Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave:  Hey what's going on my friends this is your boy Dave Sharpe. And today we are going to talk to a stay at home mom who wants a way out of the middle class cycle. I wonder why she wants out of the middle class cycle. I thought that was the American dream. Emily, welcome to the show

Emily:  Good morning. Thanks for having me.

Dave:  You're welcome. Where are you calling? In from?

Emily:  I'm in West Michigan, the Lakeshore Michigan outside Grand Rapids.

Dave:  I gotcha. Well, that's great. We love our Michiganders.

Emily:  Yeah, Michigan, the end. I mean, we love it here but we really like warmer states better. like to travel the Florida

Dave:  Yeah, I am saying that we love our Michiganers as I'm sitting here and you know, the Florida sunshine down here. So come on down. So some of it. We just had a mastermind in Florida and I think everybody would agree that the Florida sunshine is worth the travel

Emily:  weeks, beginning of this year just because my husband does concrete so it's slow. And we have family down there. And I don't know why anyone chooses to live anywhere cold.

Dave:  So tell us why you want out of the middle class cycle. In explaining to us what that is, what that means to us specifically. I mean to most people that sounds the same as the American dream. You tell us. Tell us your take on that and what sort of led you to legendary?

Emily:  Well, I feel like me and my husband I've kind of always done everything right. My husband is a veteran. He was in the Marine Corps. He got out

Dave: Thank Your family for your service. 

Emily:  I will tell him he got out and he tried college. And to be honest, I mean, the view on veterans nowadays and I'm just like, No respect, and he was like I don't think anyone has ever worked here. You know, I've worked since I was 12. And he was like, I just can't do this. So he started concrete, which is hard work. He was working 80 hours a week. I went to college and got a degree. I'm a recreational therapist. I work with kids. They have severe disabilities in the pool. And yeah, we just weren't, we both got great jobs. And yet somehow it was still tight all the time. No one ever told you that they're like, get a job. Great. In reality, it's like, yeah, are we blessed? I mean, I'm never gonna not be thankful. But when you're stressed constantly about making ends meet when you're doing all the right things, something feels wrong.

Dave:  Yeah. There's nothing noble about being poor. And our morals are poor. And I love that coming from somebody who has, I mean, look, it's it's it's like, you know, sometimes I also look at my children. And I look at, I look around and I say, I'm grateful. I'm grateful for what I have. If I had no money, zero money. I'm grateful for what I have. But there's nothing wrong. There's nothing we have to break this stigma of poverty Being noble, you know, like in I think I even see it when I get to give somebody a tip and they don't want it. They don't take it. Now, that doesn't happen a lot. But, you know, it's almost like well, I can't accept that. I don't know if it doesn't sound like you guys had that issue. And that's why I'm pointed out because your husband came out, he got a job. He looked around, he said, I'm not going to stick around in this forever. And if you have stuck around in a job forever, doesn't mean you're a bad person doesn't mean there's anything wrong with you. But he went out and started his entrepreneurial journey. Yeah, so like in you know, you're doing one a week you're at home mom a little bit of your entrepreneurial journey because you also want to contribute and be a part of how just taking care of the kids right mom but also contributing, being productive. My wife's like that as well. And helping out with income and do you will do anything you got to do for your home and for your family. Right?

Emily:  Yeah, that is very true. I mean, it really started for us kind of during COVID Because my husband was not essential. And so he and I were stuck at home for eight weeks and for us, it felt like we didn't have any control. And I've worked since I was 12 years old. My husband always worked. And I was like, This is crazy. Like there's no way that we both are home now. 90 We like being home and we're kind of like how do we make money and be able to like, exactly, Well and then I found that was just like, honestly, when I saw legendary, I kind of started under the guise of like, Oh, I know the power of the email list. I should do this for his company. And then realistically, it was like, No, I want to do this for myself. And I see the value in this so let's just go for it.

Dave:  Yeah, so what, what , how is your physical therapist kind of the category right even though you have a nice specialty with disabled children, you work with them in the pool, your physical therapist, right?

