Dave:  Hey, what's going on my friends this is Dave sharp Welcome to wake up legendary. And yeah this this morning we're going to be talking about how pay the ads help this gentleman grow his business extremely fast listen a couple of housekeeping things as you're on this live if people are messaging you friend requests and you you know they are eventually going to try to pitch you some sort of something most likely be careful of that as you're watching you know as you as you come into our community or any other community online on Facebook, be careful of those people who are going to be looking to prey on naive people and pitch their wares and so forth. For the most part, ignore most people who are reaching out to you because they're looking to sell you something and you need to be focused on your business. You know, buying the right training from the right people uses your gut and then gets into action. And that's exactly what Edison did. So help me welcome Edison to the show. What's up my man? 

Edison: How's it going there, Dave? 

Dave: How's it going? It's going Excellent. My brother. Where are you calling in from? I am in upstate New York about 50 miles off of New York City. Okay, okay. I had a family that was from New York and I used to go up there every summer in New York state, New York City. But welcome, man, and tell us a little bit about who Edison is so everybody can get to know I see you have pictures back there. You must have a family, you must have a whole life. Right. And that's I think what sometimes we forget when we're dealing with people on the internet and we're talking to them and we're marketing to them is that we all have families while regular people and that's why I love to talk to people each morning. Because you know, they humanize this whole business for us. So tell us a little bit about Edison, you know who you are and how you found legendary.

Edison: Well, first of all, thanks for having me on here today because it's my privilege to be here. I've actually been here since inception, but I've been in the digital marketing realm since 1997. Before he was even called Digital Marketing. Back in the day when people didn't even know that the internet was gonna be a thing. You know, it was a fad. But you're absolutely right. Everything is about family. All these pictures here are special events we've had over the years that hang them up on the wall there to remind me of why I'm doing everything that I'm doing. I have the bar back there by the way, a mini bar. And that's so that you know, sometimes I want to forget some of the things that happened as well. So sometimes I want to remember these people, sometimes I want to forget them.

Edison: That's the tagline real life, right? But no, I've been doing this since 1997. We had a small advertising firm, my dead wife at the time. We grow it over 20-25 years. So my kids are grown now. You know, when they're both out doing their own thing. My daughter is working. She's a vet tech, very proud of her. My son is an entrepreneur, extremely proud of him. He's doing a lot of things that I didn't even imagine could be done and he's actually doing it. So it's all about getting your family through and giving them as much as he can and then teaching them exactly what it is that they need to aspire to so that they can do it themselves as well.

Dave:  So with the digital marketing experience that you have, and all the different things that you know and that you can do, what led you to legendary What were you looking for, and have you found it?

Edison: Yes, here's the thing, okay. You know, the shiny object syndrome, you go around and do all these different things. My main focus over the last 25 years or so since before 97, but I'd say 97 for the web. My main focus was helping small business owners, right. Small business owners retail locations, they need the internet more than anyone else, and they're the ones that like to find it the most right? So I found my niche with a small business owner. However, as you know, any service oriented business you're trading your time for money. So yes, I can scale up by hiring more staff. You know, the more work we get and the more staff I need and you know, scale up that way. What attracted me to the legendary pretty much any affiliate program out there is you can actually promote something and you can promote it as hard as you want or as easy as you are. And what I mean by easy is just put up a link somewhere, throw traffic to it every so often and forget that it's there. And every once in a while you get a check. I mean, like you know, I mean I don't get a physical check of course, but you know, you get to your paypal saying hey, you got a whole bunch of money here. Over the years, I've learned to do that with programs that supplement anything that I do. So my focus is my business and that's where I know, that's my bread and butter, right? That's what pays my bills. That's what pays the mortgage. That's what pays everything right. The affiliate part in my case, is that I used to call them Monopoly money. Because it's like the extra stuff that you get, you want to go on vacation and you know, they say, Hey, let me see what I can promote out there. Throw a couple of dollars in here, you know, because I do a lot of paid ads. So a couple of dollars here. Let's see if I could get a three to five return on investment and whatever we make for that amount will go on vacation as we had to actually do that with my daughter. We had to go off to spring break. And I used to say okay, whatever I sell this weekend, that's the money we're going to use to go out and to wherever we go and right. And sometimes you used to be like just 500 bucks and sometimes you'll be like, you know, not much.

Dave:  I want to I want to share something that you you shared with that you wrote into us when we asked you to come be on the show you said and I hope you don't mind me sharing this but I I think it's important because a lot of people whether you need extra play money, or in your case, when you you know Are you okay with me sharing about the divorce and what you did for your ex wife and yeah, yeah. So. So you wrote that, you know, in 2007, you were divorced and gave the company that you were just talking about and its residual income to your ex wife, and you started from scratch.

And everything was fine until the pandemic shut down 75% of your new clients and you wrote in if it wasn't that you dabbling in affiliate sales over the years, the pandemic would have wiped you out. And so you said the Commission I had built up from companies offering email marketing services hosting domain registrations online education helped me get through a very difficult time in the world. Now I'm restarting in business and it's starting to look great and I just, I just man, I thought that was really powerful. It's because Absolutely. If you want extra Monopoly money, as you said, or vacation money, but it's also we never know when something's going to hit when something and we don't know what it's going to look like. And it's last thing that we all went through was completely out of the blue. And Edison because of your previous affiliate marketing experience and the income streams that you have that carried you through and there were so many people that didn't have that. And I just wonder before we move on if you'd speak to Yeah, you talked about the vacations and all that but if you would speak to how important it is to have backup skills, savings and even income coming in because you don't like you said you didn't predict what happened, right you can you talk about that side of this business and how it's your HSS it saved my HSS as well. Yeah, absolutely. And, you know, thanks for bringing that up, because I was gonna segue into that because it's great to have monopoly money, but you need it back in 2017 You said 2007 But it's 2017.

