leave because I'm not going to tell you that this is what it is. And in fact, I scare some people away when I tell them that. Look. This is a simple business model. But it's not easy, right? It's not easy. It's gonna take some work. And if you want to do this industry, it's gonna take some work doing it so nothing that's worthwhile is going to be easy.

Matt: It's good advice, but I'll leave you with the last word for everybody who's here, and this is typically the question that I asked but Carlos asked it for us. He said, words of advice, Phil, for those just starting.

Phil: I honestly think that you need to and this is what I tell some people that have gone through the 15 day challenge that I talked to. You have to get your mindset straight and you really have to really think that you can do it and you can take your blinders and get the people from the outside out. Right, get them out of your way. Because those people will kill your dreams. Those are the people that will kill your dreams. I said that earlier. And I really believe that doubt will kill anything that you want to do . If you believe in yourself you can do this kind of thing, right? It's gonna happen where you're gonna fail the 100 times I continue to fail. I went through this course thinking that I wasn't going to be able to do this right. But you have to keep picking yourself up and moving forward and moving forward moving forward. If you keep the competence within yourself, and you just keep failing forward. That for me, 75% of his business is up here. It's all up here. And once I get past that and like I said early to get your head on the button. Just just move forward and keep the goals in line and your lane. And because gotta have those goals because if you don't have your goals, you're gonna keep driving around the block and you're not gonna get anywhere. You have to have a place where you're going so you know, keep those goals in line. You know, my whole goal when I first started this and it still is, is I want to get my wife at her job. Although now she has changed her mind because you know, she likes her early beginnings. She didn't want to be there. But I still my goal is to kind of try and get her out of her job. And you know my also my goals are you know, get my, my investments funded and all that kind of stuff. And those are my little goals and I and those are the things that I keep in mind. And I have little things on my mirror right by where I brush my teeth just to remind me of things that are going to keep me positive for the day and keep me motivated. So the only person that's gonna keep you motivated as you really is my wife is very supportive. But you really have to keep yourself moving, motivated to move forward and believe you can do this.

Matt:  That's awesome. And I like hearing out kind of stuff from somebody who's successful as opposed to, you know, somebody who's just, you know, kind of doing this and doing that. I don't know him but you know, thinking about growing rich, you know. I like that. You know, to me, it's always really carrying a lot of weight and it feels really inspiring to me. When it comes from somebody who's like really going after it and making waves so that's, that's really cool. I appreciate that.

Phil: Thank you.

Matt:  We're gonna put up your TikTok and Instagram here for people to go give a follow and, man, please reach out in a couple months and we'd love to have you back on the show.

Phil: For sure. Well, thank you so much.

Matt:  Thanks. Alright guys, so what I would do if I were you is I go follow this guy on TikTok. Immediately. It's @makemoneywithphil l and I would go watch his lives. And if you're on TikTok, and you're listening to this, and you're like, Oh, I can't go live. I don't know. It was scary. I would go watch his life and I would rewatch this episode where he talks about, you know, my first live there was nobody there for quite a while and then one person came on and it was my friend which is the same story for everybody. And sometimes that feels overwhelming and it feels like oh my god, what would I ever do you know, but the truth is, you can have fun with it. You can just pay, it's not a big deal. It doesn't say anything about you. It just says you're getting started. You're figuring it out, and so go give him a follow and then make sure to let them know hey, you know I saw you on wakeup legendary that was a cool episode. Tell him something you took away from today's episode, but lift him up for and next time when you're on the show. And you're the up and comer and you're killing it. You know Phil's gonna come over plop on over to your profile and give me a follow back and you know, that's that's the way for communities like ours that support each other and yeah, so make sure to give him a follow make money with Phil it's on TikTok. It's on Instagram. Give him a follow on both. And we're going to be back here Monday. I believe Dave will be back on Monday but no guarantees. I'm pretty sure and take it easy everybody peace out. See ya.