Emily:  Recreational therapists

Dave:  Okay, what is it okay for a professional like yourself for any other professional out there to come into the online world? Is that okay? I think a lot of people feel like I'm going into some dark world and you know, I'm going from what I'm supposed to be doing over here, which is following my path and keeping my job and even if I keep my job and I'm still doing this over here, is this over here? Okay, this internet marketing stuff. Is it weird or is it a scam? In my opinion, like, understand, can you Yeah, people who also are professionals, or who may be wary that oh, gosh, now I'm going over into no man's land over here on the internet and I'm venturing into it almost like we're going into some sort of a bad neighborhood or doing something wrong. Can you show how you can talk about how you view internet marketing? Is it something that is a legitimate career for you now? Do you see it being an actual career path, or is it just a hobby? Talk to us a little bit about from a professionals perspective, doing something like this?

Emily:  Yeah, I mean, I think the biggest thing for me is that I perform better now. Doing something where I am passionate about where I feel like is my own thing. I was nervous at first, but honestly, I feel like yes, that the online world is very different from being in my practice with my clients. But I also feel like there is this connection piece, being a professional and being someone like that who wants to connect with other people. I didn't think I was gonna get that online. But I do feel like I am vulnerable. And that's one of my biggest things is I put it all out there and you find people that completely relate to that and want the same things. And honestly everything that I do, I can move that into my profession, it kind of goes back and forth, if that makes sense. Like I do better at my job now. I have something where I feel confident, and I feel passionate about and you lose that sometimes your profession and to know like, okay, like I can feel good about something again, and that's really exciting. And that makes everything else more exciting.

Dave:  I really do understand that. Also, I would imagine it'd be hard for me to sell information if I can push that aggressively. You know what I mean? But man marketing to parents, families with disabled children, I don't know if they reach out to you or you reach but that's like how you got to sensitively grow that business. You've got to and so I can imagine having an extra income would help me be more present with those clients because they're not my only source of income. And I'm not solely relying on that work to pay my bills, that's just something that I'm guessing, does that ever come up? This work becomes more passionate or with your clients. It's not about the money whereas over here, you will either already be or you see in the near future with your online business, being able to replace income and make obviously even more and then you get to decide do I still want to work with my clients that I've worked with in the pool? And if so, now, I would imagine your two are either there or fantasizing about the day that you really can. You really can run that recreational therapist business light you want to run it and or scale it or grow it or do something else but it's not. The other problem with being a female we all read about it and being a social person is the challenge with that is still if you don't show up and do a lesson you don't get paid. So you may own the business you may own whatever you are Doctor therapists incorporated or whatever. But if you don't show up and do a session, you don't get paid. And that is the other very big difference. It's the difference. Your husband may be running into that challenge. It's kind of like how he gets himself off the job. So the internet is also in the business models we teach are really, really fairly quick to get into a position where they run 24/7. And they are , they're making things happen even when you're not standing over them which does not exist in your recreational business. Even when you're planning to take emails, all that kind of stuff. You're not getting paid, you only get paid for the time in the pool, right or at the employment 100%.

Emily:  And to be honest, I work with busy families. And I also work with kids that get sick very often. And so my whole thing has changed dramatically. But that's exactly why I can only see so many clients in a day. And I can only do so many sessions in a week and a month and to be honest. And now where I've kind of moved to as the clients that I've kept I've had for years and years and years since they were two years old. But other than that, when you are constantly feeling like you're trying to die, right? And you're in a job where you are giving so much of yourself. I mean, truly I connect when I'm in a session with a kid I have to be fully there. It's hard. When you are wondering about like, what, what are we going to pay tomorrow or I need more clients paying like, right now I come home and I've tried to show this a lot because I think this is a big thing with affiliate marketing and just online marketing is I fill it in my little gaps throughout the day. And something you can't do with anything else because if you're doing that with other jobs, a lot of times you're like, forget where you're at or it takes you another extra hour to remember where you're at start again with this. It's running, I can check in. I can do something for 10 minutes, I can come back to it. My clients, I can't do that. I was there for an hour. Nothing else can happen. And so I really found that yeah, it completely is passion work. For me, but that does not pay off and will I ever leave that no because I love it. But something's got to shift there for me. And you're doing something about it kind of showed me that I can work with a lot of kids but I can only see so many in a day but it really opened my eyes like whoa, there are kids all over the country, that there's this online space that is there. 24/7 And if you really work hard, you can make it work in any setting. Really. I've kind of started even just starting with you guys thinking about different things like when wheels are turning in like we're here in here. This kind of like just the logistics of how you can make this work in any setting. 