Edison: Yeah, we built my ex wife and I built a beautiful business. We did very well. We put the kids through college, the whole nine yards. But in 2017, we divorced and one of the things that I did was I gave her all the residual income, all the hosting accounts, the websites, anything that had to do with maintenance, anything like that. That's the residual income. That's what I had been. That's what I strive to build over time. I was in a good place to do that. So you know, I handed it off to her so she didn't have to worry about paying the mortgage or taking care of the bills and all these different things. But then, because I felt that it was easier for me to start all over. When in reality, I was already making money online with the affiliate programs affiliate.

Dave:  I know we can't really talk about numbers here but it was enough that and with a proper disclaimer, which is that your Edison is about to give some numbers in no way shape or form. Should any of you take these numbers as that's exactly what we're promising that you're going to make in this business, but please give us numbers now that we've given that disclaimer. Alright, so from affiliate money at that time, I was only making about $30,000 a year, which you know, some people make that part time working somewhere. Some people make that full time. Let's be serious, but that allowed me to have a cushion, let's say so I can give away the entire company and still not be flat broke and really start from scratch. So I started a new company from scratch, which was the marketing side of things because I wasn't going to start competing against my own ex wife at the time. So I started the marketing side of it. Things were going fantastically well until 2019 with a pandemic hit. And everything just came to a screeching halt because my niche is small business owners and the small business owners, the one that suffered the most in this pandemic. I mean a lot of businesses suffered but they really, really, really suffered so about 75% of my income just went away. Again, the affiliate funds that I was getting was enough to carry me through all that so I didn't have to hit. I didn't have to go into all of my savings. Because I got into all of my savings and haven't been completely depleted if I didn't have some type of income. And you know, I still had a few clients, you know that they were you know, that survived and was still paying, you know, some bills but a failure. If you don't have a person, call it a Plan D and they call it whatever they want. I call it supplemental income, whatever you're focusing on. You have to do something to bring more money and you have to decide whether you're going to use it just to go.

Edison: You have to have something that supplements what you currently do because let's say you're working somewhere nine to five, and you're like go I mean nowadays they're hiring everybody that the writers,

Dave:  You know, I agree. I agree that if you have a nine to five, you should have you should you should be you should always be Well, I hate to say the word should. But yeah, supplemental income is an extra income side income can be helpful if you have a job. But what if you're a business owner like you are now Edison as a say you have an affiliate marketing business and you strive to do this full time can you speak a little bit to people how they start multiple things, and how having multiple things as an entrepreneur is very different than having multiple things if you still have a job, like if you still have a job and you have a side hustle or you're doing something that's that's that's very different. But if you have multiple businesses, meaning that you're trying to run an agency and do affiliate marketing you're trying to unless it's a business model that goes really close, that works really well together like the core four ways to sell information, you can sell a course and also do affiliate marketing. It's not a big deal. But I just want to make sure that that that I want to just delve into the details of what you said a little bit more, because there's a lot of new people who think Well, absolutely Edison, who's been in the business for 25 years, says I need to have lots of things going on. So as they're trying to start their affiliate marketing business. They're being marketed to a bunch of other things and before they actually have anything up and running. They don't even have the business started yet. They're in the mindset of multiple streams of income, but ain't got the first stream and if that makes sense. Can you speak to that?

Edison: Yeah, absolutely. And just to clarify everything. One of the things that helps any individual is first of all, let's differentiate two things. If you're working nine to five, and you have that job, right, once five o'clock comes around, you could show that off. Right, right. I mean, you know, you didn't have when you're an entrepreneur Dave, come on, can we really turn this off? We're constantly thinking about it, whether we're, whether we're working on it or not. We're constantly thinking of our business. Alright, so first, that's the big differentiator. So when the entrepreneur you're doing many, many things, so when you start doing the multiple streams of income, he was my secret. This is what helped me and I'm sure it can help many people. I always chose an affiliate program that's going to supplement anything that I was doing. Okay, so for instance, I offered domain registration hosting, web design, right. So what goes with all that? You need to do SEO, you need to do PPC, those are all services right? But which affiliate programs use their email marketing systems, right? So I became an affiliate for an email marketing service, right. Hosting outside of I don't have my own servers to put the company on and let them do it. So I went to a company. I became a reseller for their servers and now there is an affiliate program. Online education like this legendary marketing is one of the biggest things I loved about legends.

Dave:  It's how I became the number one affiliate of Click Funnels because we sell education about how to build internet marketing and for the past six or seven years, how many over the years we've been in business. I have been sending customers over to click funnels to get a funnel set up. And so that has made me and again, another big fat ridiculous disclaimer that this is absolutely not guaranteed for any one. But I think my affiliate income with ClickFunnels is somewhere between 30 and 40,000 a month, something like that, maybe up to 50,000 a month. I can't remember but it's literally a side income as you're talking that I was able to earn without doing any extra work because it is a what's the word Edison it is a it's like it's something that they already need in this business. Yeah. If I was a golf coach, what would I want? If I had clients coming to me 10 A day 10 A day, okay. Or five a day. I got five clients coming to me today. If I send somebody into the pro shop after a lesson and they spend $1,000 on golf equipment, do you think that the trainer out there should get a commission for sending them in and telling them everything that they need to buy? Absolutely that probably doesn't happen. But the beauty of affiliate marketing is that you get paid for everything you do and then you keep getting paid. Over and over again. It's all about getting paid per action and then getting paid basically. The beauty of affiliate marketing is you're literally splitting your profit partner with the company, you're getting 3040 50 60% of a sale, which in many cases is more than an owner. That more than the owner of the businesses a lot more. So Edison I, I'm, I'm so thankful that you brought this up that affiliate marketing doesn't just have to be a primary business. It can be something that you're using to sell your customer additional picks and shovels as they continue on their journey to mined gold in their industry. Right? Absolutely.

Edison:And this is something that I've been teaching small business owners, especially the ones with the retail locations, they don't realize they have a retail location they have foot traffic coming in every single day. And they have stuff that they don't sell, but they couldn't become an affiliate for and just have a sign there with a QR code that goes somewhere and the person buys it. That's supplemental income that is not costing them anything extra.

Dave:  Your email autoresponder series, the emails that you send that go out to somebody, you can write as many of those as you want. That's what sometimes I don't think we remember is that, you know, you can write 10 follow up emails, you can write six or you can write 600. And you can continue to find products that, you know, a lot of times it's the marketers responsibility to figure out an angle of how that product might tie in. Or sometimes you have to point out why the person might need the product. But because sometimes we don't know we need something until somebody tells us we need some bread. That's how the marketplaces work. Hello. But, you know, Edison, as soon as somebody gets on my email list, maybe I might sell them or market them my core offer initially whether it's my services, maybe it's a course, maybe it's my main affiliate offer, but they're still on my email list. And I can continue to market to them over and over and over again, while delivering value in my emails. And just making subtle recommendations for them to go grab other products. And it truly does the work once and the email, and that's the closest thing or one of the closest things that you come to true automation. It's true passive income because you did the work. Say for example, you paid the money and set up the paid ads which I'd like to transition and talk about a little bit with you. But the beauty of how you really make your money with paid ads. Is not or nowadays anyways. is not on the initial sale. All the big companies know this and all the companies that you see advertising understand this, we understand this as well. We're willing if we're selling a $7 challenge to spend 40-60 upwards of sometimes $100 for a sale for a $7 product. What the hell's wrong with your bath, Dave? Because we know what each customer is ultimately worth over, you know, a year's lifetime value. And those additional emails and stuff like that, that go out add to that lifetime value. So talk to us a little bit about that from your perspective and how you've used paid ads here with you lately to drive sales.

Edison: Well, I use a lot of paid ads for my clients and I'll give you a few examples. I have an attorney that we do content marketing for him because he needs to be in as many places as possible. And it's extremely expensive for attorneys to get high ranking on Google let's say, right, so we are doing interviews on a weekly basis posting the let's say the videos up to YouTube and posting it to his website. But then we do pay that so we send targeted traffic to those videos. So now he gets all these views and the people that are watching his videos then see that he they need his services and they go to their website we capture their email box in the follow up although you know sequence here you're gonna love it because it talks about this you're gonna like that because and then we just don't say you're gonna love this gonna say if you know someone who's in this situation has just forwarded this email to them. So pay that and email marketing. They go hand in hand like you mentioned, you have to not just throw money at sermon money or ads to go to a landing page in the funnel and that's it. You have to also capture that information so that you can do all the sequential email marketing for I have a client that we send out an email every three days for a full year. And in there, we can change the PS with what we sell the product and the PS because it's all valuable information. And the PS is what gets them all the affiliate sales and he has the grossest, his firm, they grow this audience and get some more business, his core business but then he's selling affiliate products on the back end. And again really an attorney and=

Dave: Attorney is using his selling products as an affiliate to his customer base or his audience. That's the end you've set all up is that what you're saying? Yes, the

Edison: The attorney right now is doing content marketing, right the attorney we're doing all of this with throwing money at their videos and the YouTube videos. We don't go on to the YouTube video to their website and we capture their email address, for instance. That particular client is not doing affiliate marketing. Right now. We are growing a base and one of the things who's going to do is we're going to get together with other attorneys that are not of the same discipline. That then they can do. They're gonna have a network of referrals back and forth and referral is different things. It's pretty much affiliate marketing, marketing, per se, it's not like you know, you're gonna go and sign up.

Dave: More referral marketing, but it's the same thing. It's the same thing. Affiliate marketing is you're sending somebody to a business and you get paid for the referral.

Edison: Exactly. So back in the day, we used to call it viral marketing. Now the color of affiliate marketing, you know, like digital marketing used to be online or you know, internet marketing so it's a Potato Potahto type thing. But getting back to paid ads is the fastest way you can know if something works. Okay, if you want to know that, you know that. Legendary for instance is like with legendary, I've thrown money, email, paid ads and everything else. And I learned that right, right, because what happens a lot of people throw a couple of $100 Couples of $1,000 at an ad and say, Oh my God, this didn't work. But they got a whole bunch of names right? They got maybe one or two sales, but because they didn't make enough to at least match what they spent. They think it didn't work, but they don't do the back end. Like I said before, they don't do the sequential automated, automated response emails that go out to then continue to add value to that person so they can see you or send authority and they can see you're someone who can help them because that's what we're doing. We're helping people, your educational products, or people that are looking to start an online service or an online digital service to offer their own business write their own core products. It's not just to sell Legendary, it's to learn how to use the internet to use this great divide and now we can sit on our laptops and just do it all day long. I wouldn't take it to a beach though. I wouldn't take my laptop to the beach. I guess there is sand in there. I tried but it doesn't work for me anyways, but I could take it anywhere else. Okay, I'm going on vacation to visit my daughter in Tampa and she's right by your office. I'm going to visit you if you want, by the way. And we went well, I took my laptop and I don't have to worry about work. All of my clients are 100% right now. All of my clients were pre-pandemic, I will go to my client's office and this and that. But post pandemic is also what we're doing right now.

Dave: Even if you're doing paid ads, but you set your funnel up, you set a you know, even a minimum of five to 10 emails that go out and get you started whatever you can always right I'm going to show you something here in a second. It's going to blow you all's mind in terms of I'm going to show you an affiliate marketing campaign that is going to blow your mind and in show an example of exactly what we're coming out with these email follow ups over months and even years you know but gosh, this is this is really this is really important. Because there is there's just there's so much there's so this whole business is a really simple, simple, simple simple model, that if there's only a couple of tools that you use, meaning of a funnel builder and an email auto responder, those are the only two tools that I have used in that that one needs to be successful with internet marketing. You don't need a WordPress blog, you don't need anything, everything else you can use. You don't have to own it. You can just use it, you can rent it, right you can rent the real estate, in most cases for free to set up your business which is insane to me. We can just go and set up a storefront on tick tock on Facebook on YouTube on Instagram for free. That's the free side of the business. So every so no longer does anybody and Pinterest already Carolina and Pinterest and several others Right. Or if I would have an email list we could just email out But I digress. I digress. Edison we can set up shop in any one of these. These malls tick tock instagram, youtube for free. And if so, we want to spend money. Just turbocharge we can with paid ads. And I am just having a moment right here where I'm just realizing how good this is and every single morning I love to get excited and resell myself on how good this is and how much opportunity we have in front of us. So I make sure that I keep going after it every day. And don't get complacent. I promised I would show that campaign but I just want to get over to you. If you have any thoughts on this. So we're talking about paid ads. We're talking about making those work. But we have to remember that any of us can set up an email TikTok YouTube, Facebook and have a free storefront. We can grow as big as we want in that even before we get into paid ads Edison, how different is this than when we were marketing back 10 years ago and especially how much easier is it before we even get into the paid ads conversation just with what we can all do? For low to no cost?