Dave:  You know it's it's even as a recreational therapist. Did you use any digital tools for them to watch or use when they were home or anything else before?

Emily:  Yes, so a lot of my kids are actually nonverbal and do not have fine motor movement. So they are pretty much that bound. And since obviously COVID happens we kind of go in there. So I started I was one of the only therapists in Michigan that did this, but I started creating videos and I would put on YouTube and they would be like guide videos. And a lot of parents were like, can you please send this to someone who sells my friend who has a son at home? Can you please send that and so really, I wasn't getting paid, but I was working a lot because I was creating a lot of videos. And that kind of piqued my interest of like, okay, like we need to be prepared for the future or there's a lot of kids that are home where I can get to the masses by doing online. You know, kids that aren't getting reached.

Dave:  Yeah. And that's that's where I was going and you know, just just even if you know, even if it's not, even if you're just testing it first and that really is what everything is is just testing by the way. None of us know how anything's going to turn out when we try a marketing test. Just so all of you know. Yeah, so everything's a test. But even if you took videos and just began to build a YouTube channel or or you know even a membership site, because that would really know and, and now all of a sudden, for you know, there's just so many different things you could do. Obviously you could offer it for free if your other business is taking off or you could there's so many different things you can do. We're not here to brainstorm that but I just love that I just love that is is something that even that fits into this we can apply these skills sure you want to take off with affiliate marketing sure you want to grow that and there's so many things that you probably see you can do but just over here with your existing business almost every existing business job or knowledge that you have can be packaged and sold, packaged and marketed, packaged and offered for free as a lead magnet or free giveaway for something that you are selling and every industry every profession has that every category in which knowledge is required or needed. Whether it's I love this recreational therapy for disabled children, get out of here. I mean talk about a niche under a niche under a niche that is perfect. In your husband with his Congress. I mean there's so many youths nowadays, people are, you know, before they call a local business before they call Mr. Local concrete or plumber. They actually go a lot of them anyways go on to Google, first of all, and they do their own research, and they see who's around town that's worth given a call to and a lot of them will also go on to YouTube and they'll do their own research in Oh What if a client in your neighbor or in your town came across your video on YouTube? Because so even these these skills apply to every profession, they they restaurant, every contractor should be building an email list and not getting

Emily:  That final. Like I got that started and I started to learn that and I actually implemented it first with my husband's business. Yeah, that's awesome because I'll just like to send out, you know, emails like keeping them on the email list. And I think this is a big thing for like being a part of legendary too. Like, I don't remember who said it. But like if you're in someone's email list a year down the road, they might be like, hey, like worth I remember that email that I got about making money online. They're gonna go there to look at that first. And so I find that really interesting. And we've had that too with the brick and mortar with the concrete. And I think it's important to like the topic that you touched on like niching down. I think people get really afraid of that. And I was afraid of that at first like, am I going to be too specific when I started? I've just felt like the more that you niche down. Like the more you find your target audience to sell one brand because you can go live all you want if you're full of people that really are not there for that. You're honestly hurting yourself because then you're not getting any, you're not getting any audience to respond to you. So I just like to think that a really important point is don't be afraid to hone in on who you are. Who was that target person because I was my target person.

Dave:  So when you're when you're creating content in your you're working in the make money online niche right now, creating and creating content about big financially free making more money, you know, how, you know being poor is not noble, a lot of things that we've been talking about, you know, just financial literacy, education, you know, different different making money online ideas, and and how are what are some examples of you niching down or being specific on that channel or on that page? Is there a specific type of person that you're talking to? What type of stories are you telling? Are you telling stories that are going to attract a specific type of person?

Emily:  Yeah, I mean, also, when I first started, I thought it was kind of easy for me to be like, Okay, what videos are out there and you can make money remotely that I could try to do and figure out and try it on my own. Make cells. I had one I was struggling to get 100 followers on Tiktok. And I'm one video that's now sitting close to 500,000, which was wild. And what I realized from that though, is those are not my target people. So I took a step back and I was like as much as you want this to be a sprint, it's a marathon. And no matter if you have 100 viewers or 100,000 Viewers, you will need those to be specific. So I said who is your target audience? I am a man who wants to be at home but needs extra income. And it's so taboo to talk about. And I make people so uncomfortable with it sometimes, like, yeah, man, like we struggled this past month, it saw and people are like, whoa, we aren't like that. And I'm like okay, well 99% Of America is so yeah. So really just being open and honest and vulnerable and sharing that online. Really, I think it resonated with people saying like, it's okay, like, it's hard sometimes to pay XY and Z or we can't go on vacations. You know, we can go on vacations. We have also during COVID Our daughter got a medical diagnosis and we do MRIs every three months and I'm a blue collar. Medical insurance plan. That's very expensive. 10s of 1000s of dollars. And I think that resonates with people's medical insurance, health insurance, medical bills. Everyone deals with that. And why. So I think really hitting the pain points as we've talked about before, but not just saying pain points relating to your worry. And then also I found like, showing the hopeful side of it to showing the positive. I've been in this for less than two months and I feel like I'm doing pretty good with it. But sharing like, hey, we just went and loaded up at Costco because of this side hustle. The little things like narcotics driving it, which hopefully I'll have that to share. But literally being like I can go to Costco I can go on a date night with my husband because of this opportunity. I think that's what people want to see.

Dave:  That's what people relate to. And I've been saying that and also practicing that now for several years. As I sit in front of this camera with a very blank wall behind me and very, I mean pictures are sitting on the floor. It's just very because it doesn't matter. Nobody gives a shit. Nobody cares, cares. People care that you're here every day. People care about what you have to say. But they don't care where you say it from. They don't even care how I mean your delivery but like they don't care about much else. The more the more real it is, the more relatable it is. One of my favorite stories was a pair of brothers who made money and took their parents out to dinner. Everybody's always looking at the one of the biggest, one of the biggest mindset, you know, challenges and you could call it limiting beliefs, but I think it's just that people don't know how to get around it. Especially if you're in the make money online space, right? Or you're calling into a niche for the very first time and you don't have results in that niche. How do you position yourself as somebody worthy of listening to? You've given us some context there and talked to us a little bit about how you do it. But say more about that specifically and what would you say to people did you struggle with that? Do you still have that thought in your head or have you completely as you just described found a way of viewing this I found a strategy, a messaging strategy and a content strategy that allows you to talk about your real life without feeling inauthentic, but a lot of people feel like they need to have big results or some results making money etc. Before they can work inside of this niche and spin talk about financial literacy and talk about the topics and promote these products

Emily:  That at the beginning to because I'm gonna be authentic and I'm not gonna lie and I'm not gonna say things that are not truthful, you know? And so I was like, I just wonder like, No, you see that is out there that makes people skeptical on anything out there. And I really went into it saying like, I'm gonna be honest, this is what I want. I've never been bold enough to say this is what I want this month. I want it four figure month for me. And that that for me was a big thing and I don't think people want to say that because they're like, Well, what if it doesn't happen? You're right. If it doesn't happen, I will be transparent in the next video take guess what, then I happen this month gonna happen maximum. So I think that's really important. And I I really think too, there's so much to talk about. Honestly I talked about like what would it look like to stay in the life that I'm in now? Well, that medical debt is drowning. You know, it feels like you're drowning. I want to be able to go get a second opinion for my daughter. So it's like I talked, I talked about what, what would change in our life. If we are able to become financially free. So budgeting and how important that is, no matter how much money you have, you don't budget you're not going to do anything with it anyways. So I think that's important. Another thing to do is I just think the knowledge piece of it. Now someone asked me one of my like, is this recession proof and things like that and I'm like, education is actually the one of the number one recession proof things and on providing you as a way to become more educated. Well,