Edison: Oh my god. I can tell you as someone who has been around for a while. Back in the day. We used to have let's say direct marketing right? We used to have to create the postcard right then if it was just a simple postcard design it gets printed, mail it out. Wait to get a response together. Hopefully


Dave: They would have to mail a check back and then mail whatever information books, tapes, whatever. Think about that. It feels like the crud, the crotchety old man who was like, back in my day we had to walk miles both ways uphill. You kids got a good stop, complain. You know get off my grass while you're at it. So let me show that campaign. As I said, I want to show a visual of what we're talking about here with these follow ups. You know, I showed this in the blueprints, but I'm gonna give you all a little bit of a taste of what's in the blueprints if you don't own them yet. And also, if you do own them, I'm going to show you something that you may not have seen. It's in the phishing formula section where we talk about follow up. What else can I sell them for more money, okay. And this particular marketer who we found is just an affiliate marketer. I thought this was such a great example because he's not affiliated with us. He may have been a student at one time, who knows that would be cool. Maybe I learned from him I don't know or her but either way this was a this is an example he had in the blueprints and it's about a you know somebody who sells woodworking plans and as of right now, I've been on this email list let's see older than a year so I've been on it for more than a year. I've likely been on this for a cup for two or three years. Okay. He's away, as you can see, right. Okay. Oh, wait, let me go back to two bucks. So just this morning at 7:17am. And let me make this a little bit bigger. I can see. I still got an email. I subscribe to this email, literally, like two to three, maybe even four years ago, but he anyway every single day and you can look at what 26 May 20 May. Let me get out of the way so May 24, May 23, May 22 May 21. To on May 20. May 19. May. This is how you run a business. This is how you run a business right here for free. See single day and email goes out and originally the offer for the local marketer who was running paid ads and that's how I got on their email list. Originally they were selling, you know woodworking plans to build sheds and things like that and what they found is you know, should all things that might relate or be of interest because we you know, you know to people who are also interested in building and making piddling in their garages and etc. But look at all of the medicinal plants of North America, right? The most powerful remedies growing in your area. So what this marketer is assuming is that hey, maybe because this person likes to do their own piddling, they're a DIY or maybe they'll want to make their own home remedies for things growing the food are growing, you know, medicine in their yard or whatever. You know, it's like a 3d printer. What is he promoting here? Make sure you are connected to WiFi and click the link below so you can always click through. It's like a 3d printer for wood DIY and he turns a regular piece of wood into a coveted work of art see this guy has gone out and done to other and he's found them on Clickbank this offer looks like it's from Clickbank but he's found another offer that he thinks or she thinks would be relevant to the people on your email list. And, again, Edison, I've been on this list for multiple years. And here is an example of somebody who runs their business like a business takes us to really similar markets and sends an email every day even after multiple years. And I just can't imagine what this person's lifetime value is. Gotta be really high because they're doing follow up in a way that we all should be doing follow up.

Edison: Oh, absolutely on a daily basis and to send out totally there and I'm pretty sure if he goes through those emails you may find him asking for feedback. So what else interests you? You know what, what troubles or struggles or challenges you may be having? Because that's how you get more. What else to sell people. If they need something, you go out there and find it. And they'll get it and you'll make some money.

Dave: Yeah, no, it's very simple. So give us the story. It's not simple but it is simple. It's not easy, but it's simple. So let's talk a bit about low paid ads. Are you mostly doing your paid ads and comfortable on Google or Facebook? Let's jump back over there because that's titled The show here today. And let's just talk just a little bit about kind of getting a campaign set up and running and how would somebody get started? Wanted to test 2050 $100 in paid ads in your eyes.

Edison: Alright, the very first thing you have to know is you have to know first where your target market live, right? We know that Facebook and Instagram if you want you're going to advertise on the other. So if they're mostly there, and that's the right audience for you, you go there. I stick to Instagram and Google okay because Google has YouTube they have 10 different ways. I have a client tell you that he's a septic tank person. And Google has this program that you only advertise on symbols on one of these devices, right it shows up here. They click on it and they go directly to their phone and someone on the other end, of course has to answer it. And he's paying about maybe $20. Isn't that when they click on it and they get a call before every dollar and you probably get 10 of them. You've probably spoken for 100 hours to get 200 hours back in service. The lifetime value there is 6000 hours if they have a major issue when they go to know what it is. Your budget should go according to how you're selling first of all, it is simple if you want to do the simplest thing on Facebook, you just boost the net right? But when you boost the ad, you're adding a boost.

Dave: Pillar post, like from your fan page.