Dave:  I don't know. What's recession proof, folks? Because yeah, sure. This is going to be a question that's going to start coming up. We've got a lot of these are all just excuses. Usually and this is one of the things that we have to be honest with people about is that you can come up with any excuse that you want about your limitations or the world around you and how it's not going to be possible for you to do something because of whatever is happening but there are people still making and shipping shit out of Ukraine. Okay, and they're in the middle of war. So I'm going to tell you something on planet Earth. Anything is possible. You know? Yeah, you know, I love that attitude. It's just kind of like, you know, I'm going to tell you what I'm working for. I'm going to tell you what my goals are. And I'll be transparent whether I hit them or not. I saw this just in a completely different niche. One of my buddies or somebody who I've become friends with online, started a clothing brand, real nice, high end stuff. He lives in LA. He's got experience doing it and he's rich. He's a guy who's designed a lot of jewelry and a lot of clothing. He's rich. And he did. He did a one year anniversary hoodie drop, and he had 200 to sell that were 500 apiece. Alright $500 For this hoodie, it was a nice hoodie and high end. You know, he's trying to go into Gucci, you know, sort of realm, you know, but anyways, he's got a big following on Instagram. I mean, he was even going to give away a Rolex right if he sold all 200 and like me, I don't need another watch like honestly, I've had an addiction to watch it for a long time. I don't need another watch. I was like, oh shit, maybe I'll win the watch. You know what I mean? Like if he sells out all 200 Shit, I'm I got a chance to win the watch. Right? That's pretty cool. Half a percentage chance. Right. And you know what? He even extended the contest even to an extent because he didn't sell out. within 24 hours. He extended the contest to 48 hours to sell out. Guess what? He still didn't sell out of all words that this happened right on his Instagram right in front of the public. And you know what he did? He just shifted once again and said, Hey, sell out. I'm gonna give the Rolex to every single person that bought a hoodie. I'm gonna do a Rolex giveaway at the end of the year. So I'm still giving this watch away, but I'm gonna move it to the end of the year. And he just adjusted. He was just honest. He said I didn't sell out. It wasn't a big deal. He adjusted and said I'm gonna give the watch away. Every order is a submission and I'll draw a winner at the end of the year. And it just dusted. He just didn't hit his goal. But I still the way I looked at it as somebody who is watching total consumers, total onlooker. said this guy's got to call homeowners. This guy's awesome. audits is what I was saying, this guy's not bullshitting because I know if he tells me he didn't hit his goal. This is a straight up guy. And I actually really appreciated that.

Emily:  I actually like a lot of my comments that people are like, you know, people want a kind of whatever they want. And before I let that bother me, but I've kind of said well, no one's paying my own bills. And I'm just gonna keep you know, I'm committed to this. And honestly, every time that I directly respond, whether it's a video, and I said, Hey, you know, like, what have you tried it and has it not worked? Do you feel like you know, every single time the response is always Hey, thanks for responding. Yeah, that's exactly what I meant or not. A 10 response is like, hey, you know, I appreciate you actually like hitting that hat on. And it's like, it takes that like, No, someone said something. Now I don't feel that because when I see that I'm like, okay, like they want to know more about it or they're skeptical. Answering that was hard at the beginning for me, but now it was like, be super honest about it and realize the response is way better when you do that. I encourage