Edison: That's the easiest thing to do. However, it's gotten a little pricey when you start selecting demographics, you know male, female and everything else it gets a little bit pricier. However, if your message you should still target but if your message will only be read by the person who's interested in that particular thing. That's what you need to do. You need to pass your target market first, understand your avatar and understand who they are targeting. What else is done while their challenges are everything. Pros and cons of your product mostly speak about the benefits right and not the actual details but if you want to start off with a $5 a day budget, posting on a post store that will have something actionable in there. A lot of people do something that doesn't have an actionable thing because they want to get engagement and they want engagement because they want to show people that they have a lot of people following them liking different things. I do a lot of paid ads. If you go to any of my social sites, my personal ones, your posts here and there because I'm always working on paid ads. I could reach a million people with the right budget with a paid ad and have to put it organically naturally. My budget started off organically. Start off with five bucks 20 bucks a day, whatever it is, but you have to look at a number of hours. The next thing is instead of boosting and it was still on Facebook every step of boosting went into the business era where you can create all of their ads, you know business.facebook.com That's where you start developing all of that. And that platform is always changing. My thing is I show these video videos and I tell people how to do things and then Facebook goes and changes. I'm like I'm looking for that button that is not there anymore. So become familiar with the platform. But most importantly, I'm trying to portray because that's what's important. test different ads, see how we'll go and see it. Look at it, go to your competitors, go to see which ads they're going to, just go to the Facebook library and you can find out all the ads any of your competitors are running. See wasn't bad, because they actually tell you these things. Don't copy it outright. Don't do that because that's right. Frischmann copyright infringement a lot of things you could get in trouble.

Dave: I first started running paid ads back 12 years ago, but actually use company logos and all kinds of charter infringement clinics started getting a bunch of cease and desist letters from companies. You know what I shot first. That's the important lesson from that story. I shot my shot. And I got those heads up. I got sales and I got leads and motivation and then I got in a little bit of shit because I got some cease and desist and I was like, That must be the boundary. And then I came back here and I kept going, you know what I mean? 


Edison: To answer you know what the beauty is educating people on these things now so they think thank you and I made because man I gotta put in the times myself because you and I we go out there we get things done. 

Dave: And as an entrepreneur, you gotta let go. I want to point out just real quick, you know, in our business blueprints, I have a tool with multiple post examples that I give of the easiest way exactly what you're talking about here. If we go into the business blueprint, and we go down here to the Facebook funnel, we go to the Facebook friends campaign, these campaigns a lot of stuff that details the specifics back here in this education. And for those of you who are looking at exams, will I even link to the post here? I link to a given example of the post and I like to post here. You can see that I linked to it right here on this page. Okay. But it's it's it's so that that does exactly what you are that you're describing here as well as examples of where I've run these exact campaigns. I give you the templates I give you the ad copy to post. Again, I link directly to the actual Facebook posts so you can see it. And then of course I give screenshots and stuff as well but you can see there's a similar way depending on what you're doing to do Facebook ads if you're just getting started. And I love that you brought up the boosted posts thing because on Facebook right now, if you've got a small budget to get good quality leads because you have more time than evening. spend on your business right now. Then absolutely you can boost a post tell them below, four wins and nation and you take your five you're Texas and now all of a sudden you've got all this engagement you're you create a frenzy. I give you all the company give in you can you know you can put it to action in different niches if you want. It is interchangeable but I just want to remind everybody that the exit polls and that training is right there in the blueprints and if the series is about it, then the beauty is that most of what we teach in the blueprints is free. It's organic, but there's a couple of different places that we teach running paid ads. And I just love that you brought up the sibling list kind which is also the examples that I that I have back in there in the book which just boosting a post and not even really we do teach the business management game in a day and we do teach how to run a folks in the business blueprints as a cut. But you know, a lot of times we prefer that people start out ethically and then begin to sort of use paid ads as a way to kind of boost or a way to throw gasoline on the fire. If you're a seasoned vet like Edison, and you've gone back in you know how to navigate different platforms find a good fit, but it can be a huge disservice if you're now I need to go learn everything that he knows that he's learned in his 25 year did marketing and things that I'm just that I'm not going to get. So where? What other advice have you found to be the simplest to get started with you mentioned the boosting posts. Do you want to say more about that question mentioned another one that would be really that you think is simple or simplistic to get started with?

Edison: Well Google, believe it or not has made Google Ads they've made a call when you first sign up and they're doing this right now but they're giving you like a $500 credit $500 But they've made it so that simple. They have the ad there's a little button they say advance or so and in the simplest way possible do is answer their questions. And you just follow along. And you can have either a banner advertising a search ad or a phone to phone ad. You could have a video ad that's the least expensive thing you could do right? And video ads. And you could do it through Google ads or YouTube ads as well. But I like Gary and I advertise on YouTube but through very simply I go into the non of that stuff but if you're just starting off, start off with email so you can start a brand new account. When you do that. They'll walk you through it. You want to do it, you want more reach, you want to get conversions. People call me on the phone. You want to know that whatever it is they give you the options. It's that simple. They've made it very simple.

Dave: It is that simple. But we as human beings like to talk about what is the simplest and how to do and oftentimes are afraid to go in there and take a look at somebody who's with us with a flashlight. Tell me your experience with that shit and why you think that person nowadays thinks that they need a mentor or somebody that likes to show them how to do it. I'm not trying to throw stones at you or criticize but there is a very different approach to entrepreneurship and I'd like to know your perspective. As a 25 year vet who's been you know, who's been who's who's had hardships, but that had to pick yourself up in, in literally if you don't make money, my brother, your family has how many? How do you approach things? For example, if somebody wants to run paid ads, they need to reach out to you and have you fly out to their house and sit next to them. They need to hire you for one hour of coaching. And that's that's fine. They could . It's a capitalistic world and I listen for coaching for paid ads. I'm not saying don't do that. But what I'm getting at Yeah,

Edison: I think that the word that comes to my question is really accountability. One thing that I've realized was last year, they're not suddenly going into your portal by the way, I steal stuff from what you guys are doing because you guys are just rocking. 

Dave:  So today that's what that's what people do is we go and to learn some stuff and so they learn from me but thanks for coming here because I'm learning from you and continue with accountability.

Edison: Works in a different way than a file I get into Legendary and I see that you are doing something that has to do with you know, like the blueprints okay, I love that program. I mean, if someone doesn't have it, they need to invest in it. But you take people step by step there. You can either tell someone listen, I'm going to do this thing and if I don't do it, I'm gonna look like a total fool, right and then just follow the steps in there. Or you can hire someone else to do Hey, you haven't done this. You haven't done what you say you're gonna say and then you're wasting your time on that because that's what a lot of people do. They start doing the keeping your hands busy thing, right? It's like Oh, but I read this book and I saw that video and I did that. But what have you done today to make a buck? Every single day you have to do something that gets you closer to your financial goals as possible. Right. And we talked about finances right now we're not talking about health or anything else, right? 

Edison: Exactly. And you're going towards something or away from something right? So if you have your goal, right, and you're accountable to yourself that if I'm going to make $100,000 This year, right. And what am I doing today right now? Is it taking me 100,000 hours or is it taking me away from the $100,000 is reading this book here that has nothing to do with anything that I want to get me closer? Maybe it is because you want to read something you know, like to just zone out and then you know, like disconnect from the world. That's perfectly fine. You're

Dave: Likely if you're coming through legendary and you've read Rich Dad Poor Dad, do you not need more books? Oh, it's down. Yes, absolutely right the book reading in the YouTube inspiration video watching you know, about one here in the morning to get to go and I mean we got a lot of people on our team that watch a lot of inspiration to garden. I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about the Endless Aisle. I'm, how's your business going? Well, I'm waiting for a book to arrive on Amazon. Yeah, I asked how your business was. How many sales did you make? Today? Wait, whoa, Amazon. I gotta get started because I wanted to get into this book and really read. You know what, what, what he thinks.

Edison: Now, we're live in that instant gratification world. It's like YouTube. is bad at the same time because YouTube you go to any video how to make money right but they tell you do XYZ but they leave out a couple of things that maybe you know you that you should have known because

Dave: Books are a great leader to their course. I mean, folks, listen, wake up. And let's really look at this from creators, not consumers. Authors are starving, struggling and broke for the most part. So what they started to do is smart nup and all the business all the marketing books, anybody who's got half a morsel of marketing DNA in their body has picked up on the fact that books you can't get rich selling a book. You can't make money selling a book. It's simply a loss leader and it's simply a question of a person as an expert these days. That's it. It's not a moneymaker. Unless you're Dwayne The Rock Johnson and you're gonna sell 20 million the first day he's probably made a few but you and I are not going to be even great authors who sell a lot of books. Don't make money, like musicians don't make money on their music. They make it on shows, they make it on deals, they make it on other things. We have to understand that even if we're going and we're reading books and getting trained up and all this, that they're likely the loss leader, the front end that's their 15 Day Challenge. And for lenders what I tell people a lot is Look we got a 15 day challenge for seven bucks and then we got the blueprints and that's it. I mean, there might be a few other one off programs somewhere we got a marketers club but we got two flagship things. There's not any upsells you're not going to be spending 30, 40, 50 Nobody's going to come to you and buy $5,000 worth of coaching from a legend. We're just not going to do it. We're just not going to do because we know that that that the end of the day you can either get results or you can have and you can read endless books in be constantly taken into other people's sales funnels, and buy their programs and enroll in their things and be a lifelong student where you can get results and I am actually thinking Edison of stripping down more and more of our education and more. Because I think the problem nowadays is not that there's not enough, it's just that there's too much information. And we overcomplicate things we refer to God about as people as a people how to figure shit out. And that you know, so what we need to do is we need to tell people and we need to get people back in that sort of mode of look I have of realizing that if somebody is for you, it's a disservice to you. The best scenario is that you learn how to do it. And you go out there and you do it and you fail or have a challenge and you come back and we reassess. We watch the tape over what we can do on blueprints, coaching calls and all these kinds of things. You're actually going out there and you're taking action. Papa Don said a couple of weeks ago on our wake up pledge scenario, if I'm not filming, if I'm not speaking somewhere or writing this is to human beings to other people, then it's likely just busy work that's not really going to bring in any money and as a real true 25 year event. Even this, every moment that we sit here on the show is out of something that we could be doing with our business. How do you protect? How do you value your time? And how do you ensure that you don't waste it on bullshit or people that don't deserve it?

Edison: Well, one of the things that I teach my students because I teach online and offline everything else. It features a weekly calendar, and then the weekly calendar. Some people can't stick to this, but I showed them how they can and this is what you do. You say Okay, first of all, what's my blueprint? What is it that I'm trying to accomplish? Right? What are the 1235 things I need to do every single day that if I do these things, I have to go out and do anything else. But if I accomplish these five things, three things attend to whatever it is. It can take five minutes, it could take five hours. But if you accomplish those things, the rest of the day is yours. What are those things? And then I say Okay, put it on a weekly calendar. And say I'm going to blog. Monday, going to research. Tuesday, I'm going to blog on Wednesday. I'm gonna video a Friday, whatever it is, but every day you have to have some type of activity that you're doing that's getting you closer to what a financial goal is. Whatever. That amount is. And then you have to monitor it. You have to look to see if what you're doing is working or is not working. But if you write it down, okay, that's the you know, the brain dump is you took everything here, you throw that piece of paper, you hang it up. I have a whiteboard right here that tells me everything I need. To do. Because I have so many projects and they say Oh, I gotta do this by this date. But if you just put a calendar a white paper, I mean like I have on my wall here I have something that is like this to this day, but get it from here on somewhere else and then just say all I need to do is this test. And it's very important. Something you just said, which is let's see if we can get from all of this information to something more concise, right? That's the key. And that's a good way to look at things because what I love about everything that's in legendary is that you have a lot of different things so I can go anywhere. But if you have let's say an area that says hey, are you a beginner, medium or advanced and then in there and then you say okay, if you're advanced, these are the actions you should start implementing right away and then just concentrate specifically on your medium. just starting out, you know what the internet is all about? This is why you're you know, this is what you're gonna do. If you may want to do that, like Netflix, for instance just start doing if you want to watch a 30 minute show 60 minutes show a 90 minute show down by how much time you have on your hands. You know and if you need to watch I love people say Don't waste your time on Netflix watching football and all that stuff but you need downtime you know you need your brain to process stuff. So yes, you still need that. So it doesn't mean you're not gonna do the things you want to do. You're in business for yourself because you want to do the things you want to do. The minute that you don't have the tower. Why are you doing all this? Why are you? You know, like going out there and getting things done. You know, it's just you have to live the lifestyle you want to read. And that's the bottom line. Accountability to yourself or to someone else. Some people it works better if you're accountable to yourself, some people a lot better if you're accountable to someone else. Okay. Some people blast something on Facebook. Well, I'm gonna do all these great cigarettes. But then they didn't do anything and then they feel terrible, right? Tell a couple people don't tell the world. And then after you accomplish it, say hey, this is what I did over the last year, you know? So it's not better to speak from accomplishment than from what you're proposing to do.