Dave:  Well look at how athletes after a game loss, like you can learn a lot from press conferences. Like what is the right way, what are some of the things you can say in attitudes you can have if you fail, that still get people rooting for you. And I want to break it down so everybody knows what I'm talking about. Watch the NBA playoffs are happening right now. Watch the press conferences because they're little mini bite sized pieces of content. And what you'll see in the plays of the losing team is you'll see a lot of humility. You'll just see we didn't do a good enough job. We just could have done better, we didn't do well enough. They don't get up there and try to hide in bullshit. They just say we didn't do a good enough job. We didn't hit our goal. We need to do better tomorrow. We're going to do better. This is not you know this is not good enough that I'm not happy with this. But we didn't, we didn't win. We didn't win. They outplayed us and we need to come back with more attitude tomorrow if we want to beat this team. It's not a Yeah, we still won't, we didn't win. We still played well, didn't we? We mean come on. Like Didn't you see that dunk?” There's none of that defensiveness like let's know they just deal with our humbleness in their own way what happened in the game and just have a, you know, a good attitude about moving forward. And as entrepreneurs we can view ourselves as professional athletes of entrepreneurship and it's okay to get out there on the field and go and set goals and talk about goals and anything people want to see. I mean, we are the Olympians of life. We're the entrepreneurs. We're the people that are going out there taking the risk putting our money on the line, putting our children in harm's way seriously when we go out there and we put ourselves out there on the internet for everybody to see. That's putting it on the line in people, people like that people want to see that we are the Olympians. It's okay to go out there for all of us and leave it on the field. And then in the press conference after if we didn't hit our goal, talk about it, own it. People don't care about the goal. They just want to watch the game you agree

Emily:  I get a lot of people who are like they don't want you to know everything. I'll be honest, like I get emails sometimes. And I'm like, I don't know the answer to that. Let me check with some other people and I'll get back to you. And that always too is really respectful to me, I use the Facebook page. I've been using that a lot lately. Like hey, does anyone know the answer to this and it is just because I don't want to give them BS. I want them to know that oh, no, you have a question. I don't know it but I'll figure it out for you. And I think that more encouragement to as I'm like, oh well she could figure it out. I can probably figure it out too.

Dave:  I love saying I don't know when I love I love I love Well, I mean it's the most it's the it's the most it's a tool in your toolbox. You know it's a tool in your toolbox. It's that no one should feel pressure to ever talk to another human being that you ever need to perform. Or you ever need to have the answer for somebody. I mean, this is something that we just weren't taught enough in school about self esteem and about, you know, we all grew up with a lot of kind of previous generations that's just like, you know, how to fake it till you make it and I think a lot of them were surviving, you know, but now we know that we're mostly safe unless a crazy dictator invades our country. And we don't have to, we don't have to be so afraid of people. If they ask us a question, and we don't know the answer. One of those knowable and probably the thing that is going to get them to buy from you, is for you to just be unbelievably honest, you should always be honest. And just say exactly what you just did, Emily, I don't know. And the reason why I love I don't know is because I don't want a single person to look at me as I have all the answers. That's way too much pressure. I want to get on the internet. I want to clown around a little bit. I want to create a little content. I want to do my best. But I don't want to make it seem as if I have all the answers. I want to empower people and instill confidence for them to buy the product. The other big tip here for marketers is the product has to have all the answers. So if you're constantly creating content that's like I have all the answers in trying to position yourself as the person with all the answers, well, why the hell do they need to buy the product? So needs to be the thing with the answers. And we ask if we're doing affiliate marketing, or even if we're creating our own course we need to basically in a respectful way say those answers are in the training that's why I create that's why it's created and I'm so I had a guy that I really liked. Maybe he's watching this he emailed me the other day because he was on wakeup legendary he asked for a phone call. And as much as I want to talk to people, and as much as I want to please this particular person, I have to guard my time. And I have to say I prefer email or what is the call about and I can prepare for it. But I don't have time to just jump on the phone for 20 minutes anytime throughout the day because I have a kid family. Yeah. So what's coming up for you as I as I say the the is I talked about this and it's just kind of piggybacking on what you've already said. But not needing to know the answers and pointing towards the training, or even a sales video or webinar or whatever you're promoting to sell the product point towards that for this thing with the answers. Never yourself it's no fun to be the expert of experts, because then you also put pressure on yourself that you can never fail. Do you agree with what I'm saying? And

Emily:  yeah, I'm for that as someone asked me the other day, well, how did you get your systems running? And I was like, well, I guess I could go like I know there's a bunch of YouTube videos telling you exactly how to do a Weber ClickFunnels. I'm not there yet, because I don't have that time commitment yet to learn it fully other than what I learned through the course. So mine was very

Dave:  No need anymore. I've not learned it any more than what's in the car seat or I don't know all the little bells and whistles on the damn thing. I mean, to be honest,

Emily:  In my video I was literally like, I don't have time and I don't. I don't know what to tell you. I haven't taken the course because that's the only way that I know how to do it. And she literally messaged me the day after she's like, You're so right. I've been asking numerous people to explain to me how to do it. She was like, why don't I just take the course and I don't really know how to do it. I'm like, yeah, it's copy paste. And she was like, why do we make life so much harder? I'm like, Oh, I don't know. I've been trying. The more people I meet, the more people that I see. I

Dave:  asked him What did you do? What did you do? Didn't Matt have a secret call with you and reach out and do everything for you? Did he fly out to you, did I and I don't know about it. What did you have? And they just say you know what? No, I just went through the training. And I just learned it for myself. Now I just learned it on my own because I don't know if Tom Dick or Harry over here that I met in the Facebook group actually has my best intentions in mind. I mean, so did you buy a truck? Are you buying training from me? Or are you buying training from Tom, Dick or Harry that you met in our Facebook group who's been going to try to pitch you some $5,000 coaching program that you don't need? Folks by the training go through the training. There's no secrets except this one ready? After I rewrite?

Here's the secret of people who are succeeding, simply went through the training and the people who are struggling or lost. Some of them even bought the training. But here's the key. Wait for it. It didn't go through. They didn't go through it. And I know that because I know I'm harping on this and I'm gonna let it go eventually. Maybe maybe not. But we got a mastermind in Orlando. And every single person who is lost in the room on the blueprints hadn't gone through and I'm telling you that you know, it's like it's like your goals. You know, the things that you want to achieve are on the other side of just a little bit of focus and a little bit of effort and instead it is so hard to constantly be asking a bunch of people how to do something. It's not the way it's not the way when I need a contractor when I need somebody in life. I don't go on Facebook because nobody knows because they're all going to send me their brothers, brother's wife's nephew who's going to come over like Beverly Hillbillies. I mean, I do my own research. Yeah, I want to talk to people. I want them to come to my house. So folks, if you want to be successful, you have to take just that shit in your life and do it yourself. Stop trying to get somebody else to do it for you. And you're right Emily, that is one of the most common things that I see too, is just people trying to get somebody else to do it for them. And there's also this big, false belief that in order to be successful, you need a mentor. And I'm going to tell you something. There's a difference. Between a direct and an indirect mentor in all my life to get to where I got I use indirect mentors, meaning that I watched videos and I listened to tapes and audios and CDs. I did not have direct access to high level people. Sit down and show me anything. It is possible. You all do not need to go hire an additional coach who you pay 1000s of dollars to set shit up for you. Yes, you won't need to do it. You want to know how to do this correctly. You can afford the blueprints and get them and go through them. If you can't, then you know what Guess what? You're stuck in a situation where you need to figure it out and be resourceful. You don't have the resources and you know what somebody needs to say that somebody needs to say that in this industry, that it's not just come in and it's all we'll do it all for you and you just need the right mentor and all this because this is all the stuff and look I'm not saying that we don't we can't use each other as long distance mentors and we can't learn from each other. But stop making people your gurus and expecting that if you find the perfect person. They're going to help you set it up perfectly, and launch you into the stratosphere that they're going to take your money in. Do it yourself, get educated. Go through the training, hear it with your own ears in your own eyes. Because here's the other thing that happens to Emily, when it gets when it goes through somebody else. They always screw it up, sit in a circle and whisper something in somebody's ears and see what it comes back to you as with just four or five people in the circle. It always gets no water now or changes once it goes through other people. That's gonna say to

Emily:  remember that you can go back you always have it like I would sit there sometimes like so frustrated because I was not getting like one thing working right? And I would just get so frustrated that I go back and watch one little piece of video and I was like they tell you how to do it, right. They're like, Why was I so like, No, I soaked all that in. You're not gonna soak it all in. Like that's why you have it. So it's like really going through all of that stuff as much as you need it. That's your answer. When you ask someone else to give your answers. Take the time to go through the information again.