Dave: And I love this comment that was shared by Letty Letty. He said I bought the blueprints almost when I had not put them in action. It's ridiculous on my part to need to get through the trauma of intention and learn it instead of being scared of it. Hey, man, I really relate to that. Here's what I would recommend to anybody who's feeling like the information overload is hurting you. Unsubscribe from all the things that you don't want when you when you go on to Facebook if you if you want to keep Facebook in your life or on Facebook right now every time you go on to Facebook, unfollow people stop taking in stuff you don't want it when I realized that, that I can unsubscribe from all the noise the emails that I've opened in a long time. Why am I still subscribed to them because I liked them. No, it's not good enough. Now. Why do I still follow this person on Facebook? Why am I still on this platform? Why do I still look? Why do I still have this app on my phone? Why do I still take calls from this family member? I mean when we start protecting our eyes and ears. Our life changes in all this extra time and all this extra data that we have suddenly opens up. How do I know how I can still Dave you're speaking to don't like your pontificating as your way is the best. I do think this way is the best. I do think that really taking control of your time and setting clear boundaries and letting others know that you're not a real serious person. You're like cutting people off, not taking their calls, letting it go the message of closing your door at home and missing time and saying family don't come in. I mean truly protecting your time in protecting your precious brain space. Because if you've cleared all this stuff that you don't want that you're constantly taking in, that's taking up valuable brain space and energy each day. You'll have more space and the energy for these few things that you want to do are training that you want to go through and then implement. And it's a wonderful thing my friends. If you have to get extreme, get extreme. If you have to get you know, if you delete every single app off of your smartphone except I mean, if you have to leave Facebook off your phone I mean come on, get radical, get extreme about your own life. And this is what I'm yelling from the rooftops every day to people. And it's it but it's not just here. I was talking to a family member in town last night who runs a program for multiple universities. It's their legitimate college programs. It's just that colleges actually hire outside companies to come in. Which is really interesting. So her company comes in and teaches the programs and she was explaining that the same exact attitudes are present in the universe, not just here. So we as a people, we as a people. It's not just internet marketers. We are not dummies, there is not anything wrong or broken about us. All human beings struggle with the same things whether they're in college, or whether they're over here trying to learn as an entrepreneur. This solution to it is what I'm talking about. It is cutting out distractions, getting clear with how much your time is worth and setting a jury. So you have more time and space and energy to be able to actually trauma or excuse me go through the training in the information and not feel traumatized by information overload what say you Edison?

Edison: Now Absolutely 100% You have to concentrate on yourself. You have to concentrate on the things that are going to get you to where you need to go. And when you need to know only you know where you want to go and the distractions, just distractions. I use Gmail the same way you do and one of the things I have that I love on the top, he says you haven't opened this person's email in a while. Would you like to unsubscribe? Yes, they do. They're making my life even easier now. But every so often I heard I go in there and I go and see what happened. I opened it in a while. What doesn't interest me anymore and I just delete, delete, delete and then just completely unsubscribe to those.

Dave:  If you're not looking at our unsubscribe from our stuff, not sure why you would but if you're not looking at it, then unsubscribe from it. I don't. It's not gonna hurt my feelings. There's 8 billion people in the world if one or two of you or tour 1000 of you. Unsubscribe tomorrow. Yeah, you're right. I'm done with this guy. Guess what? Cool, good for you. Because you cut out something that you're not focused on. And now you can be more clear just don't put something else in that place. But gosh, listen, and I look at your space so your space looks clean. Even is this office in your home that you're sitting in?

Edison: Actually, we just sold my home. I had the whole thing after the divorce. 

Dave:  Here's where I see a clean work environment so I can see if you have an office in your house. One of the first assignments we give the blueprint business owners is clear your space clean out your because I can't you know all these things matter my workspace how many distractions are there? How do I keep my space? How do I exist? How do I keep my email inbox? If I allow clutter everywhere I look I am also going to be overwhelmed. So it is really active purging a lot of that work, of adding extra layers of skin that you don't need. So you can focus on the things that you deserve to be focused on. Not that other people want you to be focused on.

Edison: And one thing you'll know that says I'm only half the things out that that I want to focus on myself just like you said, have my family here and the pictures. I have bookshelves here. So grab one of them and refer back to it or something to that effect. I have the bar right behind me because I chat on Friday, right? I mean, just the things that I want in front of me. My desk is nice and neat sometimes because it gets a little overwhelming but then you get back to it and you say okay, I gotta stop. I gotta put everything away. I got to purge like you said and now let's, let's get going again. Because we all falter one way or another we filter. The way we stopped doing what we're supposed to be doing. We started doing other things like you said, I got rid of all these emails and I unsubscribed but now I subscribe to twice as many. Don't do that. Okay, and if you do catch yourself, all right, usually, monthly checkup or quarterly checkup, right? You change your oil in your car every three months or every whatever number of miles right in the oil. You put it in, right? Why don't you do the same thing for your brain? Okay, give it every three months. See what's going on, what's working, what's not working. If you have your goals written out and you are clear they're all right. First of all, don't change your mind on them all the time because some people don't. They know I want this for now. I want this for now. And you have to change that and try to stick with something every three months every month or every two or three months. Check to see if your