Dave:  If I came on this live stream every morning and I was like, oh, buy my crypto course or I was like oh, buy my course or whatever. Or buy my gambling course. I'm gonna show you how to count cards and when I look I'm the worst at those things. I would lose all your money gambling crypto with a pink all the wrong pics burn your dinner. There's like one or two things that I know how to do really well. One of them's market online specifically with affiliate marketing and that course has hundreds of millions of dollars in sales worth of strategies, copy examples, funnel examples, exactly how I view and think and there's a difference between people who can do and people who can also do and teach all of you if you've bought that course and you haven't gone through it, you're doing yourself a disservice. And if you're on the fence, consider it. You know you hear it every morning and there's such a common question. Did she buy the blueprints? Yeah, you know, these every person that I talked to who has the resources and who wants to be serious about this has bought the blueprints and they've likely bought other stuff as well. It's not just you know, these are people that are constantly investing in their education themselves because they realize to get out of the place they're in. They need new knowledge and new skills.

Emily:  Yeah, I agree with that. I mean, I think once you really get into it, and you're excited about it, like I'm already like, what's the next event and just because I enjoy it, I thoroughly enjoy it and I relate with a lot of people that are doing it and for me, it's like it's a long game. It's not a short games, like you know there are so many opportunities to keep learning and to keep growing and I'm not going to grow unless I learn and really do the work myself and I've seen that a ton like just all around work on every aspect of it and it will grow it is a marathon it's not a sprint.

Dave:  This is so true. Fall in love with the process, you know fall in love with the process. I said that yesterday fall in love with the process because if you think about Michael Jordan, or any of these other athletes and they miss the game, that's why they went back and and there's something special about being in this game and you know what I'm talking about you You're, you're in business, there's a certain excitement about it, you're getting engagement, we're opting in they're buying you. You can feel that you're on the brink of something big with this business as you're growing. It and it's kind of picking up steam. It's exciting. So if it's not exciting to you and you're sitting on the sidelines, we understand why it's not exciting. Not as exciting on the sidelines, as it is on the field in the game. So get in the game. Emily thanks for your time. I know your kids are at your neighbors or whatever. So I want to be respectful of your time. And hopefully this was worth your time today. I know it was certainly worth our time. All right, well tell your husband we also said hello and you guys keep up the great work and we'll see you in Florida sometime soon. Okay,

Emily:  definitely. Thank you so much. Alright, see Emily.

Dave:  All right, my friends. Go and follow Emily on TikTok at AM. Em the DMMM the ANTHEM the DMM and then she's in the affiliate over on and that's just her That's just her her. Her hands are her you know what you type in Instagram and Tiktok you know what the hell up talking about? Christmas sites. All right, my friends. You guys have fantastic goals. dogs cats in everyone and everything in between who's you know, tuning into the show. I know some of you are tuning in. Dogs and cats, hamsters and rabbits. They're all welcome. Hopefully they're learning something. We'll see. you're back here tomorrow for another episode of wakeup legendary and my friends. If nobody told you today, you are amazing and have unlimited potential that you have not tapped into yet and I'm so excited to hear and see what happens when you do. So keep on going. Don't give up on this journey. This is not about giving up on this business. It's about not giving up on yourself. Okay. This is an opportunity to yes earn money but also build yourself up and step into your full potential to me that's an exciting exciting goal. Way more exciting than making a bunch of money. Because you know, I know what I can do with money if we talked about a lot of it today. But man, what's cool and if we want to keep it related to money, if I step in and become the best version of myself, imagine how much more money I could make, you know, in just man. That to me is exciting. So stay in the game. Stay on the field. If you need to step off the field for a moment. Get some water, catch your breath, but don't still for too long. Don't go on the injured reserve list and not come back. Don't go in the market or protection program where we don't hear from you for a stay in the game. Let the momentum pick up. It will not quit before the miracle happens. We'll see you back here tomorrow. For another episode. Get outta here. Peace.