Dave: Forgot about that goal and you've done five others since then. That's a great point. I mean writing now, if you're somebody who is constantly switching gears now I really do write things down as well. I actually use even a simpler system. So it's weird. And I put them right there. I put them right there. I put them right there. I've actually got five up now and use Trello. We do use Trello as well. We use Slack but I tell you what, the real simple stuff and I love that because I get to see what if somebody who's easily distracted then absolutely writes down. What you're going to do and be focused on over the next 12 months. And then you can look back at that every day and see. Hey, doing that. Hey, Am I still on that track? I love that. You know I'm not a big right journal. But I am willing to do whatever it takes to change something. And so if I was in a position where I was constantly switching, I would totally do any and all of these things. So I want to challenge even those of you who think that some of these things are silly writing stuff down, hanging it on your lawyer. I would just challenge you to be uncomfortable and realize that your absolute best thinking got you here and that ideas are good. And that's a humbling thought. It's like my absolute best thinking got me into a situation in life than I am right now. Okay, let me be me. Let me open it up a little bit more and be open to some new ideas. And not just which is another thing that I see a lot of students do. Just constantly seek out new saviors and gurus until maybe I'm the one who treats me the way I want to be treated and tells me what I want what I want to be told and or TV is a way that I think I should be taught and what I would challenge you to do and this is what I have to somebody at the recent event asked me Dave, what are your what's your morning routine? And that's a great popular question for entrepreneurs. I said I wake up every morning. I look up at the sky and I asked the universe and God to help me not wake up today. And that's my morning routine. That's my morning routine because I get up and I have a busy brain too. And I do all the same things that everybody else does. But there's nothing I'm not willing to change. That's what is required. And you know as we wrap up and bring this in for a landing, my final words and then I'll pass it to Edison for years. For those of you who are looking to make a real change on this fight on the 27th of May 2020 to be willing to do whatever it takes to change. There's a gentleman who's BPA here, Taylor, he was an affiliate of ours, another customer of ours and marketed well. He sold his to buy training.

Do I recommend that bed? No. But he had a friend and said hey, would you be willing to or No, he's not just by training but to to invest into his business. His mother had cancer and he went on to, you know, earn money and be with her and help her and, and he sold that bet man he sold that and you know when I think about that story, that's the guy who is willing to do anything to get uncomfortable change. And none of us have to fly it but it's a little bit of uncomfortability to sit there and if we find ourselves on Facebook scrolling and say you know what? Let me let me disengage from this. This is the trance I'm in right now. And let me get back refocused and or let me spend 10 minutes just unfollowing people because I can even make a new right decision once I've just made a wrong decision if I somehow land on Facebook, scrolling or tick tock and I'm scrolling. I'm needing to say okay, I'm transient out, right. Let me get back on track and I can get back on track. You know, and so that's my that's one of the things that don't leave people with this morning is be willing to do whatever changes in Edison I know, from 25 years in this business, divorces giving all business to your ex wife to make sure that she was okay starting from scratch, building it all up, going through that what you went through with losing all your clients through the pandemic continuing to be here teaching and training. It's just another day at the office for you at this point, because you've been through it and you've seen it's not to say that you don't feel and you're not a human, but I see a man in front of me who has been through a lot of stuff and understands what it takes to get back up in keep going in the pursuit of happiness in the pursuit of of winning, for yourself for your life for your family. And so that's my message for everybody here to wrap up and thanks for being a great example of that for us this morning. What say you wrap this up and bring this plug in that's been flying for one hour. 17 minutes in for a landing.

Edison: Absolutely. First thank you for having me on today. Dave. This has been one of my pleasures. One thing I need to emphasize to everyone is you definitely need to understand that you are worth everything that is coming to you. Right so if you want 100,000 A million dollars worth it. You got to believe that you're worth it first of all, okay, once you believe that you're I can lose everything and I have lost everything on three different occasions. I know that I'm worth it and kids are worth it and my family sports, but mostly worth it and I know I can just get up tomorrow. Money Money is just an end to a means to an end. Okay? Money is just getting you to the place that you want to go. I'm all about lifestyle. How do I want to live? I'm in this place here. I love it. That's all I need. I don't need any more money. It's just gonna get more things that I can help more people. It's going to help them. I recommend helping with all these things. So that's your reason. You have to know you have to know your workday. You have to have accountability. And you have to have a plan more than anything else. A plan. You know how many people don't have a plan when the small business owners don't have a plan. That's why 80% of them fail. Okay. One of the things that they always teach small business owners have a plan, create a blueprint, something that you're going to

Dave: Plan which is what we try to work with people on as the challenge is building out that business plan. It's so funny that you say that you have a plan.

Edison: That's exactly what you're teaching people to do is exactly what people are doing. If they just follow your instructions. Legendary. That's all someone needs to succeed. Well, they have to believe that they can do it First of all, but then follow them and know that you can do it. That's what I'm gonna leave everyone with right now.

Dave: Yeah, it's true, man just following the following instructions. I'm not good at that either. It's why I didn't do well in school but you know, entrepreneurs allowed me to follow a few instructions. Go out there screwed up a little bit you know, kind of have my fun and come back and and not you know, don't get kicked out of school. I don't get you know, I don't I just I get to come back and do it again tomorrow here in business and that's what I love about this. Thanks for the conversation. And you know everybody, follow and connect with Edison on Facebook there. And we'll talk to you later brother. Come back here for another follow up okay with you if you have time.

Edison: Absolutely. Well, thanks for having me on Dave.

Dave: Keep up the good work, brother. Samia. All right, Brian. There it is. happened Friday. We went way over today. Thanks for those of you who are still on. Yeah, really good stuff and get out here. Have a fantastic Friday. Do something really do something really powerful for yourself and your business status? And yes, decluttering your brain month is everything it really is. Jim. You all have a great day. Have a great weekend. We'll see you back here on Monday for another episode of Wake Up Legendary. Peace.